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m Store Closed All Day New Year's rat »|^^^^Mra^
fI Am !Qlfi IS HERE' with its spotless pa 2 es ' read to' chronicle the events of the fBI IlKi^^^^Bß^^^raj IM i
coming year. The books of 1909 are closed, but what this store has ac- _ '^K^
W^jlß have been apparent in the vital'forces of the store's growth. Policies have been l^^S E^B^^^l^^^P^^Sl HW^ IL/iV
yA^I adopted and have already taken deep root. During the coming year they will t|>\v V^(
Irani I When Arthur Letts pioneered the corner of Fourth and Broadway, almost \v ■"' SXo^^^^^^^^^^^S\^^X NlSi
prAM 114 years ago, he little realized that in such a short time his would be the quid- V\ /Kf^^pS^^^ f An! (
a\J,j\l| ing hand of one of the greatest merchandising organizations on the Pacific coast. SSS^T* N,v. S^^^^V^< ■ l/itll I
y^JJI His ambitions, his business foresight and his enthusiasm have been the pro- r" ■ _^lL—~~~~~**^^ -^r^^^>/' F/li I
/All 9 Pel^& forces back of this business, continually driving it forward and upward. —~^-e*T-Z---*^^^^^»lw^^fe At
//ajJJ Growth / Advertising _*t t^
B^A. 4<l cl The store's growth has been marvelousalmost meteoric. What has been the cause ~ " ~ ' ' ~ * , „,,-„, . . M oll , n. lc :„ fl - c I L >*^^
Ry^-41 M <•< „ T t.» „ . , /. , , *v- , „ k , , . .1 , , ,i„ , „„i,i It has been said that the Broadway is a child of advertising. l\ew JJUSineSS Ky^ >ffl
iV - ll H of it all —Luck? No, indeed, for do you think that luck is the element that would „ , , « •'* . b „ ■ -^.-^. H, Iff VI
13 fill , ... • .• f .ii- . . , ', v -^ 4. 111; „, n ii, it may better be said that the Broadway has. thrived because Hours for 1910 H ill ••-«
ItX JJ H bund an organization of this kind and have it grow stronger, broader, bigger and bet- . -', , , , , „ . •> , """"' /w/ j^± ' ii« ,j^
BB , <JyJ H . 4-1 v v •/ - „ ot straightforward, clean-cut, direct-from-the-shoulder adver- „,, . . ... „, X L^fc'Tiß '
■ ATI B ter as the years go by v A . . ° T „ . , , , , ' . , , , Ihe progressive spirit of the a H^>C^
M^\^ § / * tising. In this branch of the business particularly, the past _ Broadway is best reflected m | F/fNI
fkftJH -w-? J -4-* CV ' twelve months has seen wonderful development. By the eyste- , the liberal and broad-minded jpif J )
l//rs^ 1) Jkv OU>nClCi''[l'OJn> i^TOn^eS niatic checking and rechecking of newspaper copy and display ideals of Arthur Letts, when J |r/f\ y"j^t
Yf la. I , '" signs, by the careful guarding of every statement/so that in a recent banquet given to | I>^
F'■A> I ' This business has grcyivn because it has kept faith with the publicbecause it is striv- exaggeration is almost impossible, we are safeguarding our the drivers of our delivery 'At I
Y//fl 1 ing always to give best dollar for dollar merchandise—because it is based upon broad basic principles of Truth, Courtesy, Liberality, Value, in a way T^^^Lv^^t^aiV,™ :\ 'AVJ
/hi B "V lineS_the f7 ldati°n, StoneS °f J£H& COUrtCBy' Liberalit^' that has seldom, if"^eT, b^Tlt7e,nl^e7w aTyTther store. seryices during the past hoi? '| J ICI
all] i rT"Lm /~\l Al ~\7~ This, new ear we intend to make straightforward adver- day season, he said: s hU.
■ llJi B Lite KJldi YeCtr tising a greater feature than ever. We believe that it is possi- "It has ever been my -. ij" ■-■^■l
■L^SaJ 1 = ble for a store to be absolutely honest in every single state- policy to lessen the hours of "W<£k -
■ ABI Ii 'ii; -r~i , m .7. . , . ' . v r 4.v 4 - v a- • ~ l 4.1. -4. l .... 4. labor of those who are em- I -y 11 vf'
■ ■ \g g Jhe year 1909 has shown advancement in every branch of the store s merchandising ment, whether it be quantity, quality, circumstance or reason. ployed by mc I want you ' i mm
I^Tffl 1 system, betterment in stocks, betterment in service, betterment in value giving. A We are exploding the theory that the people like to be fooled. all to have opportunity to en- ■ I GFW^I i
WmJrAm R strong, healthy/substantial year, which has shown improvement in all lines. . . f - „ hi P _ K . |l qiirmfiine iED I^4
V^Afl a -' ■ ' -We appreciate more than we can say the liberal patronage joy bods blessed sunsnine g* fey/W^i
//Ml rr, g T.J -tt .V of our customers during the past year. We will strive during more and more With this |JmVI i
4A w\ H T Ptry l\7/s*mut \/s%s~wav i*. . .t. i n. i. i- thought in mind, I have a F<# L ttl
FAt ] 1 J- he IX eW YeCir the c°mi"g- year to prove more worthy from the merchadise Surprise for "yo" '.„ the an . ;If kM
f\ \^B B '' N and service standpoints. This policy of honest advertising nouncement that BEGIN- > J / 1 ll
I* i I*l 1 In 1910 weVe going to put our best foot forward—we're going to broaden still more, to will be the tie that binds us closer and closer to your interests. NING JAN. IST, THE • I # A\l
f /v\\j i expand, to /develop, because we will study more carefully than ever every detail of the May it become a matter of civic pride. BROADWAY DEPART- | ,/\^a
' f ■/\V> I great merchandising profession (for it is a profession). ' ,„, „, ,r , _ „ MENT STORE WILL j f/\?\\
jKX. I We ale going to say at the close of 1910, "We are twelve months stronger than "DontWOrry,WatCh USGrOW OPEN AT 8:30 A. M. AND | Pa\%J*
H / r\\a i we were At the beginning of the year. We are more vigorous, more active, more -si -v * ... CLOSE AT 5:30 P. M." ; |#/7\%f
II fill I wide-aw/ike—we are abreast of the times in everything that pertains to good mer- A Happy and Prosperous New Year to All \ ; _ ; 1 fi7fjll
l%Jf \\*m D chandismg and good service." - ■ ;"'' ■"••■ - "j Hr^,tw|J*:'
V * Vft. H offices in Paris, Berlin, Chemnitz and Florence, and it is in 1910 that our patrons will X^^r «.**--*« n *....* *r\ Aj&e*^§ a #?^ . »,,,.» /•-« >» J... §2&i a*, *• r-, ~~ "" I#AI il
[/AN 1 de/ive the real benefit from the broadening of the past year. \ HOME 10571. 8DWY.4944?^ * BROADWAY COR. 4 TH. LOS ANGELES. frVfvJ

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