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Rfrnnger^ are Invited to visit the ex
hibit of California product* nt th«
Chamber of Commerce bulullng, on
Broadway, bstwoen T-'lrst and Second
«tre«t«, where fre« Informntlon will ho
given on all subjects pertaining to this
Th" Hrrnlfi will pnf $10 In cash to
anyone furnishing evldenrs thnt will
lran"I Iran" to the arrest and conviction of nny
norson caught stealing copies of '11..-
Hornlfi from the premis»« f , 0 / f t our
patrons. THE m:i: \ t .1 •
Will Is Probated
The will of ('hnrles Collins of Downey
was probated In the superior court yea
tnrday morning without contest. Cot«
lins left an estate Valued at $102,000, to
Mother Gets Children
On the grounds or desertion and r : 1 1 i -
Hie to provide, mi- Augusta Wlnd
murk u:ih grunted a divorce from her
husband, Brlh Wlndmnrk. Two chil
dren wore awarded to tho care of their
Send Chinese Back
Jue I^ott, n Chinese, said to have
brought his wife into the United States
for questionable purposes, was yester
day ordered returned to Sun Francisco
for trial by United states Commis
sioner van Dyke.
Tourists' Reception Today
The annual "Tourists' Reception" or
the Womon's Christian Temperance
union will be lirld In Hl.'inelKird hall,
295 South Broadway, from 2 to r>
o'clock tins afternoon, a feature <>r
ihe exercises will be the response of
in- ii>m-iMts, who will answer by
states. Lending w. c. t. i. workers
will ;ilso take part.
Schooner Confiscated
Wlllam Gerald, captain of the
schooner Neptune, was on trial before
JudK« Welborn yesterday In the
United StuU's district court on a charge
of Importing eight Chinese Into the
United state? unlawfully. According
to the testimony the Chinese were
smuggled into this country from
■Mexico. The schooner wai confiscated
by tho government.
Bishop Hamilton Improving
A telegram was received by Ttev. o.
]■'.. Foster yesterday stating that Bishop
Hamilton had been operated upon Mon
day, that he had passed ;i favorable
nlßht nnd that his condition was hope
ful. The message was in answer to a
telegram sent by Rev. Mr. Foster, the
chairman of the Methodist ministers'
meeting Monday, asking the condition
of the bishop. The answering message
was <latt-d New York at 1 o'clock yes
terday afternoon and signed by Homer
It's back to the rink for the San Carlo
Opera company, after all. The company
will slug there two weeks, beginning
March 5. This Is final — so say the com
pany's agent. Several shifts were made
in the situation yesterday, and every
one was hopping about like a hen on a
hot griddle ail day. First it was tnc
.Mason, "off agin, on agin, Finnegin, "
all day.
1.,-ist night, the announcement was
made that the company would positively
go to the rink, and that money was up
to prove it. What the reports will be
today ni) human being can tell. Monday
night it. was just as assertively given
out that the company would be in the
Mnson as it was strenuously aeolarc I
last night that it wouldn't. Predictions
as to whore it will be by tonight are
like making book on a fixed race at
If the company goes to the rink the
company underlined for March 4 at tho
Mason. "The County Chairman," will
probably play there after all.
The agent of the opera company says
Several thousand dollars will be ex
pended In making the rink flt for the
show; that It will seat more than the
Mason, all on one door, and that prices
will be $3 to $1; that fifteen operas win
be given and that the scenery will be
sent on in sections to bo adapted to the
skating rink.
The season opens Tuesday, March 5,
With "La Gloconda," in which Madame
Nordlcii and Signots Constantino and
Sigurola appear; Wednesday, "Rigo
letto," with Miss Neilsen and Signors
Constantino and Campurani; Thursday,
"Traviata" (Nordlca); Friday, "Barber
Of Seville," with Miss Ncilsen, Constan
tino and Caniparanl: Saturday matinee,
"Faust" (Madame Nordica); Saturday
night, "Carmen," star cast; Sunday
night. "Lucia" (Miss Xeilson). For the
second week the repertoire will include
"Hugenot," "Trovatore," "La Boheme,"
"Adriene Lecouvrour," "Don Pusqualo"
and "Cayallerla RustloanaS" "Daughter
of the Regiment" "Pagllaccl' and others.
A parlor recital of musical and liter
ary numbers will be given Thursday
night to aid the building fund of the
Uoyle Heights Christian church. The
entertainment, which will be held at
the home of Mrs. J. W. Hyce, 137 North
Poto street, is under the auspices of
the Ladies' circle, and is the third
affair of tho kind to be given.
Miss Willy Sniyser, soprano soloist
of the Westlake Methodist Episcopal
Church, will be the vocalist of the
evening. The .Boyle Heights Ladies'
quartet will also contribute to the
musical features of the program.
Several readings by Misses Mabel C.
Darner and Edythea B. Hennison will
also be included in the program. The
recital will be given under the direc
tion of Mrs. Walter L. Martin.
1". F. Seymour, for three years in
speotor tor the i-o.s Angeles Railway
company, suffered a hemorrhage on
Fourth and Hill streets about ti o'clock
last night and when picked up was
dead. The patrol was called and the
body taken tn pierce Bros,' undertak
ing establishment.
Be] iiiniir lived with his mother at
187 South hos Angeles street. He wits
aboul m years of age and has lived in
Los Angeles during the greater part of
his Hie. The young man has been ill
for some time.
La Fiesta (amp No. 63, Wood men of
the World, has i harterad a special train
on the Santu Fe t> go to Anah tin
Thursday night h Initiate a class of
candidates for Ana elm camp. Thr •
hundred members' will leave this city,
accompanied by the degree teams, an
orchestra and Home talent and a good
t'lne is expected.
Santa Ann camp will Join with An
aheim upon thin occasion as host-. It
in whispered that something novel in
the way of an initiation is plumed by
ono of these teams,
If you v. ant the best, telephone QUn
Rock Water company. Kant 487.
Property Holder* Complain of Condi.
tions on and Around Commer.
clal Street— Chief's Report
Is Called For
ltanl.shmentI Itanl.shment of Ihi' revelry that pre
vails In i it CoinniPiclal street section
may follow the petition which th i v -
1(0 commissioners considered at their
meeting yesterday.
The bond has nskrd for a report of
the chief and n..\y follow It up by per*
ronal Investigation as to the wisest
step to take.
li the h UiSI 111 it exist in this dis
trict aro moved tho question Is where
shall they bo re-established, and if they
are scattered would not the evil bo
The petition Which Htfirt"<l tlir Irou
b'.c IB UN folloWSl
"We, Hi" undersigned, r isldent cltl
hm and property holders of i>"s An«
felei rity, owning property on Com
mercial street and Immediate vlclnlntyi
petition your honorable body and show:
"That there now exists on Com*
mtrclai street, between Alamedn and
Los Angeles streets, n large number of
houses wheriln Immoral conduct is
daily and nightly practiced (mil large
crowds of dissolute, Immoral und
drunken men and women congregate
at nil hours of day and night and the
streot is thereby ri ndered obnoxloui
and offensive to nil decent, respectable
and law-abiding people wishing to pass
through It, either lo the Commercial
street depot of thr Southern Pacific
railroad on Alameda street or to their
homos beyon Alameda street, a 1a 1 d that
our property nbntting on tho street is
greatly injured an l impatre i In value
by renson of the Immoral conduct of the
perrons and the Immoral tone of said
"That Commercial street, between
AUimeda and 1 os AnKClos str et', Is a
thoroughfare over and through which
a large number of respectable and law- j
aliidlnf citizetis d< slro to pass dally to
and from their houses and places of
business, but that the stre.t has been
practically deserted by decent and re
spectable persona.
"That tho junction of Main and
Sprlnp Street', being the natural di
verging point for nil l oints of tho city,
ami with the rearing of the new fed
eral building Mm Commercial street de
pot of tho Southern Pacific company
will become the most popular one for
travelers on all suburban trains ent r
inff the city from the no -th and ea-t,
which fact will stimulate realty val
ues and cause the street to bo filled
with a. cla^s of business houses whii h
It will rightly deserve; but this state
of affairs can never be accomplished
until wo are delivered from the evil
with whl h we are now c nfronted.
"We therefore petition jour hoiior
nble body to cause to be suppressed
these placow and remove or cause to
be removed all dissolute persons there
.1. BEOUE,
T. LORBNZI and Others."
Patrolman Robert Healy Must Do Pen.
ance for Six Months for Conduct
Unbecoming a Police
Patrolman Robert E. Healy was sus
pended for six months by the board of
police commissioners last night for
conduct unbecoming an officer. Healy
was charged with being intoxicated
while on duty.
Healy stated to the board that he
had been sick for some days and was
In no condition to work, which was his
only excuse.
Mayor Harper said to the accused:
"This is a bad proposition. I am
sorry for you and for your father, who
holds an honorable position in the city.
You, as his son, should not have put
him or yourself in this embarrassment.
It ought to appeal to you to make you
careful. Tho position of patrolman in
Los Angeles is an honorable one. and
should not bo degraded."
Calling for opinions, the mayor asked
Commissioner Cole what he thought.
"The moral effect of these cases is
bad and it is necessary for the chief
and captains to maintain discipline,"
said he. "If we condone these offenses
discipline will fall to pieces. "We are
building up a force that Is creditable
all over tho country. A man who dis
graces his job disgraces himself too.
And while we sympathize with him, it
looks as though he had lots of warn
ing. He made a manly statement and
admitted his fault."
Commissioner Schenck snld when sol
diers on duty got drunk they wen- shot
and a policeman's work was much like
a soldier's. He had lots of men ln his
employ and while he hated to be se
vere, at times it was necessary for dis
Sam Josephon, a peddler, was struck
twice in the face by an unidentified
man yesterday afternoon and it was
necessary to take him to th« receiving
hospital for treatmi it.
Josephon had left his homo at 724
New Depot street and driven to Six
teenth and Jasmin* streets. At the
corner he is saiii tn have entered a
bouse to show his goods. An unidenti
fied mull who was standing near Hie
Kate Is said to have objected to
josephon entering ths place and struck
i he peddler.
"Thirt is ft tree country. I have a
right to walk the streets if I wish,"
Said JJ 1"'1 "' Hurdler, a (.'lillian, when
stopped by Patrolman May on Uroad
w;..v early yesterday morning.
The officer had stopped the man and
, skid him his business. Hurdler re
fused to give a satisfactory answer,
with iii" result that he was placed
under arrest on a suspicion charge.
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Believed Burglaries Are Done by Gang
of Room Workers — Thieves Are
Successful in Getting
Four small burglaries were reported
to the polite yesterday and in each
case the work gave the appearance of
having been done by room workers.
,S. Kodel, 107 Wilmington street, re
ported to the police that his house had
been entered through a rear window
and $70 in money taken. Kodel was
away from home until late yesterday
morning and when he returned found
the plnco had been ransacked.
E. J. French, 626 "outh St. Louis
street, reported to the police that his
tool chest had been robbed and a num
ber of carpenter tools stolen. French
had left the chest at the new building
wh-ere he is employed at 615 De Soto
street and when he returned to work
yesterday morning found it broken
Joe Robles, 537 banning street, re
ported that $-13.50 in money and a silver
open-faced watch had been stolen from
his house some time early yesterday
morning. Entrance to the house had
been gained through a side window.
C. H. Thornton, 962 East Third street,
reported that some thief had entered
his house and smashed open a trunk
by using a hatchet. A gold watch, a
diamond-set locket, a chain and locket
and several other articles of jewelry
had been stolen.
_ ■» « »
The members of tho Polytechnic foot
ball teams, both the intercollegiate and
Kiißby, who played for the school last
season, were presented yesterday with
jersuys as a token of remembrance
from the student body of the school.
The students Ratheicd In the audito
rium and tho jerseys purchased by the
Polytechnic board of control were pre
sented by Lawrence Lowin, president
of that organization. As each boy came
to the front of tho platform to receive,
his Jersey he was loudly applauded
by the students and thosa boys who
took their scats without making a
speech after having received their
gift, were commanded by Hhouts of
"speech, np-ech." to come bai k.
Immediately following the presenta
tion Of the jerseys Mr. Fnincis came to
the platform and announced that nom
inations for the otflcors of a new board
of control were in order.
Mr, Wllko arose and in a very ele
gant indorsement nominated for the
office of president Paul Fratnton, on* <>(
the school baseball men and a general
favorite of the students and faculty.
Following Frumton's nomination Ev
er, t Charlton made a speech Indorsing
and nominating Victor Hecht, the boy
who luih run the. SObOOl's entertain
ment COUl'Se for the past term. Hecht
|1 a very popular fellnw and much liked
!.v the students, luit It is thought
JTramton will bo elected, as Hecht has
already served a term on the boa d of
Miss Julia Murray was the only can
didate nominated for the <>fttc i of vice
president and Clement Kels was nom
inate,! with Indorsement by Andrew
The election "f the nominated stu
dents win be held today in the dif
ferent class rooms of the echo >i und a
representative from each class will also
be elected.
Homeless children • received and
laced In houses for adoption. Apply
R»v, O. V. Klcu. Superintendent Ohll
dr«n's Home society, m Bradbury
building. Lux An««Uii.
Everything you want you will find In
the ulttßHltled page— a ! modern encyclo
pedia. Olio cent a word.
Dress in Gowns of Long Ago
At the tea given yesterday afternoon
by the members of the Friday Morning
club at their club house on Ninth and
Figueroa streets every one came
dressed in the costumes of long ago,
and the gowns of our grandmothers
gave a quaint touch of originality to the
The minuet was one of the most en
gaging features of the afternoon. Those
who took part in the stately dance
were Mmes. W. D. Babcock, F. R. Frost,
O. Shepherd Barnum, Edgar L. Swalne,
E. H. Barmore, John Kahn, Oliver P.
Bryant and Mrs. Matthew Robertson.
Mrs. Dorm Harrison, Mrs. J. F. Vallely,
Mrs. Morris Albee and Mrs. Charlos
Wellborn presided at the tea tables,
which were artistically decorated with
yellow acacia.
A delightful vocal solo was rendered
by Miss Estelle Williamson, and those
who assisted Mrs. E. K. Foster, the
president, in receiving wore Mmes.
Caroline M. Severance, Berthold Ba
ruch, John R. Haynes, E. R. Bradley,
Ella H. Enderleln, Jennie E. Collier,
George H. Wadleigh, C. C. Wright, Mary
Porter Halnes, Burton Williamson, W.
S. Graves, J. M. Sanborn, T. W. Brown,
W. R. Groff, Albert M. Stephens, Jacob
Baruch and Miss Mary L. Jones.
Issues Invitations
Mrs. H. G. Bratnerd of 1661 Orange
street has issued invitations for a
luncheon to be given tomorrow after
noon in honor of Mrs. Cecilia White,
who will leave soon for Europe.
Sunshine Society to Entertain
The members of the International
Sunshine society will entertain with a
benefit card party Thursday afternoon
at 2 o'clock at the home of Mrs. C. H.
McDonegal, 211 East Twenty-llrst
Miscellaneous Shower
In honor of Mrs. Katharine Rank,
who will become the bride of Frank K.
Weldler March 20, Mrs. J. L. Eby of
44 East Adams street will be hostess
at a miscellaneous shower this after
Enjoy Cards and Dance
At the Kaiser apartments, 1126 South
Grand uvenue, last night tlve members
of the Kaiser Whist club met. After
the games dancing was enjoyed.
Business Woman Gives Talk
The members of the California Busi
ness Women's association met last
night in room 215 of the Collins build
ing, 215 West Third street, and an in
terested audience listened to an address
on "What Trust Companl s Do for
Women," given by Mrs. Pearl Adams
Five Hundred Party
One hundred and twenty-live guests
will bo entertained at a five hundred
party to be given tonight In Bilks' hall
by Mrs. James Irving of Ban Joaquln
RanohOi Tustln, and th« oomplimented
guests, who tire all visiting women
from San Francisco, will be Mines.
Asa Wells, Cluness, Erk Allison, Carl
Gross, Eugene Freeman, Charles lher-
Iny, Sdward Bolcher, Charles M. Plum,
and Misses Jane McMillan, Maude
Payne, Grace Hott and lOditii Hott.
Prohibitionist* to Meet
The members of the Woman's Pro
hibition Party club will meet this after
noon at 2 o'clock In regular session at
hi Temple block. They will adjourn
early to attend the tourist reception.
To Give Tourist Reception
The members of the Woman's Chris
tian Temperance Union Federation will
entertain with a tourist reception this
afternoon from 2 to 5 o'clock. The fol
lowing program will ue given: Ifualo,
"Some Glad Day;" prayer; music, "Pro
hibition Bells," Mrs. H. T. Griffith and
Mrs. Paine; greetings, Mrs. Carrie
Blewett, secretary Federation W. C.
T. U.; Mrs. L. T. Carter, secretary Log
Angoles County W. C. T. U.; Mrs. M.
C. Sampson, secretary State W. C. T.
U. ; music, Miss Marie Mann; cheering
words from tourists, and L. T. L. march
and song.
The afternoon will end with a social
Daffodil Club Meets
The members of the Daffodil club
were entertained yesterday afternoon
by Mrs. George Walker of 1704 New
England- street. Those who attended
were Mmes. Charles E. Morris, Will
Whitzel, James A. Watt, W. A. Gamo,
E. Edgar Elllthrop, A. R. Coonley,
Charles Winter, Claude Williams, F.
A. Goldsborough and Charles Harrod.
Stanton Post to Celebrate
The members of Stanton post and W.
R. C. will celebrate Washington's birth
day Friday night with a colonial tea
at their hall, 125 V» South Spring street.
Cards will be played and a short pro
gram presented.
Act as Hostesses
Mrs. Pearl Twitchell, Mrs. Gilder, Mrs.
Bertha Ovenshire and Mrs. Rachel Hil
ton acted as hostesses at a pie social
given lant ni;;ht by the members of
Poinsettia circle, Women of Wood
craft, at 125V 2 South Spring street. A
program was given and whist and
dancing were enjoyed. The affair was
in celebration of George Washington's
At Home to Club Members
Mrs. A. "W. Murray of 1121 West
Twenty-fourth street was at home yes
terday afternoon to the members of the
Swastika club. There were prresent
limes. George Ashby, J. M. Black, John
Bright, B. R. Brown, George Getchell,
A. W, Gilder, Thomas Hughes, E. D.
Ladd, W. R. Murphy, James T. Neigh
bors, A. S. O'Noll, Thomas Pascoe,
Oscar Petzoldt, Karl Schumacher, H.
E. Vrecland and Katharine Wilcox.
Baked Bean Supper
The members of the New Hampshire
society served a regular old-fashioned
baked bean supper last night in Calo
clonla ball, H9ya South Spring street,
and the founder of the society, A. P.
Morrison, presided. After the supper a
musical and literary program was given,
V. C. Club to Have Meeting
Miss Vano Whittlesey of 707 Boylo
avenue will entertain the members of
tho V. C. club this afternoon.
Entertain for First Time
The members of Southgate chapter,
O. E. S., entertained with their first cam
party of the year yesterday afternoon
In Masonic temple, corner Daly and
Downey avenue.
Fancy Dress Masquerade
The members of the Texas Society of
Southern California entertained with a
fancy dress masquerade last night in
Fraternal Brotherhood building, 845
South Flgueroa street.
Benefit Card Party
The members of Wade Hamilton chap
ter, U. D. C, will give a benefit card
party this afternoon at the home of Miss
Hyrda MoQauhey, 837 East Twenty-first
stroet. All members and friends of the
chapter are invited to attend.
Los Angeles la without a schood hup
erintendent. Dr. K. C. Moore, chief of
pedagogical affairs, has departed for a
three weeks' trip to eastern educational
centers. His principal object in going
la to attend the conference of educat
ors at Chicago in the near future, at
whioh time he will assist in the ar
rangements for the program of the Na
tional Education association, which
will meet In this city in July.
From Chicago Dr. Mnun' will go eaßt
to Itiiltlniore, Where lie will lecture be
fore, the teachers of that city. A lec
ture before the faculty and students of
will visit the
With a choice selection of imported original models in Gowns,
Costumes, Wraps and Blouses. Inspection invited.
REDFERN, 568 Fifth Avenue, New York.
Mark Hopkins institute is also on his
program. During his eastern trip Prof.
Moore will make a study of eastern
educational methods.
In addition to the members appointed
by the local chamber of commerce, Dr.
Moore, with two members of the board
of education, is a member of the re
ception committee that will make the
stay of the N. E. A. in this city pleas
During Dr. Moore's absence Deputy
Superintendent Monlux and Assistant
Superintendent Bettinger will have
charge of the schools.
Temple Baptist young people are
planning a combined lyceum and mu
sical course of entertainments during
the coming month that promises much
in the way of high-eiass music and lit
The first of the course is scheduled
for Thursday, February 28, at which
time Dr. Kobert J. Burdette will deliver
his famous humorous lecture, "Rain
bow Chasers." This lecture is the lat
est one from the brain nf the cele
brated lecturer-preacher, but in its
short ' existence has caused hearty
laughs from almost a hundred audi
March 14 Prof. Bruce Gordon Kings
ley, assisted by Mrs. Bessie Ives Har
rison, Miss Fannie Marple au.i other
well known singers of Lok Angeles,
will offer an evening of music.
March CB, the third of the series, an
evening of reudlng, Will be given by
Mrs. Luela Ferris \very, with William
Edson Btrowbrldge at the piano,
The three entertainments will be held
ln Berean hall, Auditorium building.
The street car accident at East First
and Hewitt streets Monday afternoon
seems to have caused the greatest dam
age to the street railway company. All
of the Seven Injured passengers were
able to be about yesterday, none of
tin m being seriously injured.
Of the forty or more people on tho
car the rent were not even bruised. Al
though tho eastbound Boyle Height i
car was thrown directly ln tho path of
i tie rapidly inoviiiH westbound QrU«
tilti ehvtrle, only tile pasaangei
front, nearest the oncoming car f won
The uoyle Heights car wan badly bat
tered up, the side of the front platform
being knocked In and many windows
broken. The (irltltli car, although it
did not sustain so great damage, was
badly dented by the force of the im
pact and several windows were broken.
Everything you want you will find in
tho classlUeu van*. One cent a word.
John Van Patten, living at 1327 South
Flower stroet, was struck by an Int«r
urban car at Eigrhth and Olive streets
about 8 o'clock yesterday morning, re
ceiving several severe lacerations on
the head and a slight concussion of the
brain. Van Patten was riding a motor
The car was going east on Eighth
street at a high speed. Van Patten
was riding north on Olive street. When
he came to Eighth street he saw the
car and realized his danger, but as he
COUld not stop in time he turned into
Eighth street, running parallel with
the ear. He was unable to make a
sufficiently short turn and was struck
and knocked into the gutter.
Van Patten was carried to the re
ceiving hospital, where it was found
thai bis injuries were serious but not
necessarily futal.
A. li. Bell, husband of Wiltha Bell,
yesterday began suit In the United
States district court for 15200 damages
against the Los Angeles Interurban
company for Injuries sustained by Mrs.
Bell while alighting from a street car
at Ninth and Hill streets December 23.
According to the complaint Bell Is an
lnvalidI Invalid and has ivii-ed on his wife for
support, On the date she sustained
the Injuries Mrs. Bell is said to have
signaled till' car to stop. ShjeJs^gaJjl,
thro J '• ''"".""'''aiJs^AißiL'tSSi^i^^HraM
>,» ij'* jTJXii^^E^^F^Jlw^BJisTslS

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