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Splash Around In Venice Swimming
Pool and Altogether Have
Time of Their
Thn Tai-om.-i visitors worn taken on
an excursion over the first part of the
Hill. m. route by Hi" LOS Angcles-I'a*
, -Kit- railway Icrday. Two special
„ ,,,. were provided and Btopi wero
innde at attractive pi. ires along the
At Hollywood Paul dc Lonirpre's mag
nificent homo, was thrown open to th"
travelers and they spent ten minutes In
p lrolllnß through the house and
grounds, The gorgeoui (lower display
•wan a revelation of beauty to the
northerners, As they gaied enraptured
nt the riot Of blossoms and foliage, the
gardener remarked, disparagingly,
"Walt till Bummer comes and we'll
hnvp something worth seeing." The
commercial aspect of the visit to the
southland wan forgotten for a few mo
ments and the visitors admitted that
even their beloved Tncoma could not
show such a dream of bounty.
Swim at Venice
At Venire the sißhts.-ers. oppressively
dignified and steeped in commercial
ism, threw dull tat.- to the winds and
K nve themselves over to an abandon of
childish delights. They rode on the
Venice railway, threw baseballs at the
doll babies, runt; the Panes find, best
of ail, splashed around In the nata
totium like a lot of schoolboys playing
hookey from school. (Secretary Pratt
showed them how t.> do a double buck
Illp off the spring board and Henry
Mohr gave an exhibition swim under
water. A comparison .>f the side ele
vations of the two men in bathing suits
was much In favor of the former and
he easily excelled Mr. M.dir In float
ing. Mr. Titlow Is suffering from a
sprained ankle and was unable to go
in. but he stood on the edge of, the
pool and waved his stlik and cheered
the others.
Venice was the last stop and on the
home trip, all along the flower-strewn
roadway, the excursionists leaned from
lhe windows, singing, "(ilory to Ta
riniiii." Every man was passed down
the line through the ears with the re
frain of a song which sounded some
think like this:
Hero's to Bill Bpllvlns: lie's here, too;
He'd an old booster, tried and true;
So nil .ii. a bumper and drink to him
For when he Roes to heaven he will go
til.- oth^r way.
This afternoon a trip to Redlands wll!
be taken and tomorrow they will vlsil
Panta Catallna.
Implies that Some One Was so Ann
ious to Get a Hearing that He
Was Willing to Pay
for It
"I want to sny it Is never necessary
lor any applicant before this board to
offer anything from dollars to zebras or
anything else to set a hearing."
With th.-si- sensational words Mayor
Harper announced at the meeting of
the board of police commissioners yes
terday that he would have to vote no
on v license application, though yes
terday lie would have voted yes.
He had Just remarked that he had
before him a certain application had
wholesaler's license, but something had
happened which made him change his
No more was said beyond submitting
the application of Henry Timmerman,
to start a wholesale liquor house at
615 Pico street, northwest corner of
Pico arid Flower street.
A motion was Immediately put and
carried to deny the application.
The special paper bore a report from
Chief Kern, saying that the applica
tion was for a ground floor in a build
ing, the upper doors of which were
rented for hotel purposes. About 574
feet of frontage holders give their con
sent. There is a church near by. The
district Is a residential one.
in November. 1905, F. Partenlco made
application similar to Timmerman for
a wholesaler's privilege and it was re
Timmerman is a native of Hamburg
and resides at 1 13T> Kast Thirty-first
Valentine Domingo, a Mexican la
borer, fell from an Inbound West Adams
tax, between Eleventh street and d
car between eleventh and Twelfth
Hlroets on Hill yesterday afternoon.
His right foot was crushed and the
tlrst two toes of his left foot were cut
Domingo wanted to pet oj( at
eleventh street ami was ptandmg on
the st.-p. prepared to alignt when the
car Stopped. In some way he slipped
and tell, both feei going under the
wheels of the car.
The Injured man was taken into the
receiving hospital, where it was found
necessary to amputate his right fool
After the operation was performed
Domingo was taken to the oounty hos
Qeorge and Lewli Memias, brothers,
ware arrested y.sterday allernoon by
Detectives Mi-Namara and I 'rain OH a
charge of assaulting Harry B. Dye, a
tiun catcher, Dye was struck on tlie.
head with v plect) Of «as pip.- and when
taken to the receiving hospital was
found to be suffering with a concussion
of the brain.
The Mend. is brothers are Qreali
peddlers. They were driving near the
county hospital. A large dOS was fol
lowing the wagon. Dye saw the d.>n
was without H tat; and ueiit to catoh
him. The Aien.ias brothers are said to
have resented his acilonn and a Hklil
resulted. Dye was tound lying tsapon
<>ious in the roadway and be was taken
1., the receiving hospital.
If you want lo «o m.i, c. HayUocK,
Ag-.ni Illinois Central v k.. us w. «tn.
f\^^ For Gray Tweed Wool Suit' H I*** ' " '■■■" l ** <Mi3 * M " ll " "" """" ■'■■■iU Embroidery Flounc — I
XQr> "•*• "forth to f,.so '"* Wnrth '.' " f SS()C
■ M V »'oino In nil thr pnpiilnr shndos of cmv from thr vrry MBTm m SaU MIB Mm. Mlk m. . II /& MWtJM t W I " lr H'.mirii W-^r m m.
V^^ T IlKhl.'-l 1.. Ihe dark oxford. In pi:, hrokni ityMWL TITTPnIIM WTF Mtlllr TaM*Jr| \J I '"' '■ '
chock* nnd mixed efforts; Is n nno smooth weave; very H Vf Tf *_^ "^ XW<I*"IJK V^ * ,„,,,, „, ,i a | r ,tj rmlmssod shadow ami eye-
- tin. nnd d.iribl. ;I- full 1« Inehos id- -nd the bIRK-st Ij DIJ\CF TO if TRADE, I '" ' !f " ■■' ''■ llor!)l linrl "'" ''' ;;> ■■' ■' '• ~~-— -"- =-~~ "
• bßrgnln ov»r offered over ■. dross goods counter; Is posl- 11 r***-v*»*m j.w^- inrwu nicely flnlnnptli has iicrfrct edges and am „,
lively the regular $1.60 suiting. BBBnHBBBsTHHfInHuBBsVBBBIMDJBBSssBsHBBsSBBsVHBBMHHHBaHII ;<\\ riort rxchwivo j.sittonis. „
Hl^ Dainty UJash LV&aD@s jffim «
|^ — 'i 5000 Yards In J^ew Spring Colorings to Choose From C**^ [Jj ° JWupSJH' i:
,' This bifj sale, coming as it docs dnrinp the season of Lent when society events and obligations arc for the time /)^^^^'y^^> /^^^\l ' ••
IC^^^^^Ajcr^*^.^^^ being laid aside, will give you a splendid opportunity of doing your early spring shopping and !_'gctt.ing busy" '■ ••
V^»3ltfcrftLQs^(a^^^9^>b with the dressmaker. Thousands of yards of dainty crisp wash weaves arc showing lien- : all the ckM and pretty -^^^^^^^^^^^^f I '•'.
/^S^^S^^^^g^S^^^^^rtpw effects and new color combinations; every fold tells a story of summer comfort and daintiness; .-it.- quality and ~\^^^^^^^^^^^Z><^^J ' '•
*^a&%rG2£x?22'^^ m colors arc the most durable; prices are much less than you'd expect to pay. - -^^ \ \\
Be Among the Early Shoppers Wednesday I
\mm For Plaid Dress Chintz Worth Sic \ Plaid libertines Worth 25c at ii *r% f
! «fs^ df^ A special offering of these new cotton dress fabrics; there is a big assortment of \ One of the most popular of the new wash weaves; arc in the fancy black and M i 1 J&^b ', *
: ■ m even checks and broken plaids, including many of the best color combinations; \ white patterns and exceedingly pretty; it is a very fine close weave, soft &7 Vyff '; t
; 6|^y V*** you can buy these materials with a perfect assurance that they are fast colors; j ; finished fabric and highly mercerized ; splendid for waists; gives excellent fir JjT >W/ %
\ "will give most excellent service and are especially suitable for children's dresses. ; service and will launder perfectly. ; |
I Fancy Batistes, Fancy Chambrays and r For Imported Scotch Ginghams Embroid* A
Dress Ginghams at .... / , ! ered Lingerie and Coin Spot Foulards : i
■;..-'■-.■'' *§ /f"tßk / 4f"^k ££SS? Splendid imported Scotch ginghams .•>_ inches wide and arc in even \ 5
In the batistes arc a splendid assortment of dots, checks, stripes and JF $J» __ r^ %) S J*^. -_ checks of various size; the colors are blue, pink, lavender, black and |•>
pretty floral designs; is a fine sheer texture and comes in the most pop- I M M? oM* \ £*" ff^ \ white; are splendid materials, very soft and silky finish. The embroid- ! |
ular patterns ; the chambrays are in shades of blue, pink, tan and red, ( 3 J&. 2^* jLr %JT ored lin f-T- '? a dainty w , llitc drc , ss m . ;iUTi :il .i. i " 1 n c , at '■"''"•"i'l^ccl <lc- \ %
1 „.' ... lui^ir-i " maav «m>Mr ~mm^ sign and line stripes, very sheer and positively cannot be duplicated else- ; 4
with small figures in white; are very pretty and absolutely fast color ; , w^ efe for less an 35c - Tlu . oiin spotg a] .- a soft sj , kv ghed white |
In the dress ginghams you will find a splendid lot in the best colors and ; ; material with spots of blue, lavender, navy, red and black; will launder %
color combinations, including plaids and stripes as well as many odd 1 ; ■ very nicely and give good service. •;
and pretty figures; are fast colors and will launder perfectly. J ___■____——_ ■■ • ;;
, _ _, -..,.«. , r-. . f For Embroidered Swiss, Embroidered Lin' V,
Fancy Henriettas, Plaid Zephyrs and Fig. *\ |.| geHe and Dress Linens |
Urea XJiglinillVa U. .......... T\\c Swisses are in small, medium and large dots; neat figures and very •>
The henriettas arc a splendid quality white cotton with black line jo^ A^^s. i 5337 elaborate embroidered designs; arc genuine imported goods, the dots %
checks, plaids and stripes; full 36 inches wide; will launder nicely and % Jr ffl jr^ S>£*bl /a m -i are lie sort t iat w '" not ' )U " out wnen laundered, arc very sheer. Also '•'■
•ire very serviceable; the plaid zephyrs are in handsome patterns; a I W w M§^ \ jfc If M ff^ 1 pretty lingerie waistings, very soft and filmy weaves: are highly mer- -•
very fine quality and come in the most striking color combination ef- [ jfa \_JT V:' ®M %J? V^ cerized and resemble silk ; have small white embroidered figures and ! X
feet's- included 'are blue pink, brown, red, black and white. Also in the V floral designs. Hie" dress linens are full 36 inches wide and come in |
itcis. mciuucu are uiuc, jmiin, uiu • ' a . , . . . ] blue, in dark, medium, light and navy, also pink in light, medium and *
lot are fine figured organdies in very elaborate floral designs in laven- ! oM rose shades; red, helio. tan, green, nile and olive/in the most deli- %
dcr, blue, pink aikl yellow with fine white background and are all new ;! 1 ca c shades; white and black included; pure Irish linen and absolutely 2
patterns ; very pretty for afternoon or evening wear. J ; * fast color. *
Trade \!f\fjf\nc \\ Trad Toilet Soaps Trade Sale of Ribbons I
\rtlO ** it V^tC'Xi^sT €/%J ! \ We guarantee these toilet soaps to be the best and purest made; I "^^"4 '• *
kJ Lilts A ', for this big sale we have named prices that in many Instances M'///Ll ' ft™' '" .1 W/f/ffi .LLJL-^H (({////, -===> ////, s — 7"">i // '■■ ''' '"' %
' \ are a third to a half less; for your bath and toilet uses you can ■/ [MS " ' \-W-rt y/// /<ii^t(S*^/l//t "&nT"t : I/////^A * } (On — "^ *
gl»»riWßßlgl»T»mil^BTimmgM^BMEßWEff l^ l> '--^-f"nni H^ffr" u TWi'^Mf'^'ss ( well afford to buy your summer's supply. *///»£•'•"'' l'|ci:ir IH\\ ! ''wS=r a'a //I At « '*/ *™ *'^' ' ■ Wjf-. <S ♦
U lf^\ 11)1' 'l^—am-^J 1 1 1 <C*tf^s^\\\llllf f/?)lltt]\\\\ (C^i+^JlllHlll/l/^^k. B " Francli Bernaldo" Cattile Soap, Worth 2Sc 4 |L^'” ~\ ' \ ~'\ u\S^^. °a '//'l*^ 8 * ' M///& I^ '^' "
|fir ! ; lOC Jdeal ss o v a°p for o the te skh" 40c fo°ap^espeoi'a'uy 're^om- Thousands of yards of ribbon beauty in all the new spring fancies |
?> ' a ( in violet odor; three cakes in mended for purity and quality; , « mm ) -„.,; . „.;,1.|,. citii-iKI,. f „- ill „- ,, c *?
. , i ench ox and worth 25c. 3 cakes in box; worth 60c. ana color com ions; w ultlis suitable toi all uses. v
A splendid opportunity for saving on the thousand and one litttle tn For box co i d crparn o/r_For box Colgate's toilet . *
things needed in your work basket; prices are exceptionally small. j. aY.nsTsZ ;; X oo i h le tor chU " SjanS' g?yoefe : T^ I" FOR RIBBONS WORTH 25c AT . , — |
UPor best quality Ironing wax; -> r For spool linen finished thread; CM ?nl. ca'n^o t'l°onl /"/^For box Witch Hazel t/w Thousands of yards of plain and printed taffetas, mjL, %
1C doth covered and wood handle. OL 100 yards, black only. ; vioiette, witch hazel, sandal tlf- 3 soap: pure and antisej- — ' satins and sat in taffeta ribbons in widths to Xo. 40 ; *^ •?
wood and heliotrope; worth tic; 3 cakes in box; worth 15c. . ' «
i n For cube pins, full 100 count, as- -I- For package invisible hair pins; ', »c. ° *' _ For cake: »ss6'i glycerine included are the new plaids, stripes, checks and small dotted pat- *
4C sorted colors and black and white. OL black or gold, full count. <y/^Cr r "n,r n . kk o c , J ? P i',,r r 'e c-i Ikes1 kes arent" Oa oomes PU in "tt-rTound terns ; black, white and every wanted Staple color; also many of I
I c Package for good brass pins, needle ?1c For Marcell wavers; nickel and sell regularly at 10c. bars and Is worth 16c. i the prettiest color combinations. V
pointed, full count. LOL plated; popular sizes. " ?nc SkSSSIs 50c w^^To^.oo. 1 25 c S&lS'&'Sc !
v/« sr affis -aar— -sc s jues ss: w—| ? nc SSSS Ss §& 50c wwo° ooo r r ?h t°o% s ,oo. 25c c
<>»/,, For dozen Mdm. Louis hair curl- C- For pair hose supporters for chll- I^rrrr'^r?':':':-:":"'-'- - ~'rr''^'-'":''rrrr^-'r'-~-:*:':-''r^rr^ >^^^ 1^! floral patterns In shadow effects on | colors: widths are to No. 150; also ♦
«73»' ers; all sizes. OL dren; black and white; flexo grip. < cream or white groum ■; others plain , Included are fine gauze ribbons with *
IF For BOX IDkitin&'s Initial pastel shades. embroidered, floral designs, X
k For full count pkg. good wire hair iei c For yard velveteen brush braid, \ \\C ,?, .«,■.■?, 111 jilt %
pins; crimped, all sizes. black only. OU^ Writing Paper Worth 49c % £\ FOR RIBBON WORTH TO 25c AT 10c f
if. For dozen genuine whalebone,!' \(\ r For featherbone collar support- A very special offering for today only; included are all new | a B/"* ,-, ,-.• ,T , . . r>___ , •■ *. . tre *. . l>
lOC best quality standard weight. '! IWC e rs black or white. i styles in the celebrated box Initial paper; envelopes to match; ■ 111. Beautiful Persian ami Dresden effects m taffeta, also <>
.:•], i any initial wanted and are our regular 490 box. ; m. V*, pl a i c l s am stripes ill two-toned effects; are ill widths %
\(\r For waist bands for boys; elastic) 2l/ C For card safety pins, good /Q For pound package Hurlbut's Express Linen Writins . o \'o 100 • white blick an evenill"- slrides ?
lUC loop; saves buttons. i*• /2^ quality, nickel plated. 'yC p aper worth cents. to JNo. IUU; white, oiack ana evening snacies, „
_)_ _ ( ,;^ - - -L^-u-^a-.r ■--^-> . *'
'■ Continuation {JJaist Sale /p^) SsM Wednesday Special Sales I
* TT IJ. T\ * — ' in~ZK^]f 9to 11. No Phone Orders I i*c — i i
nt Hnlt S^ncpa Jmi ♦
\A,L M.AKA,LJ A # ttCJ ft( , FOR COWHIDE SUIT /jm for corsets WORTH 75c 0/W I
•|)4.70 CASE WORTH $7.50 /Li^C* Aro on Kal ° for '"" hours Wednesday morning cnly; /?£} \ 5 X
WAISTS WORTH $2.00 AT Q is fun 5 ... size: made of -the be,; nudity tKM\J^J some of these corsets htive become Bllghtly soiled (if_*2h X ?
WAISTS WORTH $2.00 AT g^ r\ \is full 84.|noh slse: made ol the bes' quality vw through display and handling; ure made of excellent [W I
, , ... , fJyW* cowhide, nicely lined with art linen; has shirt n11 ., 1 ,,.i..i a „„* „n v w?,» i n i ... lot- _„.,, n.Liilir -„. vnlnaa V7^/r^*^*yt?Vs\ _ — U.
Splendid assortment of patterns Vfl I '"''' "'"' '"'"' li; 1"'"' Ml:l >'" "' l> V iv , '""' n 'V IllllterlalB nnd "" Mzts "' "" '" t ' nri rißU " u lllt v< " u< - s - „i| |||V|l|TlMil[!lliFl
1 . ' . \mJ \^ heavy leather corners and handle; is fitted with » — „,_ ...»»_^ „ m. 7,1 m jfrtiBmfnNP*^'l/iffiflMWK
and styles; some are trimmed polished brass look ami catches and has Bell /"*) m FOR WOMEN 75c UNDERWEAF|^^^^^^^^^^^g^^^^
with all-over lace insertions; others daintily em- : rtvetßl _im»emein /.^C [ ''"' two hours Wednesday morning; fine s ''^^^^BmsIiwiIBMMMIIWS
brnidered tuckinp-s and insertinps- lontr and short '. MM\J\* garments; vests have high neck and '""^^^^^^^S^^&^^^^P^S
Droiaereu uiCKings ana mscnings, long ana »non FOR 32-INCH TRUNK ills " '" ""• '"' '" ' low neck sleeveless ki^^^^^il^^^W
sleeve styles ; are positively worth $2.00 ; specially 2Sf| UK wnpTH d. Q nn '' lai " '"' lace trimmed yokes/i pants to matoh are kueo >>'> B^^^^^te'f *^^S^^^
i c tit j •|/"»> WUKIH s>y.uu ( ] trimmed with laces, made with French bands; in the a ■^^^^^^^B =^^^^^p&?lM^
priced fur Monday. , ls ne jj at tO p style covered with excellent qual- ! are also union suits in low leek, sleeveless style, knee i > Hf f ' :^^^^^s » l^^^^S^l^i'S
i ity canvas; has steel corners and binding! patent i| tape-finished yoke; every garment In th. assortment la nleeM, I-*: I*"'. ,*' HWKi^f V>
_^^ _^ ~~ < side catches and good brass lock; sheet steel > and Include values to Jso. MH^^^^St^W'
/T% jl i A ' ' Urn ||L) ' bottom; two leather straps over trunk; has dress i M^^^^a^m^^^^^^Sf^^^ 1 *
' \| /1«\ = T^l \Mr\ =^= ' tray Ul "' «I"''' ">' I""" 1 for Wednesday only. /J» |ft q pOR BOYS' SUITS \ £" „ FOKH ' A T 'K*S^-iT I"-" ' ;i "-'' ■?***33'k
; tPI^TAJ ! 9\/K%7KJ -*""*"[_ «P1.70 WORTH TO $3.50 [oC COL^^^^^^^^^g^
FOR WAISTS WORTH TO $3.00 ! FOR WAISTS WORTH to $4 j~T~ »~~~~ Are for , )oyg Gto v yeni . s of ngc . nimlo A blg lot of O K^^^^^^^^^^tffl
of splendid cheviots and tweeds, and como dull or m loss Wm ~j '^fe-'Stw.i^ i <-Si' ~**-*??jr *'^
Tin so pretty waists are made of the finest lawns Are mad.- of the most excellent lawn ' '" a v; "' 11 ' 1 ' assortment of gray and brown styles, in< ■111 1 n^H^SH^S^S^^PJj^P^^^'"'^^^*^
and are very elaborately trimmed with dainty materials and some have yokes of '^kHHssPW^'fe mixtures In light anil dark patterns; coats ; widths; hnvcßL MM ■ - ~T"4*vV *_* \^-{ "'
; lacesand blind or embossed embroideries; many allover lace; others with lace and ! X tSo^^l^^^^^r^ l^^UW^Wp^^Z *?#&&*<*
are tucked and trimmed In novel ways, and al- embroidery trimmed front; still *^*2iS^S^<^ tape-bound seams. irt-ouil Floor :i..A. 'i^«(^^^^g^^^''«V^W^y^^
together is the finest assortment of waists ever [ others with tucklngs anil embroid- [ "-^pijgßSjs*^^ /t» | t\ Wk * 'V-^ yV \V^-v" ' HSHS 1
offered In the pity at the pries we have named, orles; well finished. ' (> HP FOR "NEGUS" COUCH J)l.isU K'* '..IV* 8 -^""®^^^'^^"^^
V. : • ', (I? 7 AC l ° r 10 - kt - Gold Filled $I,Jo COVERS WORTH $4 I WS^&VnSB^tBBHm
d*^T» AH FOR WAISTS WORTH TO $5.00 ■ •P^.4o Spectacles or Eyeglasses Jaw Bpecially priced for 3 liiiUrs W( , hliS . ' iVutm"".'.!'''!:™ SSSfe^ "' B "
# \|\ .•'' : i . j . A very I ' l '' lll ol'i'i-r for Thursday only; we Klve > day morning, 'J to It; are a line quality vlcl kid. pa<H; * BHBESI ■BbHIkH HBh
all/j a /I 1 Made Of excellent lawns; are very fine and sheer and nicely ', your eyes a very thorough <• .initiation and tit >', "Negus" tapestry Turkish couch covers; ■ in-own or iaßfc^«~V^Vg«?=-'v«« ;^-r3^r"^Biß
f •"" • -^ trimmed ill front with tin-ttv blind emhroiilri ■ others ' you with 10-k. gold tilled eyeglasses or spectacles '• full 60 Inches wide; are good heavy qual- all styles ht>H I KsHhßbbl^H
;, iminiui 111 noiii huh PP c u\ mind tlllDroicientS, Otners w i, h flne growl cryetul lenses at this very »pc- !; ity. perfectly reversible and have extra ties and stifl - ■ " I 'H*
with open embroideries and insertions; all styles included. clai pile,. ; long tassel fringe. — Third rioor xv heels; ■\ i. % W&a Si 'fl'

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