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First Prizes to Be Awarded
' . ' - '■:. \'.'.\
in Two More Days
In two/more days, the first set of prizes will be awarded in The Herald's Big $10,000.00 Popular Voting Contest. The first
period/ in the Big Contest ends Saturday evening, July 13th, at 10:00 P. M. These are two strong reasons why the candidates
shou/id have all votes possible in the hands of the Contest Editor by that time. Win one of the Special Prizes and strengthen
youi? position for the Grand Prizes at the Close.
S" IXTEEN SPECIAL PRIZES will be awarded to candidates in Los Angeles and twelve IFT „ . T TCT O"P M A ITNTFTCFNT PRIZES
Splecial Prizes to candidates outside Los Angeles at the close of the First Period in The 081*231115 111 X^ J.CS J. VJLP ITI./*AJn 11 IV>Jjll X. A. AVX£i^ ,
HArald's Big $10,000 Popular Voting Contest Saturday evening, July 13. Votes to be ac- O FOUR GRAND PRIZES •
3 onl this period must be in the hands of the Contest Editor by 10:00 p. m. Candidates re- ' Want Ads '■ „.n nn D^- *«— ; - display at the Drago ° Motor Car Company> 711 SoutH
siding ouUside Los Angeles can mail subscriptions to the Contest Editor, care of The Herald, Wflllt AUS >' $2150 - 00 . Dra S on Automobile, on display at the Dragon Motor Car Company, 7U.&omn
; and all leV-ters bearing the postmark prior to 10:00 p. m. of July 13 will be accepted and votes J Spring street, os Ange 1 , 68 ; - vi „., nn tht . n m y. n ,. .- art * to Pasadena
credited in the Special PrL Whfle candidates £th in the ely and outside are' busy securing c^^%% r°L *&& | \ °o ?s^ Le°sl?- on'S^^
. votes, maAy districts have developed little efforts. The opportunity for securing some of these this paper has arranged to give ad- °' v™-™ «ano— _a tester —-on aispiay ii j t> j
prizes is trhe best ever offered in a newspaper contest. Candidates should not overlook this. But vertisers on the classified pages a _ Broadway, Los Angeles. ;„„«, Bank and Trust Cnmnarur southeast corner of
two days rlemain in which to work for the first set of prizes. Every candidate should devote all «™*** ""gain rate. 4. $250.00 Bank Account at the Dollar Savings Bank and Trust Company, southeast corner of
of that tirrJe toward getting votes. The prizes are all valuable and are worth any effort that the T Tv,, v , « IBI Bo d w rth°T~n» and Hill streets. Los Angeles. ; . ■ g,
candidates^ an make. Keep busy for the next two days and send your votes to the Contest Edi- durmTthis oonZt at , ™hi district "™™" LOS angers it «• 8 *
tor as soof as you get them. You can win with a small effort. the price or » xhi, win mean a *• *"V I tz^ t r a^ r 1 II d v r ss a no co OO a dd n 1 ? pl !?3 a S * T-.-.^VjSnSfftdSS? &*%uBX%?£2Z
—m — ___ > • saving to classified advertisers or Spring street. Los Angeles. Los Antreles '
"'•':'■''- . 20 per cent on their money. Where 2. Diamond Ring worth t^O.oo. purchased from 8 Santa Catal na island Trip.
— ! \ ■"I can any an make a greater per Brlgden & Pederson, 507 South Spring street, „_ Santa Catallna Island Tr r p .
R. T^ • VX . rW\ '' • cent on any investment? On each «. BchSu'rshWllo- Angeles Conservatory of Music n! lanta CatSlina IslaSd Trip.' -,
I j-d <rVOr^4 iM^taA IIMnAtAM I d^ 4<** 4 ++ <r* classified ad book sold the pur- and Arts, 327% South Spring street. 12. Santa Catalina Island Trip.
H 1 pW| m-^lTtMf* I If^SJ IJrf lli I 111] • llf chaser will be entitled to cast 150 4. One dozen fln« photographs $24.00. from A. Us;U ]s ; Sa nta Catallna Islnnd Trip.
niai rii^c uia^uii turning -rtr'^s^r^^ i tm * m - s asfcasjisssssssfc
n \J . fr«ktl-f\ £\f\ rXJZ^^LT^TtI ?: £SS gSt'S: i'SS SSS- "• One^ear^Subscnptlontoth.DanyandSunia,
, I #9 #■ \/ CB I 1 t A \/I Bofcl 1111 1 become the winner of one or morn 8. Santa Catallna Island Trip. . . '..■.■.•.•: . '•• •
Ld] a f O.H LI fey W &*tJ\J •\J\J of the many valuable prizes offered. six DISTRICT PRIZES OUTSIDE LOS ANGELES TWEr.VK PERIOD PRIZES OUTSIDE I.OS AIfGELES
" V^.l^V — n.www ™", l8a " '""Sl'i^.Si >• Diamond Ring, worth $150.00. purchased from „ Shorthand Scholarship In Woodbury Business Col- r
■MMfPMMiBppiMiPPVPfR fled advertisers which they should . Brigden & Pederson. 507 South Spring street. lege. value $65.00. . . ' :
tIH - ■■' M Moionler, 710 Temple Auditorium. 7. Rantii Cfl.tfl.lina Island Trip.
I A 1 ' - - > : W 9b ■ 'sSEiijifia BBm^^H - ""*" "* "* ' £~* 4 * * 4* PhonoßTiiph n tk! twelve records worth 525.00, ptir- 8. Santa. Catallna Island Trip.
LiilwiaaMiaai^^ Dally and Sunday HernM for 24 months 2200 votes 2000 VOteS 1300 VOteS 1600 VOteS
The Dragon Touring. Car which The Herald will give to some popular man or woman was award- D^Jr 3^" ndax' Herald 'for *** 12 months 1000 votes 900 votes 800 votes 700 votes
ed the beautiful Silver Cup at San Francisco's first automobile show for being the most popular D three month H :^.f" 1.05 6 months 450 votes " 350 votes 300 votes 250 votes
car shown. It was arso a Dragon machine that won the Cup awarded in the Great New York- 3 months 200 votes 150 votes 110 votes [ 80 votes
Boston Endurance Run. These two cups are proof that the Dragon not only excels in graceful I ~~~ J ~~" I Candidates are cautioned to notice the decrease in votes in each subscription in every period
lines, but is also capable of meeting any test of endurance. The Car to be given away by The Her- " tnere IS anything aDOUt from the first tQ the last and it is sug g este d that they turn in all business possible during the earlier
I aid will hoW five passengers, has side entrance, divided front seats, front doors removable, painted the Contest V«U de not periods in order to secure the greatest advantage in the number of votes. U'X&
I Royal Blue with gold stripings and upholstered with black hand-buffed leather. This car has a XA7 A "IVT^T* A. T% c mL '■W;i'V:&
gasoline capacity of eighteen gallons and its brakes are composed of two internal expanding by Understand, call on, phone , W A.l^l A iV.U& _ ...
foot pedal, ten-inch, and two external contracting by emergency lever. nr wr jt- 4t, e CONTFST Each PP r of a $ 2 -50 Want Ad Book at the bargain price of $2.00 per book will receive
This magnificent prize will be shown at the garage of the DRAGON MOTOR CAR COM- c ' the following number of votes, which may be cast for any candidate desired :
PANY, 711 South Spring street, Los Angeles. If you want a motor car that is good for city or EDITOR, The Herald, 134 ; - . — ' <*a .—3 — . .. _ •_ A ~ n A B ..^ _-_;-■» --j-
desert, one that will meet every emergency and ride the easiest of any on the market, inspect the s Broadway Los Angles mS'J^iSt' TufvT? So? AuglO 1907 Aug 24 19^7
' ; Dragon at 711 South Spring street and arrange to enter The Herald's Big Voting Contest and b * Broaawa Los Angeles, July 13, 1907 . July 27. 1907 1 Aug . 10, L 907 1 Aug. 24,^ 1907
win the car. California. 150 votes , ' 1 130 votes j 110 votes 90 votes
[A LESTER in the Home Is a LESTER in the Heart
Its True Musical Qualities Render It a Piano of Rare Excellence j°gggg^
The evidence of the high grade interior work of the Lester — the part that you cannot see — is in the mellowness, the inimitable MI 1 - * 1 '■"■'■'■
richness of its tone and in its volume — the proof is in the fact that IT LASTS A LIFETIME. Its durability is the result of IP L . _.. i iiii limk
thoroughness in construction— it stays in tune. The highest ideals of master musicians are embodied in the Lester as in no other H LV^^-^^^^^^g^ft
piano. It is the real, artistic piano for the musical home. B IjO£; wfo^^Ffflt
. ■•■ • • ■ ■ ■ ■ . ■ ■ ■ ■ . ..
i Here Is a Plan of Money Saving That Is New
.g^fflßi OAiAiAuAM^^^^^a^ I Far better than life insurance or the old I Example of I " '"p"" 11 * lom « mon * h tor •«* r '"', r °" I
eSUlKZ^V^J^i'fi^iL — -W- — 'uy*\ll AS. U^ft^l/IHBSnSS!^- ' plan of saving accounts. One well worth l ba * $ %' <' nn «lrnv» «h. name amount monthly for eight ,',: ;-
I^WfsnW*JnnP '!!ttlMß^^^ Plan ° f SaVln & aCCOUntS. One well worth V, 1 ""^* year, and »r>. ...o»th.. An, other .«m de-
ISSP^ 11 B a! p H I MT fnnlS»C>N^^^W6Hf • your attention. Call Or Write for one Of Month VVUI po«lt*il for .nme period of time give, proper-
j|f| lIDS * * I nnNEgp^S^S. our copyrighted pampJ-.'cts. uo : gm~ tlvaute rMU ,«.
BrIII^SS ■ Dollar Savings Bank And Trust cc ° m an "
■■' T. " q ~ ' I *' *: ■ ■' JAS. C. KAYS, President : W. G. TANNER, Cashier \',

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