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Real Estate Movements, Building News and Architecture
Bids Are Taken for Huge Loft Build.
ing on East Third Street.
Numerous Small Structures
In Preparation
Prr mary drawings are being made
for a large mercantile building to be
erected on the west side of Broadway,
north of Seventh street. The building
to start with will be four stories, but
will be raised to ten stories as soon as
business permits.
A theater building for San Pedro ls
being designed, and a two-story brick
hotel structure to bo erected on East
Third street.
plai were completed during the
■week for a two-story brick mercantile
block at Eighth and Hill streets.
Architects in charge are taking bids
for the six-story loft building for the
Crane company on East Third street.
There ere numerous bungalows and
large i [ling houses designed during
the week.
The Builder and Contractor reports
among ilie architects as follows:
Tho plana of Architects Hunt, Eager
& Burns, Laughlln building, for six
public comfort stations to be erected In
the various parks have been approved
by the park commissioners and the
hoard of public works, and a notice for
bids is being prepared. Two will be
built in Hollenbeck park, one 18x33 feet
and one 18x24 feet; two will be built in
Echo park, one 18x33 feet and one 18x24
feet; ono In Sycamore Grove park,
18.6x33.6 feet, and one in Eastlake park,
18x24 feet. With the exception of the
one in Sycamore Grove park, which will
be faced with cobblestones, all will be
of brick construction with cement plas
ter exteriors and have mission tile
roofing, steel lintels, cement floors, etc.
Each building will be equipped with
steel towel closets and wired for elec
tricity. They will be built on concrete
footings and will have a substantial ap
Architects Theodore A. Eisen & Pon.
338 Wilcox building annex, have pre
pared plans for a two-story and base
ment brick mercantile building, llox
120 feet, to be built on the northeast
corner of Eighth and Hill streets for
the Wilcox estate. It will have eight
store rooms on the first floor; the sec
ond floor to be arranged to suit tenant.
It will be faced with glazed and pressed
brick, and have sidewalk lights, copper
store fronts, composition roofing, plate
glass windows, plumbing, gas and elec
tric fixtures.
Extensive Alterations
The same architects have made plans
for extensive rations to the residence
of Emil Olcovich on Burlington avenue.
A stem.' porch with cement floor, hard
wood floors, new bath room with tiled
wainscoting and new genera) interior
trim are provided for.
The same architects are making plans
for additions to the country home of
George Bennett in Ross valley, Marin
They are- also preparing plans of a
two-story brick store and hotel build
ing to be erected on East Third street
near Central avenue. It will be
equipped with all modern features and
havo glazed brick front, galvanized
Iron cornice, composition rooting, plate
glass windows, etc.
Architect F. M. Tyler. 800 Colon
Trust building, is completing plane for
a one-story brick garage, 50x165 feet, to
be erected on the east Bide of Olive
street near Eleventh street for Dr.
William Nevln. It will have pressed t
brick front, plate glass windows, I
wrought iron pate entrance, cement
floor in workroom, tile in show room, |
composition roof and galvanised iron
He Is also drawing plans for a five-|
room bungalow to be erected on Grif
fin avenue for Mrs. <;. W. Sheasby. It
will have stone front porch, cement
steps, beams, panels, etc.
Th. same architect is drawing plans
for a seven-room bungalow to be built
near Second street and Oxford avenue
for G. H. Brooks. It will have arti
ficial stone porch pillars, hardwood
floors, furnace heat, stained pine fin
ish and modern plumbing.
Architect. Scott Quintln, 1201 West
Thirty-liftli street, has let the con
tract to M Anderson for the- construc
tion of a room modern bungalow
for Thomas .1. ippa on lot 141, Ver
mont Avenue Villa tract, on the south
side of Thirty-third street west of Ver
mo avenue. It will have hardwooCi
floors, brick and cement porch, pine
trim and be piped for furnace, gas and
Architects Train & Williams, 26 Ex
change building, have completed the
plans and specifications for the Uni
versity police station, and hey arc now
in the hands of the city building de
partment for approval.
Story Loft
Architects Morgan & Walls, 232 North
Main street, are taking bids for the su
perstructure of the. six-story brick loft
building to be. creel I for the Crane i
company on East Third street. i
The same architects are making plans
of a theater building to be erected at :
San Pedro. It will be equipped for ;
moving picture shows,
They also report satisfactory prog
ress on the city market building it
r\'inth and San Pedro streets. The ce
ment floors are complete In build
X'es. 4 find .". and the root's of the build
ings fronting San Pedro street are on.
Architects Dennis & Farwell and
Train & Williams, associated, are pre- ,
paring the preliminary designs for .1
large mercantile building to be erected
on the west side of Broadway, north of
Seventh street, Pel' the Co-Tenant com
pany. The owners contemplate the ulti
mate construction of a ten-story struc
ture, and the hulldlng will be erected
with that idea in view, although the •
present plans; do not exceed four stories. '■
Architects Hudson & Munsell have '
made plans for certain changes to the :
courtroom occupied by Judge .Monroe.
The same architects have prepared '
plans for additional stee I cells, to he. <'
placed In > lie count y jail. They will 1
comprise twelve single and one large i
cell. :
They are also making plans for addl- 1
tional facilities for taking care nf tlie 1
oil purchased by the county for road 1
purposes. I
Architect 11. M. Patterson, 325 O. T. •
Johnson building, has made plans for a <
IH-story 8-room residence at I lolly- i
wood for A. E. i truce. It will have rus
tic exterior, shingle roof, Oregon pine ]
trim, oak flooring, brick mantel, en- i
ameled plumbing, beam ceilings It hall, l
living and elining rooms, built-in detail i
work, furnace, solar heater, etc, i
Architect Charles F. Helmle, 518 Use- i
ncr building, is preparing plans for a :
Successful Test of Edgar Canyon Wells
Proves Worth of Beaumont Water System
*&^ ___.«**•'"
*■** .01s • h_mT
•r ' V____F-
'-^ i&ll.iflE'-
** as-'
' i-ftfl
i __tt_s_^S_M-H____ir_S ___H__i
B ___-^_P*r__je>\
F nH_K*ejle______H
Si jW ..'.'*' v "*> '\ J %j_J
i Sitiit-A'ii. --*■-'- ■ ■-**■ '■ ■'■'■-■ ■ , . ..,. „,i. '■■■' ■-'-■•• ,*..,..., *»■« -* ■•<- —.___-.-_>>
fl ________B s 9
BE _hL* s_________H
M _—?w_Bß__ ___B _■
'wy** tW » Bj
"^ '' Ef fl_R.
in __jr~ SePal
J| a &, Iff H 9_£_Mpff_B
fl ~_t M - ___*■ __F_<fl __l
___X* S-*' -ft 111 I Bfe-l: _^H _B_jßß't!?i'v'l.'__W__l
Mljjj ||. ____!__■
._____■ - __hßbu_o___^_i^__9__J
THE bottom view la the central
pumping station eel the Beaumont ''
water system In Edgar can
yon, situated about three and one-half
miles due north of Beaumont. The
machinery which is housed In a build
Ing 25x60 feet, represents an outlay of
thousands of dollars, and consists of a
ninety-horse power Western gas en
gine, coupled with a Rand-Ingersoll air
compressor of modern type, From this
compressor air is forced Into the large
container tank shown In the picture
until heavy pressure Is obtained. Then
the air is conveyed In pipes to the bot
tom of tic three big wells and forces
the water to the surface.
The' two upper views show well No.
3 pumping. One view exhibits the great
column of water forced upward when
the compressed air was first turned on,
and the' other shows the normal flow
that was maintained during an eight
hour test, Well No. 3 is twelve Inches
In diameter and about 325 feet deep.
Like, a great many more of Beau
mont's extensive acquisitions and splen-:
did accomplishments, these wells and!
one-story bank building on the corner
of San Pedro and Western avenue,
Moneta. It will be of mission design,
metal tile and composition roof, plate
glass windows, cement .ring, etc.
The Moneta postofflce will also be lo
cated In same building, when com
Architect Thomas Preston. 434 South
Hill street, has drawn plans for two
five-room cottages, 'ere tee be built on
Eighth avenue, near Jefferson street,
for Edward A. Manderfleld, and the
other to be locs ted on Pa loma street,
just east of Flgueroa street, for Charles
A. Southard.
Architect G. .1. Webster, Ml! Mason
building, is drawing plans feu a one
and one-half-story seven room frame
residence to be built at Altadena for
Dr. T. R. Wright, lt will have, cobble
stone foundation and porch, pine irim,
hardwood floors, pressed brick mantel
and built-in bookcases and buffet.
The Milwaukee Building company,
Thomas Fellows, architectural engineer,
317 Wright & Callender building, has
been commissioned to prepare plans for
a one-story fireproof store building, 25
xSO feet, to be constructed at Rlalto
for C. W. Reislnger. It will have hol
low terra col block all-, partitions,
plate glass front windows, cement
flooring, asbestos shingles ami hard
wall plaster, It will be constructed to
obviate the necessity for the use of
ice for cooling purposes.
The Architectural Designing com
pany, Qrosse building, lias completed
plans for a number of One res Idem to
he erected In various parts of the city
for the Young-Hough company, each
to cost about $3000. Also for a ten
room residence to be erected In Ox
ford place for H, M. Allen: cost. $5000.
I equipment are located in the foothills
i north of town and are not visible from
| the depot or town site. They must be
seen and Inspected to be appreciated.
The test recently made was most
gratifying to the water company, to F.
.]. Kimball, western agent for the Cen
tury air lift system, with which the
wells are equipped, and satisfactory to
those who are Interested in the welfare
of Beaumont.
in considering the value of this test
\ It should be remembered that it was
I made in the driest part of the season.
j A test made in the rainy season, or soon
thereafter, would have, told less of the
real value of the wells, as it might he
suspected that the underground supply
was, at such a time, augmented by sur
face run off.
The Twentieth Century system has
j been installed several weeks, but the
I final test and measurements were not
j made until July 19 and 20. The total
horse power of plant No. 1 Is ninety
| live, and the wells were equipped with
j pumps so thai all three could be
i pumped at the same time, using the full
A seven-room residence to be built in
Vermont avenue square for <;. L. Staf
ford; also a $2000 cottage at Fifty
fourth and Flgueroa streets for George
Takes Bids for House
Architect W. B. Edwards, 40 Fast
Colorado street. Pasadena, is taking
bids for the construction of a two
story and attic 13-rooin residence to be
erected on Washington street, near Los
Robles avenue, for Mrs. C. A. Shaub of
Pittsburg. The residence will have con
crete foundation, cellar and porch, with
plastered exterior tee top of first story,
and shingled second story and roof,
The interior trim will be. of pine and
cedar, Oak flooring wil be used in all
first story rooms, with maple for sec
ond story. There will be two pressed
brick and one tile mantel, enameled
work in second story, beamed ceilings,
wainscot, three baths, plate and leaded
glass inflows. Burnl heater, and fur
nace. A feature of the residence will be'
a sun room on the west side, elaborate
ly finished with art and stained glass.
' Architects Davis & lliggs of Po
mona have completed plana for a one
story brick building to be constructed
on Thomas street for George Phillips.
it will contain three store rooms, and
have front of plate glass, composition
roof, plumbing and galvanized iron
skylights and cornice.
architect Fred T. Harris of Redlands
is completing the plans for the build
ing to be. erected by K. C, Wells for
the use of city officials, It will be of
brick, two stories high, and designed
and equipped especially for the needs
of the municipal government.
The Angelus grill has excellent serv
ice and bettor focd. Fourth and Spring.
*wN___________l B?^HBr*s.____ ff-tJB
* JBg^y^B S-^-S_-___-_2t>v \___iS3l _.'-**
M-Mfli-Ml __^____H«f * *3____
_k_t_w_i_2____l-___! Se^j.
';^x^^^^WJS^m\\a\\ BHs ' t3fl__l
AjflUKl__9_F_raH ''mMT, y .....
; _*. """
lfittii_____^_S il.________HS^______-_i&
____g___i tICS ■^"JWH.wS eWßpifli bbbs"
a H_9 ___ti_D_Bß_l -d*^-
~_MHBI ,*3_JB_P^*
■SL^"* 1- _Sri_T: "^*j^w£r ••^^^■'
3fl_9P*' v
amount of horse power of the plant. |
July 19 the engine was run to its full j
capacity for eight and one-half hours
of pumping. The three wells were
pumped simultaneously after the air
pressure was balanced, and the actual
weir measurement showed a flow of
102.9 inches from the three wells. The
water levels average,] 100 feet in the
three well* at the end of the test. As
these wells are 275, 325 and 335 feet deep,
respectively, it will be seen that th";
full capacity of the wells was not j
reached, and that more water could be
obtained if there was more power.
Mr. Kimball says his pumps as now
Installed are designed for handling 60.
50 and -•". Inches respectively, and gives
it as his opinion that with more power
and larger pumps the wells will fur
nish still more water.
The Beaumont Land and Water com
pany is installing a pressure line to
pumping plant from the shaft above,
and when this is completed the amount
of power will be more than doubled,
so that .the three wells can be pumped
to their full capacity. With this addi-
Manchester Heights Proves
Ideal Residence Settlement
son of its close proximity to
Agricultural park, where vast
improvements are being made, and its
convenience to Los Angeles by two
street car lines, la attracting additional
attention this summer and has already
established a reputation as a distinct
residence settlement.
The tract, comprising eighty acres, is
three-fourths sold to date, and the lots
remaining are meeting with a rapid
Street work throughout the tract is
completed and water piped convenient
to every lot. Cement curbs and side
walks are laid, and Monterey pine trees
are planted over the whole extent of
the tract. The trees are on all side
streets, and two are set out In front
of each lot. ,
Convenient to the tract la a large
public school, and excellent church fa
cilities have long since been estab
lished. The soil is a rich, sandy loam,
affording the best advantages for gar
dening and plotting purpose*.
The elevation of Manchester Heights
Is iloO feet. The tract begins at the
southwest corner of Manchester and
Vernon avenue, and commands a mag
nificent view of i.eis Angeles, Holly
wood and the mountains. It lies only
ten minutes' tide, southwest of Agricul
tural park, where there will be a joint
expenditure of some $600,000 by tho
I tlonal power the test shows that the
j three wells will yield at least 156V4
I inches with the present pumps, and
considerably more with larger pumps.
Tuesday, July 20, the wells were tested
! separately, -and careful measurements
were made of the flow of each well
I individually.
Well No. 3 gave a constant flow of
; seventy icnhes, and tho water level re
mained stationary at 113 feet. Well
'■ No. 2 gave a constant flow of fifty-five
i inches, and the water level remained
at 123 feet. Well No. 1 gave a constant
1 flow of thirty-one and one-half inches,
j and the water level remained station
ary at 102 feet. The plant was run
continuously mi that day eight hours.
The pipe lines in Edgar canyon will
, enable the company to take the stream
[ from its be I and carry it in pipes, thus
I saving a loss of water by seepage, and
] evaporation estimated at from 20 to 30
j per cent. The company has not as yet
j done any development work ill Wallace
; or Noble canyons, both of which offer
promising fields for the acquisition of
i large water supplies.
state, city and county. Win these
proposed Improvements materialize
that section is due to witness a re
markable improvement and realty
values will advance rapidly.
Two street car lines, the Strawberry
Park and the San Pedro Interurban,
pass by the tract, affording residents
there a .j-''ont fare to and from 1..08
Angeles. The 5-cent fare has been one
of the strongest •inducements to buy
ers to Invest at Manchester Heights.
The tract lies on a gradual rise and Is
pronounced an Ideal residence settle
ment by Investors and visitors. I
The promoters of the tract, the
Grlder-Hamllton-Oswald company, 225
West Second street, report numerous
sale's of lots in homeseekors for imme
diate improvement. Both sales and
Inquiries at the present time are said
to be even better than during the busy
months of last winter and spring.
< ■ »
Santa Ana Building
SANTA ANA, Aug. -The Abstract
& Title, company lias had plans drawn
for a two-story and basement brick
building, 50x100 feet, to occupy the
southwest corner of Fifth and Main
streets. It will contain two store
rooms on the ground floor, one of which
will be occupied by the abstract com
pany. The upper floor will be fitted up
for offices and apartments. Estimated
cost of the structure is $15,000. Esti
mates arc now being taken.
Style as Outlined in French Renais
sance—No Expense Will Be Spared
to Make Building One of the
Best in America
A magnificent hotel apartment build
ing to be known as the Darby is to be
elected on West Adams street near
Grand avenue.
The structure is to lie five stories an.l
basement, 70 feet wide by 170 feet deep,
82 feet in height from cellar floor and
will contain 130 rooms.
The smallest room will be 14x17 feet,
while the average sine will be 14x2a
feet. -
All rooms are to be finished in white
enamel, with mahogany doors.
In every suite will be mantel and fire
place—for burning gas, coal or wood.
The Darby will .contain seventy
bathrooms—walls, floors and celling* Of
which will be finished in white tiling.
A novel feature of this new hotel
apartment building will consist of built
in wardrobes, five feet -wide and eight
feet high. In all the bathrooms. These
wardrobes will he for ladles' gowns
(full length), hats and other apparel.
The entire building, including bath
rooms, will be equipped with the most
modern plumbing.
There will be a spacious lobby, par
lor, dining room, tea room, grill room,
billiard room, cold storage, kitchen,
barber shop, etc.
The building will be of French
Renaissance style of architecture—a
combination of reinforced concrete,
brick and steel— the most approved
hollow tiling for partitions.
Of Reinforced Concrete
All corridor floors will be of. rein
forced concrete. Every suite will be
■"entirely fireproof against other suites.
Broad porches and balconies will be
provided for the comfort of guests.
The structure Is to set back fifty feet
from property line, which Is in keep
ing with high-class residential re
striction*, and which will allow for
beautiful lawns, shrubbery and flowers.
The location of this model hotel;
apartment building Is on the south side
of West Adams (No, 234), near Grand
avenue, one of the most exclusive resi
dential section! of Los Angeles. This
site Is the old home place of Wesley
Clark, who Is the builder and owner of
the Darby.
Mr. Clark recently t'urchased for
110,000 a lot on West Adams street, one
block farther west, where the old fam
ily residence, consisting of twelve
rooms, will be relocated and fitted up j
with all modern improvements. Work]
on the latter was begun July 15. All j
excavations have been made and rein
forced concrete footings for walls
are in.
Preliminary work on the Darby hotel
apartments is being pushed with all
possible speed, and it Is Mr. Clark's in
tention now to have the structure com
pleted, ready for occupancy, by Febru
ary 1, 1910.
Named for Mother
This splendid new structure is to be
called the Darby because of this hav
ing been Mr. Clark's mother's maiden
The building will lie so arranged that
It can be used exclusively as a hotel,
entirely as apartments, or as a combi
nation of both. No hotel iii California
will surpass It In appearance, appoint
ment, interior and exterior finish.
Mr. Clark, being questioned as to the
probable cost of the Darby, replied
that cost is a secondary consideration
—that no expense will be spared in
making it a model hotel apartment in
every particular, and that nothing will
be omitted which will add to the com
fort and convenience of guests.
«■> >
MAKE $34,000 TOTAL
The Edwards & Wlldey company re
ports the following sales for the past
From John H. Coverley to Emma D.
Schulthls, the southwest corner of Six
teenth street and Santa Fe avenue, be
ing 35 feet on Santa Fe by 100 feet deep,
Improved with six-room bouse; consid
eration, $4000. Purchased for an in
From E. M. Brubaker to Bruce Gor
don Klngsley, lot 50x89 feet, improved
with a six-room cottage at 1961 Park
Grove avenue; consideration, $5000.
Purchased for a home.
From D. E. Reaburn too. D. Hoover,
lot 17 in block A of the Westminster
Place tract, being a lot 60x150 feet on
Manhattan, between Wilsblre boule
vard and Sixth street; consideration,
$2200. Will be improved at once with a
modern nine-room residence.
Mrs. 1.. A. John to W. A. White, lot
6 In block 6 of the West Adams and
Jefferson Street tract, being a lot 50x135
feet on Twenty-ninth place, between
Cimarron and Arlington streets; con
sideration, $1.00.
For R. A. Ayers to H. 11. Bennett,
lot 8 in block 1 of the Vermont Ave
nue Square tract, being a lot 5nx148
feet on Forty-fifth atreet, near Ver
mont; ; consideration, $1100,
For G. Le. Louden to 1.. H. James, lot
50x135 feet, improved with a new mod
ern eight-room house, at 2703 West
Ninth street; consideration, $8000. Pur
chased for a permanent residence.
For James H. Hurln to H. Q. Hill,
lot II In block A of Westminster place,
being a lot 60x150 feet on the southeast
corner of Manhattan and Fifth streets;
Consideration, $2400. Bought for an in
For W. W. Nuzum to Philip J. Floss,
a five-acre orange grove in Covina, Im
proved with a modern six-room bunga
low, situated on Rowland avenue, near
Azusa; consideration, $9000. The trove
Is about equally divided between navels
and Valenclas, all In full bearing, and
Is regarded as one of the best five-acre
properties in the Covina'dlstrlct.
Plans for the San Diego State Nor
mal Training school have been com
pleted by State Engineer Ellery, who
will soon advertise for proposals for
construction of the building. The
structure will be a class A building of
reinforced concrete. It will bo two
stories high and will contain sixteen
class rooms. The state legislature ap
propriated $55,000, which Is now avail
able, $50,000 for construction and $5000
for equipment. ;9i__l_________i
Artesian Flow In Edgar Canyon,
Amounting to More Than 150
. Miner's Inches, Interests
Picnic Party
Beaumont, the thriving fruit growing
colony In Riverside county, commem
orated its second anniversary Monday,
August 2, with a homeseekers' day cel
ebration, in which over 800 persons
from Beaumont and Los Angeles par
ticipated. Most of these were persons
who have bought Beaumont property
from the Beaumont Land and Water
company, through whose efforts the
town and valley have been successful
ly developed.
A striking feature of the celebration
was a parade nearly a mile long that
started from the postofflce at 10
o'clock, and for three 'moved In
and through the ranches in the valley.
Nearly every vehicle In the district
was put into service, and the Beaumont
band, a strictly home product, headed
the procession.
Participants in the parade were given
an opportunity to get face to face with
the extensive agricultural and building
development that has taken place In
the past two years on the lands lying
I between the townsite and the foot
hills en the north. This property,
which was two years ago only dry
farmed grain land in undivided par
cels of from 1000 to 2000 acres, has now
been subdivided Into five and ten aero
plots, piped with steel and cement
mains conveying water to each piece
and connected with the town by streets
sixty feet wide and over twenty miles
long. Fully forty houses have recently
been erected where there were no
bouses before, and Improvements made
by the new linmoseekcrs aggregating
in value fully $100,000.
Three hours were consumed in tin
inspection of the lands, and at 1
o'clock the parade reached the artesian
shaft in Edgar canyon above Mellen'a
ranch, where the pumps were started
and a demonstration made of the
heavy flow of water, amounting to over
150 miners' inches. Afterward a drive
was made down Edgar canyon to thu
picnic grounds, where a fine lunch was
provided by the land company. Eight
een hundred sandwiches, thirty gallon.*
of Ice cream, 300 pounds of cake and
100 gallons of coffee were required to
feed the guests.
Speeches In the Canyon
After dinner speeches were made by
j C. B. Eyer, on behalf of the land com
pany, followed by State Senator Miguel
Est iidillo. who delivered the principal
address of the day. . Father I* P.
Golden. Rev. Herbert Espy, Judge
Watson and Supervisor A. B. Kimball
of Riverside county also spoke. Each
of the speakers commended the won
derful resources of the district and the
commendable efforts of the officers of
the land, company, C. B. Eyer, K. it.
Smoot and John D. Heavls, who during
the past two years had devoted their
time and attention to the development
of water and lands.
Following the speaking the new
Twentieth Century air lift pumping
plant of the water company .was put
Into operation and the three deep
drilled wells nearby pumped to their
capacity. A column of water seventy
feet high was forced from well No. 3
when the air was first turned on, and
a normal flow ten feet high maintained
for over three hours. The test showed
a capacity of over 120 miners' inches
from the two wells.
Steps are now being taken to per
petuate homeseekers' day by making it
an annual affair on August 2 each
year. A meeting will he held at Beau
mont this week to discuss the ques
tion, at which definite action will be
The McCarthy company reports unusual In
terest taken by heeiuesce'ke. rs and Investors
In all of Its city tracts at the present time.
During the past week lot sales In the lie*
Carthy company's new Normsnetle Square tract
and Its other tracts total $22,500.
The following sales have been made:
<>. 8. Bailer, lot 12, block I. on Brighton,
near Fifty-first street, for $750.
W. I. Hamlin, lot 11, block 10, Fifty-first
street, near Halldale avenue, for $750. .
.1. 8. Mcnefec, lot 1, block 9, at Normandie
and Wfty-flrst place, for $1800.
C. 11. Clsrluon, lot 1, block 6. at Halldale
and Fifty-first, for $955.
W. A. Myites, lot 15, block 9 and lot 18. block
111. on Halldale, near Flfty-flrst place, for $1500.
Katherine small, lot 10, Mock 1, at Brighton
and Flfty-llrst place, for $1450.
In the McCarthy company's Moneta-Manches
ter avenues and Main st.eet tract:
C. Keshan, lot 9, block C, MM; R. A. Brown,
lot 46, block B. $47.'.: W. H. Brown, lots 8,
42 and 45. block C, $1500.
T. K. grown and Mabel Jones, lots 5 and 6,
block C, ISKW; N. Thomas, lot li, block B, $450:
('. Waller,, tot 14, block B. MM; W. A. Bum
set, lot 6, block B. flvo-room bungalow, $1400;
J, Im Zessau, lot 6, block B. five-room bunga
low, $1400; 11. Sparks, lot 7, block B, flve
rsom bungalow, $1400.
]n the McCarthy company's Florence avenue
heights: .
William Rommel, builder, lot 18, 22, 40,' 4«
and 17. block B. $3375: Sam Friedman, builder,
lot! SO, S3, 63, 26 and 27, block B. $3600; W. A.
Perth, lots 45. 46, 53 and 54, block 6. $3650.
In tic- McCarthy company's Greater Los
Angeles tract:
W. E. Gibson, lots 7 and 8, block D. $1401;
A. W. Cooper, lot 38. block 8, $800; M. 11.
Muscott, 237 East Sixty-fifth street, bungalow,
$2150. , '■
Pattern and Lonsley report increasing demand
for property In the Inglewood rancho. This
property Is considered very desirable by home
buyers as well as Investors, as the tract Is
highly Improved, all the streets being planted
to black acacia trees, camphor and palms,
and an abundant supply of pure water is
piped to every acre. Following arc the sales
for the past week:
M. O. Hilly, Olio acre on Palm street. $3„,;
Frank Morris, one acre on Kenwood street,
$300; Mrs. Susie l.e.ar. three acres at Wlnton
and Kenwood streets. $800; D. A. Bays, one
acre "ii Oak street, $450; Mrs. Anna Hoffman,
three acres on Oak street, $1350; Mrs. A. B.
Conway, one acre on Oak street, $460; Adam
Wlndllng, two acres on Oak street, $000; W. T.
Phillips, one acre on Oak street, $450; Aubry
Brooks, one acre on Cedar street, $450: Charles ,
Joslyn, one.acre on Cedar siree.t, $450; Laura
McPraud, one sort at Ash and Wlnton streets,
ISM. .;, i' „ ..:'".
e» ■ »
' If you want to go east, C. Haydark, Agt.
Illinois Central B. It., 11$ W. Sixth street.
.Ht,, un iH -.&A:+^r!MmMmmmmVMm.*lfitta!i;i\.-. >..

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