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- Office IS Iflcutt ara.
Phone Home 280.
• - ■
Elaborate Banquet Was Served Last
Night at the ' Virginia for -
Officers of the Second
Special to The Herald.
DONG BEACH, Apr!! 23. —From 10:30
o'clock In the morning, when | the first
of a series of automobile races will be
run on the, hard beach, until a lato
hour at night, when the closing strains
of the last dance number at the grand
officers' ball at Hotel .' Virginia are
heard, tomorrow will "be a gala day. /'
.Admiral Thomas. Issued orders this
marning, It Is reported that shore leave
should be granted tomorrow as usual
, until 8 p.' m. The full Dong Beach day
program follows: - '
Automobile and Motorcycle Races
First race, starting lOi-O^-Two-cyllnder^ run
abouts, free for all, carrying two people. Prize
—Cup from fleet committee,
. Second race-Two-cylinder touring cars,
carrying four people. Price— Elks' challenge
cup. ..--.-; > ",
Third race-Four-cylinder 20 to 40 horsepower,
free for till, carrying two people. Prize—Chai
-Imm' cup from Long Beach chamber of com
merce. . c
Fourth race—Free for all. louring car carry
ing two people. Prize— Long Reach Auto
Dealers' cup. ■ ',
Fifth race—Speedsters, free for all. Prise—
Mission stein, donated by fleet committee. j
Sixth race—Motorcycle sweepstakes. Prise,
.Rules Governing Automobile Races
'Winner* of challenge cups must defend in
•and r\ Long Bench when challenged.
There must be two or more starters in every
No m»?hlne will be allowed to win more
than one cup.
-All stock ears mufflers off, if so desired. No
stripping allowed..
Baseball Game
in..in a. in. — High school grounds, between
four nine* from battleships. Prize, purse.
Fast Motor Boat Race
11 a. m.—Mile and a half, two heals out of
three. Cup presented by J. II Munhollanel.
Entries -Palsy. A. C. Parsons, Kapha;
Primrose, Shirley Ward, Alamltos Bay; Water
Wagon. Joe Pugh. San Pedro.
11:30—Novel ocean race between torpedo bi
cycles. PrlSe, purse. Entries— Bryden
and Torpedo Murphy. .: ■'*'...
--'. 1 p. m.—Sailors' sports on the beach east of
American avenue. 7 ,
, Obstacle race. Prize, purse. «,. /
1 Book race. Prize, purse..
' 100-yard dash. Prize, purse.
Three-legged race. , Prize, purse.
Nine.Mile Yacht Race, Arbitrary
Handicap 7; •
1 p. m.— Nine-mile ; yacht race, arbitrary
handicap, for coup, presented by Long Beach
fleet committee.
• Entries-Minerva, P. P. Spaulding; Venus,
R. R. Bradley: .Myth, C. M. Richardson; Ma
rie. P. H. Ducker; Muriel, V. B. Stewart;
Merlin, J. A. Gibson; Shadow, W. F. Bosby
shell; Portola, 11. W. Weden. The judges are!
A. L. Best, B. B. Gregory and J. J. Blliek.
I 2 p. m.— Baseball game by winners of morn
ing contest on high school grounds. Prize,
2:3n p. Grand concert In the Auditorium
by Long Beach Municipal band.
S p. m.— One mile rowing race between
crews from the battleships Georgia. Rhode Is
land. Virginia and New Jersey. Prize, solid
silver cup, presented by Hotel Virginia. >■ •
3: 30 p. m.—Schooner rigged race from
crews' of battleships Georgia, Rhode Island,
Virginia and New Jersey. Prize, solid silver
cup, presented by Long Beach bath house.
4 p. Balloon race between four balloons
' named respectively Georgia, New Jersey,
Rhode Island and Virginia. .
4:30 p. m. — Drill by marines from four bat
tleships on high school campus. Prize, solid
silver cup from fleet committee. Marines will
parade on Pine avenue and Locust, escorted
by company H, Seventh regiment. ,
• 190 p. m—Admiral's salute of seventeen
guns upon the arrival of admiral and staff.
Automobile ride around the shy to admiral
and officers, • <■ '
7:30 p. m.— Grand concert in Auditorium by
Long Beach Municipal band, followed by ball
to sailor boys at 8:30 p. m.
8 p. m.—Reception to admiral and staff at
Hotel Virginia. '
8:90 p. Officers' ball at Hotel Virginia.
8:30 p. m.— Grand display of fireworks from
floats in ocean opposite Hotel Virginia and
American avenue. '"''■'. :*•:'.,'■'
The combined bands of all four bat
tleships of the second division will
furnish the music for the. officers' ball
tomorrow night. Tonight In the com
modious dining room of the Hotel Vir
ginia 125 officers and civilians sat
down to a sumptuous feast. The tables
were arranged In a Greek cross and
were decorated profusely with green
ery, yellow centorlas 1 and Japanese iris.
A centerpiece of -the yellow iris was
banked against an electrically Illum
inated statue of liberty. Flags, flowers
and palms were used in beautifying
the. banquet hall. The menu was as
. follows: . .
Blue points
Consomme voiaile
■' Olives. _. Salted almonds. Celery. - -.
■ Filet of turbot poulelte
.7 Cucumbers. -1 • :■ Potatoes dutchess
.7 Supreme of chicken, Virginia garden peas
Benedictine punch ,
■: t..- . .wafers ,
■^ Medal ions of beef aux cepes
» 7 Stuffed • tomatoes
Cold asparagus, vinaigrette
Cheese straws. Frozen pudding
if"':.'..' " Qelea aux apricots
777* Gateaux asaortlea \
Coffee ;
. About twenty officers were present.
Admiral Emory was unavoidably v ab
sent, Mayor Windham, ;■ P. E. Hatch,
' president of the chamber of commerce,
J. A. Miller and Dr. •D. A. Perce were
among the speakers called upon by
Attorney E. C. Denlo, toastmaster..
. The .sea was calm today and travel
between the pier and the ships was a
pleasure rather than a distressing ex
perience, as it was yesterday. ,- Almost
as large a crowd visited the ships as
on Tuesday, when more than . 8000
tickets were sold. ,7. .
.' ■ This .afternoon one .of :, the .. finest
baseball • games . ever witnessed ' i here
was played between the team from the
Georgia and the local high school. The
latter team clinched the game in the
eleventh inning, up to which time the
score was 1 to 1. One run was made
in the eleventh. Enloe for the school
allowed but one hit. Four were made
off Smith of the flagship.
This afternoon Col. Samuel Merrill,
department commander of the O. A It.,
sent to • Admiral ," Evans a . letter of
.thanks lor the * opportunity .. afforded
the veterans and the members of other
patriotic societies to visit the battle
ships. '■'•• 7 '•*■•'-_
All the stores in town , will be closed
most of the day tomorrow. The post
office will be open from 9 to 10 a. m.
Company.; H, Seventh regiment, will
police the beach while the sports are
In progress.
Special to The Herald. -/;','■'■'*,* 77/
LONG BEACH, April 23.—That a
baby boy was born yesterday In the
hospital of the battleship Rhode Island
and that the mother was a. Long Beach
woman visiting the ship for the after
noon are persistent, rumors.
Efforts to ascertain the woman's
name have been unsuccessful and If
is bellovejd that the sailors have been
ordered to Impart no Information re
garding the matter.
Structure Erected on Pier a Year Ago
Is Ordered Vacated by Action
of the Beach City
' Council
Special to The Herald. .'•'.-
DONG BEACH, April 23.—Erected in
the face of a loud protest from many
citizens, the Fisher building, adjoining
the auditorium on the-pier, Is to be
torn down, the council* having adopted
a resolution this morning declaring the
lease granted to be null and void be
cause/of repeated violations.
The building was objected to lustily
by many because lt obstructed the view
of the wean from the head of the pier.
Tho violations alleged by the council
to have been made consisted of start
ing businesses In the building which
wero not provided for In the lease.
Among these were a .restaurant, which
caused a substantial Increase In In
surance rates. The lease was granted
by the former council to P. E. Fisher
and J. R.-Colburn last year and has
since been assigned to J. E. Carter, Jr.
In the building are a restaurant, bil
liard hall, cigar stand, photograph gal
lery, French cafe, shell store and penny
arcade. The tenants were given by the
council until May 24 to get out of the
building. ■
Special to 'rim Herald.
DONG BEACH, April 23.—When a
stunning looking woman who had just
come from Dos Angeles by auto this
morning held out a dampened towel
and Inquired sweetly of the negro shine,
artist In the Del Mar barber shop,
"Won't you please wash the dirt off my
face?" the bootblack showed "yellow"
for the first time In his life, so far as
he himself will admit.
The wife of tho proprietor of the ton
sorlal parlor came In at the door as the
abashed negro was choking on a reply,
and he gracefully asked her If she
would perform the dainty duty. She
assisted him out of his dilemma by
complying, and the Dos Angeles face
was cleasod of the dust which had ac
cumulated thereon during the spin.
Special to The Herald. i 77
LONG BEACH, April 23.—A huge
bulldog, running to retrieve a stick
thrown out into the surf, sprang upon
Andrew Dunlap, aged 12, when the boy
ran in front of it, bit his left arm
severely twice and pulled the lad down
upon the beach. The dog was driven
off the boy by Patrolman William
Frank, who, upon instructions from the
bath house company, shot the animal.
Young Dunlap, who.lives with his
mother at 737% West First street, was
hastily taken into the bath house hos
pital, where Manager E. E. Archer
gave him immediate medical attention.
The wounds were ugly ones, but no
serious results are feared. Had the
lad been clad only In his bathing suit,
as he was shortly before, he would
have been terribly hurt.
Special to The Herald.
DONG BEACH, April 23.—A military
selection composed and arranged by
Signor Nicola Bonatelll, director of the
Municipal band, will be rendered at a
sDeclal concert to be given in the near
future. The selection, is entitled "War
and Universal Peace. >
It includes a number, of bugle calls
and variations with portions descrip
tive of the march to the battlefield,
skirmish of scouts, the battle and the
"march of nations," concluding with a
drum corps' representation, the "Hymn
of Garibaldi" and nine national hymns,
the American hymn affording a strong
climax. V ' ,
Special to The Herald. '
DONG BEACH, April , 23.— new
Modern Woodmen of America camp is
to be organized . in»this > city. W. D.
Cason, who has been working with this
end in view, now has twenty-one new
applications, he says, and J. O. Surges
of Dos Angeles, district deputy of the
order, today placed a commission for
the now chapter in son's hands.
■ The organization will be effected as
soon as possible, with the Pacific camp
officers of Dos Angeles doing the degree
work. ;■ -' - -< ' et' ■"'.■■
By Associated Press.
SAN FRANCISCO, April 23.—The
Japanese of this city today contributed
to tho fleet' entertainment fund » the
sum "of $2476. This amount was raised
through the efforts .of the Japanese
Association of America by popular
subscription, the ' contributions coming
from many Japanese In this city and
other parts of thetuVftte. ' ,
By \nsoclatesd Press.' - . ,*: , ; .;! , S
v WASHINGTON, April 23.—The presi
dent sent Ho the senate the following
nominations: V.iMWHSl'^fiVSßofiV^Sfl^!
To be 1 ted States Judge of the dis
trict of .^Minnesota;,?, MiltonV- Dwight
Purdy of Minnesota.',- "■; r'v-.-..;'
Captain, to be rear admiral, William
i S. Cowles. '
Office 152 TV. Second St.
Home Phone 488.
Carriers Who Deliver Herald Each
Morning Given Treat —Odd Fellows
to Celebrate—Other Pomona
* News Notes
Special to The Herald.
POMONA, April 23.—The nine little
carrier boys who deliver The Herald
each morning to Its many subscribers
in Pomona, enjoyed an outing at Long
Beach yesterday, The little fallows
are obliged to crawl out of their warm
heels each.morning about 4:80 and with
heavily laden sacks, pump their bi
cycles all over the city, that the sub
scribers may have their morning news
with their breakfast, and are entitled
to all consideration that can bo shown
them. For weeks they have been talk
ing "fleet," and the Ideal Herald agent
decided they should see the fleet when
It arrived. They started out on the
7:30 . train yesterday morning and
It was one continual round of pleasure
until the arrival home at midnight—
and the agent Is the most tired of the
bunch today. -77,
n. B. Wheelan has purchased' the
billiard hall and cigar store In the
building formerly occupied by the post
office and will move his stock of to
baccos there the first of May.
7 Saturday will be the eighty-ninth
anniversary of Odd Fellowship and the
lodges from Pomona and surrounding
towns,, including Covina, Azusa, Up
land, Ontario, Chlno, seventeen
branches In all, with a membership of
1500, will gather in Pomona to cele
brate the event. An elaborate pro
cram has been prepared and will be
carried out In Ganesha park. At noon
a basket picnic will be enjoyed. All
Odd Fellows and their' families and
friends will participate. Past Grand
Master Carl Bruick of Stockton, Cal.,
and Fred E. Pierce of Los Angeles will
be the principal speakers. The Seventh
Regiment band will furnish music.
The Pythian sisters held, their regu
lar meeting Wednesday evening In K.
of P. hall and elected delegates for the
grand temple which will convene in
Long Beach next month. Those elect
ed were Mesdamcs H. E. Schwlchten
berg, It, B. Mldgley and ... C. Hannum.
The alternates were Mesdames Mary
Sloppy, G. W. Forester and G. J.
Weigle. •
The members of the , Shakespeare
club, together with a number of In
vited guests, were entertained this
evening at. the home of Mrs. Carlton
Seaver. , Miss Oeltz of Dos Angeles,
contralto, and Horace Pemberton con
tributed to the musical program.
Mrs. J. C. Bowen is entertaining her
sister, Mrs. Ira' Stevenson of Dos An
geles, this week.
Pomona's population has with very
few exceptions seen the great fleet at
the coast towns this Week. TMe rainy
weather stopped but a few, and It is
hard to find anyone to whom you can
tell of the great sight. They've all
seen it, too.
Mrs. John Smith of Glendora Is here
assisting In nursing her Bister, Mrs.
Harvey Smith, -who has been critically
111 with appendicitis. The sufferer Is
reported as much improved today.
5119 Oregon aye. Home phone I*7B.
Ocean Park and Venice
I ■" 144 Pier aye.
Home phone 4015; Sunset 2501.
Men of Fleet and Their Guests Are
Entertained by Committee
at Santa Monica
Special to Tho Herald.
OCEAN PARK, April 23.—The ball
given to the warrant officers of the fleet
at the new auditorium on Horseshoe
pier this evening was one of the events
of this bay, and the memory of it will
linger long in the minds of the citizens
of the Crescent Bay cities. '■
Inside, the pavilion was resplendent
with multi-colored incandescent lamps,
which with the gorgeous full dress uni
forms of the sailors and the beautiful
gowns of their woman guests made a
combination of color:and motion that
was very impressive.
The stage was rigged out In the
semblance of a full-rigged man-of-war
of modern times, .being the work of a
prominent scenic artist of this section,
who with canvas and ropes made a
truly realistic work of art,
.The.musician. In their uniforms but
added to the general effect, which was
further enhanced during - the dark
waltzes when every light In the build
ing waj extingu!-hed with the exception
of those which outlined the ship.
No Battleships at Anchor in Santa
Monica Bay Report Any Men
Missing and Rumor Is
Not Believed
Special to The Herald.
, J SANTA MONICA, April 23.— was
reported here today | that three I of the
sailors of the battleships at anchor in
Kama - ! >i Monica ■'■ harbor * had ':■■■; been
drowned In the heavy seas, last night
while trying to reach their vessels from
the 'Shore.' • ■<.„: '-> i•■ .::: t '.
■:-. The rumor to this effect' was very
persistent, but It could not bo con-
Armed; g jiwynM"l' tW»*'H* JeiM-MHWMW>"-tf
• j None of the battleships. at anchor
here has - reported any; men , drowned
last i night. "■.' "■-■■ 7^7 "•'"""
:.s Several of .'the sailors on shore leave
did snot. report at. the" hour > they were
expected * this ; morning, ; but ' that I fact
Is, of , more or ' less frequent j occurrence
and.no alarm i for the safety of. any of
them is feared. |S_|l&9-i
Office 24 K. Colorado it,
phonem Sunset 2140, Home 2888.
Reports Show That $4794 Has Been
Given to Foreign Missions
During the Last
Special to The Herald.
PASADENA, April 23.—The annual
convention of the southern branch of
the Women's Board of Missions of the
Pacific was opened at 10 o'clock this
morning at' the jfirst Congregational
church by Miss Anna 1,. Mokker, who
extended greetings to the delegates.
Mrs. S. E. Hughes and Mrs. Koethen,
treasurer and secretary, respectively,
gave reports which showed that $47.94
has been given by Southern California
Congregational churches for foreign
missions during the past year. Miss
Marie Putnam of Riverside gave an
address tolling of her experiences in
traveling through Turkey, and Mrs.
H. "VV. Kinney, who was with her,
gave her impressions of missions In
"Women's Work for Women In In
dia" was the title of an address given
'by Rev. Jean F. Roba, D. ]>.. of the
West Side church, who particularly
mentioned the work being done to stop
child marriages and caste distinctions.
Other speakers during the afternoon
were Miss Laura N. Richards of Sara
toga, N. V.; Mrs. William Rennlck of
Claremont, who gave a general ac
count of missionary work all over the
world, and Miss Margaret King of
Claremont, who explained the status
of women In China..
This evening Rev. Henry. Kingman
of Claremont spoke on foreign mis
sions. Officers will be elected at the
sessions tomorrow.
Crown City News
Special to The Herald.
PASADENA. April 23.—Today lt
was found that the new double track
crossings of the Pacific Electric at
Raymond nnd Fair Oaks avenues on
Colorado street will raise the tracks
about two inches at those intersec
tions,- am: for that reason new cul
verts to take caro of storm water will
probably be laid. On the east side of
Fair Oaks avenue and on the west
side of Raymond avenue the old cul
verts will be made wider and deeper,
if surveys now being made show
changes to be necessary. The city's
share of the expense will probably be
about $1000. •■;>■-;
Cecil Douglas of South Pasadena,
fell thirty feet yesterday from the roof
of a house on Hope street, on which
he was working. He barely missed
hitting his head on a pile of lumber
and landed on-his back. Except for a
severe shock ho received no 'injuries.
Members of the California Press as
sociation are to be greeted in Pasa
dena Monday and taken about the city
in automobiles by the local board of
trade. A luncheon will probably also
bo given in their honor at Hotel Mary
Special to The Herald..
BEAUMONT, Cal., April 23.—The
pass has been visited by a drenching
rain, which is causing general re
joicing. Nearly one inch fell in the
first twenty-four hours of the rain.
Crops generally throughout the re
gion are looking fine, but a few more
days of dry weather would have in
jured the prospects of the dry farmers.
Fruit prospects are fine, nearly all
orchards hanging full of the young
fruit. Hay cutting has begun with
an exceptionally heavy yield of the
first cuttings.
A building and loan association has
been formed In Beaumont. The offi
cers are: President, J. J. McCoy; vice
president, W. J. Sears; secretary, John
Gobin; treasurer, George R. Wells;
building committee, W. J. Killlon, T.
O. M. Jones, R. C. Dundas, R. F. Mur
ry, R. T. Jenkins, J. J. McCoy, W. J.
Sears, John Hallman.
Stejte have been taken toward the
forming of a local telephone company.
The present telephone service Is un
satisfactory and the company refuses
to extend the system or put in addi
tional phones. The board of trade has
taken the matter in hand and ex
pects to have a local company In tha
field in a short time. -Ten new mem
bers were added to the board at its
last meeting. ;c;,_
Ground has been broken for two new
business blocks, one, a store and of
fice building, on Eagan avenue,, the
other at Fifth and Grace streets for
a rooming house and billiard parlor.
B. H. Curler Is also getting material
on the ground for a new livery barn.
Contracts were let this week for the
building of a pumping. plant and the
installing of the machinery for the
San Gorgonlo Water, company. The
machines will include a ninety-horse
power engine, : and an Ingersoll-Rand
compressor and- air pump.
By Associated Press.
.WASHINGTON, April 23.—A1l mem
bers of the house today received tele
grams from the publishers attending
the I annual meeting ? In; New . York 'of
the ■ Associated Press i' and l the News
paper Publishers' association urging
action on: the bill regulating the tariff
on . print and . wood pulp, | and in reply
Hon. John Sharp "Williams, the Demo
cratic leader, sent the 5 following: >
i"J 'join In your ' protest. • Get the
speaker |to recognize jmei or i some one
else to make a motion, and It will pass.
It is up to him." : . - %
► Speaker , Cannon said:;., "The } house
has appointed a special committee with
Mann of Illinois as chairman to make
a ' full :■ Investigation. touching. the al
leged ' '-■■ combination ■ of V, manufacturers
of, print • paper. •• I have no , doubt that
the j committee" Is ready.' now' to hear
any: member of, the l Publishers' ' asso
ciation |or the Associated: Press touch
ing any; facts or suggestions by which
facts can bo ascertained;that will shed
light S on•: the ' allegedß combination. I
might |go further,, andfc say I that $Is> am
, satisfied,' that Slf i these l< gentlemen Bdo
not give any of the facts on their own
motion ! they,iwill be ■ required;. to come |
and give j such '■ facts as > they have «to
establish their .iBlWi^M-BflHsn-B 1
BOSTON, April 23.Seventeen can sold.
Twenty-seven on track. Weather warm.
Market is unchanged.
Rey. S. T. Ft. Ex., Fernando 12.86
Orchard Ran, Riv.-Ft. Ex., Riverside... 2.85
Basle, Hlghgrove Ft. Ex.. Ii '-■*<•
Hummingbird, Rlv. Ft. Ex., Riverside.. 2.70
Ostrich, M. B. Ft. Ex., Drew a -.80
Laurel, Q. C. Ft. Ex., Corona 2.80
Homer, Q. 0. Ft. Ex., Corona .' 2.15
Hoar, xr. Redlancls O. O. Assn 2.81
XV. Highland, fy, Cleghorn Bros 2.63
Partridge, xc, CC. U ... •• *•■_
Tunnel, 8. T. II Ex., Fernando 2.65
Sweetheart, Hlghgrove Ft. Ex..... 8 05
Golden Rule. Riv. Ft. Ex., Riverside.... 2.8!
Cosmos, S. 8, Ft. Ex., Highland 2.65
Winner, S. B. Ft. Ex., Highland '-'.65
Princess, Q. C. Ft. Ex., Corona 2.41
Family, Q. C. Ft. Ex., Corona 2.40
Elephant, xc, Red, O. O. Cnsh Ann.... 2.75
Uolden Flower, xf. Red. <>. O. Assn.... 2.85
Standard -'"
Niagara, fy, or, Stewart Ft. Co $2.50
Solano, fv. or, Stewart Ft. Co 2.3d
Valle Vista, St., or, Growers' Ft. Co $2.45
Valle Vista, ad, or $2.55
„ i'„ , , BLOODS- „,9
Humingblrd, ruby »-.»j
Homer, Q. C. Ex., Corona $2.41
New York Market
NEW YORK, April 23. — Twenty navels,
nne blood, one seedling sold. Market Is eas
ier and 10 cents lower on all sizes. Weather
clear and hot Afternoon sale. Three navel*.
and one seedling sold. Market steady.
Whittler, fy, W. F. Whittler 13.80
Whittler, eh, W. F. Whittler 2 60
Whittler, Id, W. F. Whittler 2.3'>
l.lnnheail, T. 1., xf, I. L. Lyon & Sons.. 2.75
Tlgerhead, T. 1., xc, I. 1.. Lyon & Sons.. 2.60
.■...-[;.. or, L. p.. Curt!«s ■ 2.55
Cortina! -sd, I, X Curtlss 2.60
Old Million, fy, ''■ C. Chapman 8.80
San Bernardino County
Westminister Hotel.
Home Phone 169.
George H. Peters Is Arrested on the
77 Complaint, but Is Later Re
leased on His Own
,7 Recognizance
Special to The Herald.
warrant for George H. Peters was la
med by Justice J. N. Knoblaugh of
Rialto on complaint 'of Miss Hattie
Watkins, whom he Is alleged to have
beaten over the head yesterday after
a quarrel over the disposition of prop
erty which the Watkins family is al
leged to have attempted to havo got
ten away to avoid a mortgage. He has
been released on his own recognizance.
■Will Powers has been placed as a
guard at the Brigga block to see that
none of the furniture is removed, he
looking after the interests of the Fon
tana Development company, the pres
ent .mlders of the mortgage against
the personal effects of the late O. J.
Watkins. Just what the next move
will be In the matter remains to bo
Women Select Officers
Special to The Herald.
the annual meeting of the woman's
club officers were selected for the com
ing year as follows: Mrs. R. P. Rice,
president; Mrs. R. F. Garner, first vice
president; Mrs. R. A. Brydolf, second
vice president: Mrs. John W. Barton,
treasurer; Miss , Georgiana Kendall,
recording secretary; Mrs. J. Harold
Barnum, corresponding secretary; Mrs.
A. R. Cobbs, sentinel. On next
Wednesday afternoon a reception In
honor of the retiring officers and the
new ones will be held at the club
J. E. Grlppon, a _jOS Angeles man, is
at the county hospital in an Insane
condition, having been captured on the
desert five miles out from Ludlow after
he escaped from a train on which he
was coming west. He was In ill health
and it Is. believed that the fatigue of
the journey unbalanced his mind and
taused him to escape at Dudlow, where
he was pursued for five miles, finally
being located by the officers In an en
gine cab.
Albert Tint, a singer at cheap the
aters, was brought back to this city
from Dos Angeles on a charge of jump
,ing a hotel bill. He will be prosecut
ed to the limit as the case is a very
aggravated one. 777
Harry Carroll has been fined $25 for
stealing a towel and bar of soap from
the Traction company here. He fought
the charge and demanded a Jury trial
or he would have probably gotten off
very much easier.
■» » a
P.y Associated Press.
OAKLAND, April 23.—Tho whole de
tective department of Oakland, assist
ed by many of the best sleuths in San
Francisco, is busy in Oakland trying
to solve the mystery connected with
the blowing up of the home' of former
Supervisor James L. Gallagher last
So far nothing tangible has been
learned by the police, although they
have a dozen different theories and
clews. s Gallagher left fur Ban Fran
cisco shortly after the explosion and
has not been heard from. It is found
that the damage far exceeds the esti
mate given last night, as window
lights were broken in houses for half
a block from the scene of the explo
In a search of the debris this morn
ing detectives found some wire and
fuse and caps, which would Indicate
that a bomb. of some sort had been
used. -". ■ ■ ■
In Ruef Case jW-j
SAN FRANCISCO, April 23.—0n1y
two Jurors are needed to complete the
panel which Is to sit in judgment upon
Abe Ruef. Thet*e are now ten jurors
sworn in, two having been added yes
terday to the eight secured previously.
Each side has a peremptory challenge
left, and this makes •it ; appear ■ that
aonther session or two of Judge Doo
ling's court will see a full Jury.
A new venire,;,of fifty was ordered
drawn for tomorrow.
. »*♦ — '
i pioneer Resident Dies
Samuel Irwin Scott, pioneer resident
of Los Angeles, died "Wednesday night
at; the Good Samaritan hospital.. He
was 73 years of age.'-,. .;: ■■:./. - v
»<" Mr.' Scott was for some years a : lay
reader atfthe Church of the Ascension,
Boyle Heights. X He' was i a • brother-in
law, of the late J. 11. Short house, the
author of "John llnglesant". and other
Old Mission, eh, c. C. Chapman.......■ ••*'
Golden Eagle, sei, C, C. Chapman 2.60
Cerrlto, T. I. fy, L. V. W. Brown S.i'>
Golden Scepter, or, Rialto ><g. Co 2.70
Golden Orchard, Independent Ft. C 0... 2.76
Citrus Belle, xc, Independent Ft. C 0.... 2-4->
Grove 2.03
Geisha, fv, tl, J. S. Kuns 2.85
Geisha, fy, J. S. Kuns 2.3 i
Golden Rule, Rlv. Ft. Ex 2 >"
iris, D. It. Ft. Xx -■'■'"
Violet. D, H. Ft. Ex 2.55
Blue Globe, Riverside Ft. Ex 2-86
Bed Globe, Riverside Ft. Ex..... 2.75
Cat. Granite, Riverside Ft. Ex 2.50
Stag, A. C. C Ft, Ex I '■"•
Pointer, A. C. C. Ft. Ex 2-43
Orchard, or. National Og. Co 2.70
.Standard, id, Nations! Os, Co 2,30
Orchard, or, National Os. Co 2.80
Standard, sd, National Oft. <'<> 250
Producer, fy, Badlands Og, Pro 2.55
Monhcad, xf, I. 1,. Lyon & Sons 2.35
Golden Flower, xf. Red lands G. O. A.... 2.53
Alta Cresta, A. 11. Ft. Ex -••>"
tits Crest a. A. 11. Ft. Ex 2.80
Golden Rule, Riverside Ft. Ex 2.80
Sunshine, fy, Orange Grs. Cash....- 2.35
Golden Orchard, Independent Ft. C 0..., 2.60
Criterion, or, Pen. Ft. Co 2.45
Selected, Havanas, f\. oh, N. W. Blan
chard 12.20
B. M. (?) 2.10
Pick 3.00
Sunshine, fy $1.55
Golden Scepter, or 1.40
La Mesa 1.00
iiiei Globe $17:,
Orchard, or 2.30
Blue Globe $1.00
Whittler 1.46
Citrus Fruit Shipments
April 21 and 2?, 287 cars oranges, 22 ears
lemons. Shipments to date this season,
1X,.-,31 cars, of which 2077 are lemons.
Former Member of Governor's Staff
and for Years Head of Great Local
Enterprise Is Mourned by Hun.
dreds of Associates
General E. P. Johnson, one of the
best known local business men, for
years prominently connected with
financial enterprises in this city, a
member of the Loyal legion, and for
merly a member of the governor's staff,
died at his home, 533 West Twenty
eighth street, late last night.
Death was caused by diabetes, from
win ii General Johnson suffered for
some time.
General Johnson was horn in Indiana
sixty-live years ago. He came to I.os
Angeles In 1876 and from that time un
til 1883 was engaged In mining. From
1883 until 90.",. when ho retired from
active business, he was president of
the Los Angeles Furniture company.
Owing to ill health General Johnson
gave up pubic and business life three
years ago and since that time has lived
quietly with his family.
'He Is survived by a widow, two sons,
E. P.^Johnson,'jr., Benjamin Johnson,
and two daughters. Mrs. Charles H.
Dick and Miss Sadie Johnson.
General Johnson suffered an attack
of erysipelas ton days ago and this
hastened his death.
The body was taken to Bresee Broth
ers' undertaking establishment. Fun
eral arrangements will be .Announced
Fleet Officers Guests of Members at
One of the Most Brilliant Func
tions Ever Held In the
Club Rooms
The Jonathan club was the scene of
one of the gayest festivals of the sea
son last night, it being women's night.
The Jonathan club never looked pret
tier than It did last night. A thousand
lights enhanced the natural enchant
ment of the beautiful roof garden,
which was promenaded by some of Los
Angeles' most beautiful women and al
most every officer in the fleet. The
combined bands of the first division
were present and rendered music for
the promenaders in the roof garden,
later going to the foyer of the club,
where they played between dances.
The ballroom was magnificent. At
one end two Immense United States
flags made of colored roses decked
each of the band stands, with a large
admiral's shield in the center, outlined
with electric lights.
Plates were laid for 600 at the din
ner which preceded the ball, while
1500 persons attended the dance.
Society turned out in full to welcome
the officers and gave them the best
reception yet. The gowns worn were
Among the officers present were Vice
Admiral Sperry. Captain T. E. DeW.
Veeder of the Alabama, Captain H.
Hutchings, Captain J. M. Bowyer,
Captain G. B. Harber, Captain W. C.
Cowles, Commander V. S. Nelson,
Captain J. Hubbard, Captain W. H. H.
Southerland, Captain C. E. Vreeland,
Captain W. P. Potter, Lieutenant
Commander Babln. Paymaster Hatton,
Lieutenant Hutchlns, Lieutenant
"Washington, Captain Bowman (IT. S.
M. ('.). Lieutenant Palmer, Midship
man (Jaloway,
Among the civilians were Mr. and
Mrs. Albert Cnhn, Mr. and Mrs. Ed
ward Zobelein, Miss Lillian Colin.
Mayor and Mrs. Harper. General
Wankowski, A. W. Robinson and
wife, George Fitch and wife,
W. H. Ellis and Mary B. El
lis. J. H. Nightingale and wife, Colo
nel L. J. C. Spruance and wife. In-.
Mayor Snyder and wife. Herbert L.
wife, F. B. Silverwood and wife, Judge
Martin and wife, O. C. Morgan, Ed
ward Nagle and wife, Rradner W. Lee
and Wit., O. C. Bryant and wife.
Colonel H. B. Green and wife, R. W.
Me'Ncely and wife, E. J. Stanton and
wife, Dr. E. H. Wiley, Mrs. E. H. Wi
ley and Mr. C. L. Lawrence.
Postmaster Motley H. Flint, chair
man of the committee on entertain
ment of enlisted men, said yesterday's
program was the most successful of all,
while the attendance at the barbecue
at Chutes park .was a record breaker.
;, The members 'of the board of di
rectors of,the Los Angeles chamber of
commerce leave this, afternoon at 12:15
o'clock . on, the Salt Lake road for San
Pedro | and "visit' the flagship Connecti
cut upon the invitation of Rear • Ad
miral .Thomas. They leave the Term
inal 'at 4; o'clock'. this! afternoon to re
turn ,to Los Angeles. .
Many Things In It
' Bacon: "The waiter torso to put an egg
on my,hash."this morning." JBSGfai!fa>&&<i*''**
; i Egbert: it "Oh. -nell. I suppose he thought
there, sue. . enough; things ■ in' It already!"—
Xonkars Statesman. '-
Lower House Adopts Senate Amend
ment Upholding Attorney Gen
eral's Plan — Little
Cy Associated Press.
WASHINGTON, April 23.— 8y the
overwhelming vote 01 .45 to 8 the houso
today, after several hours of discussion,
adopted without amendment the senate |
Joint resolution authorizing the attor
ney genera] to file suits against tho
Oregon & California Railroad company
for the forfeiture of all or part of
2,800,000 acres of land grants in tho
western part of Oregon.
it is claimed by the government that
by reason of breaches and violations of
the acts making the grants the railroad
company has forfeited all right to tho
land In question,
The sentiment of the house was prac
tically unanimous that the suits would
work no hardship on bona fide purchas
ers of homesteads from the company.
The resolution was introduced In the
senate by Senator Tillman and has
passed that body.
By Associated Press. 7,"
WASHINGTON. April 23.—The house
electric boat company special Investi
gating committee probed today Into tho
authorship of certain anonymous com
munications which have figured in tho
On February 12 last Mr. I.illoy intro
duced a resolution calling on the sec
retary of the navy for information In
regard to the cost of and performanco
of submarines built by the Electric
company, and asked to lie- Informed
whether the government proposed te>
pay at least $1286 per ton for the sub
marines 'against a reasonable price
named by Admiral Bowles, or $1,476,295
more than the present builder said
those were worth when he testified be
fore the committee in wop."
Abner K. Neff, an Official of the Lake,
Torpedo Boat Company, in charge of
the Washington office of that company,
testified that he had prepared the reso
lution introduced by Mr. Lilley at.tha.
suggestion of F. B. Whitney, formerly .
clerk to the naval affairs committee in
the house. Mr. Neff said he had ob
tained the. figures he used from a news
paper clipping, but he could not ac
count for their Identity with the figures
in the anonymous communication re- i
ceived by Frank Ed In borough of Michi
gan. Mr. Neff said that Mr. Whitney
had access to the typewriters' in 1 his '■'
"Have yon any doubt that the anony
mous communication to Edln borough
Was written on your typewriter?"
"No; I have no doubt whatever. it
Is,as plain as day."
By Associated Tress.
WASHINGTON. April 23.—State
rights was the subject of an interesting
speech in the senate today by Senator
Rayner or Maryland. Mr. ltayner
spoke on bis resolution declaring that
lit the opinion Of the senate, the powers*
delegated by the constitution of the
United States must not be enlarged by
Implication or so construed as to con
flict with or encroach upon the reserved
rights of the states as guaranteed by
the tenth amendment. Mr. Rayner fa
vored a single presidential term, and
declared that no president should have
tho right to determine the election off
bis successor through the use of fed
eral patronage.
r: ■ Signs Army Medical Bill
By Associated Press.
WASHINGTON, April 23.— The
president today signed the bill pro
viding for the reorganization of the
medical department of the army, so as
to provide for a medical corps and a
medical reserve corps.
Co-operation of Club Women Asked
by Originator of System to
Reclaim Drunkards
and Boys
NEW. YORK, April 23.—Judge Me.
Kenzle Cleland yesterday asked the co
operation of Chicago club women |ii
establishing a "reform colony" on a
city farm near Riverside.
The plan Involves the erection .of
suitable cottages for the colonists. Tha
cost will be considerable, so until tho
money is raised the judge figures upon
using abandoned street cars for, tho
purpose of housing the colonists and
physicians' staff.
The scheme is in line with Judgo
Cleland'a desire tor legislation to re
claim to society men and women who
have dropped down the social seal:
through drink and to keep boys guilty
of minor offenses out. of the John
Worthy school, which, the Judge says,
is practically Ihe same as sending them
to iin' Bridewell.
Judge Cleland is convinced that' in
ebriates can be cured through proper
outdoor exercise', which would give tho
n edod fresh air. good plain food ami
medical attention and believes the
colonists could cultivate the land suf
ficiently to make the plan largely self
Judge Cleland launched the plan at
yesterday's meeting of the Woman's
club. " '■■"■
Hlf m%»M\T m _r%II The "Tips" In t_«
l# II VVt D "r.»riM"l.-ve wearing
Et El 1 Aril quality equal to three
111! I ULil pairsofordinarykind
That is why there are f\ ■ A|||>A
more "Ziyi.t" gloves I ■ I i 1 If L V
sold than all other If I II V f A
kinds added together. UleiW 1 »■____
J/^^Evoiy Woman
_R«v^\TOw\\ Islntersited and should know -
eiMflws! i\fl\_!i_ \Yi\m about the wondsttnl
W^nVWnß MARVEL Whirling Spray
ittW*^ l!^\^^\ l$«-,.llT1><, mw Vi»ln»l Crriace,. JnjK.
WtSM '»» aH" «<-''<">• Bust—Saf.
\|_s^<jS_f________ est--Most Convenient.
ti11...... lutullj,
Jilt -Mr etrainlil toe H. ytdAm^mwmrrrrr^^'^7
the cannot supply the Xy^'*_SP__, *
ItHVIt. accept no T&_^"®Kri__Sr»
other, but lint stamp for , leV i *v2*Ve*
Illustrated book—ifaliei. ft aires yfl. # -."m&i,
full particulars and directions In. »Aa'#».' '•"ATM-H
valuable to laities. MAKl'Kfi (0., **___?/*)*_» M
«« K. ana ST., iKW *«01t.__^_***'»* pT_^
For sale by tbe bun Drug Co., 114 So. Los
Angeles St. .' -, $_|&$!£ M(
Shoes Half Price and Less
Over two hundred big display bargain
tables are displaying shoes foremen.'
women and. children, on ' sale it. many
Instances for half price and less. . Con
vince yourself and corns to the -g'AS.ffi
41. Bout* Broadway. Jv,. r -.. :.

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