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'Maximum Suntence Under City Law
Imposed by Pasadena Polloo
Judge on John
Pasadena Agency,
1614 East Colorado Street.
Tolephono Main 752.
, PASADENA, Sept. 12,-John Dlxon,
{arrested last night for selling liquor at
lorry and all hours In his restaurant on
>North Fair Oaks avenue this morning
> pleaded guilty and was sentenced by
Police Judge McDonuld to tho longest
term ever served In tho present city
Thd police made the caso a city In-
Btoid of a county one, as tho arrest
■was under the city ordinanco and not
according to the stato or county law.
. Dlxon at first pleaded not guilty and
(demanded a jury trial, but later
changed his mind.
Homo two months ago this samo of
fender was arrested on a similar charge
and both he and his helper wero fined
$100. Dlxon managed to raise the $200
.at that time and paid the fines. This
jtlme only Dlxon was arrcstod and ho
■was fined $300, with the alternative of
, ninety days In the city Jail, the maxl
■ '"mum under tl.e ordinance.
Dlxon's friends are attempting this
evening to get the money together but.
hava not as yet been able to do so, and
It looks very much as though tho
restaurant man would have to put In
the next three months with Chief of
Police Plnkham, who mnde the arrest.
Dlxon announced this evening that
If a negro is put In the Jail tank with
[him there will be, trouble. The res
•taurant man is a native, of Kentucky
iand has all the race feeling of that sec
|tlon. He also states that he proposes
to serve out his time, as the pay is $100
a month, his line being $300.
Meals for the prisoner will cost In
the neighborhood of $75 If he remains
In jail for nlr-' days, and the punish
• inent will bn really solitary confine
ment, as except for an occasional
drunk or petty offender, there is not
much chance that he will have a com
panion In misery for any length of
Valley Crown Jewels
Rev. and Mrs. Robert J. Burdette are
expected home tomorrow from their
s>jmmer vacation. Their handsome
home on South Orange Orove avenue is
In readiness to receive them. '. \x'i
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Miller returned
-this evening from a summer vacation
spent In Bear valley. They are occupy
ing their new house for the first time
tonight. . ;■"■ •
The total amount added to the teach
ers" salary budget by the advances in
pay allowed by tho board of education
last evening is $9400. Principal Ely of
the high school gets the largest in
crease, Jumping: from $1200 a year to
$1800. '>•.'•■
Announcement is made that the Pas
adena opera house, which was closed
because not constructed In accordance
with the fire ordinance, will be altered
to.comply with the law and will, he re
opened September 22.
Low'R/R. ratos to Coronado.
Special to' The Herald.
SANTA MONICA, Sept. 12.— Tho city
fquncll at its meeting last night passed
an ordinance fixing the tax rate for the
fiscal year 1906-7 for municipal pur
poses at $1.35 on the $100. The assess
ment is a reduction of 5 cents on the
$100 from the levy of one year ago and
for a bond issue of $100,000
made effective since that time. ' ■ ' -
The proportlonment within what is
known as the old city limits is as fol
lows: City hall bond (1902) redemption
fund, 4 1-10; sewer bond (1897) redemp
tion fund, 6 2-10; bridge bond (1902) re
demption fund, 3 2-10; storm drains
bond (1905) redemption fund, 1%; bridge
bond (1905) redemption fund. 2; bridge
repair (1905) redemption fund, 1%; fire
apparatus fund (1905), 2V4; crematory
fund (l? 05), 1; library fund, 5; sewer
fund, 5; street fund, 30; general fund,
60; high school fund, 10.
The rate in the recently annexed dis
tricts, the Palisades excep^ed, is only
$1.21%, as they are exempt from pay
ment of the first threo items enum
erated above, namely. the city hall and
bridge bonds .of * 1902 and the sewer
bonds'of 1907. H 1
' The rate fn the Palisades will bo $1.10,
as that territory escapes taxation on
all of the'flrst nine Items of expense.
Hotel del Cojonado will please you.
Special to The Herald.
LONG BEACH, Sept. 12.— Following
a letter from Captain Fries, govern
ment engineer, concerning the right of
the Salt Lake Railway company to
maintain •. the bridge across ■ Cerritos
slough, in which it was stated that the
city has a right to order the removal of
tho. structure, a resolution was pre
sented by Trustee Lent and . subse
quently adopted, remonstrating' against
the neglect of the company in not tak
ing out the bridge. :;*>> ■,
Major Sonderegger, chief engineer
cf the Dock and Terminal .company,
addressed the council upon the neces
sity of establishing and maintaining
the city's rights to the tide lands in the
San Gabriel valley. He admitted that
It would take time and money, but ne
lived the council would act wisely In
making the necessary surveys at once.
The matter was taken under-advise
Have you visited Coronado yet?
By Associated Presa.
LONG BEACH, Sept. 12.— An Inci
dent of the Salvation Army's outing
here today for old folks was the ar
rest of Mrs. L>. Hlngle, who was so
liciting funds without proper author
ity, supposedly for the picnic dinner.
The woman succeeded In obtatnlng a
few cents each from a number of mer
chants. *,-;. ■■■.'.
When tho officers of. the army had
informed tho police that they had no
solicitor* upon, the streets th« woman
was taken In tow by Officer Frank.
Being taken before the Salvationists,
she cursed them and refused to tell
anything about herself.
When locked In a cell she broke
up a. doxen dishes and created a din
which frightened the peace-loving den-
Igens of the city hall.
The woman was booJted as a "drunk"
anil will come before the recorder on
that charge tomorrow,
Views of Proposed Sunday School for
Plret Pretbyterlan Church
Help RuLeFuncH;.^....
Pl.erl.il to The 1 lornld.
PASADENA, fiept. 12.— Otift of lh»
most novel experiments evor tried out
In a church In this city proved ■uceess
ful this flvenlnn; when stereoptlcon
views of tho proposed Sunday school
Addition to the Flrnt rresbyt«rl«n
(hutch wero shown lo n lnrge number
In tho church pftrlors.
BMa for thla addition to the' new
church, which Is nt present building,
worn recently opened nnd It was dis
covered trt thfl consternation of the
building comniltteo thit the lowest
offer for construction was a trifle less
thfin $80,000.
The meeting this evening wns for tho
purpose of determining whether or not
It would be beat to try and build the
addition according to the present plans
ond raise tho needed money or elso
modify them and lower the cost.
As a result of tho pictures It in prob
able thnt the plans will be carried out
Hotel del Coronndo hotter than ever.
By Associated Press,
T.ONCJ BEACH, Sept. 12.— This wiifl a
happy day for about 200 old folks of
Jjos Angeles, who, as guests of tho
Salvation Army, spent tho happy hours
at the beach.
About twenty of thn Salvationists,
headed by Major anrl Mrs. Morton, ar
rompanled them, the party lining two
Salt Lake coaches.
Tho generosity of tho women of the
local churches was shown In the pro
viding of a liberal dlnnor, which was
spread on tables under the, pagodn.
near the bath houso. <:..'.
Tho crowd was a study. There were,
llttlo old ladles In black, with tiny
black bonnets, tle.d, perhaps, with a
slender white string, and there wero old
men who tottered as they walked,, some
carrying empty sleeves and others
scarcely able to hobble, along with the
aid of their stout sticks.,.
They sat in groups along- the beach
and pier a greater portion of tho day,
many gazing dreamily across the placid
blue, ns if they could almost see
In their peaceful vision the gates of
rest which will open ere long for them
upon a distant shore.
Among the picnickers were, fifteen
patients from the county hospital. They
were accompanied by a physician and
A feature of the. day's pleasure was
a free trip on the steamer Nelllo as
the guests of Col. William Nelson.
. Best service at Hotel del Coronado.
Special to The Herald.
OCEAN PARK, Sept. 12.— The an
nouncement that C. Van Court of Los
Angeles has made complaint to the
postofflce authorities .at "Washington
concerning tho treatment he received
nt the local postofflce from Postmaster
I. E. Meigs, who he claims refused to
give him mail because he applied for It
in a bathing costume, has aroused in
terest here.
The postmaster, who is a, veteran of
the Civil War and although blunt inhis
views nevertheless a popular citizen
here, made the rule effective early in
the summer when the . vanguard of
vacationists would loiter about the
postofflce in dripping wet bathing suits
during the distribution of mails, •'
This, the postmaster says, resulted in
puddles all over the floor, which was as
objectionable to other patrons of the
office as it was to himself and his em
ployes. • .
It is not thought here that Mr. Meigs
will be reproved for taking the action
that has caused the alleged complaint.
"Anyway, the postmaster is not wor
rying," said an attache. "He has the
backing of the community: and the sol
dier vote."
Uest climate on earth at Coronado. ,
Special to The Herald.
LONG BEACH, Sept. 12.— At a meet
ing of the medical society at the hos
pital last night the advisability of es
tablishing- a course of lectures for the
nurses in the institution was discussed.
Final action was deferred until the
next meet.
At the quarterly* conference of the
Methodist church held last night the
pastor. Rev. W. A. Betts, was unan
imously invited to return ' to Long
Beach. A resolution was also adopted
requesting the reappointment of Rev.
A. W. Adkinson as presiding elder of
the Los Angeles district. It was de
cided to invite the annual conference
here next year and everything possible
will be done to get the new church In
readiness for that event.
William Smith, 82 years old, died
this morning at his home, 715 West
Ocean park avenue. Mr. Smith was a
native of England, lie lived In Galas
burg, 111., a number of years, after
which time he moved to Redlands,
where he owned a large orange ranch.
He had made his home in Long Beach
three years and was at one time pro
prietor of the Grand View apartment
house. Sk
Special to The Herald.
LONO BEACH, Sept. 12.— Motorman
Cole and Conductor Parish, who oper
ate one of the Pacific Electric carg on
Redondo avenue, were arrested at noon
today, charged with exceeding the
speed limit as flxed by ordinance at
eight mll<»s an hour.
B. C. Denio, a Pacific. Electric attor
ney, interposed a general demurrer to
thn complaint.
The argument on the demurrer will
be heard by Recorder Hart \ Friday
Hotel del Coronado Is always open.
Special to The. Herald.
PASADENA, Sept! 12.— Bishop Abram
Grant of the. African Methodist Epis
copal church delivered a powerful ad
dress this evening before a large audi
ence in the First African Methodist
Episcopal church. The bishop Is one
of the most distinguished members of
his race in California.
Blahop (Irani was taken for a drive
about Paeadena this afternoon and
will be the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Wil
liam Prince of 884 North Vernon ave
nue during his stay.
To Pave Ocean Avenue
Special to The Herald.
LONO BEACH, fcpt. 12,-At the
meeting of the city council last night
a resolution of Intention to change the
grades on Ocean avenue from Locust to
Golden avenues was adopted. This will
be the preparatory work In the scheme
to pave Ocean avenue, considered by
many the most Important public.lm
provement now under consideration. ' "
Party Take* Trip Over Huntlngton
System, Followed by Dinner at
Hotel Maryland and Speeches Die.
closing Real Object of Meeting
flpoolal to Th« Horald.
PASADRNA, Sept. 12.— Commencing
ht »:3O o'rlork this morning and ron
tlniilnsr all day, Including a run over
th* Pacific Electric dyntpm In the spe
clul oar El Peregrlno, a meeting of thrt
representatives of the various clvlu
brtdlea of this section wns held.
The ohjoot of the meeting la the for
mation of a federation of the rlvlo Of"
gnnlzßtlnnH clusterlnjt about the bor
der* of l.n» Angnloa and It ls> pnld that
thin federation, when fnrniorl, will try
and prevent legislation which Is re
(rarded ni» adverse to this section nnrl
alpo thr> pusaiiKi! of any law to force
consolidation upon tho smaller towns.
Tho moling today was attended by
repvpspntntlves from Glendnle, Long
Beach, Tltinllnglon B^nch, Monrovia,
flrtuth rusfttlonti, Bnnta Ana, Holly
wood, Alhambrn, Whlttler nn<l Bur
While; no ilnnl action was token to
form such a federation, the meeting
Is gennrnlly regarded as Rlmply a pre
llmlnnry step In that direction.
An elaborate dinner wrs served nt 2
o'clock at the Hotel Maryland, flfter
which cevernl Impromptu speeches
were delivered. The car wns then
again bearded and a run to Santa Ana
This olnsnrl Ihe. session for today.
Hotel ilnl Cfiromiclo open enllro yem
»■ ■ ■
Engineer Hartley Reports Result of
His Investigations Into City
Electric System
Bptclnl to The Herald,
PASADENA, Sept. 12,-Captain
Charles Hartley, the engineering ex
pert, made public this afternoon his
plan for the conversion of the sewer
system water Into power to operate
a municipal electric light plant.
Mr. Hartley, who came to Pasadena
after the death of his wife in the San
Francisco disaster, is regarded as one
of the, most capable engineers in the
state. He has been working out this
problem, in conjunction with City En
gineer Pearson, and now states most
emphatically that a power plant to light
145 arc lamps and 3500 Incandescent
lights can be run with the water from
the outfall sewer.
Captain Hartley says that this sewer
water can be purified by means of sep
tic tanks and with its fall of between
650 and 850 feet, according to the dis
tance brought, will furnish 400 horse
Try a week at Coronado.
Special to The Herald.
PASADENA, Sept. 12.— The happy
bachelors' and the sad married men
of the local lodge of Elks have arranged
to cross bats in a baseball game next
Sunday morning on the local ball
The game Is the result of a contro
versy between the married men and
the single and a good supper Is to be
the prize of victory.
The benedicts will be managed by
Eugene P. Kohler, while Constable W.
C. Austin will be their captain.
The rejected and unhappy bachelors
will be managed by Harry Gaume and
captained by Fred Ryan.
* Only $4 to San Dierro and return.
Special to The Herald,
LONG BEACH, Sept. 12.— Thfi Cali
fornia synod of tho Unled Presbyterian
church closed tonight with an address
by Dr. H. H. Bell, moderator-elect, on
the subject of "Evangelism."
It is customary for the gathering- to
alternate between the north and the
One of the Important features of to
day's session was the adoption of a
resolution authorizing the selection of
a synodical missionary whose work
shall be to seek new fields for the es
tablishment of Sunday schools. The
clerk of the synod is Rev. Samuel
Shaw of San Diego, who next year will
complete the eighth year of service.
Special to The Herald,
PASADENA. Sept. 12.-Abner Goble.
a resident of Pasadena during the past
twenty yearn, died this morning after
a lingering Illness. , •*■■■■
Mr. Goble was especially well known
among the pioneers of the city, for he
came to Pasadena" while a young man
under 30 years of age and hns lived nere
ever since. The cause of death was
Brlght's disease.
Mr. Goble is survived by his widow
and three children. .. . .;
The funeral will be held at 2 o'clock
Friday afternoon from the family resi
dence", 188 Franklin avenue.
Special to The Herald.
LONG BEACH. Sept. 12.-Constant
Lilly wns arraigned this afternoon,
charged with the willful murder of
Alex. Gonzales. lie- was ordered into
the custody of the sheriff to await his
preliminary hearing on September 19, at
1:30 o'clock.
The complaint against Ll)ly wan
sworn to by R. J. Gundergon, foreman
of the Torrey ranch, where the Mexican
boy was killed.
South Pasadena's Tax Rats
Special to Tho Herald,
PASADENA. Sept. 12.— The rlty trus
tees of* Smith Pasadena haxe llxed the
tax rate In that municipality at 65 cents
on the $100 of valuation for tho. general
fund and 10 cents for the library fund.
Secretary Takes Funds
By Associated Press.
NEW YORK,' Sept. 12.-Announce
ment is made today that Charles
Lynch, financial, secretary of> local
council, No, 848, Brotherhood of. Paint
ers, Decorators ana Paperhangers of
America, has disappeared and that an
examination of his books ha& revealed
a deficiency of probably'several-thou
sand dollars. - .
Seven Die In Wreck
By Associated Press.
CHATTANOOGA, Term., Kept. 13.—
Hcven trainmen were kl ed In a col
lision of two freight t mini on the West
ern & Atlantic railroad at Rliigsold.
Ga., curly today. The accident was due
to. the. oveiiuuklug .of, orders l>y ■ thu
engineer of one ut the trains. -- ' , • '
Continued from pn«e one.
Bell wds carried to the platform on the
should*™ of iiia frtends.
The unveiling of a huge picture of
Bell wn» nlfso the orrnßlon of an en
thusiastic dpmoiißtrntlon.
It became known early In tho day
that there would be no opposition to
Bell tfhetl Jnmos D. Fhelan, former
iimyor of Han Krnnolsco, gftnt a tele
gram to M. P. Snyrter and If»;nlnr«
IJorkwrlllrr fttatlng that he would posi
tively rlecllnn to tnko thfl nomination
even If It wern tendered him.
The poßltlvn withdrawal of Marshall
U, DIRgR early In the flay removed the
only other candidate of any strength.
Toland for Lieutenant Governor
Thomns A. Tola net of Ventura was
given the nomination of lieutenant gov
ernor by Reclamation us well.
It.XwHH not until late this afternoon
thnt the nominating was commenced.
Hut, when the work of selecting the
nominees hnd fairly started the notn-
Ipflllnnn proceeded with great rapidity.
The only officers for which more than
one candidate was presented wer« those
of attorney general, superintendent of
schools and stato printer. All the other
nominations wero mada by acclama
During the proceedings of the con
vention the following resolution offered
by Frank Gould of San Francisco was
Score Hearst's Machine
"Resolved, That in the so-called In
dependence league we recognize a poli
tical machine created by W. R. Hearst
for his own political preferment and of
which he Is the undisputed boss, and nti
Irgenlous end.-'.vor to forestall and pro
vent tho nomination for president and
to compass the defeat of America's
greatest citizen, William J. Bryan; we
therefore denotinoe such purposes and
call upon all true Democrats to oppose
such ends."
There was Considerable delay In
starting tho real work of the conven
tion on account of the fact that the
committee on platform was not ready
to tender Its report. $;•«
When the convention assembled at
11 o'clock this morning H. P. Andrews,
chairman of the committee on creden
tials, made his report.
Adjourn Till 2
An adjournment was then taken until
2 o'clock. There were various recesses
during the afternoon until th« com
mittee on platform announced It had
completed Its work.
When the time for nominations had
arrived, W. D. Jacobs of Stockton
placed the name of Theodore A. Bell
before the convention for governor. He
said in part:
Jacobs Nominates Bell
"I arise to nominate a man for gov
ernor—a man that will be . the next
governor of the state. (Applause).
"Ho is a self-made man who worked
his way through school and who then
took the examinations and was admit
ted to the bar. For four years he was
district attorney of Napa county, and
so well did he serve his constituents
that he was sent to congress.
"While he was representative In
congress he led the fight for labor
against the shipbuilding trust and was
instrumental In having the first battle
ship constructed on this coast built at
Mare Island. :\-t ;•.<■*■
"Gentlemen, I have the honor to
place in nomination the Hon. Theodore
A. Bell."
The applause continued for several
minutes after Bell's name had been an
nounced. Bells were rung by the mem
bers of the Los Angeles delegation and
a large bell in one end of the hall was
rung. . !r. •
Bell's nomination was seconded by
Jud.ge James M. Palmer of Napa.
Declared by Acclamation
Judge John A. Raker of Modoc moved
that the. nominations be closed, and
Bell was declared the nominee by ac
Amidst shouts and applause that
lasted for several minutes Mr. Bell was
literally carried to the platform, where
he brought the delegates to their feet
in a stirring address. He said in part:
"1 am keenly sensible to the honor
you have conferred on me and I am
fully alive to the great responsibili
ties that are attached to the nomi
"I accept the commission you have
tendered me. And from now until the
6th of November I will keep that com
mission unsullied.
"We meet today as the representa
tives of the only sovereign power in
this state, the people themselves. I
believe that the work of this conven
tion will be of such a character that
it will present a strong contrast to the
work of a convention which assembled
a week ago.
"I believe we have met here today as
the representatives of popular govern
ment. This convention In my judgment
meets on high .ground. I believe it
takes a position which none may as
sail. Nobody will be able to say that
we are dictated by any special Inter
Bo6sism and Free Rule
"The coming fight before the people
will not be so much a battle, of Re
publicans and Dem/icrata as a struggle
between bad and good and bosslsm and
free rule.
"I thank you for the great honor ydu
have conferred on me. I approve of
the platform you have adopted. With
the assistance of the manhood and wo
manhood of California I believe we can
carry our'banner to success."
After Bell had left the platform
Marshall Dlggs, who was a candidate
up to the opening of the convention for
tho gubernatorial nomination, was
called upon for nn address. He said:
"I aspired to the nomination for gov
ernor, but when I found you wanted
Bell I withdrew. I pledge my support
to him and I hope he will be elected."
Cheers (or Diggs
Cheers 'were tendered Dlggs as lie
took his scat.
leadore B. Dockweiler of I^os Ange
les nominated Thomas O. Toland of
Ventura for lieutenant governor.
Timothy Spellacy seconded the nomi
nation of Toland and lie was declared
nominated by acclamation.
When Toland had been escorted to
the platform he said:
"I appreciate the honor you have
conferred on mo In declaring me the
running mate of Theodore A. Bell. I
believe In the principles thnt have been
outlined by Mr. Bell and I wilt do my
utmost to assist him."
Father Secretary, Too
A. F. Jones of Butte county pre
sented the name of Arthur li. Nichols
of Butte county for secretary of state.
He said that Nichols' father was sec
retary of state during tho administra
tion of Governor Hoyes. Nichols was
given the nomination by acclamation,
John Markley was named for state
controller by Isadora H. Dockweiler.
The nomination was mad.c by accla
mation, v ■
, S. 8. Bailey of Ban Francisco wan
given the nomination toy treasurer, hi*
name being presented to the convention
by w. l). Jacobs of Stockton. Lewis
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TONIGHT, 7:30 p. m., Private Lecture to Men Only
F. Bylngton, former district attorney
of San Francisco, seconded the nom
ination, which was made by acclama
Ona Morton Honored
There was a one-sided fight for at
torney general. The nomination was
finally secured by W. Ona Morton of
Los Angeles, who received 523 votes to
183 given M. G. Gill of Tehama county.
W. H. Johnson of Santa Clara named
for clerk of the supreme court J. E.
Ralney of Santa Barbara. The nomina
tion was made by acclamation.
John C. Lane of Mendocino was nom
inated for surveyor general by accla
mation. His name was placed before
the convention by J. E. Pemberton of
Miss Anna Williams of Modoc county
was the nominee for state superinten
dent of schools In an interesting con
test. She was placed In nomination by
Judge J. E. Baker of Modoc. A. A.
,Macurda, deputy superintendent of
schools of San Francisco, C. W. Moors
of San Francisco and D. Cl Clark were
named for the nomination. One by one
the gentlemen withdrew after the vot
ing had commenced, leaving Miss Wil
liams to be nominated by acclamation.
E. I. Woodman of Sacramento was
nominated for state printer, receiving
415 votes for A. I. Cronewelt of Mon
rovia and 108 for John E. Vaughn of
San Francisco.
Several times during the convention
the name of W. J. Bryan was mentioned
and each time It received vigorous ap
The convention adjourned sine die
at 8 o'clock tonight.
The Fourth congressional district
convention was postponed to meet at
San Francisco next Wednesday.
The Fifth congressional district con
vention will meet at San Mateo next
Saturday. ,
The Seventh congressional district
convention will meet at Los Angeles
on September 20.
Narrowly Escape Flames
REDDING, Sept. 12. — The second fire
within two days broke out early this
morning. The Ingot hotel, owned by
Harry Ward, and Frank Quirk's lodg
ing house, leased to Frank Onn, were
destroyed. The total loss Is $7500. Onn
and several miners were badly burned.
The fires are believed to have been of
incendiary origin, and the miners have
organized to discover the guilty person
or persons.
Contagious Blood Poison is the worst disease in the world; not only
• those who contract it suffer, but the awful taint ia often transmitted to inno-
cent offspring whose lives are blighted and bodies diseased because the
virus of Contagious Blood Poison has been allowed to remain in the family
blood. The first Sign of this disease I contracted Oontssrloui Blood Potion
, U usually a little pimple or blister *E^ti^^*2X£*Sft*
then a red rash breaks out, the mouth v n 9 disorder, x triadevarytfclnjr I heard
. and throat ulcerate, the hair comes
out, copper colored Spots appear on tlnuodthetr«atmentuntlUwa«entir«lv
i :theHmb9,backandbr i east;anda 9 the T v.iUi\sa^«.'t:iVn^?4
disease more thoroughly pollutes the <u«ease ilnoe. Jos. sohloemke. ■
blood, eoreaand ulcera form and if 801 Allan A«., St. Louis, Mo.
the trouble ia not checked the finger nails drop off, and the soft bones
of the nose and head are destroyed. 8. S. S. goes down into the
i blood, and forces out every particle of th«
S/£SS!h is2& poison and makes a complete and lasting
%BR?h f ure * As 80on as tlie s y stem B ets under the
SZ*i ht/jM- influence of the remedy the symptoms begin
© Hi&xO 'vßsl^O to pass away, and when the cure is complete
PURELY VEGETABLE th « patient ia left in perfect health. So
runtui vtuc i mdlc. thoro »; ghly doefl s g s &theeyBteta& theey8teta ot the;
virus that no signs of the disease are ever seen in after years, and posterity
is born with a rich, pure blood supply. Book with complete instructions for
home treatment and any medical advice desired will be given without charge.
I Wreck on Canadian Pacific Said to
Have Been Caused by Engi
neer's Inability to Work
Air Brakes
By Associated Press.
, SUDBURY, Ont., Sept. 12.— Twelve
persons are known to be ' dead and
twelve Injured as the result of a head
on collision between two Canadian Pa
cific passenger trains today at Azild,
seven miles west of Sudbury.
The third section of a harvester train
was standing at Azild waiting for the
eastbound express, when the fast train
came along and crashed into it head on.
It is said that the engineer of the ex
press was unable to stop, as the air
brake did not respond.
All the dead and Injured were in a
colonist sleeping car, which was on the
harvester train next to the engine.
So far no list of the dead or injured,
or any official statement as to the
cause of the wreck, has been obtainable
from officials of the Canadian Pacific.
Waters Declines Position
SACRAMENTO, Sept. 12.— 1t was
given out at the capltol today that
Prof. H. J. Waters, head of the agricul
tural department of Missouri, who had
been selected for the position of man
ager of the California university farm
in Yolo county, has declined the pc
Democrats Nominate Thayer
HARTFORD, Conn., Sept. 12.— Mayor
i Charles F. Thayer of Norwich was to
' day nominated •■ for governor by the
I Democratic state convention.
By Associated Press.
DAYTON. Ohio, . Sept. , 12.— 1n what
has been for years the '"off year" In
state elections the Republicans of Ohio
today held one of the hottest conven-"
tlons in the history of the party in this
state. . / . ■■■■ ■'■.:■•■■ „. ■■ ,-■ "■
And still more remarkable was it for
the fact that the contest was not, over
the nomination of candidates for state
officers for which the convention I had '
been called, but over the selection of the
state executive committee. Involving"
the state leadership of United States .
Senator Dick.
The senator won not only on i this .
proposition but also on the question of
the Indorsement of his work and that
of Senator Foraker in the United States
senate, tho Republicans having taken |
the position that in view 'of the ! fact .
that the senators had not entirely
agreed with the v policy '. of .President
Roosevelt on national legislation It
would be inconsistent to give an In
dorsement of equal force .to both- the
president and - the two < senators. "■
Capt' Charles Robinson
By Associated Press.
SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 12.— Captain
Charles Robinson, master of the British
ship Monkbarns, which arrived at this
port today, died on , board the vessel
on September 2 'after a longilness, and
was buried at sea. The Monkbarns was
206 days out from Hamburg. ■ ■
Rmli-1 bids will be received •' until
noon of September 20.1906. at. the office
of the Chairman of the Building Com-
mittee of the Young Men's Christian
Association. Mr. Gall Eorden, Jr.,' 6p»
Latiglilln building, for excavating tlie
site for the Young Men's Christian Ae-
Eoclahon building. 717-729 South Hope
street. ' ■■.•'•" .■■■.•■
Tho approximate size of excavation
to be 153 ft. by 179 ft. by 14 ft below
curb. ■ '■■ '■"••■>
Bids to state the price per cubie yard,
and the time required to complete ex-
cavation. , •/..-■.•,■./..•
An excavation on lot la -made show-,
ing the character of soil. ■' •• -V ">'
Also bids to state the price per cubic
foot for concrete retaining, walls 'for.
the above excavation,' as per plans and
sppflllcHtioriH at the architect's office,
A. H. Ben ton. 114 North Spring street
The committee reserves the right to
reject any ™VV A IL BORDER JR/.:
Chairman Building; Committee.
9-IS-IS-1S 3t •' ' - --' *_^
Notice of Stockholders' Meeting
Notice to the stockholders ot the Loa
Angeles Fire Alarm company,' a corpora-
tion Incorporated, organised and extatlng
under the la w« of tlie state ot California,
ii hereby Riven that. In pursuance of a
resolution ot the board of director! of laid
corporation, unanimously adopted at ; a ■
regular meeting of said board, held at
the office of the company In the city of ■
Los Angeles, state of Calif ornia, on the
23d day of July. I*B, a meeting of the
stockholders of the said ■ Los - Angel** !
Fire Alarm company will be be d at the
of flco of the company, room 648 ■In the
Bradbury bulldlog. In t..j rlty of Los
Angeles, state of California (the same be-
ing the - principal place* of business of
Bald corporation and the building where
said board of directors . usually meets),
mi Monday, the Ist day of October,' KM,
at the hour of 10 o'clock a. i m... for the
purpose of considering and acting . upon \
a proposition to create a. bonded Indebt-
pdneHH ot aald corporation to the amount
of twenty thousand dollars ($20,000). In
United tSates gold coin, for the purpose;
of providing moneys to pay. the existing
Indebtedness of ths corporation, .< .to m ac
quire property to be used In the business
ot the corporation, and* to' extend i the
business of the corporation and for legiti-
mate and necessary purposes, such bond-
ed Indebtedness to be secured by ■ mort-
gage or deed ot trust ' upon all of 'the
property now owned by < the corporation,
or which It may here af ter aooulre. * c - ,
By order of tho board
Secretary of the Los Angeles .Fire Alarm '
Ws P -8-%fr2S-80-»-W3-a)-27 XOt

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