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council' delays question
Mayor K.rper Sends Veto Message
and Oivrs Reasons Why He
Objects to Findings of
the Council
For fin hour yesterday afternoon the
city council debated what to do with
the public utility ordinances.
After having fixed the telephone and
electric lighting rates at a figure which
provoked popular Indignation a move
ment to reduce the Sunßet rates had
gathered strength In the council, but It
was finally determined to lay the ques
tion over for a week, The Sunset may
bc reduced still lower.
Mayor Gives Reasons
Mayor Harper Bent hla veto message
ln to the council early, as follows:
"People of Los Angeles have lookcl
forward to lower rather than higher
telephone rates. Tho raise came as a
great surprise. Since the ordinance was
passed I have been appealed to by many
people who want a lower rate fixed,
believing the earnings of the companies
•warrant you taking such action.
."It Is the desire of the chief execu
tive to be fair with all corporations,
but at the same time it Is not fair 'to
the people that he should sit by and
see them mulcted out. of money which
should remain In their pockets while
corporations grow richer and richer. If
these corporations were experiencing
difficulties In getting their Investment
to pay a profitable dividend It would be
a different matter. In such a case the
people would be willing to pay a fair
rate. Such Is not the case. It is com
mon knowledge that the stockholders
and the bondholders of these companies
have made money— some have gotten
, "The purpose of the ordinance pro
viding that the city council should each
year Investigate the condition of public
utility corporations and fix a rate which
would be fair, I believe, was to prevent
corporations getting rich too fast at the
people's expense. With this ordinance
ln effect, the people at least had the
right to expect that the rate would re
main where it was, for both corpora
tions show outward evidences ; of pros
perous condition.
Makes Investigation
"Since the ordinance was adopted I
have caused an Investigation to bo
made. From what I have learned I am
satisfied that the people of Los An
geles are entitled to a rate of $5 a
month for business 'phones, with un
limited service.
"The council has statements of cor
porations showing earnings, etc., and
it is my suggestion that the question
of establishing rates be brought up
again for the purpose of making a more
thorough investigation with a view of
fixing a rate applicable to both corpora
tions and not In excess of $5 a month.
"People of Los Angeles Invite honest
competition. . When the second telephone
company asked for a franchise to do
business its coming was hailed with de
light. The people thought they would
get better service and more cheaply.
One rate for both companies I believe
•will encourage this competition. The
we&lter corporation will strengthen its
weak spots, and the j stronger will en
deavor to add to its strength."
i After its reading the councilmen got
lnto a snarl over the point whether they
had •to act on f the veto at once, or
whether reconsideration had to be voted
on, then final action taken on the utility
Tonkin said last week was the first
time he had taken cognizance of . tho
rates. The question was rushed in and
passed without consideration. He
wanted a week's time now to look up
the problem, saying he did not want to
take hasty action on any more legisla
tion. ;.,V - .
Councilman Wallace said he was pre
pared to vote now, but would defer to
his colleagues.
Dromgold said he preferred, to wait
and learn more, as hasty action was al
ways expensive.
„ Wren said he was ready to vote now.
but consented to wait.
Clampltt feared the companies might
take snap judgment and raise the rate
to $10 a month if some action was not
taken sit once on the mayor's veto. .
President Pease said he hoped the
question might be settled today.
'It was finally decided to act next
Board of Public Works Makes He.
quest of Civil Service Com
mission Concerning
Outfall Men
I 'pon the recommendation of the city
engineer the board of public works has
rt "quested the civil service commission
to adopt such resolution* as will cx
i- npt from the civil service ruleß und
regulations all draftsmen to be em
ployed in the future in' the city en
gineer's department; also that the fol
lowing employes on the outfall sewer be
exempted from the civil service rules
and regulations: Carpenters, tunncl
meii, assistant tunnelmen, brick ma
sons, mason's tenders, conorete mix
cm, mortal- mixers, Cramers, night
Watchman, warehouse keepers, sta
tionary engineers, blacksmiths, electri
cians' and laborers.
a copy of the city engineer*! report to
in- board making the recommendation
uii.s yeiterday referred to the city coun
cil. The board asks the council to take
such at tlon ni the ca.se of the employes
on (he outfall sewer as was recommend
ed in the case of draftsmen to be em
ployer! in the future in the city eu
niaeei s depart ment.
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Expects Governor Soon to Sign Bill
Passed hy.Both Houses of the
Legislature for Improved
President S. A. Butler of the Good
Roads association of Los Angeles
county, in anticipation of tlje early
signing by the governor of the associa
tion's good roads bill Just passed by the
legislature, yesterday appointed the
executive committee of the association,
and that body now is in a condition to
proceed with its contemplated cam
paign of education for Improved high-
President Butler's appointments are
as follows:
Th»inas Early, chairman, Pasadena
board of trade.
Hoy Jones, Santa Monica board ot
tradf. .
Harry Barndollar, Long Beach cham
ber of commerce.
P. J. Beveridge, Hollywood board of
trado. .
A. P. Fleming, Los Angeles chain
b«r Ol commerce.
c. 1.. Manning, county board of su
c. A. WUltcomb, Olendoi-a board of
Tin- first vice president is F. W.
Blanchard of Los Angeles and tho
treasurer Alfred P. Griffith of Azusa.
■■cutlve committee will elect t
■ecretary and also win appoint all the
regular and special commltteew, of each
,ii which President Butler will bo un
ex-o/nclo member.
li< his letter notifying the members
of the executive committee of their
■ ilection President Butler stated that
It was desirable that another meeting
of the association be held as soon as
President Kutler said yesterday after
lie had announced tho personnel of the
i miiinltteo:
"We expect the 'governor to sign the
good roads bill within three days and
it is Important that the association be
in complete . working order by that
time. ' Our Hint st,ep after the signing
of the bill will be to obtain the signa
tures of tho necoaaary 10 per cent of the
voters asking the supervisors 'to ap
point a county highway commission.
i.nid 11.
is to create i«ntin>«ut Id favor or good
roads and serve as a sort of 'watch
dog 1 to see that the money is properly
applied. This we will make an effort
to do."
run olntntUUUo n U o DM I\ U
Because her husband beat her and
then tried to strike her with an ax,
Mrs. Joseph Maladano, living at 406
Aliso street, swore out a warrant for
her husband's arrest yes.terday.
Mrs. Maladano said that her husband
came home and beat her, and when he
had exhausted himself took an ax and
started to use that.
Proves She's Made of Weaker Clay;
Thinks Police Will Rue the Day
When They'll Ne'er Bee
Annie Moore
Annie Moore, who is said to have been
in the police court as often as once a
Week for several years, was yesterday
sentenced to serve five days in Jail on
a charge of drunkenness.
Justice Chambers imposed the penalty
and Annie was led away to the woman's
ward of the city jail.
Arrangements will be made to send
the woman to the poor farm.
When Annie Goes Away
No more tbe copper oil his beat
Will see her ambling by;
No more will Annie trouble him,
When Illled with rock unil rye;
No more will courts be called upon
To s<--nil Miss Moore lo jail;
N,i more will barkeepe heed the cry
To till a tun-rent pall,
For Annie Moore will gmaway,
Regretting, moio than she cay say.
To leave liehind the old Jail door.
They'll ne'er see Annie Annie Moore.
All the victims of the street oar wreck
at San Pedro Sunday are resting easily,
1 nd according to the attending phyal
cliiiiH there Is every indication they will
X (' (1111, tin' moturman, la at the
emtrgtnoy hospital. It was found
i >■ to aiiiputatu his right foot on
I itt the Injuries rocelved.
' Homeless., children r«c«iv«4 ana
laced In bou»«i for adoption. Apply
:«v.: «v. O. "V. Wee. Superintendent Chit*
dren'a Home society, 114 Bradbury
tulldlnK. l.un AimcUa. -
Consideration Reported to Be $450,000.
Plans for Elaborate Improvements
at Hermosa, Shakespeare and
Manhattan Beaches
The Los Angeles Securities company,
represented by W. H. Carlson, the gen
eral manager, has paid Burbank &
Baker $450,000 for 407 lots at Hermosa
Boach, twenty-five and one-fourth
acres of residence property at Shakes
peare and Manhattan beaches. Includ
ing all wharf, public walk, sewer sys
tem, buildings and other holdings of
the selling firm on the coast. The
water system alone is valued at $100,
0, and the sewer system cost $50,000,
the Hermosa pier $100,000.
It Is tho purpose of the Securities
company to make extensive improve
ments, bringing tho beaches north of
Hedondo into greater prominence by
adding new features In the way of
strand pier and still water improve
ments. It is expected that railway
connections will bo made with Her
mosa Beach from the Ford crossing on
the Hedlands line, giving residents
speedy car service.
General Manager Carlson believes
that Rodondo will become a city of
30,000 population within three years,
due In great measure to heavy ex
penditures to be made by Mr. Hunting
ton. Kedondo lies Just south of Her
iusq lleuc: and that whole section will
soon' be Included In (iioatt-r Los An-
K<-!<«. Tim ieourltlei company will
keep pace with Mr. Huntington In
permanent development work.
Huntington and Redondo
Henry X Huntington Is planning big
things for Redondo and Clifton-by-the-
Sea. The proposition Includes a new
electric line between Los Angeles and
Redondo, two power plants costing
$2,500,000 and piers and pavilions calling
for an outlay of $200,000.
Mr. Huntlngton Is building an air
line to Redondo. li will be an exten
sion of the Mom-la avenue line out
Main street, and will cut Roaecrans on
lta direct route to Hedondo. The new
road will traverse and open a new sec
tion .of country between the city and
the ocean, and will reduce the running
time to the port from fifteen to twenty
"i'iii*r*'~ J 'f" i lff *T pVlfflß
The Pacific Liglu ami Powei
puny 1m lomi iw«r plant at
Hedondo, costing $1,250,000. The com
pany has let contracts for a duplicate
plant to be erected as soon as possible
on the same site.
The company already hns leased the
electric power of the plant under con
struction to the Huntington com
panies and the Edison Electric com
pany. The demand for additional
power is responsible for the building of
a duplicate plant.
The cost of the two great improve
ments will total $2,500,000. Additional
power from the second plant will be
taken by the Huntington companies.
Mr. Huntington also has prepared
plans for building piers and pavilions
at Redondo, to cost $200,000.
One Victim's Skull Is Fractured and
Arm Broken, While the Other
Is Severely Bruised
on Head
H. Botwln, an expressman living a f .
46 East Pico street, and L. A. Ward,
an employe of the Pacific Electric Rail
way company, were run down by a
Pacific Electric car while driving on
Aliso street near the Pacific Electric
yards shortly after 5 o'clock last night.
The Injured men were taken to the
receiving hospital, where it was found
that both had sustained serious In
juries. Botwln suffered a fractured
skull, his right arm was broken and
he was severely bruised. Ward was
severely bruised about the head and
back. It is thought probable ho re
ceived internal Injuries.
Botwln was driving on Allso street in
his express wagon, and as he passed
the Pacific yards Ward, who Is em
ployiil tln-rc, hulled him and climbed
In the wagon with his friend.
The car struck the rear of the wagon
and both men were thrown to tho
The injured men were removed to the
emergency hospital.
A petition from the estate of H. W.
Hellman et al. asking for the illumina
tion of Fourth street with electricity
between Main and Hill streets was re
tunn-il by the board of public worka
to the city council yesterday with a re
port that the city engineer has fur
nished the city attorney with thi
sary descriptions of the aascHHiiu-ni ,Us
The eltj attorney has ht«ii requested
to present to the >ity council u>.
■aril uriitiiuucu of Intention,
City Council Approves Plan of Cre
ating Electricity on the Spot
to Use in Construc
tion Work
Los Angeles authorities have begun
active preparations to use the pow*r
lurking in the waters of the- Owens
river to expedite the gigantic task of
building the aqueduct.
A power plant Is to be constructed p.t
Division creek in the Independence land
district whose electric current gene
rated from the waters will be conveyed
from point to point by pole and wire
to use in the operation of machinery,
lighting, etc.
The board of public works yesterday
obtained the necessary consent. Attor
ney Robertson of the aqueduct boat-,1
$ # S.S.™tY£Gl™§
The fact that S. S. S. is a purely vegetable preparation, containing not '
the slightest trace of mineral in any form, has been one of the strongest
points in its favor during its forty years of existence. It is \ recognized ,
everywhere not only as the best of all blood purifiers, but the one medicine
that can be taken with absolute safety by the youngest child or the oldest
member of the family. Next in importance to removing the cause of any
I disease is the condition in which the system is left after a course of medical
treatment. Medicines containing mercury, potash or other strong mineral .
ingredients often do permanent injury by eating out the delicate lining and',
tissues of the stomach, producing chronic dyspepsia, unfavorably affecting
the bowels and so damaging the system that even if the original' cause of
the disease has been removed, it is left in ' ■ . . ;
such a deranged and weakened condition that $1 ft Oft REWARD'
the health is permanently -^paired. S. S. S. *'» O Y° irtWMWi*
enjoys the distinction of being the only blood |p NOT PURELY
medicine on the market that does not contain '^ _ — ■--.«-•'■ ■?*'
I a mineral property in come form. Being made VEGETABL E.
entirely of roots, herbs and barks it is absolutely '
harmless to any part of the system, and while curing disease adds strength '
and health to every part of the body. S. S. S. removes all poisons, freshens
and purifies the blood and gives better and more lasting results than any
other blood medicine. S. S. S. is the very best treatment for. Rheumatism,
Catarrh, Scrofula, Sores and Ulcers, Skin Diseases, Contagious Blood Poison
and all troubles due to an impure or poisoned blood supply. ' Besides being
the King of blood purifiers S. S. S. is the best and most invigorating of all
explaining the purpose of the work to
the city council.
Formal action was taken yesterday
also in approval of the recommendation
by the board that a contract be ap
proved granting Irving Fisher the use
of 150 miners' inches of water In return
for his quit claim on rights to Cotton
wood creek.
The recommendations on the subject
were as follows:
"The accompanying resolution for the
adoption of a survey of the proposed
Division creek pipe line, power station
and pole line, as shown on a certain
map entitled 'Map of the proposed Di
vision creek pipe line, power station
and pole line, being a portion of the
system of the Los Angeles aqueluct
lying within the Independence, Cal.,
land district,' is referred to your honor
able body with a recommendation that
the same be adopted.
'•The accompanying contract In dupli
cate between the city of Los Angeles
and the board of water commissioners
of the city of Los Angeles, first party,
and Irving Fisher of New Haven, Conn.,
second party, being an agreement for
the settlement of conflicting claims lo
the waters of that certain natural
stream known as Cottonwood creek,
county of Inyo, state of California, has
been approved by this board and Is re
ferred to your honorable body with a
recommendation that similar action ba
taken on your part."
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