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Agents for Various Machines Secure
All Available Space, and
Late Comers Will Be
Forced Out
Every detail has been arranged for
the Independent automobile show to
toe held In the Grand avenue rink Feb
ruary 7 to 11, and all that now remains
Is for the decorators to finish their
Work and the placing of the hundred
different modejs which are to greet
those who will gather to s-ee this mag
nificent display.
Manager Walter Hempel and the
Ehow commit tit si»'nt a busy week, but
last night they were able to say that
all the preliminary work had been done
„,,.; moot of the important contrai <■■
Practically every foot of space has
been sold, and the Hashing of four
thousand lights Monday night, Feb
ruary 7, will show one of the most
varied automobile exhibits ever held
in the west. There will be all models
from the smallest runabout to the.
monster three-ton trucks, and these,
vith the many handsome touring care,
Will complete a beuutiful picture as
they nestle amid the hundreds of
jialms, decorative pillars and twinkling
Many of the small accessory dealers
■who had expected to get space will be
disappointed. The last few dayi
brought forth a belated rush fur S]
■with a result that late comers will have
to take aisle gpi
Committee Announces Rules
The most important work of the
committee last week as formulating
rules and letting contracts for decorat
But the decorations are always in
cidental to such a show. The real In
terest in the many new models. The
cranks who know every part of a ma
chine are there to study each model,
the "live one" la taking this oppor
tunity to see all the cars together and
make a decision and the newcomer who
V getting his first education in motor-
V>m is present.
' There will be over thirty cars made
■ > manufacturers licensed under the
' Jden patent. These represent twelve
»*Akea. There will be as many cars
soon to be licensed and as many more
•whose makers have no desire to be
licensed. Then there will be the many
different models of electrics, the steam
cars, the trucks and the cars made In
lar away Italy, of which there will be
a complete display.
The foreign exhibits will consist of
the Fiat and Isotta-Fraschinl. These
cars will comprise two of the most in
teresting exhibits at the show.
I The committee has made no radical
changes in the rules which govern the
big shows of the east.
Must Retain Space
No exhibitor will be permitted to re
sign or sublet any of his space without
having obtained the permission of the
.-;) i"- committee.
One now feature decided upon was
the placing; of a small sign upon each
ear. giving the model and the price.
Palmer Singer
Member Licensed Dealers' Association
Sixty-six with Gunboat Body, Price #3900
65 Miles an Hour Guaranteed.
Golden State Garage
2122 West Pico Street
Phones: Home 23557, West 482
Seeley, Van Zandt & Crackel
Agents for Goodrich White Tred Tires
Continental Continental New Agents for
Tires Stock Tires Goodrich White
Automatic Brass 36x5 $72.05, $52 Tred Tires
Wind Shield— 36x4$ $58.65, $43 Shaler Electric
Pony style $24.00 3 6x5 T.C. . .$81.05, $62 $17"°°
Reg. style $27.00 34x4} T-C .. $68.00, $49 Irons $3.50
McGregor Brass 4 t 8-Day Armand
Bumper ...$12.00 36x4^ Rd.. .$58.10, $43 cloc £ $g 0Q
Manhattan Brass 36x3J T.C. .$44.00,$3 j Carbide 85c
Bumper .. .$7.50 34x4 T.C. ..$55.00,541 Rajah Plugs..Boc
Goodrich White Tred Tires
Seeley, Van Zandt & Crackel
The Moline Caught by Camera
While Going a Mile a Minute
ps :" ■■■" ' ■
m ■ '■• • ■ ' 1
; -. * ..: ,; .-' ■•■.;■;■..■;.!" r ■ ...
Top—Harold Stone at the wheel of the Moline on the Coliseum track
saucer affair three and a half laps to the mile, which will be the first car
and the first driver to make a five.m ile run on any motorcycle board track
in the world next Sunday afternoon.
Bottom—The Seeley ignition system car, Corbin, with Al Livingstone
at the wheel and who will run a mile at the Coliseum track next Sunday
afternoon, going against the circular t rack record for one mile.
This will enable all spectators to know
the price of every car without. Inquir
The show will" open at 8 o'clock Mon
day (.veiling, February 7. and all ex
hibits must be in place at that time.
The hall -will be open for the installa
tion of cars Sunday midnight. Those
In the lar corner of the building will be
moved in first.
No goods shall be removed or brought
to the building except between the
hours of 6 and 11 a. m., and then only
by permission of the committee.
No gasoline, other fuel or oil will be
permitted In the building. All horns
must have the reeds removed when
placed In the auditorium.
Dealers will be permitted to distribute
souvenirs subject to the approval of the
committee. A.ll covering! of exhibits
must be removed daily at 10 a. m.
No individual decorating of the booths
other than that placed by the show
committee's orders will be permitted.
Amusement Program Planned
The committee has decided upon an
interesting amusement program for ev
ery afternoon and evening of the show.
There will be a full orchestra, with vo
cal and Instrumental soloists. As a
special feature the Victor auxetophone,
the latest creation of the wizard Kdi
! son, will be heard for the first time in
Log Anscli s. This Is a monster phono
graph, the motive power being com
bed air and an auxiliary electric
mctor. This will be heard several times
during eacli evening.
The committee has decided upon spe
cial days. Opening day will be Los
Angelas day. Mayor Alexander will be
asked formally to open the show with
an address, and will then touch the bui
ton which will Hash the thousands of
electric lights.
Tuesday will be Pasadena day. The
rs from the Crown of the Valley
will b>- the guests of the commttti a
that day. Wednesday will be Santa
Barbara and Ventura day.
Thursday will be Riverside and Red
l&nde day, and Thursday night will be
■- y night. Friday will be cl]
county day, with large delegation! from
Santa Ana, Anaheim and Orange. Sat
urday will be San Difgo day.
List of Exhibitors
The following is the list of cars to be
shown and the firms which will exhibit
Fiat, c r . W. Auto company; Petrel,
Williams Auto company; Lexington
and Interstate, Burkhart & Crippen;
Ford and Voile, Standard Motor Car
company; Pateraon, Pico Auto compa
ny; Sterling, A. N. Jung; American
gimplex and Atlas, Bekln-Corey .Motor
«'ar company; Oakland, Woodill Auto
company; Welch, Welch Mo/tor Car
company; Empire, Munn Auto compa
ny; Rambler, W. K. Cowan J Lane,
Lane steamer company: Alco, w. P.
Book; Dorris, Bosbyshell-Carponter
company; National, National Auto
company; Rider Lewis, Continental,
Billy Four, Angeltu Motor Car compa
ny; Hupmoblle, Trl-Stata Auto Supply
company; Waverley Electric, W. A.
Evan*; Pennsylvania, Vail Motor Car
company; Badger, Southwestern Motor
rrir company: R. and 1.., K. and L.
Electric company; Durocar, Duro Man
ufacturing company; California, Co
lumbia, Tourist, California Automc
company; Columbus-Detroit Electric,
California Electric garage; Royal, Mid
land, .Mount tin it Carrigan; American,
American Auto company; Great West
ern, H. O. Vogel; Reliance Truck, Pio
neer Commercial Auto company; Bar
bowßky Truck. Hawley, King 9t Co.;
Whiting Preacott, Newell-Mathewa
company; Brush, J. Dei Valle; Auto
car, N. Bulkley; Stanley Steamer. Stan
ley steaim :■ company; tsotta-Fraechi
ni and Halliday, .Motor Car Import
company: Indian Motorcycle, C. P^.
Risden, also the Western Mechanical
works, Beeley Ignition company and
Electrical Equipment company.
{Continued from I*Ajr« On*l
when tin? SflOW openi it will be to
throw tho doors wido to the biKscrst
and most comprehensive exhibition of
automobiles and accessories ever gath
ered under one roof.
Orders have been sent in to all the
big factories *n hustle the finest In
the land to Los Angeles, and as the
New York and Philadelphia bis: shows
are now over, many of the magnifi
cent pieces of machinery on wheels
exhibited there will be brought to this
city for exhibit purposes.
Concerning these the licensed dealers
will have announcements to make be
fore many da"s. and it may safely be
predicted that when all of the details
have been worked out the doors of
the licensed dealers' auto show will
be opened to breaking crowds,
who will wish to see the hundreds of
cars which the makers under the Bel
den patents will,send to their agents
anil representatives here to exhibit. ■
Estimates Furnished by Director Call
for Outlay of $75,000 for
Decorations in Big
After the big showi In .New York
and apropos of the coming shows In
this city it would be well to take Into
consideration a feature of the automo
bile exhibit to be held at Chicago. This
Ib to be a Forest feature and is a nov
elty rarelj »een in that section of the
country. The New York World, refer
ring to it. pays:
Alter Ihe two strenuous weeks of
automobile shows, New Yorkers will be
Interested to learn a t<v, "i 1 the details
of the big- Chicago show, in order to
add to the effectiveness of th
tions and to provide every accessory
necessary to produce realism, Manager!
Samuel A. Miles of the Chicago auto
mobile show, which takes plan- from
February 5 to I" at the Coliseum and
First regiment armory, is overlooking!
none of the smaller v. tails.
Everything will be given considera
tion, even to the atmosphere. Arrange
mentS have been made to give a tlm
berland odor to the Coliseum, which is
to have a forest setting; Incense, such I
as wns used in a. Hudson Bay produc-|
tlon by Robert Edeeon a few yean
to give the audience a breath of th"
plite country, is to lie adopted. The
("oliscum annex, which i.s to be fitted,
out as a rose garden from basement to I
Bet "ud floor, is to be scented with rose
water, while a rustic atmosphere Will
be provided for the First regiment
armory, when the decorations arc to
be different from those iii both the
Coliseum and annex.
Tola will all cost money, and will in
coive a larger expenditure than ever be
fore for decorations and atmosphere,"
said Manager Miles. "However, *It is
my ambition to give Chicago an exhi
bition that will outrival anything ever
before offered In this country or abroad.
My estimates call for an outlay of
over $75,000 in decorations alone."
The forest, which is to occupy the
Coliseum, win require equipment never
before utilized in a show of any kind.
The visitors will get their moneys
worth In this scene alone, and the ex
hibitors should profit In a large mea
sure by the novelty.
The plans for the Coliseum call for
four center section.-5. On the dividing
line running north and south there is to
be near the center of each section a
running fountain: to the north and
south a tree: on each side uf the tree
a brick pillar surmounted by vases,
each pillar bearing' two lamps. In the ;
between the pillar and the end
gallery there Is to be a gate supported 11
by two brick pillars surmounted by i
yasea. At the end of each section near
est the jrallery will be found a tree
evidently In full gTowth. and at Use
other end a circular picket fence '
mounted on a brick base. The spaces '
between these' sections will be occu
pied by Iron fencing nine feet in
height, with a circular fence surround
ing each tree.
Prectdont Tart recently itated that "We are
HvinK In the automobile' ag*." And it it true
we are, though not in the mt by
our president, who cl ;!■ as
mple or high living among Amer
ican cil
Yet this stat^ment is an Indication of the
way the automobile is looked ujion through
out the Unl
It Ii to be deplored that thp Rrr-at ma.«s
of people have not kept parr- with develop
ments of the automobile. Only a very few
years ago the automoM rnent.
Today it offers the only solution to individual
it is undoubtedly 1 rue thai during '■'
veiopment the motor ear was classed as a
luxury to be on Joyed by the privileged few,
ular Imprauli ins stick.
. People do not realize that while the human
mind clings to the notion that automobiles
are extravagant to keep, designers have been
irking and perfecting automobiles to a point
that has reduced the cost of running to a
very low figure.
There are literally thousands of people who
have never seriously considered owning a car,
not because' they could not afford to buy one,
but because they could not afford to keep
one. This thought, fostered by the Impres
sion that existed some years ago, Is not based
upon ' the automobile a« 11 - xlsta now.
There are sold every year In the United
States about 700)000 two-passenger buggies,
and it is a fact that there are several run
abouts, Helling at around 4600. which am not
only cheaper to keep, but do the work of
two or even three horses. And there are well
made, reliable touring cars selling for $luoo
that cost surprisingly little torun per week.
Automobile manufacturers who are making
high-priced cars do not constitute the auto
mobile Industry. Cars which cost $3000 and
$4000 might be styled luxuries, and as such
there will always be a market for them.
But today is the day of the moderate priced
car. If proof were necessary we only have
to point to our western farmers, where even
the most modest uses the automobile of mod-
rate price.
Why should the automobile be cited ns an
example of the extravagant? Why should it
be cited any more than the piano, which is
found almost In every home?
No car started out more favorably
in the Phoenix race than the Dorris,
with Billy Bosbyshell at her wheel.
When she reached Palm Springs she
was forty-five minutes ahead of her
schedule, but Just as she was climb,
ing the little three.foot grade, seen in
the photograph, in the darkness, about
the only tree between Redlands and
the Colorado river stood in the way,
and the Dorris had to catch it between
the hood and the wheel, breaking the
axle. That settled the Dorris. |
: T""N
1910 Models Are in Town
■ — ~— i
.. • I
_ : ■ • ■ ;. ■ ■ " ,
i "■"'•• - ' ■
Halladay Cars Are Built for Service and
Posses That Inimitable Thing Called "Style**
" • . : ; _,
- '■ ■ ——— .i.. — i n ■ i in ■ ■ i i i
Prices include top, glass) front, Jones speedometer, gas lamps, magneto, robe rail,
foot rest and quick detachable tires. The car complete delivered in' Los Angeles.
Model "D" $2500 Model "J" $1650
4-cylinder, 40-H.P., Seven-Passenger. 4-cylinder, 30-H.P., Five Passenger.
123-inch wheel base, 36-inch wheels. 110-inch wheel base, 34-inch wheels.
Model "G" $1300
4-cylinder, 24-H.P.. Four-Passenger.
104-inch wheel base, 32-inch wheels*. • >
All Halladay Cars Guaranteed for One Year
Motor Car Import Co.
F. C. Fenner "810 Qr* OIiVP» Warren Vance
S. W. Bixby OIU JO. VJllVe Oireei Geo . R . Whitcomb
Pacific Coast Distributors for Halladay and Isotta Cars
I——— b h , _ ui[ m
And now. let's get back to earth
1 We've seen the flyers, and even in the minds of the most ardent motor enthu
siast there must have been a touch of envy as the great man-birds swooped by.
But this advertisement is for today, when automobiles have been perfected and
when airships have merely been tried. So, back to the car, Mr. Prospective Buyer
—back to the consideration of engines and bodies and carburetors and lubrication
for your automobile.
And while you're looking be sure and see
The American Simplex—2 Cycle
I " the car whose big-, true engine is free from valves and lifts and earns and springs
with their varied bearings and wearing! and swearings. It costs $4000, and no pur
l chaser has ever regretted one dollar of the price paid, which is much to say. Its
| luxury and obedience are absolute, its power and endurance are limitless.
If you like the great 2-cycle principle, but want a ear of lower price, ivc'H show
BeKins-Corey Motor Car Company
1 lower ..ml WOO, W. O. WILLIAMS, Manager. % 13033.
. '
W. D. Newerf was coin paring the
I quotations for crude rubber the other
day. While there )|M been a decline
in price recently, it has not been
sufficiently marked to Indicate an Im
mediate fall in the prices of rubber
manufactured articles, automobile
tires for Instance.
"Para grades in largest .use for au
tomobile tires," said Mr. Newerf, "In
clude Uprlver flne, new and old, and
( eylon crepe. The price ot Uprlver
line new. on December 1, 1909, was
$1 9401.98: on December 30 it was $I.SO
r</ 1.78: but on January 1. I'JOD. the price
was SI ."I fi 1.22, so that it has a long
way to drop before reaching the quo
tations of a year ago.
"Upriver fine, old, December 1, 1909.
$1 9BI&1.98; December 30, none here. A
year affo it sold for »1.24ff11.28. Cey
lon crepe, December 1, 1909, I 8.08©*.10;
December 30, $1.8101.82. The general
trend is downward."
Tlio Greer-Robbins company has just
turned out one of the best equipped
i;irs ever seen in Los Angeles. Its
lighting system is unique .md elective.
There is a complete electric light ays
inn, with lights in the side lamps,
the headlights and the tail lamp. A
battery supplies the Juice, and a volt
meter on the dash shows Just the con
dition of tlm battery. On the dash
there arc ulsu several push buttons
h liKht the dlfferenl lights. This
Mitchell belongs to Helm Schmidt, a
Mitchell enthusiast.
is a chrome-vanadium steel diaphragm, vibrated by a hardened ratchet
wheel on an electric motor shaft. It is the loudest of automobile signals,
ami til.- only one effective against other motorists, nut it is much more
than that, 'it Is the only warninK signal who.se note truly expresses its
purpose. A musical note is no more rational for warning purposes than a
would be us a cry for help. The KLAXON note is harsh, vibrant,
metallic—not by chance, but purposely!
The driver who hears a KLAXON knows Instantly what it means. His
brain does not pause to translate Mi agreeable sound into a warning—tho
llrst thrill of his auditory nerve IS a warning!
The rough "saw-tooth" sound waves of the KLAXON not only warn—
they cut through and kill musical noti
That, not mere loudncss, is the real secret of the penetrating quality or
the KLAXON note.
"VVe have the Klaxons and other horns.
Chanslor & Lyon Motor Supply Co.
945-947 South Main St.
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