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Many Cities Ltft In, Ruins and : Latest
Report* Say Shocks Are of AI.
most Hourly Occur*
Valparaiso. the deatrnctlon of
which l.liU liilr to rival In horror
the null ill«n«<rr at San Fran*
rlmo, > occnplca (he poult Ion on
Smith America'* wfitcni coast
that San KraaeUeo • held on the
With a population of over 1110,
00O It I- lie capital' of Chile and
that republic'! molt Important »<-n-
South America.
Il.-i..r.- thla dl*aater It hud been
hoped that with the c-oninletlon of
the Panama rannl anil the Trans
Aniline railway the pronperlty of
thin city, lying directly In the path
of the Inter-contlnental commerce
•ml travel, wan assured. ' With the
coming of the nillnny the illy
would «l»n have tnkea It* place an
a foremo.it dlntrlbuttna; point for
European auppllea of all kind*.
. Valparaiso oirta mnch of ■ -It*
rapid advance In the rare wllh ll«
•later cities to the proeremilve
aplrlt that ha* characterised ; Ita
every move.
Valparaiso vaa th«! flmt to In
troduce ehe telegraph linen Into
the countryi (he ««<• the llrat of
the aonthern cltlen to nee street
cars running on her atreetai ahe
led the may In In vine huice iiqiie
docta to convey her vrnter anpplyi
•he xrnn the flritt South American
city to adopt a-as. And In I860, hy
the conatrnctlon of larate flonllna;
dock*, the city placed herself In a
position to repair veanela of large
•top there for repair*.
And even In the drainage prob
lem, often • so dlsastroualr neg
lected In Latin-American cltlen,
the cltr haa snatalned her reputa-
Ion for up-to-dnte progresnlve
ne«a. The "separate ayatem'' ira«
Installed to meet the demand for
at. suitable drainage aysteim This
conslat* of carrylnar oft the rain
water directly to the aen by hnsre
■nbterranean drains), while the
Hewnsfe water. - after helno; col
lected In a pool at n low point, Is
rained Into a conduit which car
rier It far out Into the bay.
■ The city I* the headquarter* of
the f'hllenn i nnvy* nnd la further
defended by modern long-range
Sana. ■;■... . . . ,
•} Ita -.v public Inatltntlon* . rank
favorably with tbone of any other
city on the continent. Ware
hnnkii (aa well a* several foreign
and aavlngs hnnkai. a nnvnl aead
emy, a museum of natural history,
a Victoria theater, and several line
monuments serve to stive an air of
refinement to the city, ns well as
to (five evidence of Ita financial
prosperity and proarreaa. ■ ■■• ■ ■
in Immediate danger of being burned.
people are panic stricken and all
attempts at organization have proved
futile. '
; ' Martial law has been proclaimed and
an; effort is being .made -to calm the
people, but with little hope, as the
quakes j still continue this afternoon.
■Five shocks were felt today, although
not so frequent or violent as those on
Thursday, but enough to keep the peo
ple in a state of terror, j
The Mexican cable was In operation
all day to Valparaiso, but to Interior
points all overland ■wires are down and
it will be several day b before they are
The entire business portion of Valpa
raiso has been destroyed. I
The authorities will not permit any
lights in the buildings and at dark the
cable office was closed ' for ■ the : night.
, The dead and Injured are estimated
at ICOO, while rumors place the figures
at 6000. However,' owing to lack of a
systematic report, all figures are spec
* I The shocks have continued since
Thursday night and five slight shocks
were felt today.
:* The operators of the cable company
have deserted their posts, with . one
Tha shipping in the harbor escaped
damage and every vessel is a haven
for refugees.
All buildings have . been deserted.
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S«« DI««o, Rlv«nl««, >••• UeraardlDO. «J
Practically nothing hni.ti^n done In
the way of clearing tvreeks or search
lnsr tor dead hnrllPS, nnrl labnrors rp
filM to entpr thffrnlnn bornns" of thfl
continued shocks.' Soldiers will force
th« rescue work tomorrow.
By Associated Press.
I BUENOS AYRES, Aug. 18, 6:89 p. m.
—The ■ Associated Press has | received
nuthorltatlve Information ': concerning
tho worst reports of the earthquak«-in
"Valparaiso Is partially destroyed.
Mnst of the dnmngn done: was In the
center 'of the city, extending from, tho
plaza Del Orden to the plaza . Frat.
Many lives were lost, but. the, number
Is not yet known.
, Hundreds of persons were Injured. •
: A. state of panic prevails at Valpa
raiso. '
I Santiago also suffered severely, and
there wns-much loss of life. ,
' Los Andes, eighteen miles east of
San Felipe, and having a population
of KOOO, was almost totally destroyed.
: The finest buildings of the town —
government house, the hotels and pub
lic offices— were completely wrecked. .
Other towns on the Chilean side of
the Andes wholly or partially destroy
ed are Qulllota, with a population of
9000; Liny Llay, with a population of
2500; Illapel, with a population of 5000;
Vallenar, with a population of 6000, and
San Felipe, with 12.000 • inhabitants.
' . Qulllota Is a mass of ruins and there
was great loss of life there, .
j From Hunt logo to the Andes every
bridge and tunnel on the railway was
utterly wrecked and the railway lines
torn- up. . . .
.; The shock Is supposed to have been
caused by. the eruption of a volcano.
| It Is Impossible to estimate the losses
or damage done at present. There Is
no .doubt, however, that the catastro
phe was of terrible proportions.
The disaster has cast gloom over the
republic of Argentina and all festivi
ties have been suspended.
The only means of communication
■with Chile is closed. . '." .
' There is great anxiety here. . . .
By AFfoplntPd Prera.
BUENOS ATRES, Aug. 21.— A 'dis
patch' received here from La Paz says
that reports received there show that
earthquake shocks continue at Val
paraiso, where panic prevails.. •
The flre originated in the Plaza de
Orden and is spreading rapidly to the
northern portion of the city.
The dispatch adds that It Is officially
confirmed from Laserena, Chile, that
much damage was done at Valparaiso
and that many persons were killed or
A storm is reported in the bay of
Valparaiso. . •
The disturbances were felt even in
Tacna, the northernmost province of
Loud subterranean rumblings were
heard at Lasarena. • . • - - . ...
The villages of . Ilia pel, 13j miles
northwest of Santiago, and Vallenar,
about 300 miles- north of the capital,
each having a population of about 5000,
were destroyed.
By Associated Press.
WASHINGTON, Aug. 18,-The rec
ords of the seismographs at the weath
er bureau taken from the instruments
this morning show that there have
been no earthquake movements here
since that of Thursday evening, and
which were undoubtedly due to the
Chilean earthquake. . ,
Of great interest to the weather bu
reau is the fact that Thursday's rec
ord shows that the heaviest east and
west. movement was at 46 minutes and
46 seconds past 7 p. m., and the strong
est north and south movements did not
occur, until eight minutes later.
The north and south movement was
the heavier, the earth movement being
over a quarter of an inch.
Because of the admirable construc
tion of buildings in Valparaiso, Mr.
Vega, the Chilean charge here, Is not
inclined to believe that the loss of life
has been heavy.
The city is one of the most modern
in South America and lacks the narrow
streets. and frail buildings which are
bo common to many cities in Latin
By AK»nr'«ted »"reac.
BUENOS ATRES, Aug. 18.— A tele
gram received here . from Puento De
vares says that a train from Santiago
da Chile due to arrive there yesterday
Harry James Succeeds In Checkmat.
Ing T««m— Prevents Produc
tion of "A Trip to the '
Cats kills"
An a sequel to tha feud between C.
B. Kolb, the German comedian, and
Harry James,' former . director of the
burlesque company At the Mason opera
house, the Kolb atid Dill aggregation
have been compelled to give up their
plans of plnylng n. "Trip to the Cats
kills" In San Francisco and are now
looking for some new and. good play
with which to recuperate their shat
tered hopes.
The feud hns been In force for sev
eral years. The trouble began when
James started for Australia with Kolb
and Dill several years ngo, and be
cause of the troubles on that trip the
men have been on decidedly unfriendly
terms since. .
James came to Los Angeles several
months ago and started work at Fisch
er's theater. Later he organized tha
Jntnes travesty stars and opened with
them nt the Mason opera house for a
summer engagement. . .
In the first plnce, because of his Rood
standing with the Weber and Fields
company of New Tork, he secured con
trol of practically all the German bur
lesque plays worth playing. Then Kolb
and Dill arrived in town and the old
trouble was renewed. !
The Kolb and Dill aggregation at
the . Hotchklss . said things about the
James people at - the Mason and the
compliment was returned. Tha rela
tions between the rival nggregatlonfl
were not helped any when kolb staged
Miss Charlotte Vidot as an automatic
doll In one of his plays, and James
filed suit' alleging that the doll danco
evening, has not arrived at the former
place. ,
The seismic disturbances on the
Chilean 1 side of the Andes continue.
Further severe shocks were felt yes
terday evening;, the first at 8:40 and the
second at 8:60. \
The director of telegraphs here has
received a telegram from La Paz,
Bolivia, announcing: that according to
a message from the chief official of the
telegraph company at Tacna, Valpa
raiso Is in flames and the earthquake
continues. . .
By Associated Press.
NEW TORK, Aug. 18.— Various. firms
in Europe and America with business
interests in Chile have received mess
ages announcing • the safety ,of em
ployes. , '„'.:■
Among the places reported to have
been damaged or destroyed are Vina
del Mar, 1200 people, three miles from
Valparaiso; Qultorque and Llmache, of
4000 people each, both in J Valparaiso
province; Qulllota, twenty-six miles'
from Valparaiso; Illap'et, : 6000 people, 130
miles northwest of Santiago, and' other
small towns.: ir - -'• ■•■(«.'♦>■•,' ►•»■;
Houses In Valparaiso and Santiago,
as well as other -towns In Chile,- are
built to withstand earthquakes. They
are made of stone, with thick walls,
and are seldom more than two stories
high. They are not very combustible,
as was the case In San Francisco.
By Associated Press.
The earthquake lasted nearly four
minutes. . All telegraph and telephone
lines were Interrupted for some time,
and as yet -there Is no news regarding
the extent' of *the damage done In the
In ■ I Santiago several persons were
killed or Injured. . . . --.-■- \ .
A few fires broke' out, but these were
promptly extinguished by heavy
showers after the earthquake.
Practically half of the population
passed the night in the squares or ave
nues of the city.
' The seismograph was rendered use
less by the violence of the shocks. ■
By Associated Press.
(Delayed).— The worst earthquake ever
remembered occurred this evening
about S o'clock. Houses fell In the
streets, which were filled with hysteri
cal people. '
The clerks at the cabinet offices say
that the telegraph lines to the coast
are severed.
The electric ; Ughts are out, and as the
correspondent Is trying to nle this dis
patch the earthquake is again starting.
'He can' hear the people walling: and
praying In the streets, while the tiro
bells, throughout the city are ringing
out alarms,
By Associated Press.
LIMA, Peru, Aug. 18.— Heavy earth
quake shocks occurred at Valparaiso
at Intervals during' Thursday night.
Vina del Mar, a town about three miles
from Valparaiso, having a population
nf about 12,000; Qullpque, province of
Valparaiso, 'With a population of about
4000, and Lilmache, twenty-five miles
from Valparaiso, population about 4000,
are reported to be In ruins.
Estimates Five Hundred Killed
By Associated Press.
SANTIAGO DE CHILE, Aug. 18, 7:40
p. in.— All communication with Val
paraiso has been •■tit for the last forty
eight hours, - but a mounted messenger
reports by way of Qulllota that It U
estimated that {00 persons were. killed
there. A large portion of the town Is
burning and there Is a scarcity of
water. The railway has been cut hy
landslides. Slight shocks of earth
quake continue to be felt here.
Tidal Waves Continue
By *<wm»1i»»«^1 Vreta.
HONOLULU. Auf.' Is.— Tidal <lls
turbances continue, mildly. The inter-
Island steamer Niieu, wiiile anchored
on Thursday oft the eastern coast .of
the Ulaud of llawuil In a .calm. »ea,
was carried forward by a sudden un
dertow, which was so ttronff that' her
had b*(fn taken from ft protected
Weber And'FlHdn play That little tiff
caused ths | Kolh company to lose n
little money In fines handed -down hy
Judge Wllhur, and no the two oom
panles kept, on playing And Raying
thing*, until finally .TamM got ft fine
offer i from Ban Francisco, and he
packed up his company and left Los
Angeles to tak« up his work among his
friends of the north.
Follows Enemy North
He had hareily been «w«y a week
before Kolb Announced that h*, too,
was going to Bun Francisco, He even
went so far an to announce thnt he
had been Instrumental In causing
James tn leave Lou AngeVs, nnd he nn
nounced In an interview thnt Jnmes
had been iinfnlr to him In securing the
control of the burlesques, . nnd that
therefore he whs going north to try
to get even and do things tn the gate
receipts of the James company.
It was well known here thnt Kolb nnd
Dill Intended to stage "A Trip to the
Catskllls" In the north, ns they hnd
done. In Lou - Angeles, and that they
had hoped for the same success there.
Now the following story comes from
San Frnnclsco from theatrical people
who know of thn long stnndinjr feuil:
Home one, told - James that Kolb was
going north with the Intention to dig
Into the gate recelps. Harry Is alleged
to have promptly got .busy with his
business brain nnd tn have telefrraphed
east, and learned that Kolh and Dill
had not had the forethought to protect
their play by securing control of It
from its publishers. \
James Is Bald to nave secured the
right to the exclusWe use of "A. Trip
to the Catnkllls,"- so that when Kolb
sent his literature out on the streets
James only smiled. ■ '
!' Finally ■ when the time arrived for
the first performance of the'"Catsklllß"
notice whs served that the piece, could
not bo played because James had the
right to it. Then there was an explo
sion and the brotherly' love between
Kolb and James has not been benefited.
But with the Jnmes company holding
the latest trump of tho game nnd with
the Kolb and Dill company waiting for
a chance to go to work, the theatrical
people of the coast are anxiously wait-
Ing to see what the next move, will be.
chain parted and she lost forty fathoms
of chain. '. . . .
Qullota Destroyed
By As.anrlnted Pren'o.
It is officially announced that part ol
the city of Valparaiso has been de
stroyed by earthquake and that several
bulldlngß are on flre. .. Quillota, prov
ince of Valparaiso,' has been destroyed.
I The ! above dispatch lis . dat6d from
Santiago de Chile , today,;. Augußt 18,
but this may be August 16. .' ..
Three -Cities Destroyed
By Associated Press.
Quillota, Vino del Mar and L« Mache
are completely destroyed. % 'The func
tions arranged for the entertainment 6f
Secretary of State Root will be aban
doned on account of the universal
mourning in Chile. , -
Half of City Destroyed
By Associated ' Press.
LONDON, Aug. 18.— According to a
telegram received by a bank here from
Valparaiso half of the city from Aleh
dral to Calle : Bella /Vis{a, containing
private and business houses and ware
houses, has been destroyed.' l • ■■'■■:■< •"*■•
Iqulque Reported Safe
By Associated Press.
BREMEN, Aug. , 18.— A ' private tele
gram received here , from . Iqulque,
Chile, Btates that the city ■was unaf
fected by the earthquake. '
Cable Again Working
By Associated Press.
GALVKSTON, - Texas,~Aug. 18.— The
manager of the cable company here re
ports the cable working to Valparaiso
this morning, but there is no com
munication by the land lines to Canti
ago'de Chile or Buenos Ayres.
All Banks Closed
By Awsoclated Pres».
Aug. 18.— The North
German bank today received from its
correspondent the Banco de Chile Ale
mania at Valparaiso the following dis
patch: ■ "All well, bank building only
slightly damaged. Many houses de
stroyed by fife.' We are unable to state
extent of damage. Banks closed."
Temblor Affects Stocks
By, Associated! Press.
Aug.. 18.-Shares In the
German flre insurance companies -In
terested in Chile fell 4 per cent today
Chilean 4 Hs dropped three-fourths of
a point, and the stock of the: Oversea
bank,, having .offices In Valparaiso
dropped nearly two points. . .
Says City Is Destroyed
By Associated Press. .' : '
■TDPKKA; Kas., Aug. 18.— A private
telegram received nt Wichita, Kas.,
from Valparaiso today says that the
city Is destroyed. The message bears
today's date.
Shocks Felt at Hamburg
By Associated Press. . ;,
HAMBURG, Aug. 16.— The earth
quake observatory here registered .vio
lent shocks at a great distance Thurs
day, night. After midnight the oscil
lations continued for two hours.
By Associated Press.
SAN ■ FRANCISCO, Aug. 18.-The
Alaska, packers' association has pur
chased from the Oakland Water Front
company thirteen : acres of , land :on
Port Mann basin, gan, Antonla estuary,
Alameda. , >„''■.■.-■
With -this new acquirement - the as
sociation . will ,- have about • twenty-nve
acres. of .land,, with upward of thirty
seven . hundred feet of water, frontage
and complete control of -the • basin. ■ ■;•
, This- purchase settles, It is said, the
qupstlon -<>f the Alaßka packers' asso
ciation moving |ts headquarters. to Pu
get sound, and Insures for San - Fran*
cisco -the.. retention of, the . supremacy
in the- salmon punklngr business.. - r
Prince Seriously Injured
By Associated-Press. „, .—„ ..:.■;,. ,■ i
PARIS,/ Aug.. 18.-^Prlnce tyohammed
Ibraham of Kgypt was, rnost^seflousiy
Injured In an autrtmoßHe accident , to?
day at a crossing ut pfjrrvaiy,' Kor'man«!
die. His chauffeur ws killed.
Greek Families Plea
SOFIA, Aug. 18.— Six thousand Greek
families, fearing excesses, have left
Bulgaria and taken refuge at Adrian
ople. ■ where the authorities- welcomed
them. ;
Yager on Exclusion
* V. B. Yager will talk,ln Klios Pres«
hvteilan church today on. "Exclusion."
Yte Lung will sing gospel Bongs.
Clever Ruse Worked by -Smugglers,
Who Charge $12 a Head for Tak. '
•' Ing Foreigners Across
Bf Associated tvesa . ' ■■'".. '.'',.
WASHINGTON, 'Aug. 18.— A discov
ery has, been made by James U. Ohnrt,
Immigration Inspector In charge at St<
Louis, »or< a' whojcsnle. smuggling at
Immigrants , from; Mexico Into the
United: States. ■
Every one of. the Immigrants was
barred ■ by the law' from> entering the
United* States because 'of trachoma, a
contagious disease of ithe • eyes. .
Officials of service
are now engaged 'in locating -the Im
migrants "who were smuggled.- Into -the
country/with a, view to their deporta
tion. ■ r ' -. .....' , ■ ■ . ;. ■ .
• The. crtae Is Interesting and extraor-/
dlhary.' , A , party ot fifty Syrians
applied : for." passage to the United
Slates at Naples, Italy. '.> .- - .
■ Kvery.one of thnm whs found to be
afflicted with, trachoma' and ;the steam
ship company refused to accept them
for passage tothlscountry. . -',:
,' They.' were Informed they • could .go
to Mexico > and s "then work •: their way
IntoHhe. United States." •■- .
i On their ; arrlvarin Mexico they.scat
tered over the 'country for a 'while, but
eventually .reached -the : border near
Laredo,. Texas. ' .;,/.- •■ ■ .' • .
They '\v-ere' smuggled.. across the, river
abdve Laredo,' the smugglers' receiv
ing $12 a head.
Continued from page one.
formancea but who became like chil
dren under the careful watch of Her
rlngton. But ■ Herrlngton is not as
young- as he once t/as, and although he
still possesses the skill and cunning of
his youth his activity Is not such as to
handle dally the. petty, squabbles and
slug fests .which often Occur In jail and
which can only be put Sown by a hearty
beating to the disturbers with much
danger and no glory to the officer. „\
So he spends his time marching the
criminals from the, county jail to de
partment 1, the criminal department of
the superior court, and with .watching
them while they are being tried. ;.".
The Chanc* '
The prime moment for a prisoner's
dash for liberty Is after he is being'led
back to Jail after having been sen
tenced. ' At that moment his - animal
rage Is uppermost, and he Is ready to
rlßk death to escape the. dark forbid
ding walls 'of a; penitentiary. .With a
murder : prisoner the ; one .; thought of
escape Is always uppermost In his. mind
and h» will, take any chance at all.-'
■ So Stackpole, tdmltted to be one of
the cleverest criminals of the age, was
given over to the charge of the deputy
sheriff, and not once during the whole
trial did the-accused man 'leave -.the
side of the officer.
1 Added • to the unusual cunning and
scheming faculties of Stackpole was his
knowledge of officers and their ways.
Ever elnce he wes a boy Stackpole has
had to do with officers of the law, and
they were his worst enemies.
Twice he had served long terms In
state' penitentiaries, and he became a
student of officers, watching them like
a hawk and planning ways to get away
from them. ; ■•
■ . Stackpole Is Strong
—Stackpole, "having spent part of his
life at hard work In the penitentiary
end the rest hard work in the open air,
has a rugged streneth which would be
terrible "In on encounter, . and would
probably be fatal to Herrlngton In case
the officer could not have . gotten , his
revolver into play. But all the same, as
with the thousands of other prisoners
handled during hiß career,' Herrington
has come through the trial with new
honors added to his long list.. i ; i
' Twice reports were made to the ef
fect that Stackpole had i attempted to
escape.- but both were unfounded. The
first time Stackpole was obeying in
structions and was advancing toward
the , bailiff to receive the handcuffs
when , some people thought he was try-
In*: to leave the coxirt.room. .'..". -/
. .The' second, time, was yesterday. ,At
the noon hour Btackpole was ! told to
put on his hat and march toward I the
side entrance to the court room. He
managed to advance several feet and
Deputy Herrinßton in keeping up with
him pushed another man, out of. the
way and some of the spectators Im
agined ' that Stackpole was trying to
leave the court room, when the truth
of the matter waß that Herrlngton was
three feet behind his prisoner all; the
while. . . ■ ,-. - ' „ '
. Enigma to Deputy ( - )
■ In speaking Of his experience with
Stackpole yesterday -Harrington said:
"I have handled hundreds of prison
ers In my time, but never a one like
Btackpole. He Is one' of the queerest
men I ever met, With other men I
have' known them In my own way
within :an hour after I had flrsUmet
them and have known Just how \o
treat them, 'but as for Stackpole/. I
must ; confess ; that , l am a»;. far, away
from him < and his , confidence now' as
I was the Ural time. l ever saw him.
"The boy is unusually • bright and
cunning. •■He .never- says much, which
Is never, a good blrii with v prisoner. > .
.."Wben 'he Is with' me every action
Hays that he wants to do what Is 'right
by me', so long as iI . am boas and so
long as he knows that; but let htm see
a chance where. he has the best of It
for ■ Ju»t a moment and it would ■be
good-night t for me. I would have'; a
fU-Hperatu diilit with' htm and.lf l:dld
not reach my gun it might go hard with
me. . > • : •••"■• • : .•■ . . • .
. "Every day I have • been compelled
to .face .crowds with ' him. • In 'every
ornwil lie has had , friends. . I. have
Sfieaked him down .< side "ways and
sta Irways ; to , the Jail to , avoid , those
crowdsv and I. have watched him care
fully-.when I handcuffed him. 7;
Makes Strange Request .
"On. the day before the last day of
argument Stackpole asked to be per
mitted to sit over close to the jury box.
He is the first prisoner that I . ever
heard make that request. I consented,
but I didn't at. first understand his
motives, for straight, before • him was
a narrow pathway to the Judge's cham
bers HiNl thence down the (lde Steps, to
the outer doors of the court house and
freedom. - JTftll^MM'^lp'WßwHP*
■ "He knew every step of that ground
and *■» first i <ud act know Just what
B" SLASCO THEATER : " bh^co, jutbj,. .
Commencing Tomorrow Night
Thp Beianco Theater Stock Company will present Henry Arthur Jones' strong
- play o-f modern life. . |
; Mrs. Dane's Defense -
' This la a play thAt will uppMl with rvflrtleulnf force io all cUsses'of the«t«r-
, froem. The Belngeo mflnneement offern it b« a sample of the best ploy wrlt-
Price*: Every night. 250 to 76e; MATINEES TIIUnSDAT AND SATURDAY,
Jso to BOc. ■ " . '
1 / Becond nnnlverj'nry of the Belxnco theinter.
> k\t HiiiiK- siipridnn'd famous old comedy, "Tim sciinoi. rott SCAN-
: n.\t,." Seats on sale to morrow mornlnar.
Sl'l'H;i \I. jMATIMIM TOIIAY (<h« Html Xnndnr mnllnfr at Ihe ReliiaeA).
- Regular Holnsro price*. .
MOROSCO'S BURBANK THEATER * »«««•• "»'' "»"'■•
„.„ |„ - - . „ m. i- .I-, 1 lion f ft 147 IF.
• ■ .. Matine? Today— Performance Tonight
; rnoDucTioN of shakbspeareb
Romeo and Juliet
' Farewell appearance of BUnche Hull na Juliet. First npr/earance of Mr. Mace
1 Qreenleaf as the Burbank leading man in the role Romeo. .-
. ' . lavianv PAvoniTH in Tim oast.
. ' Positively the moot complete and elaborate production the favorite piny
; has ever received In this portion of the country. A matchless cast and an ln-
] comparable scenic equipment, *tf —
| . V ■ .'. ;.- ; ' „•., ' ' BPJSCIAti ANNOUNCEMENT : , ■
| Mannßcr Oliver MorOsco announces a limited engagement of lUAnv VAN .
1 nilnßN, »upported by the HurbAnk Theater Stock Company, beginning next
; Sunday nfternoon.ln a mßsslve presentation of "MADAMBJ SANS OENH."
ORPHFIIM THKATFR spring 1 Bt. Between Second and Third
i<r*H*!,UM lill3.AJ.ttK ■ » Both . phon , g ,447
, MODERN I VAUDEVILLE ■ I ¥£f« f ?Snsa? B
( Rii-n-nrii Clnrk, And the Six Winning Widows, presenting a miniature Racing
i Musical Comedy; Sprclnl Attraction, Ihe Minstrel Man, Dllly Van, "The As-
1 eaßBln of Sorrow;" Cnrter A Dlnford, "The Act Beautiful:" The I.ncnnla Trio,
I Acrobats Supreme; n«»n»r ftnnrtet, Foremost Vocalists; Three Illckman Ilron.,
' Cximertians; I«la O'Diiy, Comedieiine; Orpheum Motion Flctnrea. Last week—
The Wfnrco Twins. Inimitable Funmakers. . ■ • ■>
Matinees Daily except Monday, lOo.and 2Be. Evenings', 10c, 26c, BOc. ■
GRAND OPERA HOUSE Ma!n st - Between First and Beeond
S^t\l\L> urE,ts.*\ nuuan 'Phones Main 1987. Home 411
The Family Theater Week Commencing Matinee Today
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Latest Music by," the Dreamland Concert Band
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evening Society Night. ■ -' ' - ' ' j
Is^the Best and Most Delightful Place to Skate
Come and bring" your friends. Prlee skating for ladies every evening this
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powtcfflce. Blinlnlcar. 5 cent fare. •- ■ ' ■ , ■
AMt Lowe
Just the place to spend Sunday.
You can reach it in two hours by trolley for $2.00 '
Cars leave Sixth and Main at 8, 9, 10 A. M. and
1 and 4 P. M. '•'■;,'.
TheT Long Bpaqh Royal
Italian Band ;;
Will give the usual two concerts in the Audi^
. ' ■ /torium this afternoon. >
: . Our Beach Service Is Unrivaled
The Pacific Electric R'r
to ; expect, . Later 1 saw that all /he
wanted to do was to, sit up close to
the jury and ask for a little sympathy
by. crying some for -about two hours
there. I nut next to , him, . with . ,my
hand oil ray kuii and my feet drawn
up under me for a < spring.
"if It" had made the dash he .would
have jjotten clear, past t the Jurymen
before I could have ri red, but I would
have been , at him Ju»t Imlde > th«
judge's) chamber > room 1 and -it would
have been good-night then.
"He has been very good though In
his general behavior, but . I , am glad
the trial is about finished." '■•" . :
Democrat* Indorse Bryan
Hy , Associated . PraiY
COLUMBUS. O.,,,'Aug. 18.-rThe
Twelfth district, Democratic convention
met here today and nominated Col. W.
Ar Taylor, -a . veteran . news-paper " man,
for congress. The convention heartily
Indorsed William J. Bryan.

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