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PART 111
Eliminating Vibrators Alone Enough
to Secure Instant Recognition
from Public for
New Coil
A few days ago The Herald had oc
casion to tell the puhlic or the forma
tion of three companies, all composed of
Loa Angeles business men, which have
taken hold of the Seetey high frequency
Bystem, locally and abroad, and it
might be well to have the layman un
derstand Just what the Seeley system
really is.
The high frequency ignition coil, in
Its perfected state, is the outcome of a
ertel of experiments covering a long
period of years, in the effort to substi
tute electrical oscillation for mechani
cal vibration, conducted by the invent
or of the synchronous transformer,
which has revolutionized the manufac
ture of X-ray machines and ranked him
among the half-dozen foremost electri
cians of this day and age.
The sole object sought in the develop
ment of this Ignition gystom wan the
elimination of vibrators, realizing this
to be sufficient to insure instant recog
nition. Nevertheless, upon Its comple
tion and practical application, many
other strong points of advantage have
been developed, any one of which is
sufficient to warrant its general adop
tion. Kxperts agree that not less than
75 per cent of gas engine troubles are
due to faulty ignition, and no equally
satisfactory system has ( ever before
been offered to the public.
It is a known scientific fact that no
form of electric discharge equals the
high frequency in its expfosive action
on gases, the problem having been to
adapt It to this purpose. That the in
ventor has reduced it to a practical
working basis there is no room for
It is fully protected by patents al
lowed and pending.
No Short.Circuiting
The Seeley ignition system Is no long
er an experiment, having successfully
passed tnrough tests varying from one
lo two yeari in the hands of disinterest
ed and critical experts with perfect suc
cess in every instance.
The Seeley ignition system produces a
high frequency oscillatory discharge!
which has a more explosive action on
Hiise.s than any other form of electric
discharge, or spark, not excepting the
magneto, This is a scientific fact easily
verified. At each discharge several
hundred sparks occur in the same perl
:>:! of time occupied by one stroke ofai
vibrator. •
one separate and distinct point of
difference and advantage in thin system
over all others lies in the fact that the
discharge is localized at tho hlgh-ten
.siun terminal, therefore all of the dis
charge is delivered to the spark plus,
under nearly twice the voltage of any
Other system, permitting tho use of a
spark-gap in the plug twice the length
ordinarily used, -which is equivalent to
doubling the volume. The power, de
veloped by the Seeley system ia a source
of surprise to every user. In every in
stance it has shown by actual brake
test an increase of 10 to 15 per cent In
horsepower over other systems, and in
hill climbing tests has shown as high as
SO per cent speed increase over the vi
brator coil on same car.
The Seeley ignition system.saves that
portion of the battery energy (approxi
mately 50 per cent) which in others is |
consumed/ in energizing the vibrator!
magnet, and delivers it all to one ter- j
mlnal, while in all others it is divided j
between two terminals, only one of
which can be utilized, the other going !
to ground. The novice will understand
that the users consequently derive the
full efficiency of the battery energy
drawn, while others lose three-fourths.
This explains why.this system will op
erate a motor successfully on one
fourtb of an ampere, while others re
quire upward of one ampere, even un
der expert manipulation. The coll
draws less than two amperes on a "dead
short" contact. Al a natural conse
quence batteries last nearly twice as
long. Furthermore, a marked saving
in fuel consumption, averaging fully 25
per cent, has been noted by every user.
Bearings Are Lasting
There is no possibility of failure to is
nite each charge with certainty, fo long
as proper conditions .are maintained,
and no possibility of short-circuiting
by rain, spray or any amount of wa
ter dashing over it. This makes it in
valuable for marine use.
The crowning feature of the Seeley
ignition system is the Seeley circuit
controller! No expense has been
spared to make it superior to any
thing on the market, and while de
signed primarily for the Seeley system
It will be found without an equal for
use with vibrator colls. It must not
le confused with ordinary timers, be
ing a mechanical and electrical master
piece in a class by itself, built with the
Utmost care and precision. The low
i ension distributing mechanism is built
on the time-tried principle of the elec
tric motor commutator, and consists
of self-lubricating metal brushes,
bearing upon a smooth, hard steel
ring having an insulated segment
through which the current is led to a
single pair of Iridlo-platinum contact
points operated by an oscillating cam.
There is no interruption of the current,
by this commutator segment, hence no
burning occurs. Length or duration of
contact may be varied at will, a sim
ple means for adjusting the points be
ing provided, and they are sufficiently
heavy to last indefinitely. The brushes
are mounted in die-cast holders with
binding-posts for cable terminals, and
kept in contact by helical springs.
They are good for years of constant
use, but may be replaced in an instant
and at trifling expense. All Insulating
material used is made from a special
heat-proof composition, including the
body or case.
It is provided with ball-hearings of
utmost simplicity and generous propor
tions, with adjustable cone for taHing
up wear indefinitely, and filled with
finest imported balls in retainers.
A strong feature in this Instrument,
and one which cannot fall to commend
It to experienced motorists, is in the
fact that the body does not rotate for
advance and retard, therefore the con
stant twisting of cable*, and breakage
of terminals is obviated. The advance
lever is mounted to the center of the
cover, but If desired the controller may
be readily arranged to rotate like the
ordinary timer.
Every instrument is carefully in
spected by experts, subjected to rigid
tests, warranted accurate and guaran
teed for 20,000 miles' service.
The Seeley high frequency system Is
controlled on the Pacific coast by the
Bfleloy Specialties company, successors
to Henry Fleetwood & Co., and the sys
tem may be seen In operation at their
building-, 126 East Main street.
Seeley High Frequency System
■ T4Wf ! m £
Farm Motor Cars Will Be Made as
Well as Cars Already Well
Known on Pacific
CHICAGO, Jan. 15.—The most impor
tant and sensational move that has oc
curred in motor circles for many years
was the amalgamation at ltacine, Wis.,
yesterday of the Mitchell Motor Car
company, makers of the Mitchell auto
mobile, and the} Mitchell and Lewis
company, limited, makers of farm and
spring wagons since 1834. The new con
corn, which will be known as Mitchell-
Lewis Motor company, is capitalized at
$10,000,000 and Is headed by William
Mitchell Lewis, son of William T.
Lewis, who has heretofore been at the
head of both concerns. Every dollar's
worth of the stock is held within the
Mitchell and Lewis family lines, and
there will be no bonds or floating in
debtedness. The combination of the
two concerns is made necessary by the
rapidly Increasing demand for their
products, which neither has heretofore
been able to fill. It is a most striking
example of prosperity, Tho facilities of
the two concerns which are^brought so
close together will permit the manu-"
facture "of all bodies, springs, castings
and every solitary part and detail of
pleasure cars, motor trucks and motor
farm was;ons.
Will Increase Product
The object of the now concern is to
continue the manufacture of Mitchell
cars on a greater scale than heretofore,
of farm and spring wagons, motor
trucks, light motor delivery wagons and
a light combination motor business
wagon for farmers' use. The regular
farm and spring wagon product which
has been manufactured by the Mitch
ell .and Lewis company, limited, will bo
largely increased so that orders from
all parts of the world may be filled
promptly. This also is true of the prod
uct of the Mitchell Motor Car compa
ny, and large additions to both facto
ries will be started at once to care for
the largely increased output.
The present force of skilled employes,
which numbers 2800, will be materially
increased within a month, and the new
corporation thereby becomes one of the
greatest in the world. Notwithstanding
the amalgamation, the farm and spring
wagon department of the new company
will be looked after by the same family
line which has been In charge for near
ly 100 years.
Factory Covers Many Acres
The combined concerns cover a terri
tory of sixty ucres at present, employ
2800 men and have a monthly pay roll
in excess of $150,000, which will be in
creased. William T. Lewis, who has
been at the head of both institutions for
many years, will retire from active
work, but will remain in an advisory'
capacity as chairman of the new board
of directors.
Beautiful new executive buildings are
nearing completion rapidly, as this
amalgamation has been under advise
ment for some little time. The com
bined business for the two concerns for
1910—that is to say, orders that have
been received and will be filled —
amounts to between ten and twelve
million .dollars.
Both concerns are in n remarkably
prosperous condition, and it is not pos
sible for anyone outside the Mitchell
and Lewis families to purchase a dol
lar's worth of stock.
The Bartholomew company of Peorla,
111., which has been manufacturing
automobiles for the past ten years,
has decided to open up an agenoy on
this coast. Tlv Bhafer-Qoode Motor
company is going to handle its various
models, and is now located at the
motor mart, Tenth and Olive streets.
Three new models will comprise their
output for this season, and a number
of important features have been
added. The Glide Scout has 45-horse
power, 40x4-ihch wheels, 4-inch tires
all mates, 122-inch wheel base with a
special scout body, two full sets of
ignition, multiple disc clutch contained
in flywheel and stn.lght shaft drive
with only one universal joint housed
In a dust-proof, oil-tight metal ease.
Brakes on the Glides are extra large
and efficient with equalizing bars, in
suring equal pressure on all wheels.
They represent the highest type ot
automobile value anda^oad efficiency,
which means the truest economy fur
their owners in price and up-keep.
All parts of the Glide ours except
tires and ignition are manufactured,
not assembled, under their own roof,
and every part is thoroughly tested
and Inspected.
Miss Mahel McCane. who lias donated
a silver trophy to bear her name for Eg
special event in the first race meet of
the new year to be held by the New
Orleans Automobile club during Mardi
(iras week, is one of the most enthusi
astic motorists in the country. She has
attended numerous meets and always
has been one. of the most enthusiastic
motor fans present. This year she has
decided to further the game of auto
racing by donation of a silver loving
cup as a prize to be awarded in a free
for-all event at New Orleans, and has
announced her intention of having one
of her own cars entered in the contest.
Ifi as easy to secure a bargain In a used
automobile, through want ad>artlslnr. a* I;
Mad to be— still Is- to scour* a horw
and carriage.
Theory Is Considered of Little Value
and Not .Even Experts Can
Always Judge an
The tire question la usually one that
the automobile owner, or, more espe
cially the man about to buy a car, will
ponder over for a long time.
"How am I to know a good tire?" Is
a question often asked. The answer is
simply, by testing it. And by actual
use on the car is the only way to make
the test properly.
There are no theoretical tests of any
value excepting the testing wheel.
These machines are used to ty out j
tires on stationary wheels under vary
ing weight i. The testing wheel may
reveal a great deal, but the results
are not nearly so conclusive as those
developed by actual service on the car.
Even to experts, who, by the sense
of touch or similar trials, such as
biting the rubber, are enabled to Judge '
the extent to which an article has been
vulcanized and obtain an idea of the
compound used, there is no positive
test which fully demonstrates the rub
ber's wearing quality.
To give the finished rubber product
strength and wearing qualities, other;
Ingredients must, be mixed with pure
rubber, forming what is termed a stock I
or compound. It is this compounding
that permits of perfect vulcanizing or
"cooking," for that is what vulcanizing
really Is.
It is seen that aside from a few more
or less general principles it must bo j
by the results developed in actual usei
that the conscientious rubber manu
facturer gauges the value of various
stocks or compounds. A stock which
produces a certain result today can be
depended upon to prodce the same re
sult always.
These then are reason! why the pur
chaser of automobile tires must judge
of the merits of various makes from
the brand or trade mark, together with
his own investigations.
In making such an investigation the
prospective purchaser should not be in
fluenced by any single very bad or
very good record made by any make of
tire. What the purchaser should steer
by is the general average of tire rec
The opinion of a dealer should be
given more weight than that of an
individual car owner only in so far as
he has had broader knowledge and
experience, and Is not directly inter
ested. Thus many times the opinion of
the individual owner may be the best
one to follow.
Care should be taken to learn the
reputation of various tires as to rim
cutting. Usually a tire broken or cut
at the rim is beyond repair.
A valuable asset for any tire is a
reputation for staying on the rim.
through all kinds of service. Serious
results are likely to follow if a tire
comes off the rim. Also "creeping"—
moving in the rim—cuts off valve stems
in short order.
Young Motorcyclists Are Expected to
Make Good Showing in Next
Coliseum Event
« %
The motorcycle ' and . automobile
tracks are to be "dark" today in the
stage vernacular. The next event, how
ever, for the motorcycle track is
scheduled tor January 30, when M. J.
Graves will make his debut into the
ranks of the professionals for the first
time, and as there is to be a half-hour
race the occasion will be auspicious
for this youngster to break into the
ranks of the "pros."
In the columns of the amateurs
Graves lias made some remarkable
rides, among which may be mentioned
the 100-mile race in which he carried
off the honors with the time of 87:49
to his credit, and in the two-hour
record made the mileage roll up to the
13414 for the 120 minutes. On • the
local Coliseum track Graves made the
mile in 45 2-5 seconds, so that the
older professionals who will be on the
track Sunday, January 30, will have
to look well to their laurels.
Whlttler, ton, has astonished all
those who have been paying attention
to the motorcycle faces because of the
wonderful work done by him it: the
last 100-mile race on the saucer track.
Whlttler led Do Rosier all the way for
miles until the breaking of his axle,
when he made the spill which carried
him for 300 feet along the track.
Jumping up, ho actually ran to the
home stand for his other machine. He
lapped De Rosier when within tjiree
miles of the finish, and had it been
for just a little longer distance It Is
generally conceded that Whittler would
have defeated the Frenchman.
The timing of the last races at the
Coliseum was excellent. The Whitley
Jewelry-company had live stop watches
on hand, and there was no variation In
any of the scorers' records. The motor
cycle racing events are exciting the
greatest interest In this city, . where
they have the fastest and best track In
the United States, and January 30 will
see a series of numbers on the pro-
gram which »ni prove interesting to
all who attend.
AnyDody who would bo able to find an
address In the directory would ba able to
Ond your CLASSIFIED ad.
Public Approval
ought to mean a good deal to you. PUBLIC OPINION is a
mighty reliable guide to follow, especially in the matter of mak
ing an uncommon expenditure, where a prolonged personal try
out by the intending purchaser is impossible.
Public Opinion Approves Moline Gars
Moline Owners Are Enthusiastic
Listen to their enthusiasm as based on actual knowledge by experience.
We've selected these quotations here because through them these users
and owners of the MOLINE answer about every question YOU might
want to ask. Lots more letters, and any further information desired will
be very ch^rfully furnished on request. Read these:
"Such comfortable and easy riding quail- "The JIOIJNE It certainly a dependabe
ties." machine and built to stand the roufrn
"The best hill climber I ever saw." ••* ""vice." ,
"It Is one of the best lookin B machines "Accessibility Is simply remarkal.lc."
on the road." "Does not use much gasoline and up
"Has 8 cars, but the MOI.INK Is the keeD "» Tery Iow"
best." "Hays there's no better car for farmers.
"The MOLINE equals cars costing "V most desirable cur for doctors every
douhle." where."
"Economical car to-run." "A wonderful hill climber."
"Easy riding; operation cost reason- "Covered 5186 miles. Not a cent for re
able." pairs."
"Best *I«M> cor on the market." "Uneqiialed for finish and material."
"A favorite with doctors; so depend- "Tl"" 'luletest en ß lne he ever saw."
able." "The simplest engine I ever saw."
Wilson & BuL';ngton
842-844 South Olive Street
Main 2191 * Home 10927
TEe 1910 Overland
Renton Motor Car Co.
1330-32-34 South Main Street Homo 10799
i/\ i r^iiivioß!^ \
! Amor inn American Motor Car Agency,
/\lllUl ltdll 1210-1212 South Olive
A »%t»..:.» C;>^>rvi A ./ Bekins-Corey Motor Car Co.,
American=oimplex pk 0 and Fi owe r
Aa| Bekins-Corey Motor Car Co.,
AlldO Pico and Flowei
r »mii California Automobile Co.,
lialiTOMia Tenth and Main
r\ __• Bosbyshell-Carpenter Co.,
l/"ri 15 1226-1228 South Olive
HlirnrAr ■ Durocar Manufacturing Co.,
1/UI Ul/Ul 929 South Los Angeles
FmhirA Munns Auto Co.,
LllipilO 1 ' 1351 South Main
C _ J Standard Automobile Co..
rOICJ Twelfth and Olive
urcat W6STGrn 1130-1132 south onve
U~ll yl^,., kntta Motor Car Import Co
' nalladay-Isotta B i o south onve
HllhrnnhiiA Tri-State Motor Car Co.,
llUpillUUliu > 600-604 South Olive
Patorcnn Pico Carriage Co.,
raierson Pico and Main
Paltal Williams Automobile Co.,
• Cll Cl 1806 South Mair
Iftimklpr w X Cowan'
IXdlllUlUl 1140-1142 South Hope
A- N. Jung Motor Car Co., .
Olf I Illiy 1213 South Main
Tniiriet California Automobile Co.,
I OUI IM Tenth and Main
l/ l* Standard Automobile Co.,
TCil" <• . Twelfth and Olive
rnnHnAnfal Angelus Motor Car Co..
UOllllllUllldl ■ • 1242-1244 South Flower
D\A ar I cu/ic Angelus Motor Car Co.,
mdCr-kCWIS „ 1242-1244 South Flower
Auto Vehicle Corapaiy
Distributors, 1330-1228 so. Olive st.
W. K. UIS!I. So. C»l. AKrnr»,
Garuc* Repairing.
UZI-2» hUli'i'U iiAl.v
M.m. H»«L Mala ftU
«rFeb'y 19-26-«
Is the Date of the
- -v
♦ i
——— OF
Licensed Cars
Under the Selden Patent
These cars, representing the strength of the Automobile
Industry, will be exhibited at the Licensed Show, and at
NO OTHER Show in Los Angeles.
Licensed Motor Car Dealers'
Association of Los Angeles
Here Is the List —It Speaks for Itself
Apperson Matheson
■ 633 South Grand avenue. 1330 South Main street.
Babcock Electric Moon
743 South Olive street. CO., 1030 South Olive. i_
Baker-Electric Oldsmobile
_^ Ij^j^^1 j^j^^ 1124-26-28 South Olive. co>
Buick Overland
1144 South Olive street. RENTON MOTOR CAR CO..
— 1230 South Main street.
Cadillac 7T~ A rTT"
motor car co.. Packard
1218 South Main street. "•."" *'■■■■■ *■
_________^____^^______ WESTERN MOTOR CAR CO..
727 South Olive street.
STSSSfoSra^" °°- Palmer-Singer
—, - , . 2122 West Pico street.
BIRELEY & YOUNfI. Poarloca
Ull South Main street. ICCI IC/&9
— 11. O. HARRISON CO.. .. -"►*.?
g~t 1 • v 1214 South Main street.
Corbin —,
CORBIN -MOTOR CAR CO.. H2 *»«.<»«. X --*■.■.* ,
849 South Broadway. co" Pierce-Arrow
~ '■ W. E. BU9H,
Courier J^27-29 South Mala street.
CO., Tenth and Olive. POpC-HartlOrd
r Imnrp l"it South *'■'"> street.
742 South Olive street. PfAfTllPf*
JyJ i^^ \SU '"■ Ad"m' "'"' Main •treetil -
LORD MOTOR CAR CO., ___——— ————^^—^—
__j?^^z^—— Pullman
171 _,!„_„ tt^A" MILLER A WILLIAMS,
landers 1\) iu° south oiii« treet-
LORD MOTOR CAR CO.. "~~~~~~"~~ ~~~~"~~~ ~~~^~~~~
1032 South Olive street. . n >
Vt-nnirtin BIG * AUTOMOBILE CO.,
£' 1 (illKlill 1203-5 South Main street.
R. C. HAMLIN. ' _^_^__^___^_^_^_^_
Twelfth and Olive streets. -.
Glide SST'iSSi «ox T . B m«™ni.
VJIIUC 633 South Grand avenue.
SH.\I'ER-GOODE MOTOR CO., _____________^^__^____
N. W. cor. Tenth and Olive sts.
f-J'.lVnpC H- O. HARRISON CO..
11UJI1V/O -~, 1214 South Main street.
1136 South Main street.
— Simplex
11UUOVU 2133 West r i,. o street.
WESTERN MOTOR CAR CO., _________^________^_
727 South Olive street.
7—; — Steams
JaCKSOn c. c. slaughter MOTOR car
CHARLES 11. THOMPSON, . CO., 1026 South Olive street.
1012-1014 South Main street. __^—^————
] oromohile ' Stevens Duryea
L/OCOmODlie la eastern MOTOR CAR co.,
LOS ANGELES MOTOR-CAR CO., 838-B*7 South Olive street.
Pico and Hill streets. , —— >
fft - r Stoddard-Dayton
NASH « FENIMORE, Tenth and Olive.
Tenth and Olive streets. ______^__^^^___—^^ '
Maxwell ~ b£ eLc«,
MVXWKI.I-HKISCOK-I.OS AN<iK- 1033 ' South Olive street.
IKS CO., 1321 South Main street. ' -
<♦ sa«ssa«Blnssa«sa—M.^i...—«.n^.^™i»---^"--—^—^"— ■^■—-——
Mercer J^^^^^
ana -m t .
Mitchell Winton
1501 South Main street. • Twelfth and Main streets.
Moline Woods Electric
Ml South Olive street. «33 South Grand avenue.

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