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L. ... , — „, .=T HARBOR. HOME SITES
, fm* MILLSIDETRACT-Wilmington
■V&St >7 jffil l^lTI '■ **■» l^i^^ . '
%t>- Wilmington .f/Tli?..TTl \ • —-"" ' |f^iPwi!triW^'f^Wal^iUn'- t'tifflJl<liPCTH
a . 4m^y ~T;i^±d Have you been down to Willmington recently and noted the transformation that is fast 1 DDIPITQ TO f
% . a|=EE / f^SiBE ' i taking place in the new harbor of Los Angeles? I PKIV^JLO IV/ I
% I ■S^fe^titfl ' The hum of new life and industry here is making a very audible sound. | ADVANCE I
js >SA/ gg^of^SL _ Do you know that the largest lumber mills in the southwest are located on the water | «*"*** ▼ rtnv** m
V^>V X X»° tC- 4= -4— II v "s. u««»«* r . r ttt.i . ... • -L . 11 *• "TV/T'll "J« Arv*.o«f""> n Prices on "Millside Tract" property will ad- : H
•<%, \ A^-ChU-Li--^. O front of Wilmington within a short walk ot Millside Tract ? | vance after thta week If you are thlnking I
S!^/v^i ff r^ = That these mills now employ several hundred people who can find no homes near by ML ot , nvestln& In this pr opert do it imme- r
/>Sr3^ . to live in? The industrial developement is going ahead of the residential development I diateiy. Those who invest this w eek ww I
, /Cr~^7 ." S* . , -j-.--.i-2.*--- . Tfttl , r i , 1- H make largest profits. B
tij/ffi'/ '• ■^3««' <r —consequently there is a crying need NOW for homes to live in. J 1
x^fl^^~ An $800 Profit to Be Made Here on a $1000 Investment . X ., ,^
J^V// For $1000.00, only one-third of which need be cash, you can buy property in "MILLSIDE TRACT," 120x135 and 120x125. %h -^ . d»l /%/%/% £
W¥/ \ One of these pieces will cut into three lots. On each of these lots inexpensive houses can be built for about *650 each, M |rj»l/*tfa Jk I f iff |C I 1
'W/ ) which would bring you in a monthly rental of $12.50, or $37.50 for three such houses. Or the three lots can be sold as they | ri 11/^C V I VVV |
' ■ are for at least $600 each TODAY—bringing every buyer an immediate profit of $800. What more need we say. Because ■ . , ■
amm ■—■"■"■■ll—■■——■■■—■■ "MILLSIDE TRACT" is close to the mills, to the Pacific Electric cars and to the business part of Wilmington, it is the ■ One-third CBSH 1
IOA vii'l a Thirl 190 V 19^ most desirable property in Wilmington today for homes. We are making you a proposition you should consider seriously— H Balance Terms #
l&V AIO j allU i.L*\J a vl. j but you will have to act quickly • m 1 1
Are the Sizes of the Parcels of Property mjr-lli . • I S^JTJS -" I
°'feTRAc r T» to toSao^ Vaughan-Miadleton Co. |;r:r™«: wchc>" -™d- - 1
i«. .«™ mtoiti ... ...k..., a. „„, « mi. p. -„ 815 SECURITY BUILDING New Location After ry 'st. 9^ iniinim.ii ->
in ciui- office. It requires but little explanation to show you "- Phones .-. 1235. m-;- 1452 207-208 Story Building J|^^BBBBHBBBIi^I^ l^^r^^B^^^*i^^^BW
exact situation. P. S. CART, "in- agent at Wilmington. Knones l< 14 4D, nam l<*3* __^____^__
News of the Mines and Oil Fields
Worst Blowout in History of Field Oc J
curs when Drill Enters Gas
Pocket in Coalinga Unity
Well No. Two
One 0 the worst blowouts in the
history of the Coalinga field occurred
Sunday night In Coalinga Unity well
No 2 causing an ignition of gas which
set tire to and totally destroyed the
derrick, acording to advices from Coal
lnga yesterday.
Jim Shreves was in charge of opera
tions at the time of the blowout. He
had shut off the water, and in breaking:
through the shell under this point ran
into a gas pocket. The release of the
gas blew the entire string of tools from
the hole, snapped the one-inch cable,
causing the tools to shoot over the top
of the derrick and upon alighting to
stick straight up in the ground.
When the blowout occurred Shreves
contrived to extinguish the forge fire
then burning in the derrick, but was too
late in his 1 efforts to put out the!
The gas ignited from the torches and
burned down the derrick. It has been
impossible to subdue the gas names.
One observer says: "A steady stream
of gas Mas been burning ever since the '
explosion." Borne Idea of the tremen- i
dous gas pressure underlying the field
is Been in the character of this acci
Consolidated Makes Hole
The Consolidated Oil company at
Coalinga is again making hole, having
leached a depth of 1805 feet with 8%
--jnch casing. Comparing conditions at
this well to those of the Commercial
well nearby it is believed the Consoli
dated has yet to drill 190 feet to get a
complete well.
The Coalinga Aladdin well has
reached a depth of 2543 feet. Work
is reported to be progressing slowly,
but the management believes the pipe
will be landed at eighty feet additional
depth, or at a total depth of 2625 feet.
The New York Coalinga Is again de
livering oil to the pipe line, having
finished the installation of the big pump
yesterday. Work is now being done
on the Duller house, which It is hoped
will be in readiness for a steady run
before the end of the week.
Litigation between the Hound Moun
tain Mining- company and the Hound
Mountain Red Top and the Sphinx
properties, at Hound Mountain, Nev.,
involving' the alleged extraction of ore
by the former company from ground
belonging to the latter company, has
been Cully settled.
'I'll' terhii are not known, but it is
lettlemeni I ble to
all persona Involved, and that no fur
dlftlculty will be i zperli need by
the niiKiiial company In the mining of
ground previously developed by it.
■|"li" Red Top la credited ivith receiv
ing 60,000 shares of Round Mountain,
it market quotations to $36,u00,
for 1,000,000 Bhan ■ ol Ita
\\ i he original suit was instit uti d
tho plaintiff secured an order from the
dial i it com I ordi i Ing a a underground
survey of the Bunhyiide claim nf the
property of the Red Top Mining compa
ny, which resulted In a report being
by Engineer .I<'hn ByJer.
Following this survey the lettlement
■ ii hed. Whether it was made
the bs slh "i the amount oi
t>lalmcd i" have been extracted from
ground of the plaintiff company, nr
otherwise, is another matter, bui tha
, t thai illl settlement lias taken place
thing asaurad.
nsl high-grading In
11| ( . ii ippli i 'rei k dlstrici « ill be i on
tinued v "' " '■'•'i ' '^'"' '■''
curding i" Hi" dei It loi
the mini' owners In annual meeting,
[lepo 0,000 hi. I
stolen in 1909 through high-grad!n|
erai lons.
The large and costly dredger of the
Colorado Kiver Dredging company now
rests on th« bottom of that turbulent
stream below Eldorado cnn.von. ■ Having
failed In it* mission, the monster barge
seems to have solved he problem con
fronting the unfortunate stockholders of
what to do with the "white elephant"
by committing suicide.
Record low water grounded the stern
of the anchored barge on a bar, and
when the river rose 13 feet last Sunday
in about twenty hours It was unable to
right itself and ill sunk by the tall
sand waves. The dredger is reported to
be aground in eight feet of water, but
when raised it will probably be found
that of this eight feet at least hall' la
sand, which means greater damage to
the. expensive mu<*llinery.
The dredger represents an expenditure
of $1 ,000. In operation it proved a
failure, and was at the time of the ac
cident in the charge of » lone watch
OOLDFIELiD, -Jan. 11.—Mitchell &
Fairfleld are still driving the crosscut
from the bottom of their shaft on the
ker Jack, at the eastern base of
Columbia mountain, to reach the big
vein that the shaft passed through be
!, 4<i and l"" feet from the surface.
The i now out HO feet to the
aast from the shaft, and should soon
■i the vein, Judging from its dip In
the shaft.
Tlie average of numerous assays
luring the sixty feat In which the
Bhaft v as going through the vein on its
;i ton, and much bet
ter values are anticipated :it the ad
. depth at which the crosscut
should Intersect it. Tha breast of the
crosscut is now In sUicifled rhyolite,
and it is believed that the vein is not
far away.
H. a. Morrison and associates of
Goldfleld have taken a Bub-leaee from
Idi n i*b Isy l.i asing company "ii
the Daisy and will continue the devel
opment of ihe ground that h ■
ed tor Beveral months by the
Golden Daisy company, under the man
lit of -Mr. A!<irrlson.
The lease produced runs;
money during ti immer and
fall, but it recently became neci
to extend the development work for
more ground, and some of the
members of the company were unfav
to making the expenditure on
company account, so Mr. Morrison and
two otherß who had confidence in the
to undertake the work
under a sub-le n
This Is one of the most promising
blocks on thi Daisy, and then la every
likelihood that X""d ore will again be
luntered In the near futu. ■
3OLDFIELD, Jan. 11.—Crosacutting
is about tn begin on the Precious
Metals of Garrison lease on the At
laqta, from the 726 tool station which
lias just been completed In the shaft.
For the hist 200 feet the shafi ha
in daclte, much of the rock being highly
mineralized with iron sulphides. The
crosscut "ill be driven northeast to
tap the St. Ives vein, which cuts
through the ground covered by this
lease, and firm hopes are entertained
nf opening pay ore at this depth,
i I reports from tha Buckhorn >ii.-
trici would Indicate that ti»' future of
thai camp is bright and thai some day
urld will recognise II as one of
the largest low-grade propositions of
Nevada. The fact thai Qeorge Wlng
lirid is employing eighty men "mlninjt
king ore" doi ■ not add much tv
bearish rumors from that section.
. .Ni:\V VOBK, ifaa. M^-Cumar, <.h,.tj •
p oturKlanl >|iut til \i>rii. glg.gstjijj.jiji. •
A l.i'iiil. #t.UTWB> '•-'<*■ Speller, *ii Hl •
s* II.:.'». Silver, .*i;' .... .-»,
" '"'
Debts Contracted with Bank for Con.
tinuation of Work on Mine
Amount, According to Com
plaint, to $51,000
GOLDFIELD, Jan. 11.—A. C. Eisen
of San Francisco has filed suit in at-
I taehment against the Mayflower Con
solldated Mining company of Pioneer,
!of which !»■ is president. The petition
alleges certain specific amounts due
I the applicant by reason of his as
sumption of certain debts due by the
company to the John t"-. Conk bank,
and wherein the further continuation
of tlie work of the company depended
upon the guarantee made by the com
plainant to the bank. As a result of
such guarantee and the assumption of
such Indebtedness that the work of
tin company was prosecuted for some
time, but that finally was compelled
m abandon because of the attitude as
sumed by certain stockholders.
The full amount represented by the
attachment is approximately $31,000,
t.i which Mr. Eisen declares he !k per
sonally entitled.
"I am simply taking the precaution
I think necessary in protecting my
Stockholders and myself," says Mr.
n. I have no disposition to in
terfere with the development of the
property at Pioneer, but in view of
the fact that there appears a desire
he part of certain <if those inter
i In the property to block the fur
ther development, and in view of the
: i that 1 have attempted to do all
that i* fair and right toward those
who are willing to stay by the recently
adopted assessment plan of operating,
I feel that I am compelled to take this,
"So tar as the future of the prop
erty is concerned I shall advise the
continuation of operations by the
parent company on the assessment
basis, and will agree to the continua
tion .if leasing on the ground con
trolled by US under terms suitable."
BEARCHL/IQHT, Jan. 11.—From
headquarters In Philadelphia tho order
has come for Superintendent G. D, IS.
Mortimer to resume operations on the
•Eagle at Eldorado. The main
shaft will be sunk to the 800-fool 1< vel
and the property fully exploited.
The developmeni done .so far lias
given excellent results, and if the on
body holds good 'in the deeper levers
the company is prepared to build a
large reduction plant and to operate
on a very extensive si a le.
Exclusive dispatch to The Heralu by L. A.
Crlsler & Co., members Los Angeles Stock
exchange, 200-201 1. W. Hellman building, Lot
BAN FRANCISCO, .Tun. 11. — Consolidated
was the center of attraction in the '; Idneld
division on Hush street today Bu) Ing orders
from New York caused this issue to advance
l-Ms points and close strong with it'<'> bid.
Fraction was well supported and moved up i
point to 'JJ cents. Florence was steady at
yesterday's figures.
In the Tonopah list Belmont sold off '■'■ points,
Midway was weak with 16 cents bid and To
nopah Extension was up one point.
Trading was light and the outside district
showed l!it few changes,
Following were the closing quotations ■
Bid. Ask. ' Bid. Ask.
Ailams 1 at Bend 3 4
Atlanta 10 11 n't .Bend An. .. 2
Booth 111 11 prandma 1 2
U BEx 1 |Jumbo Ex .. 13 11
I) Bull I 4 Kendall 3
11 Bell 1 1 - |Lone Star ..3 4
I'ol Mm .... 3 3 Urn Dillon .... 2
f'i>nQ,u«-ror .. - 3 Mill I'Tac .. .. 2
C in I-..' .. ■ 40 Hot! Si 2
L'racKerJack.. I • Hey Hold 2
Daisy I 9 i iro 3 4
l-rlangle 1 Bed Top Ex. l 2
ii B B Con. .. ) lit i Hills ..2 ■
Dixie 1 Sandstorm .... 4
Umpire 1 St lvi?» I in
Florence ....270 .. ail Pick ;.... 8 ii
I'l Mull .... 2 D ll,ill ' 1
Hold Con „M 0 m v. i Rosa -
k. ■ wanas ..6 1 \s! Tiger .. 4
i:ii|. Ask. Bid. Ask.
llelmont .... 81 82 N liar 1 3
Jim Butler.. 9 11 Rea Con 1
Midway . ... m j; Ton Mm ....««»M •■
Montana ..... 8:1 8j Ton i:x 66
M.n Naiiuru. 'M .. j\v lin.j Cod. M 25
Bid. Ask. | Bid, Ask.
Amethyst ! |Mont Mtn .. 2 3
Hull Mln 3 Mayfl Con ..3 4
Bull N Bk.. 1 ! (* Bullfrog.. .. 1
Bon-Clare... 10 12 Tramp Con... 3 4
Hold Bccpt.. .. 1 I Yank Girl 3
Home King.. .. 1 |Val View 1 3
Mont gfa Ex. .. 1 |
. Bid. Ask. Bid. Ask.
Little Gray.. 1 .. [MustatiK 1 2
Man Con ... 1 4 is■ „i Humph. .. l
Man Klin 1 jThanksgiving 2
M.in Da ... 2 3 |
Bid. Ask. | Bid. Ask.
Englfa Nest. .. 4 (Pitts Fll Pick S3 87
v \ Eagle .. 1] 14 Rnd Mtn .... 60
Nev Hills .. .. ■75 [coalition .... 11 21
Special service to The Herald by J. C. WI1»
ten, £12 West Fifth street, Los Angeles.
Bid. Ask. I
BOSTON, Jon. 11.—The sharp advance In
lake coupled the local market today. The
stock opened at 80c and closed at BOc. The
buying of the stock Is still by the same people
who have accumulated It from to up. Giroux
was active but was unable to advance, owing
to the large amount of stock offered at 12V4
from New York. The weakness of East Butte
is accounted for by the tact that many people
are selling East Buttu and changing it into
Bid. Ask. | Bid. Ask.
Adventure .. 614 B%Michigan .... 7 Hi
All Gin/. 54 {Mohawk 88% f>7'4
Atlantic .... 1114 12 |Nev Con ... :••', 26*
Arcadian ... lit* WVi N Butte .... 43!» 44
Ar Com .... 47« 4 48 Old Dom .. 62 6214
Apex 4'ii Mipsceola 168 164
BOS Con 20 21UjHHrrot 2O',i SIM
Butte Co.. 27',-a 2711 lUuincy 89 90
Cal & Ar....100 100V4 Banta Fe — 2H i%
Cal & Hec.,.666 670 Shannon .... 16% 17
Centennial .. 86 87 Shoe Mac... t&% 69.i
Con Mer .. 11 .. 16 | do pfd 301, 30' 3
Cop J<k .... 88* SI Sup Cop .... «.:!- 64H
Corbln --■» 22VijSup & Bos.. 1614 16V4
Daly West.. :'» '■"■: Sup & Tilts. 18 1614
Bast Butte.. 12 12M Swift 109 10914
Klin River., l^i 114 ramarack ... 70 71
Franklin .... 17V a 17% frlnlty .'. 10>i 114
3ranby 110 I'm Copper ..8 814
Ir Can .... 11 1114 On Fruit ....106 167V4
Hancock .... 33 8814 0 8 Smelt... 5:1 63U
Isle Royale. 2,% 27;-« do pfd —61 62
Keewenaw... t% s%|L'tah Con ... 44 4414
Iji Sails • .. \S% 17 Utah C0p.... :-::l 6814
Mass Cop.. 6>4 654 ■ Ivictorla 114 5
Mayflower .. 1 1H Wlnona 11V4 12
Hex Con ... 4Vi 4%| Wolverine ..MI 150
Miami 8714 87Vi|Wyandot .... -'.• 274
Special service to The Herald by J. C.
Wilson, 212 West Fifth street, Los Angeles,
member Stock and Bond exchange oC San
Francisco and eastern exchanges.
SALT LAKE CITY, Jan. 10.—The following
were closing quotations today:
Bid. Ajk.lMason Va1.. .23214 233
Ajax 86 May Day .... 19 21
Alice 30D Mm Flat .... 1 I' 4
Beck Tun .. .. 16 IMtn Lake S
Blk Jack ... 11 14 Nev Hills ... 65. 72
Bos Con .. .2100 .. Newhouse 460
•Jarisa 60 .. New York ..10 11
Colorado ....74 76 Ohio Copper..s3o 'M 0
Col .Con ....'-•> 122',i 811 Shield .. .. 06
Con Mer 15 3even The.... 10 11
■r Point .... 6 7 Sll X C0a1..386 370
Dally Judge. 476 800 Sioux Con .. 27 29H
E & B Bell. 70 .. Bo Cols «'.in. 8 1'
E Tintlc D.. <i l = 1% Tlntlc Cent.. BK 8%
Bi' Point... 14 1 Uncle Ban) .. 421 a i.i'..
3r Cent --") 226 Utah Con .. 014 i%
I Blossom... 7! 73 Victoria 15(1 160
Iron King... 12 .. Victor Con „..6',i 6.-i
l.i Bell ISO .. West T'tah 850
l.t Chief .... 4> .. West Nev ... 20 2S
I, Mammoth 49 51 Yankee Con. ;. 16
Majestic .... '" .. Yer Cop .... 3 5
Provo 'ii;- Jnyo 6
Int Oil I'"' .. IPrlnce M S3
Bid. Ask.
Special service to The Heral'l by J. C. Wll«
ton, 21] West Fifth street. Los Angeles.
NEW YORK, Jan. 11.—Following were the
closing quotations today:
Bid, Asked.
American Tobacco 41S HO
Hay Btate Gas ■', %
Chicago Subway 4 t h ,B
Havana Tobacco 6V6 7!^
Standard Oil MS , 6*2
Con. Steamship Receipts -i 21
Boston Consolidated 31 21' i
Britlah Copper „ 81, .RVi
Buffalo Mining '. 2Vi 314
Butte Coalition 27 27%
Cumberland Kly 8 *.i
Davis Daly 3% 4
Dolores '. 7% "',!,
Cloldfleld Consolidated. 7* 77,
Greene Cananea li i';
Glroux 11T4 12*
Kerr Lake i'"« i"»
La Rosa 4» ''
Miami -"'■ 27%
Mines of America 48 60
Nevada Consolidated !M!i Mi
Nevada' Utah 174 1%
NlplMlng l'« 10%
Ohio Copper 3't ■"■'«
Rawhide Coalition 18 19
Ray Central :i'« 4
Hay Consolidated -'|T » SW'.i
United Copper 8 B>i
Yukon • 4T4 ti
Inspiration '•>'/• '•>"«
Mason Valley Hi Mi
Newhouse :;' 1» ;: '<
Ely Central ••• -'4 ' 2^i
Ely Consolidated 84 87
Special service to The Herald by J. C. Wli
ion, Hi Weat Flflh street, Los Angeles.
BOSTON, Jan. 11.—Following were the elos-
Inis quotations todiiv:
J SI. I. Ab]c. ! Bill. Ask.
Oil Copper.. 10 ■ i"'< Cum Ely ... 8 »
Chin ........ \i% 12Z Davis Daly.. 3"4 { i
Boston Kly.. 4Vi 4% First Nat.... t% M
Ely Witch.. «0 31 Glroux 13 l-'i,
Ahmeik 2*l 225 Helvetia. 5 r.'j,
Am of NtV. 11 12 IMuJesitli: .... 93 98
Arlllpe 4') 41- Nov Utah ... IS, l'l
Arnold 75 MO |NI))l8BillB .... I" 1.. 10« i
THE debate between Rev. Harvey
Hazel, pastor of the Boyle
Heights Christian church, and T.
W. Williams, presiding elder of the
reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter Day Saints on the subject of
Mormonlsm was continued last night
in the second meeting of the debate at
the Boj-Ie Heights Christian church,
Second and Breed streets. The debate
will continue for four more sessions.
City Sealer Says that Peddlers Are
Defrauding Their
Two reeommendatioiiH of the city
iealer of weights and meaaures, which
he presented to the council yesterday,
will require the consideration of the
legislative committee, to which they
were referred.
One of these recommendation! was
made by City Sealer Green to the for
mer oouncil, but not approved. That
is for the establishment of a central
weighing station, In charge of a city
weltrhmaater, whew ail large purchases
made by the city, such as hay, grain,
coal and other tilings that are bought
by tons, can be weighed.
The other recommendation is that an
ordinance be passed fixing a standard
weight and measure for fruit, vegeta
bles and other produce sold in sacks or
boxes. Mr. Green reported to the
council yesterday that many peddlera
defraud the consumers by offering
frulta and vegetables in small sacks
and boxes, ,iml representing them to be
of standard weight.
Bib Ml .... 45 K. I Raven 60 70
Bi & i. mi .. 24 29 811 Leaf .... 13 li
H s Gas.... 40 41' a Antonta.. B'i 9
Cactus CVi t!ill B oil S7»i 37Ti
Vhemunx ... 1414 IB | Yukon 4% :>
Chief Con... Z% 2>i|Zlnc 38 MM
NEW YORK, Jan. 11. —The market for
standard copper was easy today with spot
and all deliveries up to the end of April
closing at 113.25013.55 on the New York
Metal exchange. The London market was
easy and a shado loner with spot quoted at
£61 7s lid and futures at £62 6s 3d. Locally
lake copper was quoted at 113.7691*! elec
trolytic, |[email protected]; casting, $13.25@
13.50. Arrivals of copper at the port of
New York for the day were 300 tons and
exports 2530 tons. Tin was weak with spot
closing at t32.50©32.80: Jan. 152.505*32.73;
Feb. $32.55i5>32.80; March and April, $32.50
(<>-32.!)0. London was lower, closed easy with
spot quoted at £148 10s and futures at £14
17s Gil Lead was quiet, spot quoted at
$4.(i7'<a 4.7J 1" New York and at 14.65 asked
East St. Louis. The London market was
lower at £13 15«. Spelter closed easy, spot
at *0 [email protected] New York and at [email protected]
East St. Louis. The London market was
unchanged at £23 7» 6d. Locally the iron
market was unchanged.
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E. \\. M.i.i i:. <■ A. Santa IV, »34 So. Spring street. B^J
C/^Cli W°°cl and
V*** Charcoal
Giambast;ani Fuel and Feed Co.
« The Reliable Firm of Southern California
--„ , j Phones: A 6887 Main 6069
Five YardS F5305 Main 8032
STAmUwTsULPHUR SPRINGS cox-egkov*. Los ano-££S^
JX ~T»KE BATH!> in liquid mlnkhim:
IT SPARKLES AND FOAMS LIKE CHAMPAGNE Drink th* most radio-active
curative mineral water It purine. blood, keep, you young, r.vlvlflea, rejuve
nate, your whole body HOT BATHS cur. Rheumatism, Colds. Asthma, Poor Circular
tlon FaralrSs. Dlab.U.. Stomach. Liver, Kldn.y. Bladder, . Blood. Bright.. N.rvou.
and F.raa o Trouble*. Make, skin velvety, hal» .liken. Phy.lclan In char*.. Send tol
■•oklet. Water delivered. Take Melro.* avenue oara olr.ct to rings

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