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Miner Seems to Have
If Last Two Jurors Are Selected To
day, Prosecution Will Open Its
Case on Tuesday
By Associated Press.
BOISE, Idaho, June 2.— The work of
securing a jury in the case of William
«D. Haywood, charged with the murder
of former Governor Steunenberg, will
Ibe resumed tomorrow morning at 11
o'clock unless the prisoner has a re
lapse. Today Haywood Is himself
again. Although a little drawn and
pale as a result of the medicine and
•the opiates administered to relieve
ilm from the acuto pain which he suf
fered yesterday morning, h< appeared
to be in his normal condition. He was
.out early in front of the court house
'and walked in the sun afterward, sit-
Iting with members of his family among
ihe pleasant surroundings of well kept
Jawns and rose bushes, fragrant with
. Judge Fremont "r~jod has stated that
"he is determined a Jury shall bo se
cured tomorrow If possible. Forty-four
talesmen remain of the venire of slxty
"one summoned last week. Only one
,more peremptory challenge can be ex
ercised and this lies with the defense,
r the prosecution having exhausted its
ten peremptory challenges on Friday.
'This leaves two men to qualify, if the
'defense should see fit to exercise its
Jast challenge. That it will do so
f'is admitted by counsel, but It is not
expected that there will be much dif
,flculty in qualifying the two men out
of the talesmen yet to be examined.
-Should this not be done within the
-regular hours, it is quite probable that
Judge Wood will hold a night session.
State Ready to Open
l With a jury secured before court ad
journs tomorrow night the case for
the state will be opened by James H.
Hawley, leading counsel, on Tuesday
morning. This, the first gun in tho
real engagegment, will be a lenghty
recital of the position taken by the
state of Idaho in the effort to prove
that Haywood, together with Moyer,
Pettibone, Simpklns and Orchard, were
responsible for the death of Frank
Steunenberg on the night of December
.30, 1905.
This opening address to the Jury will
,be the first official outlining of the
'case of the prosecution hopes to prove.
Ever since the arrest of the three men,
Haywood, Moyer and Pettibone, spec
ulation has been rife and innumerable
statements more or less well founded
in fact have been published.
It is, however, true, except that In
the most general way, no authoritative
statement has been given out.
Intimation of what Orchard has
stated In his confession has come from
one source and another and from
time to time in the lnst year, but It
may be stated positively that very little
Is known of the contents of the con
fession which will figure, It is stated,
as the most sensational feature of the
case against Haywood, the first of the
prisoners charged with the murder, to
be placed upon trial.
Orchard to Testify
It is believed that the state has" in
reserve much to corroborate Orchard's
testimony. Orchard will be a witness
but counsel for the state do not pro
pose to rely upon his evidence. In the
work of securing this corroboratlon
'the Pinkerton detective agency has fig
ured largely. It may be said that the
best men of their force have been
engaged on it for the last twelve
Captain "Jim" McParland, famous
as the principal figure in many detec
tive stories of real life within the last
twenty years, now in charge of the
western division of the Pinkerton
agency, has directed the work. He
now makes the statement that he be
.lieves he has a complete case. On the
other hand the defense of Haywood
has been as husily at work as the pros
'ecutlon. Other scores of detectives
'have followed every clufi and every
Intimation of what the Pinkerton
agency was doing. A large amount of
money, estimated to be a a much as
$500,000, has been subscribed by the
.members of the Western Federation
of Miners, an organization with 75.000
.members, and by other labor organiza
tions throughout the country.
I The propaganda In behalf of the
■prisoners. Haywood, Moyer and Petti
bone, has been widespread and active
and much sympathy hns hopn aroused.
Trial Will Be Long
E. F. Richardson, a prominent at
torney of Denver, will open for the de
fense, but it is understood that It has
'been agreed that the case for the de
fense will not be shown until nfter the
case for tho prosecution is all in. It
may, therefore, be several weeks bo
fore Mr. Richardson delivers his open
ing address. It Is concluded that the
Introduction of the evidence for the
state, and especially the testimony of
Orchard, will be contested at every
This will mean probably that the
prosecution will not be able to con
clude under three weeks, or possibly
thirty days. The case for tho defense
will take equally as long. It may
therefore bo estimated that the case
will last sixty days after the opening
tomorrow, If indeed a jury has been se
cured by that time. Sixteen days of
actual work lias been spent In the ef
fort to tenure a jury. Counting the
adjournments the case has now been
going one. month. Nearly 200 talesmen
have been examined, the main diffi
culty beinp- to secure a resident of the
county who has not formed an opinion.
Fremont Wood, the presiding judge, is
trying his first important murder trial.
One of the possible delays after the
jury box has been filled Is the inclina
tion on the part of counsel on both sides
to go very carefully over the record of
the men who have so far qualified. A
number of detectives have been at
work on this and It is stated that
affidavits have been secured and may
be used to show that the court should
reopen the examination of two br three
men now in the Jury box on account of
public expression of opinion at some
time since the arrest of the prisoners.
By Associated Press.
DENVER, Colo., June 2.— An in
creasn of 10,000 in thi! membership of
the Western Federation of Miners will
be shown by the reports to be pre
sented at the annual convention which
will meot In Denver June 10 next. The
AN effort to decide on a plan which will bring an end to the long continued
struggle between the independent companies and the Bell Interests, it Is
expected, be made at the annual convention of the Independent Telephone
association to be held in Chicago next Tuesday. More than a thousand dele
gates from all section*.of the country and Canada, and representing more than
$350,000,000 of the capital of independent telephone companies, are expected to
attend the convention.
.• * *
The American warships which came to New York after taking part in the
naval display at the opening of the Jamestown exposition will sail for Hamp
ton Roads on Wednesday.
Several important national organizations will hold their annual conventions
this week. The annual meeting of the Sons of the American Revolution will
begin at Denver on Monday and continue until Wednesday. The National Ed
ucational association will meet at Los Angeles Saturday and continue for five
days. On Wednesday the general synod of the Reformed Church of America
will meet at Albany, N. Y. On the same day the National Confectioners' as
sociation will begin a three days' meeting at Cincinnati.
» • •
King Oscar and Queen Sophia of Sweden will celebrate their golden wed
ding anniversary on Tuesday.
The fortieth anniversary of the ascension of Emperor Francis Joseph to the
Hungarian throne will be celebrated Saturday. The festival will be continued
for two weeks. t
King Frederick and Queen Louise of Denmark will pay a visit to King Ed
ward and Queen Alexandra at Buckingham palace from June 8 to 13.
* « ■•
The ceremony of transferring the body of Emlle Zola to the Pantheon In
Paris will be held this week.
executive board meets here tomorrow
to audit the accounts and consider
other routine matters. In the absence
of President Charles H. Moyer, who Is
in prison in Idaho awaiting trial on the
charge of complicity in the murder of
former Governor Frank Steunenberg,
C. E. Mahoney, first vice, president
will preside. James Kirwan is acting
secretary treasurer in place of William
D. Haywood, who is now on trial at
Boise for the Steunenberg murder.
By Associated Press.
COLUMBUS, 0., June 2.— The Social
ist party of OHlo at the closing session
of its state convention here today
adopted resolutions extending sympathy
to Moyer, Haywood and Pettibone, or
ficlals of the Western Federation of
Miners accused of complicity in the
assassination of Governor Steunenberg
of Idaho, and denouncing President
Roosevelt and Secretary Taft.
Among the delegates who sat in tho
convention was Harry Wells, son of the
late founder of the city of Wellston, 0.,
and a nephew of Senator Foraker.
Among the resolutions adopted Is the
"Resolved, That we denounce the
action of the 'first servant of the peo
ple,' Theodore Roosevelt, in sending his
errand boy, Taft, to Idaho and de
nouncing Moyer, Haywood and Petti
"Resolved, That we call upon the
working class to remove by its votes
not only this political mountebank, but
all others of his ilk."
Says Purpose of Gathering Is in No
Way to Antagonize President
Roosevelt or His Ad.
By Associated Press.
DENVER, June 2.— Governor Henry
Buchtel, who issued a call in accord
ance with the resolutions adopted by
the general assembly of Colorado for
the public lands convention, to be held
In Denver July 18, 19 and 20, declared
today that there shall be no politics In
jected In the gathering If he can pre
vent it. When he sent out the call he
distinctly and emphatically stated that
the purpose of the convention was in
no way to antagonize President Roose
velt and his administration with refer
ence to the public land question. The
program prepared for the convention
by a committee, of which United
States Senator Teller is chairman, pro
vides for the shaping of a more liberal
policy to be submitted to congress for
the enactment of laws which will make
for the development of the western
states by bringing more people to them
to take up lands and till them.
The American National Stock Grow
ers' association, whose convention In
dorsed the grazing and forestry poli
cies of the administration, will be a
factor in the coming convention.
Secretary T. W. Tomllnson of the as
sociation has been making a canvass
by letter of the members on the ques
tions to come ' before the convention.
Some of the questions he put to them
"Do you favor some form of gov
ernment control of the public grazing
lands under regulations that will fit
the conditions for your district?"
"What arrangements will be best
suited to your section? An absolute
lease of the fencing rights or a permit
to run live stock on the public lands
with proper protection?"
To 1000 letters Mr. Tomlinson has re
ceived nearly 200 replies, and they are
favorable to some plan of government
control and regulation of all public
lands in ■ nine cases out of ten. Most
of them want the government leasing
system, with fencing privileges. Some
want grazing permits from the gov
ernment. Ninety per cent of them be
lieve that the government control will
give the little as well as the big stock
growers a square deal. So favorable
have been the replies to the adminis
tration of the policies that the big
stock association is now considered to
be fully enlisted in the championship
of the president's cause.
GOLDFIELD, Nev., June 2.— The bus
iness men and mine owners of Goldfleld
to the number of 150 met today and
perfected a permanent organlatlon to
be known aa the Industrial Association
of Nevada. The purpose of the organi
ation Is to insure the industrial peace
of the state and its various camps. An
executive committee with wide powers
was selected. The committee will elect
an executive who will be given a lib
eral salary and devote his entire time
to the affairs of the association.
The Goldfleld branch is the nucleuH,
and all the camps of the state will
form auxiliaries.'
Former New York Boss May Enter
Parliament if he Can Find Con.
stituency— His Health
By Associated Press.
LONDON, June 2.— The newspapers
are reviving the reports that Richard
Croker cherishes an ambition to enter
the British parliament as an Irish Na
tionalist member. Recently Mr. Croker
has taken an interest In the work of the
Nationalists, made contributions to the
party fuffds, lent automobiles for elec
tioneering purposes and identified him
self with the party by appearing on the
platform at the recent convention In
It is doubtful, however, If Mr. Crocker
would be willing to forswear hlB Ameri
can citizenship and more doubtful If he
could find a constituency desiring to
take him up as a candidate, or if the
party leaders Will welcome the acquisi
tion of a politician of such a masterful
Another of the Irish Nationalists re
marked to the Assoctaeed Press that the
party would not welcome any attempt
to introduce "American machine" meth
ods in Its politics.
Mr. Croker's health, moreover, is a
barrier to his re-embarking in aetix'e
work of any sort. He shows the weight
of his 64 years, although he is still
vigorous. His recent illness was more
severe than published reports indicated.
The doctors pronounced it Brlght's dis
ease and at one time almost gave up
hope for his recovery, but they finally
declared him cured, Although they
warned him that he must take greater
care of himself.
Strike Breaker Who Was Shot by Hu
mane Officer Has Chance for Life.
Little Disturbance in San
By Associated Press.
Fargey, the strike breaking motorman
who was shot last night at Turk and
Van Ness avenue by W. J. Blumberg,
a humane officer, who attempted to
arrest Fargey while the latter was fir-
Ing Into a crowd of strike sympathizers
who had attacked him, Is still
Fargey was reported to be dying at
midnight but the physicians at the
central emergency hospital state to
night that there is a possible chance for
his recovery. Blumberg is In the city
The operation of cars by the United
Railroads today was attended by little
trouble and the day was quiet. There
were a few Isolated instances of rock
throwing and the placln- of obstruc
tions on the tracks. President Calhoun
has announced that he may attempt
this week to run cars at night.
By Aseociated Press.
HELENA, Mont., June 2.— Detecting
the odor of burning flesh this afternoon
three-quarters of an hour after Charles
Bothwell, transformer expert for the
Westlnghouse company, had gone In
side of a transformer at the power
plant of the Helena Power Transmis
sion company at Lake Hauser, the
tendor made an investigation and found
Bothwell unconscious. He died a few
minutes later. He had come in contact
with a live wire.
Ftothwell's home was at Niagara
Falls. N. Y.
Vote and Work njkiflFJlr^afr mMtfgGL Male ' B Window Shades Are Known
B. fly^T^OjP Arr Over Southern California for
for the OwenS River B SjSS^jT^^^^^ Thoroughness of Construction and
Water Bonds June 12 JS5^ 7 ™L Lastlng Qua " ties '
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.extra large sizes; special, $2.25. . LISLE DRAWERS Site Women's fine cambric drawers; swlsh beading In open and
CAMBRIC DRAWERS 60c 1 Women's white ribbed lisle draw- three hemstitched tucks; embroi- blind edges worked up to
Women's fine cambric drawers; lawn ruf- ers. French band: ankle or kneo dery ruffle; extra large sizes; spo- 19 mli nl , h ;, wide 1 lengths
fie; cluster of four tucks; hemstitched length; extra large Rise; special, 68e. >lal, $1.00. 1 "J, „ , ' i yards-
hem; extra large sizes; special, 60C. COTTON COMBINATION. SUITS 500 COTTON COMBINATION SUITS ST.C rrom i ft - X ' "Ja *1 no n
CAMBRIC DRAWERS 75e Women's white ribbed cotton com- Women's cream ribbed cotton :om- were °°°- '° c , !>„_!>■„ „►
Women's fine cambric drawers, lawn ruf- binntion suits: low neck; no bination suits; high neck; long yard. On sale Monaay at
fie, hemstitched tucks and hem; extra sleeves; lace trimmed drawers; ex- sleeves; knee length; silk finish; 39c a remnant, . •,
largo sizes; special, 75c. •- x • ■■■ tra large size; special, 50c. , extra atarge sizes; special, 85c. '
*.■■■■" ; -•,'»■■ ■.'>,.. ; - ■»><-':•■■ ';li\ '■ ••£*v*v'3 :
$1.75 Black Silk Dress Nets 98c ~ y A GJhhnn sir train
Fancy silk dress nets, 44 in. wide; heavy and light weights; 'V;:!*R;- MxiUUUii LJUrgiliU
very desirable for beautiful summer costumes; regular $1.26. v '-., , ft -. .... . _. . ■. ,ii
$1.50 and $1.75. Choice Monday, 98c yard. __J ; '■ *0c« Silk Ribbons Ie 7c Lacei 3/3 C
_ _, «^». *»,. All Bilk, satin, gros grain, satin taffetas and Torchon medici and fancy Val.
SeCtire 8. GOOU SUDDIV Of I\OtlOnS 81111 * a «etas in black and colors; widths Ito wash laces, edges and insertions; 1
octul v " vj^/trvi v * Mi/in/i«j » inches wide; worth 10c, 15c and 20c. C- to 5 In. wide. Be and 7c val- 7lAc
■N fit ft Rift SaVint? ' Tuesday sale, per yard Ol» ues. Tuesday, per yard O/O\>
. ■ .*-"« ■ ~ € *j,** l & . ' V ■ • • • • I■■
25c back shell combs, mounted 5c a per cent saving in bed pillows c- an A Ic r Zls'trt Ri-«M
15c Shell hair pins, per bOX :.... 7C A pure all feather sanitary cured pillow; abso- »UU I O\> OIVII I UlillU
en-, v,«=+ TTnirliah marl(» Btc«»1 ertsenrs 90r lutely odorless; finest feather proof covering; ■ '5^
50c best English made Steel scissors Blto 2 1 by 27 inches; full 3H pillow; there are at) ,)C
25c bOX Roger's face powder, per bOX ....12c in the lot: regular $1.25 Values; special, 98c eacn. .."
35c fancy frilled garter elastic, each 15c *»••« cotton blanket sac H. M. S. and Curvette skirts;
01;, trlnl. »vtrart mrfiimi": n^rhottle Sr A heavy weight 10-0 size blanket; fine close nap; braids in colors ; regular price
25C triple extract pertumes, per DOllie. , OC nlcjly finished ends; fancy borders; colors are " , K^;,,J ?r,, n , \m.
5c spool good 200-yard thread, per spool '... Ie- wmte, tan and gray; bedding department, sac sc\ and Joe yara. lues- *y-
25c large size hair rats 15c a palr ' $1.83 comfort »i.bo ■ da y special, a yard Ot
-Sc cotton taDC any width.. 2c Our. regular $1,85 bed comfort; full size; tilled
3C couon id^c, 011/ wiuui........ v v with white shelt cotton; we tufted; flna sllko- C/i __._-* I ocoo 1 r
„ „,, « „ -,» 1C k.jj_ 1•- trn^, line covering; pretty patterns; cheap at $1.85; Ot tUISCI LolCa It
50c Silk Eoliennes 39c . 25c India Linon 17c special. »i.»o. „ , *• -
Plain and checked silk eoliennes Fine sheer quality India »SJJO COUCH COVER »1.05 „ Black and drab Corset laces,
In soft and clingy effects: sulta- llnon for waists, suits and A rich heavy oriental, tapestry, couch cover In 1 ?IX-vards loildf. Tues- — '-i
ble for evening or party dresses; children's • dresses; worth beautiful combination *of colors of blue, red \/* " . • ° > , Ift ,
worth 50c. On sale Monday at 25c. 'On sale • Monday, 17c and green; fringe all around; 160 Inches wide; day, pair J.^
30c a yard. -a yard. • regular $3.60 values, to close out, $1.95 each. \ •

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