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Have YcJu Seen the
Bouncing Flea
Prof. Kia, a native,' Hawaiian musician, has introduced to
the Pacific coast /the most charming of all the Hawaiian 2
musical instruments. It is the Ukulele, shaped like a
guitar but much smaller. It is played by strumming
> and skipping tine fingers from one side of the instrument
to the other, hence the name Ukulele — a bounc-
ing flea. " I
The instrument is easily mastered the learner gets
more pleasure out of it in a month than he could with a
guitar or other string instrument in a year.
• /
A shipment of these popular instruments is now on
the way to our store. They will be on sale next Wednes-
day. See them in our window.
The Place to Buy "~~ : : —
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Artistic ■"*" ■
Gold Jewelry,
°nd m o°ther Hotel Alexandria Los Angeles
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Stones .^
Strangers are Invited to visit the ex-
Blblt of California products at the
Chamber of Commerce building, on
Broadway, between First and Seoond
streets, where free information will be
Driven on all subjects pertaining to this
The Herald will pay $10 In cash to
unyone furnishing evidence that will
lead to the arrest and conviction c( any
person caught stealing copies of The
Herald from the premises of our
patron*. THE HERALD.
Burglar Forgets Keys
L. J. Van Slyke, 1318 Lawrence street,
reported to the police yesterday that his
house had been entered by the back win
dow and $24.45 taken. In his haste to de
part the thief left a number of keys in the
Hildebrand Fined
Martin Hildebrand was fined by Justice
Chambers yesterday on a charge of dis
turbing the peace. Hildebrand was charged
by J. W. Ritzman with having become in
toxicated and raising a row In the barns
where the United States mail wagons are
Charged with Larceny
H. M. Preston was arraigned in Justice
Chambers' court yesterday on a charge of
petty larceny. It is alleged that he took
$140 from Irene Sands and was in the act
of departing for the east when he was
arrested at the Arcade depot. He will be
tried today.
Complaint Refused
Chung Hay was yesterday refused a
complaint against Jesus Gonzales, who
was accused by the Chinese with having
assaulted him with a deadly weapon. Hay
said that Gonzales cut his finger almost
off. The reason for refusing the complaint
was that there were no witnesses to the
Passing of C. B. McGahan
Carl Byers McGahan, agod 21, son of
Mr. and Mrs. George L. McGahan, died
at the family home, 1529 New Hamp
shire street, yesterday. Mr. McQahan
was formerly swimming teacher at the
Bimin; baths. The funeral will be held
Sunday at 3 p. m. at the Pico Heights
church, tho interment to be In Rosedale
Death of Daisy Leggett
Miss Daisy May Leggett. daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Leggett of 819
Golden avenue, who died Thursday,
•was one of the popular students of the
Polytechnic high school and a member
of the winter class of '08 of that insti
tution. The funeral will be held Sun
day afternoon at 3 o'clock at tlif resi
dence, Rev. A. C. Smither will officiate.
Six girl classmates will act as pall
The park board has decided that its
employes in tne parks must wear blue
instead of gray uniforms.
City Auditor W. C. Mushet will today
address the City club on "Inner Work-
Ings of the City Hall" at the Westminster.
The next regular meeting of tho
board of police commissioners will be
held on Wednesday, July 17, at 9:30 a.
m., instead of Tuesday, July 16, at 2:30
p. m.
When Justice Chambers finds that any
of the Inebriates who are brought before
him have been taking advantage of his
leniency in giving them straight fines and
discharging them if they cannot pay the
fine his leniency ceases and the unlucky
offender gets a sentence heavier than
usual. This happened In two cases yes
terday, when S. E. Smith and Frank
Valencia were arraigned on charges of
Smith was sentenced to fifteen dayi
straight in jail. He was not given thj
alternative of a fine. Smith had Just been
released from the court room twenty-four
hours before, and when the bailiff noticed
his name on the docket again he notified
the judge, who lectured Smith and sent
him tp Jail for fifteen days. f
Tho other man, Valencia, has-been in
jail for drunkeness no less than five times
in twenty-five days. He was arrested for
the fourth time last Monday, when Judge
Chambers began his new method of giving
air drunks straight fines or discharging
them. Valencia got off easy that time and
perhaps thought he would this time, but
Justice Chambers sentenced him to ten
days in Jail or to Day a $10 fine.
Man Arrested by Secret Service Agent
with Outfit for Manufacture of
Spurious Coin in His
T. M. Messerole, alias M. Nemo, a
former physician but now said to be a
confirmed user of morphine and cocaine,
was arrested by Secret Service Agent G.
W. Ilazen yesterday afternoon on a war
rant charging Messerole with counter
felting. The prisoner was arrested by
Lieut. J.inhaus.'ii of the University sub
station Thursday night. He is said to
have had in his possession forty-six coun
terfeit dollars and an outfit such as is
used to make spurious coins.
When taken to the police station Messe
sole claimed to have found the coins and
the outfit. He had been released from Jail
the previous day. It is thought some
counterfeiter confined In the city Jail had
told Messerole where the stuff was buried.
When the matter was reported to the
United States authorities It was decided to
arrest the man. He was turned over io
them by the city police.
J. W. Scott Finds Life Too Strenuous
and Seeks Relief in
J. W. Scott was found dead yesterday
shortly after noon in the American lodg
ing house at -28 East First street. He ha 1
committed suicide by wrapping a rope
around his neck and wrapping the other
end around the transom. The scaffold
was not high enough to allow the man to
strangle the man standing up, so ho
doubled his legs under him and slowly
choked to death.
It is supposed that Scott killed himself
two days ago, for the last time he was
seen alive was on Wednesday. Thursday
the landlady of the hotel knocked on the
door, but receiving no answer concluded
that he was asleep and did not disturb
him. Yesterday she knocked again, and
again received no answer. The key was
still in the door on the Inside. She-thought
she detected a bad odor issuing from ihc
room and called the police. A detective in
company with A. W. Wuerz went in
through a window and cut the man down.
The body was removed to Bresee Bros.'
parlors and the coroner notified.
By Associated Press.
SAN DIEGO, July 12.— Ramon Borduga,
a Mexican "bad man," attempted to
shoot Lieutenant Governor Terrazas of
Lower California Friday night at Mex
icaia. Borduga was In Jail but some
friend struggled In a Hie to the prisoner,
who succeeded in making his escape and
started for tho lieutenant governor's
house, having a grudge against him.
He called the governor to the door
and began shooting with a rifle, the
governor returning the fire with his six
shooter. Neither man was Injured and
Borduga made his escape Into pie moun
tains. \
1..111K Live i In- King!
Is the popular cry throughout European
countries; while In America the cry 'of
the present day Is "Long live Dr. King's
New Discovery, King of Throat and
Lung- Remedies!" of which Mrs. Julia
Ryder Paine, Truro, Mass., says: "It
never falls to give Immediate relief and
to quickly cure a cough or cold." Mrs.
Palne's opinion is shared by a majority
of the Inhabitants of this country.
Nev Discovery cures weak lungs and
sore throats after all other remedies
have failed; and for coughs and colds
l 's the proven remedy. Guaranteed by
Dean's Drug Co.. 50c and SI. Trial bottle
free. ,

Courses of Lectures Will Cover Studies
In Former Great Religious
Writings— News of the
Rev. I!. Fay Mills, permanent minister
of the Los Angeles Fellowship, and Mrs.
Mills have completed arrangements for
the Fellowship summer school, which will
open Monduy. The morning sessions will
be held in a pretty sylvan glen Just be
yond Bdendale, and the evening session
will be held at the Fellowship house on
Sixth street.
The courses of lectures at this summer
school will cover studios In the Bhagavad
Olta, the Sormon or the Mount, Laotz,
temerson and otl. r great religious writ-
Ings. Among the well known teachers
who will lecture before the school will be
Prof. J. 11. Hyslop of Columbia univer
sity. Students have nlready registered
from Chicago, Minneapolis, Denver, Al
buquerque and other cities.
Rev. Mr. Mills will speuk at the service
of the Fellowship tomorrow morning In
Dlanchard hall on The Star of Sorrow."
The services will continue one hour.
Enjoy Summer Outing
The local Salvation Army gave the first
of Its series of summer outings ior poor
mothers and children last Tuesday at
Playa del Rey, which was largely at
tended by the children and their mothers
and greatly enjoyed. The next outing
will be given Augirst (i at Long Beach.
The work of me army will be presented
by Major and Mrs. Percy Morton, the
provincial officers, uefore the Chautauqua,
July 24.
Bishop Conaty . ill administer the sac
rament of confirmation tomorrow at the
historic mission of San Luis Rey,
and on Monday will administer the sac
rament at the mission church at Pala,
where the old Warner ranch Indians are
The anniversary of the young people's
work of --.c Salvation Army will be ob
served tomorrow In the local corps with
special services. Elaborate plans have
been made by the officers and special pro
grams will be rendered.
A Spanish concert and drama will be
given this evening In the patio of the
Plaza church for the benefit of the relief
fund of the parish. The program will be
entirely in Spanish and will consl.t of
dances and songs, aside from the one
act drama, "A Flower of a Day." Rev.
J. Caballeria. pastor of the church, has
charge of the arrangemi nts.
Rev. J. J. Wilkins, dean and rector of
St. Paul's pro-cathedral, will speak to
morrow morning on "Think of the Chil
dren." In the evening ho will take for
his topic "Petty Worries."
Rev. J. M. W. Beaudry will preach at
the 10:30 o'clock mass tomorrow morning
at the Cathedral Oi St. Vlbiana. The
Young Ladles' sodality will meet at 3
p. m., and the Ladles' Altar society at
4 p. m.
The Sunday school of the Newman
Methodist church enjoyed its annual pic
nic last Thursday at Eastlako park. Sup
per was served and an enjoyable evening
spent by a large number of young people.
The annual Sunday school picnic of the
Boyle Heights Methodist church will be
held next Tuesday at Terminal island.
This evening a converts' rally will be
held at the Union Rescue mission, 145
North Main .street. The usual gospel
wagon services will be held tomorrow
afternoon, and in the evening Rev. E.
Leonardoson will speak. Will C. Trotter
Is superintendent of i.ie mission.
Rev. T. F. Fahey, pastor of the Holy
Cross church, gave the twenty altar boys
of the church an outing last Thursday at
Long Beach, where an enjoyable day was
The Ladies' Aid society of the Boyle
Heights Methodist church will give an
Ice cream social next Friday night at
Uollenbeck park.
The young men of St. Patrick's parish
gave an entertainment last Thursday
night in the parish hall. The various so
cieties of this parish are planning a lawn
fete to be held on the church grounds
August S, 9 and 10, under the direction of
Rev. P. J. McGrath, the acting rector.
Rev. Alfred Inwood, pastor of the Boyle
Heights Methodist church, will leave the
first of the week for a vacation at New
port Beach. Rev. A. W. Adklnson, the
presiding elder, will preach at the fol
lowing morning service and a Sunday
school missionary service will be held in
the evening.
Pushing Settlement Work
Tho settlement work of the Church of
tho Neighborhood has received a new im
petus in the securing of two small houses
and a lot on East Fourteenth, near Haw-
thorne street, whore the third of the set
tlemont plans will bo Inaugurate 1 under
the supervision of Rev. T. C. Marshall.
The Church of the Neighborhood has long
been known as a settlement center for
that part of Los Angoles. Several months
ago the old Newman Methodist church
was secured and St* Mark's church estab
lished, which will form the church and
social center of the settlement work. It
is expected that a resident worker will Be
secirred Augusi 1 for the new work to be
established when the sottlomont work will
be opened with a Sunday school.
Rev. George B. Smythe, field secretary
of the missionary society, wl.. preach to
morrow morning at the Boyle Heights
Methodist church. In the evening Rev.
Alfred Inwood, the partor, will speak on
"Christ's Mathematics of Life."
"U Have Compassion fpon the Multi
tude" will be the topic of Rev. T. C.
Marshall, rector of St. Mark's church,
tomorrow morning. In the evening he
will deliver the third oi his series of ser
mons on "Joseph," taking for his topic
"Working Together with God."
Rev. E. A. Antill. C. M.. vice president
of St. Vincent's college, wil celebrate the
10:30 o'clock mass and preach the ser
mon tomorrow at St. Vincent's church.
"Quakers and Quakerism" will be the
subject of Rev. Frank Cornell tomorrow
morning at the Friends' church, corner
Third street and Fremont avenue.
The Y. \V. C. A. will ho.>. an outdoor
vesper service tomorrow afternoon at 4
o'clock at the home of Rev. J. A. Gordon,
4811 Pasadena avenue. Miss Amelia
Johnson will deliver the address.
Rev. J. Q. a. Henry, D. D., who has
returned from London after a successful
campaign, will peak at tho First Baptist
church, Seventh and Flower streets, Sun
day afternoon at 3:30, under the auspices
of the Young Men's Christian association;
subject, "The Worst ]<lan in the World."
Raymond Hemminger and the Y. M. C. A.
quartet will render several vocal selec
tions. Alt men earnestly invited to this
At the City Rescue mission, 606 East
Fifth street, tonight, C. E. Crawford will
speak. There will be a converts' chorus.
Sunday at 3 p. m. there will be a special
service continuing until 5:30. Gospel serv
ices from 3 to 4^at Fifth street and Cen
tral avenue. From 4 to 6 at Fifth and
San Julian streets, Sunday night, B. F.
Pearson w«. spean. Special violin solos
and singing by the Immanuel Presby
terian church young people. i
Detectives from the Central police sta
tion are looking for tho man who robbed
the hoiiße of \V. P. O'Menra several days
ago. They have takon up the clue fur
nlshpr] by the presence of a suspicious
rhnrnrter In the neighborhood of 1010
Hcnron street, where the c-rlme was com
mitted, and have hopes of running him
Yesterday's police bulletin gave a de
scription of the man suspected of being
the daylight burglar. Ite is described as
being about ii years old, of dark com
plexion, with dark hair and wearing a
dark Birtt of clothes. The offlrers have
all been instructed to keep a sharp look
out for the suspect nnd to arrest him "If
seen under circumstances warranting such
Officials Decide to Set Aside Eight
Acres on Which to Erect Con.
Crete Quarters for the
Chain Gang
The city authorities have selected a sito
for a city workhouse near the heart of
Los Angeles, thus abandoning any further
idea of uniting with Los Angeles county
in some nrrangoment for ih* ;omc care of
On a tract of eight acres between the old
Calvary cemetery and Elysian park space
will be cleared for the future abode of
many of the chain gang prisoners.
The site is part of a big tract owned by
the city off Bishop street, about 500 feet
north of Buena Vlstii. The land is pre
cipitous in spots and Is In a hilly section,
but with the abundant labor which the
chain gang affords it will In time be con
verted into an ideal place for Its purpose.
Fireproof Plans
Concrete buildings will be erected on a
plan which will permit of additions as the
needs require. This will insure cleanli
ness, economy in care and fireproof qual
The arrangements were made yesterday
by the lands committee of the city coun
cil with Acting Chief Paul Flammcr,
Park Superintendent John Morley and two
members of the board of public works dis
cusaing the project. All seemed greatly
pleased, especially as the outlay required
will be small in proportion to the gains.
The report will be mude to the city coun
cil on Monday.
Much complaint has been made about
the crowded condition of the city jail, and
also about t^he long hauls required in get
ting the chain gang Into Beetlons where
most of this labor is employed. This haul
will be reduced through the new arrange
Negro Hanged at Solomonsville on
Conviction of Having Committed
Particularly Atrocious
Double Murder
By Associated Press.
SOL.OMONSVILLE, Ariz.. July 12.-Wll
lian Baldwin, negro, was hanged by the
sheriff of this county here today for the
double murder which he committed near
Roosevelt, Ariz., January 81.
The crime for which William Baldwin
today paid the death penalty was com
mitted on the morning of January 31,
ISO 7, on the ranch of Harvey Morris, two
or three miles from the town of Roose
velt. Mrs. Morris and her 5-year-old
daughter, Amlnta, were assaulted and
murdered, their throats being cut and
their bodies hacked 'and mutilated in a
horrible manner. The murder occurred
during the absence of the husband and
father in the town of Roosevelt.
Baldwin came running into Roosevelt,
where he had been employed as a laborer,
and gave the first intimation of the mur
Blamed Mexicans
lie was himself slightly wounded and
claimed he was injured in defending the
woman and child from assault by two
Mexicans, a few hundred feet from tho
Morris house. His story v, as not be
lieved, and he was taken into custody.
Indian trailers were employed, but no
trace of the Mexicans could bo found and
the trailers declared the tracks of the
guilty man were those of Baldwin. Bald
win was taken to Globe, where an effort
was made to lynch him, but the angry
populace were outwitted by the sheriff,
who spirited the prisoner away while
Judge Frederick S. Nave, armed with a
shotgim, addressed the mob, counselling
good order.
Judge Nave called a special grand jury
and Baldwin was indicted whilo held in
Tucson for safe keeping. When Judge
Nave resentenccd tho prisoner to be
hanged he unnounrcd that hu had made
his peace with God and thanked the
sheriff and the court for having saved
him from tho mob last February.
The trial of G. S. Chan, Chinese doc
tor charged by the state board of medical
examiners with practicing medicine with
out a license, was begun before Justice
Rose yesterday morning. When the court
adjourned at night but little headway had
been made In the case. Two lonesome
Jurors had been sitting in the jurors' box
for many hours, wuitlng for ten other
men to join them. One himdred and
twenty men were examined yesterday and
cut of the entire number only two were
qualified to sit as jurors in a case in
which a Chinese was on trial. Most of
the men excused said that their race
prejudice would not allow them to give
an unbiased consideration of the evidence
presented before them. Several were not
listed on last year's tax roll of the city.
Attorneys Jones and Weller for the de
fense objected to all of tho men excused.
They said last night that they regretted
so much of the QQUri a time was being
used In securing a jury, but tho interests
of their client demanded that they have
an unprejudiced jury.
When the two venires of sixty each had
been exhausted Patrolman Roller was in
structed by Justice Rose to bring in an
other venire of sixty men on Monday
morning at 10 o'clock. An effort will bo
made then to obtain a jury that will give
the Chinese a fair trial.
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that you get meats of Inferior quality. We
handle only select meats and buy in lar*»
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Which Was Slightly
Wilbur Fairchild, accused by E. R. Kel
lam of embezzlement, was acquitted by a
jury yesterday after it had been out ten
Fairchild had been in the employ of the
Diamond Oil company as a deliverer of
oil. Each morning when he took out his
Stock to deliver the quantity was charged
i|i iin;iinst him at the office. When he
teturned the money and remaining oil
were turned in. The company also had
made a practice of allowing the men ex
pense money to treat customers with.
Kellam said that Fairchild had sold $3
worth of oil, which money he did not
turn in to the office. Fairchild said that
the oil he sold was excess gained by a
"skimp" measure which the company
•gave its men to use. He said that every
gallon measured In tho can gave the firm
an excess of about a pint, Fairchild sold
this oil and kept the money. Kellam
thought that hi: ought to have it. The
jury yesterday decided that Fairchild was
not guilty and he was discharged by the
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