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Nation's Head Leaves
on Warship for
Non - Siukable Lifeboat
and Picked Crew
Are Carried
Wireless Outfit Will Keep Roosevelt
Party In Touch with the Land
on the Trip at All
By Associated Prcsa.
Nov. 8. — The battleship Louis
iana has been equipped with a
30-foot non-sinkable and non
capsizable lifeboat, which is
supplied with provisions and
water for six days, and is man
ned by 12 picked men of the
navy to be used in ca3e of mis
By Associated Press.
WASHINGTON, Nov. B.— "Good by;
I'm going down to see how the ditch Is
getting along. 1 -shouted President
Roonevc.it a* hi>- stood on the after
Btnrboanl deck of, the yacht Mayflower
at the Washington navy yard as the
vessel was leaving the dock with the
president for his Panama trip.
Accompanying the president were
Mrs. Roosevelt and her maid. Surgeon
General Rixey of the navy and M. C.
Latta, one of the assistant secretaries
at the White House. The Mayflower
will take the party to Wolf Trap light
at the mouth of the Rappahannock
river In Chesapeake bay, where a trans
fer will be made to the battleship
Louisiana, which is to convey the
president to and from the Isthmus.
President and Mr?. Roosevelt arrived
at the navy yard shortly before 4
o'clock, where they were met by Secre
tary Loeb, Captain Lentz, the com
mandant of the yard, and Captain A. T.
l.oiiff of the Mayflower.
» Marines There
A company of marines and a detach
ment of sailors were drawn up about
the wharf and ax the presidential car
riage arrived a welcome was sounded
from the bugler aboard the ship and
from a drummer in the marine ranks.
For a few moments the president and
Mrs. Roosevelt chatted with the naval
officials on the wharf and then, as the
band aboard the Bhip piayed "The Star
Spangled Banner" und the. bugle sound
ed another welcome, they walked down
the gangplank aboard the vessel.
Hero had assembled to meet them
Postmaster General and Mrs. Cortel
you, Ambassador Jusserand and Mme.
I Juaserand, who carried a large bunch
of flowers for Mrs. Roosevelt, and
James R. Garflcld, the commissioner of
' - Shouts Good By
As the vessel •■• started i President
Roosevelt appeared on deck and shout
ed a good by to the crowd which had
assembled. He appeared to be In par
ticularly good spirits and remained on
deck un\'l the vessel was out of eight.
As the lip passed the lower- part of
the navy yard a president's salute of
twenty-one guns was fired. . ' ... f , .
The Louisiana will be convoyed to
and from the isthmus by the armored
cruisers Tennessee and Washington.
Aboard the Louisiana is Lieutenant
Frank Evans, who will utilize the wire
less telegraph apparatus with . which
the ship Is equipped for communicating
with the White House at Wasnihgton
whenever the president desires it. In
this way the public will be accurately
informed of the movements of the
News by Wireless
Secretary Loeb will give to the press
dispatches from the- president which
• may be receive. I from time to time.
The president will spend four days on
the Isthmus. He will arrive at Colon
Thursday, November 15, where he Is to
bc greeted aboard ship by President
Amador of Panama and Mrs. Amador,
Chairman Bhonts and other officials of
the canni committee.
His program contemplates a visit to
and Inspection of all points of Interest
on the Isthmus. On Sunday evening he
will board the Louisiana for Ban Juan,
Porto Rico, where the vessel Is ached
uled to arrive Thursday morning, No
vember At Sail ,iua,i elaborate pre
parations have' -been 'made for the re
.epttim of the, president. He win re
main there one day. leaving Friday,
November • 23, for Washington.
When the Louisiana reaches Wolf
Trap light the party will i,,- transferred
to the Mayflower and proceed to Wash
ington, where the vessel Is scheduled
to arrive Tuesday r evening, Novem
ber IT,
Mukden Consul on Duty
By Associated Ptyss.' .. - .
' MUKDKN, Manchuria, Nov. The
American consulate general"! office
\xua been opened here. < ■ .>,
Los Angeles Herald.
PRICE: ! n "%r' MM oo f n T"i 65 CENTS
3y Associated Press.
ST. PETERSBURG, Nov. B.— Accord-
Ing to advices received here from
Vladivostok, there is constant friction
between the Russians and the Japanese
in Manchuria.
The Japanese, according to the news
papers of ■ Vladivostok, are continuing
pressing northward In Manchuria with
the apparent intention of establishing
themselves in the Hinterland, of Vladi
vostok, where their presence would
constitute a seriqus . jnenacei to . the
fortress In the event of the possibility
of a resumption of hostilities.
The charge that • the Japanese are
fortifying the Island of Saghalien In
in violation of the terms of the treaty
of Portsmouth is reiterated by. the
Ussur Zhisn.
Chief Panama Canal Engineer Makes
a Hit with Employes on the
King's Birthday
By Associated Press.
COLON, Nov. 8. — In response to a pe
tition John F. Stevens, chief engineer
of the Panama canal, granted tomor
row as a day off to the British canal
and railroad employes throughout the
zone for the purpose of celebrating the
birthday of King Edward.
A great majority of the residents of
Colon are British subjects.and tomor
row promises to be a red letter day in
the history of the town.
Poslam, Latest Scientific Discovery,
Achieves Marvelous
NKW YOKK, Nov. S.— The thousands
suffejrtng from eczema will welcome the
ncivs that an external remedy has at
lust been discovered which not t>nly
immediately relieves the distress at
tending tills disease, but permanently
restores the skin to its normal condi
tion. This spopifk', known as poslam,
has been unusually successful in many
severe caseß of long standing.
By special arrangement with Dr.
i 'ox, the discoverer of polsam, the
emergency lalioratorleß^32 West Twen
ty -fifth street, New York city, will
send an experimental treatment free
of charge to all sufferers who write
for it.
By Associated Press.
CHICAGO, Nov. B.— dispatch to the
Chronicle from Milwaukee Buys:
Through a inlstako un unknown man
secured the sum of $1121 from the
National Exchange bank and disap
peared with the money. ' •. ■
The error was caused partly through
mi liiuiKiiul rush at the noon hour. A
clerk from a large business establish.,
nu-nt presented a check for $1121 .to
one of the tellers to be cashed. While
the teller wan counting the money the
clerk left for a moment to epettk to
a friend, . Meanwhile the teller com
pleted his task and handed ' out the
cash. A youth, who meanwhile hud
taken the .clerk's -place, 'accepted the
money and hastened away. ' ■ • ■
Yon Podblclbki Resigns
Hy AssociHted Pr«r«. ,
- UKHI.IN. Nov. B.— The Lokal Ansel
ger tjayn< thai the minister or agricul
ture. Herr Voti I'odblclski, has re.
signed, but • the . Anaoclitted Press 'Ih
lnformed officially, that his resignation
hub not yet been actually prevented,
By Assoctnted Press.
PEKING, Nov. B.— A number of fresh
edicts have been issued today appoint
ing officers to the new hoards created
by the edict of yesterday.
Yesterday's edict is regarded as a
great step In advance, likely to have
far reaching results.
The abolition of the distinction be
tween Manchus and Chinese Is favor
ably commented upon while in the new
institutions some observers see the
germs of a future Chinese parliament.
By Associated Press.
HONG KONG, Nov. 8.-A message
from Canton reports that a fire is
raging an the river side opposite thd
European quarter on the island of
A strong wind is blowing and more
than 500 houses, including all the res
taurants u>- ' gambling houses have
been destroyed.
The -European- settlement is not In
Marines from foreign warships have
landed and are here to aid in combating
the Harries.
No lives have been lost.
The damage already exceeds Jl 000 -
Hy Associated Press
PORTLAND, Ore., Nov. B.— The rivers
or ceqtral and northern Oregon con
tinue to rise today ami in Home places
arc raftftg torrentH, doing considerable
damage, especially to railroad property
and to logging and sawmill interests.
The Southern Pacific bridges have
been washed out, one on the main line
Over the Santium river at Jefferson and
the other on the Woodburn-Natro
branch road, where the waters of the
South Santiam have done considerable
Thi' Southern Pacific bridge over the
Mollalu river Is In dunger.
Passenger trains in the Willamette val
ley are being routed over the west side
division of the Southern Paciflo to Co
vallis and over the Covallls and eastern
track* to Albany, beyond which place
the Southern Paolfle'S line in reported
Freight i» refused at Portland for
points north of Albuny on the east side.
Local passengers and freight service
will 1..- maintained between the wrecked
Hy As'iociated f'rens.
; NEW YORK. Nov. B.— Alfred Freund,
a young man from St. Louis, who was
arrested .'October l- charged with an
noying Minn Margaret Anglln, the
actress, was adjudged ' Insane by a
sheriff's jury and a committee, will .be
appointed to lake charge of his estate
and person.
. Besides ' the medical ' experts put 011
the stand several persona stated 'that
Freund had for two years followed Miss
Anglln about the country. 4BMi
. Freund Is 30 years of age and the son
(if the late* Slgmund.' i''i'und, a depart
ment store proprietor of st. Louis.
HAS 7000
Democrats Ridicule
Claim of 15,000
Cook and Chipman Lose
in the Judicial
Republican* Will Have a Majority In
Both Houses of the Next Legis
lature—Gillett Goes
GILLETT, 120,604;
BELL, 108,161
By Associated Press.
The returns at midnight from
,2217 precincts out of a total of
: 2417 give the vote on governor as
follows: Gillett (Rep.) 120,604;
Bell (Dem.) 108,161; Langdon,
(Ind.) 41,117. Gillett's plurality
No figures are at hand from Al
' pine, Merced, Mariposa, Plumas,
Solano and Trinity counties.
73y Associated Press.
SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. B.—lncom
plete returns Indicate the election of
the entire Republican state ticket and
the district ticket with the exception
of the First and Third appellate dis
In the First district Judge Cooper is
about 1700 votes In the lead over Car
roll Cook for presiding Justice of the
appellate court. Cook this afternoon
conceded his defeat.
Reports from the Third district are
Btlll far from complete, but indicate
the defeat of Judge Chipman for pre
siding Justice by Judge Hughes.
Hughes' election Ih practically con
ceded by the Republicans.
Early returns indicated the election
of Pooling- over Kerrigan for associate
justice of the appellate court. Kerri
gan is over 700 in the lead tonight with
numerous precincts in Fresno and Mon
terey counties still to be heard from.
His election is claimed by the Repub
licans, but Dooling's defeat has not
yet been conceded by the Democratic
The Republican state central com
mittee claims that when the complete
official returns ate in it will be found
that Glllett's plurality will be 15,000.
This, however, Is ridiculed at the head
quarters of the Democratic state cen
tral committee, where It Is declared
that ailletfs plurality will not exceed
Returns from the senatorial and as
sembly districts are still incomplete,
but sufficient of them are in to show
that the Republicans will have a large
majority in both houses of the next
legislature. No attempt has yet been
made to tabulate the returns on the
The Republican state central com
mittee closed Its headquarters at the
St. Francis hotel today and Governor
elect Gillett will tomorrow leave for his
Humboldt county home to consider his
message to the legislature and the ap
pointments to his official family. He
will remain at home until after Christ
mas and then proceed to the capital
to be Inaugurated,
Beyond stating that he would give
the state the services of the best men
obtainable Governor-elect Gillett de-
(Continued on I'age Two.)
By Associated Press.
NEW YORK Nov. B— The
first step to begin the actual
construction of the city's pro
posed new $161,000,000 water
system was taken when bids
were asked for the building of
the first section of the huge
aqueduct, ten miles in length.
Pour years are allowed for
completion of this section and
bids must be received by De
cember 4.
It is estimated that the cost
of the first section will be about
$5,000,000. The section of the
aqueduct begins at Hunters
Brook, in Westchester, and
goes to a point just beyond
taui.is of tumi'khati'iiuk
City. M:n. Has.
l.<>« Aiiiiilra ..■ till HH i
8 1. I'uul »•! BO
Nail l.ilkf 30 .84
Sim. knur SO 441
fill. bur* .80 .14
llrmrr „. BH (M
New York ' as n4
Omaha 42 :.s
« Iniluiiail .... 40 «4
tlhiul.i ....,; BO US
tit. I.ohU 'BO iIH
< 111.-HUU Da tfj
Sun KranvUco I. 64 «W
Little . Mock .j. n« 80
SAN DIEGO, Nov. B.— Charles Con
nors was shot dead in a saloon in India
street by W. L. Harvey this evening.
Harvey is under arrest.
According to the statements of those
in the place the killing was deliberate.
Harvey, it Is said, came into tin- saloon
from a rear door and approached Con
nors, who threw up his arms and said:
"If you have a gun, Hhoot, I can only
die once."
Immediately Harvey fired with a 44
caliber revolver and Connors fell dead,
shot through the head.
The two men had been friends ami
I he cause of the shooting is not known.
j The victim was about 21 years old
[ and employed in the saloon whare the
shooting occurred. The slayer Is about
45 and conducts a small business.
BAkERSFIELD, Nov. The South
ern Pacific has made a new reputation
for rapid transit. v . .
A light engine coming down Teheca
apl mountain Tuesday night took a
seven mile ride on the ties before the
engineer and fireman awoke to the fact
that they were not traveling according
to schedule.
A mysterious haze overhangs ' the
whole affair. Trainmen are loyal to
each other. •' They tell no tales and
one man's mistake never forms food
for another's gossip, ' but enough has
leaked out to wan-ant the statement
that this engine really did travel seven
miles on the ties before the engineer
and firemen awoke to their duty.
The wrecking i crew ) was i called out
ami it - took house to - drive , the spikes
and replace the ties which the flying
wheels had ' torn Inn— ■ '
The accident happened between
Rowan and liealvllle about - daylight!
and' fortunately but one train .was de
layed. ; The owl had already passed*
but No. < 7 was 4 caught : and ■ held up
nearly twelve hours. ■ • .
By Associated Press.
BLOOMINGTON. 111., Nov. 9.— The
operator at the Chicago & Altqn station
here reports that the Golden State Lim
ited passenger train eastbound on
that road was held up and robbed one
mile east of Glasgow, Mo., about 2:30
/O'clock this morning.
The bandits wen^ through the sleep
ing cars, robbing the occupants, but
were prevented from entering the chair
cars and day coaches by the conductor
of the train who locked the doors.
No one was injured, and the cars
were not damaged.
It is not known how much booty
was obtained, nor how many men
were concerned in the holdup.
The robbers jumped off the train and
escaped in the darkness.
By Associated Press.
diate trial for John Siemsen and 1-ouls
Dabne, who have confessed to
numerous murders mid robberies is
planiteii by the authorities.
With the view of putting the ma
chinery of prosecution Into operation
the police today look Slemsen before A
Saakl, the eaahler of the Japanese
bank, who partially identified him an
one of the men who had assaulted htm
J. H. Dockweller, the firm man held
up by Siemscu tuui l)ul>n«r aft.-r the)
started upon their career of crime, was
taken before Slinmen today. Blemsen
Immedltitely acknowledged thai
w«iler had been one of hlu victims.
Amndor Receives 8qulro«
PANAMA, Nov. t. Herbert G.
111111.-I. ,Ny re .
i AinaUur today. ,
Opera Season Begins
With Magnificent
Society Turns Out Great
Throngs of Music
Artl.ts Have Wrought Wondroualy
and Fashioned an Architectural
Fairyland Out of Wood
and Stone
Sumptuous in its snrtorinl nplendor,
magnificent in its appointments, gor
geous in Its assembly of beauty and
wealth and elegance, and glittering,
dazzling in Its display of Jeweln, the
opera season opened at the new Temple
Auditorium last night, and at the same
time was Inaugurated that huge thea
ter, the largest and most perfect In
the city.
The dual event was sufficient in it
self to mark an epoch in both theat
rical and social circles here, arid the
gathering of those favored enough to
•ecure place thereat was one of the
most representative In the city's- his
tory, and fully worthy of the signifi
cance of the event in every way.
The great auditorium Bclntlllated and
dazzled with the georgeosity of the
human bouquet that filled it. The
gathering seemed like a vast flower
garden set tier pn tier and all abloom.
It .swayed and awept as If i» g«nt!e
breeze kissed it, atid the incessant life
and movement made it iridescent and
changeful and altogether fascinating.
The house itself was like unto some
colossal Jewel box in its gilded magnifi
cence, and the throngs were like so
many pearls and diamonds, rubies and
White was the prevailing shade to
the eye at a glance down upon this
human kaleidoscope, but here and there
were to be picked out glimpses of hue
and color and shade, which blended
into one chromatic whole without dis
Around and back of the fair women
and forming a perfect foil for gleam
ins shoulders and glistening gem»
were the men, solemnly black and un
wontedly white in their somber even
ing gurb. It was a picture like unto
none ever limned by the brush of the
greatest artist who ever held palette.
And when the curtain rose and the
burst of song and the glory of melody
was added, it was a vision of paradise
enhanced by life and sound. The vocai
strains of praise and splendor Deemed
the f\ttlng climax to all the rest. It
was at once opresningly momentous
and gladly grand. It was a finiile of
months of work and struggle and ex
panse; it was a triumph over difficul
ties and untoward events and delays
but It was worth all it cost; it was
an achievement fully entitled to set
(Continued on rage Klve.)
For Southern California: Fair
Friday; light northeast winds. Max.
imum temperature in Los Angeles
yesterday, 88 degrees; minimum, 59
I —Goes— Goes to see the big ditch. |
— Elect Chanler Hughes' aide. *;'&
Narrow margin elects Gillett.
— Campaign for annexation Is 0n. .;,
s —Opening— Opening of Temple auditorium. • .'
.6—. 6— Editorial.
7 — City news.,
. — Sports.
9 —9 — Southern California news.
1 0 — Classified advertisements.
11— Markets.
1 2 — Railroad news. -
Friction in Manchuria is growing. V*
Dr. Hau of Washington, D. C, ; held <
for murder In London. •
Castellane still hopes for reconciliation. '
Terrorists dynamite and rob train at
Warsaw. .■ . ■ • «•■■ •
Federal Jury . at :■ Minneapolis Indicts '
eleven for rebate violations .
New York begins. work In new JIM.UUO.
00 water system. - . It - '"TtTVft "iTdmIiItII
. President Roosevelt sails for Panama. „
'.'.;, COABT
Ban Francisco policy holders appeal to '-
state department to force foreign com
panion to pay nre sufferers. - ■ -■- . -. . ■
Ban Francisco , judge • upholds Etta:
Warren's claim against Dolbeer estate, t
. : • ' local' . .■:., ..>!
Temple . auditorium . formally ' i opened -,
with season of grand opera.' ,■, ■ \' ■ ..'■
Unknown, man killed by Kaglo Hock
rwriu'"imip»;i iVwpi i%ji|lliiL<tis^^rt&»WßM
Beauld's trial will be continued today. .<
■ Hard - luck < uursues mechanic until h*
Ik forced to lie*. • •... ■ „ ,
Non-paitlsaiii begin > urtiv* * city * cam*
paten Baturday night

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