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'■^^f^l "Now Women Welcome with a Thrill oj'Joy the -^^^^^M
,fG^:ft % r^ Bright Glimpses of Approaching Spring" Jjjfe J'^|fiB
'•^ /** jgjs' —*V 7rW' A YE YOU not felt the subtle intoxication of the Springtime as you breathed the exhilarating morning air and rSj^^^|/ "-f*
;$ L r ■40&' / t "V" f^\ jj~!i basked in the pleasant warmth of the cheery sunshine? Before the first pale arbutus or dainty snowdrop has viiF^^i^ifzK' \
|| s' -<^|^i^^^P^^ struggled through the melting snow of the frozen North, here in "sunny Southern California" we are rejoic- *<!*- I&£T
i|ly/ ',: ;]! ftt V i ing over me glad tokens of Spring alt around us, and woman's mind is irresistibly attracted to the beautiful apparel *^~T j[*'%
'^$OWb v'^/'■■.•!'C\^ / ,"'*^^ which famous designers have created to satisfy the universal craving for raiment in harmony with the mysterious V^W^;^?L 7
•^-'l^^fl^K^v^r-' beauty and dainty freshness of awakening Spring. . '■ r ..^ ;^jf» ' l|f*sK J
v^i^p^ Ihe artistic instincts which every woman possesses, to a greater or less degree, will be fully satisfied by the ':'/\ •*'¥&''■- ■•'*■?*.»'>* v
'" '/Jwri bewitching grace and charming originality of the new models. From the weaving of the marvelous new fabrics ""■•; '^'"^n/f, ,i -'Jp'^*
'/ | j to the last minute detail of a quaint button or a tiny strap, each garment is a revelation of the wonderful prog- • 'U•>?s%'; Jik
■//jC'V " 1 ress which has been wade in the art of designing the fashionable garments worn by the correctly dressed woman /*-■-. Iff l= %.
JI& I of the Twentieth Century. . <V i IB^HKp|
■; ■ !»' '. h ' Veils and Scarfs • • 77?e Parisian Vogue ' $^^ .f f
'\ffir~M '{''•" JN a wonderful profusion of dainty shades and beau- Tf OR artificial flowers has reached us and our first $^. ■■ *^ "^^^k
wln^WMr'^^ tiful patterns have been marked at exceedingly small -* importations of early Spring favorites are now " ,«# "" *^%^
ri/IfW'WHf.TOI prices. Notice them as you "Fathinn'v HnvnritP<i First Shown Horn" being offered for your / . , ;/,,-- - -^,
; I™ 4llllu)1Hv • enter the millinery dept. . fashion S Favorites First Shown Here selection . I 'ffepp? V# !
I Jill fV\V ' ii ii _ I'■■■ ' ' ,•'- |J: : ■ ¥>•
Our Windows Are the Eyes of the Store ju^i/^/MP flm^ffl^fffi Jaunty Sweaters in Great Demand
AS "the eyes are the windows of the soul," so our show lP%r€^*r!l^ Sfplf J|^ rP HE popular prices at which these stylish, cozy knitted
windows, which we call our eyes, are a true index to _^—- <§St*> r —^ coats are marked are a source of wonder and delight
the character of the merchandise within, faithfully reflecting (^tL^TnC/Km^ PTI C^MfmfftT^^ fi/'!?,"!, °f 2'"" c"stomers ' and are a result of much care
,e Vl rve,ouss, r ,c t .ransforma.lons „,,L Jo o!, ,L: % Pti «P«^^ W££tf^£2Zs%!?£i 'XoTLiaZ SSS2
to day in this thoroughly modern Specialty Shop for Women. \^ZZ>^ I jraS^^J^J^ \ make them doubly attractive. Make it a point to visit our
„- _ c ; \^t il^Wifß'Sl/ Ti j Sweater Department. Third Floor.
§Many Dainty and Exclusive Styles ffo g^ fe g k Broadway We Cordially Invite Your Inspection
Now Ready In ®&@p W I^^^ We Cordially Invite Your Inspection
of tne
Fine Lingerie Waists _^^ Early Spring Millinery
T*yn:\V shipments reveal undreamed of possibilities of daintiness and l^llfcfftS^ ' a r^ 7 s
i- *« beauty in exquisite lingerie waists. Fairy-like designs of sheer ha- JUfIL £**%!>*, ' As Displayed from Day tO Day /
li-te. with effective clusters of finest tucking, interspersed with delicately KJw^JtiSrjk T r\ <ni - r^ * rr r* ' A^S)
patterned laces. All of them echoing the very latest Parisian fancies #^ Ur CHamting FretlCk Hat ROOm J^SI^SV
Tailored Styles Quite as Dainty as the Lingeries W^ P^HlSw Tp^EN the excitement of watching aerial flights of "biplanes"tJ^^T <^
np 11 J'.KK is real art in the simplicity of the new tailored styles. We can l^Hif^'' into " tlw blue ether of the sky" cannot long distract the mind&^Y^^
-■- show you many charming new effects in the celebrated "Royal" waist ©"^^4 r^PF °^ wotnankind from the flights of fancy in which Millinery artists 11
winch has attained a world-wide reputation as a waist that "fits to pcrfec- f*||s\ ' ~"v r* have indulged for the benefit of ladies of fashion who are de- ■
tion, a quality as essential in a waist as in a glove. ,^^T manding to know "What are the new millinery ideas for the
Skirt Department Well Equipped for V A« spring of 1910?" i^^
tflP SnritKT 4on^r! ' / % V While our exhibit of Sr. in 8 MM""!'? is by no means <-JilPt
tin. kjpr ing &VU&O11 h-.-r** \ /W^) complete, it is sufficiently varied and fascinating to prove of
nnHAT skirts have again swung hack into popular favor seems to be well established in every \ \ /'"**'* V absorbing interest to every stylish woman, and many exquisite K!r^lff>
•*• one's mind, and women are busy looking for the most attractive and. at the same time the ff x- ' V Jr creations in the newest of new designs have already been cap- /K&ZPr&t
most practical skirts for all sorts of occasions. The new skirts afford such a Surprising diversity \ '*»••••* / ■ Hired by women prominent as style leaders. M^fY
in styles and trimmings that every. woman can select an individually becoming effect. Plenty of V '-' Jm • ■ • Ci g-wOy '•' ■
liiorouglily practical models, as well as the clever novelties, all at popular prices . ' 1, /.;# New Arrivals ' Every Wom^tnaws
Here's a Chance f©) Silk Petticoat, *UStl* Ul and 1 .; ?W Mew Daily F^^ E™y Woman Knows
to Get Dandy V^L OutA7a/n E v mu>'^ Daily F^^ Just the Kind of Gloves
Waists for Less \fe^a UUt JVgam m a llurr mtr^^ 17 VERY day sees many beautiful new mil- I gP^IP She Wants V,
DOZENS of smart tailored l\^-^|Vp /\ iong as women love to have silk Ml I^\ 11/ linen models of artistic French inspira- / AXD CVO'T woman ought to
waists, some hand-embroid- I'Tv^J^^ • pettlcoats "^ou-frouing" about rf ( '."'A tion making their debut among the delightful i Hflp^^H&S -tV know that HERE she can
ered, others of pure linen'; all**~--\[isC<A thei. r feet just so long will an oppbr- ?/; -' \ exponents of the new Spring modes, and nud-»^ 'f(^TwW^\ quickly, easily and ECONOMI
sizes; see them on the third MS§£ W^H JjLn 1^ a ? d, of I^ll^. '-\ ding their pleasure at the compliments be- W^gS^J CALLY supply her glove require- .
floor. Waists that fl»i rA \Si2r rL== rf% (laint- women fluttering around them \Hl\iS V-V V' 7 - *\ I i .i i c ■ ■ i ■ Y/yA' Mm \k nients from the most thoroughly
were $2.75 $1.50 |S^J^^ ■ lil<o a '"' "f ''"t^flies hovering over ' *^U% ):».. \ St°Wetl Up°n ' V f^!" admirers. f/fCI^ V high-class stock of gloves in the
i ~§&r^:^ioy .'i garden full of honey-laden flowers. '• vk*., ' ou wi" Sllrcb enjoy trying then on and M r~r*S&Q&Kg£fc^*L :'
- S/iCQ ■ lW%\^*~~~^ IlCSl ' sni P ments of lliesc beautiful ' observing the youthful beauty and Spring-like »^? ' ._ _, . c
1&0&^ lf\ Petticoats in for tomorrow. fl»s QC . freshness it is' their mission to impart to the ig^*^^T JMJVOfc&tQ6
a ™^tt W » n main ooi $0,70 ' faces they frame. ' ■
Delightful ,^^^ Original! Distinctive! Artistic! -^ Beautiful New
JLJITQSSQS ■{0* [-^^^t^£%s^ Authentic Introductory Showing of j&^Zis&f^^* lTst*C> C QO C
For . "^^^yi^p Advance Spring Garment Styles SMM^?^
Festive Occasions . & 4^ Pronounced Change in Tailored Suits o'' Imported Shantung
Prism Plaited Crepes /\?P^'* "pvECIDEDLY refreshing in their bold defiance ofestablished style stand- -. ( "■?.:,, *^tS^f^\ **
,-, 'O have ot :h . --^lJw^V\\ -*--' an! come the jaunty new tailoml vies M f the Spring of 1910! Clever ' **" mjjg%sgj^ Spring Favorites
rl- - you have not seen these latest at" *■■** TmflloVl llttle coals ' *•<, i snugly enough to indicate trie contour of the figure, the hrOL T^IIE genuine imported Shantung, in
L rivals ' there is a f^T '" fd '*? 1^" L^h&TWX I' 1 ICI1R" coats, titled snugly enough to indicate the contour the figure, the Iwl T^lll'. genuine imported Shantung, in
*n your'first visit 1^?^" "stvle'shop' / • :V^^^i' \l !'"?' T'"' '"^ fr<"" "7 l" "' hK'lloS- Sm:irt I""rtllK> v tailoro<l tlUK"llcs a(H y -it^W^^ "T™* "'"A? "'^ h^ df Omc
These as well as the most 'recent 10, 1,'' IW/Mfi& \1,7 W\ tv tlleir (lross-v appearance without making them look in the least overtrim- /fWIJvW' /P'N colors, is to be one of the most fashion
rivals in chiffon and crepe de chine, show JIMXI IT \\-\\ "U' (l - ? kirtssh°wthenew vtunic effects in some instances, while others arc l\l\'¥-' '/ \ s"' :"f , materials for . semi-elaborate
a clearly defined waist line which will /Jti»vfM& i te- VA Plain. or .cluster plaited. Many of the novelty materials come from abroad, ■ /// f / Liy V presses during the coming bpnng and ,
;:;;,it^t- by^"Sn«iv';,u fyy vtlll Wi§9 '""'" "r"" h"" "iE" I- ' : °""ion'" favor: • " /' \\ "f fV \• ,17"""",°' "™ 0; 1''8 m ? Is t-
cw°.n n/sS^a'' X s'' ades " - 11 !lM m Particularly Pleasing New Shades Shown /M / />->...1 "• 'i*»«' >™i'i»»p ».«i iv,'.'corr°c t '
'" ' V -.-,>'>,-■• I, 'iciniHL^ W. >„„.,,„ (llrl *„,,,,,,. , „.--, I*" /MA \ r // / idea oi some of the cleverest, new ideas
/ ! iMT^lf^v W Among the staple shades, blue holds its place as leading favorite, but / ■ /\ < j j [/'■ / in one-piece dresses
Ea't'ly Sprint* StyleS 1// i' Hi HSXW Pastel shades, one or two tones lighter than last season, and many for- / /,!|J Vfijr^
t\ , to / / / I lil%' \ li^" colors have been introduced, producing soft, delicate tints and / ,-/ IM 1 V-/ ' r^ , - »-» * i *
in Dainty /Ll^ |» X ladings as novel as they are beautiful ' ~jC/\^ I wUii Entire Remainder
Tirgerie Dresses I M hm&o* A«™«™ New Cream Serge Suits f^ I Mr /'l"'"^ ,
lj- « x^/ e^e^ y /'| KK^^^ "Attractive New Cream Serge Suits -y I VyW/// tit* /^
Also in Vj Y^ijjl I jßp^Sl^/ir ANY of our customers who have been asking for cream serge Suits I W J |<Vj V? ttltGf \^QCItS
i i T^-tlff) T -i-rtrun \ \'\\w / /'' \H v ItJ. will be delighted to learn of the arrival of these stvli.sh new model.- il/ / 'i llf| T' r> c -^ i
JUre l^inen UlTr^V ™V in advance SpringniodeBi As these pretty Spring suits will be worn far I l lf |i llf To Be Sacrificed
r/UST enough of these exquisite mas- Itj / | ; IIV into the Summer, it is a pleasure to offer these models which have won f Jj/wJI I '' LJil T'''' most stunning coats shown'this
J terpieces of . artful designing to whet . ,ll [/ f/ llj I■ 8 1 .Fashion's unmistakable approval for Spring at $19.50 and up. • Jl| Ml' —T'"'''^'^ l I season have had their prices hum
one's artistic appetite for others that are 11 111 \\\\\ J| \" '" 'M 'IS I ' I 'I' HI! bled tO th° dust '" Order to effect an '"'" '
on the way. Those now on display arc ■ i Iff 1 § : 111 ThfOO f^r\mf\loir> C/,mh//) T inn c I Ml I\V mediate clearance to make ready for the
in white and dainty colors and can posi- i| Iff I I ,' 1 lllW K^Oulpieie Sample LdffleS I] \M\\ fl \V . invasion of new Spring models on the •-.
lively be relied upon as correct for the if I 111, \\ \\ rr •* * *~* • m ) r-v . B //f/ / ' I '!• 1V way. If you have the slightest need for a
coming season. Every model is a study jiff/I Ii 1 T fill*}**£> fl \>-f#-f^C» T f\lT C^^-fVl#Tl /// / /l'W new COat THIS IS THE PLACE TO
in itself and worthy any woman's care- jI II f 1 1 LlllUiiZtl OMITS JOT &T)ltTlg\ Iff \\ ,il ./j, \ COME FOR IT AND NOW IS THE
ful attention " If 1111- II \\ \ ' / £^ » I // ; '/ »l II I II TIME TO BUY IT. MONDAY—„
■ I ill ill ' \i TN ACCORD with our well established policy of securing always the great- I I V ! I , Ij I\\ THIRD FLOOR.
337-9 South Broadway $18.50, $24.50. $29.50 $35 $45 'm^^tf ta&Roto;
_ ' v^^^m:.^^, \p*d^.\j\j, f x^frtKJ v 337-9 SOUTH BROADWAY

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