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Part II
I sent my love a valentine—
She was but six while I was nine.
The card bore hearts and roses fine,
And read, "I love you, Valentine."
I sent my love a valentine.
Ah, many swains for her did pine,
With riches more, far more than mine,
But yet—"l love you, Valentine."
I send my love a valentine.
Each year I write the same dear line,
Content to us* the faithful sign
That still "I love you. Valentine."
THE presecae in Los Angeles of
Mrs. W. H. Storrs of Knoxville,
Term., and Miss Helen Mathews
of Scran ton. Pa., who are visiting their
sister, Mrs. George Griffith of Orchard
avenue, is the motif for many of the
pleasant affairs of last week and this.
Mrs. Albert Crutcher of West Adams
street has planned a buffet luncheon
and bridge for tomorrow in compli
ment to Mrs. Griffith's guests, and Fri
day Mrs. M. Eleanor Page and Miss |
Decatur Page of 2648 Orchard avenue
are giving a tea in compliment to Mrs.
Storrs and Miss Mathews.
Mrs. Page and her daughter are be
ing assisted by the following -women:
Mrs. Joseph Henry Bohon, Mrs. J.
"Wells Smith. Mrs. George T. Griffith,
Mrs. Albert Crutcher, Mrs. C. C. War
den. Mrs. L. T. Bradford, Mrs. A. D.
Bowman. Mrs. J. C. Page, Mrs. Wes
ley Clark. Mrs. Hugh K. Walker, Mrs.
I'Vroll Allen, Mrs. Johanna Murray,
Mrs. Samuel M. Haskins, Mrs. J. B.
Lippincott. Mrs. Mathew Robinson,
Mrs. Irwin Herron, Mrs. W. B. Ma
thews. Mrs. F. B. Cramton, Mrs. Wil
loughby Rodman, Mrs. S. S. Salisbury,
Mrs. W. J. Porter, Mrs. Lawson
Tread well. Mrs. John Cliff Page, Jr.,
Mrs. G. S. Williams. Mrs. Carl Adam,
Miss Minnie Bryan, Miss Elizabeth <
The hours are from 2 until 6.
In compliment to their cousin, Mrs.
George M. Peters of Columbus. Ohio,
Miss Dent and Miss Esther Dent en
tertained Friday at their home on Wil
shire boulevard with a hearts party.
every possible detail carrying out the
valenine suggestion.
The event is the first of a series of
four which Miss Dent and her sister
are planning, cards having been issued
for the second—a bridge—to be given
Guests entertained Friday included:
Mesdames Reuben Shettler. W. W.
Xeuer, Elmer E. Cole, Nicholas E. Rice,
-William Banning, R. B. Williamson,
Edward R. Bradley, Frank Hart, O. C
Whitney, James Campbell Estill, Wil
liam Bassett Corwin, H. K. William
son, John Bates Cornwell, Mary B.
Purcell, Hannah Burke, Edward Ma
gauran, R. F. Darrin, William Cline,
James H. Grady, Caroline Peters, Wilt
ice B. Ames, Henry Henderson. Charles
B. Nichols, J. C. Fremont Hull. James
L. Boyle, M. L. Thomson. James A.
Talbott, Sidney A. Butler, Keller,
James A. French. Frank R. Strong,
Gilbert E. Gardner. Albert Calkins,
Samuel W. Garretson, John C. Hutch
inson, George A. Ralphs, James
Smith, Benjamin Macready, D. Gager
Peck. George E. Burrall. Alice Covert.
Adams of Ogden, Miss Katherine
Boydston and Miss Helen Howry.
Tho California club was the scene
yesterday of a reception given by Mrs.
Frank Jonn Hart and her mother, Mrs.
O. C. Whitney of Coronado street,
guests present numbering nearly 200.
The handsome rooms were further
adorned with* potted palms and ferns
and a profusion of spring's own flowers,
jortquils and violets, while branches of
yellow acacia in large jars gave an
effect of sunshine in the remote corners.
A quartet of negro male voices and
a mandolin orchestra furnished music
for the afternoon, rendering southern
melodies and popular airs.
Receiving with Mrs. Hart and Mrs
Whitney were Mrs. W. W. Xeuer Mrs
Joso-ph H. Call. Mrs. David K. Edwards
Mrs. Henry Metcalf, Mrs. Clarence
Rundell. Mrs. Glover P. Widney Mrs
Clarence R. Strong, Mrs. George s!
Marygold, Mrs. Frank Cattern, Mrs
Louise Y. Pratt, Mrs. George Bitten
ger, Mrs. Elizabeth Nash, Mrs. James
Campbell Estill. Mrs. R. B. Williamson
Mrs. W. D. Stephens. Mrs. Felix Howes'
Mrs. De Forest Howry, Miss Dent and
Mrs. John Hart of Sierra Madre.
One ot the pretty affairs of the week
was the luncheon of fourteen covers
with which Mrs. Adna R. Chaffee en
tertained Friday at her home on Mag
nolia avenue, in compliment to her
sister, Mrs. William Bingham Clarke
of Kansas City.
Covers were laid for Mr?. J r OS s
Clark, Mrs. Walter Miller Clark, Mrs
Henry Carleton Lee, Mrs. Ozra W.
Childs, Mrs. Joseph B. Banning Mr<=
Alfred Solano, Mrs. Frank Thomas!
Mrs. Walter Jarvis Barlow, Mrs E
A very McCarthy, Mrs. Eyre Barrow
ffrench, Mrs. May Wright Sewell.
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Douglas of West
Twenty-fir^t street have as house
guests Mrs: Douglas 1 uncle and aunt
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard of Boston, and
on several occasions have entertained
for them.
Mr. Douglas gave a stag dinner Tues
day n-ight to meet Mr. Leonard covers
being laid for twelve. The daintily
appointed table was decked with mai
denhair ferns, jonquils and violets
Places were occupied by Mr. Douglas
Mr. Leonard, Rev. William MacCor
mack dean of St. Paul's pro-cathedral,
Gen. Chandler, Rev. J. Arthur Evans'
Rev. Mr. De Garmo of Redondo Dr
Lester Adams, Messrs. Frederick Ste
phenson, Charles W. Bolingbroke W
H. Richards, Skeel, Elmer Rutz. '
At a tea Wednesday Mrs. Douglas
received about fifty friends who had
been asked to meet Mrs. Leonard,
Assisting women were Mrs. Charles
W. Bolingbroke and Mrs. v Elmer Rutz.
Mrs. D. A. Meekins of Arapahoe
street was hostess at a.heart matinee
yesterday, nearly forty guests respond
ing to invitations. Assisting Mrs
Meekins were Mrs. E. M. Carter Mrs
Charles Gregory and Mrs. Guthrle.
Mrs. Elton R. Wolcott of South
Burlington avenue - and Mrs S W
Strong of South Bonnie Brae have is
sued invitations for a reception to be
given at the home of the former
Thursday. Invitations have been ex
tended to nearly 300 guests;
Mrs. John Howard of West Eleventh
street was hostess at a colonial tea
Thursday afternoon. The house, was
beautified by artistically arranged flow
ers. In the djftjjig room pink-shaded
lights, Cecil Bruner roses and ferns
made a charming setting for the pretty
• maids in colonial costume who served
lea The drawing* rooms were aglow
with American Beauties, while orchids
added to the charm of the music room.
Orchestral music was enjoyed by the
many guests, about one hundred hay-
Charming Young Bride Who Is to Be Honored
with Pre-Lenten Dancing Party and Musicale
\ I £3 . a§BSfe'<::-:: *:'-::^^9 H^k:::::::;::: :::!: '::::::::::::: (Q^ \\\
ill W w^ft^^B : * W4 M
Beautiful Young Matron, Prominent
in the Social Life of Los Angeles

■■■ ■„.->>: ■ y*^»"■"■■■ '■" ■ ■■3KSSS cw&t^s&'ssS&£i jWWfjam^''^' ' " V>mH?a|y)M
ONE of the young matrons who has
been in demand this week as as
sistant by representative society
women who were entertaining has been
Mrs. Waller G. Chanslor, who was in
the receiving line at two of the largest
functions. The first event was the
large valentine dance given Tuesday
night by Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Waters
and Mrs. Waters* mother, Mrs. William
Taylor Miller, at Kramer's, and which
was one of the beautifully appointed
affairs of the winter, while the second
was the handsomely appointed tea with
which Mrs. Daniel Innis. Mrs. Willard
Who before her recent marriage in New York was Miss Virginia McDowell .. » •
: .* —Photo by Mojonier.
J. Doran and Mrs. Will Innis enter
tained Thursday at the home of Mrs.
Doran on West Twenty-seventh street
for Mrs. Daniel Innis' mother and sis
ter, Mrs. Sarah Pease and Mrs. Walter
P. Hemmens of Elgin, 111. One of the
beautifully gowned women in the re
ceiving line at Mrs. Doran's was Miss
Aldine Hqwell of Waynesville, N. C,
Mrs. Chanslor's siter and house guest.
For Miss Howell and other guests, Mrs.
Chanslor, who is one of the most gra
cious and charming hostesses in the
city, has informally entertained much
this winter.
NO LOVELIER bride has been wel
comed to Los Angeles this year
than Mrs. Walter Miller Clark",
whose pictured face graces this page
today. Friends won during her visit in
Los Angeles last year, when she was
Miss Virginia McDowell, are welcoming
her warmly, and she has assisted at
several of the smartest affairs of the
past month.
Mr. and Mrs. Clark are making their
home temporarily with Mr. Clark's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. Ross Clark,
at their beautiful home on West Adams
street, and here Mrs. Clark, Sr., will
entertain for her daughter-in-law be
fore Lent with a dancing party, and is
also planning a musicale to which a
large number of guests will be asked
and which is to take place soon after
Mrs. Walter Miller Clark, with Mr?.
Earle B. Anthony, another bride, as
sisted at one of the week's important
functions, receiving with Mrs. I. N.
Van Nuys and Miss Kate Van Nuys
at the tea given by them Wednesday
at their West Sixth street home. Also
in the receiving line was Miss Gertrude
Hewitt of Dcs Molnes, who is visiting
Miss Van Nuys.
ing responded to invitations. Those
serving were Miss Madge Dodworth,
Miss Sprague, Miss Genevievo McLaf
ferty, Miss Agnes McLafferty, Miss
Dorothy Sprague, Miss Whltmore,
Miss Johnson and Miss Patton.
Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Rowley and Miss
Grace Rowley of Menlo avenue went
down to San Diego Thursday for a
stay of several days. Miss Rowley was
a guest at the Bachelors' dancing party
given there Friday night. . During their
visit they were the house guests of
Mrs. Aubrey Davisson.
Miss Alice Claudia Shaw, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Victor E. Shaw of Fig
ueroa street, who has been visiting
friends in San Diego and nearby points
for several weeks, is expected to return
with Mr. Rowley arid family today.
While in San Diego, her former home,
Miss Shaw spent much of her time
with Miss Lelore Heller.
Mr. and Mrs ; J. G. Jarvis of Louis
ville, Ky., are guests at the home of
Dr. and Mrs. West Hughes on West
Twenty-third street. Dr. and Mrs.
Hughes entertained Friday night with
a formal dinner for their guests, and
next Friday Mrs. Hughes is giving a
luncheon in cqmpliment to Mrs. Jarvis.
Mrs. Bernard Potter has issued in
vitations for a luncheon at the Jona
than club Thursday, and the party
will occupy boxes at the Belasco that
Mrs. Sidney Lee Grover will be host
ess at a bridge whist the afternoon of
February 26 at h<er home on Burlington
avenue. ,
Many Los Angeles friends are inter
ested in a marriage that is to take
place in Santa Monica tomorrow night
at the home of the bride's aunt, Mrs.
W. R. Hull, the contracting parties
being Miss Yolande A. Day, daughter
of Mrs. Irvine Sayford of Washington.
D. C, and Robert Westmeyer. Both
young people are well known and pop
ular in Santa Monica, where the bride
to-be has spent much of her time with
her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. T. H.
Elliott. The ceremony, which is to be
witnessed by a company of about fifty
relatives and close friends, will be per
formed by Rev. F. G. H. Stevens of
Pasadena, formerly pastof of the Santa
Monica Methodist church where Miss
Day and Mr. Westmeyer are members.
There are to be no attendants.
Following the ceremony supper will
be rerved. and the young people will
leave for a brief trip to nearby points
of interest. On their return thoy will
occupy their' new home on Fifteenth
street, where they will receive after
March 1.
Among the pretty pre-nuptials with
which Miss Day's friends havn been
honoring her is the miscellaneous
shower given by Mrs. T. H. Elliott and
Mi<s Eda Cole at the ho're of Mrs.
Elliott, a dinner by Mrs. GSorge Hart,
n miscellaneous shower by Mrs.
George W. Southcott and thd Philo
lethea girls and a dinner by iMrs. C.
W. Rogers.
Mrs. J. C. Hutchinson of West Sev
enth street gave a luncheon Friday in
honor of her sister, Mrs. L. L. Ormsby
find her niece. Mrs. J. C. Goodrich of
Seattle, who are spending the winter
ft southern California.
An important'"event of the social sea
son is the "bal poudre" of the Good
Shepherd auxiliary to be given at Kra
mer's the evening of February 16. Most
elaborate preparations have been made
for this event, and the women interest
ed have lost no opportunity to arrange
for a delightful occasion. The Shrove
tide costume party of last year given
under the auspices of the Good Shep
herd auxiliary was one of the notable
successes of the year.
The Good Shepherd is an organiza
tion of women for the purpose of lend
ing a helping hand to the Good Shep
herd work in the preservation of young
girls who are in danger and in the
reformation of those who have become
more or less incorrigible. The officers
of the organization are: President, Miss
Susanne E. Lynrh: first vice' president,
Mme. Ida Hancock; second vice presi
dent, Mrs. Thomas "W. Phillips; secre
tary, Mrs. P. G. Cotter; financial sec
retary. Miss Marie Rose Mullen; treas
urer, Mrs. Dan Murphy.
Bishop Conaty introduced the Sisters
of the* Good Shepherd into Los Angeles
In June. 1908. and since that time hun
dreds of girls from the courts, from
the'humane societies and other sources,
not only belonging to Los Angeles, but
to the. entire state, have passed under
their influence. The gentle, kindly in
fluence which comes from those white
robed sisters whose lives are conse
crated to the reformation of women,
has been the means of saving many er
ring girls. They are taught the domes
tic duties and are trained to be inde
pendent, while they are encouraged to
look forward to the prospect of rid
ding themselves from any stain that
may have come from their previous life
of waywardness. More than 60 per cent
of the girls who have passed through
the Good Shepherd home during these
five years have been non-Catholics. The
efforts of the sisters have been to de
velop a sense of honorable womanhood
while not interfering in any way with
any religious opinions which they may
conscientiously-hold. At present sixty
five girls are in the institution, which
is supported largely by the free offer
ing of friends of the institution and
helped somewhat by the work which
the girls do in the sewing classes and
in the laundry. The experience of the
sisters teaches them that the active,
industrial life contributes largely
toward the upbuilding of a better sense
of self-reliance. The Good Shepher;l
auxiliary was formed to help the good
sisters and has met with a -splendid re
sponse on the part of all classes in the
community, so that the work of estab
lishing the laundry which was under
taken by the auxiliary has been com
pleted at their expense.
To meet the friends of the Good Shep-
Chillicothe Society Girl, Spending
Winter with Los Angeles Friends
Who is being entertained informally by old-time Triends
—Photo by Mojonler.
A WINTER visitor to Los Angeles
who is prominent in the social life
of her home city is Miss Ida Weid
man of Chillicothe, who will be for
some time a house guest of Mrs. Wil
bur Smart of Sixth and Bonnie Brae
i Among the large contineent of former
Beautiful Song Bird Who Was Urged
by Langendoroff to Study Abroad
I J ■ ■ . •%•....* .. ■*•. X..V-- .-,..-.- ,■.-.-.■.■..-.-.. -..■•.■.-..:...;;:■.. ; ; „- r\
I —I —~^ "T rT
Whose glorious contralto voice bids fair to win her lasting laurels
LOS ANGELES social circles and]
musical coterie are the richer
this season for the presence in
the city of a beautiful Minneapolis
girl. Miss Hazely Runge, whose won
derful contralto voice is creating
something of a sensation. Miss Runge,
who was heard at the Ebell "Local C
Composers' day," and has promised to
sing for the club again at the first
meeting in April, is the sister of Mrs.
Dwight Hart, and, with her mother,
has spent several winters here.
Miss Runge was one of a party asked
to meet Mme. Langendorff lust week
herd work and to spend an enjoyable
evening together and at the same time
to help along this institution which is
now a part of our Los Angeles chari
table work, is the purpose of the "bal
poudre." The active members of the
Good Shepherd auxiliary will be the
patronesses on the occasion, and a re
ception will be held in the early part
of the evening, after which a splendid
program of entertainment will be en
joyed. The program committee is hap
py in feeling that the "bal poudre."
which takes on a colonial character,
Chillicothe residents in Los Angeles
are several old time friends of Miss
Weidman's who have entertained for
her with quite a number of informal
Miss Weidman is in Redlands for a
few days, the guest of Mrs. Cliarles S.
Editorial Section
—Photo by Steckel.
at the home of Mrs. E. M. Martindala
and had the pleasure of singing for
the great artiste a group of Mrs. W. F.
Botsford's lyric songs. Mme. Lang
endorff was delighted with Miss
Runge's voice, prophesying a great fu
ture for her and urging her to come to
her in Berlin in May and start on a
year fof study. Mme. Langendorff ex
pects to be in Berlin early in May, and
has extended to Miss Runge an offer
of personal supervision and friendship.
In addition to a glorious voice Miss
Runge is gifted with the most win
some personality and charm.
really finds the ladies' dress of today
in quite good harmony with the colo
nial days, while the powdered heads
and wigs will be all that is necessary
to make it a truly colonial gathering.
For her young son, Hillard, who has
just graduated from the grammar
school. Mrs. Granville MacGowan of
Garland avenue entertained with a box
party at the Orpheum Friday after
noon and later with an elaborately ap
pointed tea and Valentine party at the
Tattlers' tea room.
The tables were decorated in white
and gold, a big basket of yellow jon
quils and narcissus forming a center
piece with yellow-shaded candelabra
at either side.
Favors were valentines ornamented
with sketches of French dancing girls
and hearts. The candles carried out
the color scheme of yellow and white,
and the ices were shaped like tiny
Cupids and hearts.
Guests entertained were Miss Wal
lace, John Parter, Milton Silver, Ber
nice Schriever, Lleland Jackson, Ruby
Silver, Gladys Watts, Roy Denis, Ruth
Montgomery, Herbert Allen, Blair
Miss Adelaide Stanton. daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Stanton of Grattan
street, one of the most popular of
brides-elect, was complimented guest
at a valentine hearts party given yes
terday by Mrs. Willis C. Stose and her
daughters, Mrs. J. Gregg Layrie and
Miss Leslie Stbse of Romeo street.
Miss Stanton is to. be special guest
at an afternoon affair with which Mrs.
Lester Robinson of Beacon street is
entertaining tomorrow, while Mrs. C.
J. Kubach and her daughter, Mrs.
Louie Denker of South Alvarado street,
will compliment her with a luncheon
For Mrs. James Greer of Evanston,
111., a sister, of Mrs. William Horace
Day, Mrs. G. Max Webster and Mrs.
George H. Clark entertained wi}:h a
progressive luncheon Tuesday at the
home of Mrs. Clark on Winfield street.
Women asked to meet Mrs. Greer
were Mrs. Warren F. Day, Mrs. Curtis
D. Wilbur. Mrs. J. Charles F. Atsatt,
Mrs. Charles Richards, Mrs. Charles
E. Stivers, Mrs. Bruce H. Cass, Mrs.
El M. Durant, Mrs. H. D. Case, Mrs.
Alphonse A. Burnard, Mrs. J. B. Mon
lux, Mrs. Sidney Haskell, Mrs. Emma
D. Martin. Mrs. Mary Porter Haines
and Miss Harriet Huggins.
Mrs. Minnie Sutter, whose approach
ing marriage with Stanley Marion
Knight of Chicago was announced last
Sunday, is being complimented with
several prenuptials in the next few
days, among these affairs being a
bridge luncheon with which Mrs. F. S.
Langdon is entertaining Wednesday at
her home on South Flower street.
J. Howard Burritt entertained a
company of young people delightfully
at his home on South Flower street
Wednesday night, whist and vocal and
instrumental music furnishing the en
tertainment. The rooms were deco
rated with asparagus plumosus. The
first prize was awarded Mr. Foss, the
consolation going to Mr. Van Osten.
Those present were Mr. and Mrs. T. J.
Golding, Mrs. J. E. Wells, Misses
I Continued on l'aite Twoi

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