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W^M^l!^^<ik^M^ X<y^]«» X<"fe^fi« CWHAt OTHERS AbV^RtiSE. WE SELL KM LESSJ &SS&S&S& &«*H»fiS 3feHfe^^ 3
'-■■■■..■■■■■„ -.r:...,- ■■ — —"— r..T7™ :;;■■;..■■: — ; :-,..■ ;,- .■;■■-■■■■■■ .■■.■-■•- ~ — ™ ~ — ~~^^ ~~ ~~ ~~^^^.T" T"™™^^^
I Memorable Tuesday's Special Off^ClllMlM
«. mmmmmmmmgmmmmaammnummK&mmßmmmmm \ if\f\ C " 1 1 ~J ¥ '¥ ] 1' V '4- tmmmmmmmmmms^amm^Bammßm^iKi^BmtmHa .&^
*^ ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ ) : Extraordinary Values for Memorable \^^{ ■■■■^
!" F vtrnnrrlinnrv Dailies for JMemnrahle \ - -■••■■■jit^^^z^czcsz^z^sxi^^ &m
If "S CREAM *: Tuesday ■ checked panama suiting 69C Il|
Sc 3(J/T iJfAKD tOR 27-INCH WHITE AND tKIiAM ; 1..., . '; v : /fifltMf? /Y^\ WORTH $150 AT YARD! .............. ..U/w " M;ISJ>
la « W7t SILK WORTH 65c ". ,;;, This special offering includes suits Of both Silk and wool; are Ql I'M /AX ' On sale today only . at positively less than the factory : price; a nice as- i "Ig-:
|3} 25 pieces specially priced for "Memorable Tuesday" only; is a splendid . i.; rom three different lines; some at the price named are under- WlSti MMi4i*[\ I • sortment of new fancy striped suitings In white and black effects; as V.jg.,
H* duality China silk with soft finish; launders perfectly and will give the | iced full a third while ot hers are at half, and less even, Wi M—J ' V^t. 1 there Is only a limited quantity of these wo will sen at the price «
g! most satisfactory service; no phone or mail orders will be accepted at this j ,; f han the for which they were , nade to sell . AU f^SV STSf "he SS?t mlTe^s'Tade 0 fV"acrt er su.r s %r U separa n te hh s e k.rTs de \}%
gj :;;XC:XSX::^^ — *~ \ $1? Sfl r?^^ R Ji ! " l ? r .? 20 ' * 25 / .-*2_j£u_-pr -*— NEW FACE VEILS WORTH ~* Cn. 11
|j ,n c FOR EMBROIDERIES : $12.50 aZtSSOSuitS "ZZ S^ WOETH 50C
iSS ■ 1/L WORTH TO 39c A YARD ;V v*«ii/v CLflLi u>OLr JuUO <^r /?F^n\ >\\ ! TO $1.00 A 1 ••;v; vr .y.* r ,i £ g
«S« S a ii:; • i/VWORTHTO39cAYAKU .«_.... i- \\ ,^, ; *± #> mtm _t « I I.' ;'\'^ \ I A choice assortment of gauze, chiffon and net veils; also scarfs; chan- g:
Sa A special offering for "Memorable Tuesday" only; are of fine nainsook I Q n Sale Tuesday Oflly _ Ml, I: '■ 'A ' V ! tilly and fancy mesh flirtation veils in all the new colors; have dainty \v Jfc,
tgj swlss and muslins; corset cover and flounce embroideries 18 to 24 inches i _ •' wl":,w l" : , - . , , , ... '■ *•. ' a- «. ... If lit '''\\ ; v a , „,,„,„, „,«„„ __ -.iir- tho « Iln have hemstitched borders < iiv
1,I 1 , wide; are all finished with beading edge; very sheer and dainty and have - ! Some of these suits are made of a splendid quality taffeta Silk j '■ \\\ ' borders of pleated chiffon or silk, the gauze have hemstitched borders . : jg
3* perfectly worked edges. '■ <in plain colors ; also fancy patterns; others are of the finest Ml \\\ : and are three ya^°~^°^^ __ w __^ > _ v«S
p£ ! ;; - ;:^ r »._.-^..- -..— --. ■ _- -_ ■. jx-l\l:\::-:^-yyy^-X^-:-'-'-:-:-'^^CCi' ' wo en materials and come in every wanted shade ; are made /// I I V\ \ • ' :CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCXXXXCCS^
"-"•"■-^ : "^'^p : -— -;up in the . latest Eton coat models, with skirts that show the / ,'Jll I I \ \A : ! , f\ . li\ r - ..! '
g_J 1 A '' '■■■ -' (fr 'V fIQ _'••;, newest plaited ideas.; are particularly well made in every re- ///I//// i V \\\ ! .U/^— — ■11 1/^— " ' " '> ' ' !■ Oij j
§» J[\/^ "»JfJ« 7 O = — — '\ spect, nicely finished and suits that were made to sell regu- ///!///ii// 1 ViV\ < •'V J.W ■■".:"; i'i|P^
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"^ i' T« fho O mi on ,= 11/ 'As the . patterns in these . rugs are ''" j! ; ' ij® II A ■ l^ffl A //Iff/ Ell 'I I-11 i \l \\\\ : Are the regular standard Galateas for ; a choice assortment in both plain •:; : ■*»
i Is the regular 20c quality, 1% , copyrighted you will find them differ- , «y B» MB fam*. fa ■ I //// ////// ' I I \\\\A\\\\ shirt's suits or children's blouses; ex- co i ored an( i sma il neat flmirpd ! ■•
' yards wide, and comes in neat ent from most any other kind; the , ■ fa & B^ I M - ////// ////// i \'l \\\\\\\\\\ tr«i Bt'rnni materials and will give the col " retl an ,' , Rm^, "^t j figured ,
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r> ;I remnants but will be cut from ; good .wool back and heavy 1 woven ', — — — - 1^1: ' A . A 11 0 VA'# /f/ \\ \ W \%J corner in white or colored grounds '. tan dark ''""' ' and STay: -'* 11886 - J »•=
10 ;. full bolts. No mall or phone or- ; selvage; wear equally as weir as the J ©1/11 fegß thW #\/ 1U \W \\ W^^l comes ,™« ne at colored stripes , are Ilnen , shed chambray < S
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1 Memorable Millinpr\& Dress FincUn s s Book Speciaisl Q ne HundredlVaJs^^
2 Sale ■ ** It lit Its f y i^v^bSsrss iwfertßs cnr for regular $i. 50 '■ V' ■ At Less Than One-third ,I ■ "4 1 ]
> ' ' ■*^ I beltln O\J\/ COPYRIGHTS ! ' , fho n__. f ,/_» ■©-//••' !: E
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IU <J* P" A A FOR TRIMMED HATS . 3tsXtif *A&t I6c for dozen tubular shoo laces. Caleb Conovcr, Rnllronder Terhune \ . /f^lf^Y '! . O>
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£ rSS&SZlfrjiGm "^'P'isO >; 10c for 6 spools Coates' darning cotton, Making; of on Americnii Kiis i 3)1«OV WORTH TO $5.00 WS-^S& $«C
fij ; Are the choicest Stvlcs for Street Or suit Wear \*(GS§£&ffil >E=n i c* 'I colors. I.nHrr.lay Sweethearts Harrison [ TB«^*y >
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« this price; some are made of chip with wings l^f S^3» : s "°--kcr.the. the "^ C ° nVenient sklrt "LV ."TZ^u^a^nnair^sic^Z { The assortment includes long and short sleeve -^Jpfo^ S
yj and ribbon ; also large picture styles with chif- \,t J 19c for satin pad or hook-on supporter?. The a«iekcniiis ' Lynde '•; styles, and are made of a splendid quality all silk /?K^/|/fcfsjF^\ ' C
OS ' fon and flowers ; black Milans or chip hats for JfcE^l WtaZ %^Kr '- 2c yard for fine mercerized dress braid. The chniienge Cheney i cr ' p. C de chine ; there arc all colors in the lot except ft lwf/W/fffOl\ Iv
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t ' fancy colored chip hats with plain or fancy rib-. , VT/7-' I - +m' ! laces and are waists that were made to sell regularly Nil [jf/fM |^j' : >-J .t * *
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T- — Second Floor ; ",";., . ;.*,. y •. , /"T . . " - S ,X' :. ) b> ■ ,: v 'f Second Floor iV - ■ --\ C 3 ' ■ ft*
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gjimStws^ 7fessusWs T&s^f#& 7sssMsM& \SS-JS^f& (WHAT OTHERS ADVERTISE. WE SELL FOR LES&) .^^&& l/^Si^^SSS 3&H#H^^
Unless Conditions Improve, Governor
Gillctt Promises to Send State
Troops to San Fran
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a corporation. A term of this lease
provides that the road shall be sur
rendered to the city upon demand. The
supervisors did not reach a decision.
The citizens' committee of fifty ap
pointed recently by the mayor for me
diation purposes today adopted a re
port by its subcommittee on law and
order recommending that the mayor
call on the governor for troops If the
city authorities fall to restore peace.
President W. D. Mahon of the Inter
national Car Men's union, who is here
to oversee the strike, today expressed
the belief that "with the 90,000 union
pople of San Francisco backing thorn
>'l/lUArn" There is v reason why
If II VV L U m° r e *»71« K'° vea
IV II IA r X re worn tIIRU alt
.11 fl I !■ 1 1 others together. I, >
sasKiriafeZ pL n c c
s&jtzte b L U V 1 0
the striking car men cannot lose their
fight. The United Railroads," he added,
"never can operate its system at a
profit without the patronage of the
union people of the city."
By Associated Press.
SAN FRANCISCO, May 13.— Shortly
after noon a rumor spread to all the
newspaper offices and about the streets
that strikers and their sympathizers
had slain a motorman and a passenger
in the Richmond district. Inquiries
failed to find any truth in the report
and it was set down by officials of the
United Railroads as a "probable move
In the campaign to scare the public
from riding on the cars."
Governor Glllett this afternoon re
ceived a number of newspaper men and
discussed the situation with them
frankly. He asked many questions as
to the condition of affairs In various
parts of the city where the lines are in
operation and he remarked that "in a
time such as this some individual acts
of violence must be expected."
This question was asked of the gov
"Do you now view the situation as
sufficiently serious to warrant the "call
ing out of the militia or what must the
situation be to warrant that step?"
"No," he replied, "things are not bad
enough yet to require troops. There
must be first a general state of riot —
general threats to do injury to lives
and property and the congregation of
crowds who defy the police. Sporadic'
acts of individual violence do not con
stitute a state of insurrection, and until
a state of Insurrection exists I shall
not order out the national guard.
"I have just received a report stat
ing that at the corner of Fourth and
Market streets workmen on a high
building bombarded passing cars with
stones and finally hurled down timbers
at them. This and similar acts of out
rage are for the police to suppress, and
they must be repressed sternly, prompt
ly, vigorously. Another thing, this
verbal abusing of passengers has got
to cease. People must be guaranteed
the right to ride on the cars in peace
and without assault of any kind. The
flinging of oaths and shameful obscen
ity at the public because the public
chooses to exercise its right to patron
ize a public utility must not be toler
ated by the police."
Scores Negligent Policemen
At this point the governor listened to
a recital of instances happening today In
which policemen refused to repress acts
of individual disorder and insult, espe
cially along the Mission street line. He
"I wish you newspaper men would
invariably note the number of police
men refusing to do their duty. These
men are paid by the city of San Fran
cisco to protect Its citizens, and If they
refuse or fail to do their duty there is
but one thing for the chief of police or
the mayor to do — take away their stars.
If I see Mayor Schmltz again I shall
tell him so. The chief of police should
mass his very best and dependable men
on Mission and Valencia streets. There
is where the worst trouble is likely to
occur and a disturbance starting in
the south of Market street district is
apt, in the present state of affairs, to
spread Into a great and disastrous riot
throughout the city."
"How long shall you remain here to
view the situation?" the governor was
asked. He replied:
"I must return to Sacramento on
Thursday. But it is only a couple of
hours' ride and I can return at any
moment. I shall keep my staff here
probably all summer, in charge of Ad
jutant General Lauck, with whom I
shall be at all times in close touch. The
state will not withdraw its attention
from San Francisco until the trouble is
fully and finally over."
The United Railroads was compelled
to hold its cars at the Sutter line barn
on Point Lobos avenue, at Thirty-third
avenue, on account of the lack of po
lice protection. This Is within a short
distance of the Cliff house. Reserves
were called out to scatter the mob col
lected there and operation of the cars
was begun.
Sophia Frank, aged 7 years, a pas
senger on a Sutter street car, was
struck by a brick hurled at California
street and Fifteenth avenue. The
child's head was severely lacerated.
She was removed to the Park Avenue
Emergency hospital, where It is stated
this afternoon the Injury will confine
her to her bed for a considerable time.
The trouble at the refuge camp at
Thirteenth avenue and California street,
wnen all of the glass In one of the com
pany's new $10,000 cars was smashed,
was suppressed by the calling of re
serves. An extra force is now on guard
at this spot.
On the Turk street line the union
driver of a load of flour delayed a car
for four blocks. Officer No. 208 is re
ported for refusal to interfere.
Rocks were thrown at car No. 1871 at
Sixth avenue and California street on
the Sutter street line. The crew report
that they asked police officer Ni>. 679 to
turn aside a dray immediately after
this happening and that his reply to
the strike breakers was: "Go to hell."
Strike sympathizers turned a pair of
car wheels weighing 1000 pounds loose
on the hill approach to the car house
at Point Lobos and Thirty-third ave
nues. The wheels descended the grade
with great velocity, entered the barn
and smashed the fender of car No. 1332.
SAN FRANCISCO, May 13.— The citi
zens' committee of fifty met today at
yie office of Mayor Schmttz and listened
to a report from the committee on law
and order.
The report recited the distressing in
dustrlal conditions prevailing in San
Francisco, and especially the inter
ference with the street car and tele
phone systems. The committee recom
mended that the public service corpora
tions be permitted to operate without
The report also recommended that if
the mayor found the city authorities
were unable to suppress disorder
he call upon the governor to send troops
to maintain law and order. The report
was unanimously adopted.
Andrew Furuseth. the labor leader, in
troduced a resolution demanding that
the United Railroads company be com
pelled to at once put its whole system
in operation. Failing this, that suit be
brought in the court to have a receiver
appointed who will operate the street
cars. This resolution, In spite of Mr.
Furuseth's objections, was referred to
the executive committee. The commit
tee of fifty then adjourned.
Mercury Drops Suddenly
By Associated Press.
ALLIANCE, Neb.. May 13.— The mer
cury dropped to below freezing today.
A light rain last night turned to snow
and covered the ground this morning.
Snow has fallen as far west as Edge
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Magistrate— Are you guilty or not?
The Prisoner— Well, your honor, I
think I am, but I'd like to be tried to
make sure. — Sketch.
Brother Denies That Frank Gee Was
the Man Who Lost His Life
Sunday Off Venice
Breakwater ,
The Identity of tho man who was
drowned with Capt. John Cochran off
Venice Sunday Is still a mystery, al
though it was yesterday reported that
the ill fated sailor who went down to
his death when the launch Boston and
her skipper mot their end was Frank
As soon as he heard the report, Gee's
brother made haste to Investigate anti
deny that Frank was Cochran's com
panion on the fatal voyage. He stated
that Frank Gee was in Ocean Park last
night long after the fatality had oc
curred, and that at an early hour Mon
day morning Frank Gee went out from
Santa Monica on another fishing trip.
Until the body comes ashore, which
will probably be some time today or
tomorrow, the remains cannot be
viewed In order to establish Identity.
It is supposed that Capt. Cochran's
unfortunate companion was a San
Pedro fisherman, but inquiry at that
port does shed any additional light on
the mystery.
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By Associated Press.
SALINAS, Cal., May 13.— Train No.
2, known as the coaster, which left
San Francisco this morning, when near
Camphora, a small siding between
Gonzales and Soledad, about 25 miles
south of Salinas, was wrecked by a
misplaced switch. The engine, tender,
baggage car and two passenger cars
were derailed and thrown into the
The engine turned over completely.
The cars were demolished. Owing to
the fact that the train was not running
at a very high rate of speed, more cars
were not derailed.
It is reported here by the railroad
officials that there was no one serious
ly hurt, though many are said to have
received minor Injuries. No trains
have arrived from the south since this
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