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Strangers are Invited to "l»l» the exhibit
of California product* at the Chamber or
Commerce building. «>n Broadway, be
tween First and Second streets, where
free Information will he given on all sub
jects pertaining to this section.
The Herald will pay Jifl In en*h to any
onu furnishing evidence that will lend to
the nrr'est And conviction of any person
fought stealing copies of The Herald
from the premlaes of our patrons.
Mexican Laborer Is Killed
■pVnncl«oo Morenn, n. Mexican laborer,
was killed yesterday afternoon near
O l»'inln1o by a working tar on the Pa
.■in.- Kleetrlc line. The body is at
Plerm Bros.' undertaking establish 4
Found Guilty
1 3. D. Finning:, n negro on trial In de
partment one of the superior court on
a charge of the murder of his friend,
wo* found guilty of manslaughter by a
Jury In tin t department last night.
Letter Prefixes Will Be Used
About February 1 the new directory
or tho Homo Telephone company Will lie
2 Issued] which ii expected to show 27,000
names of subscribers. The letter pre
fixes Will be Used, Which the officials
Bay proves more satisfactory, with the
use of the letters B, C, DIS and F, rath
er than Rcnttorort through tho alphabet,
iih (ho first letters are easier to ring
up on the automatic phones. The new
office on South Mill street will be oc
cupied by the telephone company dur
- Ing February.
Miss Nethersole's Carmen
Miss Nothorsolo's production of Cnr-
Rien last night will take rank in the
mlnda of those who saw it with her
bent work hero. Sho Is Carmen whon
she dons the Spanish mantilla and
dances tho cachuca, nnd no mistake
about It. ITor Carmen Is a wanton of
the wantons, but a most fascinating,
luscious and entrancing wnnton, and
even her wickedness is readily forgiven
because of her charm. Seductive to the
last degreo, graceful, clever and lovely,
Mlrs Nethcrsole In this role would have
won over nn anchorite, and no one
could blame either Joso or the torea
dore for falling subject to her langor
oun glances and Bubtle songs.
She Is a most voluptuous Carmen,
too; nothing of the cold or hard wo
man, more a creature who never knew
aught but the gratification of her own
pleasures and tho satiating of her ap
petites. Miss Nethersole attempts to
palliate this conception of the char
acter by the words to this effect which
she makes her utter, but her own
charms of person give the He to any
excuses. Kspeclully do her kisses show
that the gypsy girl she depicts. Is not a
Sunday school siren, but ;i wholly self
ish and abandoned voluptuary.
Royco as Mendez, the toreadore, is
good; Mills as Jose is hotter than h»
has been so far; and Molly Pearson as
Dolores is properly tearful. The en
semble effects are superb and the stnge
management is tho best that, in this
work, either drama or opera, the
writer over saw.
Tonight Miss Nothersole will give for
the first time in Los Angeles Paul Her
vleu's masterpiece, "The Labyrinth."
This is another problem play, based
on divorce and the child's position un
der it, and is one of the notable dramas
of the day.
Governor Recommends Action in In. hi
gural Address and Legislators In
troduce, Drastic Bill — House
Passes Measure
By Associated Press.
LINCOLN, Neb., Jan. 3.— George L.
Sheldon was today inaugurated gov
ernor of Nebraska. In his inaugural
address he urgcr that the lobby be ban
ished from the state house, and In
sisted that the legislature enact a law
making it illegal to give or accept rail
road passes In this state.
'Following the governor's lead, Rep
resentative Whlteham offered a resolu
tion In tho house of representatives
which provides that:
"If any lobbyist shows on the floor
of the house while this body is in ses
sion, the sergeant-at-arms is instructed
to eject him, forcibly if necessary."
The resolution was adopted by a vote
of 59 to 28.
In the senate Senator Patrick intro
duced a bill making it unlawful to at
tempt "to influence, members of the
legislature to support or oppose any
measure pending therein otherwise than
by appealing before tho regular com
mittees thereof, by public addresses,
newspaper publication or by written or
printed statements, arguments or briefs
_ delivered to each member."
By Associated Press.
SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 3.— Accord-
Ing to an opinion rendered today by
Attorney General U. S. Webb, the luw
adopted by the legislature on March 7,
1105, providing for an increase in tho
salary of superior Judges became
operative November 6, 1906, by virtue
of ihe adoption of assembly amend*
merit n of the state constitution.
Superior Judges In Alarnedu and Los
Angeles counties will receive under the
new law JSOOO n year. Those of Orange
county will be puld $3000 and In Al
pine county $2000 will be paid, Su
perior judges In all Other eouirties will
each get $4000 a yeur. Half of tho
salaries must be paid i>> the respective
counties and the remainder will be
paiil by the Htute.
I While the family of R. H. Uultken,
8 »5 Kast. Forty-sixth Street, were ab
sent from home Wednesday afternoon,
burglars entered a door that had been
left unlocked and ransacked the house.
When the family returned they discov
ered Hie rooms of the house In a state
or confusion, everything was upset, and
the contents of bureau drawers and of
trunks were scattered over the floors.
The, loot ''secured by the robbers con
- Bljted . of ■ $10, two gold rings, v silver
watch and a gold ' chain. . None of the
neighbors saw the robbers make their
entrance ►to the, house. or. escape and.
as no . description .of 'the • invaders is
held 'by the police, they are : at great
disadvantage in Undine any' trace of
the robbers.
Provision Found in the Charter That
Officials and Appointees Must Be
Qualified Electors of
Los Angeles
What Is termed by politician* Mini
others mi unseemly desire on the part
of certain recently elected city officials
to i ; o out of town for deputies may be
milled by the city attorney.
There has been considerable criticism
lnI In nome quertcrs over the announced
lntention or ai leasi one of the new of
flclnls to Select a personal friend liv
ing in another city im bin chief deputy
and to tin- lion of the water commis
■lon In selecting a Southern Pacific em
ploye living in San Francisco ns the
auditor <>r the Owens river aqueduct.
As I FMUiI 'if the discussion thero
has been a CIOSC study of the I,ns An
peln charter by those Interested and
there have boon discovered provisions
Which, II Im claimed, will prevent the
appointment o' non-residents In posi
tions or tniHi In the city government.
Must Be an Elector
Thero Is a provision which requires
that every person elected or appointed
to a position in the city government
shall have boon a qualified elector at
tho time of his election or appointment,
and It la claimed that this will apply
to depjtyshlps in the various city of
fices, by reasor of ihe fact that whilo
such positions nre not designated di
rectly by tho charter thoy are positions
which have been created by the (oiiii
cll and therefore are city offices within
the meaning of the charter.
City Attorney Hewitt's •attention yes
terday was called to this provision of
tho charter, and It Is believed by those
who discussed the question with him,
the city attorney will hold, should tho
problem come before him Officially,
that ull such appointments come under
that provision.
Mr. Hewitt, later In the day, was in
conference with one 'of the new city
Officials, who has expressed his Inten
tion of electing p.s his chief deputy ii
personal friend who is not a resident
of Los Angeles, with the result, it Is
said, thr.t a local man will be named to
fill tho position.
In tho case of the auditor for the
Owens river aqueduct there has arisen
a peculiar situation. This position is
under the civil service rules, but undo:
the provisions of an ordinance the posi
tion could be temporarily filled, pending
tno taking of civil service examina
Southern Pacific Man Imported
Some time ago the water board em
ployed a San Francisco man and an
employe of the Southern Pacific to act
us aqueduct auditor, and he has been
in the field about six weeks.
Appointees to positions included in the
civil service regulations arc compelled
to be qualified voters at the time of
the taking of the examination, and a
vague suspicion exists In the minds of
those who are opposed to going out
side of Los Angeles for any one to oc
cupy any position connected with the
municipal government that the civil
service examination may be postponed
a sufficient length of time to enable the
imported men now assuming the
duties t"> become a qualified elector by
reason of having lived in the city the
required number of months.
Both of the positions involved re
quire the services of expert account
ants, but it is claimed by those con
versant with the facts that there are
in Los Angeles just as competent ac
countants as can be found in any other
city oh the coast and that in justice to
them they should be permitted to have
the first chance to fill the positions.
Fraternity to Entertain
Throe hundred invitations have
been issued by the members of the
Nu chapter of the Nu Sigma Nu fra
tetrnlty for their annual ball which
will take place this evening at Kra
mer's hall.
The fraternity colors, red and white,
will decorate the hall and prominent
society women who will act as patron
esses are: Dr. Elizabeth A. Follansbeo,
Dr. Dorothea Moore, Dr. Ethel L.
Leonard, Mines. Walter Jarvis Bar
low, Walter Llndley, M. L. Moore,
W. D. Babcock, George H. Kress, F.
D. Bullard. A. M. Smith, T. B. Rig
gins, David C. Barber, Claire W.
Murphy, Sumner P. Quint, Donald
Frick, Charles Bonynge, Arthur F.
Godin, Lewis S. Thorpe, Lyman S.
Stookey, J. Kirkpatrlok, G. L. Cole,
A. W. Moore, George Laubersheimer,
H. A. Thompson, A. L. Granger, Chas.
Freedman and A. L. Maeleish.
Daintily Appointed Luncheon
A daintily appointed luncheon was
given yeßtorday afternoon by Mrs. T.
J. Ross of 1076 West Sixth street for
the members of the PI Beta Phi soror
ity. On the Invitations the luncheon
was called a "cookie shine" and many
novel features were Introduced. The
sorority's colors, wine and blue, pre
dominated in the decorations, which
were carried out with pepper boughs
and red carnations. Thirty covers
wore lulil.
The club decided yesterday thut it
would meet the third Tuesday of each
month and tho next time Mrs. Myers
of 306 Avenue Sixty-six will enter
tain tho members.
Event of the Month
The event »of the month , among the
dance loving society of the city will bo
the Bachelors' Cotillon club dance,
which will take place at Kramer's hull
Tuesday evening. January 8.
Those ' who will act as patronesses
urn time*. Hancock Banning, William
May Garland, Randolph ■ Miner, M. A.
Wilcox, Michael J. Connell, Wesley
Clarke, William R. Burke, Frank S.
Hicks, Granvllie MacOowan, Albert .1
Howard, Charles C. Monroe, Jaro yon
Schmidt,' Arthur Braly and' Edward
Silent The board of directors includes
Charles Seyler Jr.. Fred M. Phelpu.
Harry Kay, Carleton Burke, Norwood
Howard, Walter (1. Van Pelt, J. Kings
ley Macoinlier, Russell Qaylor. Arthur
A. Dodsworth, Arthur W. Huinllter,
lt. I' Flint and Qarnsey 15. Newlln.
Box Party and Supper
Miss Mary "Van Dyke . of the Hotel
Cumberland will be the hostess at a
"box party at the Auditorium Saturday
evening, to be given In. honor of Miss
Madge I.'' Sure, an , eastern < (in here
for the winter.* After the performance
the gue.sts, who ; will ' also ' Include Mrs.
Andrew Talnter and the Mlhhuh, Hur
detta and Ora Wilson, will have sup
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per at the Alexandria, where they will
bo joined by their men friends.
To Honor Bride. to. Be
Miss i.largaret Lee, whose engage
ment to Roy Koster ha 3 been an
nounced, will be the complimented
guest at a tea with which Mrs.
James R. Pinkham of 4665 Pasadena
avenue will entertain this afternoon.
Gives Excellent Reading
Miss Elmer Smith gave an excellent
reading of "The Scarlet Letter" last
evening before the members of the
Young Women's Christian association
at the association rooms. Third and
Hill streets.
Compliments Eastern Women
Miss Alma Christian of Dcs Moines,
lowa, and Mrs. W. H. Kennedy of
New ' York were the guests of honor
at a card party given by Mrs. W;
C. Bennett of 812 South Burlington
Large Reception
A large reception was given yester
day afternoon by Mrs. West Hughes
of West Twenty-third street.
Luncheon of Eighteen Covers
Miss Laura Solano of Flgueroa
and Twenty-third streets gave a
luncheon of eighteen covers yester
day afternoon.
Entertains with Reception
Mrs. C. R. Drake and her two daugh
ters, Misses Pearl Seeley and Eliza
beth Drake, of South Hoover street,
entertained with a largo reception yes
terday afternoon.
Delightful Dancing Party
Miss lUith Kays was the compli
mented guest at a delightful dancing
party given last evening at Hotel Hol
lywood by Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Camp
To Act as Hostesses
Misses Parsons and Dennen will be
the hostesses at the Collegiate school
dance which Is to take place the even
ing of January 12 at Kramer's.
Esser.Orriva Nuptials
Miss Klconor Esaer, daughter of Mrs.
Holm 1!. Orrtva Ol 1205 West Four
teenth street, will bo married to
Francis H. Orrlva Thursday evening,
January 10, at 8 o'clock in St. "Vin
cent's church, corner Washington
street and Grand avenue.
Hostess at Card Party
Mrs. William P. O'Meara. of 1010
Beacon street was the hostess yester
day afternoon at a card party given
in honor of Miss Frances O'Meara of
Salt Lake City.
A hand painted cup and saucer and
S '07 calendar prettily decorated with
pohiHottiaH were awarded us prizes.
In the card rooms a canopy effect was
obtained Crom feat< ■ of asparagus
pluniosiis and Hinilax and Christmas
bells and poinseltias added to thp dec
orativo effect. Winter scenes adorned
the score cards.
Formal Dance
Members of the Phiiothca club will
entertain with a formal dance at Kra
mer's Friday evening, January 11.
Misses Craig to Entertain
.Miss lOleanor Merrill of San Fran
cisco, whose engagement to Volney
Oraig of Loh Angeles has been an
nounced, will be the guest of honor
at a reception to bo given Wednesday
afternoon, Januury 9, by the Misses
Maltha and Kleanur Cruig of Lumau
da Park.
Whist Club to Meet
Mi. n i id Mrs. M. McCulluugh of 929
Wesi Eighteenth street will enter
tain the members of the T. T. K. K.
Whist club the evening of January 7.
To Become Bride
Miss Writ Allen, daughter of Mr.
ami Mrf*. William Altai of 2521 West
Sixth street, will become the bride of
Hugo ■ Iturgwulil Wednesday - evening,
January 9, at the home of her parents.
Rev. Baker P. Lee will perform the
ceremony and Miss Adella Allen of
Hot Springs, Ark., will attend the
bride as maid of honor and Miss Dove
Wadley will be bridesmaid. Walter
Callahan will stand with the bride
groom and Frank Belcher will serve
as page. Florence Lewis will carry
the ring.
To Be at Home to Club
The members of the Chez Sol club
will be entertained tomorrow after
noon by Mrs. Charles Patterson of
For Son and House Guest
A jolly little social affair was given
for the younger society set of the city
recently by Mrs. B. McCready of 614
Carondolet street in honor of her son,
George McCready, and his house guest,.
Cyril Pemberton of Stanford, who are
home for the holidays.
During the evening many unique pro
gressive games were played. One of
the most enjoyed was that in which a
horn was given to each, and pasted on
each was a label directing the bearer
to go to some place in th« house, as the
library shelf, etc., and there they would
find directions to take them somewhere
else. These instructions, which were all
different, took then over the whole
house, and at the end they found a
gypsy who told their fortunes. The one
who reached her first of course had'
their fortune told first. Many other
similar games were played during the
The supper table, which was laid with
twenty covers, was charmingly deco
rated with scarlet carnations and poin
settlag, combined with ferns. Through
the rest of the house holly, Christmas
bells and smllax were arranged.
Mrs. Wheat Entertains
Mrs. C. P. Wheat of Avenue Fifty-six
entertained thirty young women of the
Y. W. C. T. U. Saturday night at her
home. Games were played, and the
favors werp little hnnd-palnted
sketches of the world encircled by a
white ribbon and with the Inscription,
"All around the world the ribbon
In the parlors white roses were ef
fectively nrrunged and in the dining
room a color scheme of red and green
was carried out.
"If you want to know what people
think of your acting, go out in the
lobby and listen to what they tire say
ing as they come out of the show."
That is what Claude Usher, playing
this week at the Orpheum, says.
"Nineteen persons out of twenty,"
continued Mr. Usher," will not recog
nize the actor without his make-up,
and if your act is worth talking about
you will soon learn whut people think
of it.
"BometlmM we learn things we do
not want to know in that way. Dur
ing the yellow foyer epidemic in New
Orleans ■ couple of years ago Fannie,
my wife, and I were playing dates in
a western town, not ho very far from
the stricken city. We were billed us
the particular attractions of a cer
tain romantic performance. After the
show one evening I was standing with
another member of the company in the
lobby of the theuter smoking a good
night cigar, when some gentlemen,
Btandiiti? near, who had evidently seen
our show, were discussing the merit*
of the performers. Three out of the
quartet sftuiuul to have enjoyed the
performance, but the fourth could not
agree with the others. Several com
plimentary remarks were passed about
my wife's abilities uh an actress, bul
number four persisted in his adverse
criticisms. He could see nothing at
tractive in either the performer or the
"After v while the subject changed
and they began a discussion of the
fever plaguo and each had a remedy
to suggest. One maintained that as
soon as the froat came New Orleans
would he freed from the fever.
" 'Well,' said the dixMeutiiiy member,
in a tone that Indicated the tin.tllly of
his argument, 'if a frost Is all they
need they should get thin Claude and
LJ^' TH * Mar* of GOOD Ctothot
I R Know V* for Bmwt Valumt
the Use of
There are hundreds of cozy
warm, stylish overcoats here
that you'd be proud to wear,
and at prices you'd be glad
to pay. They're just waiting
for comfort, style-loving men
to get into them.
Whether you're long, short,
thick or thin there's an over-
coat here that will look just
right on you and feel just
right to you.
You won't find a bigger se-
lection of the right kind of
overcoats in Los Angeles.
. s
, 337-341 £outh Spring Str«et
Fannie Usher ought to go down there
for a week.'
"After that," said Mr. Usher, "I
found that I had pressing business
elsewhere and left— ln fact 1 skldooed."
» ■ »
Perjurer Found Guilty
By Associated Press.
PITTSBUHG, Jan. 3.— William B.
Decoata, the negro tailor arrested for
perjury after his testimony in the
Hartje trial, was found guilty by a
Jury this afternoon.
The negro coachman, Clifford Hooe,
has previously been sentenced to six
years In the penitentiary on conviction
of perjury.
Radiated Magnetism in Cure of Paralysis
To una Juice la attributed the our* of
the two-und-a-lmlf-yeur-oIU son of Jamea
£lm»<iorf. who, at the ac« of eighteen
months, beiam* a victim of Infantile
yaraly«U. Tie left Bide of the body and
both legs (rom the hips down w«ra par-
A t*w v eekß ago the child received
tho first of dally treatments with the
liuchelet generators.
After the nmt week there was steady
Improvement and now the parents re-
port that th* withered little legs vi«
rounding oirt again, the evidences '>t
paralysis growing less and lets.
807 Severance Bldg., cor. (th and Main
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Santa Gatatima 1 stand
Hotel Metropoie Now Open on the European
f Plan, With Cafe in Connection
Rooms $1.00 Per Day aal Up
Twn. boats Saturday, Urand illumination and eruption of Sugar- Xjoal
Saturday evenln*.
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r Oriental Nerve Tonlo
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Palma Heights
Newest and best at close-In properties.
Only tO minutes' ride from the builneit
renter. Itlur loin. lon prior*.
Hull* IHHI. Union Tru.l Hide
Corse* fourth and »prln«.
HOTEL "-a**.
ORENA m(| m
1:111 hum. m.w JjllillSaF
Opii. poatofTioe. * 111 fIIBHBTFI ll'
108 WEST 7 I'll BT. fiIAMyIW'SkJBJS
Fireproof ste«l blUg. '*™**s>riMmtiS
Beautifully furnished. -
V>*77 77 Should Use a
¥ OHM Herald Liner
on. Tom sum uiit
Chinese Teas and Herbs, Sanitarium.
Call and read testimonials at office.
Consultation Free.
08 H. Broadway.
Bet. oth and 10th sta. L,oa Angeles. Cut
The Sample Dlioe Shop Is selling
$2.00. $4.00 and $5.00 shoes, <£o
all size* for a pair V*-*
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V On Our Kamr Fayiaent Plan. ■■
•f Wiley B. Allen Company 1
f «1«-418 Booth Broad -B
B r^a^ aa^^^hnV*aMb-^n7
V. C. MILLER, Pr««ldent| J. •>
KHKKCU, Vie* Prea. and den. H(t-I
IVKS i: I'OBH. ttre. nml Trrna.
Venice of America Land Company
Fhvaesi iiuiu. 4»rr. ttttaaal a«i. -
Vc.tcc. CiU.

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