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flnndreds ot jßeautiful Specimens Shown and Rib
bons Are Awarded Winners by Judge* Alter
Caretnl Inspections— Bird That Won Hon
ors at World's Fair Shown Here
MORE than 8500 people visited the
nineteenth annual show of the Los
Angeles Poultry association at 415
South Hli: street, which opened at 8
O'clock yesterday morning.
The largo crowd Jammed the building
all day, and Ohs ard Ahs were the princi
pal words heard from the spectators as
each magnificent bird was inspected.
Children crowded their elders for a
chance to peer closer at the Wyandottes.
Mediteranneans, Orpingtons, bantams and
pHeons alike. Turkeys, pheasants, ducks
and geese came in for their share of no
tice also, and the obliging exhibitors, or
owners, officers of the association and
attendants wtre kept busy throughout
the day expiaiuims "¦* difference between
a homer pigeon that does not get home
lick and an Orpington hen that Is not an
Arthur J. Little, breeder of White
Plymouth Rocks exclusively, besides his
fowls donated for the exhibit a portion
of his outside aviary at Monrovia, con
taining a large number of tropical and
domestic birds..
Mr. Little Is naturally a lover of birds
and animals, and for more than three
years was deputy officer of Monrovia dis
trict for the Society for the Prevention
of Cruelty to Animals.
Quail May Be Domesticated
A common idea is that quail and doves
cannot be domesticated, but that It is
erroneous was proved last night when
Little entered the cage to replenish food
and water. A dove and a quail sat on
each shoulder, pecking at his ears and
showing their affection for him in numer
ous bird ways.
Mr. Little holds a permit from the game
warden to keep In captivity doves and
quail, and he doeg this merely for ex
perimental purposes. After the hunting
season is over he sets his surplus birds
free. Little Is a sturdy champion of
dumb animals and a protector of song
One of the most interested spectators
yesterday was John Manders of 716 Stew
art street. Master Manders, 12 years old,
¦was not an exhibitor this year, although
he carried oft the cup tor homer pigeons
last year. It was with eager ears and
envious eyes the girls edged nearer to
him ar. he explained the markings of his
birds. Manders said when he took his
vacation at the beach this summer his
birds became so wild he was unable to
capture them in fit condition to show.
Has Many Prizes
Mrs. C. D. Hubbard of San Fernando
had. besides a fine display of Peking
(lucks and mammoth hronze turkeys, each
of which took first prize, the largest ex
hibit of white Wyandottes ever made on
the Pacific mast by one exhibitor. When
csked about the five cups anJ many other
prize? she won at this show. Mrs. Hub
bard said:
'¦; have been exhibiting fouls for eight
years and have won many trophies of
various values. All of them, large or
rmall, are dear to my heart. Not that I
am vain, but 1 am proud of them for the
sake of my pets. Yes, they are all pets,
every one of them, and really I believe
the.- tuke more pride In the ribbons an'J
prizes than I do myself.
"I came to Los Angeles and this is my
fourth exhibit here. I have at my ranch
forty breeding pens for white Wyandottes
exclusively. I do not keep birds that lay,
under 144 eggs a year. This accounts for
the high standard of my stock."
According to eminent Judges, the qual
ity of Sebrights wan as good as ever
shown in America. Among the prize win
ners here are old champions at such
chows as Madison Square garden, Bos
ton and Chicago.
In silver Sebrights are birds fit to ex
hibit in any show in the world, bar none.
Bebrights are the only birds where the
male and female are bred and marked
exactly the same. The bird was originated
by Sir John Sebright in England over 10U
years ago. The best display was made b>
K. A. Rowan In silvers and M. A. Dllling
faam in goldens.
Exhibits New Breed
The buff orpington ducks which won
first prize for Dr. W. Jarvis Barlowe of
Blerra Madre are a new breed and have
never been exhibited before.
There was also made the first exhibit
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of Rouen ducks ever seen In this city,
although the Rouen Is the oldest breed of
ducks, dating back over fifty years or as
long as there has been a standard to
go by.
W. W. Watson won first on drake and
duck. Mrs. C. L. Hogue of San Gabriel
won first on young drakes and young
There never has been in the history of
exhibits In this city as fine a class show
ing of single comb black Minorcas as In
this show, and the same Is true also of
the buff Wyandottes.
Last year the class of Partridges and
Wyandottes was a small one. This show
demonstraten the demand for them by
an entrance of more than double the
number of any of the former shows.
Ross & Tate of Altadena have a fine
pen of ten Blacrt Orpington pullets, which
won for them the first prize for that
Unbeaten 51 ru GliO.vr,
Governor Francis, M. K. Dlllingham's
bull Wyandotte cock, had heard ail'
about it, and was strutting and fussing"
in his pen, flanked on each side by his
sons, daughters, sisters, cousins and
aunts, all of whom felt a little blue.
Governor Francis won first prize at
the World's fair in St. Louis, when Mr.
Dilllngham bought him, and he has
never been beaten since.
The first prize pullet of the Buff
Cochin class Is a magnificent bird owned
by C. F. Jones.
R. A. Rowan was at the show with
some of his fine birds. Listen to this:
Golden Polish, all awards to R. A.
Rowan; Silver Polish, ditto; Polish
Bearded Uolden. same thing; White
Faced Black Spanish, once more; Black
Hamburgs. same again; besides various
ribbons all over t.ie house.
An error was made in the awarding
of the Tribune cup, it being won by Ar
thur J. Little, Instead of Mrs. C. D. Hub
bard of Srn Fernando, as was first
Other cups awarded yesterday are: The
John D. Mercer cup. offered for the best
Cornish fowl (donor barred); to the T. H.
Broadhead company.
The Minneapolis Cornish Indian cup,
for the best female Cornish fowl; to the
T. H. Broadhead company.
Special Ribbons Awarded
The Pacific Cornish Fowl club cup, for
the best exhibition pen of Cornish fowls;
to the T. H. Broadhead company.
The speclcl prize ribbons for each and
every class of Orpingtonß, to Ross &
Tate of Altadena.
The C. C. C. Tatum cup for the best
cockerel, hen and pullet in White Rock
class; to A. J. Little of Monrovia.
The W. W. Browning loving cup, of
fered to the exhibitor making the largest
display of tne greatest number of va
rieties; to > . A. Rowan.
Four handsome silk ribbons, one each
for the best White Wyandotte cock, hen.
cockerel or pullet shown by a member of
the Nation* ' White Wyandotte club,
were all awarded to Mrs. C. D. Hubbaru
of San Ferr.ando.
In the pigeon department, the final
award ot the silver cup for the best dis
play was made last night, ggjng to Wil
bur E. Foster of Fillmore, Cal., on a
record of thirty-one first prizes out of
thirty-one entries.
The pigeon industry in Southern Cali
fornia Is in a prosperous condition. There
never as a time when there were as
many high class fancy pigeons here as
there are at present.
A great many eastern fanciers are com
ing to Los Angeles to reside and are to
bring birds with them that are true speci
mens, coming up almost to the ideal. To
foster and promote this industry a lew
fanciers organized the Southwestern
Pigeon club four years ago. This club Is
now giving its fourth annual exhibit with
better "birds cooped than heretofore.
Thursday evening, December 5, a meet
ing of the club was held and the follow
ing officers were elected: J. A. Cox,
president; Will Schock, vice president; W.
H. Elliot, secretary; E. E. Bradshaw,
treasurer, and Wilbur E. Foster, supeiin
tendent of exhibitions. At this meeting
fourteen new members were taken In,
swelling the list to twenty-six. Tuesday
evening, December 10, another meeting
will be held, at which the date for the
next annual exhibition will be set. It Is
the Intention of the club to hold monthly
meetings, at which birds will be cooped,
Judged and discussed. At these meetings
all owners of fancy pigeons are Invited
to be present, whether members of the
club or not.
At the exhibition now going on the
birds are a:i classified In regular order,
each variety being lined up, coop to coop.
Visitors Praise Show
Many eastern fanciers who have vis
ited the show have remarked it was tht
best organized show they had visited
west of the Mississippi river.
Of the Parlor Tumbler class, little yellow
hen Lorlne, who m;ide a sensational roll
at Oakland a year ago, is present, in
better form than ever. She was put
through a performance to the amusement
of the crowd every hour, rolling from
forty to ninety feet.
A rare specimen of pigeon never before
seen on the Pacific coast Is the Russian
trumpeter. This is r. large bird with a
heavy cap over the beak, almost hiding
the eye, with a heavy shell crest coming
up over the back of the head. On their
feet and legs is a growth of feathers that
appear almost to be another pair of
Will ' Schock, who ¦ recently moved to
Los Angeles from Chicago, has without
a doubt the finest exhibit of fan-tails ever
seen on the Pacific coast. These birds
came here with honors from such shows
as Madison square, Boston, and Chicago.
E. J. Waltz of this city has a good
display of Dragoons, winning the sliver
cup with his yellow cock.
From Fllli..ore comes a man who breeds
pigeons which are considered something
superior in their line, but he writes
poetry oy the yard that is, his friends
at the fhow believe, little short of in
spirational. He grinds It off by the yard,
and most of it Is witty, and it all has
The following story of the disqualified
fancier was wi.iten In The Herald office
by the bard of Fillmore while he waited
for his fellow breeders to convince an
Top left, Black Orpington cockerel, Ross 4. Tate, Altadena;; top center, Rcbert A. Rowan's Silver Saabright bsntar.. cock; top right, buff cochin
cockerel, C. F. Jones; center left, black.breasted red game bantam, Harry F. Rose; center, bronze turkey, Dr. W. Jarvis Barlow; center right,
bearded and crested Golden Poiish. R. A. Rowan; bottom 'eft, Black Hamburg, R. A. Rowan; bottom center, Red Pyle game, R. A. Rowan;
bottom right, White Plymouth Rock cock, A. J. Little. . /; .''
other fellow that a certain line of birds
was the best ever:
A Disqualified Fancier
Jasper Johnson whs a man who, on the Sab
bath day.
Would dresH himst-li.' In broadcloth and go to
church to pray.
There ha wou!) vi and testify with a sancti
monious air
And Hhuut hoMannt. loudly when the preacher
led In prayer.
But take it of a weekday, he was a different
To chent his fellow fanciers seemed to be his
only plan.
If an order came for a pair of birds, followed
with i.ue cash.
He'd slip away „ pair of cocks or else a pair
of trash.
He was tricky In the show room; in all his
deallnKS there
He'd pluck I.ls birds anJ doctor them in meth
ods most unfair.
The fellow.i al' disliked him and wished he'd
stay away;
They neve:- call- a him Jasper, but old Hy
Put pigeons will come home to roost, 1s an oil
saw that Is wise,
And trickery, to", has yet to win a satisfac
tory prise.
And Jasper Johnson found this out. Fair
dealings pay the best;
A Sunday Christian, a weekday sneak, finds no
perfect rest.
At last old Jasper passed away; his deeds
went on before:
faint Pete:- looked his record up. and read to
him this score:
Your life on ear..-, was not sincere; your re
ligion Just a shell;
So we'll give yor heaven Sundays, of a week
day give you hell.
— W. E. Foster.
The regular meeting of the Cambro-
American society was held at Burbank
hall Friday night. The annual elec
tion of officers was held at that time.
Following Is a list of those selected:
President, William Jones; vice presi
dent, Daniel Jones; corresponding sec
retary, John Owen: financial secretary,
Oliver Davles; treasurer, E. Davles.
The membership of the society has
Increased greatly during the last year,
and another one equally successful Is.
looked forward to.
M. Citron, an employe of the Los An-
Reles Percolating company, reported to
the police by telephone late yesterday aft
ternoon that he had been held up by a
highwayman at Twenty-eighth street and
Western avenue, but that he had reslste-1
the man and taken his gun away from
He stated that the attempted robbery
had occurred at 4:3t) o'clock, but he could
give no description of the man. The police
investigated the matter but could get no
confirmation of the report.
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Residents of Hopkinsville, Ky., Are
Powerless to Oppose Raiders.
Many Buildings Are
By Acjsoclatod Press.
HOPKINSVIL,L,E, Ky., Dec. 7.— Five
hundred "night ' riders," masked and
heavily armed, marched into Hopklns
ville early *.oday and destroyed property
valued at more thun gJpO.OOO, while the
citizens in terror of their lives feared to
opeii their windows.
The police, fire department, telephone
and telegraph offices and even the rail
road stations were in possession of the
wild mob, ahooting right and left. The
flames from burning birildlngs mean
while lightei" up the city and the sur
roundfng country until it seemed the
whole town was ablaze.
T\vo men, one of them Lindsay Mit
chell, a tobacco buyer, were injured, be
ing severely beaten. The other was shot
in the bacK while trying to move his
team from the path of flames.
The raid' of the "night riders" caught
the city unawares, as for some time the
depredations resulting in the tobacco war
had been of a minor nature and it was
generally thought that in the "dark dis
trict" at least the worst was over. The
property destroyed was as follows:
W. H. Tandy, independent warehouse,
building owned by John C. Latham.
B. M. Woolbrldge, association ware
Tandy & tfalrlelgh warehouse.
In addition, the entire glass front of
the Hopkinsvllle Kentucklan, Mayor
Mecham's paper, which has condemned
the raids of the "night riders," was de
stroyed, while windows in the front of
the Commercial Banking and Savings
company, the First National bank and
the Planters' Trust company and the
Bank o. Hopkinsvillfc were punctured
with bullet holes.
A number of other business houses and
residences Irear th i marks of the "night
riders' " bullets and it is considered re
markable that no one was killed. The
Insurance is believed to be about $60,000.
At the Intercession of citizens who
were being ¦ — rdcJ on street corners the
invaders allowed the fire department to
leave their building to save property ad-
Joining the burning buildings.
The girls in the telephone office were
forced by fifteen men to leave their sta
tions until the mob was ready to leave
The governor has ordered the militia
to the district.
As soon as the night riders left town
a posse of about fifteen, headed - by
Major Bassett of the local militia and
Deruty Sheriff Cravens entered buggies
and followed the trail. As soon as the
posse could get near enough they
opened tire on the fleeinK mob and the
pursued returned the tire.
It is believed none of thy nlgh.t raid
ers was hit. Members of the posse es
caped injury. They were soon out
distanced by the mounted men.
Vast Area in Arizona to Be Protected
in Future by National For.
est Service Adminis
WASHINGTON. Dec. 7.— The president
has Just signed a proclamation creating
two additions to the Prescott national
forest in Arizona, having an aggregate
area of 320,0u0 acres.
The tracts will be placed under the for
est service administration at once and
proteoted from fire, theft and waste. The
additions include much yellow pine tim
berlr.nd and will give the Prescott forest
an area of :, 063,250 acres.
The country Included Is located in the
central por.ion of Yavapai county, be
tween the I'oundary line of the present
forest, and the Baca grant, and occupies
a portion of the divide between Williams
fork and tl:- Verde river.
The Santa Maria countalns and the
Juniper mountains are prominent fea
tures of the '-n-rltory.
The creation of the additions will re
sult In a benefit to Arizona by conserving
the timber rupply for the use of settlers
and the wood-using industries.
It" Is estimated there are about 70,000.000
board feet of yellow pine on the addi
tions. In srme places covered with com
mercial forest, the stand of yellow pine
often reaches 10,000 feet board measure
an acre, but on the low divide and on
ro-ky slopes the scale Is often reduced to
1500 feet an acre.
Parts of tho additions are covered with
a scattered growth of willow, cotton
wood, ash and box elder. While these
areas are valueless for lumber production
It is most' Important they be protected
from destructl-'e fires; that stream flow,
be conserved and erosion of soil pre
William. Pratt, 72 years of age, driver
of a milk wagon, Who lives on Boyle ave
nue, was. struck by inbound Boyle Heights
car 230 at Bast First and Clarence streets
last night. He sustained a alight .con
cussion of the brain, a fracture of one rlh
and several contused wounds of the hes?l
and shoulders.
Pratt drove his wagon deliberately in
front of the ear. According to 'the sur
ceons at the receiving hospital, where
Pratt was taken, the man had been drlnk-
Irq heavily.
Pointed Out at Washington That Pres
ident Has Not Made Formal An.
nouncement as to His
Hy Associated Press.
WASHINGTON, Dec. 7.— Although sev
eral interviews have been published with
recent White House callers to the effect
that the president has declared anew that
he will decline another nomination, it Is
said the president has madu no sucli dec
It Is pointed out that should he contem
plate such a statement he would not em
body It In a casual conversation with a
caller, to be repeated or withheld as the
caller should elect, but would make it
direct, and this he has not done.
Boys Held on Suspicion
Clarence Hoist, aged 19 years and Wil
liam Klaus and Juan Crio, aged 15 years,
were arrested last night by Detectives
Hosick and Zelgler and placed in jail on
suspicion. Tho boys were wearing cloth
ing which had been stolen from a house
at -134 Hartford street.
Wears False Mustache; Arrested
O. T. Griffin was arrested by Patrolman
Droegemeyer and placed in Jail on a mis
demeanor charge. Grlflin was walking
along the street with a false mustache and
beard on his face.
The Washington Outlook
Twenty years from now, avers ona
scientist, we will all be flying. However,
the chances are that a good many of us
will be frying.— Washington Post.
Texas papers please copy.— Cleveland
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