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Take Notice!
' Every Shrjner In Los Angeles received through the malls the an-,
nouncoment of the Rthislan Symphony Orchestra and Ben <'.reefs play,
ers' performances at the Auditorium, commencing April 0. Did you
notice the back page? It told of the wonderful journey of a ; * :
Steinway Piano
' through Central India. Wo reproduce the letter— lt Is an interesting
story to all who pride themselves upon American Invasion of the world's
music marts. yl \.yf,yi- •--■■.- -',!/
' JABALPUR, Central Provinces, India, July 31, 1908.
Dear Mr. Steinway: i ' ■ '■ '.:*;.;_-'
'■■ ':"', „- I am having a photograph forwarded to you which I believe will
prove of Interest to yourself and other members of your firm. It Is a
picture of a Steinway Piano on the move In Central India. ■;''...
,1 am tho fortunate possessor of one of your beautiful drawing
room Grands, and for the last fourteen years It has been the greatest
Joy to ourselves and our friends In India. It was with us some years
In Bombay (a warm, moist climate), and then came with us here to a
very hot summer climate (114 deg. In the shade), and in the winter one
below freezing.', ' -' {;,
We have now been transferred to Madras, and I am here attend
ing to tho dispatch of our properties. The first article to be packed .
and attended to was my cherished piano, and, I thought you would be
', Interested in this picture of the first stage in the long Journey to
Madras (1500 miles), as it left our bungalow in the charge of an ele
phant. . :^yyy:-
For musical and mechanical perfection I think the Steinway is un
equalod, and when my soldier husband has > completed his service we
mean to take our treasure home to Kngland with us. .It will emergo
as good as new after a short spell In the hands of your London branch,
and we shall both be glad to keep our old friend, as the soundboard
- and other Important parts are quite perfect in spite of climatic changes
and wanderings. Believe' me.
Yours very truly,
(Wife of Colonel Stanley Smith, R. A., British Service.)
;|We Sell Steinways $575 to $1650
We are sole Steinway representatives for this locality. Prices #875 to $1650.
('rands Vertegrandg and Uprights—exact eastern prices with bare cost of freight
and handling added. ,We make the same proportionate easy terms ;on Stein
ways as on other goods.
i||||v Geo. J. Birkel Company
®Geo. J. Cecilian and Victor Dealers
Steinway, Cecilian and Victor Dealers
,_, 345-347 South Spring Street
• " »■;- ■ '
Reliable Dentistry
Positively Painless X
l-i". ■'' i We have four departments, each in charge of a specialist.
•'"•'>"' Now don't you think that a man devoting himself to one
thing can do it better than a man who tries to do every
■ '■■' thing? For example: If you had throat trouble your phy-
U*;i•• sician would tell you to go to a throat specialist. So in our . •■■■.-.
Zy ■ practice we have as follows: '
Extraction Specialist
who does nothing but extract teeth absolutely without pain.
Crown and Bridge Specialist
who knbws all the latest means of restoring lost teeth
'■■';' without plates.
Filling Specialist
"' who will All your teeth so well that we give you'a 20-year
Plate Specialist '{
■*-:.';» • - . who makes plates that are natural, comfortable 'and that
''''.'";:'' ••' stay. In place. '„ ■. . •■-. '>:', ' ,;y >•- ; y ;
• - The following prices are in effect for 15 days:
Gold Crowns ............................. .$4.00
Gold Fillings ..;;..:....................... .50 .
m- Gold Bridgework Vy. ;....". ...'.•.'. 4.00
ff fy Silver Fillings i.^....... iy.... .^..:....... -50
' Re-enameling (cost of material about) ... .... 1.50
s Alveolar Bridgework ; (cost of material about) 5.00 ,
Porcelain Crowns .......................... 4.00
• i Full Set of Teeth........'..'..:.'..'........... 5.00
Best Set lof Teeth /f:. ??;' ?! ftf5f& ......... 8.00
,' .''-■ ■ i . ■„ ;;. ■■•.. ■: • . .. (-. . • '. ,>■'■ I . "r-'
Free Cleansing, Examination, Extraction Free.
Angelus Dental Company
: ; 357 South Spring Street, N.W. Corner' Fourth St. 1
I *
Strangers are Invited to visit the exhibits ot
California products at the Chamber of Com
merce building, en Broadway, between First
and Second streets, where free information will
be given on all subjects pertaining to this sec
tion. ;*..-, „
The Herald will pay 110 in cash to anyone
furnishing evidence that will lead to the arrest
and conviction of any person caught stealing
copies of The Herald from the premises of our
[-a trees.
Membership In the Los Angeles Realty Board
is a virtual guarantee of reliability. Provision
Is made for arbitration of any differences be
tween members and their clients. Accurate In
formation on realty matters is obtainable from
them. ! Valuations by a competent committee.
Directory of members free at the office of
Herbert Burdett, secretary, 626 Security bldg.
Phone Broadway 15*16.
The Legal Aid society, at 619 Chamber of
Commerce building, is a charitable organiza
tion, maintained for the purpose of aiding In
legal matters those unable to employ counsel.
The society needs financial assistance and
seeks Information* regarding worthy cases.
Phone Home 14077.
The Herald, like every other newspaper. Is
misrepresented at times, particularly In cases
Involving hotels, theaters, etc. The public
will please take notice that every representa
tive of this newspaper Is equipped with the
proper credentials and more particularly equip
ped with money with which to pay his bills.
For Bay State People
The Massachusetts society will meet
Monday evening at Mammoth hall, 617
South Broadway.
Employes Rewarded
Good Friday was good In every sense
of the word to the employes of the Ti
tie Guarantee and Trust company. On
that day each one received an envel
ope containing a full month's salary.
About $7500 was distributed In this
manner. 'j'..
New Bank In Moneta.
The comptroller of the currency has
authorized the First National Bank of
Moneta to organize. It Is understood
the bank will put up a building on a
prominent corner on Western avenue.
The stock of the bank will be $25,000
paid In to start with, and will ; be in
creased as occasion warrants.
New Friend Robs Him
W. C. Irvine, 123% Temple street,
told the police • yesterday that while
drinking in a ' Main street saloon he
met a man, had a few drinks with him
and later went to the Sixth street park
with his new-found friend. While en-
Joying the cool breeze In the park
Irvine fell asleep. When he awoke his
friend was gone and also $35 belonging
to Irvine,
Gardener Injured
Frank Davidson, 37 years old, a gar
dener living at 732 South Flower street,
was painfully injured when the horse
which) he was driving to a light wagon
near Ninth and Beacon streets ran
away and threw him to the pavement
yesterday afternoon. He was taken to
the receiving hospital, where the police
surgeons dressed a number of abras
ions about his face, back and legs.
Railroad Man Said to Have Insisted
... .He Owed Saloonkeeper More
Than His Wife Repre. r
sented as Due , ', N'•
With'a gash Just above her left eye
and-her face badly swollen, Mrs. Em
ma V. Weston of 1001 Buena . Vista
street, appeared at the central
station. After her Injury had been
treated at the receiving hospital, she
told Deputy: District Attorney Arthur
Keetch that her husband, R. J. Wes
ton, a railroad man, had struck her
with a shoe In a dispute over a saloon
bill. After hearing the woman's story
a complaint charging Weston with bat
tery was Issued, and his arrest followed
shortly afterward. ; ,- , •
According to Mrs. Weston's story to
the deputy district attorney, her hus
band has been drinking heavily of late.
She said he ran an account at a sa
loon and she had been paying the bills
by installments. She had paid all but
$2.50, and then warned , the saloon
keeper not to sell * her husband any
more liquor. Her warning was not
heeded,, she says, and when her hus
band asked her how much . he owed
she told him. ■ He then became angry
and declared he owed more.
A dispute followed, and In the heat of
anger Weston is said to have seized
a shoe and hurled it at her, striking
her over the left eye and inflicting the
laceration. .'*'..;_ • .
' i
President of • Chamber of Commerce
Appoints Special Committee to
Arrange for Reception
The chamber of commerce will make
special , arrangements ; for the enter
tainment of the officers of the Japan
ese squadron, due to arrive in San
Pedro harbor April -'6. President Booth
has appointed the following committee
to arrange for the entertainment:
J. C. Drake, chairman; Mayor George
Alexander, Lieut. R. H. Miner. J. T.
Fitzgerald, A. W. Skinner, J. W. Mc-
Kinley, A. P. Griffith, S. I. - Merrill, A.
K. Braver, J. I D. Fredericks, Frank C.
Prescott, Curtis D. Wilbur, J. M. Over
ell, J. G. Mott, Brigadier General Rob
ert Wankowski, C J. Nellis, F. B. Mc-
Comas, J. J. Bergin, R. J. Bush, Louis
Blankenhorn and Walter J. Wren. ..
m The committee will meet at the cham
ber at 3:15 o'clock tomorrow afternoon.
Almost the first question a woman
who frequents a hair dressing parlor
asks: "Have you a competent woman
in charge of,the hair dressing room?"
After once visiting M.' Frederickson's
parlor at 743 South Broadway you will
not/ have to i ask that question. The
popular Mrs. .Wipperman has charge
of that department, /so perfect and
prompt attentlpn Is accorded every cus
tomer and utmost courtesy given to ail.
Save sickness ana stomach trouble by
drinking the best spring water. The
Glen Rock Water company will supply
you. Phones CI 456. East 437. ; Price
right ' ;s". , '.. . ,
Ostrich'feathers'cleaned, curled and
dyed 'to sample; ■ accordion; and fine
knife pleating; pinking, and buttons
made. ' Watson Co., 247, S. Broadway.
i New shipment of portiere beads. O. L.
McLaln's Curio Store, i 408 W. Seventh.
_j».jf---.«in>->-jSi»vnfftti.-*i'Mrr--' ;V'.- -■■*•*, v.- ■ '.'.>.' - . .
George Harris Donohue Meets Old
Friends and Discovers We Have
1800 Manufacturers In This
Los Angeles ohce morel Oh, joy!
Ever since leaving this town a couple
of years ago I have been the Busiest
Izzy imaginable trying to figure out
how I would ever be able to cover tho
remarkable distance with dignity and
dining car equipment, but despite all
reports to the contrary the feat has
been accomplished, and now, that I am
actually here it will be up to me to
form myself into a sort of educational
institution for the benefit of those in
this town who are not altogether sure
whether Los Angeles is a real city or
not. .
This idea struck me forcibly while
sitting in the rotunda of Hotel Angelus
yesterday afternoon when Harry Loo
mis, proprietor of that well known hos
telry, buttonholed me with the follow
ing bit of wisdom, which, if taken at
all seriously, might be good food for
consideration by the host now In pos
session of this beautiful city.
"You can bet your last rock bottom
dollar, Donohue," said Mr. Loomls as
he doled me out a long black perfecto,
"that in less than ten years Los An
geles will be one of the greatest cities
in this country. It will be the real
Paris of America, and right here today
you can readily detect the advance ear
marks of a higher degree of cultiva
tion than is apparent. Individually in
any other city on the Pacific coast.
Mr. Loomls Is undoubtedly a real
town booster, but his subsequent, de
duction? on future prosperity and the
remarkable arguments he advanced as
a substantial groundwork for the points
covered claimed my open-eyed atten
tion, 'as like' the thousands of other
newcomers to Los Angeles I had but
little idea of the vast possibilities of
this city as viewed from the many
sided'arguments of Mr. Loomls.
"Why, away back, twenty • years
ago," continued Loomis, "I was down
in San Diego, and at that time every
body was talking about the wonderful
era of prosperity which was sure to
overtake this section of the country. I
remained there until about everybody
went broke, and then, like many; oth
ers I came here, and today I'm still
wondering why I left the old town, as
now it is a moral certainty that every
man who stuck there and held on to
his property can now count his money
in the much coveted six figures.
"People who come here and remain
but a few days wonder how it is that
there are always so many people on
our principal business thoroughfares.
The answer is seven-eighths of
our settlers who come here with the In
tention of remaining but a short time
become enamored of the climate, buy
themselves a beautiful sunny home,
and the next thing you know you see
their names In the city directory, and
you discover they have transferred
their wealth to the caro of our local
banking Institutions. '
"That's what's going to make Los
Angeles great. The class of people who
are now among us represent the wealth
of the country. They are lovers of
music, art and the higher educational
attainments. It will only be a question
of a short time before we have among
us some of the greatest instructors in
nil branches of art. as they will be
attracted by the great field which is
here for them. *:•-■•,'•'■''•
"As it stands today, we have already
produced more 'champions' than any
other section of the country. Look at
the little girl we sent from down the
country a short time ago to New York.
Didn't she take every prize held up In
the physical culture contest at Madi
son Square garden? Well, I guess she
did; and besides, haven't we the great
est pugilists and the most beautiful
women to be found any place on earth?
All you have to do, sonny, when you
come to this town is to keep your eyes
open, and before you know it you will
discover lots of things you may not
think we have tabulated on our local
calendar." •
As a matter of fact, before talking
with Mr. Loomis I made the rather
novel discovery that right here in sun
ny Los Angeles there are more than
eighteen hundred manufacturing con
cerns whose annual output portends a
remarkable factor in the bank clear
ings of this city.
Another funny thing which I discov
ered at the Angelus is the fact that
in back of the desk can be found a liv
ing replica of Governor Hughes of
New York In the person of Nat S. Mul
lan, who for years was the able enter
tainer of the Palace hotel In San Fran
cisco. With Mr. Mullan is Julius A.
Buckler, who gained fame during the
recent national political campaign as
the youthful prototype of Col. William
Jennings Bryan. Mr. Buckler is the
(•lover citizen who can spell eucalyptus
without consulting his hotel red book.
Since my arrival here I have encoun
tered several thousand people who for
some reason or other imagine I am
about to swing back into the gloom and
mysteries of the far-famed Raffles—
but take it from me, THAT is one feat
ure of my exciting career which I trust
is shoved away far back into the grave
yard of oblivion. :■ ■ -
Since leaving here I have been "Raf
fling" continuously, and as It stands
now I'm getting so that I am actually
afraid to go home in the daylight.
In a day or so, after I get my proper ■
bearings restored, I will make an effort I
to get among your real well known and I
capable citizens and therewith dally
along in the good old fashioned style.
Everybody' likes to be talked to, and
if you have the time and feel happy,
just pause a moment and consider the
great possibilities which may be yours
should you happen to stop and say
"How d' y' do" ,to me.
Incidentally, so that you will remem
ber details all right, I might suggest
that the gifted W. X Carruthers, "who
was here with me two years ago, in
now a vision of the past—he couldn't
get : car fare ■to get* back. Instead of
W. K. C. I have inveigled Walter S.
Kellar, a solemn looking youth, to join
me in the campaign which I am about
to spread before you.
Should you ; meet "Little Walter"
treat him kindly and remember that
never before has he treaded either tho
heated sands or A the sacred soil of
Southern California;
In a day or so we will all get re
acquainted. In the meantime watch
this column, as there is never any tell
ing when you may discover your own
gifted personality shining through the
limelight of unexpected publicity.' V
Incidentally I wonder what has be
come of my old trailer, Conductor No.
1139. _,
' That's all—have a cackle and an egg
with - me.
g\ -— - — Swh&Wjmk
iMShcm ' '^,ww OutfßUn for „. ; •
SWtmL-*wr Men. Women.Boys <&> Girls
SfVfcfl 437-439-441-.443 SOUTtt .spring
/^l| Quality
/ k \'/ '" .I|3 rr\ ||
-mm laiKs
Tsffl? I \ ""^^^W -»*■ -y yE SELL MEN' CLOTHES of j
MM x - \ *&££?* * \fa I Qua--ty — hundreds of regular U
-^llll' <-'iAl'" ' s^B \i \i patrons will verify this assertion. |||
HKl*HfUs si In an advertisement we cannot |j|
1-V | ■ ; /i\ ' sBr describe them any better than the man who |i
X«K4 i JRm»fk ' iy** only pretends to keep quality clothes can de- ||j
m tW^^-sl^6^ ' scribe his garments. But seeing is believing \.'\
W HI * ' ißl^ I * —examination shows the difference. And so |;|
M l»!-^pHfel\'l we as-{ y° u to la-<e a l°°k at our window dis- {
i ll x 'll i^l > I plays of clothing this week. Then come in n
\»j^ B [ '}M 11-tVf %Va "' and examine the Stein-Bloch Smart Clothes ||
■B-'^i' if lllllllifs and other good makes for which we are ex- ii
RKj'l lfH^'*cl' elusive distributors in Los Angeles. Positive
'S* ""'' 1 ill* H'M ly the best values in town, at any price from
' H* - j lilt till $15 to $45. Exclusive models, exclusive fab- Ij
■•sll " ' ■111 If] : Iff*-*!f r"-s- exclusive makes. :
' jO^-WUJ We Fill Mail Orders
|! $i5,5i8,520 )(*fiißM t^ffitters^ror^ I
wemihem .Men.Women.Boi/s v* Girts
perfectly -t0ZL439r44K443-SOOTrLSPRIrftV
y,'.~y ' ':'.-■- '~r ' - ■
r— ~ 1
-^ THE
Home Savings Bank
Of Los Angeles
Announces its removal to the Hotel Alexandria building, south
west corner Fifth and Spring Streets, and its consolidation with
the Bank of Los Angeles, which has been doing business
at the above location.
The Combined Capital Will Be . . . $400,000.00 '»
S Surplus and Undivided Profits... 18,000.00
| Total Assets .. . ..... . ... 1,682,924.11
W. F. CALLANDER, Vice President. W. M. BOWEN H. J. GOUDGE
„- A v „. „ .. t GEO. HANNA J. H. BULLARD
10. J. WIGDAL, Vice President. Dp> HJLL F M DOUGLAS i.y
■ H. J. WHITLEY, Vice President. j M HALE L. J. CHRISTOPHER
F. L. THOMPSON, Assistant Cashier. R. E. DOBBS, Assistant Cashier.
r HHs
Si Ll\. L/ WFl^^pSi These pillows contain
d* I C /^^P^l?Si^^[m ers* We challenge any
Jl I 8 «»1 Ymlmholß^mß% dealer in the city to
*¥*•* *"^ ll^S^^^^^ duplicate at this price.
Regular Price $3.00 I^WSMiP
We are showing* below a cut of our 40-lb. FINE CURLED HAIR MATTRESSES. For one week only we will
makt thisf grid? mattress for the low price of $16. You can have your choice of ticking. Our workroom is open
to inspection. We invite you to investigate our goods and workmanship before chasing.
We make a specialty of renovating mattresses. .». X^r I
, IE I 836 So. Main Street
V •—■MM——■■■■-» )
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