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m; .mi eh 03
Prospect for Consummation of Plan
Suggested by Robinson Good — Re
port of Civic Architect
I* Indorsed
Following Civic Architect Charles Mul
ford Robinson's report on beautifying Los
Angolos. formal steps have been takan to
¦ecurp for Los Angeles the finest Union
tiepot in the west
. High Santa, Fe officials have already de
cided to appoint a cornralttoe of ten to sco
¦what steps can be taken to secure a Joint
depot, and It la expected that the Southern
Pac'flc and ' Salt "iiako ''officials; will ndake
einiilar mover. :' " .'.',.. „¦." ¦¦''¦¦'*'-' '¦'
The now depots in St Louis, Boston and
Washington are striking examples of what
joint interests cau accomplish.' '• .:.¦.¦'.' "•*.
In Los 'Angeles such a realization will
bring about the widening of Fifth street
and the magniflcont vista which Architect
Robinson has 'suggested as possible and
advlsa bio between Central avenue and
Los Angeles street If all' railroads enter
ing and leaving' the Flower ' city would
combine their terminal - interests at the
present site of the old Arcade depot, i .
Chairman F. ,W. Blanoliard of the muni
cipal, art commission laid' the plan before
the city council yesterday, • and ; the Idea
not' only won tho commendation of that
body but "the : couucllmen immediately
named A. J. .Wallace, Walter Wren, R..W.
Drotngold and K. I*. Blanchard as. a com
mit representing the legislative | body
to -vork.wlth the chamber of commerce
on the project. ; „ . ::¦.,•.¦, „ ...
Time Opportune
'.'hoirmnn JHlanrhard told the councjl
that he had talked with Santa Fe officials
and they had told him the time was ripe
now. With the advent of the trolleys
competition Inside the city was such that
the big systems ought easily to agree on
a joint terminal project.
"1 frmnd the. Santa Fe officials quite
agreeable to the big depot Idea." said Mr.
"The directors have named a committee
of ten to co-operatr with similar commit
te*-!4 from other roads.
"[ believe with proper assistance from
representative bodies her* we can carry ¦
. ih<: Wei' through.'" > V •' '¦''. i'V.jW R J \ 9s! ¦s•¦¦ -'¦
,'"V7hen :¦ fti Washington recently," said |
Councilman Wallace. "1 was ' tmpresne-i
with a the magnirir'-nr.- , and grandaur of .,
the architecture and Idea of the Joint j
•union station 'there, : "¦',•>-'¦ ¦¦' '¦*¦¦•';. ?~>y. :¦', .1
"Such a I 'sclijome',- would, impres" the
world's- tourists when they come to Los. .
Anselca.V .¦ :' ¦ ¦• . •¦. ¦ ' ¦¦ .¦¦•v-.\' .;',
rV'iniollman Tonkin then moved that a
r.oinmittee of four bo named on behalf of
. thf council. .' •• •...,-¦,...,¦ Sniyl
Earlier In the afternoon tho council in-;
dorsed the plans as submitted. ... ¦ .....
The letter to the council was brief, say- j
Ing: ¦ ¦¦•¦'¦'¦' ;¦' ' '„: ¦.',¦"- ¦: ; .
. v Problems Complex ' ; ,.,
I take a' great deal of pleasure in
, handing to you with this my report
on the improvement of the city of Los
Angeles. "'¦.' J »' :i M <• .-'-. ¦•'•s '. '¦¦'-¦ : ~'-
There hns been. in unusual degree of '
. PHtisfaction to ma In preparing a re- .
port .-for .'a city in which' posslbil- ,
it lea' are .so. many' and so : fine, .'and I
only ¦ wish , that in ', thirty days I ; had ;
been able to do more than" I have. .> - „
' • Los Angeles covers an immense and j •
diversified territory, and . the . lack of
uniformity In its street system— while ' i
making the problem far more interest-., j
ing and the opportunities for effective
¦work much better— adds to the problem |
. great complexity. ". ..- '.'. '.'¦¦ . |
'i I have | worked -May ' and •. night, and
yet I have. practically confined myself j
within the circle of the' city limits, and
therein have taken up only, main cen- ¦'
tors and linos of development. .• - ' .
• ; City's Environs -
A study, ought' to'- bo ' made 'of , the ' |
city's environ*. a Spreading rapidly as j
' . Los Angeles . Is, : and j already tied \to 3 j
- many., neighboring towns by an • ex
ceptionally good trolley system, ho dls- .
* russibii of the. improvement, of the city 1
pan look much Into.the future or truly '
grasp. tliQ. complete problem that Is not
given opportunity to consider; the sur
rounding towns ami country. ¦ ,-' - '
„ Pasadena a Ward - : .'
Pasadena must soon be -i , beautiful
- -esldentiai ward, of , the greater , city. ••¦¦
Sun Pedro and other, coast towns must
be v a part ' of- It— here its seaport
' entrance. ; ; there ¦; ' Its seaside ¦* pleasure ,:
ground, and pla.ns should belaid down
ns quickly as possible, before interven- ¦•
' ing real estate schemes . make them • |
¦ more (Jlfflcult of * realization for the •
. r.uter .rerervations-.-as by the sea, and .
' for the boulevards and main highways \
that shall adequately connect the sub- .
¦' urban towns with the heart of the city. §
' '"-I hope that this. task. may be given '
to )me another, ; year, There :Is great |
need that it jb« given to somebody. ilt |
¦ will be a largo and difficult study, but
It is one that ought to be authorized
in preparation for the bigg*.- Los An
: ¦ geles. ¦ '¦',-. ¦!'*-/. :,:¦¦. ¦¦'.•¦ -. ¦' :.;."; : '. ¦•
Meanwhile I have, the honor to submit'
my - sucgestions ;, regarding a the ' moro -
congested portions of the sugges- .
' tions ; which' I hope may soon bear
. fruit '. in a ' more ':. beautiful , and con- '
, venient Los Angeles. „ .; :;^^
» . »
By Associated Pies*. . ' "¦ ¦ , „ ' ¦-• ¦¦ ¦. : '.'.;.,
NEW ORLEANS. Deo. i B.— The United
. Ft.itos • circuit j court ,' of ¦. appeals ' today
"'handed down a decision reversing the do
1 (i.sion of the United States, circuit court
nt 1 Sherman, ! Tex., t In - the ' case "of ;, the
' • Waters- Pierce Oil company and giving the
Texas state courts , jurisdiction In th*
matter. '."'•. "' ' •!.'•¦ •' ¦ .
" Applications wert!' made In both: state
• and'federal courts for a' receivership, and
'! thi United, Stri.t«a court* at.' Bhorman '4 up
'¦i pointed 'ii- revolver and Hold that 11 state
»t6urt'li.-idjurlfdl<:tion, and 'whllo the order
-, .1 ¦' lii.i ¦ federal . court '> at ,' Shopin'tn w t sus
3 peniled [ the decision of . the ; a tute court ' it
did not abolish it. . . '".¦' '-; : '\;.'.
Los Angeles Herald.
$100,000 FIRE ON
Domestic Laundry Swept Ou:
. of Existence and Apartment
House Also Destroyed With
Contents — Crossed Wires Arc
Cause of Fire.
{The plant .of the Domestic laundry,
owned by J. 11. I'raiher A Ilro.. and tli«
oporiiuent liounc of Carl liPonbardt in
Hie. rear nt Sixteenth street and Central
nvenoe',', vi ere uenfVoj-ed .hy {Ire at 2
o'clock, thin nrorulnur, ,'lnvolrlng a I<>»*
of *ioo.ooo. with ' Insurance of Una than
one-fourth of dim SUM", ' •"'. ' . : '
I,' The fire started /rum' Vniiwil electric
wires In the laundry .hiiitriing. a frame
1 ntructure two atorlea In bvlgbt, and br
< fore ' tin" .'Urc- department : . arrived bail
spread .all, over : the building; and sit
tacked . the ' upurtment bonne", tn' the
I rear. I . •.". [j'Xl '. ' ¦ '' \'*'{' ' ' " :
j ;' .'""he On men also burned a lot of ma
terial In the yard of • the Los j Angeles
| railway adjoining, 11«<- Inn* here being
about 910,000 In tics, lumber mid hours
: of Mock. .-...• . .'¦•'¦¦ v .. "-j'\ ¦•¦ '\ '.¦'."...
A. Poaslaa;, H. I. Itoper and George
Deason, occupants of the apartment
house, lost all their furniture and per
sonul properly, tin- members of tbe
family escaping: only In their night
The- loss on both buildings in total.
Oldest Lawyer Dead
:By Associate*! Press. ..' •• '. '. .' . ' .", -. \ ,
: ¦;BAJs'GOR, Me.. Dec. , 3.— Albert ' W.
| Paine, said to be the oldest practicing
; lawyer in tho United "States, died ; at his
! home hero tonight,: aged 96 years. He
had ; been In . good health up to within
a 'few; weeks; ago and ' attended regularly
¦to his law practice. \ -;".t: . ' . . ...
Capital Stock Increased
IBy Associ»t«< I'r««». : ¦: ' • ; ;-> .
I PITTSBURG, ., Dec. t 3.— .a .-special
' meeting of the • stockholders of the
W.estlnghousei Airbrake company, held
j here today,' it was decided- to Increase
: the capital stock -of the company from
$11, 000.000 to $14,900,000.' ¦•¦' .' ¦ ¦¦¦:¦.'¦'¦ ¦¦
Summary of the News
For Los Angeles and vicinity:
Fair Wednesday: light wast wind.
Maxin.um temperature yesterday,
82 degrees; minimum, 56 degrees.
I '¦! • ; ' '• ¦¦' .•¦¦: '¦••'"/ LOCAL ';'_¦'.¦ '' J '¦' ' ¦'»"¦"/¦
¦ Slayer, r.r • Patrolman ' Lyons ' captured j
offer flerqp struggle. Is felled My billiard
ball hurled by tormer'star of diamond. |
Confesses guilt.* ".'"'. . . """¦• ¦ "'.*"¦
I ..Big guns save license, of : restaurant I
man, Boye; who. pleads case before police
j beard. ¦¦••";.":. •.¦."• ¦;¦¦.'...¦.'•¦•,¦.¦•¦ ¦,'¦¦•¦''
'¦ • Auditor Mushet .urges forfeiture- of "all
I trolley, .'franchises In flery speech before
the council. ¦:;.,¦.¦ • '•' '¦ ' "¦'¦ ' ° - ¦¦' •¦'
. L. B. 'Walt, who sold one* million shares i
of ' mining stock. In > suit demands . return !
cf *141. ..¦ .'-. v • • ::;.; ¦- ;..-•- ' ; . : ' !s's£v 2
Purity of buttermilk, to be. Investigated.
! Skimmed, milk and • acids - ingredients, Is
i accusation. .' ;: . ¦ ". ¦ .-'.
• '.. Historic mission pastor. Rev.' Patrick M. I
: Bannon, is laid In silent grave/ •;
! Doctors testify that : Sergt." Craig, : well :
I known . police official. Is . physically . dis- (
| abled. " .'i' •;"." ¦¦• ':;.'. :¦¦• ¦'¦/.". •¦¦.¦¦• •¦ ¦ ¦ '¦¦
j ' Widow of partner of James Morley, bil- j
I Hard . hall proprietor, alleges fraud. and
j demands accounting. of estate.
I .- Americanized Chinese convicted of burg
! lary; must. pay penalty for crime. :'¦:..-¦;. ¦
I Divorce completes estrangement between
wan and wife who, living beneath same
roof, ignored one another. / :..'.' .¦" ».
E. H. Crowley, labor agent, who defied
police department, denied new license. >
."*¦'• .* ¦ . ¦¦¦¦- '¦ . ""~— \*• - ' . . -¦¦¦-¦
',•• ¦ ¦ ¦ . • '¦• \' COAST ' :¦-¦¦¦¦.-.
I Tirey . 1.,. Ford, on trial | for bribery of
! Ban F.ranclsco supervisors, is acquitted by
! the Jury. .¦ ¦,'• '..• ¦¦ • ¦-. :-:¦¦ /¦¦ .;"•';
' I Oliver grand jury •in -San Francisco,
I which 1 has made a . record in the number
I of Indictments returned, finishes Us. work
| and Is dismissed, by the court. >. •.'•:.- > < ,
i ' Progress Is being ••lade.ln securing jury
ito try George Pettlbone In Boise for
complicity In the murder^of.former Gov
ernor Steunenburg. " •.: ¦¦',¦¦ ¦
,' Nevada mine owners notify unions that
no agreements will be made in the future
because the j unions jj broke faith .. with
the employers.. -„.. 1 .. / • ;':¦ "..;.¦ • ;
-Lake steamers,, believed to be lost*; in
lake !In Washington, reaches; port safely.
Harry Klelnschmldt, Berkeley student
accused of murder,, released by order of
court.', .' •„¦'•,, '.'¦ ' •.''-.¦•¦-•'¦ '¦ ' .-».'' ' ¦¦'.¦¦¦'•'
Heney.may be dropped from land fraud
cages In ¦Oregon. ¦. ' : ' ; . '¦;
Attorney '¦ Lufller •, Brown, . Indicted on
tie ' charge -; of subornation of perjury In
San Francisco, released on bonds. '
V --. '¦ ' > '¦• FOREIGN
¦ Secretary of •¦ War | Taft arrives in St.
Petersburg, .visits the duma and , later
makes ¦ a ' speech ¦ In which he pleads, for
world's . peace.' •¦¦•"'; .. ¦•-•..' :Y.V
: Berlin -. is . to; build - great ; underground
railway..* eystem. running through the
heart of the city. ."' '¦¦„-¦ ¦ :¦• '¦•
i, Financial difficulties overwhelm big
banks In Constantinople. -.:• '-_' ; : '. „ .',
, j President Cabrera , of Gautamala In
jured by bomb thrown at his carriage.
¦ : ;'". 'i '¦ .-';.', EASTERN '¦¦ -'"¦ ; ' ;'...¦.'¦-
Jury in case of Mrs..'. Bradley,' on" trial
for murder, of .former United States Sen
ator brown, returns verdict of. not gull
tr'-.-.. :••/;¦' „¦¦ ¦ ::.-/-¦ 'J-'-'i^-'yiZ* \ ¦
,V President Roosevelt.; in his' message to
congress ! urges ; some ! radical reforms. \v
!.i President Roosevelt confers with Sena
tors,' Crane a and Aliliich .! regarding • ¦ the
necewslty of currency legislation.' .' ¦„'¦
Woman ¦; patient. 1 In ..Detroit shoots her
physician | and 'attempts' to kill herself. ' " •
I Prominent " Democrats to .meet in New
York January 3 ' to ' discuss " presidential
campaign.' I,'1 ,' - ',;>, y U ¦>¦ '• . : ;•>-•¦¦'¦¦*•'¦'¦•¦¦';.
r. Ambassador Aoki, : called home ' by- Jap
anese government. '.. may ; not c return "•: to
Washington.' , ' :' '- .' ' . ¦¦'.•¦, ¦¦'¦;,
.'' Many women ; and girla arriving in , New
York from Europe seek position us serv
ants. Supply " exceeds ' demand. . 'v ' .
Inheritance Tax, Employers' Liability
Bill and Increased Navy Are
Arrtong Recommendations
Made by Him
Some changes In tariff.
Heavy inheritance tax.
Federal inspection of railroads.
Employers' liability act.
Enforcement of criminal laws.
Great inland waterways.
Conservation of forests.
Purceis posts.
Increased pay for army.
More powerful navy.
Federal control of railroads.
Change* in anti-trust law.
Currency reform.
I , WASHINGTON. . Dec. , 3.-The annual
message of President Roosevelt was read
today In both houses , : of , congress, and
practically' no business was attempted- by
either body beyond listening. to .the net
sage. Th,. galleries of both senate 1 and
house ¦ wore .crowded at the.b eginning. of
the K'Tston of each body, but. as tha read
ing progressed the attendance diminished
somewhat. • ": "• . ' ' ' .' - ;, • .
In tbe main, however, It was well filled
until the last sentences of the document
had fallen from the lips of the official
1 ISenators1 Senators -• and members were supplied
with printed ; copies and 'many of them
followed me reading clerks with scrupu
lous care. The -wading consumed 1 about
two and ! one-fourth. hour* In ! each of the
houses. .The house did . not today follow
up. the lead of yesterday in the matter of
the Introduction of many bills, but some
measure*' were presented.'- '.ln the senate
so far no bills have been Introduced, but
there is scarcely a senator whose dusk
is „ not well covered with, these' docu
ments, 1 and .it. is '..probable' that the flood
will break out In that body tomorrow. '.S."
" (Both ,' tbe imatii aiu! a liouso adjourned
althcit' immediately r.ft.er tho conclusion
of the reading ; j>tjllir> message. .'.'. ¦ J :¦ -.'
'P"J>; ." Cannon Names Commiteea
Tn th« house today Speaker Cannon an
nounced the appointment of the commit
tee on banking and cu/roncy. and in do
ing go stated that ho had exceeded by
one member the number permitted by the
rules of tho houso and asked unanimous
consent to hi* action, which was granted.
The committee retains as Its chairman
Mr. Fowler of New Jersey, and in the
main Its personnel was unchanged. There
were only two vacancies on the commit
tee an ft stood last year, one of these
caused ">y th*; failure of Mr. fcharte:. Re
publican, of Missouri to secure re-elec
tion, and the remainder by the voluntary
withdrawal of Mr. Leg-.ro of South Car
olina, who found th« duties pertaining
to his work on this committee to be in
conflict v.ith hi?, services on other com
Mr. Burion. Republican, of Ohio was
designated tor Mr. Shartel's place and
Mr. Crawford of North Carolina for Mr
The additional selection was Mr. Me-
Henry. Demoorat, of Pennsylvania.
Following Is the total membership of the
committee as now constituted: Fowler of
New Jersey, chairman; Prince, Illinois:
Calderhead. Kansas; Powers. Maine: Mc-
Morran, Michigan; Weenie, Ohio; Mc-
Creary, Pennsylvania; Knowland, Cali
fornia: Waldo, New York; Hayes. Cali
fornia: Weeks. Massachusetts: Burton,
Ohio, all Republicans; Lewis, Georgia:
Pujo, Louisiana; Glass. Virginia: Gilles
ple, Texas; James. Kentucky; Crawford,
North Carolina; McHenry, Pennsylvania,
all Democrats.
The speaker explained that be had mads
the increase of the minority representation
In consideration of the views of Mr. Wil
Hams, the minority leador. Some time ago
Mr. Williams appealed to the speaker for
an Increase of the minority representation
on the committee. The friends ,of tha
speaker say that his action with respecv
to the committee on banking and currency
Is not to be taken rs an Indication that
the speaker will further comply with Mr.
Williams' wishes.
The main consideration In view by the
speaker in appointing tho committee on
banking and currency before man Ing any
other committees was to create a recep
tacle for an inpouring stream of letters
from all parts of the country to members
of congress urging lmmeclita? legislation
on finance. While tho naming of th»
banking committee on the second day of
the session does not mean necessarily
that any legislation will b? accomplished
this month, the speaker prepared prompt
ly for legislation !'• its initial stages by
naming the committee to which all finan
cial measures must be referred before
they can come up for discussion and
action on the floor of the house.
It Is now believed that all the commit
tees will be filled within the next ten
A caucus of the Democratic members of
the house to consider a plan for forcing
the tariff question to the front during the
present session has been called by Chair
man Clayton for tomorrow evening?.
Tt Is generally believed that Mr. Hay of
Virginia will reoffer his resolution In
structing Democratic members to object
to such agreement on the floor of the
house unless the Republicans agree to
bring In a tariff bill.
' Representative j Jones 'of j Virginia /, also
again S threatens \to present '¦ his resolution
providing for the appointment of a steer-
Ing .1 committee to • designate .• Democratic
members of committees instead of leaving
the • work to ; the minority > tender. s *Both* Both
resolutions a will h" sharply 1 antagonized.'
the latter by John Sharp Wllllamß', friends
and the former by toe conservatives-, who
feel, that the. adoption of the Hay; resolu
tion would bo, the Inauguration of a 111 ll—
buster, which would be of widespread con
sequence. ..¦'".:," J \> '-V' ¦¦'' •¦/-'' •"•>' : "- ','•'(
-. Aside from the discussion of those mat
ters ' the ; principal ¦ subject ,of diacusslon
was the, president's message..;-. ?c ¦ - ' '', :
<Cuatlsmed on Page Four.)
M:TCHr;ijTj has confmaed he la the man who shot Patrolman Lyons
Saturday night. The dark mark en his right cheek, shown In thr
picture, la the braise made by the blllard ball thrown by Armstrong
and the blood flowing; from tbe wound. It was this blow that made Mitchell
unconsclooa lonar enough for Patrolman Connelly to. put on the handcuffs.
T.niiiiinn waa relenseii last night aftrr being; held In Jail two days on sus
picion of bclna; the murderer and of having committed mnnj- robberies.
He was Identified several times as Mitchell.
Patrolman Connelly la the nervy officer who cleverly (raptured Mitchell
and whose life was saved from the murderer's ballets at the expense of his
Gunner's Mate on Board Connecticut
Kills Himself by Shooting.
Change In Plans Re.
By Assorts r«<* PreH. . •
NEW rORK, Dec. 3— The battleship
Connecticut, flagship of Rear Admiral
Bob'.ey D. Evans' fleet, will not sal! until
Thursday for the rendezvous of the Pa
cific fleet at Norfolk. The wareliip was
scheduled to leave tomorrow, and It Is
understood the postponement was caused
by the suicide today of H. M. Plero. a
gunner's mate, who shot himself on board
ship. Tbe 0«lay wil. permit the Inquest
and burial tomorrow.
The warship! tßhode Island. Virginia
and Tankton will said tomorrow for
Hampton Roads, as scheduled.
NORFOLK, Va., Deo. 3.— The United
States battleship Louisiana, the first or
the Pacific bound Atlantic fleet to arrive
in Hampton Roads, their point of ren
dezvous, dropped anchor off Old Point
Comfort this afternoon.
SAN DIEGO, Doc. 3.— A wireless mesa
ago received at the Polut Loma station
tonight reports that the entire fleet ol
Admiral Swlneburne left Magdalena bay
today for San Diego and will arrive here
By Asroclatad Frees.
7: PORTLAND, ; Doc. 3.— special from
Washington says Attorney General-Bon
aparte today sent a peremptory order.! to
United . ; States I District | Attorney j Bristol,
directing him- immediately to take up 'the
land ft fraud : 'o.- sea .. and '; push.; them >. to \i v
conclusion.': The ¦; issuance *of 1 the. \ order
followed ' ;i conference . between ;. the 1 pros
ident and Attorney ' General Bonaparte.
Bristol la to push th« case regardless
of Francis J. Heney and will be held
responsible for further delays.
Attorney General Bonaparte Hopes to
Have Cases Against Chicago Cor.
norations Advanced on
Court Calendar
By Anoclattu] Press.
WASHINGTON. Dec. 3,-Attorney Gen
era, Bonaparte today asked the supreme
court of the United States to advance on
its docket the cases of the United States
vs. the Armour, the Swift, the Morris
and the Cudahy packing companies, In
each of which a fine of $15,000 was Ira
posed by the United States district court
for Uie western district of Missouri on a
charge of accepting rebates from the Chi
cago, Burlington & Qutncy Railroad com
pany on beef shipments from Kansas
City, Kas., to Europe.
Tho companies are making their light
on the ground that the Missouri court
./as without jurisdiction, and Mr. Bona-
Farto says that If the supreme court
should so hold, "then It will be necessary
for the government to Institute proceed
ings in the district of Kansas where the
properties described In the indictments
were received by the railroads for trans
The statute of limitation will run
against tbe officers charged In the Indict
ments until some time next August.
By Assoclatod Pmks.
;:¦ OAKLAND, " Dec. ¦ Harry !G. Kleln
schmldt,' the : ntudent . . who •' has been
charged with \ the murder of Frank , Bsl
lows, was formally released from custody
at 9:30 this morning. At that ' time Judge
Harris : granted t tha u writ ' of 1 habeas : cor
pus '• which had been | argued last '. Friday
and ; on '.which decision | had ' been ' reserved
pen-ling action of the grand' Jury.' ->;:
'.-; District Attorney Brown . Joined .In ¦ th»
request; thu.t \ the writ in- granted.; To
day's x action . promptly I followed ; the > re
lusiil t last •. night ¦to J indict Klelnschmldt.
It was declared t that ¦ the : evidence : pre
sented by the. authorities was insufficient.
<|V(1 I/ 1 /V\ I» I I^m • IUII-T. Iri SV9tD*r. ,V
oLIMjIJLJii .jLAJI. 1 l'i?s .(J.\;TBAIS«,Ii CENTS >
Verdict Reached After Short Period of
Disagreement — First Trial Had
Resulted in Disagree.
By Ansoclated Press.
SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 3.-Tirey L.
Ford, general counsel of the United Rail
roads, was late toulght acquitted of the
charge of having bribed former Super
visor Jennings Phillips to vote for an
overhead trolley franchise.
The case went to the Jury at 6 o'clock
and the verdict was reached at 10:4<>,
reporting to the court, at 11:10 p. m. A
part of this time was consumed by the
Jury eating ainner.
On tho first ballot the jury stood nine
for acquittal and threu for cunvlctioii.
Several more ballotß changed it to elevcD
[ for acquittal and one for conviction.
Tho sixth ballot Was unanimous for ac
This was Ford's second trial. In the
flrgt trial the jury was unable to agree
on a verdict. The present trial waa be
gun about seven weeks ago, but was
interrupted a month by a series of special
holidays called to protect the banks dur
ing the financial stringency. During all
tho holidays tho Jury was kept together
under the custody of deputy sheriffs,
Forr Chats with Friends
The defendant was not ordered into
custody by Judge Luwlor when the caso
was glvon to the jury, us Is usually
done, but waa ordered to be in court at
S:3O o'clock. The three hours were spent
by him in one of the rooms of the
Temple Sherlth Israel, ctrattlng with
At 10:40 word was received from iho
Fairmont hotel that the jury had reached
a verdict and would report In a few
minutes. Intense silence re(sned when
the twelve men nl«d into court. The
strain was visibly beginning to tell on t&e
defendant, as he riveted his eyes upon
the jury as if he would read his fate.
His counsel and friends were visibly
r. rvous aa.U affected when Foreman Jud
son handed the verdict to the clerk of
the court.
"Wo. the Jury, find the defendant. Tlrey
L. Ford, not guilty." read the c.-.rk.
A demonstration of applause from the
seventy-five or W0 spectators immedi
ately followed. Frlenos surrounded Ford
to offer their congratulations, and the
defendant, with tears in his eyes, and too
nrich affected by t!u- result to speak
clearly, stepped across the aisle, shook
hands with the jurymen and thanked
them tn a husky voice.
Calhoun Thanks Jury
Patrick Calhoun also asked to be taken '
to the members of the jury, and thanked '
them for their verdict.
Judge Lawlor thanked tho jury for its
service, and dismissed the men who for
seveu weeks have been away from their
homeß and business.
Mr. Ford made the following statement:
"I can't say that the verdict was un- j
expected, for I knew no rase had been i
made, or could truthfully be made
against me. I have an abiding lalth in
tin justice ami fairness of an American
Jury wlii'n acting 1 under tho law alone, ,
guided by the fm'ts and unswayed by In
fluences which shou".d never find a place
in an American court.
"Under the peculiar conditions now ex- j
istli>g In our clt. , It Is greatly to tha
ol the twelve men who have just
I tht-lr verdict that they had the
to do exact :ind even justlct to n|
accused (aJlo* i itlmn.
Policeman's Hand Is Torn by Revolver
Hammer- — Subdues Fugitive
by Terr'flc Blows on
; Tli»r»- . itim .a ' dramatic «cene in t; the
office of Chief. of Police Edward Kern
when Harry Mitchell and , Rollo Robe
bis partner In •¦rime, Tvere brought to
gether. /¦. ' ..'¦, ,' ' ¦' .¦ ' ' '
; Mitchell ; bad;, been: In '.the, office for
nearly an hour. He had been «went«l
nuil put through the third degree to It*
nlleat cxlenit. ' He had "tome through,"
iN the noll.-e officials »aj-. nlth a state-
ment of hit connection ¦ Tilth \ the 1 crimr
with tThtoh hr mil charged, and as a
final teat Kobe wan brought. In. '
A a the borl"h prisoner iralked Into
the room he ndvnD<-ed (ovtarrt MltchrU .
and holdout his hand. •.!... !..,'!. „
' Mitchell BTa«pcd' the extended ' palm. . -
and Robe remarked i "Pal. I unw tre
are up against It."
"I gtirsH tvc arc," it«» Mitchell'* re-
ply, nn he '] clasped ': the i hand, of Itohr
and ; (he . tiro : men ' Mlood ; for :a ' moment
anil looked at one another. "i '.'.'. "Jl- '¦/--"'"»'''
': Then i Mitchell' dropped Robe's , bitno
and turned may nifh n ihmg of lil»
¦lioul<ler». .... •.;'¦:..',-¦.'.:-' '¦¦'. '..."¦¦'. ,';/.-:^. y^lH^s
1 "There ,' Is ¦ nothing j more to , say, I gen
tlenirn.".?; be, '¦ observed .' to .'. the § officer^
gathered In (hr room. "1 haTe told you
ii: that I can tell yon.' " „ : ".1
"I remember nothing distinctly nfter
I got thrown out of that . wagon ;on
! T »t-lf<li : street. I went Into a trance
I when I landed on my head In the. street.
I ' ; . "I C went „ down ? the jji street #; n« Bln Jh
ilr. nni. ';¦ I remember going • Into , a , place
i anil ; seeing some one open ' a cnab I res;
i Inter and . take t the money. When .. we
I came out a man stopped ti>. I do not
! know that- be was an officer. He or
! dered UK to stop and be , bad a gun In
! bla band. ,;¦ •''.;.," r \ ¦",'¦ '¦'' •. ¦¦ V.".-;.'* : -^
- "All : this happened an In a dream. . I
saw him indistinctly. In » trance I
pulled my rnolTer nn£ flrrd a allot. ¦"•;lf
. I hit him I do not. taww/'<j,Jj;ff.'4v«'jj?JJ
!, ' "I •>! Indlxtlmrtly remember that my
.partner told we I. l>nil shot o-mnn.-vl da
not remember It except that • I mo «
: man fall, and afterward when I aunt to
Hfmlj- the. matter over I ae«n*ed to tnO'T^
that I had shot 11 man and that the man
bad < fallen. I. do not remember If be
was 'i. a !.', police .' officer." — Confession of
; Hurry Mitchell to the police. -. :, • v r ' ;
'¦':. Th« murdoror' of . : Patrolman -4 P.;; .lf. >'
Lyons, who met death : while .'attempt- w
ing to arrest , two j holdup men > wr.o had^
Just ; held •up : and I robb<"l ¦ the Magnolia
winery. '« 1404 Sou t:.' 1 , Central .a venue, last '¦>,
Saturday night;. i3 In the city. jaXL'g&&'s.i?.
; Harry Mitchell, for whom | the ¦ police*
havo searched with greater persistency.*,'
than for any other criminal ; in. the his
tory : of the' city.' was 'arrested yester
day afternoon ina-pool^room' at;l23::,i
East Seventh 'street, « between v Central
and Merchant ¦ streets,? at . 4 o'clock, hi* l
capture being: effected only after, one of
th i most , desperate ' struggles < recorded.?
In 'tho annals of tro; department;"; imfi
•"•irlng, which Anthony Connelly.; a jin -
trolman. was In constant danger of. Ins
ing- his life. It. -n •.«; not until other in- ;
mates of the pool room came t<i Con
nelly's v assistance that Mitchell was '
overpowered. . " - ,'..¦« ; I '„
;- Connelly after the capture 'wan suf
fering with a badly cut thumb! on ' the.':?
left hand, result of vain 'efforts 'of .£
Mitchell to discharge: a bullet Into the*.
patrolman's body. -' ' i,/" : . ¦ ¦'¦¦ ';'..' V,'
; Two men; are now in the city jail
charged, with complicity in the murder J'
of- Lyons.. ; Rolla , Robe ¦''was ,1 arrested^;
Saturday night.- slior'.ly after the rnur
c'pr. and it , was through his confession
and a description of Mitchell that the ;
latter was captured yesterday.'. '--'„
.'V'-,'' .""¦.:'.'-¦. Has Irish Grit. >:.V ',:' ..'-^ '
¦ Patrolman ¦;' Conn' lly,: ':, who ; « effected .
Mitchell's arrest, ; is an ! lrishman^ who
speaks > with a broad Irish ; accent. ¦ He.
is :. 28 ' years fof ago and ' came P. to , thin
country j ten • years ; ago 'from J the J south "!¦
ot Ireland. He has been In Los Angeles .
five years, ! serving nearly . two years | wH
the tire ; ; department, and '• was trans
ftsired to : the police; force about V two •
years ago.' 'I ¦ '¦",¦¦'.: ,:.¦""' : ' ; <i; ";'*i'i ; v. ''''•:¦•*. '*'".j-l,
f Patrolman Connelly told of the cap- V
ture of Mitchell yesterday after. the po
lice had thoroughly examined I the | roan
His suspicions regarding Mitchell, he
said, were „ aroused as he passed the
door of the pool , room: and i caw sitting *
by ' a,; table :' a | man '¦ wearing ,< a suit of *
clothes similar to one known '¦ to } bay :.
been, purchased by Mitchell a 1 few days I
before the death of Lyons. V'K: :^MMH
:\- "I . walked • into the i pool room i thre«
or four doors from Central avenue and
Seventh street*" said; Connelly, telling
i '..;¦': the .capture! "There were ten or
more men sitting around a table watch
ing | a game , of. checkers,'': and ',!,' looked
them; all over, for th« captain had giv
en me •a * description ; of ,: Mitchell ! and il w
had been looking for him. fS'.xV^ihS^L^
";¦ "I noticed one man in particular. "'
dressed in : brown ¦ clothing. ' similar *to >.
the". cloth ;'; in ;; the X , suit ,*¦: Mitchell is had JS
bought last ." week. ,Vi He 'i had . . his left fe
hand •In his i trousers" pocket, and - this (¦'
further aroused my suspicions. '. ','
, Answers Description
¦ "I went i to the ) proprietor and ; asked - ; ,
him ; If he knew : every one iin : the i com
pany at > the ; table, and 'he ! said ; ha , did.
with * the • exception 'of | the ) man I sus
pected. The * proprietor was J going ito r$
speak . to X the ; man, but *I j> stopped ' him jw
and told him to say nothing. '.,¦•¦'
„".,»"I y then f. wont itoJan <ad joining ; room
and j read ; over [ the ; description ?of Mit- p-<
chell and made up my mind that ha had
been discovered. I came ; back, Into the
main j room .and walked up 'to ; Mitchell
His left hand was still in his pocket.
.-. " 'I want . to ; speak to you a moment.
I Bald to him. -.;'. : ¦¦.¦'.. ii > -,'- ; 7 y- /'',,-' i
': " 'What do you want to Bpeak to me :
for?' he demanded,' roughly. :;';>•;-;¦ ¦-¦:"¦:
.". '" 'Let mo see your left hand,'.. I said. V
"What i for; what's it your business?'
(Continued on Pace Three. >

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