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Rtmngern are Invited to vUlt the f«-
Mbit of Cnllfornla product* nt the
Chamber of Commerce bullalnß, on
llrondwny.I Ilrondwny. between Flrßl and fpoon.l
otreetn, where free Information will I"'
Riven on nil subject* pertaining to thin
The nerntrt will pny »10 In en Ah tn
nnyono furnishing BV)d«ni that will
lond to the nrront nnd conviction of nny
person iniiKht stealing <-opl.« of The
i|,.,.,1,li |,.,.,1,l from the i-iMiihm f .Mir
pfttroni. TUB MRItALD,
Falls on Street
Mm B. Wright, 74 fenrn of njro, 111
ln*I In* nt 12IR K;ist Fiftieth street, fell
while walking on Spring Rtreot, near
svc.,n i, yesterday, nnd Buffered a
number of severe bruises.
Dakotans Plan Picnic
Th'- North Dakota association of
Southern CnllfTnlii will hold ft banket
picnic 'it Kimt.lnke park Saturday,
March 3, at " o'clock, In even! of rain
the picnic will bo held the following
Held on Suspicion
T . S-'wnnson, a laborer, wns nrrestod
on New High street yesterday and
booked on suspicion at the police sta
tion. The man Ii paid to have stolen
a quantity of brans wire from the
Southern Pacific freight yards.
Death from Heart Failure
Mrs. Charles Wewmnn, N yenm of
irc. mi* found dead In bed ;it her
home, 089 Omar street, yesterday after
noon. Death Is thought to have been
caused by hearl failure, The coroner
u;im notified and will Moid ati Inquest
tiii.i afternoon. The body was removed
to Cunningham «v O'Connor's undertake
in.' establishment.
Sent to Northern Asylum
<;. w. Parrott, an aged painter of
Sacramento, brought to Los Los An-
K«'len less than s week ago In the hope
of bettering Ms mental condition, was
returned north to the Stockton hos
pital yesterday by the Insanity commis
sion in department two <>r the superior
court. Tin family asked that he be
Incarcerated in the northern asylum
po that they could be near him, and
tholr request \\n» granted.
Harriman Interests Can Come in Any
Time by Making New Appllca.
tion, City Lawmakers
The Harriman interests will lose one
of the franchises they asked for and
were granted, the city council having
decided yesterday to withdraw permis
sion to burrow under California Rtrcet
from Temple street, to Sunset boule
The franchise or permission may be
regained by Ming a new petition, the
couiicllmen said.
The Noiiy adopted the report of City
Attorney Leslie H. Hewitt, which was
us follows:
"With reference to the ordinance,
passed by the council on January 2,
ISIO7, granting to the Los Angeles Pa
cific company permission to construct
a subway under private property and
under California street a. id lands be
longing to the city of Los Angeles, be
tween the northerly lino on Temple
street and Sunset boulevard, I advise
that said ordinance bo reconsidered,
and upon reconsideration that it be not
"Said ordinance was passed upon
condition that the Los Angeles Pacific
company would pay $1000 for the right
to construct the subway under the
city's property, which money has not
been paid.
"On February 11 your honorable body
was to receive bids for a street rail
road to be operated through a tunnel
to be constructed in Hill street, be
tween First street and Temple street,
hut no bids were received for said
franchise, and in view of the fact that
/the tunnel in Hill street and the tunnel
«>r subway intended to be provided for
Jk>y the ordinance referred to are In
"reality related as part of one continu
ous railroad, It is advisable to cancel
the grant contemplate, | by said ordi
nance as heretofore made, so that there
may be no outstanding grants or ease
ments affecting the property described
Deputy Sheriffs Unable to Find Mexi.
can Accused of Murder — One Vie.
Tim Will Recover from
His Wound
Juan Aguirre, the fugitive accused of
the murder of Oavtno Majlo Bunday
uiulu, was trail,, l by a posse yesterday
through Santa Anita canyon. Deputy
Sheriff Berdlo, at the head of three
other deputies, lead tiie search, but
i is believed that the aoouaed man has
Leandro Klores, Anuinvs aceompliee,
who was •'•but by Rita Ramlres, al
though expected to die Bunday evening,
improved steadily yesterday and gave
Strong Indications of recovery, floras,
Agulrre ami Ramtres all were charged
With Intent to kill In warrants issued
tins after i by the district attorney.
Ramirea ami another cbolo, Carlos
I'isani, arreated al the time „r the
murder, ant held at the county jail. The
shooting was the outcome of a Mexican
'end, ami Ramirez is said to have shot
Florea in the defense of his friend.
six more Inapeotors will !>«• added to
the (oroe of the Inspector of buildings
On the showing or inspector BaokUl
that his department was more than
self-sustaining and that the shoestring
anni cation had added much to his
work ha got the oonaenl of the council
to enlarge iii.s force yeatarda j
The need of a plumbing Inspector Is
and by the Immediate naming
of thai worthy the city maj i»- saved
gojna damage suits.
Suggestion That Capif.il Be Moved if
State Be Divided Without Op.
position I* Considered a
Good Plan
Tho Mißßcftlion In yesterday's Herald
Mint a division of the Mute of California
can bo brought about easily and nrnlo
:1:1:1111>■ through an agreement with Ban
Francisco and Alnmeda for the removal
„ r the cup I ill from Sacramento to Her
kelo.y has met with Instantaneous and
practically unanimous approval.
On the streets and throughout Los
\n i lei generally the lubjocl was dis
cussed yesterday, and to ail appear
ancea the sentiment in favor of the
creation of the state of South, m Cali
fornia IS grow Inn rapidly.
Opinion Is freely i xpressed that under
the plan proposed by The Herald divi
sion can be brought about with the least
possible friction, ami at the smile time
the object of, what appears to be „.■
desire of a large majority of ib" real'
dents of the northern section of the
.stale for a removal of the capital will
be gratified.
As yet there is a notlcable averalon
On the part Of many of the leaders in
business and professional circles of Lou
Angeles to be Quoted In favor of a di
vision of the state, but Alien confidence
Is assured many reasons ale given as to
why Southern California should consti
tute an Individual commonwealth.
Interests Not Common
The principal ronHon given Is that the
north ami the south in California never
have bail interests In common, and that
as lime progresses this condition of
affairs becomes more apparent. The
south. In years gone by, has been al
most completely Ignored by the north
as not worthy of consideration, ho it is
declared, but with the rapid increase In
population and material advancement,
Indicating a probability that the south
Will lead tln> north In both population
and wealth, there has arisen a spirit of
jealousy in the north against every
thing that pertains to Southern Califor
nia, with the proapecta that thin feel
ing will Increase in a ratio equaling
the advancement of the southern sec
Inning a casual canvass of the city
yesterday not an adverse criticism was
beard on the proposition to divide the
state, but the declaration was made re
peatedly that the subject was one which
the 1..0s Angeles chamber of commerce,
as tho leading civic organization of
Southern California, should take up for
consideration and agitation.
ft was reported yesterday that within
a few days the chamber of commerce
will issue a call for a mass meeting to
consider various subjects of vital im
portance to Los Angeles, and the belief
la expressed that at this gathering the
subject of state division will be tho
chief topic discussed.
Chamber Is Reticent
Many members of the chamber of
commerce have declared themselves In
favor of a separation of Southern Cali
fornia from the northern section of the
state, and they also hnve expressed trie
belief that the chamber should officially
take cognizance of the agitation, but
officials of the body declare that while
they have pronounced views on the sub
ject they cannot at this time discuss the
affair or say whether there is a proba
bility that the chamber will take any
action whatever in relation to the ques
Belief is expressed, however, by mem
bers of the chamber that tho sentlnieiu
in the body of nearly iuOO leading busi
ness and professional men of Los An
geles is strong enough to Induce the
board of directors to take the lead In
the agitation.
"I am heartily in favor of division,"
yesterday declared H. S. Baer, the well
known grape grower and a prominent
■member of the chamber of commerce.
'I am a native sou of California and
was born In San Francisco, and from a
sentimental point of view I am averse
to dismembering the Golden State, but
from a practical point of view and in
'justice to Southern California I am in
favor of the idea. The southern and
northern sections have nothing in com
mon, ami we of the south are tired of
the domination of the Ruefs and the
Merrlns of the north. As a rule, I inn
not in favor of the chamber of com
merce taking up political questions, but
it seems to me that this is not a
political subject and that the chamber
can with propriety not only discuss It
but take a leading part in agitating the
Bankers Favor Division
A. W, Sklnnei, vice president of the
American Savings bank and a director
of the chamber of commerce, declared
himself as most emphatically in favor
of slate division, to lie brought about as
soon as it can be accomplished. Ho
declared that the recent developments
in Sacramento showed that such a move
Is imperative, and that the south should
no longer be made to suffer by the
jealousy of the north, prompted by the
machine politicians.
\V. H. Workman, former city tre.-.n
urer ami now president of the American.
Savings bank, said that the only objec
tion he had to the division of the state
was baaed on his being an old Califor
nian, but he thought the time was ripe
tor agitation of the question.
"I won't say just what 1 think of state
division." said J. M. Kiiiott, president or
Mi.- First National bank and member of
tbe board of water commissioners, "but
1 will tell you thai I know man whom I
supposed to ba tho soul of honor go to
Sacramento and seem to try to do their
duty until then- comes up a question in
which tin- railroad is Interested, whrtn
the" fall down. This latest deal the
legislature gave us was the limit."
Although h>' had Once pleaded guilty
to a oharge of patty larceny, Frank
Lewis, a negro, waj discharged by Po
iti-c justice Pradrlokson yeaterday on
account of Inaufficlent evidence.
Lewis was arrested several duyß ago
on a oharge of having stolen a small
aum »f money from the room of George
lialnes, another negro, at 1080 Central
avenue. When arrested l.ewin vigor
ously denied his guilt and when taken
to OOUrt pleaded not guilty to the
charge. At that lime ill,' arresting
officers, Qlenn and Stevens, remarked
they thought the man was wanted on a
serious charge In the eubt.
"Well, If you feel thai way about it,
i gueas i ma> as weii plead guilty, pay
lay line and then I won'i be hern when
you tind for huic whether i am wanted
in the east."
when the evidence againat Lewli was
preaantad n was found to be Inauf-
Relent and be was discharged,
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Gives Charming Talk
Mrs. Eleanor Bingham of Chicago
gave a charming talk yesterday after
noon before the members of the Ebell
club on "Legends of Famous Pictures."
Mrs. Bingham is a recognized art au
thority and passed several years
abroad In study. She also traveled in
Europe with Mrs. Potter Palmer and
she had a whole fund of Interesting
stories yesterday on her tongue's end,
which she told in such a bright and
pithy manner that her whole audience
was captivated.
To Honor Bride. to-Be
Mrs. Paul Blllington of Hotel Al
varado will be hostess today at a
luncheon in honor of Miss Bernice Bur
rows a popular bride-to-be.
Daintily Appointed Luncheon
Miss Bernice Burrows and her fiance,
Dr. John Hawkins, with the members
of their bridal party, were entertained
at luncheon yesterday afternoon by
Miss Pearl Teetzel of 932 Lake street.
Mr. and Mrs. Watt to Entertain
Mr. ami Mis. J. A. Watt of 1565 West
Twenty-second street will entertain the
members of the Daffodil club and their
husbands this evening with a progres
sive whist party. Bed carnations will
decorate the dining room and through
the rest of the house white carnations
and ferns will be arranged. The score
cards will be hand-painted with sketch
es of hearts and the guests will include:
Dr. and Mrs. George Walker, Dr. and
Mrs. Charles K. Morris, Mr. and Mrs.
Will Whltzel, Mr. and Mrs. W. A.
CJamo, Mr. and Mrs. 10. Edgar Elling
ton, Mr. and Mrs. A. R, Coonley, Dr.
and Mrs. Charles Winter, Dr. and Mrs.
Claude Williams, Mr. and Mrs. A. F.
Goldsborough, Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Harrodd, Dr. and Mrs. C. N. Hopkins,
Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Weston, Mr. and
Mrs. Eekrew of Hollywood and Mr. and
Mrs. E, Castillo.
To Study Last Scenes
The members of the Wednesday
Morning club will study the last scenes
of "Julius Caesar" Wednesday morn
ing at the home of Mrs. M. H. Har
rison, 218 North Blchel street, under
the direction or Mrs. Frank Tryor, 229
North gichel street. Mrs Cecilia White
will give the last <.f her scries of art
Entertains with China Shower
Mrs. William K. Pilchard and Miss
Pauline Raech of Michigan entertain
ed with ;i china shower yesterday af
ternoon ut the home of the former, mil
South Hope, street, in honor of Miss
Josephine Johnson, who will become
the Bride of Eugene Miles Wednesday
morning at the home of her parents.
Mr. ami Mrs. ED, EG. Johnson, j ;i27
Albany street.
Miss Blla Mayneld Howell, Mrs. Tom
Ward and Mrs. \V. (1. Klsenmeyer gave
Vocal solos ami Mrs. B. CJ. Feelenu-yer
rendered an instrumental Selection.
During tht aftarnoou tiie guests played
a highly amusing game, "The Musleal
Romance." in the dining room tvn
loons of red beans wen Stretched from
the chandelier to tin- corners of the
room and the candelabra were red
Shaded. The place cards wen- red
and heart -shaped. I'horry blossoms
were pleasingly combined With hearts
and greenery in the drawing rooms,
Among those preseni beside the guest
of honor wera Mines. Leroy Bnyeart,
Henry llauser, Ferdinand Wheeler,
Charles 1.. Hart, Motley H. Flint, I,ad
ru Royal, B. H. Miller, l.a ra Munsey
White, Sidney Lee Grover, K. A. Beck,
W. (i. Klsenmeyer. Tom Ward, I). <;.
Peelemeyer, Misses Katharine Parker,
fora Parker and Blla Mayfleld Howell,
Fraternity Members Are Hosts
At Kramer's ihis evening the mem
bars of iii>- [Tpallon chapter of the Pal
Omega fraternity of the University at
Southern caiiforniu will give a raoap
lion ami «iaiuinK party tind the woman
u iio will an as patronesses are: Dr.
Bjvangellfie Jordan, Dr. Bthal i.. Leon
ard. Mi*. Claire W. Murphy, Mrs. J.
Walter Gray, Mrs. W. D. Reed, Mrs.
E. M. Pallette, Mrs. J. L. Klrkpatrick,
Mrs. Leo Ford and Mrs. William Smith.
At Art Studio
The members of the Garvanza Fort
nightly club will meet Thursday at
Professor Judson's studio and Mes
dames Payne, Robertson and Somerby
will act as hostesses. The evening will
be devoted to "Anniversaries," with
good speakers and mußic.
To Meet Thursday Afternoon
The members of the Acacia Card club
will meet Thursday afternoon In
Masonic Temple, Hill street.
Acts as Hostess
Mrs. A. J. Strayer acted as hostess
at a meeting of the Southgate Card
clud held yesterday afternoon at Ma
sonic Temple, corner Thirty third and
Main streets. Mrs. Lucretia A. Robin
son gave several musical selections.
Secure Two Noted Men
The Ebell club has secured two noted
men to lecture before their members
in March, one. Professor S. H. Clark,
will give an address Monday afternoon,
March 4, on "Literature and the Com
munity." Professor Clark is at the
head of the department of public
speaking of the University of Chicago,
and the lecture he will give before the
Ebell was the same he delivered bo
fore the biennal of the general Feder
ation of Women's clubs at St. Paul.
The other man Is General K. C. Bel
lows, formerly consul general to Japan,
and In his talk on "Japan" March IS
the Ebell members are expecting to
take great interest. Another delightful
afternoon will be spent March 11 when
Miss Maraget Goetz will give a mis
cellaneous song recital. Monday, March
25, the art and travel department, un
der the direction of Miss Alice Milton,
will meet.
Following is the Ebell department
work for March:
Parliamentary Law, Mondays 1:16 p.
m. — Mrs, J. A. Clark, curator: Mrs. J. A.
Oskomil, instructor.
Civics, first Tuesday 10:30 a. m. — In
charge, Mrs. Augustus Hlne and Mrs, J.
W. VanOlove. Subject, "Method in
Muilc, Tuesdays, second and fourth,
10 a. m. — Mrs. (Catherine Kimbaii For
est, curator; Miss Helen Tarcls. lec
turer. Second. "A Morning with Qrelg, '
In charge of Mrs. w. h. Jamison:
fourth, .Schubert's Unfinished Bym
phony SindiiiK. Symphony interpreta
tive lecture. Miss Helen Parcels.
Science, third Tuesday, 2 p. m. — In
charge Mrs. Bugono T. PettißTOW and
Mrs. j. b, Millard. The round table at
the residence of Mrs. c. \v. Banders. 7.">7
Honnlc Brae street. "Radio-Activity,"
h. v. Baumgardt.
French, Wednesdays, first class, in a.
m., advanced class II a. m. -Mrs Wil
liam B. Herd, curator; Prof, Gabriel
Durnerln, H. 1,.. Instructor,
Books aad Conversation, fourth
Wednesday 11. luncheon .Mis Sunnier
P, Hunt, curator: Mr* Thomas T.
Knight and Mrs. Nicholas w. Rice, hos
pitality. Books to bo reviewed, "Jo
seph viince," William lie Morgan; "The
date <>r Death." Benson.
Art and 'Travel, Thursdays, flrsi and
third, lit a. m. Mrs O. O Wltherboe,
curator: Miss Alice Milton. Instructor,
First. Henry IV and Maria d« Me, lid as
Patron* of Art: third Louis XIII, un
Artist of His Time.
Shakespeare. Thursdays, second and
fourth, n> a. in. -Mrs. Jehu Kahn, cura
tor; Mrs. lOdwiird North Instructor
Macbeth, The Psycholog-y of it Soul's
Des< ent: Acts nI, iv Mrs. William U.
Jones, general curator, and Mrs. w m r
Baker, assistant curator.
Outdoor Art Section to Meet
The members of the outdoor ait see
tion of the civic association will meet
this morning in the Chamber of com
marce building.
Becauaa. of a daflolenoy In the elec
tions fund the council yesterday voted
tn allow only $4 for services of of
ficers "ii election day for the Cahuenga
annexation proposition.
Many of the voting dlatrlcts were
consolidated for the election, thus »av
ltiK the lit y a considerable sum.
lf you want to so east. C. HaydocK,
AKvut Illinois Central It. X .. 11l W. Itb,
Members Declare That Good Paving
Attracts Attention of Easterners.
Big Area May Bs Sur
faced Soon
Representatives of the board of pub
lic works and engineer's department
will be asked to explain progress on
street work to the city council today.
Councilman Wallace, who has taken
up the campaign for better paving and
cleaning of -treets, especially in the
business section, called up the subject
yesterday morning and succeeded in
getting a motion passed to get defin
ite data from the two city departments
most involved when street work
comes up.
One of the first results expected is
that every street in the section between
First and Sixteenth streets and Pig
ueroa and San Pedro will be oruered
paved at once without the formality
of an enabling ordinance. This is to
be done under the city attorney's
recommendation that this is feasible,
subject to the right of the majority of
property owners protesting.
Councilman Wren told if petitions
that had not been granted though
placed with the city .-.uthorlties in
February, 1005, and others fid Of sim
ilar experiences.
"Los Angeles has not awakened on
the street question," said Councilman
Wallace. "The one thing we still need
to impress tourists is decent streets.
We lack them."
Today's conference will be a far
reaching one in Importance.
City Engineer Gets Authority to Add
120 Men to List on Duty at
" Big Underground
The board of public works yesterday
secured passage of an ordinance pro
viding for the number of persons to bo
employed by the cloy engineer In the
construction of the outfall sewer.
The city engineer it Increasing the
force employed on the outfall sewer In
order to complete the same tit as early
■ date us possible. The number of po
sitions increased under this ordlnanco
over the one now In force la as fol
Nine additional tunnel men at $4 per
Nine additional assistant tunnel man
at $3.25 per day.
Ten masons' tenders at $3 per day.
six less masons' tenders at 11.75 per
Twelve additional concrete mixers at
$3 per day.
Two additional framers at $3 per day,
One additional night watchman at $3
per day.
One additional blacksmith at $4 per
Forty-five additional laborers at $2.50
per day.
Twenty-five additional laborers at
$2.25 per day.
c /4.n Open Letter^
To the Citizens of Los Angeles:
The City Gas Company of Los Angeles is actively engaged In preparations
for construction of a gas works and distributing system to supply the citizens
of Los Angeles with gas for illuminating and fuel purposes.
The manufacturing plant will be modern and of the best known construc-
tion to produce gas economically of the highest quality and free from im-
purities, while the distribution system will be so planned and laid out that an
ample supply of gas at even pressure -will be delivered to all parts of the city
covered by the mains of this company.
The City Gas Company of Los Angeles, as its name implies, is a local
company, its stockholders being well known men of standing and responsi-
bility, who have subscribed one million dollars with which to inaugurate this
enterprise. The names are sufficient guarantee that ample capital will be
forthcoming for extensions until the entire city is covered by this company's
It will be gratifying to our patrons to know they are supporting and en-
couraging a strictly home enterprise, the stockholders of which are composed
of local citizens and taxpayers who understand and appreciate the needs of
the city and of gas consumers especially.
We respectfully ask the co-operation and support of the citizens of Los
Angeles by agreeing to use gas as soon as the company's plant is ready to
furnish it.
J . F. SARTORI, President,
, RANDOLPH H. MINER, Secretary.
Los Angeles' Feb. 20, 1907. y '
Incorporators and Stockholders
City Gas Company of Los Angeles
Avery, M. N Vice President German American Savings Bank
Andrews, J. F Assistant Cashier German American Savings Bank
Anthony, C. E President Western Motor Car Company
Bartlett, W. S President German American Savings Bank
Braly, A i H Capitalist
Bllicke, AC Capitalist
Brand L. C Secretary and Treasurer Title Guarantee & Trust Co.
Barker, W. A Secretary and Treasurer Barker Bros.
Botsford, W. P President American National Bank
s raly'5 raIy ' J. % Capitalist
Bean, B. T.i President Kllnk. Bean & Co.
Bell Ernest W stltt, Bell & Co.
( ' """ k ' j. E President J. B. Cook Mercantile, Co.
Cheney A. L Capitalist
< onneil, .VI. j Director American National Bank
Denis, G. J Attorney
1 '["'I"". T ;. ■' v Capitalist
Klhs & Church Real Estate
t V lls , H. Bert Physician
Prank, H. \\ President Harris & Frank
Plshburn, J. E President National Bank of California
Gates, C. \V Director First National Bank
Gray, Harry Capitalist
Garland, W. M Real Estate
Hellmau, M. S Vice President Security Savings Bank
H.iynes. J. n Physician
Hicks, P. S Insurance
Hughes, West Capitalist
Isaacs Bros. Co Unique Hoak & Suit House
Johnson, O. T Capitalist
•I' "> ne, II , Grocer
Longyear, W. D Cashier Security Savings Bank
Llndley, J. T Superintendent Azuaa Foothills Citrus Co.
Lunt, R. (i Broker
M'.-Vay, W. H Vice President German Au.erlcan Savings H- ,k
.Marshall, K. ,1 President Chlno Land Co.
Miner, Randolph H Capitalist
Milbank. Isaac Capitalist
Newmark, M. H Vice President M. A. Newmark & Co.
O'Melveny, H. W Attorney
Price, W. C , Capitalist
Potter, Mil., m President Potter Hotel Co.
Polndexter, R. W Real Estate
Rowan, R. A Real Estate
Robinson, H. M President HMnn-Robinson CO
Rogers, R. I Cashier National Bank of California
Ross, A General Manager City Gas Co. of Los Angeles
Bartorl, J. X President Security Saving* Hank
Stimson, K. T Capitalist
Sal.-, 1,. 1) Vice President Western Wholesale Drug Co. i
Toll, C. II Cashier Southern California Savings Bank .
Tufts & Lyon Tufts-Iyon Arms Co,
Trlppet, O. A Attorney
Wlloox Estate
Wilcox, A. H Capitalist
Woolwlne, W. D Vice President National Hank of California
Wilson. P. R Attorney
Try a Herald Want Ad
— -» _ __ _ ' I* '-'ft Million, President i J. a.
Pnlmn HOirik^C FIIKM-U, Vice Ire.. 8 ,, d Uea. M«r.
Raima nCIgnXS iv»s«. toum. sec. «uu i>«..
Nuweist and beat of cloae-ln propertlea. V^lliit 1 flf America I anil fifimrwinv '
Only 20 mlnutea' ride from the bualneas »»"IVC I" Wlltl ltd IdllU UUlliptfiiy
center, Ill*; IoU. Low prices. OWNISRB
Suite 800. Union Trust 111,1* I'Uonc.i Uuuir 4077. Sunset )UMI. I
Corner Fourth lull Spring, Vculcr, t»J. IP

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