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StMncer* »ire Invited in »t«tl it\n ***
Mbit of CftllfornlA products nt tn«
Chumbef of Commerce building, on
nro«dw»y, between First and Second
•treets. where free Information will b«
irlven on all subject* pertalnlnc to tnl>
Th« Tt«rnld will pay »io In e«»h to
■ nyons furnishing cvl<lrnr(> that will
l#ad to th« arrest nnd conviction of «nT
ptrsnn caught stpnllnn copl«« of Th«
H«r«ld from th« premlspii of our P«
trons. TUB HKRAL.D.
Barber Arrested
Ed Abornathy, a lirulirr. win arrest
'<i last nlghl charged with creating ft
disturbance In a barber shop at First
and Spring.
Give Musical Entertainment
A concert niul social will be given
tills evening at it, Mark* church, Bey
'■ntii street nnd Towns avenue, by the
faculty of the mimic school and ladles'
guild of the church,
Asks for Parole
liny Layton entered a plea of guilty
to .i charge of burglary and will seek to
bc releaaed on parole. Ho entered the
room of C. B. Bnolnas November 13 and
took some trifling articles of no par
ticular value/
Pleads Guilty
Fred Manley pleaded not guilty to a
charge of grand larceny yesterday
morning before Judge Smith. Stealing
$87 In cash and $10.00 worth of jewels
from Stephen Detnpsey November 19
i.i the charge on which ho was arrested.
Hold Song Service
A sonp; service will he hold nt tho
Volunteers of America, 128 Knst First
Street, Ihla evening, in charge of Mrs.
Prances Helen Fish. Mrs. Sara H;ik
gard Payne, George Monger, MISI Ten
ant and Mrs. W. W. Scott will render
Opens Polish Mission
liiKhop Connty celebrated mnss yes
terday morning at 8:110 o'clock at the
Plaza church at tlie opening of the
Polish mission. The liishop made a
short nddress In English, which was
followed by Rev. Father Orgnnisolak
in the Polish lnnguage. The mission
will continue during the week, with
services at 8 n. m. and 7:30 p. m.
Arrange Berger Inquest
The Inquest over th* remains of
Henry Berger. who was accidentally
shot in the groin by the discharge of
a shotgun twelve miles north of Los
Angeles Bunday, will be held today.
Berger and Harry Andrews, his step
father, were in n buggy, and it was
while Berger was alighting from the rig
that the gun somehow was discharged.
He dled t before medical help could be
Arrange Thanksgiving Dinner
The Bethlehem Institutional church
is making an active canvass for the
free Thanksgiving fellowship dinner to
be given on Thanksgiving day. Dona
tlons of potatoes, sweet potatoes, celery,
onions, cabbage, apples, oranges, rais
ins, honey, tea, coffee, bread, pies,
cakes, crackers, poultry, meats, hams,
canned goods and money for supplies
not otherwise donated are being solicit
ed by Rev. Dana W. Bartlet and his
Victim Attempts to Board Front End
of Moving Electric, but Slips
in the Mud
G. W. Darlington, 1085 West Thirty
second street, was seriously Injured by
r;iand avenue car No. 364 yesterday aft
ernoon about 3:45 o'clock, at Grand
avenue and Thirty-second street. He
attempted to jump on the front end of
the car while it was moving, but slipped
in the mud and fell under the back
steps. Bad scalp wounds were ln
iliited on his head, his face was lacer
ated and internal injuries resulted.
The injured man was put aboard the
car and taken to the receiving hospital,
where the cuts on his scalp were sewed
up. The most serious of these cuts was
a star-shaped wound on the right side
of the back of hia head.
Darlington said yesterday that he
hailed the car, and seeing that it vyas
not going to stop attempted to grab
the front railing, lost his hold and
slipped under the car. The claim agent
of thf railway company asserted that
the car that caused tho injury did not
stop at tho crossing where Darlington
attempted to board it, and that he
should have waited for the one follow
Proposals for Sewer Improvements
Receive Consideration of Public
Works Body
Bids to construct a vitrified pipe
sower in I^ucas avenue, between First
and Arnold streets, were opened by
the board of public works yesterday
morning. The bids ranged from $1161,
bid by C. Ukropina, to $13!)S, by Parks
& Healey.
To improve Guirarlo street, from Eu
clid avenue to Euclid Heights, bids
were made by C. E. Groat, who pro
posed $6.60 per linear foot for grading
and graveling, 38 cents per linear foot
for cement curb, 16 cents per square foot
for gutter, 14 cents per square foot for
sidewalk; rfnd by the Hall Construction
company, which gave, tho following fig
ures: $6.47 per linear foot for grading
and graveling, 36 cents per linear foot
for oement curb, 16 cents per square
font for gutter and 13Vi cents per
square foot for sidewalk.
The loweal lii<l to improve Allison
avenue, from Sunset, boulevard to l«i
Veta place, whs made by C. W. Bhafer.
All bids were referred to tho city cn
'I'iic resignation of CouncUmaii Eld
Kern, who was ohnsen for tho position
"f chief Of police by the police 00111
inittijloii a week ago, was tendered to
the city council yesterday. It was
ai otpuid without debate.
On motion of Couiiiilmaii Ford yes
terday, the proceedings toward tin;
opening >>f Darwin avenue from Main
to Doulllard street were ordered aban
doned before December 10 on the pay
ment of costs. A new action will even
tually be brought for the purpose of
opening the street.
The recommendation of the fire com
mission to the council that titty addi
tional police signal boxes be installed
was adopted yesterday and the boxes
will be put Into operation as soon as
possible. The additional boxes will be
extensions of the Gamewell system now
The hearing of the protest on the
Mission street diver was set for the
second Monday in December by the
council yesterday. The protest was
made by the Los Angeles railway on
the grounds that the newer was not
properly constructed . and also that
its property was taxed more than
was justifiable. ;
Everything you want you will find In
the classified page— a modern encyclo
pedia. On* cent » word.
New Storage Tank Connections to Be
Completed Thla Morning— Scarcity
Occasions Hardships In
Gaalesa Los Angeles wan a pitiable
object yesterday. There was rio gas
for the heaters, there wan.no «an lor
lie cooking Moves, thiire was no gas
with which to Illuminate the chilly
homes where three cold meals had been
eaten during the day because there was
no gas wherewith to warm them.
Only those who used electricity for
lighting and wood or coal stovei for
heating and cooking passed anything
like mfortable day, and all because
the i. os Angeles tia^ a Bltcttio com
pany in making repairs to its plant In
order to Increase n-i capacity. The
company declared yesterday thai by th#
early morning hours the connections
with the now 5,000,000 cubic feet storage
tii iik would be completed und today
ib ie will be plenty of gas for every
The nfflclnlfl of the gas compnny Bald
the samp thing Haturday, and they
were -,\H much disappointed us the con
sumers thnt their plans had miscarried
Hiid the \>\g tank had not been con
They uny they are doing their ut
most to get things ready to supply thfl
great demand for gas occasioned by the
cold snap, and M proof of. their sin
cerity point out that the greater the
demand for gaH the higher figure the
little pointer registers on the meter and
consequently the higher the gus bills.
Hot coffee was a luxury yesterday.
Not only was It Impossible to make the
beverage in the homes where the house
wives depended entirely on gas, but
the coffer urns nt the restaurants are
nearly all heated by gas and only a
timid little blaze gasped and sputtered
for life under them.
Many whose gas heaters failed to give
out any warmth spent the biggest part
of the day under the bed covers. While
the weather was not cold it was damp
and chilly and worse, from a stand
point of health than cold, snappy
General Meeting of All Interested in
New Mining Chamber at Cham,
ber of Commerce
The committee on plan of organiza
tion for the proposed mining chamber
held a meeting yesterday afternoon and
considered the by-laws and constitu
tion that had been drafted in harmony
with tho suggestions made by Rol
King In his address at the meeting
hold lnst week. A few changes and
additions were made irt the original
draft, and now everything is In readi
ness for the permanent organization
of the chamber.
The committee has fixed upon Fri
day, November 30, at 2 p. m., In the
assembly room of the chamber of
commerce as the time and place for
the general meeting for the organiza
tion, the acceptance of the constitution
and by-laws, and the election of offi
cers, etc.
Everybody interested In mining and
the effort to add to the commercial
importance of Los Angeles Is urged
to attend this general meeting and
take part in the proceedings. The
mining chamber promises to be one of
the strongest business associations In
the state of California, and It is con
fidently said that great results will
follow tho organization, particularly
for Los Angeles and Southern Cali
City Attorney Submits Report on Pro.
posed Improvements — May
Abandon Zanja
To the council yesterday the city at
torney submitted the following reports:
"In accordance with instructions
from the bourd of public works I have
prepared and present herewith drafts
of ordinances declaring intention to
order the opening of Twenty-ninth
street, between Compton and Long
Beach avenue, to close up, vacate and
abandon a portion of Marathon street,
between Micheltorena and Dillon
streets; to order the widening of Thirty
eighth street to a width of fifty feet
from Flgueroa street easterly; to close
up, vacate and abandon a portion of
Fourth street, between Miami and Ver
mont avenues.
"The zanja right of way held by the
city across the property of George
Mansfield has been referred to the water
department. Its finding was that the
said right of way is no longer of any
use to the city, and passed a resolution
authorizing the execution of a quiet
claim deed."
Eight sites (or a fire house in the
vicinity of Sixth and Flower streets
were received and opened yesterday at
tho couii'll meeting. The lint of prop
erties Offered were us follows: A lot
on the aaat side of Flower street,
17,500; lot S, block n, of the Yuba
tract, $33,000: 641 South Flower street,
$!iO,000: lot 17, block 22Vk, Boyle sur
vey, $27,750; lot on the north side of
Sixth stiert,' s23,soo; lot on the west
side of Flower street, north of Seventh
Street, $60,000; lot near Seventh and
Flower streets, $27,000: 1023 South
Grand avenue, $30,000. The lots were
all approximately 50x150 feet.
The list of bids was referred to the
finance committee and the chief of the
fire department.
IJlmi.il Cold MiniiiK and Milling
company— Directors: J. P. Cullen, O.
It. Hoyt, P. M. Sullivan, H. W. Avery,
i. L lvis. ii. w. Cronkblte, a. j.
Ives. Capital stock $600,000, of which
$7 lms bean subscribed.
Veatlake Garage i-uiupaiiy- Dlrect-
On: S. P, Swain, J. P. Ci-eager, Meiult-1
Meyers, Bllaabeth Swan, o. 8. Mayer
Capital stoik $10,000, of which $9000 liub
been subscribed,
H. C. Halated company— Director*: R.
C, lliilstid, K. N. Stevens, T. D. Nes
ter, Capital •took $28.000, of whloh $sou
lilH ht'i'll SllllK'l llnil.
Booth-Nelgbboura clothing oompany
Directors: ISdward Booth. J, w.
Nelghlmnix. lv S. Sufimieis. Capital
Block $7. r i,o(io, Of Whloh *3(W has been
DomlnguM investment company—Di
rectors: 8. 13. Edwards, C. H. Hoge, T.
M . Todd, J. D. Flude, W. 8. Hrainard,
H . li. Bhafer, J. H. Logic, O. K. Arm
strong, J. M. Toiiit. (Capital stock 1200,
00, of which 154,000 has been sub
Charming Tea Party
A charming tea party was given yen
torday afternoqn by Mm. Durward S.
D de Van and Mr?. Glover P. Wldnpy at
the i>e Van home, 2319 West Twenty
fourth street, In honor of Minn Adele
tirune of San Francisco, who is visit
ing Mrs. T>*> Van.
The Venetian orchestra played during
the afternoon and a dainty decorative
scheme was employed through the
house. American Beauty roses and
violets were tastily combined In the
dining room, where tea was served, and
the den was made especially attractive
with great clusters of scarlet carna
tions. Polnsettlaa decorated the, living
Mrs. J. S. Chapman find Mrs. 8. A.
Cutlar received with the hostesses nnd
those who assisted were Mines. Wllllum
Bailey Jr., John O. Posey, Warren
Carhart, Chester Montgomery, \V. A.
lnnes, Norman Church, Ward Chap
man, A. B. McCutchton, T. L, Patter
son, Mciye Stephens, (lien Spence,
Misses Frances Coulter, Adele Urod
heck, Bertha Pollard, Anna Chapman
and Mary Chapman.
Compliments Brlde*to.Be
Miss Helen McCoy, who will become
the bride of Kdward Charles Hmißor
Wednesday, December r>, was <ieiight
fully entertained yesterday afternoon at
a Boolai affair given by mips Qraoe
rirtle and Miss Birdie Warren at Mlsa
Plrlle'a home, 181!) South Union ave
nue. The. house was deroraled with vio
lets and ferns and those who received
Invitations to the affair were Mrs. R.
B. Chase, Mrs. John Griffith, Mrs. B.
1.. Bailey, Misses (,'nrollne Comiell of
Phoenix, Aril,, Louise Hnuser, Ha7,el
Mc( 'ray, Mary Holmes, Florence How
ard, Ethel BtOokard, Birdie Smith,
Qeraldlne Parry, Olive Bethel Peacock,
Elizabeth Burns Laura Plrtle and
Ruth Haggin.
To Marry This Evening
Miss Adelaide Brown, daughter of
Mrs. K. T. Brown of 1653 West Twenty
fifth street, will be married this even-
Ing to Sidney I. Wailea in St. John's
Her cousin, Mlas Errol Brown of
Washington, D. Cj, will attend her as
maid of honor and Miss Henry Carle
ton Lee will be matron of honor. The
bridesmaids will be Misses Grace Mel
lus, Louise Burke, Louise McFarland,
Anne Patton and Inez Clarke. Thomas
Brown, brother of the bride, will be
best mnn and Captain William Ban
ning, Guerney Newlln, Norwood How
ard, Leo Chandler, Carleton Burke and
Arvin Brown will serve as ushers.
Hold Holiday Bazaar Today
The members of the "Woman's guild
of St. AthanaslUH' Episcopal church
will hold their holiday baznar this after
noon ami evening in the parish hall,
corner Ouster and Temple streets. Mrs.
E. O. Wilkinson will have general
charge and Mrs. E. T. Fredericks will
sell candy. Mrs. Wheeler will have
charge of the fancy work booth and
Mrs. Clayton will sell fancy and kitchen
aprons. Miss Ida M. White, assisted
by Mrs. John Harnoy and the Misses
Hilda Buddlngton and Gladys Wilkin
son, has arranged for the flsh pond.
Mrs. M.cConnell will have charge of an
oyster supper and many other delica
cies will be served during the even-
Entertains Club Members
The members of the Trolley Whist
club will be entertained this evening
by Mr. and Mrs. Fred Zuckor ot 1714
South Grand avenue. It will be the
first meeting of the season and among
those present will be Mr. and Mrs. L.
H. Mitchell, Judge and Mrs. L. H. Val
entine, Dr. and Mrs. T. M. Lynn, Dr.
and Mrs. C. J. Stivers, Mr. and Mrs.
Dorm A. Judd, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur
Reid, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Brock, Mr.
and Mrs. H. L. Westbrook, Mrs. M. J.
Smith, Miss Mary Hurd and Messrs.
Hurd and J. B. Rowe.
Luncheon and Theater Party
A daintily appointed luncheon party
was given Saturday noon by Mrs. M.
G. Reed of 256 South Olive street. The
tables were decorated with cut flowers
and cards marked places for Mrs. Jack
son Conlisk, Mrs. J. I). Tidmarah, Mrs.
J. Edward Brenk, Mrs. N. M. Graves,
Mrs. Charles Brough, Mrs. Prue
Beardsley and Miss Ruth Brough. After
the luncheon a theater party was given
at the Burbank.
Will Honor Two Popular Girls
Mrs. S. M. Nevrmark of 909 Beacon
street will give a luncheon today at the
Alexandria hotel In honor of Miss Rose
Loow and Miss Lottie Seligman, two
popular girls who are soon to become
Violets and ferns will decorate the
table und the place cards will be hand
painted with Cupids and wedding bells.
Covers will be laid for ten.
Club to Give Dancing Party
The members of the Bachelors and
Benedicts' club of Los Angeles will glvo
their first dunce of the season this
evening at Kramer's hall. Charlie Fun
nell, Guy Cuzner and Dr. E. O. Kuster
will have charge of the affair and
Arend's orchestra will furnish music
for the dancing.
Benefit Whist Party
A whist party will be given this after
noon by Mrs. C "W. Jones of 2515 Ver
mont avenue and the proceeds will be
used in building tho proposed animal
Council Hopes to Avoid Disaster Like
Collapse of Bixby lotel at
Long Beach
In an effort to make a disaster of
the nature of the collapse of the Bixby
hotel at Long Beach Impossible In Los
Angeles the city council yesterday
amended the building ordinance bear
ing on the construction of buildings
from any kind of artificial stone. The
amendment reads as follows:
•'Artificial stone, made of Portland
oement and Incombustible und fire
proof material, may be used as si sub-
Btttute for any iiiiturul stone, but no
artificial itone containing more than
fifteen per cent nf lime or llmeßtone
as an ingredient be used in a
lintel or bearing part in buildings over
three Stories high, provided that in all
coaea UUder thl* section the factor of
bafety shall be ten,
■When hollow concrete blocks are
used for any interior or exterior ex
wraUi the crushing und teimile
strength shall also have a factor of
Hdfety of ten."
1 0. C. Alsop of the AUop Engineering
and Construction company left Los
Angeles yesterday for San Francisco,
Hi expects to get the contracts for sev
eral large engineering propositions and
believes that In Northern California
in will secure a $100,000 contract for the
construction of a water system. -
Mr. Alsup will bu gone several
llOlllllH. ,
Women's 19c || r , v,,!^^i-^ y-pr""^ ' ~ X > TT t r5- J k == '£ !T/! T/ Women's 25c
Swiss E^^SliljOt^l [Q §%) tM tfe9 SJ l\*Szi Sjg^^l Embroidered
Handkerchiefs PBfflM^^^.^ fj|im Handkerchiefs
f\ Coats, Suits, Skirts Underpriced Tomorrow jsW§S£
f $12.50 Raincoats $7.98 I $7.50 Coal. $5.00 $8.00 Walking Skirt. $3.60 t rS*-^C^r~
BBmVm *t\ *WV / Fine rainproof cloth cn:it«; hnx Nobliy iipw tourist fonts In ilnrk Mini.- of -hrvlols sinrl r':innni:i« nnd \Wliiiis^P**rf"
laaW^^ ■aaShrV J "'""1 plnltMl bucks with and Krny mlxlur?n; full liny bn.Us; all-wool niUlurns; k.hoil and plaited 'MLl l M\y^R'i" Xi
" ^•s*-«^^BTJraWy*7 without lirltP: llnl collar; pretty r.O IniOinM Ion*;: pretty collar nnd «tylr>: plaited front nnd back; Esßrßt'i'it-t.'J
•<Sp^mMjL( cults; vnlup« to $12. 50; nt $7.98. ciiffa; worth $7.50. strapped mid Rtltched; values to $5. I'fM ImTT
y -jUflSltj CIC rm~ n i c <C« ft« $S.OO Coats $5.75 «-7 CA cj.j f i- CC WL }\
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/wM'l/il\\ Women 9 tourist coals collars ' with fancy cuffs; box r "mi plaited Unilon I anama and J^li«Wi^
Him /Jl IN made of cheviot in dark lin(kß; valuea to - r ' 0 ' nt 15.V5. satin finished Endora .^IsRXV^v
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ting; full 7-8 length; $15.tX) value. ? y^ A^fflW^ifJl ' 7r>o »*=^
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and plaited skirts; values to $18.50. Tuesday at $10. On sale Tuesday at $4.98.
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Fine lisle thread gloves in Rood H C/I W\ Q J W&3isttW/ CC^J'/Sv4^l S^D Fancy all silk ribbon and plain
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On sale at 39c. Both Phones 874 Broadway, Cor. sth St. \ I<cayara '
W. 0. Morton Make* Excellent Show-
ing In Race for Attorney
According to a report handed down yes
terday by the county board of supervis
ors, giving the total of the recent elec
tions in Los Angeles county, Kingrsbury,
candidate for surveyor general at the re
cent election, ran far aheaed of his ticket,
receiving more votes In the city and
county than did Glllctt.
W . Ona Morton's showing in the race
foi attorney general on the Democratic
ticket -was well up with the rest of the
party and surpassed the last vote here
for attorney general.
Following is the count announced yes
City. County. Total.
Qillett 11,464 51.472 20.93U
Bell 8,12!) 4,808 12,987
Lewis 1.732 1,315 3,047
Blanchard 9ti9 1.4K1 2,452
Langdon 5,782 2,578 8,360
City. County. Total.
Porter 11,882 9,712 21,594
'Poland :.... 7,610 4.2ti2 11.873
Wheat 1.914 1,409 3,323
Whltmore 934 1,488 2,422
Ulagge 4,842 2,113 6,955
Yes. No.
Amendment No. 5 11,218 6,572
Amendment No. 11 11,931 5,704
Amendment No. 12 6,762 11,343
Amendment No. 13 15.027 2,S9vi
Amendment No. 14 12,841 4.510
Senate amendment No. 2.. 12,968 3.66G
Senate amendment No. 14.. 6,648 10.198
Senate amendment No. 20.. 9,615 8.110
Senate amendment No. 38.. 14.588 2.980
Senate amendment No. 40.. 8,431 6.837
(Senate amendment 12, Ex.. 10,472 4,565
Henshaw 23.110
Lorlgan 23,171
Hatch 9,101
Murasky 14.31!)
Andrew 3,526
l.lessI I.less 3,491
Farrar 5,461
Sloss 22,957
Craig 8.516
Fletcher 3,484
Mills 3,370
Curry ..' 25,202
Nichols 8,374
Holloway 3,431
Beck -327
Swain 5,263
Colgan 20.261
Markley 8,275
Phllbrlck 3.461
Taynton 2,331
Rives 30.4iiS
James 21,824
Haiwer i: '-' ;; * N
Bordwell 37,251)
Hutton 29414
Young 16,551
McNutt 18.550
Oroff 3.540
Melly 3,540
Gordon BJW
Corey 3.°"
Baker 3.6.-8
Williams j 3,5*4
Monroe 20,602
Owens l&lfr
Bauer •■ 8,601
Williams 23.931
Rt&s'/.v.v.v.v.'.v.v.v.v.v.v."'.1.::::::. 1 .:::::: a:*g
Reynolds KM
Vail ;::: - :
Tedfoid 6.562
Haskell *>*
Webb --'.482
Morton "- iv;l
Downing » '■'■•■''
McCaslin „ 2.2"
Williams • •'■■''
SVHVUVOR <.i:m:h \i .
Klugabury , • v 2|«i
Lane §■«*»
Matthews -•• 3.4H9
Kendall ».»J
Chapman 6,140
< I.lllllv Nl 1-HKMK COURT
Caughey ?3.604
Haybl ».2M
Wilde ; 3.4^?
Fa»»ett 1 2,304
Kalney ».*T9
After rejecting all the proposals for
the construction of a portion of section
3 of the outfall sower, the board of pub
lic works asked permission of the coun
cil to purchase material, hire men and
proceed with the work of construction.
This permission was given.
England's Education Bill
LONDON, Nov. 26.— The prospects of
a compromise over the education bill
controversy appears to be improving,
although nothing tangible has been
There are indications that the lords
will revise their own amendments dur
ing the report stage of the bill, which
will begin next Thursday.
GAS is economical and easy to
manipulate; two of the argu-
ments which show that it sur-
passes all other Fuels.
Zl Much
Q ^/JL Attention
4 3G-44 South Broadway, are attrac-
ting the attention of all lovers of
fine art goods. The beautiful Ital-
ian marbles, the rich pottery, the
genuine bronzes and fine bric-a-
brac are a sight to see. being beau-
tifully set off with the draperies
and carpets of rich green.
/iH^ Every Woman
iwmg-JwMvWft liJnt«Mted»nrt«hoiilrtknow
fiWHil MARVEL^hifVing °Spr a U y
X^S^lfl^^fflL tim a ™ SucUm - *'M«-8«f.
ftf t V,'" ' n"^''^\J\^mo4^^[
MARVKIi, nucept no rf!M\^.
oth*r. Imr »onit •wmi> for Tot, i '<?£*\r
IMi»int«d book— »•!'<<. It dm £&.. / ' m
full iiartleulars >ad •llrrrnoii* m- **ii#,,,., m
T «lu«M«lolaillei. MAItVEI, (0., **€.'■ 'jfujujr
4 Xt OS4 M*«« XIW iUDKi
Are the best to tone up
' your stomach. Try them.
On sale at every good
■aloon. Mall orders tilled.
Quod Agents Wanted.
ISO 6 East 14th Street.
D - G raves'
Tooth Powder
one trial and you will use no
other. Makes yellow teeth white,
clean and beautiful. "Society and
your health demands its use twice
a day so the dentists say.
la aa>a> metal cans or bottles, 585 c.
Dr. Graves' Tooth Powder Co.
I 1 1 \im JL V I
tS Turkeys S
•^-^^ Twenty crates of live . J-ITCS
yr y- ' turKeys received yes- TTJ3F*'
J f\\ turfteys received yes- j pyy
" 1 r^pi terday from our own TPcT 1
~^~, \ ranch at Imperial, Cal. <~>l
ii Buy where you get vT
C^^ the best in the marKet f^^>
t 1 Jeffries Sanitary Market |^^\
2 13-215 West Second Street lillilk
Both Phones 1(337 l^pT^l
Hotels *ti tm\ /fii Bcsicli IU) /rMy*ir(^ •
Santa CataUna Island .
Hotel Metropole Now Open on the European
Plan, With, Cafe in Connection
Rooms $1.00 Per Day and Up
Tiro boats Saturday, limuil illumination and eruption ot Sugar boat
Saturday evenlnc.
See railway time cards for steamer connection. BANNING COMPANST. Pa- .
cific Electric Ride. Log Angela*. Both Phones S3. ■ .
PACIFIC MAIL S. S. CO. For Honolulu, Japan
SallinKH from San rraoolvo Nov. 30, Dec. 7, 14, 21, 23, etc.
For literature apply to T. A. GRAHAM, Agent. «00 8. Spring St., corner
Sixth. A I bo agent for nil Transatlantic Steamship linen. ■
" -^ Los Angeles
Everything first-class, natural hot medicinal water, unexcelled In cura-
tive properties. Baths free to guests. European plan, prices reasonnble.
Take Blmlnl car on Broadway direct to door, one fare. - ■ ,
\y IP M ' (T* IP Dancing Tonight in Elegant
V miV U^IU New Pavilion on the Pier
f'CiSfX Eat in Comfort
N !f£_ jSmS*»*£ In or<ler t0 d 0 B0 you Bnould nav ' one
t / '^(hr^iJrVir^^-^SSfW^ " r our ""' gaBf wood or coal heaters -
7/ '^^ !^p^r:}i\lJ?. This year we have added a number of
/ 'li'llA ' //-^^ Wl!W'Mn&£fl{ lii now patterns to our largo line. These
\v^ wtSsSL 7Wfi ■HP ■ heaters will wan " an ordinary slzeil
( y 'i(^^^f^ v i m tVjJ 010 1 room In II very leu minutes, making It
hp-i 1 Vg~-W : : ': comfortable and cheerful.
V| C^ 5 jgL" *Bm- — " «J 161 NORTH SPRING, ST.
\\ y^^^Cßpa^r I'luium Home AUSOU Nuu»«rl Mala la
/T^ ■■*: Zm^ Agent* fur the Glenvvood Range
9MT W^^^Sm^immsmtJmmtMmmo^iißtt^imi»mMij&i^aa^K^

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