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All Buildings Rapidly Nesrlng Com.
pletion, and Educational Body Will
Accept Several nt Next
■ The Rotten or the board of education
taken at It* last meeting, when addi
tional time was refused to a delinquent
contractor, has had a wholesome ef
fect on other contractors who are
working on school buildings. When the
members of the building committee of
the board of education went on a tour
of inspection Wednesday to see how
work on the new schools wan progress
lngI Ing they found that- two buildings were
already being used and »even more
buildings were almost ready for occu
The failure of contractors to secure
seats for the buildings- has caused some
delay, and the lacS of experienced
workmen to set the Beats retarded the
work, but these obstacles have been
overcome and the work is now proceed
ing rapidly. Several of the contractors
are working their men night and day
hs well as Sundays to fulfill their con
tracts, and by the Ist of December it
is expected that all the schools will
bcb be completed with the exception of
the Magnolia and the Logan street
Among the schools which the board
will accept at its meeting Monday night
are the Fifty-fourth avenue school,
which is now being occupied; the Sev
enth street school, the Euclid avenue,
the Second street, the Utah street and
the Fifty-second street schools, in all
of which the seats are being placed as
vapidly as possible. The last named
building is one of the finest the board
lias erected and contains eleven rooms.
The -Cornwall street school, a nine
room structure, is already occupied.
If no further delays occur the board
rxpects to have theso. buildings ready
for occupancy by the end of n*xt
week. Tho Main street school will not
be completed till some time in Decem
ber, but as the contractor's time does
not expire till the fifth of the month
it Is thought that he will not be far
behind the contract date.
Decision to Be Handed Down by Judge
Trask Will Settle Question of
Facing Grand Jury In.
By a decision to be handed down this
morning by Judge Trask of the su
perior court Mrs. Aurella Scheck, un
der charge of perjury, will learn
whether she must face trial on a grand
jury indictment or whether although
by her own confession she helped to
murder her husba,nd she is to go scot
The Scheck trial has dragged slowly
during the recent weeks of its- hearing
and the woman will have been in jail
nearly six months even if she is re
leased today.
When Bcheck was found dead in hia
bed with two bullet wounds to show
tho cause of death, Mrs. Scheck told a
story of how burglars had entered her
homo and of how she had seen them
stand by the bed and shoot her hus
When she was taken before the coro
ner's jury the following day to give
evidence she repeated the story under
oath and that waa taken down In the
Later she confessed that with Stack
polo she had plotted to kill her "hus
band. Stackpole was her lover and the
two were to make away with Scheck
ajid then go to Arizona. Incidentally
Scheck was coaxed into taking up a
comfortable insurance.
Was Promised Immunity
Aa soon as Mrs. Scheck confessed
that Stackpolo had shot her husband
after she had let Stackpole into the
house at a late hour of the night. Ktack
polc was arrested and tried in the
lower court and then bound over.
At that time attorneys for thp district
attorney's office promised Mrs. Scheck's
attorneys immunity from punishment
for their client in case she would turn
state's evidence.
Mrs. Scheck went on the witness
stand and told In detail the story of
the murder as she and Stackpole had
planned it. That evidence was also
taken down In transcript and when
Stackpole had been sentenced to life
imprisonment and Mrs. Scheck asked
for her liberty the evidence In the case
was taken before the gram: jury, and
although the charge of murder ugalnt-t
her was dropped a charge of perjury
was filed.
The two statements made under oath
and both so conflicting were used as
Since that time her attorneys have
been fighting the grand jury indict
ment on technicalities and today Judge
Trask will hand down a decision eithi f
giving the woman the coveted freedom
or compelling her to face a charge of
perjury In the superior court.
Mason Munchausen and Grand Ana.
' : niaa Each Produce a Dog to
' - Prove Story ■ ■
. The Munchausen press agent of the
Mason and the Ananias press agent of
the Grand both made good lust night.
Each interrupted the respective per
formances of "Peggy from Paris" and
"Uncle. Josh Perkins" by introducing a
real live collie on the stage In full view
of the audience. '
"We cannot permit anyone to steal
our stories." said the Mason Mr. Mun.
chausen. "We have the onry original,
real, genuine blown-ln-the-bottle collie
dog found In Denver, and we show him
tonight to prove it. He goes on In the
last act."
He did.
•We are not to be slurred by any
faker," said the Grand's Mr. Ananias.
'•We have the. actual, bodily- visit,
-discerned and living and breath
ing collie dog that was found in Port
land, and we will »how him In the first
act to verify our assertions '• '
And be did.
P . B.— The Mason and the Grand are
two block! apart. There In two hours'
time between the first act at the Grand
and the last ■ act at , the Mason. And
there you are. •.-. '■■■■ ■
Dontentco Iliiian, now of 1..09 Angeles,
inn the leading tenor of the Lanibardl
company; on its previous visit, san«
Don Jose in "Carmen" at the Audi
torium last night and redeemed tho
performance, which when sung Monday
whs tho worst that that company had
Kivon here. Husso also received a per
sonal ovation frpm the very large audi
ence, and enough flowers to stock a
florist. In fact, nt one point in the
second act the opera simply stopped
while ushers lugged great hampers of
blossoms to the stage.
Russo'k fine, high, sweet and clear
tenor is too well known to need praise
from anyone in Los Angeles. Last
night to his charms of voice he added
marked nbility as an actor, and his
Joso was far ahead of every other part
in the score save and lone Antol as
Escnmillo. So good was it that he ac
tually inspired Campoflore, who not
only sang- better thnn before, but did
some acting herself that wasn't half
bad. Russo ls better than any tenor
that Lambardi has with him, and the
maestro would show much wisdom If
he engaged the local favorite for the
rest of his season— if he can.
The repetition of "II Trovatore" to
night is looked forward to as a treat, as
Tuesday night witnessed the best rendi
tion that the present company has
given here. "Carmen" will be repeated
tomorrow matinee, and "Faust" Sat
urday night.
Symphony Concert Today
This afternoon at 3:30 at the Mason
opera house the Symphony orchestra
will be heard in the first concert of
this, its tenth season. Will it rain?
It has been ten years of struggle and
determination on the part of Mr. Ham
ilton, the ladles of the directorate and
Mr. Behyraer, its manager, to give to
the public an organization on artistic
lines that would equal the Symphony
orchestra of the cast. The orchestfa
this season numbers sixty-six mem
bers. Harley Hamilton has been its
director for ten years, Arnold Jirauss
is concert master and Ludvig Opid, the
premier 'cellist. Twenty-two members
have been continuously playing to
gether for the ten years. The programs
this year include some of the best
symphonic selections known to the
music world. That for today was
printed by The Herald yesterday.
Band Concert at the Belasco
The Royal Italian band, under the
leadership of Marco Vessella, will give
the first of a series of concerts at the
ISelasr.o theater this afternoon at 3
o'clock. These concerts will include the
best selections in the repertoire of the
band and should afford splendid enter
tainment to that large portion of the
local public- that likes good band music.
There \\ill he Royal Italian band con
certs at the Belasco every Wednesday
and Friday afternoons during the win
ter season. The management has de
cided upon a uniform charge of twenty
five cents to all portions of the theater.
This afternoon's program will in
clude the "William Tell" overture, se
lections from "Tannhauser," "Carmen,"
"Mlgnon" and "I'Pugllacci," and sev
eral new Intermezzos.
Motorman and Conductor Warn Fares
to Keep Their Seats, and No
Injuries Result From
An act of bravery was displayed by
the motorman and conductor of car No.
liiu of the Interurban Sixth street line
yesterday afternoon that prevented the
possible deaths of four passengers and
resulted In slight injury to the carmen.
The motorman lost control of the
car as It coasted down the hill on
Sixth street two blocks east Of Flg
ueroa, and during- the run of two
blocks down grade the car gained a
terrific- momentum.
At Hixth and Figueroa the car
jumped the track, bounding several
liet and striking- the front fender
against the 'street curb. Facing what
might have been instant death, the
motorman courageously remained at
his post and the conductor ■ stood on
the back platform calling to the
frightened passengers fo keep their
seats, as several attempted to jump.
Ah the car struck the curb both the
motorman and conductor were flung to
the pavement, sustaining only Blight
bruises. The fender was torn from
the car but none of the passengers
was hurt.
The Los Angeles chamber of com
merce has received a communication
from the New York board of trade
asking that the local chamber send
delegates to the national convention for
the extension of the commerce of the
United States.
This convention will be held at the
new Wlllard hotel In. Washington,
D. C, January 14, 1907, and will
ih» purpose of urging legis
lation that will operate for the better
inviii of foreign commercial relation*.
•*ion of the consular service will
also bo uakod for and the convention
will urge that this department be
placed under the civil service.
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City Council Puts Kitchen at Detention
Hospital, in' Her Care and the
Board of Health Does
the Rest
No happier woman will be found in
Los Angeles today than Miss Enid
For seven years she has been cook
at the detention hospital.
She was anxious to continue in that
position, but there were so few meals
to cook for patients that the future
looked dubious.
She waited and waited for an out
break of something, but the city was
so decidedly healthy that the poor cook
had to bide her time.
Finally the board of health found a
way out of the dilemma. The .way was
found last night.
The members had persuaded the city
Council recently to paSB an ordinance
providing that the cook should gel
Wages of $50 a month when there are
no patients in that hospital and $3 a
day when there are.
The board last night officially ap
pointed Miss Tapla to the position she
has held ho long and there will be many
a good meal waiting If any luckless
patients should be seized with a con
tagious disease.
Orpheum Artists Will Contribute
Specialties — Annual Book to Be
Qivsn to Every Member of the Au
dience—Good Time Promised
■ Monday afternoon and evening will
bcb be a gala occasion for the Lob Ange
les Press club, for In addition •to i the
annual entertainment to-be given, by
the club at the liiu bank theater.' the
matinee will ; , be . fo)iowod , by "high
links" at, the club home of the news
paper men, 825 West First street, and
open home will be kept all evening-.
The >lub will entertain their enter
tainers ■ there and will welcome .all
their friends. The Press club contem
plates moving Into . new and better
quartets and, while nothing deflnl'-i
has been decided upon, this may be
the last "high Jinks" in the old club
C. W. Baohmun, stage director, and
Frank Staples, assistant stage di
rector of the Press club show, have
completed the program, which contains
a star of the Lambardi opera com
pany and hoadllners of the Orpheum
and other singers, actors and enter
tainers of note. The following num
bers have been added to those already
Buritone solos, by Signor Antola of
tho Lambardi opera company; sketch,
"In a Padded Cell," by Wilson Broth
ers, Dutch comedians; vocal solos, by
Dorothy Graham.
Completion of tho. Press club souve
nir book, to be given to patrons of the
entertainment, also Is announced. Ar
rangement of the book has been In
the hands of J. Sidel Lawrence and
others of tho press club, and it Is a
unique and interesting volume. Con
tributions by the best known writers
of the Los Angeles newspaper world
are Illustrated by the leading cartoon
ists and the contents include humor
ous verse and prose, fiction, reporters'
experiences, local hits and history — in
fact the best efforts of a score of the
"boys" who daily brighten the columns
of the press.
A crowded house probably will greet
the newspaper men at tho Burbank.
Good ticket sales are reported from the
theater, the Bartlelt Music company
and the Dyas-Cllne store, and nearly
all the boxes already have been taken
by society patrons of the play.
Are Accused of Stealing Money and
Clothes from a Valise at a
Lodging House
Morris Stone and Will HainPS,
charged with stealing a suii case and
clothes containing $70 from < '. I'oppin,
a guest of the Tourist lodging house,
on the night of November VI, uim
given a preliminary examination yes
terday In Justice Chambers' court and
held over to the superior court on $1500
lalnes was a bellboy at the hot. I
at which Coppln registered and was
given his baggage to place in the
storage vault. He is accused of hav
ing opened the valise, and, seeing the
money, went to a nearby saloon, where
he told an acquaintance of what he
had seen. This acquaintance waa
Morris Stone, codefendant, and Halnes
Is said to have made Stone the prop
osition that he would divide the money
with him If ho would go to the stor
age vault, claim to be Coppln and se
cure the valise. This Stone is said
to have done and the two engaged a
room In a neighboring rooming house,
where they were found by policemen
with the money and clothes In their
Stone claimed that be had been in
huced to go for the valise through a
deception and said he had no Idea that
he was committing an offense. Hainuu,
however, testified in rebuttal that
Stone wut* thoroughly cognisant of his
action when hi obtained the wills.- ami
had agreed to get It on the provision
that he was to receive half thu loot.
Wollaber Says He Ha& Had the First
Taste of Real Work Since Comincj
to Los Angeles in May — Rain Not
Equal to Last Year
"This is the first day that has
seemed like a regular weather bureau
day since I came here last May," said
Arthur B. Wollaber, the genial weath
er bureau man, yesterday afternoon.'
"The eight years that I was In Port
land, Ore., before. coming here," con
tinued Mr. Wollabor, "I had the river
service to attend to and being near the
track of the storm it required much
work— and such a contrast to the
weather bureau service In this com
paratively dry country! Bu^ today I
have been kept busy, it being the first
rainy day of the season, there having
been only a fow small showers previ
ously. At 5 o'clock this afternoon the
registration was .53 of an Inch, mak
ing .59 for the sea.soii, ;is against over
one and one-half inches at this date
last yenr. The rainfall up to midnight
tonight will probably not come up to
thai ncord. The total rainfall last
year was 15.70 inches.
• "This rain Is due to the rapid move
ment of a 'storm which was apparently
centered, over • Mexico yesterday. This
morning this disturbance was noticed
in well defined form over Arizona, It
caused general rain In Southern Cali
fornia and ' considerable, snow In Ne
vada, Utah and Western Colorado.
"The weather yvlll continue unsettled
anil probably showery tomorrow. The
lain began this morning at 7:30 o'clock
and up to 5 o'clock thlß afternoon the
heaviest rainfall wax between 10:20 and
10:30 o'clock, registering .11 of an
inch. 1
Many were the ■ surprised people,
caught unawares yesterday. Although
lt was generally conceded that the cold
snap ought to be broken by rain, no
one really expected- It, and many a
pretty gown was given a good drench
lng yesterday. The umbrellas tlnit have
been tucked away .were brought out in
large numbers,' forming oval canopies
over the heads .of . pedestrians that
thronged. the streets. <>, y, . .
I The people from the east -smiled at
the drops of rain In comparison to the
huge hailstones and snow Hakes blow
ing In blasts and piling up In drifts
ln their eastern homes they had just
i.i others gave passing thoughts of
the flooded districts* In their former
homes as they jumped the little rivu
lets in crossing the streets. .
.Dealers In rubber overshoes and um
brellas did a rushing business, and
everybody went, around with a broad
smile on his race. Even the newsies
joshed each. other and everybody else
on the "wet" rain. • • :
Building Authorities ilgln in Movement
to Carry on a Campaign of
Special to The Hrrald,
WASHINGTON, Nov. 22.— Organized
effort on a large scale to reduce fire
losses is represented in the Interna
tional Society of Building Commission
ers and Inspectors of this city, which
has just held its third annual elect ion
and issued a report of its progress.
Free advice on the subject of fire pre
vention is offered "to any municipal
ity, association or individual having
their own corporate or his personal in
terest enough at heart to ask for It."
The society is composed of the chief
officers of the building departments of
the large cities. Nearly every Impor
tant city in the country is represented
as well as many cities in Europe, some
of the members being from England,
Austria and Mexico. Its work is di
rected by the chief executive officer,
F. W. Fitzpiitrick, one of the best
known consulting architects and au
thorities on fire prevention in the
United States.
Through the society's efforts many
cities have already been induced to Im
prove their building laws. The society
is also trying to get municipalities to
lower taxation on fireproof buildings,
while nljaotng the maximum assess
ment on flic traps which are a. menace
and the protection of which involves
big expense to every large city.
Speaking or the aims of the. society
and the Deed for such an organization,
Mr. Fltspatrlck says: "Year by year
we burn up actually one-half of as
much as we add. During the last
iinii it some cities have far exceeded
that average- Atlanta erected $239,335
Worth of buildings in September ami
burned up $215,000 in October; Buffalo
built $689,9»0 and burned $313,000. Our
average annual fire loss is now $200,000,
0; this year it will exceed $500,000,000.
The International Society of Building
Commissioners and Inspectors was
formed to carry on a campaign of edu
cation whereby the public will become.
thoroughly familiar with what consti
tutes fireproof construction and thu
mill that exists for It."
Boy Rides Bicycle Recklessly in Street
and Collides with Pedes.
Mr». >. I, Cephard, a well dressed
WO.Dian slopping at the Hotel Ingram,
was thrown to the pavensnt at Third
and Spring streets late yesterday
afternoon by collision With a ini-s
sngsr boy who rode a bicycle around
ihe curve at a high rale oi speed
Mis Qephard sustained no Injuries
further than a slight laceration over
the right ey ■ iind badly Boiled rlothes,
which were mud soaked ami lorn. The
witnesses of the Incident were ludlg
iain at itu messenger boy's reckless
ness and some chased him. hut he suc
ni nutkiiig Ills ssi
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Every stormy day is in-
- dependence day with t£e
man who wears one .of
our Rain : . Coats. Our
" new winter : styles give \ ■
protection without
steaming you. They will
win your esteem. « ;', ;-.
2 000 Rain Coats and
Overcoats "in our stock. ■
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$40. Don't you think
can please you? . .■ ,
Absence of Directors of Development
Society Makes Change in Pro
gram Necessary
Tiie absence of several dlreotooi of
the Development Society or <aiiiui
nla caused that body to postpone the
bainiu. i which was to \»- given at the
Hotel Maryland till next Tuesday. By
thai time it is boped the absent la.in
bers will have returned and an elab
orate program can be arranged.
. The subscription list will be held
open till Saturday a week, owing to the
atis. net' from the city of several prom
inent business men who .v. Identified
with the movement. Up to iliis dnui
I many liberal pledges have b<
.m.i hi, committee is confident
that the $ltto,ooo It is striving tor
! will hi- in Hlght by December 10.
iou or the bi une ago
Quvernor-elect Qlllett was chosen a
member of the advisory commit'
under date of Noverabei
accepts the boner "1 .
Ills kin. l
is verj sure It
uin bring i. Miii g<
F. ■ li. Silver wood of this city un<l
K. 11. l.alu-e . of t "ovlnu t have ' also ac
cepted position* on the advisory board.

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