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mfn's wittt^ T^ aviation Moat r- - A 8:30 am. to Demonstration of Mme. tie Garmo's
HANnKTprHTFFS ' SC BONO *4k<^<<^^ AfDi^P-ni]TIB) [I F^ ICTP Cfr^S *>^>^^ con « m Celebrated Toilet Preparations ,
HANDKERCHIEFS UW wlth any purcha , of d9v~<3iS?£>- klr=\\j# L irUlfcJJ irVi =lL__ I U© i _f-^^J> 5:30 p. 111. A booth in the ..,„.,.„ and'connecting with all. 2i. m-
T^ars-e size handkerchiefs «:tli neatly hemstitched „. or oyer at tho Hf___'^s? j^S?^-^ ft LJX7B/ «-" — _•■ W/ii^ 45*' i_T k /0~3-CNr" ing used to demonstrate tho rcmarkablo qualltlea of Mmo. eta
B r,:; d c s hoo.n"e y _?. ;:" ?S_riS- %*£% - — HOME 1057/. BDWY.4944f^BROADWAY COR. 4TH. LOS ANGELES. £2?i50!£ tw ee n :^c. ,oc ana 780 .
annex, Monday. I: 1...' each. values 7.:.c. Men's annex. department, third floor. . ■
Important Page of Value News »eeins with Women's Suit Sale
"T —~~—■■;|'^s% .~~ $14.50 to $25.00 Garments _^fgv—^#l^^^\
jv'J}| is|P^^-^ ■ '"£s!*: n Decisive Clearance /^^^^ «S<v, |
" ' flß^^rf--' "'""*** ■*" >■ «_?'■-•" J_*J^ ::^X> S'%, * There's p.in.t;- td he stirring.activity in the X X\j^ ■_^''ivti V>J_^asfSr-'
-flr^ IK .vnmens suit section Monday. We head A < J^^r^P^^j^fcMl gK
>W 2fer:i ? V " the list will, the iir,t Jiarnain news. J^ ■ % g Til &Wf/-^ HV %
5 V VV^% x \ 152 Rarmmts regularly marked $14.50. «/ f9+J \J T^^Njv V V^^T MW " 4#V A
H»;--'-v^-* -^&m*~™~«~;*«,m».™,.. ,«_^-_>»— $17.50, $19.50, $22.50 and $J5.00. Suits of I if '%^J H«'f li:^^lrWffilifi^s)
A 4 Tft U _ i* C mt.^. clu-.H.t and the pretty fancy wo,,lcn>. " *"^ /'I V.^ '•■ll% J^V'
Advance Pattern Hats for Spring 2^£H2H£H - - --r- /I'^^^SlS^
Foretell the New Year s Style Tendency >icrc-s«h"»ia ii(i« r^ii» °ffcri"e pf ic»di<i taiiortd *uit'*- Don't wi //I M \Wllf 18_Pv >4I r^Jl
What are the styles going to be for spring—what's to be worn—and will the hats be be- ' ■-„( .-'* - v _ />*p/ M l^^l \£* j%rj S^Jm^^JJLx \ H\%^ A• I
coming? These are questions women are already. beginning to ask themselves, and Presto! §22.50 tO $45 High-Grade CIJJ7S \W Hi f^Si fi£^_i| 11111
the answer is here. Quite unusual, too. It's just the working out of an idea on the part of Xoilfti»_«l C,.: t . : n floaranrfl at ®1O i "'1 /I \wMMfiA W Ji\ ! '''Hi
our millinery representative and the co-operation of the foremost millinery artists. 1 ailUreU CIUUS 111 ViCeai ttlt«Lt; «il . 1 -|^ VI \MwWM^\ [email protected]^Xf4f|l 111 j
wirTl __ ~w —-— _ • 1 O Spring merchandise is daily crowding in, therefore these tailored gar- ["] Jl\\ \iWiWw\ f^^^^i ' II 111
\3Lf n*£iff rCktt&l*Y\ ilS\ffs H^f*l^ A IrAAIIV l meats must give way to make room for the more recent arrivals, in S — l\\ wmMWm I \llliill§s/ I ' I! \\
TV llCtl* JTCiHrCXII XJLdl—I HVIC iill VUUJ • spite.of the fact that a great number of these garments have arrived I \WWvW' 1' I \\^^^¥'\ 111
h#^ >a — ¥1 #I_l ■ within the last week. [""{ m [ Ji '//k'///'/M, !l 11 lif 11 111
LSLn t He FOSSIDIe Here are $22.5J), $25, $29.50, $32.50, $35, $39.50 and $45 high class U-l 1 Tffffi til I II
tailored suits consisting of cream serges, rough weaves, wide wales, fine j /I j //YM'/M/M, bT //I 11 I
These may be the thoughts that the above announcement brings forth and we will admit broadcloths, cheviots and novelty woolens embracing staple blue, brown, /I - I (/}o^%sCy\S. . /IJ| JLsJ 1
it is very much out of the ordinary. Just 12 advanced styles that show full well the ten- black, as well as green, catawba. wine, rose, gray and garnet. /I 1 '^mMOMw\ Iffr "Tufl 1
. . , . ' Styles arc 7-8 and full fitted models in the desirable long coat ef- ' II I 41 _J<=fflto \ ;7cl 1 I'll 1
denaes of the coming season. ...... . , . , „ fects. Absolute reductions that mean profitable buying time for you. II ■TtTTTT"^'MI ill 1 I ill I
The artist has pictured five of the hats, but the pictures cannot begin to convey the ' ■ b «| I ''P'ywWry/Mk tU S | ill I
beauty and originality of these clever models, conceived by the master millinery minds. £f£g\fli S6l*£[B SKlftS MSflisd O o^s 1J I "lII y\% /W*W Uy~ -J 1- !"1 1
Milan braids with French crowns of velvet, gold or Silver cloth with black velvet and ... - «« 7 •* * a* £,_ iPT ca •n* B* ■'-' /^3r~^ES "^^^ iXV '^wt u_ I \RU 1
lace, and horsehair braid with flowers. These are all prominent in the assemblage. /11l lllC xi aj llUili *pj> lv «p<«^v . . —T A^f^'y^ij / —^ '/JOnfiW^'' M-1
You'll be interested from the style point, and from the way we've priced them we An item that boos hand in hand with our White Sale Monday. Just 30 of these pretty Wr^~\. \\ v^A •^_jf /fSf /' •
know'you'll be interested from the price point. It's the first spring herald in the millinery K utvf« nf rrr-iin white sorer I'lP.vpr styles, trimmed with self and pearl buttons. No- ' • " \\ WJ. -^j-^»- . - . ~v^> ft>«r
know you 11 be interested from the price point. It s the first spring herald in the millinery £bte <$ert^w Mwitoy of the $5, 16.50, 15.96, $6.50 and %ism grades. 8om« no gar- <^\g2 J&>
section. > . . ments all told; choice $3.95. '' ■ '
Men'S $12.50 and $15 Important Sale Popular Music 17 C Price Concessions in Base-
Suits Overcoats and g£ * 1 ReguUr 23c and 25c Copies 3 for 50c 'Each * * [email protected] | to MaM® Biggest Mon
a , uyercoau -^L | | vocal -. INSTRUMENTAL - -*-*.
Cravenettes in Monday Sale W§7Jla »^ i « l [ ?s » 2 .h : r. i « i2 .T-«-™t do^^h.^ sss'ai'i.ssu«... day So Far This Year
„ ... ... . . „ , . Have You Another at Homo IJke Maryf Oh, You Hagln Kid. rly Taper, ras.
The delay of a shipment of men s winter suits is responsible for lonesome. \e»terday. ';? rtl<'?.. l of I/OTP walu**-
J l fiibanola Glide. M(bl nncl Day. Live Mires, rag. . ... i." 11
this extraordinary reduction for Monday. silver Threads Among th« Gold. There's something rascinaung About the ™| > I(1 s<J! n :£ r ' ri( , l< rB 1910 has started off well in the basement sections —reany
The suits are made of novelty fabrics as well as blue and Hymn? of "the old church choir. There's a Room to Bent in My Heart for NHtionai^Embieni^ march. better than our highest expectations. This proves the great
black serges and are in the most favored styles of the season. By the Light of the silvery Moon. Are you Lonesome? Awakening of the Bird*, reverie. possibilities for the new year; and for Monday we are go-
The cravenettes are either 52 or 54 inches long. The over- " ~~~- " I T7 " ing to the extreme in value-giving to make a phenomenal
coats are of black unfinished worsteds lined with silk. Men have Hear J. C. Blazer, Cellist and Cornetist, Music Dep't., 2to 4:30 p. m. Daily,* Except Thursday day . Big profit for you in such prices and grades as these
the opportunity of selecting from this splendid group of $12.50 opera^o^e^Ne^Vork. was demonstrate popular music'on"the cello cornet every afternoon week IOO . PIECE DINNER SET $15.75 B-INCH CUT GLASS COMPORT
the opportunity Ot selecting irom this splendid group Ot $IJ.OU Qpera Hnusp New Y ork. Hear him demonstrate popular music on the cello and cornet everj- afternoon this week IOO . PIEC E DINNER SET $15.75 5-I.NCH CUT GLASS COMPORT
to $15 suits, Overcoats and cravenettes at $11, Monday. except Thursday; Music Department. In - pretty -white Austrian $2.19— Away under value, chrys- ~
________^_____________^^_____^_____ : ' _^ —— china; choice shapes. ' anthemum design. Excellent ta
-15 * <2(Z ♦ C*7 CA X" •IT #H a am " s<&***^ S^*~Z3. <^BSS«Ss» SS«^ bo-piece COTTAGE SET $8-25 We piece.
BOyS «J)>) tO t?I.D\) IllilCnCr tt'^ £%[% Vv^' '' ■'^/^Wi&^ $®&£s^§\ /t*o^^h- O§M. fw Also plilin whlte AuStrian White Enameled Ware
OffprpH fnr Mnndav Yf^^ *JriSsrs is&*^fr w^'Sf^f **®S B clllna- r'n" T,. aP ot»-Hoid 2 q t».. boc.
v/UllS UiiCiCU IUI ilitklUay .*r --**--w V"j&£ 1, J^^r^Sifl/' |p^| ' '•■■?>&*&%& WHITE CUPS AND SAUCERS, f ,n c Coffeo Pots-Hold 2 qts., 60c.
No Ptyle so popular as the Knickerbocker, and these are cut along the new- £: Jg /5sL f A ■>> / ■£/ )^5 -i^^"^.' 6 FOR 75cReKUlarly $1.75 r.H,> Berlin Kettles—4-qt. size; enam
est lines. They^e made of fine finished wool cassimercs and cheviots. Have tfca^^a^ /fv? S=:s'~^ >C^s-<^ /^**sn-~J ' \s*'f*i^j^&>^. dozen; ovlde shape; fine Aus- c .j ) j c j > 50c.
all those finishing touches which appeal to the boy. Coats with or without J^SAsr*. /^»^4. ->^*N^liv -^-^^*9l 'mghfflFiStvffi/*^ trlan china. -■ 15c Pie Plates, 10c.
belts and Derby back. Monday $4.63 S^WM /^llWlk /^^'-AV\. /^^»V MWw(v\ ' »»«= SALAD BOWLS 55c-Fancy $2.95 AIRTIGHT HEATER $2.69-
BOYS' BUSTER (t» C BOYS* KNICKER- «£-« />>™. A /'. 'jW\vAW\\ f>'/\Ss^ /^AV^^^KV MdWl'Kill V* V decorations. v. This has the hole at the back
BROWN SUITS .$0 BOCKER PANTS /DC I S\)&®!*M' ■ ■ IWtH\ \ ff\ / //) |W Wffi&t\ V \ 4Bc Japanese bowls 35c- *£** permits of the stove belll&
A,i,or blouse suits In a.c, Heavy corduroy in brown shades / y^^ggglSJM^MsS^r^ MY\\ ißftf 1 \Js2k jfyylk%l^Al V\\ \ 111 \jX\ \ lhJ\ Scall°ped fl^, 3 '-I" S-PffiCE KITCHEN SET 18c-Meat
from 1% to in years. Made of fine has been used in the tailoring of I/[ 'M^^Wjßr' ' i WMMEV'V jfifrfffi M"- W^*l / 4Oi\ JK|\ J^^TH 1 <■ ffl>?2A colon " l *""' fork, perforated cake turner and
worsteds, cheviots and cassimeres; these boys' pants. They are cut 1 X #7^Bk L*/^7 1° • V^»" \JHwT^- ■ "fail/' 1 ' H 4\ \l'l mW ' M§M^j\\ P 'MM I / "''' JAPANESE BOWLS '•"'~' prated spoon.
cither military or sailor collars; $6, full, with waistband, suspender but- VJ4i«SSr \'^\M^M^\' '^W/SI/^V¥ Kii!°' T ",' Sam° U-4B "CORONO- ROASTER $1.25-
SC.SO and $7.50 garments. Mon- ton.,, full blouse over knee. Ages /yMW Y'M^^lT \JS^M&ffW^M J^J^^^MwWW^A^^ as abovementioned. , ' Meats and fowls wasted in a
L to iL y !!Zli!l _s :^^ \ >^^P®^^w^^lJ^^^^^^ 6s c b ™tj ; 7ssi^ i^TcHcio:; 11 come out tender
o r^.-g> (^v^ 16-BUTTON LONG SILK GLOVES sr\ (11 \ V S/* \ 1^ \ i*~W \ iu^*^^ /^ /ift^^l ' Basement.
<^^^~5^Y 1.6-button gloves of most dependable quality of silk; gloves J ' ; __ / ' C*l «■ mr mrt i^S^^r-.
H iHrt-- 1^ Hundreds and Hundreds of These Pretty, Rogers^ilver ware j^
. I Practical and Underprictd Waists Attractively Priced I m
v-| ':% Aisle 2 To begin a great* White Week in the Waist section, 50c the price, but it seems almost impossible to con You cannot say too much in favor of the IJlj'/J 'It
> ' SHORT SILK GLOVES <jf\ ceive waists of such rare beauty, style and finish at such a little price. They're made of very Cf\ r quality of this well known silver plated I'*Ci//ML
l/Jjl ■ WHITE 5 1-2 TO 6 1-2 O"C. sheer material, some with embroidery fronts. Styles are varied, all sizes to choose from at OUC Rogers ware. They're guaranteed to be plated
Short silk gloves are to be more In demand than ever, and ' atotc? '' on 18% nickel base. These are ill the French i C^rf^vlW
0 here's an opportunity to buy staple white gloves in the two. MORE NEW WAISTS QA LINGERIE WAISTS ■ (t»| Qj- .. Scroll design bordering VC\\\ Sh\\
clasp style with the reinforced finger, Sizes 5%, 6 and 6,4 only. The sale NOTABLE SALE OVC DIFFERENT STYLES. .. $1 .7O g^^ wit h small shield on top for en- '\v\AV«ll\
i on . » the handle witn small sniem on top ior en- *\ i\l V^Bkr
price 6JC. s ij n j g is t]le next p r i ( , e we - vo chosen to bring the waist sec- Dainty patterns, trimmed with lace, and finished down ' ' • '\l\ll wiv
, — . tlon into prominence. Several designs from the small tucks . ft witn tuck son each .At this price also we feature graving. "T Vv^^ '
$1.25 TO $1.49 down the front, neat laundered collars; others In neat em- tailored waist, "" the new sleeves. The latter made with ° •*2^S^
$1.25 TO $1.49 n0 broidered designs. All have new sleeves. Many finished tailored waists w.th the new sleeves. The latter made with .^ v-
ART LINENS -VOC witll laCe" You'll Search far and wide to equal these at 89c. both broad and narrow tucks and stiff collar and cuffs. Set a Teaspoon*. OSc. Tod rickle Fork 7' *i..is. j~
n.j\x j^iiMJ^iNO /\J\/ ■ Set fl i, es9ert SpoonH, $1.09. T.ong rkkle Forks. l»c. T
A sale of white linen scarfs and squares; drawnwork, white embroidered RECENT PURCHASE LINGERIE DRESSES (t^AC ? Bat a Soup SpooM, $1.79. ■ ! We Knife, in cose, $1.49.
. scarfs, 45 and M inches Iohr; Bquares, "°4 ' 30 and 36 inches; regularly • BRINGS 200 PRETTY GARMENTS— CHOICE... $L.yO V Set I Bouillon Spoons, in case. $1.98. Cream Laille, in com, 6f>t!.
J1.1'5-to $1.49. Monday, third floor, Bgo. ' ±SKlJ\i(jJ> iIUU FKH. 11 V UAKMIiW i&— CrtUlLJi. . . *yU*/%J six foffee Spoons incase $1.11). <iravs' Sf"*", ta '"«•""••
T ATTNDRV T!Ar<? ?Qr PTT Tnw TOP? ,c When '°U S°° "le pr° dreSS°S> "Ota the fllle material and ho^leverly they're made, you'll wonder how it's possible for s^Tncas" ogc- ""' Oy^^a.Ue.^cSe^li.iO.
LftUHUKI rsrtVJO, riLLUW lUfa, ZSC a manufacturer to produce them. They couldn't ordinarily sell them at this price. The manufacturer stood a serious loss Cold Meat v ,, rkSi 6 9c. jelly Snoon, 6So.
I here. Made of pretty batiste and trimmed with 1 rows after row* of lace. Choice of pink, blue, cream, tan and white. 0 individual Salinl Forks. «el, $3.10. Ual..v Spoons, curved handle. 39c.
Bidy Brussels ßoii-We Believe «2^ 00 s«»^ 5c c£» R£«. 58c Sale Manufacturer's Sample Hand Bag's
the uty s Best— >'XIZ JtGGt • • • • . M'A*«-'»wr Everyone needs extra comforts. These are in th» size practical for Savings Average 50c on the Dollar
-•••.» iiiM tha OJ)portun|ty of buy i, lg comfort maliins In size 72x84. A.VPr«\fiS 3"L/C OH l£l«? !>UllCii
It •will be an easy matter to convince you that this la true when you see the rugs yourself The quality tn<l" cotton bats at such a price I'iiui white, clear, cotton. Third w*»» lugj *» » ».»»»^ W "
of the filling, the closeness of the weaving and the broad variety of attractively .colored patterns, are a "'akes.the offer important. 'luur. 68c. "■ . .. . 0 ., 5(p ,. n m , kor of 3noppinK bags sold tis this splendid sample lino of small, medium
little better than Will be found In other Brussels rugs at the price. Priced low, according to size. ; " j LaZXzo shopping™ta£!^at pSttUt Mto group them in this alo at an average saving
a-**-.. 7Zo toot *lM infect..,. :., 22 . 8 0 Just a Few of Many Important you of about sou on the dollar. wocom P . : ed,*»■ .. ...... ».«.
6x9 foot «iie *ir,.00 ft'/.iioii foot »ize $'« so JW3I » 1. CW UI Ifisaiajr 111IUU1 lalll Manufacturer asked that wo refrain from quoting lite name. We compl.ed, for it isn t the name
WHITE SWISS 81 3c SILKOLINE COMFORTS, $1, $1.5, $1.50 Monday Price* fOT ThOSB Who that ..mints, ifs tho merchandise. Many are soiled or slightly scratched-but think of the price!
WHITE SWISS 8 l-3c SILKOLINE COMFORTS, $1, $1.25, $1.50 Monday PflCeS fOF ThOS6 Who ,nT . HANn BAGS rt LOT 2-HAND BAGS (| /lA
Sheer, pretty curtain swiss in desirable stripes and Warm, fluffy, well-covered comforts, the equal of __ m_. ' • ■_ _ _ _ L.V L I HAND i3AU& faUf \x^..^u <to +« <tA •HI UV
e«.^",iV!""» "* 'i'c'"""' '"' SMUTS*- ——- - -■ •■■ Need Dependable Groceries JKM\»SS^-^i-iXi£^x:7S. S»SSr!Si. itsHaS
A» r i» SM , and R Uffl , s™ B » Cut - BSMcaa >7c . ;;■—;, eoc ~n-.= -"*"""" "~" SSsSS34E3r ttr s '"
s/i^zfr^^SSiwHJlWßlssftml Wilton *< «»/-v tains 50c, 75c and Potatoes, fancy Irish, 50c t gal. can Honey, e« 01 LOT — HANDBAGS (pry 7rt -"5.-**Ss» '_r-L I&^^***
'/ //*^^&CTSffitS>V Rugs 5J1.5U $1.00 Pair S..«^;ov;poV.V.d.-M«j». i^"p:L^--* jsc Worth $3.95 to $6.50 .....ipA./y
f§AtA Wi^^^Mi^^^' Thes" are •>™*'" ot Ax- Three prices that we tea- pound"".?.. X.. . " S l/^ Holld P.ek. S cans *JC 33 of the c ba ßa In B c,.,.lnn.morocco J'"'^^ «• »»'»• •„»'- WfM^C^WS^.
/'dlHli»^^^^^ffil H e ft£S r"aa" &ir%aa"Sss H^r" aho: $i.so - nf| c£ m 20c 7oThand bags oon .S,^^^HHi k"j
yFSffilp^affi i^S'^^SS)' m hemstitched, 60c, 75c 49.1b,ack 51.50 2 cans Oysters, «,-_ LOT 4—HAND JBAtib VL J Ull J,K^cB^^^^JW?Sf^^^^s J
AM^^^^^m^^! White Cotton- "-1 »l-" ; S;^^'^^'" $1.05 TZ^c?^' jgf Worth $6.75 to $8.75 (feMf|s;^»fV'
£B?m&m: .Warp ? - Cotton Blanket . •-Sj.^r * 28e s^*-^ 53^ ?»i U. 15ST.» ta d ?i ffi" 'K^S^r". iN^^Hliß^lm }v
@^7^^fe^y^s^r ms = i"sr>s s^^sf r ?£■ ..v iz G r : ."^,^- vj^ worth $8. to sls ...........sD.yo
1 >-J5-^-' ■- ■ V__iJ "C 3 ' (Sf'Ji!)' appreciated; .16 In. wide. secondi. They're almost Baker's Premium, 1b «JOl» 2 pounds ...fcv»o „; , („ this !,,,, fancy calf, with Kilt frames, iiea lion bats. . , ' MmVOufY '"I XftftwWA"
V__, VJJ *"^ l.'or roll of 40 yards 19: Derfect only for slightly Baklnit J'owdi-r, <>(■, If) poiiiiilb Sugar, <£ ■ Kiißlish pigskin, horned back alligator and, *abv alllg.-uoi , v ( V WKIIVkSiEEI »1W n XMi
. **- yard, 1(0, ' ■ Irregular ediei. ■ Royal, pound can ....«>•>*' on IS order ...V' worth regularly from *8.95 to |15. Sale prlof $5.98. AWe, »■ ' ' /,, '. /■ ■. . ' fL> ' .'"" " - j

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