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Believed to Have Left Coeki Turned
on After an Ineffectual At.
tempt to Secure i
The gas famine which has prevailed
ln Lob Angeles during the last two
nights is blamed for the death of Gun
Severans, a Belgian, whose body was
discovered In his room at 432 East
Third Btreet, by the landlady, Mrs.
Flora Sautter, yesterday noon.
When the door was opened the gnu
was found to be flowing full force with
the Jet turned on. Severans had re
tired In the dark, according to the land
. lady, owing to the lack of gas.
"Mr. Severans was with us in the
parlor Monday night," said Mrs. Saut
ter. "He retired about 10 o'clock and
said he supposed he would be com
pelled to go to bed in the dark. Yes
terday morning I knocked on his door,
but as he did not answer I thought he
did not wish to get up, no did not knock
again until after 12 o'clock. "When I
received no reply I asked Ed Cox. an
other roomer, to look over the transom.
He saw the man was dead and called
the police. I do not believe Severans
committed suicide, but think he turned
the eras on to see if he could light it
and when he found that Impossible
neglected to turn it off."
Declares Spouse Humiliated Her In
the Presence of Guests at a Hotel.
Case Is Taken Under Consideration
to Clear Up Tangle
Because, as she alleged, her husband
took exception to the style of evening
garb she wore and frequently humilated.
her by making slighting remarks about
her clothing where others could hear,
Mrs. Virginia L. Brown, a beautiful
southern girl, yesterday began her suit
for divorce before Judge Conrey of de
partment 5 of the superior court.
Mrs. Brown's gentle manner and the
humiliation she showed at being com
pelled to tell her troubles in a divorce
court won her many friends and seemed
to create a favorable impression with
the court.
Her husband, J. A. Brown, a young
man of considerable means, still lives
in South Carolina, where they were
married July 3, 1904. Brown, according
to the evidence, lived off his income
without work and spent most of his
time annoying his pretty wife.
On many occasions, when the young
woman attired herself herself, in her
most charming garments in order to
please her husband when they had
planned to attend some evening affair
in the good old southern style, he
would, according to evidence, make
slighting remarks about her, such as:
"You spent enough time upstairs to
have dressed yourself. You only look
half dressed now."
These remarks made before guests at
the hotel where they were staying, and
even before strangers, caused the young
bride such humiliation that, with her
relatives, she left her ungallant master
and came west.
Owing to some mistake in the service
of papers the case was taken under
consideration until the tangle can be
straightened out.
Pleads with Judge to Give Him Sus
pended Sentence, and Promises
He Will Go to Work and Reform.
Charged with Vagrancy
Charged with being a vagrant and a
common drunkard Harry Ballard. a
pitiful specimen of humanity, stood
before Police Justice Austin in his court
yesterday afternoon and pleaded for
"I have never drank a drop of In
toxicants in my life, judge," he said,
"but I am a user of morphine. I
learned to use it three months ago in
the county hospital, where I was sent
on account of stomach trouble, with
which I have suffered during the last
year. The physicians gave me mor
phine to relieve my sufferings and I
continued Its use when I left there a
month later. I am willing to work
and if you will give me a "floating"
sentence so I can leave the city I will
plead guilty to the charges. I do not
want to go to jail and will agree to
leave Los Angeles or go to work at
once here if you will give me a
After hearing the story Justice Aus
tin decided to hold the young man until
this morning-, when ho will be brought.
up again and an attorney appointed to
take charge of his case.
Ballard was arrested by Policeman
Roy Alltn Sunday night. According
to the police, be has become a con
firmed user of morphine and seldom
works. It is thought if he is given a
thirty (lavs' sentence on the chain
gang the morphine will got nut of his
system and he may not again begin its
Health Board Will Assure Good Meat
When the System I. Per.
The employment of one additional
meat inspector will enable the health
department to Inspect and stamp the
meats from every packing house and
abattoir that sells to the Lob Angeles
trade. Only the larger packing houses
now. have their meats inspected by the
government inspector, while the smaller
fry are unable to secure inspection.
This latter difficulty will be obvl
ated when the system of meat Inspec
tion by Los Angeles inspectors Is per
fected. li will first be necessary for
Hi, council to pass an ordinance pro
viding for meat inspection. Such an
ordinance haa been drawn up by the
city attorney and recommended by the
health department.
, AH meat must then bear either the
Kovernment stamp or the nUnip of the
J -oii Angeles inspector. •
Here Is a . Fortune, for You If You Act Quickly
This Stock Jumps to 60 Cents at
Midnight, Saturday, December 1
All Electrical Manufacturing Companies Are Immensely Successful
The Financial Opportunity ot Your Lifetime to Get Into a Money-Making Electri-
cal Manufacturing Business on the Ground Floor
t «*»PgBJBJ«|WBJ«B«Bt»MBBJBJBBjBB»B^ . _ ...-^ „.._..- __
llf.l \J\ Fl I HJf 1 1 1 5 ' —-'**"—" — v "■ nth N ■ * ' ' Jl - HS^h^sW ' l/ulUvf Illw
What We Are Doing Now and What We Purpose Doing in the New Plant
— ''I' ' ■■■ ■ ' . , ' :.': .' : '-' * . ■— " ...-:>• <s, ■ . .
The business of the Electric Heating and Manufacturing Company represents the latest and most im- . . pllances. every one of which is ordered to-day and every day, far beyond our capacity to furnish. In the
portent achievement in electrical development. It is the practical application of electricity to tho ™_ „ , simple matter of our electric flat Iron alone, orders swamp our shop although we are turning them out ,
every-day needs of the people in cooking and heating. It is the kid-g.ove method of doing the ordi- T^ Most t * a^^^
nary work of the kitchen, for there is no soot, no smpke and no dirty cooking utensils. Further, it is Profitable In- In quantities that our present overworked facilities cannot begin to supply. Our new factory at Dolge-
economical, for with all its pleasing innovations, it costs less money than any other known fuel. The - , vllle, which is now In course of construction, will not only Increase our producing capacity, but also
Electric Heating and Manufacturing Company is incorporated with a capital stock of $250,000, divided UllStry • our dividend-paying capacity, as the business is one of the most profitable Industries on the coast. Its
into 250,000 shares of a par value of $1 each. All the stock is fully paid and non -assessable. Then? is 'r\ >•• f, . output sells at aT»roflt of fully 300 per cent., assuring big returns for every share of stock in the corn-
no preferred stock. The company is now working at its temporary plant, 657-659 San Fernando Un tile Coast , pany. The new plant will be modern In every respect. Our business la an absolute monopoly, as no
street, Los Angeles. We manufacture under patents secured to us, various heating and cooking ap- I I other individual in the world has the right to manufacture our patented articles. ■
The New Factory Is Rapidly Nearing Completion
As shown in the picture above, the new factory at Dolgeville is I — n — — - — ' —- mm i The receipt here shown from the contractor, Earl P. Low, shows
y & Office of A. M. Edixman, architect .. ' , . . . .... ..,„.
rapidly nearing completion. The money of the company is be- .* Z2/OQ" • Jt*r & / that for work performed we have paid him $2100, not on Account,
ing wisely, ably and conservatively managed. Business princi" .. * , va ~- „ £^. ™jLJ2a but in full up to that stage of the work of construction. We pur-
, , „, **■ — l , _ **-**<««■• />« *-'-/ *'**ff. *-*- pose paying along in the same manner, step by step so that when
pies apply and we pay as we go. There are no assessments on •{)*.*«„* h_£2L*€^J&£zk, , ' „ , , t , t , • , / . , „ „
F KF 3 r ,j*ii«.«v««wyrjM«. __„ __, „«, we remove to our mO( up-to-date brick factory building we
our shareholders for unforeseen conditions or unexpectted con- 'j^l^T <^-^«S^^^ shall be free of the debt for its construction and able to start
tingencies. Every share is just like every other share, actually fcr^?' <^'^^7; ■■ ■ a**** o» •«. »- * right m supF . lying our appliances and making money, for our-
full paid and absolutely non-assessable. ■ _ . ."f?^^/*""' j"^ r ','fT. — ' '~~~~~~' °"° DOLLA '* S selves and stockholders. .:
Overwhelming Demand J x; ; Every Article Is a House-
for Our Appliances — - ■ ■— "" '..^^ ' ,■/.. hold Necessity
Electric |^^^ An electrical marvel for the -«-v ut Your Money to Work • dtxffi'
J^lCCiriC {^jgdii hotel, the rooming house <P*^?ggtii|y- mn>^ jHS^ $
TO3.Ster l»^^^^^ am ' ever y pa ce where peo- Let us put your money to work for you. It is the only way you I^^ _?| |J> ''*s>Lj^_bbM Bb^
pie eat and cook. A dainty will ever get ahead in this world. Ko man or woman in the B^^^B
Sides Of Bread S^^H trie circuit and placed scra P c together into some kind of a business where the money . M blbctrio discheater
amesortsreaa m tfic Hght drcuit and p]aced scrape together into some kind of a business where the money . AM EIjErTRIC DISC -SiAT E R
at Unce HufliluiN right on the table, without worked for him. We want to do that for you. We have a busi- cooks Anything; Requiring a Fiat surface
' *l^^^^^ smoke, soot or smell, and ness that is safe, honest, sure and without speculation. It is -a _, . . , ' .• . „ .... .. .',
wiwP?Sllv«^ tnastinrr in -i turn v. • .i . i , • , \.- , , I 1 i — takes the place of our ordinary stove trnddle and is suited
_^ MI/™ 6 busineSS that has been in operation for some time past and has tQ aH co6king p [, rposes requiring a n at surfa f e . It will boil water
■ V^™^vH "" ■■MjSS^^ proven an immense success. . • in five minutes and may easily.be transferred from room to room
——^^^-^^—~—. dr house to house. i
M^mK V "" 'E^® Three Vital Points A Heater Without
al&@r^ jd^MstjSlr^ T»V There are three vital points in the success of any manufacturing . -■--} g i
• enterprise. First, to invent something practical and necessary " till JCfCI UctJL ', ' - ■■• ' '■• ', '
SJjgg^Smlt^^^ srnmil. to manufacture it economically and cheaply; third to '
. " sell it easily. Failure in any of these will balk an enterprise. For Satisfaction and Economy
A« r%*r*±n rrUn* C^l fVll' 'l T^|f company haS surmounted all of these difficulties. We This heater performs every function of the coal or gas stove
An yen 1 nat solves the • ' iavc , .he invention :we ° our. own machinery, .and our success heat without dust smoke, or soot and at a great money saving
*.w in selling has been proven by the large number of orders on hand. and economy •
Tifi \ri I*l rr „■•'■ - v ■'" __^_^__^_________ • ■ ■ -
_SS m M^ I .L^_g_ Baking
gJHJfiBMBJ Problem f^l^ The Electric Flat lron , lllf f'»" m^gfa
~rf T4 ! r ff^yiVT' Tonm S i s a pleasure with this new invention. Whether in W^
JrOreVer VL&iwOlF^ : 'ff 'i eay y commercial work of the laundries or in the finest of
*fl ra3^st*3^!! '" M S nt work in the home, this flat iron relieves ironing of all its
■■ The distribution of heat Is -ab- — Eflaf s * troubles.
j ßffi^ff^S^^^^^^^^^^K^^^^^a solutely uniform. That rare, ft fr-.. !** . n^^^i'i'^ ' **"v .jlfsSßSß^i'-'')"' '*"■ F ■> "C 1
even brown, on top and bottom' B «//•'' )/WfH'' •»-, ■. .
.0 ,nuch desired by careful. / /^Wi EVCrV ApplianCC Si SIICCCSS ■_■.
.painstaking cooks, is senurcil m L j/j' \l * ' .
S '■P without effort in this M-- The test of any new invention is the deyree of its acceptance $%
Twentieth Century oven. ill^^itTiAswnr^Hfe>^''* by the people. Reflect that, work as we do. we are unable to W^^^^^^^^^Ei
*"*^ BB *'^H[^^^gpP**M«'^^*™" l^ Makes perfect bread and l|^SiSp^^ begin to meet the demand for these appliances and you can ■" ;'■ ;;>v- .* : TV ■ """■^^■■HBaßM^Bi^
' bakes to biscuits in ft ° m A&ttl^sMiJ-c&w, reaMze the success awaiting us in our new factory, where every *^!?V™Z™™''>
algfat to ttn minutes. jf 4irti'i *jsV nlisn fnrim]- iriii hr frmiiirii • " EE M < fd < ; T ml - e "er«i T .ta"2 •
Prices of Stock I There Is Just a Limited Amount of Stock to Be Sold I Prices of Stock I
For Cash Below Par tor Construction Purposes Easy payment plan
5 0 Shares $ 27.50 Tt , ,h, h , t „ • 50 Shares, $6.60 cash and 4 monthly pay-
inn <shar M ' cenn , " tlon of the company to sell sufficient stock to fully equip Usplant at .-vIII.-. The success of the business, even with the over ments of $5.60 each. • . ■
1 00 Shares 55.00 crowded condition of our present factory, has been phenomenal. .The temporary structure, now In operation at 657 and 659 San Fernando street 1. - 10 ° Sh t are 8 ; ti°o°O fach T ntWy Pay
1 50 Shares 82.50 J. v ""' n f MlOM 10 lt " f " ll " t ca P aolt y and «■■«!> fur behind Its orders. New machinery, which will arrive before the completion of the new works at . : iso"Hha B re". $18 00 cash and 6 monthly pay-
2 00 Shares. .'. .... 110 00 1,,!,). Installed Immediately In the present plant, which even then will be Insufficient to supply the demand for our electric appliances meats of $12.00 each.
9<n <SV, 3r.«3 r.« „, en »£ *„fi^ftX Pportunl . ty £"" investors, large and small, to take shares in an Industrial company in which returns are certain and big Our profits 200 Shares. $16.00 cash and 6 monthly pay.
2 50 Shares 137.50 »>-e fully 300 per^cent. Our expenses are merely nominal. Many people of means who Hud In this country many opportunities to speculate at a rl«k ments of $16.00 each. •.-. „;.
3 00 Shares 165 00 . ul , "7 , lvt f hat '"" lnduBtr 'al development of the country is as yet limited, should fully Investigate this. It will be found every advantage 260 Shares. $20.50 cash and 7 monthly pay-
° UU onares 105.UU claimed here Is claimed conservatively, with no effort to mislead. That full and complete returns are accorded for the most searchlna invM«S«on mentß of $17.00 each.
5 00 Shares 275.00 ? hat e Yf ry Btoc kholder enters the company on an equal footing with every other stockholder, without any preferred stock That the ratio of prqms 3 °° s " ;u " s ; $ . M «K ° aBh » a " d 7 monthl > r P B^
1 000 Shares 550.00 »» exactly as presented here. That the company is absolutely unable to fill its orders by reason of contracted facilities That h« m!™; rE mentß of $20.50 each. . monttUy pay-
. 1000 Shares 550.00 from the sale of stock is actually being used as represented. »nd last, but not least? that the whole flek l of Industry on the entirTl'acmo cX • &00 Shares $32.00 cash and 8 monthly pay-
Snnn <4hari.« , 7 c nnn Presents no other business so sure, so safe, and so profitable for every dollar Invested in Its shares of stock ' latino coaav me nts of $31.00 each.
5 000 Shares 2750.00 Those of^ limited means seeking to improve their condition Mil find In this stock the oppnrtunUy of a lifetime. Remember that the stock 1000 Shares. $60.00 cash and 10 monthly
-.. _, . advances to 60 cents a share Deo. 1. Applications for it should be made at once— today— "wime. nemember that the block pkyments of $50.00 each. ,'
Call TodaY ' 6000 Shares, $300.00 cash and 10 monthly
-___ • . .. payments of, $250.00 each.
S FS-E^-"^! F. H. JOHNSTON, Fiscal Agent 1 "•' -°" "-^ -H-
3 24-326 Merchants Trust Building 207 South Broadway Los Angeles, Cal.

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