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Los Angeles herald. [microfilm reel] (Los Angeles [Calif.]) 1900-1911, April 18, 1909, Image 5

Image and text provided by University of California, Riverside; Riverside, CA

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Every Woman in Los Angeles Knows What That Means
fihe jße&ttoeJk THE CAUSE the result 7heyie&yoek
eSSZJSZ&S: Jfr-->^di We Have Too Many Wool 1000 Women Will Get $25 <s^tKk^ i#n <djnß--£>
TcMAKI FH S^SSseT Suits and Silk Dresses Suits and Dresses in This \CL2A!i^fy^ISJ!SE/
in Stock Sale for $9.75 <4ISUJ2>
/^Wf^^^^^-'^^^^P^- I^^^^^^^ every express. Hence this unprecedented price reduction, which means a speedy exit for these fashionable gar- Jfr^is(& ill^M^^^^^Hm^^^ft't^^^M^^^^&l
V^B^^BEl^^ltsP^B A SpFEmust sustain our well-known reputation for ahead-of-the-season showing of all the new things, YOU "*/|lH^!w*l|ty(s^»V Bt^^ ' Xm 1'
most desirable for wear NOW, at a price which will bring throngs of stylish women hurrying down town as tw"*ti&B&Si&%f3&' |ll^^Mfflß^^BHP£
y^^S^v fjßßM*SS?*or Clever Suits Jsf 1/ If I'M * \f\ \l JT|| VAX 5 Beautihd %2^ s^mbim} /^fi^\ J&S^Wsff
{&BMYJW^^^tWms? Elegantly Tailored §I J 713 I i 111 %\ f? aunm "5 wW^Woml^yjE^
/IBKiMTOII) /W&S Man V Exclusive til If I ; 1 1 W\ (^^ o/ /I »)(IIQM MEM
y9&^m&}/*e£mP Models in if If I J /I 111 I I Messahne, U^^mßJ'>jm£2S^
JBB&/ & C MART SPRING APPAREL that is being worn |/f ffi f :|! :j| Cffi |jj | Jftj|f Monday ...... jftggK^^ &
'*+ -■ ii.. —-^'^ k-3 and will be worn for weeks to come by the most / M. mil \ :'/i|l :jfli //™ML J-> II »tJ*T*yi . „„„,. . * , „ . . .. . , ...
~~ ~~r stylish women. Practical street suits in strictly correct, semi-fit- " ' f (ML I llll' f^rThTll I I A * T Imp°rtaf featU" of this sale 1S the Wlde variety^of • materials, Clor
Wanted ting styles, designed to please the very best dressers who desire to ~■ §« WFfJJlfrf fflBT M !Mifi I 1! effects and styles> makmg every garment practically exclusive for the pur-
First- adhere to Fashion's most exacting demands. ■ ' m m lll'll/i l/lt ; !I.if II If: 111 ' /'/ i ' ''II If li I 1 chaser. There are all the colors of the rainbow and a few more besides, in foulards,
thnr ATERIALS are the serges, panamas and worsteds which are limWi'lM 111 I; 1 1 /I 'If/lill messalines and taffetas. '
ouehlv "■--- so extremelydesirable now and later in the season. Com- ; 1$ MSN ll 111 I ■ill -ill Hi iJ I// I'll I ALL of, these charming gowns show the long, evenly draped, slender lines,
exper- piete range of sizes, including misses' suits 14, 16, 18 and 20 years, M § i/.'/H / 7 ''/fill /I 1 Ilk ''Hill 11/HSI 11 -^*- but there is unlimited choice in designs and trimming effects; yokes of all
ienced a*so extra large sizes. ■ I'll M $!://§ li'-w blvlil ll'■ I a l\\\\\ 'till 111 11/ Mil In I over ' ace or s^ embroidered net and sleeves daintily trimmed to correspond, tai
sales- 'IP HE colors include all the staple shades of blue, brown, tan, it'll fc'A IHIi ' <\u ■ 111 11 /II I'll ii D ' lored buttons and clever arrangements of plaits add much to their attractiveness.
. ladies, A green and black, as well as the popular mixtures. Coats are fi,l/ fff I;'/! $1 9/ foil A, " <!JjM lj lift 111 I ..'' jf I if HESE costumes are equally appropriate for street, calling or evening wear,
in lined in excellent satin and peau de cygne, and the tailoring is in IS In'!]; ft '/// °< ' f°!jllwv'f llll''lll||Hbl V fli \\!J/ii' lifiji-^ / ' now *at tne warmer weather has come to stay, and at least one or two such
millinery , every instance quite up to the high standard which is characteristic Ml! jj/ 'fit 01 J^ofo/|lO?J/l,. .^Jj> rlllvTOwl 'ilvl : (|g^A,addresses are almost a necessity, even if one's social duties are not extensive.
and suit o f a ll garments we sell. A if JI; I; Mp/ dot Mw y •• TJ EMEMBER these are the cleverest, newest styles, sold at this extraordinary
' "VI^E have engaged extra salesladies and are thoroughly organ- v^/A \M$ 1 JyFlJ^ I ' ,-*^*-reduction simply to make room „ «-»-n»«^
Referen- ▼▼ ized to insure prompt attention*, while our floor space is '^^'"'--^g-i lJ> ~ZJ*^~ • WyTl||i" for advance arrivals of Summer x^p^^SjSjLv
ces ~» ample to accommodate a very large •totit'ttv**^ ' Dresses ¥^yv^*^^iggm
(^^Hhfl^ Millinery in the CitviSMPWaMl/M. $*#) tv.,7^^^// SSlllli
i4iW&aF<vV&, i» » «*^^^^v iJ^ R' 7M^i^Zr, lciiiorea etna Bstspl .Ira at km :fi
to $20.00 [ittF^^^ Lingerie ModelsW^^PMl W"f\
Monday Sale Price ... /m^ # i2.00k«/«m«.oo ;W^ Mr /I///1 'i
■'■ftki'-^it-' I"'A'-'S'^JS^""^ rrtHE wonderful popularity of our __'"■/" ~"~T '"^ "\ T\nirt+iov+ AT^ij^ Slt\)lc>etr\ Armm. \>ir I'JN/Av
' \':^W^mk^^L l magnificent Main floor MWin- j^m Louisihcßibbon " daintiest MewStylesto CCOm' \^ mJ/)J
;«lli#c^fefev - fc « f^^ 10? Tr" oroughiyes- qw^»^ • 35 c Quality pany the Smart Spring Suit XfUpl ml
~^^Ss^\l)^Wc\ xr^i • ill tablished during the weeks preced- Tr i V .J\ x-^ *re» . >&PP-^m/ V
M^l\ 1 > V in« faster. Why? Our superb stock J^S^^ === Yitm I'Q'C^*' A new shipment of waists just fresh from the WT W.H
■*s^^TO Ifk '-'F-PR: iVi contains nothing that is common- /^P^-^^j c-;«^, nnniitv 7 rn,i*inv manufacturer and representing the greatest value I |ILV
■^^^^S^^]^ I -'r ) P^e-each hat presents a distinctly M^FT ribbon- 5 inch width- ' ever offered for this popular price. Materials 8l! Iff
Mtiffltlis^ //' c 1/ / oH^nfl/ J^te Wca- '"f M;/Io' U~^W^ all the*new shades used are very fine, firm quality lawn, linen finished ._ W
JKTWnSm" 14"" //^/ Tay^Ts^rfhaYyotZnZ f? ««*ufi*£ /or ,m - mil ,| fa and lft e tom «ob* iom^ «m-
JISS, /C/ *.{ fo have some little redeeming touch that gives it an ""?''?' o . sashes hair summer. f^^P
M2Mm&£T& 'jjM&MiliMr ' exclusive air of its own. ' oows, ere. f&P%k± The tailored models have laundered cuffs and
-v Wf OUR MONDAY MILLINERY OFFERING DaintY JPlili& separate laundered collars of linen, plain or em- JE
"VT3^' stands in a class by itself, unmatched for STYLE, for T/V,;/' JfSl broidered; are in various smart _—i i^^ fe.
■•.;■.■■■■'.■ ■ QUALITY and for extremely low PRICE. Hats that are Veiling fiWmM, plaited styles, some in Gibson effect, y<CM WsWlsX&\
K^:^2 "chic," classy, charming, each deserving of a detailed 50c Value lwb{ssv\ with Docket 'fl^wi ]at£T'-if'r^t£k
r^tt^V J^ description. The large shapes predominate, for they _ W\ftFlw pouter. *^\\ M SH fl /JcgL
r^fc/^X^^^S^ seem to give fust the perfecting touch to a stunning cos- =: 1 &C- ==~ \^Barar s Many pretty lingerie waists are /^L^fl mm \m\ WiJi£m
l/^2\ tume; however, there are many lovely creations in small p re ttv shade? in dotted also included in a variety of attrac- ■ 4iihlFiy • Ufa '
lt--^fk n"(W>W and medium styles. But it is the wealth\ and richness of f-J JoiUnv v<>™ mtrnr tive combinations of lace andinser- gmjm£j\ mm W^iifiui ft
lY^^i -^JSwftJi trimmings that form their chief attraction. Flowers of tive and becomintr %n~r tion > some in the new- Dutch neck lmU£' ■ w'4 S V 4
! V^-SA' <^i^[&'/ every hue, r/c/i/y harmonious ribbons, airy feathers and and^Sc values on sale style with long sleeves finished at^nr |M 1 W|
'X\'-'~-~i3k fYK even fruits, the latest craze. $20.00 hats in this Monday tomorrow at 15c ayd wrist to correspond. Exceptionally /Jji^ hA If!
?.„ f)r Sale $9.75. fomorrow ar i*c a ya. j attractive^ U nr
ijheZleipt/cck ZteTie&yock ?teTletfi/ork 7fie%eo%cdc ttoeTle^ock ftHeXepyock 7he7leMfock 3he7le#yock 3heyieglljfoek 3fie7letfljfock VheXepTfock ZteJtepyoek

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