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OVER $25,000
Cause of Blaze Not
Standard Woodenware Company 8u«.
tain* Heavy Loss Through the
Third Big Fire in Two
Damage estimated at over 126,000
was done by fire of unknown origin at
the broom manufacturing plant of the
Standard Woodenware company, 2M
South 1..0S Angelei stroot, at n;l>> last
night. The lire was conflni d to the
small building in which it started. rh(
building was filled with valuable ma
chinery for the manufacture of brooms
and a large quantity of broom straw.
The loss is fully covered by Insurance.
The fire was ilrnt seen by patrolmen
•who were passing in the patrol wagotl.
An alarm was turned in and within a
few minutes a second alarm followed.
The department arrived on the scene
within a few minutes and after a great
deal of work succeeded In gaining con
trol of tho flames.
The fire started In the small building
adjoining the main Store of the firm.
There Is a thick fire wall between the
buildings and the door through it was
closed at the time. Had this door been
open it is probable the entire building
would have been destroyed and the
loss reach half a million. As it was
the fire was kept confined to the build
ing In which it started.
Cause Not Knows
An investigation was made immedi
ately after the lire by Chief Lips of the
fire department and other officers, but
it was impossible for them to learn
the cause at the time. The buildinp; la
lighted by electricity nn<\ the machin
ery is run by the same power. Ac
cording to employes the switches used
to control the power were turned off.
These switches arc in the main build-
Ing There wns no light about the
buiiding after it was locked for the
night, and the only cause that can be
assigned for the fire Is that a match
was carelessly thrown among some 01
the straw shortly before the closing
hour nnd the flames smouldered until
they caught the wooden frame work.
This is the third lire the place has
suffered. A year ago the firm sus
tained heavy losses due to a Ore said
to have been set by William Brain, a
young man who is now confined In the
insane asylum. Two years ago the
building also suffered serious damage
through a fire of unknown origin.
The officers of the Standard WOOd
enware company are: Frank Hum
phreys, president; E. Wievers, vice
president; E. J. Levy, secretary.
President Pease Adds Yonkin and
Clampitt to Committee of Investi
gation, The/n Recalls Both
, Inquiry into the police affairs at the
receiving hospital will be <li layed us a
result of a rump mccl n ■ council
held after the session of Monday.
Councllmen Wri n, W 11 ici an | Lyon
had been named as the committee of
Inquiry and nt the rump meeting Pn »l
dent Pease was prevailed on to name
two inon members, Clampitt and sfon
kin. Each of the two latter is a Btrong
partlsiin of certain candidates — Yonkin
for Garrett nnd Clampitt for Quint, it
is stated.
Later it was discovered that HiU
action was illegal and President Pease
recalled the appointments.
Councilman Wren was culled out of
the city yesterday, hence the committee
cannot meet for son:,- .lays.
Two Arcs Reinstated by Commission,
While Two Others Fail to Get
Redress — Old Cases Again
Threshed Over
The police commissioners lust night
nt i heir special meeting disposed of ;t
jiumbur of pending cases of reinstate
F . E. Vassfir, who \v«^ accuser] In
_-t_yi_D__l.loii with tho samu case on which !
-: -. _B_B_B_H_^_^_^_^_^_^_M * ' ~
„-■-■„ -■-■ ■' ' BBSs j'■ ■ ' ■ ■^Hamii '
lt, h SmHBB '■ \ I Bl'*'! 1 '- '
_|^__HHS| i ' 1^ ■ 5 - v "*'"'" 'i'^"" : ' ! Hlni(-d i
HSHHEH "-'" -' cm ' I m Hum j
jaBHE WWJBi £_^_E_n I ■ _H WHS '
Ptf ~-,'-r> : X'- fflfe.jaatlff^i'juift'tvH^^yJ^Baal iclu- .
:-■ i^mffijw_^l_BW_W_ijW|Mw_M-
I-* l f" <"iTtl.sC B gjjfl.yas
;-•*', ifVv _ "» H>>!>
; /' - jH H
ts*-r ■i*■ » i 7 '**"'-■ Bl" •
raw your byes nuamo nun * \vl\J^ ''■"'' V*s a ■ ' ** '""■ :: ii- :^' : iW3«'/^-! WK'HB mtAßoma TUB bam
-Bxp«rt optician 3d floor. All modern ■ ™*\3"RO3COSSSC_- <^O3?_ Ta\T!CTJte' 1/ ,2^s^^. «: X^-S&ZrjnMZ idSTTVI ■tt<y*& Ta^s\J : §?. OOOIW SBCTIOfI on "'" hnlrony HO " 9
mettiodi and Instruments. |f JH->*aEUjEtS,^ * '/VJmV DoolnSr*"* "'"' llottpr service. Ihan
Boys' suits $5 1 Ready lor a Third Great Day l Art Linens 35c
With TWO Pairs # a*^*^ •» J± *"AifcA J& W VO><» M^ It's an f odd squnres mostly, suit-
°f pant * With Mew Strength Born of Mew Values s&*BJffi*_SS3s
SJ™WwISi l 2 wSrit'd^'tw^edi "and We're celebrating our eleventh birth month with nil the enthusiasm we can crowd into every department. And enthusiasm from '"'"" ''"l" l ''"^
rigrht"'Sha.deV r o* Pr an """own" our stand P oint means unusual savings for you. From a tiny single floor store in 1896 the Broadway has grown to be one of the
Norfolk ptyies. one pair of knicker- strongest merchandising factors in the whole world in 1907. Bold, different, aggressive methods, founded on straightforward, Care of the Feet
pant" Couldn't duplicate' the«e al ?ot honest principles have won and will continue to win. We're going forward with strong, steady strides. Kee^your f '.V' I ". '"" 1 condition nnd
& oV^le^VfL'? 55 * 00 h ™&F™ Celebration Time Now— Celebrate with Us and Save Money t^Z. f Trul^^d'^ r ;t'S
Know "'■ ' >cona noor - * cony win remove it for Sic.
AXNIVKHSAHY PRICES OX / Stnndnnl PiHterna Cnt «n nrmt Ail- The Third Day of the Anniversary Brings
vmihhko— Thi« department in the im I nird Uay or me Anniversary Brings
Good Quality Linen ann * <now ' Mmc Rheda the Maoirhn
"Wednesday at The Broadway li always a day of linen values, doubly Import- rVT/"YnrirV! CVTn A C ******* VIIvWO.) ll »v I ■CXf : ,l»_lcil 1
ant this week for Anniversary prices rule* I\KJ I lUll L.A I KAj Known the world over for her wonderful feats In Japanese nnd Hindoo magic. Sh w m a i v - f r ._ exhibition, on
\ tho second lloor nnnox, startliiß today. " ° co rxnioitions on
DAMASK J7Hc — blenched, 68 In. NAPKIN'S »2.75 DOZ.— Satin damask, i I'OH ANJfIVEHSAIIY Among: other things, she will do the Hindoo llnwer-RrowinK trick In which n ..^ i. n .,^.x .1 . . .
Wide! a good weight, soft finish; ns- 21 In. square, extra weight, all linen, This is the time of year we set aside sprouts and (trows before your very eyes, si.,' will rut off the (lowers and dlstrihtitn them nml! #«. y,V ntctl<
sorted patterns. Today 37% c yard. pretty putterns. Third floor price, to put the real value giving power Very few magicians know the secret of this trick. ui»inoui« '" "' among mo audience.
$2.75 doz. of The Broadway before you In the She is going to demonstrate and sell
TAHIiR DAMASK AT 75e — Satin fin- ». i.-uri'iii/i-n vipui v« sni •[-. 110/ strorißost possible lIkIH. a 1«_ w » T-.,, Lo C C L
Ish, 66 in. wide, all linen, an Annlver- ™0 in. square soft nnlshaVsf^edpat^ ere making Jt more to your ad- A A\aClC Toy at 25 Cents
sary price, 75c. '"■'"•' »•••'■»«•■ $1.30 doz., today. wa n n\ a you tO to b kJ;o h w;it. eV ße ad ftfi. ad! The kind Hermann and Kellnr u»e-lhe kind >•.■;« c-nn do nny number of tricks with ' thoUliwi 11 » will delight
70 IX. DAMASK 66c— Cream table HITK TOWELS Be— Slse 18x18, good vertlsement. Read these Items. """ today. I ** ?' """^ f ° lkS ' FlrSt ° xhlbUlon .it 10 o ciock this morning. Be sure and come and ion Mmc Rhodu
damask, 70 In. wide, medium weight, medium weight, hemmed ends, red l).\lt.\l\(< 11A1.1.S 3c— Egg-shaped ' '
rill linen, choice patterns to select borders, soft nnii absorbent, "c values with handles worth 6c. """"~—^ ______ __ __ ______ ________
from. 76c values at 66c. for 6c. Third floor today. CIinLIXQ IRONS ec—Tourlst folding 6n6 nr { n d \pprle Ir\ Ratomnnf i^l • n^
HATH TOWELS l-3c— Cream hath towels. 20x40 Inches, fringed ends, red Style. VJUI 111_ l^GdJld 111 JLJadCIIlvIll \ I /> rVI ■ f» /%, Q|la
borders, Regular price 10c, today at 8 l-3c. SAFETY PIXS 3 cards se. __, _ V/l ICI I lI3C O"C
: Mi. virnisnings for r »» a.v.mvkh.sahv sale
■WT mm j _f-» mm _»--, A _<-« ANNIVERSARY PRICES! T he muslin underwear section fig-
Kernelled Corn 11 Cents a Can CARDKN HOSI : lIAKI , s \, lIORS S^JrcS^^o?^
lRe to mo REGULARLY _^.-.____ ___._. /tfß\ * 5 - 98: 50 feet ' ro ° ' "ar.len rakes *>JV muslin, deep yoke trimmed with
It's a sugar corn with all the hulls removed; requires little cooking; add small quantity* of P^y^— — "*' ' "/SSQ" // f\ 111 1 A rubber complete nnd hoes; strong. ' " emhrolderv nut full «.-«ii m >
milk. The famous "Union" brand; many delightful recipes under the label of each can; serve j£ST_. ""T* 7 ?! M \\ \ w ith nnnnllna-.' well made n,,,, 1 o-.m . , n I. made. 60c
It as a vegetable; put It in soup. We purchased a great quantity of it under wholesale cost. P*^TTr^| -Ji / I \ couplings, wen made. Base- garments 89c. Third floor.
Anniversary sale price, 4th floor, today, can lie; doz. cans $1.80; fourth floor. l:" i__fiuT_Vs"'il //J ~LL guaranteed for ■_ , ment today, 26c
MCLAUGHLIN'S V\\\ COFFEE 17c- SIMON PURE LABI) U fjf®*T7C7s3?V V /&£ ?^?>^ sensons. $«.2n reg- ones nt ench. ■«•*• DRAWERS 250
An Anniversary sale price, hurrying out Armour's Celebrated Leaf Lard. 8-lb. pall 60c; 5- y&'Y S§ffl,E^.V,'ll «§» =: §_>T tilarly. Complete „..„,„ . KonK _ " We with wide ruffle, trimmed wllh
inothpr "' lot of the ,000-pound, 000-pound pur- In. pull 80c: 10-lb. pall J1.55. Stands for best. Mall iM'pHt ! « : /Saf *7^^^tV\^ todnv S5 9S Bnse- SXIKE 151"* J hue insertion nnd ltu-e cd B e. hem-
.noilnr rjipr lot oi tne buuu-pouna pur the seal from any pall to Armour & Co., Chicago, tV^ff-rJ^V^l ft//&< VfIVU, |' .V. V * HOXES Ro— Made stitched tucks, too. They are extra
HAM LOAF lie tor an art calendar, free. IwSf B .^_* • 'i/ ; 7r ' of w r.-. 50,,.,. ,n ■■ nh ''-.'"'" '" 39 '- Today, third floor,
Regul.rlßc tins ready to serve: enough "iiiitxs.iiAiiiitO'Cinii you , cc Is ■ iSf i )^ a - ■■* 'I D««*A CUSPI- handy' household IV I -■".
Rpenlnr 1 5c tins, rondv to servo : rn^\ip:h „ - ' n ■ ' liA " f 1 " I< >•>•'"' if; Tj£> 2kkJ// ciii\ \ i'l*hi*i- hfindv hnimnhnlil
in each can for four portions. mpa: re price, and quality with the kind you see m* m J& O^ W& £__;. 2 .V-Regu- ■ article 6c each. I B»e SKIRTS _«.
--I- iims»tiv«i'. ' S LBS. PINK BBAN9 2.% c— weight. It's the Broadway way of sell- •*_5_S _T .^ lar size, neatly , tooth picks ' ' Xn °" length, made of splendid mus-
fiuit jams 2 TINS I.lc Ing groceries that»counts. jfeSLt^r?SaW decorated Todnv : auX-LftrM tit! /—J L«n. mad.' with ruffle, trimmed with
Dozen tins Ssc; pure fruit, No. 1 tins; BUCKWHEAT FI'.OUH I7e— R. B. Buckwheat Flour, sold by nil j^________Q i hnspmon?' »,5h hovnT- '«? hn*£« /^ hemstitched hem. An Anniversary
popular flavors. Fourth floor. trust stores at 20c. Today 17c package; 3 for 50c. ' LfT ,i . ' \_fl „} Basement. each oil, /each boxcb /._.'/ Price 25c.
I . .. . . — . — - 1 FISH GLOBES SOp ■ ' •-'■• «O\VNS n.Sn
Sil 9*» WAInT^ O^r All sizes, three gallon size. Anniversary price today, basement, each S!lc. Made of line muslin, high, square,
3\.i.0 TIHIJI J VOL or V-shaped neck, cut very full,
White lawn waists, fasten In the back. Front made of all-over embroideries; made with three-quarter length *1.2.". SOWING TABLES l»Se deep yoke trimmed with embroidery
sleeves with lace cuffs; waists that sell In n regular way at $1.25. Anniversary price today, second floor, 95c. Folding sewing tables, made of hardwood polished, Ofic ench today. Base- or lace. $1,26 values at USe for the.
__________________________ _____ ____——————————— — — _____ ________ ______________ ment. ' ' Anniversary sale.
$70,000 in Three Hours Was Taken from the Mine Adjoining the
A T _■_ JL JL A i JSLJBL AML Ml Ml AML A 1 v_^ V/ \~J M.SL JL A MLMLM^d
We are going to try to do the same stunt on the Manhattan=Cocktail property. Will you help us?
Location of Prop= If ■, t |^^»i_^_f ;^ j » . ' .^^S ,ii Boring for
Tlie property owned b> the Manhuttan-Cock- .^ )>^ > I R^R^^flXK • f^l' W^XW^'"-" '■ • f*- - '\pi^^^^ ' '- I uJg
if.*rt n w'cs t 'v Jii'li.ui > priiii^^ hdm «in] c* ins t n c \ ■ 'f? ■^sS'^^!i^jt'^^^3PwE -^L. .("V^?- •-•-■>*<?*)%* -^ ■■•■ •_,-■■■■■ - x*"' v' - : " ( ■■H +^- ♦ * f *\Ers*&mtt*!!^^^''~**'"^^ ■ ? Tlic "\linh *itt!in-C*oclct ii ICo liivp coiiinocd
\J'i \LiXI&s.JLCJL LiOfii CiaaLtf . :: v . % ''^C// *<'* /^•*^^~'*" :i T^^^ii»-«^r''«'*^*-*' t .,» . -" —*---'*--'*. x^S v *J diameter. Read Mr. Sivyer's report and you
*-* », « « , • C^^&'>l^V'»(* (V il^''^C'^T4'l^ >l> %niM 'i^i > ' will readily see that we have great values
■ • a • • s P^^^^^^^^^S<fi^^fe* : *' 3^S^^^f ' ' /"C^^^^^^^^m bought the great Okcll Drill to find out how
nr^anizeVtlndcr "he^aws of" ArizonJ^'idls <lot ' P ° Ur VaIUCS arC aml HH ° W rkh tllC ° rC
\j\^ - '^-"f/r:?:^ "/; ■7;V^;f^^*'^^P|P| -- We are going todriUforgold. Will
in tlie treasury which will l.c sold for the de- . . ''. ' " ''',-" "' '" , ' '•<'*'" \J j We promoted Daisy Extension and Mo-
Mi' I ',, ll "«"-' I 'iV)ni)0 l l' n '1 ■' ert - v ;i1 " 1 '!" f»rst a" 0 ' ''■ ' "^--.i^/" -J hawk Junior and doubled our clients' money 1
ment of 200,000 shares ai 1 cents have all been I ft . ', .- ; ' . - ■■*•*■:. _. _| - 1 •>
sold. The next allotment goes on today at 5 Ihl. I. th» new drill wbUli J. ■„ voiuiiu _l. d me miuinti Indu-lry. Vbe 1-. A. suuoaaid Co., have tbe ..«.-..•> lor 11.1. drill. for them in 30 days. We will try to do the
cents. I— — , ___! same for you.
120 000 SHARES SOLD YESTERDAY The Ground Floor Price is 5 Cents
U V R ' U _31_Li^l\__-_3 _S^rJL.IJ 1 I^^Xl_.lVJLFi_. X So Wire of Telephone Your Order at Once
$ 50.00 will buy 1.000 shares, par value $1,000 I ><^*ts^§^N. v^^^^^^S. 1^ « /\ A I¥l C I 1 11 _" ll I I
75.00 will buy 1,500 shares, par value .. ... 1,500 /^^ •»• '**- ' ' -• ' X /SMpJ^ r "*^^ "^ -*--»-O -A. l _AL.^^/ JL-*' V^r^_«.^^ ji. mr«L
100.00 will buy 2,000 shares, par value 2,000 n-^^*S&S!k^&li§%S. Jy!fwsiri!3&?' «w
125.00 will buy 2.500 shares, par value 2,500 _/^.'' *tt-d^__'Wv''^y lt> *^ '' 'vKf . ( /^^^.-%\\ 1 1 ■^"^w^_\ m _f _-«-_r% 11^*^ _r~» ~_ T
IS will 2 .SS£i£ :::::::::::::: »S /I^^^P^^^^pS^\ company
CUT OUT AND MAIL TODAY / Stocks rP and 5 Bonds
" Brldbury fiSg., Los Angeles, Cal. sharcsnt '^^^^^SffS^ 443 Bradbury Building
Gentlemen Reserve fur m. shares of 6s=^mkV hjtf%tif -Dl<itlUliry 1 >ll 11 U I Hi;
Manhattan-Cocktail at 5 cents per share and enclosed please r QCtssjy^^., ri _ p^gg^C^ d;d^t_^>^ f ** c^
find $ ' Oo.you.WCAK? 9 PHONE AB7Ol TELEGRAPH
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