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Bavarian Charged with Blaylng His
Wife In Temeacal Canyon May
Know Hie Fate To.
Attorney a. a. Sturgos, representing
Anton Unsold, the Bavarian butcher
charged with the murder of his wife
in Temnosvl canyon, placed the llfo of
the accused man In the hands of »ho
Jury when court closed yesterday after*
All day long the attorneys for tho do
fonso were engaged in trying to break
the links in the chain of evidence of-
■ ■ ferod by the prosecution to prove that
(hi' woman found In Ti'lihhciil canyon
mis Clndlo Hesold, wife of Anton Ho
noiii, that the whs murdered and Unit
her husband mi her murderer,
The court room was crowded from
opening until adjournment with men
and women curious to bm what plea
the men who are defending nesold
would make for his iif<'. When Iho evi
dence of tho defense vas called for
Monday the statoment that he would
offer no evidence, made by Attorney
Bturgee, created a sensation, and yes
terday his motive was made clear, for
he tried to prove to the satisfaction of
the Jury .that the prosecution had
failed to prove the corpus delicti.
Defense Seizes Opportunity
The Chief Objection tO the lln.-s of evi
dence advanced by the iroeecuttnf at
torney was to the effect that ttn> time
In Which thi' deed Is Supposed to have
bpfn done is so ahorl that it would have
been all Impossibility!
The prosecution conducted tho trial
on the proposition that the crime was
committed July n between the hours
of 10 o'cloi k and 1 o'clock.
Attorney Bturges argued thin if that
■were true tlir trip from Ups Angelea to
Santa Monica and from there to Te
meaca] i anyon and back to i-os An
gelea must have been made in three
hours. Mr. BtUTgOB said BUCh a thing
would not br> possible. Dr. M, J. Brown
teatlfled that Beaold was in ills office
about 1 o'clock July 11, When he re
ported that liis wife had gone north.
The prosecution evldentlj failed to
consider the question of llmo, and the
defense hit upon it as a broken link In
the chain of evlcb nee.
Former Deputy Sheriff C. B. Gilbert,
whose detective work was the means
of bringing Uedbld to Los Angelea, was
under tire from the toiißue of Mr.
Sturges most of the afternoon and the
attorney left no possible slur untbruat,
Mr. Gilbert was In court and he stood
the onslaught upon him without v
May Know Fate Today
Only once during the day did the
accused man seem to show any emo
tion, and that was when his attorney
announced that he placed the life and
liberty >>f liis client in the hands of the
"I will rest my case, and you. gentle
men of the Jury, must decide on the
evidence presented. The life and lib
erty of this young man arc in your
hands. Treat him . s If be were a son
— a brother. Consider his case, as if
you would consider the case were your
Bon on trial for his life."
Besold heard him as he hnd heard
him nil day, but for tho tlrst time ho
■was moved from bis enlm. Tho lower
part of his face twitched, nnd it was
evident that he realized th^ Importance
of the plea.
He stopped for a few minutes to
speak with his ;.tt rney as he left the
court room, nnd the latter jrav-e him an
assuring word.
Earlier In the day David O. Taylor,
assistant counsel for the defense, made
a plea to the Jury.
It was thought that the case would
go to the Jury, hut it was nearly »
when the counsel for the defense
finished speaking. When court opens
at 10 o'clock this morning Assistant
District Attorney McCpmaa will make
the closing address to the ,'ury and it
is probable that by tonight 3esold will
know whether or not he Is a free man.
The good roads dpnvention, which
was largely attended? at its session of
February 9, adjourned to meet again on
February 23, to complete the organiza
tion of a good roads association and
elect permanent officers. Pending im
portant legislation in Sacramento the
adjourned meeting has been postponed
to Saturday, March 2, lUO7, when the
convention will again assemble at 'he
Chamber of Commerce building at 10 a.
m. to perfect its organization nnd
transact important business which, will
come before it.
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Flromon who nnpi™ to b<» lleiitrnnntq
must heronfter fw>rv> two years' proba
tion Instend of nix mnnthn.
lnI In making this ruling the civil service
commission yesterday look th« advice
of Chief Lips. The chief stated that
somcllmofl men wore sent to an outly
ing station for service and In six
months saw no active service except at
a half dozen fires. This hardly quali
fied I hem for expert service as lieuten
ants and a longer period was deemed
absolutely necessary.
'ihe argument appealed to the com
missioners as sound and was adopted.
Hnudreda Attend Old.Faahloned Meth.
odlst Revival and Hear Sermon
on Grieving the Holy
The second of the series of meetings
being held at th« First Methodist
church by Melvl.i K. Trotter last night
eclipsed the greatest expectations of
the workers. The main auditorium of
the church was opened for the service,
anil after it was filled the gallery was
also opened, and before the service ho-
Kuu every available seat was occupied
and even the chairs in th choir loft
and the stairs leading up to the pulpit
were occupied by an immense congre
gation. The Interest and enthusiasm
that 4 marked the first night were
eclipsed last night.
Following the experlcnco riven by K.
!•;. Leary, superintendent of the City
Rescue mission, Mr. Trotter spoke, tak
ing tor hla text from Kphslans 4:30,
"And grieve not the Holy Spirit of God,
whereby yo are sealed unto the day of
redemption." He .said In part:
"A Spirit-filled man is a great work
er and all right in the sight of God.
The Holy Spirit is given by God and
lie is no respecter of persons. But man
must not grieve the Holy Spirit; If he.
does he loses his power for good and
does not know where he stands. You
lake the Holy Ghost out of this church
tonight and you would go to killing
each other.
"You cannot grieve an influence, but
you can a person. 1 am here to boost
Jesus. He never works In tobacco nor
its smoke and if a man cannot carry a
lilble with him there is something
wrong. When a man surrenders en
tirely to God it Is up to him to care
tor him.
"It is all right to become humble
In the right way and don't pet the big
headed kind. A "ian must humble
himself In a way that he will be
claused from his sins. There are many
In this house tonight who would feel
like turning to God if th< .- thought
they could live up to what they think
they ought to do. We must be cleansed.
When I was living my old life It was
on whisky and 1 had to be cleansed
from that.
"We must build up good characters
afid 1 don't take chances on character
that can't be lived at home. Some
women call it nervousness when they
go homo and throw the cat out of the
"Yon can grieve tho Holy Spirit by
some little mean trick. You cannot
tell low down stories and convert peo
ple in this way. There are some mean
things in. the churches worse than the
"If 1 find a man Is not getting on
right 1 try to get him to go the right
way. If a man has stolen money he
must confess and pay it back before he
can live right."
After the meeting an altar service
was held, during which many people
went forward for prayers. The meet-
Ing was one of the most successful ever
held In Los Angeles.
Desk Sergeant Tyler, Whom Snyder
Police Board Derated, Will
Withdraw Salary Suit
if Reinstated
It is up to the city attorney now to
say whether J. W. Tyler, former desk
sergeant at police headquarters, who
was derated by the Snyder board, shall
be reinstated permanently as sergeant
or remain patrolman, which job he Is
tilling now.
The civil service commission yester
day voted for reinstatement to his old
place, subject to recommendation of
the city attorney as to legality of ac
Tyler's case 1b the heirloom of a
previous administration. , One of the
first matters that came before Dr.
Kdelman when he again took office as
civil service commissioner this month
was the Tyler case.
"Thin matter still unsettled?" said he
in surprise. "Why, we had this up
two years ago."
Tyler has already lost nine montl.j 1
pay as patrolman because of the mix
up, though since his deratement In
September l»04, has attended to a pa
trolman's duties efficiently, earning the
ivKanl of the commissioners and his
superiors In the dupaitincnt. In fact,
tho commissioners yesterday thanked
him for his patlenoe in the present
Tyler, merely to preserve a legal
standing, had filed a suit for back
salary, but he announced yesterday he
would withdraw this as goon aa the
board took favorable action.
The city attorney*! office hag been
between two fires on the question.
With a suit pending against the city
lt was necessary to oppose i uch an ac
tion. As advisor to th« board it would
bo prejudicial to declare in j .Tyler's
favor on the salary question, yet the
board felt that an injustice had be-an
done to Tyler in deratlr.gr him.
IK-puty t'lty Attorney "Wilson yes
terday declined to give an opinion to
I In' hoard in the absence of Mr. Hew
Tyler left the board room apparently
gat lifted with the resolution to put the
division up to Mr. Hewitt. It Is under
stood he will accept nine months' pay
as patrolman in full settlement of all
Knotty and Flimsy Cases Come Up so
Frequently That the City Is
Asked to Deputize
The civil service commission yo.stor
day discussed the advisability of ob
taining the sorvlcefl of some official or
deputy from tho city's law department
whoso duty It shall be to act as legal
advisor of the body. One of his prin
cipal duties Will be to sift preliminary
evidenco in nil cases when' charges are
brought in order to prevent flimsy cases
being brought up before the board.
Recently charges have been preferred
and not legally proven In a number or
ceases,c cases, the result being the consumption
of much time by the commissioners and
tho attack In print of reputations of
persons who had a good defense to
charges preferred by persona who could
not legally hack them up.
Commissioner Young remarked thai
while there were attorneys <m the com
mission (Young. McCutcnenn and Lau
bersheimer) they wore deferential In ex
pressing their opinions and preferred
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that Homo regularly appointed officer
act as adviser.
Commissioner MeOutcheon added
that sometimes as many as twenty wit*
nesses were subpoenaed In cases and
there was much to do for such an ofli
err In saving time rind expense by pro
paring for trials and opinions according
to recognized forms of law.
Assistant City Attorney Emmet Wil
son had bofn summoned into the moot
lng yesterday In the absenco of City At
torney [(.-.. fit the conference on the
Owens river bonds held In the chamber
of commerce and somn legal posers
wore presented for Attorney Wilson to
Most of the two hours' session yester
day was *pont In untangling the techni
calities connected with the rule- of the
service, especially dealing with those;
Waiving certain rules In special cases.
c » »
w. i!. McNable, engineer of ihe out
fall sewer, was severely injured yester
day afternoon while examining a gaso
line engine a( rorty-thlrd atreei and
Hudlong avenue. Tho engineer wa I
Overhauling tha engine while It. was
Ills right hand caught. In tho gen r-
Ing with the result that, the f.mr fin
gers were torn from the. hand and the
arm badly CTU ihed. McNable was re
moved to tho receiving hospital, where
his injuries were treated. The Injured
man WHS later removed to the I'ali-
I'ornla hospital.
"He lias been called to one „r your
modern Institutional churches, i hear,"
"Oh, on the contrary, l am correctly
informed his new charge is one of the
old-fashioned destitutlonal churches."
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