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More Caah Sent to San Francisco.
Statement That Several Millions
Will Be Needed by the
Northern City
.11 Ml" l> \ *1.l K»
•* Irregular prices ruled at the &
<S> opening of the stock market yes- ■•■
'*> tcrday. I^ater prices advanced <t>\
■*.' generally. <§■■
<;■> - Lackawanna Jumped 2 3-4. Kan- ■•
.$■ sas and Texas preferred 2% the ••■
>«> common, Northern Pacific, union •
'•;■ Pacific, corn products, American •
. ii.. Securities and Hocking Coal, <$•
#> 1«4 to 1 3-4 and St Paul. Keadlu. •■•■
•i- Missouri Pacific and Kansas City <£
•$> Southern stocks, Smelting and <•
« Sloss Sheffield Steel 1. •?>
<4> Corn products preferred and \»
<# Great Northern preferred lost 1 '*
•£> Mid 2 respectively, but recovered, •
-i> American Telephone and Tele- <?■
<i> graph tell 2%, U. S. Realty 1*» ss
<j> and \ilis Chalmers preferred 1. <{•
« £ Northern Pacific rose 2 3-4 over •;■
<♦> Saturday, Union Pacific and Great <<
• Northern 1%, St, Paul 1%, Atch- 4
<j> Ison I ',. Southern Pacific, the •■
• ■ ROCk Island StOCkS, Colorado Fuel <•>
• and Sugar 1. Pacific Coast ad- <|>
<^> vane. '.l 5. ■•
<^> The loss In St. Paul reached -^
■«■ 1 3-4 and In Union Pacific a point. ■•
• ■ Anaconda fell 2%. Brooklyn Qas «
<^ broke 14%. <$>
By Associated Press.
NBW YORK, Nov. 26,-Confusion of
speculative sentiment was discernible in
the movement of prices of stocks today,
and the activity of the trading was con
tracted largely. Operations were I. 1 1
largely In the. hands of professional
traders. Their confusion was due to the
(Allure to llnd any effective leadership by
important transactions or any appreciable
The show of strength after the mixed
tone at the opening nad an encouraging
effect. The way In which Great Northern
preferred was sustained after a further
decline was especially effective in mis-
Miring sentiment.
The buying which followed came from
professional traders who thought they
read an intention on the part of powerful
Operators to renew the advance in prices.
When they became distrustful of this in
tention stocks were resold and the course
ol prices was retraced on the late de
cline. The further drop in prices oof
Great Northern ore rights "when issued.
OS they are quoted on the curb, had a
large Influence in turning the market
downward again. The decline in these
rights serves to discredit the extensive
rise which occurred In the price of Crieat
Northern preferred on the speculative
buying in anticipation of the distribu
tion. The weakness of the new rights
on the curb would add to their unattrac
liveness tor inclusion In the collateral for
such loans.
The call money market relaxed today
and no immedite pressure was enforced
on the stuck market on that account.
The movement of currency to San
Francisco continued. (600,000 being trans
ferred in that point through the sub
treasury today and precedents indicate
thai this movement may reach several
million dollars.
Tin- position of the Hank of England
continues to grow stronger. The tone of
London financial comment shows, how
ever, that a possible renewal of .1 demand
for gold from New fork Is dreaded as
a complicating factor in that market. A
rise in the Bank of England's rate to 7
per cent before the end of the year would
have so damaging an effect on English
trade and on foreign markets generally
thai it would counterbalance an advan
tage to New York Irum securing niore
fjold from that market.
The conservation of the surplus re
serves of t..e United States treasury that
may be employed tor relief of the local
market up to this time keeps up con
fidence by their availability on any vio
li nt suggestion of money stringency.
St. Paul and Union Pacific .suffered es
pecially In company with Great North
ern preferred and the price during the
afternoon generally set below Saturdays
Bonds were heavy, Total sales, par
value. *1,368,600.
United states twos registered declined
'.t. t per cent on call.
New York Stocks
By Associated Press.
NEW YORK. Nov. 26.— The following
were the official Quotations on the
stock exchange today:
• .' High. Low. Close.
Adams Express 275
.-■OUIH> Amain Copper 113 111% 111%
1 000 Am. Car & F.ly Co.. 44V. 43 3 i 43-><
8 000 do pfd 33 " 32' 32%
2 00 Am Hide & L pfr... 27 27 2tf* 4
3 00 Am Jce 89 8814 88U
Am Linseed Oil UiC
do Pfd 38%
3 00 Am Locomotive .... 74»i 74%
do pfd ' 11l
2 5100 Am Smelt & Rfg....155% 153% 154«
liiK) do pfd 11« lit; lit!
2 00 Am Sugar Itfg 135?; 184H 184$
Am Tobacco .. '.is
1 8600 Anaconda Mining ..J7s>.. L'7i; 1",7..
1 3600 Atchison im!', 101 ioiq»
do pfd 101». 4
2 00 Atlantic Coast Line. 137 13UV'
3 100 Baltimore & 0hi0.... 119% 118% 111) "
do pfd !i|i.,
1100 Brooklyn Rapid Tr. 79% 78% 78%
(JOOO Canadian Pacific 181% 180% 181 y»
Cent of New Jersey .. .. 225 "
8 00 Ches & Ohio '. UU :.v, »•>
1 700 Chicago 'it Western. 18% 18V4 i-,
Chicago & N W " 202
03K0O Chicago, M. & Si P. 183% ISO 180%
2 00 Chicago Terminal.... VI 12 9
do pfd .. "•»
(iOOC C C & St I, 92 93 ii •
1900 Colo Fuel & 1r0n... ■■:■'■■ 54 .",-!•;.
1 00 Colo Southern 38H 38 38
5 00 do Ist pfd «Ha fflVi fiX%
1 00 do iid pfd :.7 3 « 57 57
1 00 Con Gas 137' i 137' i 187
1500 Corn Product!) 23V. 22' i '•'■"•«
7 00 do pfd 82U 8m 814
1 500 Dela & Hudson ....:' 22fi» 4 •'■'<"'.
Del Lack & West . 545
2 00 »env A Rio Grande. 41% ii 40U,
1 00 do pfd R3< 4 (Si! Bf>
2 00 Dint Sects 70« 70% 7014
4 100 Erie 41% 44 44 "
3 00 do Ist pfd 76V4 76<i 7.;
do '-''I pfd ..' * 67*4
1 800 I len Electric 177 175 175
i locking Valley .. r >;
1 000 Illinois Central 17.v; 178 1741,3
7 00 Inter Paper iv, 18% isvi
..... do pfd ml,
Inter Pump .. 42
..... do pfd 80
1 300 lowa Central 30 /» 30% "''•
. do pfd 51%
UNI Knnsas City So :•<■ 30 :!l : ,
TIM do nfci lit% f,l e,2il,
1 900 Louisville & V.i.-h..ur, |r 1443;
1 00 Mexlcpn Central ... 21 23% :'!!%
Minn a- St. Lo.ils i.l '
Mmi Ft. P v Sto m . . in;
..... do pfd 113
■ 18ml MIHMOUIi Pacific X MV, Ml .
l ISVOO M X «■ T I' , ll'., l-i..
1 01«) do l)f(l 7li 74% 7R<t
1 500 Vatlniml i..-.id 77 76 75%
..... Nat Bwv Mcx i.i r.ii
. 4IKKI New Y'irl< (Vntral.. : ' !•>)<% !;>;%
„ 'fOOK vo-t * West.... 47 41)14 4f,u
. ; 1400 Norfolk & Western. 94Vi 944 94
do Pfd W4
.'..... .'.... Worth American pstl
. :.... PaclHc Mnil .. M
45000 PeniiHylvHnia IM-H \W% 13Mi
800 PeonlHg Qn» 9U »■>.'/, w\L
•xwi pocj hi r, BS4 Ml 4 m
. MM I'" ssi Steel Car.. 54% 5(i4 KW4
! do ! '.I «'V4
1«0 Pullman Car ?57 ?r.7 ?rs
IMOO R^adliK 147 V& 145% U'fl<
.'■■ i-i pf'i noii
"0 <lo !»<• pfil 0 s !W f>(!
V"i»i nfiiuMl- Steel S 7 *! 17 S.7W
7 l<l -In |iM 101U, ]«1 101
l i>n« Hoik I»laud / S'\ « 30%
, TIKI ilii-ffd ft 1 * H 7 07
100 Pit, I. * Sim Fran.... « <» '-.: «M,
iroost l ft s w 21;% to »»;
2 00 do 1 i.i [h «h m
.won Southern Pacific fl» 9VM 94
3 00 do pfil HSU 119 lit
KKiO Southrrn Railway .. 31>4 33% W*
do pfd .. !>4K
7 00 Term Coal * 1 PiH. ISO 159
S IOO Texas & Pac 3S««, ; ■'■'. .17%
2 00 Tol St 1, A West.... 84V4 Bt'i 34
do pfd R3H
1 37200 Union Pacific ISS-% ISS-V 4 ],w^
101)1 01) do pfd Mfc 92% 92
tl a Kxpress IIS
2 00 IT 8 Realty S9 BH' 8S
« oo V S Rubber R2 f>2 BIS
1 00 do pfd 108 ion . 107U
4100 I' fl Steel 17% (7 r,'»
3 700 do pfd 104% 10m lO4H
2 00 Va Carl Chem no :i7'/4 Si ri
do pfd „ " 1071,
4 00 do pfd . 4.1 42«4 42(*
Wells Fargo Kxp .... 290
1 1 stitißhoimo BJlec . . 152
2 00 Western fnlon .... v. 1 . M K\i
R OO Wheeling *■ I. X.... 17<J 17' il7
UK) Wls Central 25,4 :S', ■.'.■>',
2 00 do pfd B2 tn% Bl
1 500 Northern Pacific 221 . 218H 21»W
1 (10 Cent T,rather... 37% 31% .17.
5 00 1.. pfd 103H 102 101),
sooaioss Sheffield 7R' 2 7:> 75
! V.flo Great Northern pfd. 3lß 314 315
2 700 Inter Mcl 3fi% -'■> '■'■<■,
mo do pfd TMi 7fl',<, 78
Total sales for the day 801,400 shores.
New York Bonds
f ey Associated Press.
NKW YORK, Nov. 2(i.-The following
Vlt-le <'l»«lllti IJIICB* l«J« UvllllA .JUuy.
U S rfd 2 ':'><■■■', 'do iWs ctfs 92U
do coup i"i do ' ■•• 'is 2d -1 ;i|i ; .
do la rag 101 1. .v ft unin 1a. .101%
dii la coup. ...103 Manhnt gold 4s. Mote
do old la reglOl Me* Cent i 5.... 83^
do is coiip....lOP/ii do Ist Inc 2i)i»
do new la regl3OV4 M&St L is... 18%
do is C0UP....130VS M X .v T Is., :""■.
Am Tob 6.... i«% do 2ds *>H
do us 109* Nat Rwj M.*.. Hi
Atch gen -is... N v Cent S&s.. 03
do adj 4s .... 92<i N .1 Cent 3«....iaV4
Atl Cat 1. is... \<:\ Nor Pao la ....103'i,
Bait & O 45. .1011/4 do 8s .... 76Ji
do 34S 94 Norf & West Is. DBft
it It T cv 4a.. 93% 11 S 1. is '."'.
Cent of Oa 55.. 11 l Perm 3Hs WJ4
do Ist Inc... V.i Read gen 1a.... '.':>' •
do 3d 1nc.... 74 Iron Mtn us . 113 Vi
do 3d inc.... 78 St L& S r 45.. tS%
Ches & O 4H5..1(1.v4 St 1. A H W Is., »tb
Chi & A 3^8.. 77% S A L Is 82',
C n & Q 45. .100 South Pae i 5.... »i%
CRIP 45...' 77*4 do Ist is ctf.. 93%
CCC & StL 15.103H Si. Rwy Ba 116
Col Ind 5 sill 7.".i.. Tex A Pac l-t5..11M L .
Colo .Hid 15... 81% T St L A W Is.. SO
Colo So 4s .... 91% 1 ill. .11 Pac 45.... 1n.",'*
Cuba Us 103 XI S Steel 2d »s. 9S'»
D & H (i is.. 88% WHbash Ists ....113
Dlst Sects 55... 87 do deb r. . ... Ffl
Erie pr lien 45. 100 West Md 4s MM
do gen 4s 90*4 W & 1. E 15.... S7
Hoc Val 4V45..10G% Wls Cent Is MM
Jap Bs 97% Jap ts ctfs S3V4
Jap f.s Id 8T5.... 97U
Boston Stocks and Bonds
By Associated Tress.
BOSTON, Nov. 26.— The following were
the official closing quotations today [or
Mnr-lis and bonds:
Atch adj 45.... 92 Atlantic 14
do 4s 100« Bingham 32
M cx Cent 45.. 81% Calm & Hec 860
Atchison 101 H Centennial 36
do pfd I'H'i Copper Range... 83
Boat & A1b.... 24 Daly West 20
Host & Me.. ..163 Franklin 22 ',
Boston 1. 150 Qranby 13
F ltchbin-g pfd.lS.'i Isle Royale 23%
M cx Cent 23% Mass Mining 7';
NYN Y Nil & H. 101 Michigan 17*4
Here Mar .... 53 Mohawk 72
Union Pac 188 Mont C & C HH.,
Am Ar Ch pfd 91% Old Horn 66
Am Pneu Tube 13 Osceola 133
Am Sugar 132% Parrot 2'i'i
do pfd 130 Qulncy 103%
Am Tel & Te1 .186 Shannon IS
Am Woolen 34?4 Tamarack 100
do pfd 102U Trinity HVt
Dom I & 5... 22% 'nlted Copper... 7.>1 4
Edison El 111.. 228 V S Mining .... 62
Mass Elect.... 19 V S Oil 90
do pfd on Utah 63
Mass Gas 68 Victoria ......... RU
United Fruit... Wlnona los;
United S Mch.7o% Wolverine 560
do pfd 29 North Butte ....111
[j S Steel 47 Coalition Rfi%
do pfil 104% Nevada 19
Adventure 4 Cal & Ariz 1(1%
Allouez 'T.3.i Tpcumf=eh 17v;
Amalgamated 11% Greene Cons ....2fin
I " "
The Metal Market
3y Associated Press.
NBW YORK. Nov. 20.— There was an
advance 1 of 2s M In the London tin mar
ket with spot closing at £l!i7 il's 6d and
futures al £198 2s Bd. Locally the mar
ket was quiet jtvith spot quoted at S4B.OO<S
('upper was lower In London with spot
quoted at 'JIHI 7s iid and futures at ElO2
7h lid. Locally the market waa firm,
however, and the prices averaged a little
higher, with lake held at .<L'L'.". r .i/i;: 1 .7: i:
cli ctrolytic at $x.mr»;Si: . astin.r at $21.75
Lead whs uiifhange.-l at ;.",.7.".'ki;.(hi in tin
local market and at £13 5s iid in London.
Spelter was unchanged at I:2s in Lon
don and at $6.40C«U.43 locally.
Iron was firm.
San Francisco Mining Stocks
By Associated Pr< ss
SAX FRANCISCO. Nov. 26.— The offi
ficlal closing quotatlona for mining stocks
today were as follows:
Alpha Con In Julia ];;
Andes 25 Justice (.
Belcher ;I3 Keniuck Con Ui
Best .t 8e1ch... .108 Mexican 116
Bullion 26 Occidental Con. Vti
c,,i, ii,, nia U6 Ophir ;/.
Challenge Con .. ..;i Overman i;
Chollar 19 Savage ;::;,
Confidence 100 Scorpion
Con Cal & Va..;:io Sag Belcher 11
(.'on Imperial.... i Sliver Hill US
Crown Point — 28 L'nion Con 'C
Exchequer -"i- Utah Con n
Could Currie. 34 Yellow Jacket . 11
Hale & N0r. ...113
Financial Record
By Associated Press.
NKW YORK. Nov. 86.— Money on call
firm at [email protected] per cent; ruling rate, :< : u per
cent; closing >>i'l i per cent; offered at
I per cent. Time loans, firm; si::ty days.
7.. per cent; ninety layi :■/:., per cent;
six months, 6 i er cent.
Prime mercantile paper, [email protected] per cent;
sterling exchange steady with actual
business In bankers' bills at
I 8678 for demand ami at si
sixty day bills.
Poßted rates tt BIM and $4:86*4. Com
mercial bills $4. 80 W. Bar silver, 70. Mexi
can dollars, 54, Government bonds easy;
railroad bonds heavy,
Dividends Declared
By Associated Preaa
BOSTON, Nov. -'■■ Thi directors of tr,
Cupper Range Consolidated have declared
a uuarterly dividend of lV»<per cent, and
',; per cent • xua. Three months ago i', 2
pi r cent was d. dared.
nkw viiuk, Nov. 2«.— The Federal
Mining and Smelting compans today de
clared a regular quarterly dividend of
in ita preferred stock, and
the regularly quarterly dividend of Ui
p< i ii-ut on lie common stock, and ait
extra dividend of :: ; _ per cent un the com
mon Stock. This is an increase In the
d of i per cent over itn
extra dividend for the previous quarter.
Treasury Statement
By Associated Pre'aa
\va.siiini;ti>.., Nov. 26.— The state
ment of the treasury today la;
Available cash balance, $299,921, 059; gold
coin and bullion, $115,514,714; gold ccrtlll
. airs, »49,395, 4 W.
Sugar and Coffee
By ARfioclated Press.
nkw viikk, Nov. m.- Sugar, raw,
quiet; fair refining, 3 6-l«c; centrifugal Ml
.1, o l-ttii-; re
crushed, tsTSO; I" .
J4.SW; granulated, M.&O.
< - .>tT«-.-. steady: No. I Rio, I t-Mc. CoSea
futun ■ ■ . .ii .i net decline of
liatsH, ii.ili.il
Ing l)i
Sept Ji;.i;ik,i
Cotton and Wool
By Associated Press.
NKW YORK, Nov. Hi Cotton firturea
opened llriu at a decline of 3 points to .i
net advance of 9 ilnts and cloned very
nit :ni> at an advance of 14 polntß 011 Nu
m-hilm-im-hilm-i- and of about 17'i<2n points on the
geiittiul list.
ST. his Nov. 2«.-Wool, »teady; ter
ritory and western 111. Him, OOgloi llnu
nudliim. 18&21 c; r i ii. ll«U7o
Butter and Eggs Are Firm, with an
Upward Tendency — Dressed Tur.
keys Jobbing at 28c a Pound
In the Market
Prediction* were freely made on the
local produce exchange Monday morn
lngllng that potato*! will go to $2 per
1 00 pounds within a short time — no
definite time. lust an assertion to In
dicate what is Already known that Boon
potatoes of the fancy quality will be
scHrc»>, mil will go higher, There wore
no snips of spuds on 'change, but po
tato Interests wore well represented.
Ten sacks of sweets were aold at
I 10,
i.. I'l.'us wero marked up ?-"ii $•"> a
i»i\-: new crop of oranges al $3.50 a
box; Bnrtletl p pound; watei
white hnney , ' ■ SI Be n pound: northern
i.sii cheese, I7r; storage 18c; choice
liell. 11, in apples SI n box; Missouri
Jonnthana 13.50 a box.
Bui i er and i iteady, wit l>
an advancing tendency especially for
butter. Carload lota of eastern butter
are being nold in the local market at
_".' . pound.
tomatoes nre more plentiful than
ever and celery Is In great supply, tin
stuck being of superior quality,
White KTHpes are becoming scarce
again, owing to the ruins that prevent
gathering and shipment of the crop.
All kinds of fish were plentiful yes
terday, small fish and yellowtail mak
ing up the bulk of the receipts.
Scores of boxes of dressed turkeys
arrived. Turkeys were jobbing nt 28c,
while the retailers were selling at sue.
Produce Receipts
EggS, cases I !'fi
Butter, pounds 22,6fifi
Cheese pounds none
Potatoes sacks 1,847
Onions, sacks 610
Beans, sacks none
Sweet potatoes, sacks none
Produce Prices
The following are the jobbing prlcaa
in the local market:
EGGS— Fresh California ranch, 38c;
northern, 36c; eastern fresh, 35c; stor
age, selected, 28c.
BUTTER— local cieamery, 70c;
Valley creamery, G7V£4C"Oc; coast cream
try, ffi2'/44fS5c; choice, u7'/^C6Oc; cooking,
2c; La France. 70c.
HONEY— Water white. 60-lb, cana,
T£<ft)Bc\ light amber. [email protected]; Honcy
eomli. water white, l-n,. frame. 16c;
white. 160>16c; lißht amber, i:itillc:
beeswax, -'7e.
CHEESE — Northern. 17c; storage 16c;
Anchor, large, 17c; Young America, ISc;
Hand tOe; eastern, singles, 16%@17e;
twins. 16(fi.-16%c: Cheddars, [email protected];
hong-horns. [email protected]%c; Daisy, 17(&
1 7 %c; Swiss, imported, 28® 29c; Swiss,
domestic, 20c; Umburger, 18c.
C Hl.L.l—E vaporateu. 2w, sun dried, 20c;
ground, V-\io; Mexicans, black. 18c; green,
POTATOES (per 100 Insj-Burbank, lo
cal, new. [email protected]: Salinas. ' Sl.flOt&i'.OO;
Highland Burbanks, $1.75; Oregons,
$1.65; sweet potatoes, $1.75Cy.2.00; Wat- 1
sonvillea, $1.85 @ 1.90.
BEANS (all per 100 lbs.)-Plnk No 1.
[email protected]; No. 2, $1.90; Lima, No. 1. $n.00;
Lady Washington, No. 1, [email protected]; small
white, $3.6o(ii;t.7ri; blackeye, $4. 2504.50; Gar
vauzas. $4.20Q1.50; German lentils, $9.00
ONIONS (per 100 lbs.)— Yellow Dan
vers, northern. 11.26; garlic, 6c; Aus
tralian browna, $1.26® $1.50.
M'l'l.KS — Bellefleura, $1.2",; choice,
$1.00: Missouri Jonathans, $2.50; Colo
rado Jonathans, $2.26®2.85.
CRANBERKIEB— tU a barrel.
POULTRY— Jobbers sell dressed poultry
to the trade as follows (per pound):
Hens, 20c; young roosters, 19c; fryers,
ile; old roosters. 13c: broilers. 22c; tur
keys, To'iMliiu; old, -4c; geeie, 15c; ducks,
For stocks In prood condition dealers
pay !lve weight as follows: Hens, He:
young roosters 14c; fryera. 15e; broil
ers, jl'c; old roosters, So; turkeys, local,
17c; old toms, :7c; young turns, 19c; hen
turkeys. 17c; geese, 'Jc: ducks, lie; squabs,
* BAKERS FLOUR— Made of eastern
hard wheat— Her bb).. $5.25; blended
wheat, u.w, eastern rye. $5.25.
CEREAb GOODS— Wholesale prices ar9
as ullows:
1 0-lb. 25-lb. 50-lb.
AI flour, per 100 »2.70
Banquet flour, per 100.... 2.60
Pastry flour, per 100 2.50
Graham :lour 2.40 2.85 2.30
Corn meal. W & W 2.15 2.10 2.05
Wh«'e wher.t 2.50 2.45 2.40
Rye 2.75 2.70 2.35
Cracked wheat 3.40 8.35 3.30
Farina 3.40 3.35 3.30
GRAIN AND FEED (per 100 lbs.)-
Wheat, $1.60; - heat (JOO-ib. sack), $1.05;
corn, $1.35; cracked corn, $1.40; feed meal,
5 1.4 5; Iran, heavy, $1.30: rolled barley, |
$1.25; oil cake meal, $2.25; cotton seed
mi.! 1. 5J..T.; cocoanut cake, $1.05; shorts,
pouij . ' '.45; wr.lte oats, $1.90; red oats,
$1.50; eastern Kaffir corn, $1.35.
H AY-(All per ton):
Choice wheat and hay..? 19.00 to $20.00 ton
No. l wheat or wheat
and oat '7.00 to 18.00 ton
No. 2 wheat or wheat
and oat 13.00 to IC.OO ton
Choice tame oat 15.00 to 17.00 ton
Oilier tame oat 9.00 to 14.00 ton
Wild oat 9.00 to 13.00 ton
Stock hay t; 00 to 9.00 ton
Alfalfa 8.00 to 12.00 bale
Straw 5j to .7.", ton
l -i'.UITS AND BEKKi iid— Bananas.
, y-i'.-e, strawberries, 21 c.
I CITRUS FRUITS— Lemons. fancy,
1 S3.fioliJli.Uo.
I NUTS ANt I>KlKl> FRUITS (all per
I Almonds. IX L., 19020 c; Ne Plus Ultra,
17 c; peanuts, California fancy, tic;
eaF'ern, fan, ;.-. tic; walnuts, California
bleached, No. i. [email protected]; pecans. Jum
bo. J4ci extra large, 1414 c; Brazils. 14c;
filberts, 14c; Mexican pine nuts, 20c;
evaporated apples, per lb.. [email protected];
apricots, l".'._iu;<: nectarines lie;
peaches. 12V4c; pears. 13c; plums, lie.
ralalus, 7<u 7 '■• >.-; seedless mii.scats 7c;
looki lufiscats, 7(i|'7%c.
1 DATES— Persian oaten GVJQOWc; Fardj.
s c.
ViSQUTABLEB String beans. B©6c;
wax Lei;ns. _<i'.\-, beets, 60c sacK; fancy
celery, SOgflHie doz.; evaporated chilis, 20
la-", lb.; garlic, 7c lb.; lettuce, $1.00 crate;
pea.-, r.'ic lb. ; spinach, 15c doz.; turnips,
COc sack; cabbage, 51.251g1.50 sack; local
tomatoes. 20&20 c box; cucumbers, 25c box;
green corn. $1 25 sack.
Retail Prices
following prlCUfe tor leaning artlcleE o;
consumption prevail at 1110 i.us An»jel«<i
Butter, 2-lb. roll, fancy . gnu
Butter, 2V^-lb. roll, Poppy '..... '.'.'.'.i^
unu cooking 55^.
Etiliu. fresh ranch, pur dozen 450
fuialota. laucy. lUU lbs Jj.uo
Butter, Eggs and Cheese
di i. H. ,i pi
SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. Mi Kan. ■>•
creamery butter. .p; a ids, 23c; fancy
dairy. 28c. • Eastern cheese, 17c; Young
America 15c: western, 15c. Ranch eggs!
5e; store. 32V4i&aOc; eustein, 2U®26c.
CHICAGO, Nov. 26.— 0n the produce ex
change today the better market wan
steady; creameries, 2K ( /28' / 4e; dalriei, 19«
2 5c. Kg(?s, steady at mark, cages in
cluded, j.MJi.i ; firsts, 27c; prim tlms.
3Uc. Cheese, steady. 13',4<iil4c.
NEW YORK. Nov. 26.— Butter was firm
today at 80c a pound; output tor the
week 'iii 000 pounds. ; t , . >
Pacific Coast Trade
liy AsMociutfii I'rai
BAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 2ti.-I'lnk
beuiiH, fl.My2.-M; lima, n to<i t .-■ small
while. $- > .!H»i3.uO; large white, f'.lhiiHo-
Oregon burbank potatoes, *1.25(&l.6O; Sa
luiiiH mi-bunks. |1.4Ui»i1.«); river reds, $1 hi
1 .15; Merced uweets, »I.6u«<l.t>o; funcy on
l'.iim.I I'.iim. 75c; comnion, We; greou peaa, 3?ise;
Hiring li.-illi.. -.'"';•; egg plant. 75c'.!*!.. I .':
given |M-|l|ilTK, CiIKI|ILV; lilllliltUfS, :,ll»| •„•„.;
gutilc, 'iiCW; ciu-iiiiilm'l'.s, $1.25.
Klour— Family extra*. 54.C5ft5.10; bakers
extras, fi.SO^.tiO; Oregon «a 4 Washing
ton, JH.iof 1.25; shipping Wheat, $1.2301.30;
milling, $1.35«f1.40; ford barley. Sl.oiiMl.l2Vi;
brewing. tl.«7V4<»l.liH; chevalier, $1,104*
1.30; rod oat«, |1.25O1.«l; white, 11.45W1.1W;
middlings, $25.00©29.00; ml.ted food. $23.Wf>
2 1.00; rolled barley, $1.76; rolled oats, $7.00
«i? 8.00: whent hay, $17.00<<J20.00; wheat and
ont, 11.1 0n®18.00; wild oat, $9.00(fM:i.OO; tame
oat, $15.0O#17.0O; alfalfa, $8.00-512.00; straw
Receipts— Klour, 11.904; wheat, SOW); bar
ley, 71*; oats, BOO; beans, 7203; corn, 12;
potatoes, 4895: onions, SI": bran, 1300; mid
dlings, 760; hay, 837; straw, 5; wine 30,
! LOS am!ki,ks, Nov. 2«.— Bunk clear
ln** today were $2,120,512.23 nir>ilm-i $1,524,
81.188 81.18 for the correspondingly lost year,
mi Increase of $595,661.06. Following Is a
comparative statement:
1 906 1905 1904
Nov. 28.... 52,120,512.23 $1,624,861.18 11,604.164.79
lirrtelal vales 3000 Associated (111 at .■:!•■;
. 1000 onnda Land Co. at 21c; 10 Home Tel.
pfd, at $09; 1000 Rico Ranch Oil Co. 'at
Bank Stocks
Hid. AsX'd.
1 American Nt nal Hani- . . Ilß< - IN
' Hrondway Bank & Trust Co..lßfi 100
■ Hank of Sou. Cal 110
Hank of Los Angeles 122
California Savings Bank lao
Central 240 •■•
1 Citizens National -Ml
1 Commercial Savings 13: 176
Dollar laving* Hank 14' i
i Farmer* A Merchants Nat1...37i 100
1 Federal Hank i- 16
i Hist National Stamped 120 428
Oerman American "-:.'' 1 "
Home Bay. Hank of L, A 131
U A Trust Co 12»
■ Manhattan Savings Bank 125
Merchants National 445
Merchants Trust Co '.»■'
606 0 per cent paid up.
Nat Hank of California
National Hank of Com 131 '' ... "
Security Savings Hunk ■•>"
Stale Bank & Trust C 0...... WP>i 95
Southern Trust Co " i;o
U . S. National Bank 153
Associated Oil sou
Cal. Pacific Ry us 101
Corona Power and Water C 0... 90 94
Cucamongu. Water Co 100
Edison Klectrlc Ist ref 1014
Edison Klec Co. old 155ue.. ..103
| Home Telephone Ist pfd SO'i
L,. A. Pac. Con. Mfg lu9'
,L., L. A. Traction Co 109
Li. A. Electric 95
1.1 1. A. Railway Co 117 '.'.'.
Mission Trans &R Co trM '.'.'.
MI.M Ml. Lowe Railway Co $5 93
l'aclllc.I I'aclllc. Jilglit & Power C 0... 98 99
Pacific Electric Ry Co 110
Pasadena 11 T A T Co st;
Pomona Con. Water Co
Riverside II T A T Co '.'. 'so
Santa Monica 11 T & T Co.. .. so
San Diego W T & T Co So
Santa Barbara Elec Ry %
Seaside Water Co .
Tern. seal Water Co .. '" 93 '93
United Klec. G. iP. C lg.^ ...
L 0 i-rras Distance sg
Union Transportation Co. .. 97
Vlsalia Water Co M
Whittier ;.,.;; 75 • ;>,*
Oil Stocks
. , BM. Askfd.
Amalgamated Oil ... .. ' 100 '
Associated Oil 53' '531/
Central I]l3 a 4 _»
Columbia .' .'. .),-,
Continental ' jjj '•)()
Fullerton Con ' SR
Fullerton Oil BE !s2
Globe 'iivi,, 12
Home Whittier 90 140
Mexican Petroleum l.OOtt i'(w,
Ollnda Oil & Land Co .."i. 21% 22-
Pirn Oil & Land Co 10
Reed Crirde \- v. '30
Rice Ranch OH * |':;,,
union 204.00 206.50
Jn on Provident « 200.00 205.00
United Petroleum 383 in
Western Union 290.00 33o!oo
Miscellaneous Stocks
Cal Portland Cem C 0...... -.:.* 63 00
Cal Hospital „ 90.00 .. -,
Edison Electric com 61.
Emergency Hospital 10.00
Home Telephone pfd 69.00 59.50
Home Telephone com 23.00
Los Angeles Brewing Co 130 00
L A Jockey Club 80.00 145.00;
Pac Mutual Life Ins Co
Pasadena 11. T. & T. C 0.... 36.00
Santa Monica H T & T...'. 13.00 19 00
San Diego H T & T 3550
Sun Drug Co 00 1.00
Seaside Water Co 140 00
Title G & Trust Co 175.00
Title Ins & Trust pfd 141.00
Title Ins & Trust c0m.... 141. 00
I ! 8 L D T Co pfd 46.12
Union Trust & Title Co 62.00
Whittier H T.& T Co
Official sales— soo Johnnie at iOc; 1000 at
19 (B. 30); 400 C Cal. Hills M. Co. at 6%@
tf,ic; 200fi Nevada Searchlight at 80 (B. 30V;
2000 Clark Cupper at 7:!e; 1000 at 7"> (B 30);
1000 at Sic (B. 80).
Greenwater District.
Bid. Asked.
Eutte .<.■ Green water i.'i
Clark Cup. Co 7:;^ .75
Furnace Creek Cop. Co 3.C> 4.00
I Furnace Creek Kx. Cop. Co .7n 80
Furnace Valley Cop. C 0.... 1.26
Greenwater Cal 4s
Kompland Copper Co 60
Cal. Hills M. in ni;i., jVi-'-i
(Tonopah District.)
Belmont 6.50 7.00
(Johnnie ulstrict. Nye county )
Johnnie Con, Q. M. Co I7i. s 19
(Searchlleht district."
Cyrus Noble ]0 ••'0
Eldorado Can. M. & M. ru. ,08% lI4W.
New Bra ' 1121,4 .0-1"
Nevada SearchliKht 071/., os>,i
Quartette u.r.n" 20.00
Searchlight M, al- M. Co 1.111
SearchliKht Parallel 01% qOL
Searchlight West m. c, og n
i lieeia Con Mines Co 4 ;o
Chicago Live Stock
By Associated Press.
CHICAGO, Nov, M.-Cattle-Reoelptji
S?,000; murket lOffilUc lower, Beeves, M.OO
®f.40; aowa and heifers, |l.(10®B.28; stock
nrs and feeders, ti.Bi®J.6O; westerns, 13.9 C
■/i ' ii; iiilm. J,".25'-7.im».
Hogs Receipts 32, ; . market BOlOr
lower; mixed mid butchers, 18.804tU.20;
i,. Mid h.'avy. ?i;,i,.",'(/i;.l'ii; rciiiKh heavy |."i Mi
'./.i.'.i:.; liv.hl. J.-|>.V.iii.i:.; i.ll;s. JS.iiVfi:,.!!!);
bulk of Bales, K.96GiU6.
Sheep Receipts 30.000; steady; sheep,
:i.7.v.,;,. in; lambs, |4.70©7.(10.
Product of Independent Producers I
Acquired by the Associated
Oil Company
By ASSOQl»ted Press.
BAKKRSFIELD, Nov. 26—Aa v result
vi the new contract made Friday nishi
mill the v oclated <hi company for the
product "i the independent producers in
tin Kern river nil fields, work has been
ni iiiis nil distiii-i with renewed
Man) companies which have, been dor
imiiii tor months because of the Impossi
bility to .xist at the prevailing pit. •.■...
have resumed operations, giving employ'
in. mi In many nun and ini'ivatsintc the
output from the fleldSi
The Hrst payment '»i tin- i,(kh),i«h> har
i.is in storage which was sold ,v a
cents win be made December 10, when
»hhp.ih«i will he placed .H the disposition
of the Independent! U inj cotnpantua
Ignlfled their Intention to
dividends upon payment uf this sum. The
second payment of {liki.ihhi will lie m.ul. m
April, which will be the occasion for the
declaration of a second dividend
Cereals of the World
By Associated I'llSS.
LIVERPOOL, Nov. .Sli.— Wheat, Dec. (is
3*4i1;3 3*4 il; -Miii-ch. 6h s',k«l; May. gs s>i(i.
SAN I-'HANCIBCO. Nov. £«.— Wheat >■
quiet; -1 '.•<•. 11.244fc; May, $1.81 bid; i-uah.
?l.:\«.? l.: \«. Hiirlf.v, quiet; Dec. ■ $1.10; Way.
$1.15: rash. $1.12Vi. Com, quiet; lurue
•„ ii..v. $1.;i.v«1.W.
NKW YORK. Nov. 28.— Whent, suut,
firm; option* > ilosi ii Ullfliuilgaii -Mny.
S4»>; Dec. W u v.
Moderate Selling of Wheat by Long*
for December Delivery — Pro.
visions Firm
By Associated Press.
CHICAGO, Nov. 2«.-The wheat market
tvns PBsy during the first hour on moder
ate filing; by longs of December delivery.
Toward the noon hour the market be
came firm and the strong tone was well
maintained during the remainder of the
day. The change In sentiment Waa
canned by the fart that »he exports of
wheat and flour for th« day from Amen
ran ports amounted to 1,010.000 bushels.
The lon was firm. December opened
unchanged to V*(V' lower, at 72% to
. ■'! . ''.■ a.li an. .-.I to 73V4e and cloopd 'Mi
M « up at ;::',' May sold between 78*0
nnd 78%«78e and closed at ~H%c, a shade
higher than Saturday.
There was an active demand for corn
all day nnd the market was strong from
the opening until the close. Dei-ember
closed He. up at KO»c.
May closed with a ret gain of \i<B*tc nt
«•% if c. The oats market was nfToi-t<vl
by the firmness of wheat and corn and
was strong all day. December rinsed a
h a.l . higher nt :W'<. May closed with
a net gain of '«<' at Me.
Despite a 1. M.-. . lit decline In the pi Ii ■■
of live hogs, the provision market was
firm for the greater part of the day. The
close: JnniMry pork wan up "'■■'■. lard and
rllis wen- alto up 2Vjc earh.
Market Ranges
Wheat— Dee, 73440) May, TMic
Corn— Dec «%c; May ' I3«iifi i:t'*i ; July,
o .itß-Dcn. :«Uo; May, .r.c; July, 31ft©
('mill quotallons were us follows: Flour,
i in. No. 2 spring vvli.al. TT.'.iMc; No. ,1.
.;-.is::.-; No. 2 reel. 7J>\ri.' ,1 ; No. ■■ corn,
l I4C| No. -' yelluw. IMl|M,r: No. 2 oil Is.
B e: No. 2 white. :::.'„:■.;,■: No. 3 white. 31! •
. c::t'.. ; No, 2 rye, up.. •<„„-„■; full- to choice
malting barley, I80t3c; No. 1 flaxsced.
$1.11: No, 1 northwestern, $1.10; prime
timothy seed, $1.30; clover, contract grade,
$13. 40; short ribs, sides, loose. $S.oOi|S.ffi.",i;
moss pork, per bbl,, 116.00; lard per (60
lbs. $8.20; short clear aides, boxed, 18,3714
<fi)>.nO: whisky, basis of high wines. $1.2).
Articles, Receipts. Shmptn.
Flour, bbls 28,800 34.1H10
Wheat, bush 25.200 * 207,900
I ' urn. bush 117,600 1!W,200
Oats, bush 124,200 200,200
Rye, bush 8.000 1,200
Barley, bush 87,400 83,2000
By Associated Press,
SAN FRANCISCO. Nov. 26.— Fancy ap
plea, tl.BO; common, 88c; huckleberries, rt
©Si ; cranberries. $:!..i(i-;i14.0u; Isabella
grapes, 26c0n.80; Muscat, 75cft.51.00:
quinces, fficflni.OO; Mexican limes, $8,000
8.50j common California lemuns. $1.60;
fancy, $8.00; bananas, $1.00®8.00; Smyrna
lips. SO#76c,
Dried Fruit Prices
By Associated Press.
NEW York. Nov. 2ii.-Thc market for
evaporated apples eonllnuea firm with
pnees showing im Ddvanclng tendency;
high choice are quoted at me; choice. i<~
'"Se: prime m eases. 7U®7%C,
Prunes are in go, id demand with choice
ranging from B®9c for California grades
Apricots are scarce and firm with
choice quoted at hie; extra choice 17c
fancy, ISflTOc,
Peaches are firm in tone with new crop
choice quoted at 12c; extra choice. 12W •
and fancy at 13c.
Raisins are unchanged and In fair de
mand at the recent advancee: loose mus
catels are quoted at 7^'jty.r; seeded
raisins, 7gloc: London layers jl.ostfl 75
Special to The Herald.
— If any one has an Idea that wolves
are not becoming; numerous in the
mountainous sections of Vermont ho
has only to question A. 3. Newton and
CD. Chllds. prosperous farmers of this
Village. Doubters will be told that
these men have lost sixty sheep within
the last few weeks, and that the ma
in uders are wolves. The matter has
already been called to thr attention of
the county fish and game warden and
will ho reported by him to the state
Messrs. Newton and Childs at first
thought that bears wor«» responsible
for the disappearance of their (locks.
but they soon became convinced that a
pack of wolves was roaming? In the
vicinity and sot a watch which proved
their suspicions correct. Several ef
forts have been made to slay the
thieves, but they cling to the "heavy
timber (lurlnß- the day and come down
to the farms only at night. Now poison
will be used.
When Vermont was settled by
pioneers from Massachusetts and Con
necticut wolves were the greatest pests
next to Indians and many a man was
torn to shreds by the vicious packs.
Later on a bounty was paid by the
state for their extermination and men
made a business of hunting them with
such good effect that they gradually
disappeared. From 1850 until five years
ago not a single wolf was reported.
After that one would he seen now and
then and whole towns would join in a
About this time the bounty law on
all noxious animals was repealed, and
when a wolf was reported tin; hunters
let him go. It is probably for this rea
son that they have begun to increase.
As yet tiny are seen in the heavy tim
ber only or about farms skirting It. but
the farmers fear that they may become
numerous again unless a concerted ef
fort be made to exterminate them.
Bpe ial to The Herald
SOUTH McALESTER, I. T., N0v. 26.—
In deriding the case of the Sans Bols
<'oal Co. vs. T. K. Malloy et al, Judge
W. 11. W. Clayton at Poteau was forced
to render a Judgment which will result
in I lie practical abolition of one of the
niotu thriving little towns In the new
state— tin- settlement uf Chant City.
chant City is built upon segregated
land and upon a lease belonging to the
Sans Bols >'ual Co. The town haa a popu
lation of IVX), twenty stores, schools,
churchea and everything which goes to
make a prosperous village, but all of
thiH time It has existed in violation of
the law, and Us citizens have been ln
Tin clause of the Sans Hois lea.se road
that If the company allowed anyone to
settle ifpon the Biirfaci- of the land, their
lease would be forfeited, The department
of the Interior called the company's at
tention to the town of Chant City and
In order to save their lease the company
had to i>rlnß eviction proceedings against
Identa of the little olty.
I-Vu of the towna in the COal holt are
in any better tlx legally than the v
fortunate little town whose cltlaens will
have to desert their homes In obedlenro
to Judge Clayton's order. Not one i>i
them has any title to the townslte ami
If relief legislation is not forthcoming
■oan every town will meet the fate of
Chant City.
By Anxorlnted PresK.
(CHICAGO, Nov. 26.— A committee of
negroes, headed by Rev, A. J. Carey,
pastor of Bethel M. 15. church, called
upon Mayor Dunne and requested
that he use the police force, If nuc-es
eury to prevent the delivering of an
address on the race question by Sen
ator Tlllinaii Tuesday nlKht, on the
ground that the addreei would be ■
menace to public wifely.
Mayor Dunne, after receiving the
committee, wrote a letter to Mrs.
Aii.ii- Keeler, nei-retary of the Chicago
Union hospital, for the benerlt of which
Senator Tllhnan Ik to apeak, declining
to act urn chairman of the meeting,
" I am ■ believer In the orderly pro
ei.'Kses of law and cannot agree with
Senator Tllliuan In the views he holdV
and therefore I muut decline to accept
tin chairmanship at the meeting." •he
4 per cent paid on term and 3 per cent on ordinary savings
deposits. Loans on real estate. Open Saturday evenings.
Security Savings Bank Cs7ooC $7oo 1 0)o ( oo llrplu3 '
N . E. Cor. Fourth and Spring, Total Assets,
Herman W. Hellman Bldg. $16,000,000.00.
German American Savings Bank Ca J^' i!;" < '^ ur » jlu9 . i
I?i%( M /.CtIjCJ.CjO.
23 South Spring St. Total Assets,
Branch— Main and First Sts. 510.000.000.00.
Southern California Savings Bank } v ; p; t PV* 'v- fT - £ rcs -
1 J. H. Mralv, Vice Prcs.
S . E. Cor. Fourth and Spring, VV. 1) Woolwine, V. Pres.
Union Trust Hnilding. Chas. M. Toll, Cashier.
Clearing House Banks
1 \\M|.; oil ii i. us
Commercial National Bank " w . £. pß^YNO^Pres '
y 123 South Spring. pita I, $200.000; Surplus and Profits. $24 OflO
partners & Merchants National Bank *~}j£ blyi^ *%£s& ~~ T ~"
x Cor. Fourth ; and M:iin. Capital $1.600.000; Surplus and I'rofits, $1,500 000
pirst National Bank ■ j W^j^BSSs^B^SS^
■*• S. E. Cor. Second and Spring. Capital Stock, $1,260,000; Purnlus $250 000
Undivided Profits, $1,187,747.01.
TV/rerchants National Bank {(.• % Vio I jaai^y ';•.;;■„,,.,.
X " A N. E. Cor. Second nnd Main. Capital, *200.000: Surplus and Proflti., $350,000.
T D roadway Bank & Trust Company " ■\\ lltl l ' ll ;V'' : , N ' p'rcs:p ' rc5: :
■ __ 308-310 Hiiwy. Bradbury Blgj^^atpltal, 1260,000. Surphis-UnS.'proiltg, $160 000
American National Bank }.}'■ ••;• !;'•!'* 'l" 11 " f ■ : " es " ~~
S. W. Cor. jjecond ft Broadway. Capital, |l.qao,OOOi Bm-pliisand Profltg, $75 000
Rational Bank of California -[ v '-, F^^, u^ F Pr^~ ~"
i N N. K. Cor. Second and Spring. Capital. $500000; Bnrplus'-Und S Profits. $100,000
State Bank & Trust Company J°V. N X^ MTM T " E " WS - F ™*- ',
*^ N. W. <'or. Second and Spring. "i >' ■ '.< >M ISRo. Cashier Profits. $60 000
N "■ *'»r. Sci.nil nml Spring:. (-apU^Jttw.ooo^jjiirpln* and Fronts, $60,000
Qitizens' National Bank R jwaS'c P '"' —
S. W. Cor. 3rd and Main. Capital. $800,000; Surphfg and Pronts, $325 000
/central Bank wi^Ciam i!SAis~Pr'ii: :
N.K. Cor. Fourth & Broadway. Carltal.'slo0 U Ow" I s?,Vp ( 11 h a n p ro nts, $100 000
T he National Bank of Commerce „.. DOUGIjAMi PreB
X ... T ,. u ...,.,,, „, P. M. DOUGLASS, Pros
N\v .•„; suth i ;•■ i CHARLES Kuixc;. Cwhler, mm
«• W; Coi--, Sixth and Spring. Capital, $800,000; Surplui, $20,000
Tjnited States National Bank J, }v. hkllman. pres.;
— •IJ-i_i2'i._M.iiii/l- Ccmincrrlal^_Ca|iltnl, Fronts. $50.000.
jp a w^r^^pi-^l 'l^HkJLj^kJ^^^^^^iyiaTlj^JM *T*l k 111 1 I'll Itl^
1 !vfiinpfi^^fyaTajip^iQiKyKSS2ui3
- T1 " Ola ' mt s<> y»»«:» Bcnilt In Southern Cwllfornln.
4BBBm The Growth of Litt!e Saving
tThe Olilrat Sovliik. nnnlt In Son«hprn California.
The Growth of Little Savings
Small savings prow rapidly when roßiihirl >••%■.
nhf •'SlllijlT Posited and interest systematically compounded
IShS'IBSSH by our llbenil methods. $1.00 to open the ac-
"Sflj UIISS! count and a dollar added each week Is not
& liDUvu much, but it's useful In live or ten years.
! S rtBfl U3IM«S Compounded twice a year at 4 per cent interest.
SaOl 11 11*11 Officers nml llln-WorNi— Win. G. KerckhofT
li^aiWfafiMiiftft'fl l>l '" s - : A. 11. itral v - V-lce-Pres.: W. I) Woolwlnc!
-1 QE^SffflPJfß : Vice-Pres.; Chas. 11. Toll, Cashier. .1' K. Sartor)
"Ac yifr- *? tJP.*t ft 7 A 1 #"■ flplllllu 11.1 1 . W. 1). Longyear, .1. IT. Griffin;
W IMPIMmXaWm-' Secy and Asst. Cashier; c. \\*. Wilson, Assist-
l~t' Sffa>njffljJaffilTs]t " I . ' On shier.
~"^f c^ii£ai4»-» ; .tJaP . i Cjt, On Term .10.r.00 DKPOSITOnS.
, -"• A* / " Dvpoaitx. ASSETS *5,000,000.
Southern California Savings Bank
lL_ ;'* Union Tru»t Bldg.. S. E. Cor. 4th and Sprln B .
t mmlL'itt mm 1 L'it e t« O e t$ . Fra "= lsco exchange and is the strongest on the list.
andTfs a strong one reC ° °' DalSy Extenslon - Thls '3 our tip
F . A. McDonald Company
Phone AS7OI STOCKS AND BONDS. 443-4444 Bradbury BldaT.
I • ¥THK?*SkSI Stocks may be purchased now In the most extensive mar-
■ ■ InBH fISEI cantlle syndicate ever organized on the coast. Safe, sura
t ßrndSto^^Ulßßi ''""' profitable. Write today.
rJ 1 fI ii Pacific Syndicate Stores Company
Kb 1 I I ' 111 EM if 40S-9-I0 l.nnkrrnhlm bulldlUK, Lorn Angclta, CIII.
VMS. J IM}. IM. I3»<q To secure stock, make deposit for account of Pacino
M WCfIA Syndicate ■ Stores Co. with Wells-Fargo, Nevada Nation-
si 1 IAITI aoi "' hank. San Francisco; National Bank of Commerce. Los
Ik I W'A A Jam Angeles. Cal.: First National bank. Riverside, Cal.; First
B mLJtJffililßi National bank. Rsdlanda, Cal.; San Bernardino National
W ^mamtmUHmmßlm hank: Merchants' National bank. San Diego. Cal.
7 i% Gold Bonds 9 % Preferred StocK
I Offered at par for brief period with bonus In three subsidiary companies. Write I
I or call for prospectus. .• I
I K. C. HUNTINGTON, Gen. Msr. 442. 443. 444, 445 Huntingdon Bldgr. I
Ship Golden Gate, Beached Near
Manzanillo in the '60s, Has
Much Hidden Treasure
fty Associated Press.
NKW YORK. Nov. 26— A special to
the Herald from Guadalajara auys:
d . P. nichurdson, ■ capitallßt of
Pennsylvania, and R, C. Johnson, a
Delaware man, have secured from the
Mexican government a concession for
the recovery of the gold that still re
mains In the hull of the Golden date,
the American ship that was beached
on the coast of Collma, a short dis
tance from MuussaiiHlo, In the winter
of 1861-2.
Mi. Richardson is now in this city.
Mr. Johnston recently left Ban Fran
cisco for the scene of the wreck ac
companied by divers and other assist
The Golden Gate was on the way
from San Francisco to New York and
carried nearly »1,500,000 In gold coin
destined for New York banks. When
heading toward ItansanlUo lire broke
out aboard the vessel and In attempt
to save the passengers the ship was
run ashore. Hotvever, nearly two
hundred persons were either burned
to death or drowned. "
Of the amount aboard the Bhlp be
tween *800,<WO and *900,000 was recov
ered 1 1 mi- time later.
it is *uid that -there still exists In
tbe hulk of the vessel at least 1500,000
lin gold,
From Chicago to New York
liv Electric Airline Railroad,
10 honrs $10. $100 stock for $28.
Southwestern Securities Co.
Plscfil Agents, 30D West First St.
Austro-Hungarian Delegates' Seasion
Opened at Budapest Palaca
by the Emperors
By Associated Press.
BUDAPEST, Nov. Sittings of the
Austro-Hungarian delegates were
opened here,
P'ranols Joseph, the emperor-kingr, re
i elved the members of the delegation)!
in the throne room of the royal palace
in BudaDest,
Replying to the address of greeting
his majesty said timt Austriu-uun
gary'a proper line of conduct was the
cultivation uf close relations with allied
si;ii<x, an agreement with Russia con
cerning the Balkans and friinUly rela
tions with ail powers.
The ji'ini budget tor r.»i>7 was sub
mitted in tin' delegates and shown a
< ; >■ i H4t i m t for ■! ne( credit amounting
n> $78,855,468, or U.VJI.'AK In eaveen Of
the budget of LWe. This lnor<
inaiiil> mi account uf army txpendl
Everything you want you will find In
the classified pa*re-a modem encyclo- *
pedia On* cent a word.

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