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Jerome Beaches End
of Question
Fair Witness Gains Two
Points in Favor
of Husband
Secretary of American Embassy Al.
leged to Have Insulted Mrs.
Holman and Daughter
In London
By Associated Press.
NEW York. Feb. 25.— Except for
one brief moment, Mrs. Evelyn Nel.it
Thaw had a decidedly easy day today
during the continuation of her cross
examination by District Attorney Je
rome. Whan adjournment was taken
the prosecutor announced that he had
practically concluded with the witness,
Mrs. Thaw will be. temporarily ex
cused tomorrow morning to enable Mr.
Jerome to Introduce Abraham Hum-
Mi to identify a photographic copy of
the affidavit Evelyn Nesblt is alleged
to have signed and which charges
Thaw with many cruelties during their
1 903 trip to Europe.
The district attorney got the con
tents of the affidavit before the Jury
this afternoon by reading certain of its
statements in the form of questions
. and asking Mrs. Thaw if she told such
things to Mr. Hummel,
ln each Instance she declared she
had not. She denied having ever sign
ed such an affidavit, admitting that
she had, however, signed some papers
for White In the Madison Square goN
den tower, the. nature of Which she was
not aware."
During the morning session Mr, Je
rome played his strongest card of the
day. Mrs. Thaw had denied most pos
ltlvely that she had ever been I
to see a doctor, Carleton Flint, with
Jack Barrymore.
Calls Dr. Flint
"Call Dr. Flint," commanded Mr.
The doctor entered from the witness
room ami was escorted to within a few
feet of the witness i hair. "Did you
ever see that man before?" Mr. Jerome
asked Mrs. Thaw.
The witness seemed a bit startled,
looked quickly and intently at the
physician, then turned to Mr. Jerome
and shook her head.
"Never," she declared.
Thaw was intensely Interested and
when the Incident was over he turned
to the newspapermen sitting near him
and whispered:
■"That man made a mistake In coming
here. lie stood there a liar. Do you
catch the point— a liar?"
Mrs. Thaw was In much better spirits
when she took the stand today and
looked decidedly better physically than
she did last week. She had all her
wits about her and did not fare at all
badly at the hands of the district at
torney, who was more gentle in hand
ling the witness.
Makes Decided Gains
lnstead of further hurting the cause
of her husband, Mrs. Thaw managed
to make two decided gains, When court
adjourned last Thursday ii appeared
from her own statements that she had
used a letter of credit from Stanford
White while touring in Europe and had
turned the letter over to Thaw.
She explained today that Thaw took
the letter of credit from her, saying
the money was "poisonous" and neith
er she nor her mother should touch It,
and that he would provide them with
Whatever had been spent of the
money, she declared, was for her moth
The second point Mrs. Thaw made
•was concerning the cablegrams which I
Thaw is said to have sent to Stanford
White while In London. It appeared
Thursday that these cablegrams were
requests of White to use hi.- Influence
in keeping Mrs. Nesblt from "raising a
row" and interfering with Evelyn con
tinuing in company with Thaw.
Mr. Jerome took up tfhe subject again
today, but his questions elicited the
lnformation that the letters did not
Concern Mrs. Thaw at all but related
to a man— a secretary of the American
embassy- In London, whom Mrs. Thaw
said had "sneaked up to mamma's
bedroom and Insulted her."
lnsulted Daughter Also
She said the man had also insulted
her and that Thaw had (rone In search
of him, but failed to find him.
The pi ■. ling! today drngged a
great deal and it was evident long be
fore he announced the fact that Mr.
Jerome vas noarlng the end of his
The proceedings tomorrow with Mr. I
Hummel on the stand should be more
lnti i Ing. The defense on cross-ex
ainlnation will attempt to discredit the
witness, who is under Indictment;
lt ■■ i.v I- la i. ,-, I I).- ;». fl.-rtn >«m lie
workmanship, fit
Excel all others. Many styles,
white and numberless exclu-
sive designs in fancy fabrics.
Mi/or Cluttt flliirli.
iaat/or Clu<ll lattl. 1
■••Mill* Or »»»ui* CUIL».
fore Mrs. Thaw will MfttTl take the
*tnnd for Mi Jerome's finnl questions,
which will hnve to do with the Affidavit.
Should th,- defense , Ide to proceed
with the redirect examination of Mr«
Thaw nnd Mr Jerome should tike up
the recross-exnmtnntlon, Mrs. Thaw
may tie kept on the stand nil of
Wednesday and Thursday.
Mrs. Wllllnm Thaw, mother of the
defendant, and Mm. rarnoßle, his sis
trr, were at tho rourt room todny for
tho first tlino In ton days. Mr*. Thnw
has boon suffering from ft severe cold.
LAY OF $365,000,000
Bcverldge Obtains an Amendment Re.
quiring Packers to Put Date of
Canning and Inspection
on All Parcels
rty AliOClnted Prco*.
WASHINGTON, Feb. 25.— The senate
today passed the agricultural appro
priation bill, carrying nearly 110,000,000;
tho postofflce appropriation bill, carry
ing 1810,000,000; the pension nppro|in.>*
tlon bill, carrying $146,000,000, and the
bill authorising the establishment of nn
agricultural bank In the Philippines.
The prim Ipo 1 flghl today over tlie
agricultural appropriation Mil took
in thi I!, verldge amendment re
the packers i" pay the cost of
administering the meat Inspection law.
This Rmendmenl was defeated on n
point „r order, Mr. 1 '■' ■
the tdoptlon "t an amendment whloh
requires the date of canning and In
spection to appear on the label of the
1 ai; rontii lnlng meal 1 roducts.
The pOStofnce bill "as passed In an
hour Mini fifteen minuted Amendments
adding $1,388,959 for the extension of the
pneumatli mall per Ice and requiring
post., l rara to be lighted with electricity
« ere adopted.
Mr. Lodge secured the passagi of the
Philippine agricultural bank bill. An
amendment offered by Senator Culber
s lei taring the Intention of the Unite 1
stat- .- ti> abandon t li. ■ Islands as 1 1 is
a staple, in l--' entlent government
should be established was adopted, The
senate also passed b bill granting .1 ser
\ Ice pension to army nurses. Those \\ 110
are disqualified t>> earn a livelihood ai.i
have renched the ;av of 'ij years are to
receive M- 1 a month, at 70 years $l-> and
at 75 $20.
Bj Asso lati .I Pi ess,
1 -1 1' !AQ( 1. Feb. 25.— < Ine of the larg
est. If not the largest, thefts from the
United stat... treasury has been un
■ earthed In < 'hi. ago.
I Somewhere between $176,000 and
I $200,000 was stolen from the local BUb
tn asury last week.
The money has disappeared as com
pletely as if i; had vanished from the
1.1 ■ ..f the earth.
The authorities here and in Washing
ton have been working night and day
on the p. ill. ry sin c It wi s discovered.
I "111" f Wllkle from the United States
secret service has been keeping in
formed by telephone and telegraph of
■ \ erj '!■■■. me 1. and aci ordlng to
leli graphic advices he will leave Wash
ington today to take personal charge
of the Investigation. When Interviewed
today In regard to the robbery Sub-
Ick admitted that a
theft of $173, 1 had been peri
ired that II had 1 n definitely
Ii • .1 just where the shortage oc
curred, but he declined t., say where ii
had be. n 1 raced. He declared, how
ever, thai the robber had nevt r reached
the vaults.
I •■ -aid that the only reason for be
lieving the money stolen had been in
bills of large denomination was that it
would be Impossible r.>r anybody to
have taken $173, from the office in
-■'i .11 bills and escaped detection, but
that a package of $173,000 In one thou
sand dollar bills could have been car
ried by one person easily without ex
1 itiiiK suspicion.
(Continued from l'»r;e One)
retary an.! continued to hold that of
ficial posltjon until 1905. He has lived
in Weiist.-r Groves ever since comlns
w.st, bolng o in- of ih" Incorporators of
the village. He Is a thlrty-sei ond de
gree Bcol lish Kite Mason. „ tld I
of a ulub man himself, being a
ol i !!• Vlercunl 11. . Algonquin,
Coll' an. l i Ifflee Men's elulis.
In hla fight noon I'ieiv,., tho oil mas
nat< . and i;.iii.-y. tht 1 1 nutor, i (rum
ha i" . n vlndlcl Ive and bit tor, For
more than a jon r pai t hi has done lit
tle else than pursue Pierce and Uulloy
with all nf the skill and energy he pos
hi. .1 in i trust's suit
against him that his former uocretary
v. uh prai tli allj In churgo of the hual
i in- \v iiers-i'ieiee i in company
fur years, und that he was an
tp . i ill- i-iii n when he attended
I ness.
ittorneys for Pierce and Ballej
thing undone to Impreach
(irut't with a '.-en of discrediting bis
v, h in, h, thus far, backed up
us Ii has been by documents from the
offlcea of ih. Waters-Pleroe IHI com
puii). lias been mi le les i than dli as-
; it»d Presi
B l i TB, M<>nt., Feb. 25.— Returns to
midnight show that the amendment to
the I'onstllutjon of the Butta mii i'
union, Increasing the wage scale to *4
a "lay, will carry hy a vote of 8 to 1.
A totdl vote of 3600 was cant.
lt the ultimatum ' John D. Ryan,
managing ilirc.tor of the malgatnati d
Copper romp iy, is carried Into effect,
ln . .is. of ii demand for an Increase,
then «iii be no Amalgamated mine In
operation Tuesday.
This will be the Aral time in the his
tory of iii. miners' union that it has
Senator McCartney Would Have Ne
groes Protected by a More
Stringent Enforcement
of Civil Rights
Py AMnelnted Press,
SACRAMENTO, Fob. 25.— Today he
lng the last for the Introduction of I,lll*
at thin session of the legislature, there
wns a rush of new measures In both
houses,' and the regular proceedings
were frequently Interrupted by the In
troduction or bills out of order.
About eighty bill* were Introduced In
the two housed, After today measures
can only be presented by unanimous
consent. Two new bills of Importance
to newspapers were Introduced In the
senate, while i inn making criminal
libel ,' felony wns passed In the assem
bly by the narrow margin of one vote.
Senator Iteily Introduced ■ measure In
the upper house compelling news gath
; ering associations and agencies engaged
in furnishing news to serve all news-
I papers that apply for the service, The
j bin. It is said, wa* drawn up at the
lnstance or labor unions In Ban Fran
cisco, ho desire to start a dally paper.
i Senator Keane Introduced a bill which
provides that any newspaper which re.
duces Its prioe to subscribers shall pay
carriers who own newspaper delivery
routes all loss or damn go which they
may sustain by such reduction In price
or by the taking away from the carrier
of nny part or all of hi* route. The
payment Of future profit* so lost to the
' carrier shall not exceed a period of ten
years from the time the loss or Injury
begins. Any stipulation to the contrary
l IS void.
Board of Pardons
Senator Anderson Introduced a bill
land n proposed constitutional amend
ment which provide that the governor,
the chief Justice of the supreme court
and the attorney general shall consti
tute a board of pardons, with power to
pirdon and reprieve convicted persons
and to commute sentences. /Persons
convicted of treason shrill not be re
prieved until the next legislature meets,
: which' body shall direct the execution
of the sentence, or take such action as
I it may see fit.
| Senator Willis asked for an appropri
ation of $.V>no for the cutting of fire
j lanes and lire trails In the San Ber
nardino forest reserve, and Senator Say
age asked for $'.000 for experimental
work at the forestry station in Santa
Senator Lukens Introduced a bill ap
propriating 150.000 to Increase, the sala
ries of the teachers at the University of
Eight. Hour Day
Fratessa presented a proposed consti
tutional amendment submitting to the
people the question of a general eight
hour day in any and all kinds of work
and employment.
Senator McCartney Introduced a bill
calling for more stringent application
of civil rights for negroes, who have
complained that they are barred out
of certain restaurants and discriminated
against in theaters.
The bill provides that all persons
shall be entitle,] to full and equal en-
Joyment of the accommodations, fa- j
cilities and privileges of restaurants,
hotels, soda fountains, saloons, barber
shops, theaters, bathrooms, concerts,
railroads, street cars and all other pub
lic places of accommodation and amuse
ment. McCartney also introduced al
bill making the overdrawing of ac
counts at banks punishable by Impris
onment from one to fourteen years.
ln a bill introduced by nelshaw $20,
00 is asked with which to complete the
capltol building:.
An attempt was made In the as
sembly to defeat the mile limit law.
which prohibits the sale of liquor near
state institutions. The attempt failed.
Johnson's Bill Passes
The lower house passed I^shleman's
bill empowering municipalities to build
■wharves without a dissenting vote. The
assembly passed Johnson's bill limit
ing the employment of men engaged in
railroad service to sixteen consecutive
hours a day. No railroad shall require
or permit an employe to work longer
except In cases of emergency. The
measure is In the Interest of the safety
of the traveling public.
Btanton of Los Angeles Introduced a
bill permitting suburban and street
railways to carry freight. ■
Strohl Introduced a bill appropriating
$2"iO.00O for the reconstruction . and re
pair of wharves, piers and docks on
the water front In San Francisco.
Kohlman'B bill making libel a felony,
punishable by a fine of $1000 to $5000,
or Imprisonment of one to five years,
was pass.-d by the assembly. Assembly
man Walsh opposed the bill, declared
lit ridiculous and said that no convic-
II I tion could be had under it.
Bs Associated Press.
. SAX DIEOO, Peb, 25. Sheriff Jen
i i hu;s .iii.i ..in- of his deputies returned
i ill.- mountainous
country south of Jamul, leaving other
, '!•■!• mil's Hii-1 < 'cnstable < ?lay In the
n. Id to search for Miguel Berano, who
on Saturday nlghl itnbbod nnd killed
SnniiHKQ Qtlnblnslno In Q Hghl follow
ing :i card game ;it the home of an In
dian unman named Marie Josefa.
Hor house bears an unsavory reputa
tion as being v rendezvous for drinking
and gambling Indians and Mexicans
i surrounding ranches.
Pour Mexicans were there at mi.i
nlght, The woman declares that Mi"
first sin- kni « of my trouble was when
Qunblnsino burs) Into the i om where
she was, declaring thai he had been
killed by Berano,
a deep knife wound In hi
paused hii death Inside <<t an hour.
The siiniii win, \wut oul
\.>i.] could be sen) In, reports that
there ivere nlgns of a drunken
and Rghl Th "ea hats ware found satu
rated « nil b I. while the other was
unstaiiui!. Berano and the other two
left the p!a< c Immediately after the
; and .v in probably try to n<i
over the line Into Lower < 'allfornla, but
ail the <>in< . n ■>! it,,, ii,,, havi b« n
\ a m.-.i
The sheriff i itpoi it to hear of his <-,-ip-
He hin start for
the mountains again tonight,
Tun and uulti as Important
linpui taut roods. Schiiiims's
Tly A«t«orlrited Tress.
Dunne •his morning lift next Tuesday,
Mnrrh S, ns the dny for the commence
ment of the trial of Abraham Huef on
the charge of extortion.
The cam agalfftii Mayor Sohmlt*, who
was i" have entered his plea today,
wns continued until next Thursday,
after Judge Dunne had directed the
district attorney to Ascertain where
Mayor SohmltS! Is nt the present time
and when be Is likely to return to this
city from the east.
He stated that if the mayor had not
returned by nete t Thursday proceed
ing* should be tnken to compel his re
The trial of Supervisor Nicholas. In
dlctrii by the grand jury for extortion
in connection with 1 deal for furnish
ing the temporary city mil, t. 11 be
commenced next Monday before Judge
1 ' "inln I from I'nar linn
extended explanation nnd ripfpnK* of
i" 11 ms, 1, ti. ,ns, which, he contended,
were fully Justified i>y the conditions
and circumstances of the time hu.i had
1 n conducted entirely In the open.
Harrlman's examination lasted for
Bye houi r and was unmarked by acri
mony. The witness declined to be led
Into an attempt t,> explain Ihe details
"i ih' Alton opi atlon, and < onstantly
referred his questioner to thu records
of tho Alton company.
Mr. Harrlman's, testimony began
with the Issuance of one hundred mil
lion of convertible bonds by the Union
Pacific for the purpose primarily of
paying for the Southern Pacific in 1901
and then led through the purchase In
comiecti,.n with the Oregon Bhori line
of the Northern Pacific stock,
Mi. Haniman Identified a statement
showing thai since the lirst day of hist
July the Union Pacific and Oregon
siii.it line have purchased stocks at ■
1 OSI Of 1180,000,000 and Mr. Kellogg, the
government's attorney, sought to show
that, figured by prices in the market
today, there had been a loss of $11
""i on the Investment
Harriman Explains
1 Mr. Harriman said that this wns r"l*
slbly true and when further Questioned
asked permission to explain.
The witness said If Northern raelfic
! and Great Northern mantain thflr
present prices the profit In the North
ern Pacific investment Would amount
to about $61,000,000. Thf witness was
taken over the total investments and
sales made by the union Pacific and
Orepon Short line and in the end de
nied that they had been made for
speculative purposes.
The witness tln-n related the story of
the purchase of $46,000,000 of the stock
of th'- Baltimore .<• Ohio, payment for
which would, he said, be completed In
March and September next. He had
discussed the purchase with the late
President Cassatt nf the Pennsylvania
railroad but nothing- had been said as
to price, and no conditions were at
tached to the purchases.
Inquiry about the Union Paclfiic pur
chase of stock In tlie Alton led tho way
to the first objection of counsel for Mr.
Harriman to a question as to the
amount of stock the witness hnd held
jin the Alton. The witness explained
tho sale.
Examination as to the purchase of Al
ton stock by the Union Pacific com
menced just before adjournment. The
witness sairl the first purchase of Al
ton by the syndicate was made with
out any reference to the Union Pacific
and when Mr. Kelln^R produced a cir
cular issued in ISPS, statins the ad
vantages of n Union Pacific connection
to the stockholders of the Alton, the
witness denied knowledge of Its is
Mr. Harriman will continue his tes
timony tomorrow.
Investigating Committee Which Has
Been Looking Into Charges
Against the Senator Is
By Associated Press.
AUSTIN, Tex., Feb. 25.— 8y a vote of
IB to 11 the Texas senate today dis
charged the investigating committee
which has been in session several weeks
looking Int > charges against Joseph W.
At 11 o'clock the anti-Bailey following
Offered a resolution instructing tho
committee not to bring in a report at
that time, but to send a sub-committee
to st. Louts to secure the testimony
of H. Clay Pierce and to embody such
evidence In its final report.
Adherents of Senator Bailey prompt
ly offered a substitute that the in
vestigatlng committee be discharged
at once and that Senator Bailey be
fully Indorsed.
After a heated debate the substitute
resolut lon was passi 'I
The most sensational feature of the
debate was when Senator Bentell said
he would Introduce a resolution de
manding the disbarment of J. d. John
son of si. Louis, attorney for tho
Waters-Pierce and standard Oil com
panies, from practicing in the courts of
the state. Judge Johnson, he declared,
had admitted that he was in a con
spiracy to make a false affidavit,
Mis resolution, Mr. Bentell declared,
would include a provision for ousting
the Waters-Pierce <mi company from
the state
The Bailey mutter will come up In
the houae tomorrow.
Treaty Ratified
By v lated Presi
WASHINGTON, Feb. IB.— By a vote
of is i" 19 the senate tonight ratified the
Santo Domingo treaty. This was one
more vote In ths affirmative than was
re, lulled.
Pension Calendar Cleared
iciated Press,
WASHINGTON, X, b. i».--At to
night's session the senate paftfd 800
pension bills, clearing the cal
i i i. ii- 1. 1 such measures.
liy Aa*oclaieU Press.
MADRID, Feb. 25.— A telegram from
.Manila unnounc«B that the southern
Philippines have been ravaged by a
cyclone, that 800 people were killed and
thousands rendered homeless.
California Advertisers Eat Dinner
Provided by Loomls Brothers
and Talk of Welfare
of the State
(londnni-ii from Pnce Ohm
Robert m \nM. (?on. M, C. Wentworth,
i r w-fisw.il.w -fisw.il. o. s. wriKht and C .r.
Sing Patriotic Airs
During tho progreM <>f the dinner the
orchestra played a number of patriotic
tunes, mill the diners rose nnd m\n«
"America" and "The Star Spangled
Banner" nnd afterward honrtily cheered
"Dixie "
Every one prosont wai In pmat srood
humor, but ir merriment was needed it
was supplied by Gen. M, C. Wentwortli
an.i Beward A. Simons nf Pasadena.
who snt together and led In tho vfcai
At the liond of the Inhlo sat T. M.
Qibbon, while on his light were itiv.
Baker P. i and Col. W, L. Oreen, and
on hia left Dr, i-. a. Peres mill Las C,
Cat, s.
Toaetmaeter Qibbon wnn cheered
when he arose to make hi« Introductory
remarks, He proposed « tonst to th«
prmtdent, which was drunk standing,
after which the banqueters sans; "For
He's R /Oily Qood Fellow."
Mr. Qlbbbn saM a few words fn bp
hnif of tho work of tho. Development
Society <if California, and thm thi>#in
expected happened.
"We must work for Southern Califor
nia until Southern <\-iiiromia becomes
an Independent state, which it win in
time; but until that time romos w
must 00-ordlnato nnd work for the cn
tlro state" declared Mr. Oibbon.
Strikes Popular Chord
Tho pffpet of tho remarks was elec
trical, and it Is safe to say that during
the ensuing sixty seconds or more there
was never a greater' demonstration.
among ft body of similar size, and tho
statement was frequently made after
ward that If a popular voto were taken
now In Southern California It would
show practically a unanimous sentiment
in favor of breaking away from tho
north of California, whose hatred for
tho southern section apparently is con
stantly growing.
Col. W. L. Oreen of Pasadena, who
was announced for a speech on "Good
Roads and What They Mean to 173."
was greeted by the yell, "Rah, rah,
rah; Oreon, Pasadena," for which com
pliment he expressed his thanks.
Col. Oreen demonstrated by hla re
marks that he is an enthusiast on the
subject of Rood reads, and he argued
that the acquisition of pood roads was
desirable from every point of view, in
cluding pleasure and profit, and which
he said means the same, as the pleasure
which pood roads would insure would
bring profit through the attraction of
wealthy tourists who would come to
Southern California In preference to go
ing to Europe.
Want Young Men
John Willis Baer, president of Occi
dental college, took slight issue with
the preceding- speakers who had urged
the Importance of an Increase In the
inflow of tourists and capitalists into
"We are not after wealthy men only,"
said Mr. Baer. "We want young men
to come here, and do their life work.
There is no place in the world where a
young man can get more for his work
and energy and capital than in South
ern California. The state needs pub
licity, but not of the yellow kind. There
is one example of the yellow press with
its headquarters in this vicinity, and It
ought to be gagged. Then- Is a man in
San Francisco who was doli.j this
state in infinite amount of harm — I re
fer to the mayor of that city. When
the president invites him to eat with
him, it seems much more questionable
than other Invitations which he has
given for which he has been criticised.
Handicapped by the North
"The necessity for separation may
come. I am beginning to think we are
somewhat handicapped by our neigh
bors on the north."
Judge Frank Short of Fresno, who
spoken of. His remarks were called
of Southern California," made a strong
argument against the talk of secession
and declared that it should not even be
Broken of. His remarks were called
forth by those of Dr. Baer.
"I always take care to speak of Cali
fornia, and not Southern California,"
Iv said. "When the preceding speak
ers, alluding to a possible separation,
said, 'if ever it comes,' 1 echoed, 'may
It never come." California Is none too
large. There has been but one separa
tion of a st&te in the history of the
United States and that was accomplish
ed in the white heat of civil war. We
have a great state and a great people
and we must not think of lessening its
gnatness. We must maintain the
strength of a state which has honor
and power and a. voice In the nation.
California is the vanguard of the An
glo-Saxon civilization, with the Occi
dent behind it and the orient before It,
and we must show an unbroken front
to the. world. We are a state now and
forever, for better or worse, one and
Inseparable," Judge Short dwelt upon
the necessity of caution In making
concessions to immigrants ani deplored
what he called the "self-effacing ten
dency of the white race." "There has
not been ii worthy achievement of the
white race which hfis not sprung from
the brain of the, white man," ho- said,
"and we cannot afford to endanger our
Institutions by allowing them to be
contaminated by the people of other
Rev, Baker P. l^ec classed the race
question with that of the south, his
former home, and took <h<- Kami- posi
tion with regard to Hs settlement as be
holds with regard to the negro prob
Discusses Race Question
"The peopla who are oompstrai to
discuss these things Intelligently." ho
said. "AN the ones who live with the
people of these races nnd are most di
rectly concerned, They know more
about it and It should In- left to them."
Lee c. Qatei uttered h warning
against the exclusion of any Immi
gration "i possible benefit. "We ought
Hot t.i (lose our doors against a meri
torious civilization of any kind," he
Dr. L. A. Perce of Long Beach
.spok,- on "Our lea Coast cities." He
phophesiftd a strong co-operation of tho
beach towns for tho good of the Btate.
Says Story la False
By Associated Frees
NAPLES, Feb. 2&.— statement Is
published from Professor Matteuccl of
the Vesuvius observatory to the effect
that the opinion credited to him by tin*
ltalianI Italian press regarding the possible de
struction of the world by a comet la a
pure invention.
BELASCO THEATEK Relssee, M,r»r * Co.. rrop,
■.. . Phoneai Main 1180; Horn* AJ»10.
N OTIIINrt m.iim: STtRrtlNO, NOTHING QTTITK 10 lATTif*r«
ri.A v,
Under the Red
A erowd«l house lust nlpfht voted It simply Immense n rrrrnl
»,ir romantic success, and declared the production one of si
ceptional splendor — just another nf those. Ilnlaseo hits of mam-
moth proportions.
I WJM'.It tmi". 111:11 nimr. is n piny "'"« rhnrnin rver|-l>ml|-, yniinn na well
n « olds ni-rnslnnnl thrntrr-Koer nml <<iii(lnni rrHlrn nllkr.
, QVt IN LINK i:\im.v THIS MORNINO ami nn RUM OF
Next week — David Helasco anil Henry C, DsMlltS/l famous American piny.
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HAK I- UOaWOItTH. Beats now on wale.
TWrOROSCO'S BURBANK THEATER ?. l ho t ne. n i27o"
I n, k,-,l hnu*pf| provr (lint ivr'vc iiKnln mil I lie lirn< In liiimi.
TIIK VMIM'.II TIIH lll.lt \l.l>
Thoroughly enjoyable. Com- Hlr nurluink hit. Ooncrnl cxcol-
pany never excelled Hie merttor- lenco was positively startling.
l ons work they do this week. Wholly S dellfrht.
f.\.iovmi:.\t JUST YOU shk "A TBMPBKAIVCH TOWN." IT'S
GREAT. IT'S IT. ask .wvnnnv.
See the court In full session. See the raid on tho country saloon. Sen
John Burton (irlvo his old country huckhonrd. See the snow storm. Hoar
Henry Stot-kbrldßO nnd Fay Balnter sing "Ho's a Cousin of Mine." and "Skldoo." •
Hear the popular Marquis Ellis quartet sins their dozen winners. See this
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A rnl»«lll.kcy« Ill.kcy & .\rlnon— Happy Jn.-k i.iii-ilnrr — Hip— Orphruiu Motion
Picture*— l'atrlcc a: to.
Matlneo Dally Except Monday.
GRAND OPERA HOUSE Mam st. Bet m and id
— — Phones Main 1967; Home ASIIT.
The Family Theater.
R . J. Carpenter Presents A A • 1 ■%
The Groat Western Praina. lit I ♦•< Ot^ I P^ I -ffOtO VT
The Kplc of the Mining; XX L V— /I IL/ LJI\Z V^l CCxV
Matinees Tuesday nnd Saturday. Regulnr Grand Operq^Houiiw" prK-esr*"" l " —
ASON OPERA HOUSE h. c. wyatt. •
MASON OPERA HOUSE I.esseo and Manager.
Lessee and Manag;er.
week ' ;
"Theater HriuHlful"
Mian Florence Stone In Sardou's master- ]^J± TOSCA
p'^« l~ir\ lUOuri
MiiHrnlflrrnt nernrry. A srrrnt <-iik«.
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ANGELUS PALM GARDEN - »th «J gu*j£fe
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MISSION THEATER «» S. Main. Phono Home 1372.
±^±±Lt* inaA^nn kvan Baldwin. Mgr.
I YX BTSIT A Yankee in London
Souvenir Matinee Tomorrow. Matinee prices: 10c and 20c. Night prices: 10c,
20c and 30c.
Races! Races! Races!
The Fourth Season
Six Good Races Every Week Day
Stakes Every Saturday
The best class of horses that ever visited the coant. A high-class sport tot
hlKh-class people. Admission $1.00. First race at 1:40. '
ygjSijSlJi^^jy or years the Resort of Discriminating people
ytt^^^^\^^k who love the High Sierras and Enjoy
N&jfSPVoSjr Special rates by the week and the best of service.
The Pacific Electric Ry.
By Associated Press. .
U KI,I.IN(iHAM, Wash., Feb. 25.—1n
response to a demand mafic by the lum
ber shippers of northwest Washington
through the Belllnghum chamber of
commerce that the 'embargo on forest
products be raised, Howard ESUIoR,
president of the Northern Pacific, wired
from St. Paul today refusing to lift tha
> -iMlsirjjo.
President Elliott declares In his tele
gram that owing to weather condltlona
the road had been unable to handle tho
traffic offered and that there are now
6 000 loads of freight west or the Cascade
mountains consigned to eastern points
which must be moved before further
offerings are accepted.
Under favorable conditions this accu
mulation should be moved and the com
'"pany able to accept lumber shipment*
ln about four weeks, though no definite
date can be fixed.
Take I^axatlva . mum Quinine Tablets.
Druggists refund money If It fall* to cure.
E.W. Uruva'M uliiiiutuio U on each bo*, itto.

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