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wSja b«Ha H i Eflß fnl Ks3 ul " g?t B Hn w^l Krt Dm EA mum KvM K?m R\ jßgj Wszk mrM ||SI /v*3 ETji »5» ■ \^3L H HFn W-H &r^k. wHm ' '
IN/ BIG $10,000.00 CONTEST
Below is )bl list of the Candidates outside Los Angeles in the Herald's Big $10,000.00 Popular Voting Contest. Many Candidates out- ;
side the/ city are after the big Prizes and are now out getting Votes. The first period in the Big Contest ends Saturday evening at ten j
o'clock. Two Special Prizes in each district will be awarded on the Votes up to that time. Besides this inducement to get your j
Vote/ at once, there will be a decrease of Votes on each Subscription after that date. Candidates should not delay, but secure all -
Votfes possible before that time. A small effort will make you a winner.
l' 1 Wilson, Atlen J.. Whittler, Cal 10 ' ' ■
/ First Prize — Drasfon Touring: ' Sasss ; four ***«> prizes ; ;. :
I . " . " " DISTRICT C ' I. $2150.00 Dragon Automobile, on display at the Dragon Motor Car Company, 711 South
/ CIUV VflliiP _*^l FA A A P Hz: 8 0 DISTRICT th.s e d^S *■ Spring street, Los Angeles. Boulevard Heights, on the new boulevard to Pasadena. ":
L,fl r V^lliiP !S/LSIH!II JJL° wn'rbear.ld'in'h.rZH^ 2- $1000.00 Residence Lot in Mission Boulevard Heights, on the new boulevard to Pasadena
\ i Vai 9 T aiUW <VLdYO\J*\J\3 *2VZm™£iVXL*^ 3. $500.00 Piano -a Lester -on display at the J. B. Brown . Music Company. 648 South )
\ ■ receiving the largest number of votes Broadway, LOS Angeles. • , .■,•"/. V
The Drjagon Touring Car which The Herald will give to some popular man or woman was award- up to 10 p. m. Saturday, July 13, 1007. 4, $250.00 Bank Account at the Dollar Savings Bank and Trust Company, southeast corner of ;
ed the beautiful Silver Cup at San Francisco's first automobile show for being the most popular , women. . p;f t an( Hill streets. Los Angeles.
car shown. It was also a Dragon machine that won the Cup awarded in the Great New York- Si .1!"'.... "■...."....■.'... £?. 10 eight distiiict prizes m i,os angeles «■ worth $15.00. purchased from the Mernoit ;•
Boston Endurance Run. These two cups are proof that the Dragon not only excels in graceful gSons.^L^^'^a^fi^: o^! B ") «• '"Vi't^airMußrTpfaSrco^pa^ 1^ %* 7 - ™LF? Til™ *!3Ts¥^'£°i )
lines, bu)t is also capable of meeting any test of endurance. The Car to be given away by The Her- ____J_ft_i- Stt^mSZ X ° 2 w^S'rSTWSS" »r purchased from , Snn^S^ e { i Tt", I
aid will jhold five passengers, has side entrance, divided front seats, front doors removable, painted n^ n a ; ___* jV.iiarsantaXnaicai:: J? ' AeBA e 8 ! ederilon ' ° 7 South Sprl " X .met. ,j %± S__S S T^f p . ';'_ |
Royal Bljue with gold stripings and upholstered with black hand-buffed leather. This car has a __fe_*^ a «»^aii l B 3'3 ' *^ rB Art PP B ln 82 L 7° % ' sS?S^STO a^°- MUSl ° »■ *££ catena wanS frig .
gasoline capacity of eighteen gallons and its brakes are composed of two internal expanding by nibbard, miss 1... coiton. Cai 10 4 . one dozen fine photographs. moo^ from A v , ]3 ; santa cataiina island Trip ■
f Jl * --.;■<'■. 'v.- ,j MFN Mojonler, 710 Temple Auditorium. j^ Santa Catallna Island Thin '
foot peM ten-inch, and two external contracting. emergency lever. M San ■* ' Cal 10 g. SSSa^tSm^'iSranli V^* \l SS a nn n e ta Yfa a r t -t I ' ss n vu a bs II c S rf p n ttort'o p: the Daily and Sunday '
Thii magnificent prize will be shown at the garage of the DRAGON MOTOR CAR COM- fi_^_^.^__dMS_S: m I !an£ W& \^ 1%. H " al<s subscription to the Daily and Sunday
PANY, XI I South Spring street, Los Angeles. 'If you want a motor car that is good for city or ffiWwn. B Jo^lk d nta AnaV # Cai..io SIX district prizes outside los angeles twelve period prizes outside los angeles' I
desert, onle that will meet every emergency and ride the easiest of any on the market, inspect the f^ 0 "^ 11 i n^; i S con a on Cal 10 l - Diamond Ring worth $15000. , purchased a from x - shorthand scholarship in woodbury Business coi- ;
Dragon «\7ll South Spring street and arrange to enter The Herald's Big Voting Contest and $ £o r L s r efes PederBOn - 5 " th "00 " '• ™™o^ Ue J? 'lUr. Hevords value ,50.00.
Win the cA DISTRICT D I S-_» Kl'a^h^^n "w^db'u 101 0 °Bus,ne S3 iSk^tfsa'SS.SirU A 3 ng k e!e. compansr :.
I J ; „ . ...-';. „ College, value $75.00. 8. Lady's or Gentleman's Gold Watch worth $20.00. ,:
Two valuable and attractive special 4. Santa Catnllna Island Trip. . purchased from Brlprden & Pederson 607 South I
prizes will be awarded in this district, 6. Santa Catalina Island Trip. Spring street, Los Angeles. '.. . . '
Candidates Outside Los Angeles in Big Contest sssrsSkzrJs: '"^rZ.^Z,,^^,,. 4 '^sP&uWAnaarm
*"* ° ' up to 10 p. m. Saturday; July 13, 1907. 1. Scholarship In Los Angeles Conservatory of Muslo 6. Gold Seal. Ring worth $10.00, purchased from .
■ ™v«» m ™ and Arts, 327 South Spring street. .-.,:■, Brlgden & Pederson. 607 South Spring street. E
■■•-.. ',:■ WOMEN j_ Two seasqn Theater Tickets. Los An gel ■ '.
/~*> ANnTDATFS in Tli(» Hrrairi's T?iV Ponular Votinp- Contest havp only thrpp day? lrft in Huff, Mrs. A. E., Ocean Park, Cal 10 8. One dozen fine Photographs, J24JO, from A. U «. Santa Cataiina Tsland Trip. • - .. <
CAVDTDATFS in The Herald's rilg Pnnular Votinf Contest have only tnree aays loft in Huff, Mrs. A. Gladys, Ocean Park, 10 8. One Mojonier. 710 Temple Auditorium. A. 1* 7. Santa Cataiina Island Trip.
/\AiJXJ^.Vir,3 in me neram S lilg JTOpuiar VOling boniest nave only xnree aays ICII in Dodgo, Miss Gladys, Ocean Park, Mojonier. 710 Temple Auditorium. 7. Santa Catallna Island Trip,
I . which to Secure Votes toward Winning the twelve bpecial Prizes Which Will be awarded Cal 10 4. Phonograph and twelve records worth $Z5.00, pur- 8 . Santa Cataiina Island Trip.
on July 13, 1907. These Prizes will be given to the man and woman in each district who Ju c^ Mlss Edlth v - Ocean Park - m ' c fe h p ?? n e § rtr^et 060 - J " Py> if. alnil galallna island Trip",
have the largest Vote up to 10 p. m. next Saturday evening. No Votes to count on these Prizes »Jj__i«f__;"§_^___«_^ B ' ™% r &£Z?}%£ rt BT&" Zg&r7£%-i'££& it Ere ta VY 0 C a a^ II S nn u a 8 cc 1 n Tr ttot 1 ooo P th Daily and Sunday
will be accepted after that hour, but Candidates residing outside Los Angeles can mail Votes | Ca , cai .' soo spring street, Los Angeles. Herald. : •
to the Contest Editor and they will be accepted, providing the postmark on the letter is before w irk Wb^s M^dnT n ver^tu I ra' r cair al 10 ' \ 7Z 7TZ ;! ' — " " : " '"' -
Ifln ™-<; a Hir^v Tiiiv " ?nrd Marluerlt Alhamb'ra Cai 10 Moulton, Marie, Manhattan, Nev.. Talbert, Mrs. W. Turley, S. Pasa- Dorr, Miss Emma, Kern City, Cal. 10 .
1U p. m. Saturday, July IS. . Lord Marguerite Ahambra. ca 10 Van Harlogan Mrs., Manhattan dena, Cal Hansbrough, Miss Vernie, Hunting- «• =
t^iapp, ivirs. >^. r Aiiiamui a, i^ai iv TCpv • •• 10 Longley, Myra S Pasadena. Cal 10 ton Beach Ga.l ifl
These Prizes are all valuable and a little effort Can secure one of them for you. If you Darnell, M Mi Ben. A-onrovla, Cal. 10 whams'. Las' 1..!.. 10 Yeager.'Miss Llllle, Fuiierton, Cal'.SOO Martin. Miss Marie.'" 'Newport
win a Special Prize on that date it means that your position is also strengthened toward win- *$?% ™ iJS ...^JS 10 »,, j^^VSSfte^N^::::^ ss h> M r S rtr EUE Ud R "SSr^' 1 IS X ™-' «'» F.l' Beatty."^:::^
ning a Grand Prize at the end of the Contest. Candidates should see their friends at once. Get Luclan ' Nettle ' Highland, cai 10 coiii™, Jessie. Rhyoino, h s f^ M^ is E - gi^ff"- caj^. 10 . Kern-. Tricks. Beatty. Nev !. 10
Votes. Get them every day between now and Saturday and send them to the Contest Editor. T, nhln<inn rpo^\.i a Mnn i™ Bard, Miss Bessie, Ontario, cai.. 10 Quinn, Miss Gladys' 'ei Monte 'caV 10 men
I ; Robinson, George, Sa.ta Monica. men King, Mrs. ana C., Covina, ' Cal.. 10 Thomas. Ira, S. Pasadena. Ca1.... 10
I'^lSSKffSAhi-^ —MJTw-mtm.i. -_ -JSst*'- m ■ ■wyW ß W ! _f™l JfiwSfw 1 IS^'^ : <SS£»:::»
iftl nrlze* wni be awarded in this~ dis- Merwin, W. B. Pasandena, Ca1.... 10 Robb, Gladys, Riverside, Cal 10 pSLr Ben * Ocean Park 'cal 10 Hanewalt.H. C., Globe Ariz 10 Huchting, Miss Sophie, Encinitas Underwood, Wm. HT. Willow Brook, :
woman receiving the largest number Uelsenboin, J. A., Long Beacn, Trinlett Miss Ida Whittier Cai' ' 500- Windsor, Charles, Alhamhra, Cal. 10 raldwe 1, Harry, Ontario, Cal 10 Hurley, Miss Kit. Castrnville. Cal. 10 SteJu, Herman Anaheim' Ca 10
c, up to 10 p. m. Saturday, July C^ . .^ ... M »£_» Ws^XrSvk.^ io KrisK fe4-S«£i« . 5™!. . .^ . .^ 10 ReKa f? fc,^ 811 -^^^"*
WOMEN. le r- ug « ne L |n Diego, Cal.. 10 Van Salzer, Mlss Amanda, San • HensI eyt T om ., Highland , Cal 10 Smith, Lloyd, Las Vegas, N. M.... 500 , Gunn, Bessie, Congress. Ariz .10 "-' rkman ' «•• iroplco, Ca1.......... 10
Chapman, Mlss June, Pa . san . d ? . a : w Gilbert. G., San Diego, »:::;:::: 10 Bernardino, Ca1.......... 10 „.,_..„ F Thomas, W. R., Las Vegas. Nev.. 10 Rose, Nan, Valleton, Cal ElO . '
Cal 10 Dow, J. Neal, Goldfleld, Nev 600 Weir. Miss Edna, San Bernardino, - Owynne. T. G., Rhyolite, Nev 600 Coffey. Mabel, Ray, Ariz 10 V "
King, Pholbe M., Pasadena, Cal... 600 Inman, Claude, Goldfleld, Nev 600 »Wm&!£^r™iZ « UlOlKl^l h, .«.,., Brick, M.. Rhyolite, Nev 10 Grizzelle, Bell, Ray, Ariz 10 mb-b^tthf*-.;
Roulston. Margaret, Pasadena, Cal 10 Moody. D. W., Goldfleld, Nev 10 Wolf, Miss Tlllie, San Bernardino, vilinble and attractive sneclal Sentcr, George, Rhyolite, Nev 500 Ferguson, Mrs. F. J., San Lucas, If there IS anything: SDOUt
Curley Mrs. D. F., San Diego, Cal 10 Ingalls, Sheriff, Goldfleld, Nev 500 Cal 10 ,„' . . ... „ Cal 10
Klneor'e, Charlotte, Long Beach, Jay, C, Tucson, Ariz .600, Myers, Miss Grace. Santa. Barbara prizes will be awarded in this dis- «, Bm rvT/.m „ Ress, Mrs. Tom, San Lucas, Cal... 10 iU e Content VIM An nnt '
Ca l ..:........ ..:... ........ ! 10 Armstrong. A. R., Tucson, Ariz.... 10 Cal .2060 irict, one to the man and one to the DISTRICT F Bennett. Miss Merle, Nnrdhoff, Cal. in lne vOIIieSI yOU (JO HOI
Morosco Mrs Jennie M Long Cornell, Knox, Tucson, Ariz 600 Morgan, Mira, Santa Barbara, Cal 10 woman receiving the largest number Finch, Rhoda, Three Rivers, Cal. 10 . . M .. , .
LSe Cal Miss"-Georg.a "Lon » Ktt^ « S^^ ""^ wT^ %£?£"*&£ SI^HS J«'S S " "" '
R»on C MVrbr:rGoVdAe,d."NeV^ —, Ora V.. Tonopah. Nev 10 .^^~^ }« *"^ ' r^l STISI ?=? M^W.^.^aS^cVnto;^ Of , Write the CONTEST
r irafl£»K'" , DISTRICT B ■, -»>•• . -.-"=-. c, „ Black. Miss LM Santa Paula o f votes up to 10 p. m. Saturday. July <#IMII^^: EDITOR, The Herald, 134
McDannel Mrs. Casey, Goldfield, _ , . .; , , Casey, »»alter, Pomona, Cal 10 rrJV Mind iinra NpiViipi mi in 13, 1907. Cai ■ aummenana, v .
Nev .. ..;.'.. .....600 Two valuable and attractive special Flood, George, Pomona, Cal 10 Slln Misa MaTdf Need cs M •• wnMTrTJ Helwlg "Mrs"'B""R"" El" Modena, 10 S. BroadW3V. LOS AOffeleS —
Atkinson, Miss Hazel, Goldneld, prizes will be awarded In this district, Davis. Alfred, Santa Barbara, Cal. 10 Cal. ...... ...^. ......... .10 WOMEN CaT. ..." ....:..„::.._._ 7. '10 3- BrOaOWay, LOS ABgelCS,
Nev •• 10 one to the man and one to the woman Dtigan, John, Santa Barbara, Cal.. 500 McElroy, Grace, Williams, Ariz.. 10 Finch. Ruby, S. Pasadena, Ca1.... 10 Bush. Miss Grace, Anaheim, Cai..'! in r-l*<«-~'-.r -l*<«-~'-.
Smith, Miss Frances, . Tonopah, . rerpivln* the larm>st number of votes Gould, Forrest, San Bernardino, Sweeney, Miss May, Florence, Reynolds, Ada M., S. Pasadena. Perez, Minnie. San Gabriel. Cal... 10 California. . . .
Nev 60 receiving tne largest number of votes Cal 10 Arlz M 600 Lund, Mrs. Walter, Glendale. Cal. 10
Smith, Edith, Tonopah, Nev 10 up to 10 p. m. Saturday, July 13, 1907. Bold, Dr. F. J., Whittier, Cal 500 Kreler, Miss Anna, Chlno, Ca1.... 10 Ferry, Jessie, S. Pasadena, Ca1. ...500 Miller, Miss Lura, Troplco, Ca1. ..700 ' : — — —
A LESTER in the Home Is a LESTER in the Heart
Its True Musical Qualities Render It a Piano of Rare Excellence *__B3==^==~^9 "
The evidence of the high grade interior work of the Lester part that you cannot see — is in the mellowness, the inimitable ffl D , 111 1
richness of its tone and in its volume— the proof is in the fact that IT LASTS A LIFETIME. Its durability is the result of m$ JH/_ , , T*i
thoroughness in construction — it stays in tune. The highest ideals of master musicians are embodied in the Lester as in no other fm W~P~ i&siiisiiw
piano. It is the real, artistic piano for the musical home. Si K^^^^^~^^aS?M
„ Here Is a Plan of Money Saving That Is New
!^_M^^OX / A|^^^P^_^;-_ Far better than life insurance or the old Example of if you depo.it *io.oo a month for .ix year. yon
<£2tfn) *Z**fcrtr'H*~.\\i WYr \tf/ o( li\ A 7r=»2™ilMß™fiS^>^ i i /-\ <i .> v/«. < rtn _ ran draw tin nnint- amount monthly for right . .
-^^OpWSrfO^JyO^^i^^ • plan of saving accounts. One well worth V"** I**1 ** J-e-r. a.d -even month.. Any other .un. de-
SP P-a flilnlyl v \%^ rTlf TO^T^Bj g^*' *^~WBfiSS£ your attention. Call or write for one of momn wui po.ited for nme period of time c tv« propur-
IWVt 1v 0 B hi I^s 1-1 Elfflyfe our copyrighted pamphlets. ' v: *"* iioaate re.uit.
I BSiif lIEkKB Dollar Savings Bank nd Trust company
HW§^fflii_l_^ BB southeast corner fifth and hill streets ;'::; ': :
il^^^^S^Siy^^^®^ 1 J AS - C - KAYS, President W. G. TANNER, Cashier

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