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Long Awaited Statement of Chief Executive, Upon Whom Depend
ed All Hopes, of Sportsmen in Mormon State, Comes in Inter
view and Assures San Francisco That Greatest Scrap of
Century Will Be Pulled Off in That City—Nevada
Is Not Seriously Regarded in the Runnings
SALT LAKE CITY, Jan. s.—"lt isn't possible for the fight to
take place here and come within the law. I will uphold the law
if it becomes necessary." With these words. Governor William
Spry tonight swept aside all doubt as to his official attitude toward
the Jeffries-Johnson championship contest and disposed of the plan
of the promoter, Tex Rickard, to stage the fight in Salt Lake.
Up to the present time Governor Spry has been non-committal
as to the course that would be pursued if actual preparations were
made for holding the big event in Utah. This attitude, he explains,
was prompted by his reluctance to interfere in a matter that properly
concerns the police authorities. His statement to the Associated
Press is as follows:
"The law is so plain in this state that only one construction can
be placed on it. It is not at all possible for the fight to take place
here and come within the law. The first responsibility, of course,
would be upon the chief of police of the city, or the sheriff. But in
my capacity as governor of the state, I will uphold the la<v if nec
The contract under which Tex Rickard of Ely, NeV., is to ar
range the ring battle permits him to place it in Utah, California or
Nevada. He has announced that Salt Lake would have the first call
on the attraction.
The last word, it has been understood throughout, was with the
governor, and that word was spoken tonight.
With Utah eliminated as a battle ground San Francisco, it is
conceded, is most likely to get the match.
.Both Possess Knockout Punch and
if They Make It Open Fight,
Bout Should Not Go to
the Limit
Notwithstanding that fight experts
are inclined to make Ad Wolgast the
favorite in his scrap tomorrow night
■with George Memsic, there is a well
defined arid unmistakable sentiment
generally among the fans that Ad is
up against a big job and that it .will
not be much o£ a surprise if Jlemsie
repeats his former victory over th.-
Milwaukee boy. AH this Indicates that
the hoys will be held rather closely in
the odds along about the hour they
to crawl through the ropes and
that the fans are expecting a ripipng,
Blashing period of. real action from
the first to the last blow.
Memstc will go into the ring about
ntage and it is no
exaggeration to Bay that he will be
in better condition than when he taught
Wolgast several months
tfcis would convince one that he
near to a cinch as is possible for one
fighter to be over another were it not
for the further fact that all mv:-•
niit that Wolgast is a tar better
cr today than he wa« eight or nine
months ago. But wi' ithi r hli im
-. ement has been enough to over
torae the Improvement in Memsic and
hli superiority at the time of their
last meeting is the real question that
i^ being asked.
i: Memsic had not Improved any,
Wolgast certainly would bo looked up
on Kjtter fighter, because his
improvement has been something bor
dering upon the remarkable. He may
be so much belter as a fighter now
than then t..at he will be able to whi]
Memsic, but there are many who wil
be found stringing on the Memsl
of the betting when the bell tells then
to k" at it.
Both boys kept up thr-ir steady
siind at their training camps yi
day and will wind up the training
period this afternoon. Neither ha
complaints to offer either In fa
appw.ami' ■' and undoubtedly will I
310 excuse to offer on this score, after
the battle is ended. Either boy hai s
chance to win by the knockout route
find as they intend to put up a rough
house, rustling fight all the way th re
i* a possibility of such an ending.
Both slug like heavyweig-ths and each
If clever enough to main an opening
:e (if ten seconds.
Sitrn Langford has not replied to
Manager McCarey yet and as thi
patches state that he was signed up
yesterday to fight some club over In
PltUburg tiie ni^iit of January IS,
It is probable that he ni vei has re
ceived ;'.«>■ of the many wires Mc-
Carey has sent him. An all-star card
of three bouts, all at ten rounds, will
1" staged January IS and tho Lans
ford-Flynn scrap will be put on the
b< ards as soon thereafter as is pos
i [NCINNATJ, 0., Jan. s.—President
Herrmann said yesterday that if the
• 'incinnatl Baseball company should
buy th<- ground upon which League
park is now located, and a portion of
I!i>' property back of the grounds, the
ciub would build a new grandstand and
Weachers. He Is conducting negotia
tions with the owners and says he
thinks the purchase can ba effected.
The gTanflstand will be built to accom
modate 8000 more people and the bleach
ers 5000 additional.
DETROIT, Mich., Jan. Owen
Bush, the Detroit shortstop, came here
yesterday, talked terms with Presi
dent Xavin md returned to Indianap.
oils without signing. He was offered
■ raise, as have all other veteran
players, but thinks the raise is not
sufficient. NavJ» *tmima that Bush is
holding- out.
Means Greater Activities in College
Athletics Throughout Southern
California —Asks Same Foot.
ing Allowed Whittier
St. Vincent 1* college was recom
mended to be admitted into the South
ern California college conference last
evening by the members of the local
branch of the A. A. U. at a regular
me eting held at the Y. M. C. A.
Chester Lawrence put the motion be
fore the board, couched in the follow
ing words: "We, as members of the
Southern California Amateur Athletic
association, hope that satisfactory ar
i ran gem cut can be made by which St.
1 Vincent* college may be admitted into
I the college conference." This motion
| passed unanimously and is expected to.
•:nrry considerable weight when the
Catholic application comes up before
the conference board to be acted upon.
Admittance to the conference ha 1 I
the all-absorbing topic with the Saints
for some timo. as athletic schedule!
i under existing conditions has been the
problem that has considerably worried
the athletic board at that institution.
The Saints always have been too
strong, especially in football and luse
ball, for the schools of Southern Cali
fornia that are not included in the con
ference schedule and in the past have
been i make dates with Berkely
and Stanford.
St. Vincent wishes to enter the con
ference, upon the same footing that
Whittier college was admitted, which
allows senior preps to represent the
college in athletics. As the bulk of the.
student body at the Catholic institution
is in the academic department this
in the application is. necessary,
and is a fair request when already one
of the association is playing- under
Directors Fighting for New Location
That Is Opposed by County Au.
thorities—Attendance Must
Be Improved
SACRAMENTO, Jan. 6.—The Union
will print tomorrow moraine a'i au
thorized statement from the. bo
directors of the local Pacific Coast
baseball club to the effect that unless
mty authorities permit tin
tion of a new- ball park just outside
the city limits on Eleventh str<
year organised baseball In all prob
ability will be discontinued in this city
The statement sets forth the argu
ment that because of the inaccessi
bility of the preaent grounds $10,000
has been lost in thn last two V
and the Coast association h;is threat
ened to withdraw the franchise if pat
ronage does not improve.
The local baseball promotera feel
that they cannot increase patronage
with the park where It is, ami see no
other way but to give up the fran
chise if they ore not permitted to
erect a new park.
Ed Krlpp in willing to erect a new
park, but wants a saloon attached.
Tho property owners in the proposed
location have protested against the
park on the ground that thf^ noise
would disturb burial ceremonies in a
nearby cemetery. The saloon Ls not
protested against directly.
JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Jan. 5.—C.
W. Burt and Grande Dame were the
only favorites to win today. Clem
Beachy, fairly well backed, won the
first race. The feature race, the Lake
land selling stakes, went to Booger
Rod, which won out by a great stretch
run, QaiM putting up » splendid rid*.
JIMMY JI'ALEER. formerly man- ,
ager of the St. Louis Browns, hut i
now directing- the Washington
team in the lane league, is visiting
his brothers, Tom and Owen McAleer,
(or b month before returning to the
snowbound east to prepare (or the
activates of the American league pen
nant chase. McAleer lacks a heap "l 1
being a stranger here, although he left
here eighteen years ago and has been
back only once before. He thinks highly .
it Dolly Gray and Walter Johnson, j
Los Angeles boys who are stars of his
pitching staff, and also speaks In |
great praise of the excellent work of j
our only "Bull" Perrlne, former Coast
league umpire, but now on the staff of
President Ban Johnson. McAleer be
lieves Gray will have the best season |
of his 'career this year, and is enter
taining great hopes that the crack
southpaw will be able to deliver the
goods. He promises that Dolly shall
have ample opportunity this season,
knowing that slight work does not
keep Dolly in condition. He is not
looking for players, he says, but it is j
noteworthy that Hen Berry and Hap
Hogan linger about him all the time,
as if they were keeping eagle eyes on
him and their players.
Hap Hogan and Hen Berry had an
other rag-chewing contest yesterday,
to the edification of the crowd that
listened. It was better than a week
on the Orpheum circuit. From base
ball the kidding- drifted to fighting and
wrestling, and both finally got to the
point where they were daring each
other to "put something on the. line if
you think so." A wrestling match was
arranged, minus the side bet. and will
be pulled off at Hen's office in private
unless something intervenes to pre
vent before they cool off. Hogan tells
Berry he if a joke, and Hen replies in
a stage whisper that Hap is neglecting
to oil the wheels in his dome.
Jealous raging continues up 'Frisco |
■way because Wolgast refused to quit
a real offer down here and go up there
to fight Nelson for nothing. One sport
writer in particular refers to Los An
geles as a "bush" town, and says the
'Frisco sports wink when they hoar
about Wolgast getting $2000 for his end
to fight Memsic, adding if he draws
$1000 for the job he will be getting
more than ho is accustomed to seeing
at one time. Los Angeles Is -the big
gest thorn that ever stuck in the
'Frisco side. The sleepy heads in the
fight game up there consider them
selves lucky to pull off a big fight once
a year, being content to stage scraps
between fighters of the coffee and
doughnut class at other times, and the
fans up that way, in. keeping with
what they have been accustomed to for
years, patronize them. They read of
fights here between scrappers like
Langfonl. Flynn, "U'olgast. Nelson,
Freddie Welsh, Memsic, Papke and
others of that class every few weeks,
and wink again, disbelieving the tele
graphic stories and really thinking
somebody down this way is working
off an advertising bunk on them. They
have had too much Coffroth and too
little McCarey up that way. They
never hear of fighters getting $2000 and
$3000 for ordinary fights up that way.
except when, once in awhile, a real
fighter strays along and gets hooked.
Then it is seldom. 'Frisco is the pre
liminary to the Los Angeles main
event in fight affairs, a*.all the world
Chick Wright has. decided to quit
amateur ranks for a career as a pro
fessional billiardist. AVliile this means
a distinct loss to amateur billiards, it
•also means that another coast
will disturb the peace of the profes
sional cup artists of the world, and he I
may be expected to get his share of the !
legal tender that is distributed among
the S'intillators of the green cloth
hereafter. Wright will beat them as
often as they beat him, at least.
It was thirty years ago this very day
that a kind fate opened the eyes of a
most promising kldiet named Billy
Henderson up in the icebound regions
of Canada at Strabane, near Hamil
ton, Ontario, to be exact, and twenty
six years later this handsome young
man woko up one morning to find him
self entranced and delighted by the
climate and scenery of Southern Cali
fornia. Being inclined to athletics he
soon was connected with the Los An
geles Athletic club, the leading ath
letic organisation on the coast, and
to mention one is to recall the other
moil naturally. Billy is as popular ai
it is sate for any young man to be,
and when his friends at the club he-
Players Who Defeated American All.
Stars Are Seeking Protection of
National Agreement—Game
Is Popular
CHICAGO, Jan. 6»—Ciban ball play
era are clamoring for admission to the
ontrolled bj the nation
al agreement. Furthermore, the ath
lati - now paitlmlng In tropical Ha
vana arc going to make a fight for
• the stnilew of the power! that be in
the organized game. Henry O'Duy,
better known as Hank, the well-known
umpire, is bark from Cuba with tid
ings to this effect.
"Baseball has gono up in wonderful
style in the last lew days at Havana,"
said O'Day In narrating his experiences
while with tiie All-Stars on their re
cent trip to iloro castle. "They have
some good players there and the in
terest never lugs. You know there
are hundreds of Americans in Havana,
and the way those Cußun teams uout
Ute club.s from the states Is a caution.
The diamonds, however, in Havana,
are rough, and this has a lot to do
with the many defeats chalked up
against the tourists."
NEW YORK, Jan. William K.
Vanderbilt will have a powerful racing
stable in Franca again this year, and
expects i,, carry oft the leading turf
honors. The list of his horses, Just
announced here, includes thirty 2-year
olds, thirteen 3-year-olds and seven
4-year-olds. William Duke ■will train
for him and the stable jockeys "ill be
Frank O'Nell and William Mitchell.
Jay Davidson
mm,' aware of the important event
which be is celebrating today there Is
apt to be something doing on the side.
May these annual celebrations con
tinue indefinitely, old boy.
n is a liii discouraging to Promoter
Orendorfl that the Los Angeles public
does not appreciate wrestling as a
sport x-, the extent that it deserves.
His show at Naud Junction last Tues
day night was a classy affair, but Iho
sport has not been established , in the
public favor here ye< an.l the sports
men am slow lo take hold of it.
iiim; is i"" tiresome to look at
from the viewpoint of the average
red-blooded fan, who wants action
every minute, and it is doubtful if it
n i;i i mie much "i a rage here.
William Pettus, black as midnight
ami husky as Jack Johnson, almost,
Is weary of waiting for trouble and
now openly seeks ir. He wants to
whip any heavyweight Manager Me-
Carey can trot out, Arthur Collins,
.!,,.. Willis. .Tim Flynn. Pete Everett
1 or any other that may be selected for
' him. ' He stopped the heavy-hlttlng
Oeyer in eight rounrls and has a cred
itable record to back him up.
Hen Berry leaves tonight for Bakers
field to Inspect the new gusher that
■ mad up on his oil prop
j. Every time he gets a letter
from BakersfieUl ho looks for a cheek
j tor a million and when he learned of
the new gusher he decided it was bet
ter than a million. He will take some
of the effects of this oil with him to
Danny Long in Frisco later and
may IMS it With good effect.
Barney Oldfield and Tom Jones were
headlineVs in a little sketch entitled,
"Subduing a Revolution," in a Frisco
hashery while there last week and are
known along the Rialto now as the
"Fighting Twins." A waiter had seme
grievance against Barney and slipped
up behind him to land on his jaw.
Jones was near by and at about tni
same moment the waiter's right swung
to its goal on Barney's anatomy Jones
put two others in splendid succession
and with groat accuracy to similar
point? upon the features of the as
saulting waiter. Other waiters joined
in and alter Barney nnd Tom had
completed the task before them the
place looked like a moving picture
scene of the head-on collision between
the Twentieth Century and a freight
train. All waiters were snoozing
peacefully, but tables, chairs _ and
tableware were piled in profusion
about the place. Barney says Jones
can "go some" when he levels.
Frank Chance, the brainy and high
priced leader of the Cubs, will be in
Los Angeles today. He comes in from
his orange grove to see Hen Berry,
and it is rumored that Chance will go
to Bakerslield with Heuuel to look
over some oil properties. Chance al
ready has decided that Los Angeles
shall be his permanent address for all
time to come.
Rumors from Salt Lake City are to
the effect that Jack Atkin of Los An
gelea may sport the managerial reins
at the Buena Vista Park meeting next
spring. These rumors, of course, do
not come from official sources, but it
is known that his name has been men
tioned and that in the event W. W.
Finn does not land the appointment
for another year, Atkin will be the
most likely man for the place. Atkin
is the best possible man available at
this time, and tho directors of the
Utah Jockey club could make no bet
ter selection. He is thoroughly ac
quainted with horsemen, racing con
ditions in the west and is thoroughly
competent to handle the position vviili
honor to himself and satisfaction to
the jockey club and public. He could
not be seen last night regarding the
rumor, but those who want to see Salt
Lake City have a meeting that will he
a credit to the sport and satisfactory
all the way round to all patrons in
that city will be pleased if Atkin is
asked to take the place and will ac
cept it. •
Just as was predicted in these, col
umns several days aero. Governor Sp'-y
of Utah has set his foot down very
emphatically as against the idea of
holding the Jeffries-Johns6n scrap in
Salt Lake City. The law will not per
mit it and the governor will not wink
at its violation. That disposes of Salt
Lake City and practically assures
Frisco of the big mill. Many have
thought all along that the substitution
of the name Salt Lake City for Frisco
was a subterfuge, and now it appears
.1, i certainty.
Track and Baseball Squads Showing
Good Class and Winning Teams
Are Expected to Be
HOLLYWOOD, Jan. s.—The track
and baseball teams of the Hollywood
union high school had their first prac
tice of tha year this afternoon. A num
tvere trying out for each tcum.
Which will be selected within a short
The track team \vill have its first
dual meet Saturday, January ID, with
the Pasadena team on the latter's
track. All of those who made points
in the interclass meet, which was held
the first of December, will be given a
trial in this meet. The school has plen
ty of good material this year, and the
partisans of the team expect it to be
a winner.
Coach Webster has a good lineup for
his baseball squad this year, and it is
anticipated the team will be much
stronger than it was last year, although
the record of the '08 team was one of
the best in Southern California among
the high schools. Knowle.i and Lin
ton, star pitchers, will make up the
pitching staff, and Valdez will be the
receiver. The greater number of the
positions will be filled by new men on
the high school team, but all have made
A good showing on the diamond else
PITTSBURG, Pa., Jan. s.—Between
sprints in hiy racing automobili- about
town today Jack Johnson, the colored
heavyweight champion, said he wanted
Buck Corneliu*, ;t local •porting man,
well known to t astern light enttttl
ii- the JaffrleoJohnson ii:;iit to
be held in California July 1.
Rules That State League Must Make
Personal Aplication for Resto.
ration to Recognized Ranking
in Organized Ball
I A ■ ■.■,:,:!•■ ,1 press]
CINCINNATI. Jan. 5.—A straight
declaration against "syndicate base
ball" in the report of Augustus Herr
mann, chairman of the National Base
ball commission, was the feature of
tho annual meeting today. Thomas J.
Lynch, president of the National
league, was the guest of honor at a
dinner given tonight by Chairman
Herrmann and President Ban Johnson
of the American league.
"William Murray's statement of his
claim against the Philadelphia Nation
al league club was not made public.
He says he has a contract calling for
his services as manager until after the
season of 1911, but that the new man
agement refuses to carry out the
agreement. The commission decided
the case does not belong to Its juris
diction and referred it to the board of
directors of the National league.
Another finding declared that play
ers of the California State league, tho
"outlaw" organization which recently
subscribed to the national. agreement,
must make personal application for
restoration to good standing. This rul
ing followed a hearing by which Out
fielder "Happy" Smith of the Oakland
club was awarded to the Chicago
Nationals. f
When Santa Barbara, the leaders in
the Winter league pennant chase, go to
San Diego next Saturday and mix with
the southerners in a double header the
result may change the league standing.
That the northern team is the star ag
gregation of the Winter league is con
ceded by most of the followers of the
national game in Southern California,
but there are many, especially in the
southern bay city, who believe that the
San Diego boys are the faster of the
two. This point should be definitely
decided in the coming contest.
Brick Devereaux has been offered the
management of the Bakersfield base
ball club, should that city be represent
ed in the State league the coming »e»
son. Manager Carroll, who was the
head of the fast Bakersfleld team dur
ing the past summer, is doing his ut
most to havo the State organization
award a franchise to the old city. From
the good attendance at the games ""
j past serfon, and most of the contest!
.were with teams of minor Importance,
I Bakersficld with league ball should de
| velop into one of the best ball towns
] in the State league.
George Stoval of the Cleveland Amer
icans, who has been wintering in Los
Angeles, has gone to the Impena! val
ley, where he will hold the indicator in
the Imperial Valley league the remain
der of the season.
Goose Pittman, the far-heaving out
fielder of the McCormicks, is out with a
challenge to meet anyone in a throwing
contest for any amount. Jim McCor
miek will back- him with the long green.
Some of Manager Black's aggregation
There will be a meeting of the man
agers of the Interurban league tonight
at 1037 South Broadway. All managers
are requested to be sure and be present.
The schedule of the Winter league
for next Sunday is ,is follows:
Santa Barbara vs. Ban Diego, at Ban
McCormicks vs. Santa Ana, at Santa
Maters vs. Bait Lakes, at Doyle park.
Pasadena vs. Ban Bernardino, at Ban
The names at San Bernardino may be
transferred owing to trouble with the
Santa Fo company over the grounds.
when the McCormicks v • m battling
with the San Hieno nine on the south-
cm diamond the last time they visited
the hay city Anderson was twirling for
the oue artists, and the southerners
succeeded in connecting with his deliv
ery three consecutive times for long
and high drives to the left garden,
Qooae Plttman was stationed In ihls
section of the ground, and the lon* dla
tance thrower pave a quod imitation of
a Marathoner doing his training stunt.
After recovering the last of the three
Goose trotted in to the infield and
roared to ArMerson: "Bay, Andy, walk
a few so that I can get f my breath."
Uleislo, former catcher of the MC !oi -
mirks, has signed to catch for the
Boynton club. As uirisie is a pood hit
ter as well as a clever backstop, It la
expected that his addition to the team
will greatly strengthen it.
Cowley and Thompklna of the Boyn«
ton ba»eb«Ul team will alternate hafe
after in thti position of liulii field and
the pitcher's box. Thompklni fhowed
up wfll against Redondo Reach last
Sunday, allowing the beaohltef only
three hits.
Happy Rogan will play the Initial
lack for the All Stars aeralnit thr Oo
ridentals next Bunflay, and sovoethiim
lively may be expected on the coaching
Chutes park will be the scene next
Saturday afternon of the long-heralded
baseball game between the Occiden
tal colored champions and the »Mc-
Cormlck.. club of the winter league,
which was scheduled for last Satur
day, but was postponed. Since their
contest of sometime ago, Manager Mo-
Cormlck has ->een smarting from the
defeat handed his huskies by the col
ored aggravation and Saturday he
hopes to turn the tables on Manager
Bliu'.c and give him a taste of the
same medicine. This will not bo an
easy task to accomplish, as the col
ored warriors of the diamond are out
lit Chutes park almost every day
practicing with a vim and getting In
first class condition- for th- game.
Consistent Horse Beats Good Field
in San Rafael Handicap at
Musgrave Wins
OAKLAND, Jan. s.— Silver Knight
again showed that he is in great form
j by winning the Ban Rafael handicap
! at Emeryville today, making the third
! straight victory within two weeks. He
j was favorite and led all the way, win
-1 ning easily from Raleigh and Jeanette
■M. Ossabar, a daughter of Ossary
starting for the first time, won the
i 2-year-old event. Billy Myer, another
consistent performer, made it three
straight by taking the opening race. '
First race, five and one-half furlongs, pell-'
ing— Myer, 107 (C. Williams) won; No
Quarter, 104 (Smith), second); Ampedo, 1117 ICi t
ton). thin]. Time, 1:07 3-5. CopporfleM, Bur
leigh, Bill Mnyliam. Rons, Ciold Heart, Pick
away and All Alone also ran.
Second race, three furlongs, purse—Ossabar,
107 fOlftM), won: Welakao, 107 (Cotton), sec
ond: Frank Ferris. 110 (Martin), third. Time,
:38 :-': EdUa, Aragnnena, Preatollte, Sam Mat
thews, Vasuo an! Amargoea also ran.
Third race, futurity course, nlHna—Madeline
MiiFßrave, 97 (Kederls), won: Nagazam, 109
(Vosper), second: Darelngton, 117( Walsh),
third. Time, 110 2-:.. F. M. Fry, Anna May,
Sewell, Bam Barher and Redeem also ran.
Fourth race, mile and (sixteenth, Pan Rafael
handicap— Silver Knight (Vosper), won;
Raleleh, 93 (Callahan). second; Jeonette M.,
105 (Walsh), third. Time, 1:47 3-0. Rosovalo
and Edwin T. Fryer also ran.
Firth race, one roll*, selling—B. Pall, 111
(Ed Keoßh), won; Convent Bell, 104 (Rosen),
second: Denean, 111 (Cotton), third. Time,
1:41 3-5. Cadlchon, Mossback, Delmaa, Sliver
Grain, Col. Jack and Belmero also ran.
Sixth race, six furlongs, selling—Balronia,
105 (Vosper), won; Banorella, 98 (Denny), sec
ond; Dr. Dougherty, 110 (Mcßrlde), third,
Time, ; n '.' S, Batnotta, MooroiS, Rezon,
OOlanviGWi Qrameroy and Myles O'Connell
also ran.
Once Great Racer Again Shows Heels
to Long Distance Runners
at Tampa—Favorites
TAMPA, Pla., Jan. s.—Three favor
ites took the money at the Tampa Bay
track today. Judge Dundon, carrying
top weight, find being Ijeld at long odds,
won the last race. There has been a
steady influx of northern visitors. Sum
First rnre, fixe and onn-hslf fnrlonjrs—Mil
ton 8., won; Nerktel, second; Jack liaxson,
third. Time, 1:13 I-B,
second race—Five furlonffa: Mny Jane, won;
::>*•■.■■. lecond; Vatiadlumi third. Time,
1:06 4-5.
Third race, five furlongs— won: Sor
rel Top, second: Lucky Mate, third. Time,
1:05 2-5.
Fourth race, nix furlongs—Col. Aphmeade,
won; Cassowary, second; Lou Lanier, thin].
Time, 1:19.
Fifth raco. seven fur! mps—Flora Rllpy,
won; Bannock Bob, second; IMwin 1., thini.
Time, 1:88,
Sixth race, ono mile—Jud^c Dundon, won;
TV. I. Hindi, secuntl; Necha, tliii\i. Time,
1:49 1-G.
Wins Lakeland Selling Stakes from
Lady Irma and Other Classy
Ones at Jacksonville by
Great Finish
NEW YORK, Jan. s.—The Now York
American league club today out its ivis
ter almost to the legal limit of thirty
live players by releasing; Second i
man Wanner and Outfielders Channel
nnd Furreii to the Memphis team or the
Southern league.
Fi'Kt raoe, Bye am! ope-half furlongs— Clem
Beachy, won; Captain G]ore. second: Dave
Nicholson, third. Time, 1:08 2-5.
Second race, five and "ne-half furlongs—c.
W", Hurt, won: Watr-rbury, second: Babte Wil
lie, third. Time, l:0S,
Third race, Fix furlonffp—firanrle Dame, won:
CSeorse W, I,ei»olt, seoonil;. Aunt' Kate, third.
Time, 1:14.
Fourth race, "five furlonys—Booi p Bed, won;
Arlonette, pecond; I.ady Irma, third. Tlrne,
1:OJ 2-S.
Fifth race, seven furlongs—Koseboro. won;
La licini Hindoo, second; Sally Preston,
third. Time, 1:88. *
sixth raoe, one and one-»liiteenth/—Topty
RoblnßOn,* i'.'jn: Cndyision, second! Bellevlew,
third. Time, IMS 1-5.
Talent Fails to Pick Winners at
Terrazas Park, Juarez, and Many
Sleepers Find Their Way
to Wire
JUAREZ, Uex., Jan. s.—T!i" publli
fared badly today, six favorites balng
Lted. The card was oVdinary, s^ix
Belling events being run off. Summary;
■First race, seven furlongs—Tipster, 101
(Ramsay), won; Lord Clinton, IC6 (Kennedy),
second; Judith rage. M (Gainer), third. Time,
1:21) 3-3.
Second race, oni mil*—Orbld Lad. 105 (Mon
n>n), won; Bt. Kllds, 100 (Garner), aaeondj Ora
Budduih, 98 (Baraaey), third. Time, 1:41.
Third race, five and one-half furlongs—Silver
Slocking, 98 (Benescoten), won; Ocean Queen,
lul (Garner), second; Jolly, 109 (McCahcy),
third. Tiniß, 1:00.
Fourth race, mile—Llsta, 102 (Garner), won:
Light II," . 10J (ilrCaheyl, MCOadj Cliarli.:
Doherty, Ul (U'arren), third. Time, liU 1-5.
Fifth race, nix furlong*—Light Knight. Ill)
(Moleaworth), ' won: Colytto, 109 (Beneacoten),
second; Dun Hamilton, 119 iCrowley), third.
Time. 1:13 4-5.
Sixth raps, mile and a sixteenth— Hervile, 110
(Blnghaml, won; Wander, 101 (Warren), sec-
ITastaatlc, 101 (l;encscoit*n), third. Tima,
PITTSBURG, Jan. s.—Sam Ljn.nh.nl
and Montana Jack Sullivan have
signed articles to box .six rounds In
this city on January 18.
It's mm easy to secure m bargain In m usr4
autcmub!!e, llif-ugli want advertising. a» It
uaed to be—anil still la— to aagur* » bor»t
and carriage.
Declares There Will Be Four Cities
in the North and Four in the '
South Under That Ar.
[Associated Press]
' PORTLAND, Ore., Jan. s.—Propne
tying' an eight-team all-coast league as
i the solution of the complex baseball
situation on this coast, Judge W. W.
McCredie, owner of both Portland base
ball teams, in an interview from Wash
ington, asserts that not only is Hie
north coast not a "hush" town circuit,
but that the Northwestern Portland
team mude more money than its Coast
league sister, except in its home town.
Judge McCradi* said:
"Jt is absolutely untrue that I \\;i I
not ■willing to support a team in the
Northwestern league in 1010, provided
permission was granted by the Pacific
< loast league. My support lias been all
the time for the Northwestern league
and still is."
Judge McCredie said that if this per
mission hail hern granted he woul.l
have carried out his part of the agree
,,ii lit as to having a Northwestern
league team. "Tins cities composing
the Northwestern league are not 'bush'
cities," he said, "as my distinguished,
but unthoughtful nephew, dubs them."
and to prove his point he asserted that
Portland's Northwestern league team
during the first nine weeks, while on
the road in 190S, took in more than
J2ouo more than did the Coast league
team during a similar period.
Judge McCredie said that the North
western league lost money at home be
c-iuse Portland pinned its preference to
the Coast leacuo. Judge MeCiedie also
declared that some day an all-coast
league , with four cities in the north
and four in the south, would be or
ganized and be a success.
[ Expert Wing Shots from All Portions
of Country Announce Intention
of Trying for Big Shoot
CHICAGO, Jan. 6.—Members 01 the
Chicago Gun club are already making
gieat preparations Tor entertaining
trapshooters from all over the count r\
at the Grand American handicap shoot
to be held In Chicago in June. P. W.
Myrlck, former president, says that
reports already received from out o£
town wing shots Indicate that the at
tendance of, experts at the American
handicap shoot will be the largest
enrolled ;it a similar event.
Soccer football will bo the attraction
at Fiesta park next Sunday, when the
Rangers and Thistles will fight ovei
their battle for supremacy. Each lean
will have the strongest lineup of the
season and the game is expected to !>•
a fast one from the opening whistli
until the closing signal Is given. •
The lineup of the Rangers is as toy
lows: Dr. Jarviß, goal; J. Mitchell, rißl
back; Smith (captain), left back; Ba .
ton, right half; Burleogh, center hal'J
MoMorrow, left half; Meldrum, outslc.'i
right; A. Mitchell, inside right; MellO]
tenter forward; Lincoln, Inside let*
Ball, outside left. J
First rut, [■'» furlongs: JHj
La Petite 107IEI Mollno OH
Alrie Fairla lu7;Rabble | m
Wicket 10»|M«tronolitan •'• •••!■&
i:ai Neely :03jDixli>. Dlxon M
Elodla J! 103|Vondel , 'IK
Bcda lOSJCalopus . M
Bdoohd race, 6 furlongs: ' ,w|
V.'ho 107 Galvanic Ssk
Argonaut luslKurry ■
[lector lH|Wap Bw
leather Downey ..lHlTitus II f B»W
Paoiflco HI H,.,pay Mb^jj
Friar of Elgin . .llljHerlves Ssil
Third ran', mile and 20 yards: (jfIHS
1.i,,.' I, 1071 mils Richardson
Cymbal 1 "it Keep Moving ... -3
Jim CJaffnoy 112jKiEliop W lit,"
Fourth race, 6 furlongs, Mcnlo Park han
Bpohn lOOlßinocular ........ 19
ptosamo WlPreJudlco .'..:....H0
Kapitl Water •■■• 9',Madman, 104
Del Crusador .... 95|
Fifth rare, mllo and 70 yards:
Ak-Sar-Ben 107ILady Kitty 107
Silver Una 107|Bryre 101
i usrnvaca 109, j. C. Clem, 101
Aftermath 109.Mr. Blehop 101
WUe Child .....109|Iioy Junior .......101
Lazello 109|St. Albans „,,...101
Sixth raoti 6 furlongs:
Gossiper 11 .109<BuroMo ..........111
Tony Faust ioa|j|llatt 113
Little Buttercup. .lOSjPiekaway ■ 100
Sink Spring lHlCoppcrilcld 10«
Colbert llllTbor 107
Burning Bufh —micbantlliy 114
lir.-t rasa, si (urlooffi
Arch Oldhain un; Hellas 104
Mioball ..103|Percy Tayloc ....104
Gypsy Kins MkiKniglit Deck lul
Ina Gray 106!Bartmont 100
v- Augustus. .10:i]Brlght t^klea 94
Gulila lui|
Second race, 5% furlongs:
Dick Windsor ....111 Lady Adelaide ...103
Dick Rose 108 Hollow 103
High Street 107 Nigger Baby ....1'"
Reuben 105 Clint Tuoker 101
Carnal lOSSuccoeil ■•• ...»*
Hank lviiLlllian Ray 01
Third race, ;.year-olds, 8 furlong*:
Dreamy 108|U;ia Cat ........108
Hiss Brunette ...lOS'San Francisco .lI.IOS
Sophrnny Brown. .108, lOS
Prlncena Industry. 108)
Fourth race, 6 (urlonvs:
Houghton 1121 Sociable 102
La Dextra 106|Rui«tem 9)
Charllo liargrave.lOsir.,ady Panchlta.... Hi
Fifth race, li furlongs:
Jim Drady 1101 Aunt Nanpy 10!
Kiddy Lea UOllnterpose 87
Camera ..*. 103|
Sixth race mile:
Niblick 10A|M«i|d Rlgahe* . i,. .107
i: Q. Smith 108!Capl Burnett ....101
KnlKht Blaie ... .107|Clunaton .....104
Baiii it« in? piuro* i"i
Black Hawk ... .107'Mlnette 104
Landlord 107Duna .......... ..l»«

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