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News of the Mines and Oil Fields
Smuggler and Pioneer Leasers Report]
Twelve-Inch Vein of Ore Assaying
$250 Gold —Omaha Lease
Gets $79 Ore
—11. M. Campbell of Keno has uncov
ered a large body of easily mined ore
northwest Of camp and carries gold,
silver, lead, copper and iron in pay
quantities. It is a new discovery but
a few days old, and therefore not much
development work has been accom
Still another boost for the camp was
brought In by M. A. Hanks, formerly
..£ Contact. He, with G. J. Hawes and
.1. H. Miller, have taken a lease on
parts of the Smuggler and Pioneer
claims belonging to the Buzzard group
and lying less than a mile north. Mr.
Hanks says that they have twelve
inches of ore assaying $250 gold to the
ton and below the body is eighteen j
Inches of gangue matter carrying na
tive silver. Although at work less than
two weeks they are sacking ore.
Closer la to the town Walter Murray,
lousing on block 9 of the Nevada
< miaha company's estate and the north
Imlf ot the Valley View claim, has
opened eighteen Inches of ore that as
says $79 gold to the ton. It is a well
defined ledge in the quartzite. In order
to more speedily get depth and be
under cover during the bad weather
he is running a crosscut tunnel and
while doing this has cut another ledge
which looks about as good as the first.
He will-be sacking ore when he reaches
the latter, which has been traced by
F. P. Crews through one corner of the
Fortune, which he is working under
lease, and it is believed its trend is
into the Golden Ledge fraction, belong
ing to Duncan and West.
Assay on Molybdenite
The rock carrying the molybdenite
nnd fourd in the Parker tunnel last
week, lvaj assayed for gold and re
turned a value of $3.20. The per cent
of molybdenite, it is expected, will be
determined by the mining department
of the Nevada university, to which in
stitution a specimen was sent through
J. A. Parker of Reno.
Another ledge, not revealed on the
surface, has been cut in the tunnel of
iho Bannock Mining and Leasing com
pany. It is from four to six feet wide
rind pans well; no assays have as yet
been returned on it. In the high-grade
shaft the miners are following the
ledge into the hill and every shot
brings down rock that pans coarse
8 ,,1, lin profusion, although none is
visible to the eye. The free gold still
liolris out in the bottom.
Hereafter it will not be necessary
to add to one's letters to Bannock, via
Battle Mountain, for the Bannock post
office was opened on December 11.
The sagebrush rustlers, who have
been relieving the hills and flats of
their vegetation in order to keep Ban
nockites warm because of a coal fam
ine which has lasted three weeks, were
temporarily relieved of their labors
Saturday when two tons of coal were
brought in by Percy Fcltham, and no
one kicked at paying at the rate of
$20 a ton.
BAKERSFIELiD, Jan. 3.—The Pro
ducers' Transportation company's pipe
line is now laid into the edge of the
Kern river field, and the work will be
completed within a very few days. The
line Is practically continuous from
Kern river to McKlttrlck, and between
that point and Junction there is only
a small gap. Also between Junction |
and Port Hartford thore remains yt a
few miles of pipe to put in place. The
pipe is also strung between McKittrhk
and Maricopa, and the work of ditch
ing will be rushed.
The pumps are all on the ground for
the stations, and the building material
also is being received. The stations
will be Kern River, Rio Bravo, Button
Willow, McKittrick and then north will
be Midwater and Junction, and be
tween Junction and Port Harford
there will be stations at Shandon,
Creston, Santa Marguerita. It is now
anticipatd that if the weather is good
the actual work of pumping oil through
the line from Kern to the coast will
begin about February 15. It is esti
mated that twenty days will be re
quired to fill the pipe line to the sea.
According to the annual report of
the Mascot Copper company very fav
orable progress has been made at the
property and predictions for its out
come, when sufficiently developed, are
indicative of large returns.
An excerpt from the report follows:
"The mining camp of Dos Cabezas,
where the Mascot Copper company is
making such rapid headway, is situ
ated but eighteen miles from Wlllcox,
a station on the Southern Pacific real
road, and from which point the camp
is at present reached by a good wagon
"Geographically its situation in the
great copper zone of Arizona may be
compared with the trunk of an im
mense tree along whose branches In
either direction will be found all the
great copper producing camps of Ari
"No one acquainted with the camp
and its immense copper blowouts and
(ropplngs along the surface has ever
douf ed for a moment that it
would, when properly developed, play
an important part In the copper pro
duction of Arizona."
PHOENIX, Jan. 3.—The Whitetall
Copper Mining company is the name
of tho company now being organized
tat the purpose of taking over and
operating the Doran & Gallagher group
near Paradise In Cochise county. The
company will be incorporated under
the lows of Arizona. The capitaliza
tion is $1,500,000, divided into SuO.OOO
nh«res ot the par value of $3 each, of
ficers will be: President, Joe Larrien;
vice president and superintendent, J.
B, I'm secretary and treasurer, W.
,I.\ Stoi i. W. W. Richards will act
as consulting engineer.
Management Awaits Completion of
Wagon Road Before Start.
ing Work on
Word ponies from the Crown OM com
pany's foreman (tint a splendid seepage
has been found In tun renter of the
Crown company's '■> :<> acres in Venturn
county near Fillmore.
This N the lii*! oil seepage found on
the property and Indicates the Crown
will produce a large quantity of oil
nhen the necessary developments are
It has been known for some time that
there were many 011-hearlng sands on
the Crown property, hut never before
has crude oil been found on the surface.
Way C< West, .secretary of the Crown
company, Lntitrhlln building, says es
timates on machinery for the company
plant are now being furnished and that
the purchase will be made a* soon as
The management is now awaiting the
completion of * road over the property
to the hunk house. Work upon the
road. has been delayed somewhat by
the rains, but nevertheless is making
favorable progress.
The 1 machinery and derrick material
cannot be taken In until the road 3
finished, or, as Mr. West says, drilling
would have been eiarted before now.
Nevada Stocks
Exclusive .dispatch to The Heralci by 1,. A.
Crlsler & Co., members Los Angeles Stock
exchange, 200-201 I. W. Hellman building, Los
SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 3.—Consolidated was
the one hard spot In the Goldfleltl division,
silling as high as $8 ex-dividend 50c.
Due to short covering here and in the east
Fraction was In fair demand and moved up
2 points to 40c. Florence and Jumbo Extension
remained unchanged.
Trading was light in the Tonopah list, and
quotations remained at about last week's fig
Following are the closing quotations:
Bid. Ask. Bid. Ask.
Adams 1 Gt Bend — 2 4
Atlanta 10 11 Gt Bd An .... 1
Booth 10 11 Grandma .... 1 2-
It B Ex 1 Jumbo Ex .. 12 II
B Bull 3 4 Kendall 3
B Bell 1 2 T.one Star .. 3
Col Mtn .... 4 D Lou Dillon .. .. 2
Conqueror .. .. 3 Mill Frao 2
Com Frac ..40 41 Moh Ex 2
Crackerjack.. 1 2 |Nev Gold 2
Daisy 9 10 Oro 2 3
Triangle , 1 Red Top Ex. 1 2
Dlt B Con.. .. 1 Red Hilla ..3 4
Dixie 1 Sandstorm ■■ „ 4
Empire 1 St Ives 5 9
Florence ....260 265 |HII Pick ..... 8 10
Flor Ex 1 Vernal 1
Fr Moh ..2 5 |Yel Rose 2
Gold Con ..7PO 800 lYel Tiger .. C
Kewanae ... 6 71
Bid. Ask. Bid. Ask.
Belmont .... 69 70 N Star 2
Jim Butler.. 9 10 Res Con 2
Midway .... 10 ... Ton Mln ....730
Montana .... 78 ... Ton Ex .... 70 72
MacNamara 27 28 W End Con.. 22 24
Bid. Ask. | Eld. Ask.
Amethyst .... 1 Mont Mtn .. 2 8
Bull Mln .... 3 Mayfl Con ..1 2
Bull N lik.. 1 2 Or Bullfrog.. .. 1
Bon Clare .. 19 12 Tramp Con ..3 4
Sold Scept .. .. 1 Yank Girl .. .. 2
Home King. .. 1 Val View ..1 3
Mont Eh Ex. .. 1
Bid. Ask. | , Bid. Ask.
Little Gray.. 1 ... Mustang 2
Man Con ..2 4 Seyl Humph. .. 1
Man Mln .... 1 Thanksgiving 2
Man Dcx ..2 4
Bid. Ask. Bid. Ask,
Eagles Nest. .. 6 Pitts Sll Pit. 85
Nev Eagle .. 12 14 Rnd Mtn .... 60
Nev Hills .. .. 80 Coalition .... 20
Boston Mining Stocks
Special service to The Herald by J. C. Wll
eon, 212 West Fifth street, Los Angeles.
BOSTON. Jan. 3.—The market showed no
features of particular interest. Giroux was
very active around 1114 and the stock was
all well taken. Tired holders were respon
sible for the break in North Butte. Miama
was strong with New York a steady buyer.
Following were closing quotations:
Bid. Ask. I Bid. Ask.
Am Pneu ... 7 r;i 7% Miami 2SV4 25", 2
do pfd .... 20Vi 21 Michigan .... 7 714 j
Adventure .. 614 6% Mohawk .... 6814 69
Allouez 67 68 Nev Cons .. 2614 36%
Atlantic .... 11 12 N Butte .... 45% 4534
Arcadian ... 7 714 Old Domin.. 64% 55
Ariz Com .. 40% 60 Osceola 153 165
Apex 476 6 Parrot 21 21%
Bos Cons .. 21 ai 22 Quincy 90 91
Butte Coa .. 27% 28 Santa Fe .... 214 2%
Cal &Az „102 10214 Shannon ....17% 1794
Cal & Hec..6So 685 Shoe Mach... 7014 70Va
Centennial .. 8714 "38 do pfd .... 3014 31 i
Cons Mer .. 15% 16 Sup Copper.. 64 6414
Cop Range.. 84 8414 Sup & Bos.. 1614 17
Corbln 22% 23 Sup & Pitts.. 16M 1614
D West .... 8% 9% Swift 10814 109
E Butte .... 1314 1314 Tamarack ... 72 73
Elm River .. li 2 Trinity !'■ i 1" ■»
Franklin .... 1814 1814 Un Copper.. 794 814
Granby. 110 112 xUn Fruit ..168 10814
Grn Canan.. 1114 11%TJ 8 Smelt ... 53% 64
Hancock .... 33 331 ido pfd .... 52% 68
Isle Royale.. 27% 2S Utah Cons .. 4514 M
Keewenaw .. 5 7i IS Utah Copper. 5714 60
take 71% 71% Victoria 5 611
La Salle .... 17' 17% Wlnona 124 12' i
Mass Cop .. 6 6H]Wolverlne ...147 150
Mayflower ..99 125 IWyandot — 2% 2 7i
Mez Cons .. 414 5 |
Boston Curb
Special service to The Herald by J. C. Wti
son, 212 Went Fifth street, Loa Angeles.
BOSTON, Jan. 3.—Following were the clos
ing ' quotations today:
Bid. Ask.l Bid, Ask.
Ahmeek 215 230 (Helvetia 5Z 574
Am of Nov.. 13 ,13 Majestic .... 1 l.i
Arizpe 5- GO Nev Utah .... Vi 1%
Arnold 60 100 Niplssing .... 1014 "<-
Black Mtn.. 43 53 Raven 73 SO
B & Lon .. 25 28 Sll Leaf .... 13 W.i
B S Gas .. 40 41 3an Antonio.. B!' 3 8!i
Cactus 614 C 3i|u S Oil .... 37 ;:7'i
Chemung ... 15 Yukon 4 7« 5
Chief Cons .. 2?; 9% Zinc SUM 40
Cum Ely .... 8 10 alia M'/a 10? i
D Daly .... 414 Chlno 12" 3 12"i
First Natl .. 694 614 Boat Ely .... 6% BV4
Giroux ll',i 11% Ely Witleh .. 20 30
<;> NEW VOHK, Jan. 3.—Copper, easy; <•:•
<* standard §pot and January, ■IS.Soi "'
..> @ 13.1)3 Vi: February, [email protected] 13.70. <♦>
i, Lead. «4.aB%@4.TJVi. <i>
< v Silver, u<iy.c. ■♦>
* » »
In yesterday's issue of The Herald,
by an inadvertent error, the statement
was made that the United Oil com
pany has reached a depth or 100 feet
on Its North Midway field and that the
company expects to bring in the well
within a few months. The well actu
ally has been driven 1200 feet anil Is
expected to yield oil in a few days.
< . »
Anybody who would bs able to find »n
address In the directory would ba abl* U
find your CLASSIFIED ad.
Objective Point Is 700 Feet—Company
Stores 1500 Barrels in Field Tank
from Well No. 1, Flowing
180 Barrels Daily
The Big Sespe company, operating
in the Sespe Held near Fillmore, accord
ing to Manager A. F. Jonhns, H. W.
Hellman building, is expecting its well
No. 4 to develop into a gushor within
the next few days.
Conditions'are favorable, judging from
results at 565 feet, a depth which was
reached the middle of last week, when
drillers struck the second stratum of
oil sand.
Whan this stratum was struck oil
came over the top. The strike was
made by the night shift, which imme
diately cased off with 7% casing. Work
of drilling was resumed the next day
to see what would develop when the
third stratum is reached.
| According to the formation at 565
i feet, it is believed the next stratum
will be struck at a depth not. exceeding
700 feet, and that a gushor will be the
The Big Sespe is now running oil
from its well tanks to the large tank in
the field. The latter has a capacity of
2000 barrels and connects with the
Brownstone tanks.
At present there are about 1500 bar
rels of oil in the field tank from well
No. 1. This well is pumping steadily
with two shifts at the rate of about
180 barrels a day of 18 gravity oil.
In the new well the oil is reported
as about three degrees lighter, or be
tween 14 and 15.
Work is advancing rapidly en the
new well, and the drillers expect to
roach 700 feet, or the depth of the
third stratum, some time today or
A. F. Johns left yesterday for the
field and expects to see a gusher at well
No. 4 before he returns.
BISBEE, Jan 3.—A freak in the min
ing history of Bisbee was a recent ore
strike in the Sacramento Hill of the
Copper Queen when ore was found in
porphyry, hitherto considered practi
cally an impossibility. Thirty feet of
thin ore, said by miners to be a good
prrade of oxide, has been gone through
The discovery of this body once more
seems to set at naught the theories
of mining engineers concerning forma
tions in this district. Hitherto it has
been thought practically Impossible for
ore to occur in any other formation
than lime, and although porphyry has
been considered a fine indication of
mineralization, otherwise it was use
Unless, as some of the engineers of
the camp tre inclined to believe, the
ore occurs in a fissure in the porphyry,
the theory formerly held is put to
rout by this discovery. The fissure the
ory is that the ore was forced into a
larger crevice in the porphyry at some
former time and was left to startle the
local mining world by the oddity of its
In case it should prove otherwise new
theories will have to be formed by local
mining men and a vast new field for
exploration of all local properties will
be opened.
DOUGLAS, Jan. 3.—lt is officially re- I
ported that a new body of ore has
been discovered in the pittamount i
property of the East Butte Copper '
company in a part of the mine where
| heretofore no ore has been found. The
new ore carries about the same per
centage of copper that has averaged
In other sections of the property and is
encouraging in that it shows an ex
tension of the ore reserves.
The December output will exceed
that for November and will also show
a greater proportionate profit due to
the lower cost of production. The gen- j
' eral conditions at the mine are re- ]
ported as being very satisfactory. All
departments are running smoothly, the
| shutdown caused by the switchmen's
I strike having lasted only a part of one
! day. .
— +—•
BAKERSFIELD, Jan. 3.—The con
tract between the Associated^ and the
Agencies of Coalinga and Kern coun
ties, entered into on February 5, 1908,
has expired. In it the marketing con
cern agreed to pay 60y cents and then
63 cents lor the oil of the producers.
The oil marketed during the life of
the contract has a value of $6,500,000.
The amount of oil delivered and the
money disbursed are as follows:
Kern Ulver 5.100,000
Coalinga .3,320,000
McKltlrlck 1,650,000
Sunset 180,000
Kern River 18,195,
Coalings, f A 2,068,3(10
McKlttrick j ..., i,035,37»
Brunt 112,960
There is a shortage now in the
amount of oil to be delivered, and it
will require about fifteen days to make
up the required amount.
* « »
NEW YORK. Jan. 3.—The market for
standard copper on the New York metal
exchange was easy today. No sales were
reported. Closing prices with spot and Jan
uary, $13.27.2 13.62 ; February, March
and April. »18.40©13.70.
London market closed easy, with spot
quoted at £61 13s ltd and futures at £62*
133 3d.
Local dealers quote Lake copper at $13.75
(t)14.00; electrolytic, $.13. GO® 13.75; casting,
Si::. 13.50.
Tin was weak, with spot and January
quoted at J33.00033.37W; February, $33.10
©33.50; March and April. $33.13Vi©33.62!4.
English market lower, with spot closing at
£1,",1 and futures at £163 5.«.
Lead closed quiet; spot quoted $4.6714®
I ■;•:■■■ New York and $4.65 asked East St.
Louis. The London market was unchanged
at II! Us 3d. "*
Spelter olosed quiet, with spot quoted at
Jii.lu'fl'6 '.'■<> New York and 16.0506.10 East
St. Louii. Tha London market wan un
changed at <23 :» 6(1.
Locally iron was unchanged.
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Lincoln Mortgage & Loan Company
622-623 Citizens National Bank Building
International Race on Ice at Cald
well, N. J., Is Won by Walter
B. Varian of New
. CALDWELL, N. J., Jan. 3—Cald
well's annual bobsled carnival was held
here last night. First honors in the
"international. races" went to Walter
B. Varian of New York, who coasted
over the half-mile course at a rate
slightly better than a mile a minute.
The town fire department flooded the
course, a long straight hill in the cen
ter of the village, early in the morning.
It froze as smooth as glass before
nightfall. Fifty sleds were entered for
the races, each of them carrying a
mechanician besides the driver. There
was also a steeplechase race over a
course with artificial hazards formed of
tall snow hummocks. This was won
by a Canadian expert.
Driver of Machine Rushes Victim to
Hospital, Where Injuries Are

While returning to his home at 1346
South Hope street last night Elmer
Williams, a 16-year-old delivery boy
employed at Bullock's department
Btore, was struck by an automobile
driven by J. A. Lindenkohl, proprietor
of an automobile rental agency, 525
South/Spring street.
Williams was riding a bicycle, and
was about to turn the corner of Wash
ington street and Union avenue, when
hie wheel was struck from the rear by
the auto, throwing Williams against
the curbing and demolishing the bi
Lindenkohl placed the unconscious
boy in his auto and drove to the re
ceivlng hospital, where it wtis found
that William* had sustained two severe
scalp lacerations, body bruises and a
sprained back.
Although painful his injuries are not
considered serious. No blame is at
tached to the driver of the auto, as it
is said Williams turned the corner on
the wrong side of the street,
Woman Wants Damages of $3195"fr0m
Proprietors of Cafe at Arcadia
Race Track
A detailed account of the distressing
effects of a questionable chicken sand
wich, taken internally, was told to a
iury in Judge Bordwell's court yester
day in the trial of the suit of Louise
Kerr-Rlx against H. O. Comstock and
H. Lawrence, who, before the legisla
ture placed a ban on race track gam
bling, conducted a cafe and lunch coun
ter at Arcadia.
Mrs Kerr-Hix said she bought the
sandwich February 18, 1909. She was
then Miss Kerr, her marriage taking
place some months later. Immediately
after eating the sandwich, she said, she
became II and fell to the floor in agony,
Sho added she was seriously ill for tvTO
months or more. In her suit the plain
tiff asks for damages of $3195.
Seattle Wrestler Submits to Opera
tion and Lies in Critical Con
dition in Chicago
CHICAGO, Jan. 3.—Dr. B. F. Roller,
the Seattle wrestler, is in a serious con
dition at a hospital, threatened with
blood poisoning. He underwent an oper
ation today. Dr. Roller had been suf
fering with boils for a week. He kept
on wrestling until he fo'ind the boils
were becoming infected.
Black, the local colored baseball
magnate, agreed yesterday to
play the postponed game between the
McCormicks and Occidentals of last
Saturday on the same day this week.
This should prove good news to the
the rain causing the postponement last
week. This will be a real diamond
battle as the rivalry between the two
clubs is of the Jeffries-Johnson variety.
Manager Abbot of the Directory
baseball team wishes to notify the
members of that club that a game has
been arranged with the Santa Paula
club at Santa Paula on January 9 and
with Chino at Chino on January 16.
All members of his team are invited
out to his home, so"> Mission road,
Wednesday evening to talk business
and have a general good- time.
Chino wants a game for next Sunday
on their home grounds. Expenses for
eleven men will bu allowed. Only fast
clubs need apply. Call Boyle 82:. and
give lineup.
Kerwin, the center Holder on the
McCormick baseball team, is the ac
knowledged wit of that organisation
and the one. to whom all look for a
little humor to while the moments
away when the team is on the road
Sometime ago an admiring fan was
complimenting .Manager Jim about his
team, saying: "You very eeldorn
change your players, which I think is
the secret of the team's success."
Kerwin, standing nearby, overheard
the remark and corrected t'!'' ardent
fan in the following manner: "You
mean that he never gives us any
Brown University Professor Says Only
Radical Modification of Rules
Is Necessary
NEW YORK, Jan. 3.—"Few, if any,
of our American colleges are going to
abolish football," is the statement of
Prof W. H. P. Faunce of Brown uni
versity. "But the game must be rad
ically modified. The spirit of winning
at any cost is too prevalent these days.
It is evident in all phases of our life.
I sincerely hope that the men Interested
In the future of the sport will keep this
in mind. Personally, I like the game."
Rod and Gun
JACK PRINCE and Pete Barre, who
are building the automobile race
track ' near Playa del Rey, are
erecting that structure near the prop
erty of an adjoining duck club. The
members of the club have become in
censed at this intrusion on the quiet
and peace of the neighborhood, that
has caused many a feathery habitue
of their ground to depart for places
where the clang of the hammer does
not continually sound the presence of
v," en the two promoters were hunt
ing a few day ago, they could not re
sist taking a crack at some ducks on
the club's grounds, and Barre, with
perfect marksmanship, dropped four
beauties. Just as he was about to
pick up his bag, the club's gamekeeper
appeared on the scene and the two
nlm: ds were soon given to understand
that all the trespassing law called for
would be handed to tliem.
"Your pinched," roared the keeper,
"I have had my peeps on you two
high fence builders for some time and
you can come and have a talk with
ins honor, the judge, right now."
The two crestfallen sportsmen meek
ly followed the representative of the
law to the nearest dispenser of jus
tice, where both were separated from
aeven and a half plunks.
The four beauties were forgotten.
Robert Campbell journeyed to Hunt
ington Beach last Sunday to try his
luck With * o rod. The weather proved
very dis igreeable for the sport. He
managed to land several nice surf
Ed Mitchell and Lee Slocum went to
the Big Four duck club last Saturday
morning, but as there was no shoot
ing at .ne other clubs in the neigh
borhood, their opportunity at the
quacken were few and far between.
Win 1 . the two were ready to start for
home, the track at Hynes was flooded
and on inquiry, they were informed
that the trains hud stopped running.
It w aid have been a case of "hoof
it," had not a kindhearted rancher
condescended to drive the two hunt
ers to Long Hiaeh, where they took
Hi. 1 electric lino route for home.
Dan Jeffries, of the Hoegee com
pany la another rodman who braved
the weather S.:nday and angled after
the inhabitants of the deep, at both
Hedondo and Play del Key. A few
yellovvfin were caught at the former
beach. . j
NEW YORK, Jan. 3.—National league
club owners are taking a mall vote on
the question whether a manager or a
president shall be required to keep se
cret requests for waivers on his play
ers sent him by other clubs. There has
been complaint from some clubs that
the present practice does them damage
by giving away their plans in advance.
A circular letter also has been sent
out by President Lynch, asking club
owners to fix dates when their teams
will have to carry only twenty-five
players and when thirty-live, When
the National league clubs adopted a
resolution last month to have a limit
of thirty-five men in the oft season
and of twenty-five later, no dates were
PORTLAND, Ore., Jan. 3.-William
A. Dart, well known on the Pacific
coast through his long; connection with
various newspapers, died today follow
ing an operation. Dart was 47 years
Aged Pedestrian Says He Will Le.
Los Angeles February 1 on
Trip on Foot to New
York City
Edward Payson Weston, the It
distance pedestrian, is going to round
out his career by walking from Los
Angeles to New York city in 100 days,
starting from here February 1. He has
written his plans to a friend at 209
Mercantile place. Weston, who is now
70 years old, declares this will be th»
"crowning effort of his career." His
intention is to leave New York city
January 23 and arrive here In time to
start on his long walk February 1 at
4 p. m.
Weston will have a stretch of the
.Mojave desert to cover, but evidently
he doesn't mind it. He writes:
•'Through the kind intercession of Gen
eral Thomas H. Hubbard, E. P. Rip
ley, president of the Santa Fe railroad.
has given instructions that I be ac
companied over that railroad system
by one of their trusted employes on
each division from Los Angeles to
convey the material (on a motor rail
road velocipede) necessary for my use
en route."
As Weston will be in Los Angeles
several days before leaving on his long
jaunt, he hopes to be able to deliver a
lecture in a hall large enough to ac
commodate a crowd. Some of his
friends think It would be a kind act
to have the lecture in the nature of a
testimonial to an old "ped" who is now
demonstrating that age is a fiction and
that a man can be young and active
at the age of 70 years.
Baptist Monday Club Meets
At the meeting of the Baptist Mon
day club yesterday In the Federation
club rooms the semi-annual election of
officers was held as follows: F. S.
Yager, president; Rev. J. F. Watson,
vice president; J. P. Elwell, secretary;
C. A. Baskerville, treasurer; D. P.
Ward, J. Norton and F. G. Cressey, to
gether with the officers, board of man
agers. The club adopted resolutions
commending the work of Dr. J. Q. A.
Henry, who will leave on a world
evangelistic tour the first of February,
Dr. 11. Russell Graves was the princi
pal speaker.
California Gold & Copper

Rooms 1-2, Central Block
The annual meeting of the Stock*
holders of the California Gold » and
Copper Company Is called to meet »it ,
the office of the Corporation on Sat
urday, January 8, 1910, at 2 o'clock p.
m. of said day, for the ■ purpose -s of I
electing a board of directors to serve
for the ensuing year and • for tho ;
transaction of such other business as
may coma before the meeting;. /AaSH
It is very Important that. every ;
stockholder should be present. , '
H. C. Hibbard.
Secretary. '
A. H. Cram,
|~L>l-|- , preeenta two maps, one show
ill Ing all the °" fields of Caltfor
-1 •»»-•- n i a , the other the Seep* dl»
-trlct of Ventura county. A beautifully lllu*- ;
trated book, written by a student of th* oil
industry. Absolutely Fre- to those Interested
or wishing to share In the mllllon-doUax
monthly dividend*. Write for It *
■ ■ . ■•' WAT C. WEST, V, 1- , :
820 ' r.auelilin building, Lo« Angeles. ":

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