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Terrorize* Hospital for Two Hours
and Leads His Pursuers » Merry
' Chase Before He Is Caught
and Subdued
James li. WHami, a patient at the
Bisters' <■ ipltal, rrasspd from an at
tack of pneumonia, terrorised the cwscu
panta tn • i>»* hospital for two hours
yesterday morning, when, armed with
ji revolver, he bnrrlcaded himself lii b
roont and resisted capture with shots.
i ,- i ; only by a narrow chance thai
he failed to mm Patrolmen McDowell
nd Ilinlnn, who were <--enl to the hos
pital. Ila rla us head was grated by a
bullet and when the maniac itlOi at
McDowell the hammer fell on an
empty shell.
Wilson wns taken to the hospital
from Bellgman, Ariz., suffering from
typhoid-pneumonia, ii" raved In a de
lirium ror two days and several times
wns kept In his cot with great ilitli
cnlty. Yesterday morning he became
much worse and Just as the attending
nurse wiis about to call fOT help be
leaped from the col and shouted, "i
inn going to kill you!"
Fires from Window
The young woman ran from the room,
Cloßlng and locking the door after her.
Wilson returned to his valise, which
had been left near his bed, nnd took a
loaded revolver from It. Four shots
were fired In quick succession from the
window of his room and the startled
occupants of the hospital (Hied the
halls and corridors. A call was srnt
to the police station nnd during the
interval of tho coming <>f the police
nrmed attendants stood near the door
of the captive's room, as ho beat
against In a frantic, effort to get out.
When McDowell and Harlan arrived
they entered the mom. the latter llrst.
A bullet went crashing through the
door, grazing Hnrlan's head, find the
two men sprang back. It was decided
to lay slego to tho placo until Wilson
should become quiet, and the two po
licemen and the frightened nurses sat
down to Walt Nearly an hour passed
nd McDowell climbed on a chair.
Wilson wns alert and waiting. He
snapped the revolver almost In the
policeman's face, but the chamber had
turned on an empty shell.
Tries to Run Away
Concluding that the man had
emptied his revolver, the two police
men burst Into the room, Wilson, still
Clad In his night clothes, leaped
through the open window nnd made off
across the lawn. The two policemen
ran out to catch him, nnU were joined
by Policeman Shand, who had just ar
rived. Wilson, weak from his Illness
and already exhausted, ws quickly
fvorpnTrrred and taken back to his
No explanations hnve been made by
the management of the hospital of the
strange circumstance, of a valise can
taining a loaded revolver being left by
the man's bedside. Little could be
learned about this feature of the affair,
nd the nurse did not know whether it
had been left there by an oversight
or whether the man had asked t« have
Chief of Police, Auditor and Health
Commissioner Get Pocket Allow.
ance for Checking Up
City's Business
I lv voting a s«cret service fund to
he chief of police, the health officer
and the auditor, tho city council yes
terday legalised a custom which has
Obtained for some time of furnishing
special funds to city officials which are
used only on discretion.
The amount, set aside for Chief Kern
is $400 a month, whereas it used— to be
$200. It is understood that Mayor
■arpcr can use as much as he needs
of this amount In watching city em
ployes and Investigating dealings be
tween city officials and thoso contrac
tors who are "in the ring."
The police fund Is used for detec
tives' special expenses, the health fund
for sampling and exhibiting specimens
of milk, etc.
Auditor MUBhet was given funds to
look Into the authenticity of many bills
about which he has doubts, and he
will turn on the searchlight it once.
Whether the dead animal contract is
being carried out In right shape is one
of tlie first subjects to be gone into.
4lt has become known that dead r.its
are turned In ut the premium privilege
fee of 25 cents, which sum the city ut
lows the firm. The same amount has
been collected when dead chickens
with tlifir feathers on were condemned
and left with the commission men.
The city auditor has mado up his
mind to silt every bill presented to
him. This action .'s causing a furore
in the city hall.
prmnyivanians who are temporarily
or permanently dwelling in the cMty of
the AngelH have v llvo anil Wideawake
society at the gathering! of which timy
can rni'tt eaoh other. The monthly
meeting, which oomai «n tu^ fourth
Tuesday <>f eaoh month, will be held to
night at Fraternal Brotherhood hall, S4c>
.^imi ti Figueroa ■( reet.
The meeUngi of the society are an
Interesting combination of sociability,
iuhhlc and literature, and almost 4W
incifiii.is and their friends attend. At
the assembly tonight diaries K. \V.
Ifoore, formerly of the city of Brotherly
I^ove, win make the address of th.- even
in*. T\w Polytechnic high school or
chestra will contribute to the iiniHtial
features. The program, which win fol
low a social hum- continuing from 7:30
to 8:30, will give way later in tho even
ing- to dancing and curds
The society, of which Frank L. Miller
is president, embraces about seventy
five Quaker City pllKriiiw, as many from
lu sntOky burg mid the rest from ilif
oltles and town o f tiu- state.
Qood tea nnd coffee v nica dali »l
George Rule, the boy who w»i Im
ported to have run away from homo
Sunday afternoon, returned late Sunday
night, Rrefttly to the relief of his mother,
who feared MM harm had befallen
The boy Ii 11 years of ftf«, He lives
with hM parents at 101V4 South Hope
street. He loft home for the purpose of
visiting Miguel Lopes, a friend who
lives at 1510 San Fernando street. Tlr)
i.opcz boy Is said to have enjoyed his
friend's company so much that when
the time came for Ocnrßo to go homo
t in. Lopez boy objected.
\v Nhlng to have < tonne remain
longer, Miguel is said to have turned
buck the hand! of the clock, making it
Appear that It was several hours earlier
than it was. When Oeorgo did not re
turn on time his mother notified the
Son of Prominent New York Man
Breaks Down and Imagines
Strangers Are Friends
from Home
After drifting about orv the sea of mis
fortune, for more than two months and
Biter suffering more than his share of
the troubles and hardships that gener
ally befall a young man, Delphln Oav
ney, a scion of a well known New fork
family, has at. last. 1 n found and
saved from the Impending sentence of
Incarceration In the, state insane asy
The young man arrived in Lios Ange
les several months ngo and tried to
make his own way despite the fact that
his people (ire wealthy. He becamo 111
and still tried to do his best without
calling on anyone for aid.
His work and his ill health proved too
much for him. Ills charming manner
and faultless clothes won him many
friends In I-"« Angeles, nnd even these
people did not know of the young man's
predicament until one day mental col
lapse occurred, and Oavney went down
the streets seeing old friends and ac
quaintances In the faces of those about
him cordially greeting acquaintances
Of Harlem, of Fifth avenue, of Brooklyn
and even of the Bowery in the men and
women he saw on the street, rushing
about, shaking hands with frightened
men and women, who ran from htm, to
his amazement.
Finds a Friend
Gavncy was at last taken in charge
by the police. Even at the station he
thought the officers to be old friends he
had known. He told them ho was a
great fighter and explained that when
his ship came in and the trouble went
from his head he would reward them
At the hospital he tried to whip sev
eral of the trusties, but at last quieted
down. Meantime one of the attendants
nt the Hospital had taken an interest In
him. This attendant found out some
thing of his relatives and wired them.
AA A continuance of the -proceedings that
would have Rent Gavney to the Insane
nsylutn was granted. The eastern rela
tives and others at Riverside sent word
to L,os Angeles, appointing an attorney
to care for the young man, and yester
day when he was taken Into court he
was promptly discharged, and in the
care of an officer he was taken to a
local private sanitarium where it is
thought ho will soon overcome his men
tal disorder.
Carl F. Oauss, the former secretary of
the American Novelty Manufacturing
company, who was arrested in Oakland
sover.al weeks ago on a charge of
forgery, was arraigned In Police Justice
Chambers' court yesterday and his
preliminary examination was set for
March 4.
At the time of his arrest Gauss is snld
to have pleaded with the officers to take
him to court at once so he could plead
guilty and start serving his sentence as
soon as possible. Soon after his arrest
Gauss' mother came to Los Angeles
from San Francisco, and it is said an
attorney will be engaged who will en
deavor to have the young man set fr?o.
Qauaa is said to have embezzled
nearly $10,000 from his employers, with
thn intention of using It to ombark in
business. Ho was nlso said to be in
fatuated with a young woman and to
have expended largo sums of money in
purchasing expensive presents for her.
Afcout throe days after Gauss was
brought to Los Angeles a pretty, ex
pensively garbed young woman ap
peared at the city jail and asked to soe
the younjf man. Permission was
granted her, and for several days slin
was a regular visitor. It is thought by
the police she was the one for whom the
presents were bought.
William H- Oeorga made his final nd
dress in 1.108 Angeles for tho present
yesterday morning ;it the University of
Southern California. As the founder of
the George Junior Kepublic, he has
been working hero for several weeks
with Rood prospects of establishing a
republic in !■<>« Angeles.
Resolutions have been adopted by the
republic committee and the Juvenile
Court associution recommending that
120,000 be raised for the purpose of start
ing the project of a junior republic. It
i.s expected that this money will bo
raised In order that California will re
ceive recognition in New York in pre
parliiK for the details and the carrying
out of the work to a successful issue in
the final establishment of a ropubiic in
Southern California.
To form the nucleus for the prospeo*
tlve republic a man will have the train
ing of the boys in the east, ami when
Officials and all are well trained th"y
will iii urn here to be placed on a farm.
The work will be pressed as vigorous!} 1
as possible to consummate the worthy
Object Of establishing a form of govern*
m ni so beneflciul to tho boys who need
Its assistance.
Councilman Blanchard procured the
appointment of T. F. Kelly, foot guard,
and Hugh Scott, in charge of the polios
bulletin, which will be issued by the
police department in lieu of the "cali
co" sheets by which descriptions of
people wanted, and other data la given
each day to the patrolmen.
Scheme as Outlined Meets with En.
thudiastic Support of Entire Stu
dent Body — Notes from the
Athletic Field
I,ns Angeles high school Is to become n
miniature republic. As soon as plans
can be perfected, b president will h*
elected and I house of representatives
OhOSen, who shall control all RCIIOOI
activities ns well as govern the body.
The scheme Is the result of a strong
desire to "beat Poly" in every score.
High school enthusiasts confess f Tim I
while their teams have been winning
victories 'on every Held, the school has
taken the efforts without, much en
thusiasm. The new form of^tudent
body organization Will, they nope, stir
up school spirit in the dead ones.
The Ides Was briefly outlined yester
day morning before a meeting of tho
entire school. It provides fur a house „f
representatives which shall consist of
six pupils from each chiss, or forty
fight 111 all. This house Will have Its
sub-committees to attend to the various
phases of the school activities d an
executive committee that shall meet at
least once a week. The plan was well
set forth by Charles Mills, and he waa
followed by Rae Petty. Stan Mitchell,
captain of the football team; Don QOOd
win. the track mannger, and Jesse
Crow, one of the leading debaters of
the School, all of whom added their
words of Indorsement to the project.
The school, by a unanimous vote, de
cided to adopt the new system as soon
as it can be put Into practice.
Athletes Win Honors
With a record of having won evbij
game they played since the opening of
the new term, 1..0s Angeles high ath
letlc managers of the various school
teams are feeling elated over the Splen
did showing they have made.
The good work was begun Monn«>
when the boys' basketball team beat
Occidental by a score of almost 2 to 1.
The baseball team sauntered down to
Long Beach and met the seaside play
ers. The local boys won from tho op
posing team — and the umpire — by a
score of 3 to 4.
Saturday the girls' basketball team
attempted to play with the Pasadena
high school girls. Again the academics
won, the score this time being 43 to 9.
In the track meot with the Polytech
nic high school, one of the important
jneets of tho year, the blue and wWto
defeated Poly by seven points, the final
score being 53 to (50.
This week the high school basketball
team will play Whit tier on the high
school court Wednesday afternoon, and
at Long Beach Saturday.
Tho first battle with the military will
take place Saturday, wnen tho high
school tennis team will meet Harvard
military school on the latter's courts.
Harry Rogers, Charley Rogers, Ward
Dawson and Allen Davis will represent
the high school boys both in the singles
and the doubles.
Mrs. Emma Summers Will Be Arrested
Today on a Charge of Main
taining an Insanitary
A warrant charging Mrs. Kmina A.
Summers, known as the "Oil Queen,"
with maintaining insanitary conditions
about her stables at 812 Boston avenue,
was sworn out yesterday and tho
woman will bo arrested this morning.
Mrs. Summers is known as one of
the wealthiest women in California.
She is the owner of a number of oil
wells and is heavily interested in sev
eral oil companies. Her home is at 517
Cnllfornia street, about one block from
the stablos.
The complaint against Mrs. Summers
Is the outcome of a great deal of in
dignation which has been frequently
expressed by neighbors living^ in tho
vicinity of the stables. According to
these neighbors the odor arising from
the barn yard and the barn nearby
drove them to distraction and frequent
requests were received by the health
department to make Mrs. Summers
clean up tho yard.
Since the recent rains the stench has
become worse and It is said a number
of tenants of rented houses notified
their landlords that they would move
if the place was not cleaned up.
Mrs. Bummers maintains, in her barns
about "00 horses. These animals are
kept in what is said to be a ramshackle
place which answers the purpose of a
In the barnyard a number of broken
down old oil wagons are said to be kept,
while in the yard the mud Is said to
ho about a foot deep. This muck Is
made by the mixing of oil with the
sand, and about it thousands of files
are gathered at all times.
The neighbors say the place is a dis
ease breading spot. It is surrounded
by a high board fence of an unsightly
nature and It is said efforts will be
mado to have the oil queen tear this
down and tidy up things generally.
Mrs. Sydney Handrlck, accused of
burglary, was arraigned in Police Juh
tloa lore's court yesterday, charged
With filtering the room of Miss Eliza
beth Bower, 225 South Figueroa Htreut,
and taking clothes and Jewelry valued
at several hundred dollura. The woman
Is the first uf her sex to be booked on a
charge of burglary within a year.
Miss Bower Is a waitress at the Los
Angeles Coffee club In the Citizens Na
tional Hunk building. She accuses the
other woman of having entered har
room in her absence. Mrs. Hendrlck
lived in the rear of the apartment build
ing occupied by Miss Bower, in default
of bail she is confined In the matron's
department of the city Jail.
Suspecting (hit a mnn they saw hid
lng behind a tree early yrsterdny morn
lngllng was them for no Rood purpose,
Patrolmen Unmet nnd Norrls chased
him for several blocks, only to loso him.
The tii 1 1 ran through a yard and dis
appeared over a high fence.
The officers v/ere at Union nnd Orange
streets when a pedestrlnn approached
and told iii. in hi had seen n. man skulk
ing behind a tree a short distance away.
The patrolmen at once went toward
the spot. As they approached they wore,
seen by tin- man, who darted from Ills
hiding place nnd ran op the street.
The Officer! shouted at him to halt,
but. he ps ii no attention to their com
mands No shots were fired .i him. it
ls thought i'i nhnble the man was hiding
with the Intention of waylaying and
robbing some one,
Members of Ministers' Union Listen
Attentively to Words of Condem
nation of the Followers of
Joseph Smith
The Mormons were given a severe
scoring by Rev. s. E. Wishard <>r High
land Park yesterday morning ;it tho
Ministers' union meeting In the Central
Presbyterian church. The topic <>f Dr.
Wichard's address wdh "Mormon The*
ology." He said In part i
"The Mormons embrace false religions
ami show much bigotry In their fni
lacleg. In Utah, when' they ;ii" the
Strongest, they claim thut Artum was
3od and that Adam and Mary were the
parents of Jesus Christ and that the
priesthood descends to the Mormons for
the ruling of the world.
"But the Mormons arc deceptive.
When they branch out from Utah
among the orthodox and Protestants In
other states tney dodge their original
doctrines and fall Into line as much ■■■»
they can With those they meet in order
that they may practice their deception
and turn people to accept their system
of carnalityi
'They claim that sin is a moral neces
sity and do not believe In the confes
sion and the 'forgiveness of sins. Their
idea of the Holy Spirit is that it consists
in electricity and subtle fluid; th;it
their redemption is in saving- them
selves, and they will laugh at you if you
claim that you are saved by any other
Omitted Some of the Bible
"They believe In the Bible when it is
translated according to their doctrjne.
In IS3O Joseph Smith began his inspired
(°) work of translating the Bible, whi'.h
took him three years to accomplish.
There were sixty -one points that nt
omitted from Genesis that did not suit
him. He fixed it up in a way that in
dicated that the living priesthood ex
ceeded the teachings of the Bible.
"The Mormons have a convenient
method of getting out of trouble by
having 'relvelations,' and as 30 per cent
of them are priests there is something
doing most of the time.
"When the outside pressure became
too much for them they had a revelation
to suspend their polygamy, but they
fooled the government to some extent
regarding their sincerity.
"The Mormons are making great in
roads by their deception and chicanory.
They are trying to make the little stone
cut out of the mountain to crush out
the world, and if this continues there
may be bloodshed."
Rev. K. S. Chapman, superintendent
of tho Anti-Saloon league, sent a notice
of the Eshleman anti-race track Dill
which has passed the house and is be
ing smothered by the senate, and urged
tho ministers to take action for its
passage. It was decided that a 'com
munication be sent to the state senator
signed by the president and secretary of
the union.
Knights of Pythias expect to add in
terest to their work as well as raise the
standard of initiatory work by arrang
ing a series of competitive drills in
which the degree teams of the Los An
geles and outlying lodges will meet each
other. A $100 loving cup will go to th 9
winning team.
The Pythians will exhibit their team
work In conferring the third degree, or
tho rank of knight, on candidates.
The contest will bo divided into pre
liminaries and finals, only such teams
as make a good showing in the pre
liminaries being permitted to try out in
the finals. Competent judges will de
cide on the merits of the respective
teams, and tho one making the best gen
eral average will be awarded the cup.
The teams of the different lodges will
meet In the following order:
Pasadena No. 132 against Los Angelos
No. 205 at Pasadena March 26.
Long Beach No. 210 against Pacific
No. 203 of Santa Monica at Long Beach
April 19.
Marathon No. 182 of Los Angeles
against Alhambra No. 127, in Los An
geles May 11.
Sampson No. 148 of Los Angeles
against Aetna No. 107 of Pomona, In
Los Angeles June 3.
Gauntlet No. 129 of Los Angeles
against Whtttler No. 233, in Los An
geles June 24.
Joseph W. Claggett, 1114 Kast Tenth
street, an employe of the Southern I'.i
clfle, dropped dead In the freight yards
of that company at 3 o'clock yenlenlay
afternoon. Death! is supposed to have
been caused by heart disease.
Mr. claggett came to Los Angeles re
cently from Dayton, Ohio, where his
wife and family now live. The body
was taken to Breseu Bros.' undertaking
establishment and an Inquest will be
held there at 8:30 this morning.
Nellie Sims, the 15-year-old tirl who
disappeared from her home several
weeks ago and for whom the police
have been looking, returned Sunday
morning, shortly after her uncle re
ported seeing her on Spring street in
company with another woman and a
The fact of her return was not re
ported to the '. alloe until yesterday.!
The girl is said to have been fright
in.'d by teeing her uncle and decided '■
to return to her home. The man who
was with the girl tit the time was
taken to the police stutlou.
Only Medicine at 80 Years of Age
■ I Mr. Isaac P. Ladd, who is
ifSf N medicine, and he derives
J& \ great benefit from its use.
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W* ; tients who have been restored
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M i{f ' -^S use of this great tonic-stim-
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MR. ISAAC P. T.AI.n. 80 TEARS OLD N. V., Aug. 9tll, 1906.
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