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In Report to Police Commission In.
vestigator Recommends that
Saloonkeeper Be Ques
The name of the Los Angeles Browing j
company was introduced into the long '
list of offences against the retail liquor
business when Police Commissioner I
John Topliam rendered a supplemental
report to the commission last night of
saloons controlled by breweries.
Mr. Topham reported that the stock
of the saloon at 1006 North Main street I
is actually owned by one Haskins, Willie '
the Los Angeles Brewing company owns
the permit In the nune of G. Koch and
charges Haskins $5D a month for the
use of the permit. Mr. Topham recom
mended that Koch be cited to appear
before the commission and show cause
why his permit should not be nvoked
and the commisison acted on the rec
ommendation and cited Kocn to appear
next Monday night.
According to a previous report made
by Mr. Topham, the Maier Brewing
company is the chief dominating fac
tor in the retail liquor business, and a
number of saloons this brewery is said
to control are to be Investigated by the
polite commission tonight.
Two more cases of the Maler com
pany's control of saloons were reported
by Mr. Topham In his supplemental re
port last night and the commission
cited the holders of the permits in both
cases to appear next Monday night and
show cause why they should not be
revoked. Topham declared that more
will follow. His report is:
To expedite matters in this in
vestigation 1 wish to report as fol
That saloon at 401 North Los An
geles street, permit held by Puisse
gur Brothers, Is managed by one
Pouget, and that Puissegur Broth
ers have no Interest in this place.
Neither has Pouget. This place is
owned by the Maier Brewing com
pany and Is a resort for Mexicans
and others of low character. On my
visit to the place it jvas full of half
drunken cholos, and had every ap
pearance of a tough resort. I would
recommend that Puissegur Brothers
be cited to appear and show cause
why their permit should not be re
The saloon at No. 1006 North Main
has the license permit standing In
the name of G. Koch, while the
business Is run by one Haskins. Mr.
Hasklns states that he owns the
stock and would like to have the
permit in his name. He is com
pelled to pay $50 a month to the Los
Angeles Brewing company for use
of same. I would recommend that
said G. Koch be cited to appear
and show cause why said permit
should not be revoked.
The saloon at No. 301 East First
street is run by one M. Wagner,
while license permit stands in the
name of John P. Weber, No. 301
- «Sast First street. Would recom
mend that said Weber be cited to
appear and show cause why said
license permits should not be re
Two Chinese Charged with Conduct.
ing Game In Place Owned
by White Men
Sergeant Sebastian's Chinatown pqtiad
raided th*» livery stable of Latlmer &
Pluckett, :!S2 Eaat Second street, late yes
terday afternoon and arrested Ching Lingr
and Wong Chingr. proprietors of an alieged
lottery game, with what the police say is
a complete gambling outfit that has bMO
operated in a back room of the white
men's stable for more than a yrar. I.ms
and Chlng were taken to police headquar
ters and booked od a charge of violating
the an ti-lottery law. They were released
on depositing $100 ball each and will appear
In police court tomorrow.
Sergeant Sebastian stated last night that
the Chinese gamblers had practically been
frichtened out of Chinatown and were
moving into district* populated by negroes,
■who, he nays, are their best patrons. "We
are making uut a case against these white
liverymen who harbored the QhliiSM gamb
lers knowingly 1 >r more than a year," saul
the sergeant.
Sentenced, Becomes Hysterical
"She trimmed her nails with my new
razor and ruined it," said Charles Bet
torf in Police Judge Frederlckaon'i I
court yesterday when he was being !
tried for being drunk and threatening
his wife and two daughters. His wife I
and daughters testified ueainst him
and stated they were compelled to call
a policeman for protection. Judge i
Frederickson sentenced Bettorf to serve j
thirty days in jail. When sentence was
pronounced Bettorf sobbed bitterly, and j
when he n-as led to jail he became hys
terical and his cries filled the court
Succeeds His Father
The Southern California Loan asso
ciation, at its headquarters in the
Coulter building last night, elected
Horace Wilson, son of the late Percy
R. Wilson, to fill the position of attor
ney, and director of the associutiun,
which was left vacant by the death of
Percy R. Wilson a short time ago.
»•»■ Temperance Lecture
At the Vincent M. E. church, 139
West Twenty-ninth street, James H.
Woertendyk will speak this evening on
"Relationship of the Voter to the
Liquor Traffic." Woertendyk Is a tem
perance lecturer of wide experience and
will speak at several other places In
the city during the week.
Death Calls Designer
August H. Lex, an architectural de
signer who came to Los Angeles two
months ago from Illinois, died yester
day at his home, 5103 Echo drive. He
is survived by his wife. Funeral ser
vices will be held Friday at 10 a, m. at
the chapel of the Los Angeles crema
Silas Roberts, 1182 East Forty-seventn
street, was (truck by flying glass from a
broken skylight In the Germain treed com
pany* store, where ho Is employed, yester
day afternoon, and sustained a laceration
of the scalp and the left hand. He was
treated at the receiving hospital and later
removed to his home.
EL D. Seward was yesterday ap
pointed deputy tax and license collec
tor for tho San Pedro branch by <". M.
Taggart, tax and license collector.
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Conductors and Motormen Exchange
Compliments with Officials of
Los Angeles Railway
The conductors and niotormen o£ the |
Los Angeles Railway company present
ed Henry ES, Huntington, president of
the company, with a silver loving cup
lust evening at the third division car
barns in Uarvanza. A number of the
prominent officials of the company and
about 500 of the employes were present.
The cup was of silver and stands
nearly a foot high. On one side of it
was an engraving of a trolley oar and
on the other the inscription, ■■Present
ed to H. E. Huntington by the conduct
or* and motormen of tho Los Angeles
railway, January 1, 1910."
The presentation speech was made by
Motorman GJ. A. Pritchard. Howard E.
Huntington, general manager of the
system; made tlie speeeli of acceptance
for his father. Following him J. J.
Aken, ■uparintradent, and C L. Lewis,
assistant superintendent of the compa
ny, mad* short addresses, each dwelling
on the growtl) of the railroad to its
present size and the friendly relations
which have always existed between the
officials and employes of the railroad.
Judge D. K. Trask also spoke.
Several of the most prominent of the
platform men present made a few re
marks on the employes' side of the
question. A string quartet entertained
between the speeches.
The cup was presented to Mr. Hunt
ington by the men as a mark of ap
preciation on their part of the interest
he has talten in their advancement and
improvement. Every man employed
either as a conductor or motorman by
the railroad contributed something to
ward the purchase of the cup. The
committee in charge of the affair for
the car men consisted of J. N. Berry
and R. B. Foster of the first division, J.
A. Koulty and W. E. Stoll of the second
division and J. C. Phillips and J. C.
Buckncr of the third division.
Scholarships won by piano pupils at
the Yon Stein academy of music In the
last six months were awarded at a
pupils' recital given at the Gamut club
last evening. Three scholarships were
Held on Burglary Charge
Police Judge Frederfckson yesterday
held Grover Keller to answer to the
superior court en a charge of burglary
and fixed his bonds at JIOOO. Keller Ik
accused of entering the room of
Thomas <;. Norton, 308 South Main
.street, and stealing an overcoat and
several neckties. He was arrested as
he emerged from the rooming house
and was wearing the overcoat.
■_ ■ „.. H^Si 9mq9
i 4 ■ £ ■ <.-<^BP^BB ':-; ■>■■*? H^. T^**l
t - . ■ . ■ ■ ■"■■KrM^ijJx^v 'ir:'::;;>:■:■■■■■"■
gl',-;,;;,. -
m o nr v i ; ■...
P EJL C Q PLQ nado ;;
RWJ^S*|| ' 4 hours away |
By JpMj^ Just across the bay from San Diego £
I l^»»—^BIHB polo—tennis—boating—fishing—etc. I
;■ The golfer may enjoy his daily round of the links under Ideal *
f conditions. The delightful and refined social life of Hotel ■!,
i. del Coronado brings together the best people of the four I*
quarters of the continent.
Round trip rate to San Diego . »$ «■« £ *«; '
Trains leave Los Angeles 8:55 a. m. — 2:15 p. m. —
11:55 p. m. V.^ '..^v'
E. W. McGEE, Gen. Agt. Santa Fe, 334 So. Spring St.
BANNING LINE-Daily^rri^Tto
Santa Cataliaa Island
Glass Bottom Boats to View the MARINE GARDENS
U.t\MWi CO., lul i-ui in,: biaruic l.iilldlnie. L<m Anit«lM.
' Pliiinrii—Main 4402: I «,170. ' |
I The Largest and Best J //^lt/ m^ r^l /~1 ■ £ \
I Ventilated Restaurant lTtip&tlCll V^CIJG
From Spring to Broadway between Second and Third streets. Beat ma
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from noon to close. Hear the tdlltng of our novel patented Electric Chime*. '
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Dinner here means more, far more, Been Made at
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Fourth and Spring. city at popular prices. 3rd and Main.
~— I ' " ■ , - ===

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