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Los Angeles herald. [microfilm reel] (Los Angeles [Calif.]) 1900-1911, January 02, 1910, Image 50

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The delight which a little girl some
times experiences in getting hold of a
doll that belonged to her mother when
she was a little girl—a quaint, china
headed and china-haired little creat
ure, with low neck and short sleeves
and very full ruffled skirt—is a tame
thing when compared with the feel
ings that any girl must experience
over a doll now in the British mu
seum. This doll is almost 3000 years
When some archaeologists were ex
ploring an ancient Egyptian royal
tomb they came upon a sarcophagus
containing the mummy of a little prin
cess 7 years old. She was dressed and
Interred In a manner befitting her
rank, and In her arms was found a
little "'ooden doll.
The inscription gave the name, rank
and i ge of the little girl and the date
of he. death, but it said nothing about
the quaint little wooden Egyptian
doll. This, however, told its own
story. It was so tightly clasped in
the arms of the mummy that it was
evidsnt that the child had died with
her beloved doll in her arms.
The simple pathos of this story has
touched many hearts, after thousands
of years. The doll occupies a place In
a glass case in the British museum,
and there a great many children have
gone to look at —Youth's Compan
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Home of W. Rankin Good, Watts
Residence of David Elcoat. Watts
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Residence of S. J. Lord, Watts
The mascot of the Inverness railway
men passed away recently, in the
shape of a brown trout, whose life his
tory was somewhat peculiar. In the
Field a correspondent says that the
fish had been landed at Millburn by
the son of Mr. McDonald, engine driv
er, was kept alive and soon became a
great pet. Upward of ten years ago
the engine driver had It transferred
to the tank of his engine, and It has
since passed a somewhat curious ex
istence in the tanks of three separate
railway engines. The trout was so
tame that it would feed from the en
gine driver's hand, and when a pail
was dropped Into the tank to take it
out would flop Into It at once.
Occasionally the driver took his pet
home with him, and on the last occa
sion that he did so an accident hap
pened—a box of matches had fallen
into the tank with the result that the
trout was poisoned. The trout Is la
mented by all the railway men. It
traveled during Its stay in the engine
tank thousands of miles, and once,
when there was a snow block and the
water ran down, was only saved by
pouring water sparingly over It. The
fish is a beautifully spotted specimen,
and, having such a reputation, is being
preserved by Messrs. McLeay & Sons
of Inverness. Its ten years' residence
in a railway tank has made it famous,
and it Is intended to transfer It to
some museum.
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the cut of whose office and store build
ings appears with this article, is one
of the pioneer business enterprises of
Watts. Coming here In 1905 they
bought out W. I. Ferris & Co. Watts
then had a population of 150 persons.
The company formulated a plan of
"easy payments," which enabled those
desiring nouses in the little settlement,
to secure their material and to build
and occupy their homes at once. These
Inducements proved of great benefit
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Residence of George Carolus, Watts
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BJEjHRMP^I^WmH *k**Wlta**** ** *"' —^^*H<H_Pfc W*ffW*
New Methodist Church and Parsonage, Watts
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/.Tk-. ■•;•*:*.-■; : «..,, „ ■■■ < ~.. A " ,»■•■ :ft ■>>««*. V.-r*-^ J^^j^^»t*_^lf4>l :'w *■■■'"'*■* "ft;^'' ■•"■"*•:* r- ?"."]
Residence of Jacob W. Sherner, Watts
JANUARY 2. 1910.
to both place and people. The mem
bers of the Watts Lumber Company
are W. H. Turner, president and gen
eral manager; W. T. Wheatly (of the
Consolidated Lumber company), secre
tary, and Alfred W. Allen, counsel. The
firm has two stores on Main street,
one for general hardware and stoves,
the other for their office and their
large and complete line of plumbing
and paints, etc. They do a good local

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