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Los Angeles herald. [microfilm reel] (Los Angeles [Calif.]) 1900-1911, December 19, 1909, Image 5

Image and text provided by University of California, Riverside; Riverside, CA

Persistent link: https://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/lccn/sn85042462/1909-12-19/ed-1/seq-5/

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■&r \\w ~ Wh /^ Los jc\tigelcs -^Ip^f^ Leading l/^^^\\ fk -^ft
f'^^^lW^^^ -€^L -: ■' >';-XV'':/ npIIIS large and exclusive Specialty Shop for women has not attained the success '^^^^^Pf^^P^^^^^T^^^i^fT^^^^""-^^^lViJ' t^vSl T*lLa
~^^^l<^3^===^^s^^^^^ f^'\ -1 and popularity it now enjoys by "talk," but by facts. From the first we deter- ; J^Bffm^A%)Pflf :k- W^^zM J^ %
<StoWm '^ \V if" Wit W\'%\ mined to sell nothing but the best—garments which would thoroughly satisfy the i-t W^MM^ TVI BlE*^Km^^H B '**%»
W\?MA iK^WnM^^M Wsr ,lfe \ highest ideals of women of cultivated tastes and stylish discrimination. ! IV^^S^^mJfißSsS^^^mWßSßSmS JV»I
ISf JSl\l ?i'|lfe m N With unremitting v.gilance born of long experience, we guard our patrons' in- M^^^^^W^M JPPIw V
V' yf f'^l 4 fe^^Sij//#l^^ V^l^ 4) lerests- Ever y detail of fabric ' desin and tailorin is subjected to a merciless scru- j nrm^r^mm_J£l A^f#>^-- Wyff,. *\A
»siS§ )Vf'l I wf^/ tiny> °nly 'n thiS Way °an WC maintain °Ur well-earned reputation for strictly V] Xsih 'W
'V /j||y 7iJ ft''lk Viff/fw ===^^* * VB'li^* ttw^JlV Another reason for our supremacy in our chosen field is this important fact— "S"\f' M. %' 'mJ/\ /WM 1 Il\'^vl/^>"W v'
M!\ ' V|® |i /fl /'Prll/^^^ \^Sl^ f/ jiii^^'that any amount invested will purchase more quality — more style — more RE A L . :<ty''i , ; c\___Jr' ■wA i'^^~V : f^' wf** V#-'^'f J^/5
Vll M Ir^ X^i '|*;%V =/- ;|^>;W^fM 1^ l%1T"lf But one tnorougnly satisfied customer is worth more than a page of printed tl^ 1^ o^'*^\ ;M W^l Al\i V '^'S^^^'" d
'70 Modish Winter Millinery ~?s~\ 337-9 S. BROADWAY 1 i:'a^^'""e^i:';'':'^^i'(;' xl 'I<t' J3f
l\-^d> A collection of styi- <[* P^ £" /^^^\ tw^f^k - *T?^L (Cll^ »1 f^i" rf» n A t! «-. jd&sck 2*^&&ti3!*ilf' =-- LVllllWery J/£y
A^y lsh "lil"n<>ry tlmt r'.''" wy* /O / f((tC(^^^K^^yj tiii^© w)ir^ll© <^r Leas ffM^®[email protected] mM% r<^^t^!/ r=r:*iis^r-^ Irf
"\ -*&■ l>eftuty'of deslßn ln n"tlif' fliiw^^^^^At'^^^^^M^^^^^/' / 4T*iuL * 8T ~W~W A- A—^& wf^^^s^" -^*SSsr^\v vJ «\ ■•v^B
S/C^T flYirl '$k*i Ch Hills* 01 <»Wp/ ftpl Kw/////n^ cry offerin S s of lllS IcJ^ "^V^^HbJ '<^^^ / clearance sale Monday. J*-^l'
6v tllltl \4pJL\J $§S$L "• ?^ iwFmifaliUl season are these charm- rs^^/£^J ' 1
J^^ ™eautifi'l, Plumes in *\w/ Iwllm^U^ ing creations at...... IhSS^Wy f^UotJOIT DrP CQ O C Cs>/.,V>/ IMnM//mi £tl
«|\» JJ black, whit.- and a full i^^«N^ HtW*^ - I^^^W^^ r^^. V^ f^t> |/t^# JLSB I>*3> %3 t^*s iJpCCICII LVLOtICIUV 4?* (^
"\ 1* a"y *3roa^ > linndKonin el'- y'tfi^lill Will Y^?il/ /^Sri^ie/tlLßt^ /I /"V JV'lt f '
Jj^r T^dilOVed SuitS— Special Monday ,^^p^^fe^ thmk^o^- any-y> "''T^.u ti i'^s® 1^ im^^^\ <
|ir U j^^S) p^'Lbnuy 1 -^"'S^^g^ /^^sH^ 1 1 ''- IT/l^lßf Velvet Dresses Drop in Price &X
i^T (^^^^P^ you would never associate in your fißi^^Wffi 4\ fj /^ I jji Tj ICH velvet frocks at a poverty-stricken price tomorrow! his not W^
jßp^ own mind with a $15 price tag. wEJhK'7 \\ f I "^ V "il Iff j1 I IV probable that you would'be interested in them if they were made to JT
TV I_ f • »11 ill/ I ''l' y^^^if 111 sell for $19.50, but these are more costly models that have dropped part of jX^fM
jf Exceptionals2sTailoredSuits >WUL iy ; ■« j9U/ j| ps,X"-r"^tt 1 Q.5O*K
\ZOf . C ELECT your suit from this special Monday offering at $25 and you will V^lj Jf |(^V m&^M f i> son in which to wear them and 'tomorrow's price U JW
jfc-^ O find yourself the possessor of a suit that has a distinct —^ yJ'Mffl- ' 1- WuKbs%Xs \ \Mk nnlv • "^~ BP f*
■pr individuality of its own not often possible to procure at % j^ JiriV'mn ' '|^ [JijiJ^ II A. JL
\*f this price, 'indeed, many of these suits have been greatly Jr "%V. il/Ull ! |^^ JsSL&JPjSSk I -»-**** •T -^A
vi^ jsiThJ $""ro rankTSmorrot." '.'!".'..'h^."•'" —*-* *$mm\ V $WmmLi f splendid Black Broadcloth Coats £W^
§> Special Sale Extra Size Suits "jM\ i L 'iWf L Fu" t«*» sa"n Wncd r"rous"°u' if
5Jf o 1'I*,™ 0'lari!c"7 k. ;."""• ss — wI'S !Ur : H -n-. «.i! =.., «*|w •> «»
IT S nil SS3.: ser B e „., m . »>■ Jl•■ I X.. —fSflll I IP 'i " — ''—"> 1"" * ?-" I^T, T. f f.^
>^J3'' worsteds in k v/idc variety of fashionable shades for women m % /^ ET i'lvlliJi! i<} Ip.JT- "^SiiL -^ I^l|j|. The number is, of course, limited, but there are plenty ol J^ *£\
i|v. who require sizes larger than are ordinarily carried in**' j/s? i^» \\ll^p^|™«JS^^' ""^^^pSBS^S^SL llu coats for tomorrow at w£ U
■pP ready-to-wear garments. Extraordinary Mttm \^F SlJ*^ ' *^ j|
•» * values at UjotCnnUoi Rich Elegance T^^Ujyjj^^^^ This Is a Season of Top Coats *r\*ll
F^>Wf Tofl^ o/ I^/cfi Elegance This Is a Season °> loP Coats *W
<L* rriHESEhave been aptly described as "Coats of Elo- Petticoats Fit for a Princess RUT before you make your selection be sure to make *g¥
Jgf T H£^ZA£dtkey express the most luxuri- m fmnters rj HE fact that & I£VS!L??S*^ WP
WL ous ideas of famous coat designers. Superb, full {jr give an ex- j^j r-rz^fl I ***» a.re, rib- complete in styles and sizes from the sturay tiveea to yr I
TV -**r*jrj length garments, richly lined zvith clamation of /^Ma) \ I /fISB jff u t bon tied and the elegant velvet and velours. /^--s .-\ul
Vjjr Jm*p£^ beautiful silk. delight when they fdWMJ Bsf^^ makes them much TyZ n U f^hn^^TiinCF (V\^m <^^
1W mW^ll>;. oeautiful stlk. discover th ese «X BWZ^J makes them much J>Js*h f^h mrH-lnhiCr Xw«#^ j&?C
ke ,- ttx . , ttt - , beautiful silk pet- fiSOQI)/Ml*?^^^v more attractive J\tCtl KjdlilTlillil^ 'kSS^Sm J\
V** **mL i Many a Dainty Waist ncoats that may'SMP' aMif^ I'^.fi! 1 Furs SsW M
ivy. jEp&fcf—) v . >^« • t • be found to match VzJ£> >?*>^S^^Hl /<y mosf excellent A 1 Ui3 «HE* tT^ V[>
fry -*4j^S« On the Christmas List every gown, in yJssWJin (i"alit y and a " J^r/^. Z^
YV* an >»"; y Bin » Dresden? bro- n! —*^$P*// truly wonderful Are an Ideal Gift fQSKh \. Ai
1^ ,^^^»«v ANDmanyadaintvgirlamlwomauw.il "adtd effects and /fe^^S/ value att h is Are Otl Ideal Utjt /MmwW\ ASS
V«r MlWm&wA A bless good old St. Nick far remembering the loveliest tints rTW^" special Christmas FV FTi in the memory of woman have /MwSx^ jto-TsT
¥«* j®RP^*Wj n^elabnr^^n:^^^ Sv«TdulJcd at ...... _ sale price. N Wn ,o aUn^n-e, van.Und (j| »\ \
-V^m. \™lSSillii J other waists, including $1.50 white tailored Gloves of GIoVC srarfs arc- am|,lc n siz^ the lar^ at. ,j T^»>
& IPti boxes. rUdy for the Christmas tree! > «&«.»<! M J»^l e;£%, illlliSE:;:'S ?W^ #|
T^: Skirts You'll Like to Wear . A^^rat J^-^SrSJSSSS llolitlay seasoil- ■
V^jF |N the first place, the prices will piease you, but that would be of sin, Wi S- \^V d^Wi themselves and YOU Should ChOOSe Them Here jJT -d£^T
Wff J. iittlc consequence were it not (op the fact that the skirts are cor- tar.ia, peacock, /f^Vll % ILr *hJ§t much more satis- w -«--r , , - , •, , . , , jf «r
W* rectly cut in the newest and most correct styles. the materials are navy, Cham- C^O%X &£&££& \\T " ,'' ''''r'r" "n '"^'^ f'n 'w °'n ''■ M
|fo: strictly high grade, therefore serviceable^ and the:, tailoring is first- P end erl pink, lav- \. itff^ £r? '11l 1 fnXoOormore vantage of KNOWING that the furs you buy are genuine ad- wm /•
|fo: strictly high grade, therefore serviceable and the tailoring is first- PJg • fc • w fe^f Jfe^Vifcl Par SI 00or more vantage o KNOWING that the furs you buy are genuine and reli- f('
ff^ class in every respect. our skirt needs economically provided for crem pearl . W J&^W\ •- and good aTany able? 8 The prices range from single muffs and scarfs as low as $4.50 -\i
»)j^ hCr A Special Lot of Black Silk Skirts in small sizes at $9.75. . Zd'wlUt"'. "^ j| P"^! timC ""'" <" cd' '" S"pCrb SCtS of black lynx and o.her more costly furs. . W
g^^^^"^^^^ «4^ %Q^ %W^ #|

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