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..and members of their company :
have many friends In Los Ange
les, and were widely entertained last
week while they • were presenting
Shakespeare's "Henry VIII" and Mer
' chant of Venice' at the Mason. V;
Leßoy swain.-, a member of the com
pany who was the guest of his parents
Mr. and Mrs. B. L. Swalne, was heart
ily welcomed by boyhood friends, who
- kept his leisure filled with delightfully
informal affairs. For their son and
.Mr and Mrs. James, Mr. and Mrs.
Swaine entertained with an 11 o clock
breakfast of ten covers yesterday morn-
Ing, and prior to the matinee the party
were received for an informal half
hour by Lieut. Gen. Adna R. Chaffee
and Mrs. Chaffee at their home In Mas
nolia avenue.
i -.1,,!. Bertrand Rockwell, a banker
and capitalist of Kansas City, Mo., is
expected to arrive In Los Angeles to- j
morrow for a visit of several days with
Lieut Gen. and Mrs. Chaffee. Captain
Rockwell, Mrs. Chaftee's brother, is a
veteran of the Civil War, and made a
famous record In the Thirty-first lowa
regiment, and among other historic en
gagements was with Grant at Vicks
burg. _^_
One of the especially attractive feat
tires promised for the approaching Kir- ;
. mess is the flower booth which is to be
located in the foyer of the Auditorium.
Several of the leading florists of Los
Angeles have promised to furnish flow
ers, each being responsible for one
evening, and warning is hereby served
on the men who will attend that they
must come liberally supplied with—not
pennies, but big round dollars and shin- !
ing gold pieces, to purchase of the bevy
of young women who will beseech ;
them to buy.
Mrs. E. Avery McCarthy and Mrs.
Walter R. Leeds, who are in charge,
will have the assistance "i fifteen
charming young women of the young
er set.
Young men and women who are to
take part In the Tarrantella dance, one
of the Kirmess groups, are Miss rarila
Metzger, Miss Hazel Beatus, Miss Rose
Cohn, Miss Freida Goldsmith, Miss
Beatrice Goldbaum, Miss Ruth Cox,
Miss Gertrude Epstein, Miss Nellie
Krakaner, Miss Alexander, Messrs. Ar
thur Baruch, Arnold Sparks, Ross Van
Cleve, Herbert Green, George Germain,
Gordon Duncan, Ivan Kahn, C. F. Min
er, Serrario, Harold Mosher.
Mrs. Jules Kaufman is chaperoning
the young people, and assisting her are
Mrs' Maurice Hellman, Mrs. Alfred
Steams, Mrs. John Kahn, Mrs. Max t
Isaacs. _^_ •
Five hundred invitations have been
Issued for the bal poudre to be given
by the Ladies' auxiliary of the Good ,
Shepherd at Kramer's the evening of
February 1, and those In charge of ar
rangements say that the ready re
sponses and rapid sale of tickets in
dicate that this season's event will
equal, if. not surpass, the one given
Shrove Sunday of last year. Under
the able management of a splendid
corps of committee* the women are
exerting every effort to make this
charity ball a social triumph.
Hostesses will be Miss Lynch, . M is.
James C. Kayes, Mrs.' P. G. Cotter,
Mrs. Lewis A. Grant. Mrs. Dan Mur
phy, Miss Marie Role Mullen, Mrs. C.
1. ' Whipple, Mrs. Nora McCartney,
Mrs. L. N. Brunswig, Mrs. Mary
Schallert, Mrs. John R. Grant, Mrs.
G. Alexander Bobrick, Mrs. De Laney
and Mrs. B. L. Vickrey.
A large number of prominent society
women of Los Angeles are arranging
parties to attend Miss Louise May
Williams' recital of southern stories
at Gamut Club theater Saturday
Miss Williams has absorßed from
her native hills of Georgia much of the
tradition and folk lore she imparts of
the old southern darky, his devotion
to "his white folks," his reminiscences
of his "Old Marse" and "Ole Mistis."
Miss Williams, the daughter of a
Confederate veteran, recently appeared
in recital before a large and brilliant
audience in Washington, D. C, j Among
the patrons and patronesses of that
occasion were representatives of the
cabinet, army and navy, senatorial and
diplomatic circles, among whom were
the secretary of war, Judge J. M.
Dickinson and Mrs. Dickinson, the
secretary of commerce and labor, Mr.
Nagel and Mrs. Nagel. the secretary
of the Interior, Mr. Ballinger, and Mrs.
Ballinger, Count and Countess Herns- |
torff of the German embassy and Am
bassador and Madam Jusserand of the
French embassy. United States Ben
ator and Mrs. A. S. Clay of Georgia,
United States Senator and Mrs. Robert
L. Taylor of Tennessee, United States
Senator and Airs. T. 11. Poynter of
Kentucky, United States Senator and
Mi M. .1. Foster of Louisiana, United
and we can •s*£.■ ••#jsiff^^||ffa^
A lady from Minnesota writes WjH^k
"As a result of using Danderine. ray V-*»<- <
hair is close to five feet in len»th." IL* -
Beautiful Hair At Small Cost /H*^liiiii •
HAIR troubles, like many other diseases ifiSf>'" w£&W(!k
have been wrongly diagnosed and alto- '-■ "■ *sP'w: 'wH i '
gether misunderstood. The hair itself is MS' X ■ 1 -'RaWSS^i
not the thine to be treated, for the reason that /# «■ i 3 < 'SSSSCe^^a
it is simply a product of the scalp and wholly /# <'JB " M«StS*#fv^^
dependent upon its action. The scalp is the very /# 'mm ','"' 'Wt&V&Wfilg
soil in which the hair is produced, nurtured ami t§* r9S ■ ■■M*ll^«Shl
crown, aud it alone should receive the attention M sSjJIL - mSSSSKKmt
if results are to be expected. It would do no B rSJSSs? . .'■,',',, ,'*'|^^
earthly good to treat the stem of a plant with a f**"*ifflHS'^ ' fIH^HMB
view of making it grow and become more beau- I' , <JHH^S; . &$i
tiful— the soil in which the plant grows must be ILVsiSJO -'^'WSi'^Sw
attended to. Therefore, the scalp in which the B&s®m!sMmmW®MM&sSmM
hair grows must receive the attention if you ara K%l irfS^tlSSll:
to expect it to grow and become more beautiful. jH f ' ><
Loss of hair is caused by the scalp drying up, Pa^sssisssalaH '"^l^^Swl^
or losing its supply of moisture or nutriment; R N«*»Ws?S<«i'('■S k -v'
when baldness occurs the scalp has simply lost Ss^^^^^^^Bl^^^^l tux ■
all its nourishment, leaving nothing for the hair l^r %^v^Ji£^ ?* I f #!)!SKiS?S«MHHB\ :t
to feed upon (a plant or even a tree would die lifL :&J|ji^^M*^^S^*^
under similar conditions.) t"? mIWPPP«S»^^II^SiIi
The natural thing to do in either case, Is to hCs?s! :'J^^^SS^^^g
feed and replenish the soil or scalp as the case ssm?^ ml aMm/Skr SSBKwiirSriFa
may he, and your crop will grow and multiply STf j :BXE'*&BNM£
as nature intended it should. wpys|«;iyKf f^^!^»^
Knowlton's Danderine has a most wonderful W^mtM^mi^i^^^^^^^^^
effect upon the hair glands and tissues of the %W, T- t%d^&&WvJm!k
scalp. It is the only remedy for the hair ever W- /%'X&iXsif[lSi
discovered that is similar to the natural hair feiS; xF-r .I'i^wSWOT^
foods or liquids of the scalp. V,< -.' ? f* •■'^**f"?^'?&~
It penetrates the pores quickly and the hair l£/?/ $£*.i?¥<''*'f?Jj
soon shows the effects of its wonderfully exhila- pBH >* "-% IStiiaMj
rating and life-producing qualities. , v*
One 25-cent bottle is enough to convince you f >? i "£ v'3'?iilsi9
of its great worth as a hair growing and hair "'■ ■ K£|ps %MW>: :^'^^^^^^^^^S[
beautifying remedy—try it and see for yourself. - | *j^^"'^^^
NOW at all druggists in three sizes, I-- > ' M^^^^^W
25c, 50c and $1.00 per bottle. ■fySS I'• WM^ffiwL
I CPFC To show how quickly DindVln* h ' W^^^^^^t
\ ■**■"" acts, we will send a large sam- fj rf'■
Cut pie free by return mail to anyone who I*' • M^B aa§
Ttlll \ sends this free coupon to the *,■ > <3-I&SmxSSs£Btl
Out.) KNOWLTON O.NDEBINE CO., CHIMBO, ILL., I , -<f •-'.•'•'"'
I with their name and address and 10c f ' , - * &%&&!$*
'• in silver or (tamps to pay postage. • Qj, ' ' \
Women Who Will Be Prominent
In Social Events of the Near Future
■ 1 \^^^^B3^Lii * Ir**^^ \ c i J>^*v<» * T r ' B i^^^^^^P^fc
Mrs. E. Avery McCarthy who, with Mrs. Walter R. Leeds, will have
charge of the flower booth at the Kirmiss.
States Senator and Mrs. Albert Cum
mins of lowa, Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas
Longworth, Rear Admiral and Mrs.
Robley D. Evans, Rear Admiral and
Mrs. George Dewey, Rear Admiral and
Mrs. Wlnfield Scott Bchley, Col. and
Mrs. Garrard and Mrs. Burton Harri
Local women who are patronesses
for the recital Saturday evenhing are
Mrs. Wesley Clark, Mrs. E. T. Gibbon,
Mrs. W. D. Woolwine, Mrs. Scott
Helm. Mrs. Lynn Helm. Mrs. E. T.
Earl, Mrs. Hancock Banning. Mrs. Al
bert Crutcher, Mrs. William May Gar
land, Mrs. Arthur Letts, Mrs. Roland
Bishop, Mrs. Cameron Thorn, Mrs.
Burton Greene, Mrs. Willoughby Rod
| man, Mrs. W. M. Louis, Mrs. Henry
I W. O'Melveney, Mrs. Edward 1.. Do
heny, Mrs. Samuel T. Clover, Mrs.
George S. Cotton, Mrs. Florence John
ston. Mrs. C. C. Carpenter, Mrs. E. J.
Earle, Mrs. Horace Wing. Mrs. J. H.
Utley, Mr--. Albert Wing, Mrs. Matthew
8, Robertson, Mrs. Erasmus Wilson,
Mrs. Henderson Hayward, Mrs. Wil
liam J. Chlchester, Mrs. C. Q. Stanton,
Mrs. John McCoy, Mrs. E. C. Bower,
Mrs. Charles Colcock Jones.
I Mrs. George Goldsmith's Kirn
group of young women who will pre
sent "The Seasons" are giving special
attention to costumes, and the dance
promises to be most attractive.
Participants are Miss Gladys Mac-
Donald, Miss Frances Newmark, Miss
Eloise Watson, Miss Bernlce Marcher,
Miss Florence Hellman, Miss Martha
Levy, Miss Smith, Miss Adelaide
Smith, Miss Hazel Mayer, Miss June
Eskey, Miss Brownie Coulter, .Miss
Lucy Broderick, Miss Sophia Dinkel-
spiel, Miss Florence Norton, Miss
I Georgians Gates, Miss Ethelyn Car
son. Miaa Rose Germain, Miss Rose
Hoffman, Miss Orma Paloskl. Miss
Goklie Bnyder, Miss Henrietta Ancker,
Miss Jennie Hartman, Miss Hazel Ball,
Miss Julia Wood, Miss Josephine Alice
Seaman and Miss Dorothy Simpson,
Mrs. Goldsmith will be assisted by
Mrs. John Newton Russell, Mrs. J. T.
Fitzgerald, Mr-. Btoddard Jess, Mrs.
Bannister, Mrs. Louis Cole and Mrs.
Edward L. Doheny.
Mrs. William Hamilton Toaz. wife of.
Lieut. Toaz. U. S. x.. who has been
spending the past four months with
her parents, Col. and Mrs. Rufus H.
Herron, will, sail Tuesday from Ban
Francisco on the Siberia for Manila,
where she will Join her husband.
Several delightful affairs are being
planned for Mrs; Tbaz before her de
parture- She will be accompanied by
her brWher, Paul Herron, who will be
in China and Japan for about four
months. Mrs. Toaz exacts to pass the
summer In Shanghai.
A. C. Robinson of Case V'erdugo an
nounces the engagement of his daugh
ter Susie to George D. Alston. The
wedding will be solemnized in March.
Mrs. Harry B. Goodman gave a de
lightfully appointed dinner at her
home on West Twenty-third street
Friday in honor of Mrs. S. E. Davis,
formerly of Louisville, Ky.
Besides Mrs. Davis, guests were Mr.
and Mrs. Theodore M. Bulson, Mrs.
Mary D. Qoodfellow, Mrs. M. Dryden,
Miss Ella D'Arcy, Messrs. Claude Da
vis, Kenneth Goodman and Dr. Fred
The marriage of Miss Alice ].. Ga
niere and Dr. W. H. Alpers was" sol
emnized Wednesday in Azusa at the
home of B. A. Stafford.
-♦- -
Miss Marie ,nd Miss Beatrice Gava
gan of Oxford avenue were at home
.Wednesday afternoon to 200 guests to
meet their house guest, Miss Sara
she.Tin, of Indianapolis, Ind.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Douglass,
jr., have returned from an extended
trip in the east, and are now at home
at 47.". Gramercy place.
Mrs. A. B. Casa of West Thirty-third
street has as her guest Mrs. Robert
Flick of San Francisco. ■
Formal announcement of the en
gagement of Miss Blanche I oomls,
daughter of Mis. D. K. Loomil of
Arapahoe street, and Harry B. Tuttle
was made Monday evening at a meet
ing pf the liar lea and Philathea
classes of Central Baptist church held
at the Loomis residence. The pleasant
news was told by Rev. A. S. Phelps,
paatoi of Central church.
Mr. and Mrs, Myer Siegel of Magno
lia avenue are on their way to New
Orleans en route to Atlantic coast
cities, with Boston as their terminal.
They will be gone a month or six
weeks. . .
One oQthe social events of the season
was the wedding Thursday evening of
Miss Elizabeth KerckhofE, daughter of
Mrs. Elsie Kerckhoff, and S. O. Hough
ton, which was solemnized at the home
of the bride in Westlake avenue. Bishop
Conaty performed the ceremony and
the wedding music was played by
Frank Colby.
The bride was gowned in white chiffon
cloth trimmed with rose point lace. Her
veil was held in place by a spray of or
ange blossoms, and she carried a
shower bouquet of lilies of the valley.
Bridesmaids Wei Miss Clara Hough
toil and Miss Dollle Schilling, who were
attired alike in yellow; chiffon cloth
with gold trimmings,'and carried Jon
quils. ■ H. H. Kerckhoff, brother of the
bride, stood with the groom, and Mower
girl and boy were Elsie and Stephen
On their return from a wedding trip
.Mi. and Mrs. Iloughton will be at home
to friends at the home of the bride's
mother in Westlake avenue.
Mrs !■: .1 Hi-em of Berkeley Square
hostess teiUay at a bridge lun
cheon glvi n for the women »ho
,i „ „ | ara ; e rei eptlon whli h
gave rei ently.
tg included Mis Donald Kei lei .
Mrs Matthi « w . Evorhardy, Mrs, C.
I Higbei Mrs- Sarah Smith, Mrs. vr.
, i Morton, Mi--. ■'- A. Ue Doux, Mrs.
w.i' Tonkin, Mrs. William J. Varlel,
.n. Mis. CJiarli
,y r Mrs, Mabel Kinsman, Mrs. W.
Mrs. i (awald M. Justice. Mrs.
Mrs, B F. Blinn, Mrs.
Prank Jay, Miss Maude I
Richards and Miss Jessii a Smith.

Mr and Mrs. Mattisoi H Jom
(oinpani.il by their daughter Winifred,
and Mrs. Jones' mother, Mrs. M. B.
Smith, returned r i i ntlj Erom a few
I spent In Riversl Ic.
Mrs. Frederick It. t Edwin
Smith. Mrs. lOdna I - Miss
, ; M iiii! and M;ss Grace Mosklf-y.
Miss Louise A. Williams, for whose coming entertainment many of the,
prominent society women of Los Angeles are serving as patronesses.
will be at home to friends Wednesday
afternoon and evening and also on
February 2 at 1011 West Twenty-third
■ -*-
line of the jolly affairs incident to
Kiimess rehearsals was the reception
given Friday afternoon by Mrs. Wil
j Ham May Garland of West Adams
Besides thirty young matrons who
I assisle.l iii receiving there wen
the young women who are to assist
. | .Mrs. Garland In the Irish dance, and at
the close of the affair husbands of the
itinjjf women and the young men
who «ill participate In the dance were
■ ntertalned at an elaborati l\ appointed
Among those who will participate in
• the dance are Mrs. Chester Montgom
ery, .Mrs. \V. S. Hook, .Miss Gertrtude
King, .Miss Carolyn Trask. Miss Mar
jory Utley, Miss Virginia Garner, Miss
Florence Wood, Miss Edna Letts, Miss
Gladys Letts and Messrs. Arthwr
Dodsworth, Maynard McFle, Arthur
Bumlller, Klngsley Macomber, Bruce
Mac Nell, Warren Gtllelen, jr., Andvew
Mullen. Hugo Visscher and Arthur
* -*-
Mrs. George Francis Miles and hor
daughter, Mi's. Ward Chapman^ enter
tained Friday with a luncheon of
twenty-two covers ,v the home of the
latter In North Soto street, In compli
menl to Mis, George I. Mil<-s. jr., wh§
came here recently to make her home,
ami for Mrs. Krvin A. .McMillan, who
been the Kuest of her mother, Mrs.
,1. s. chapman, f<<i i era! veeks.
Covers were laid [or Air.-. Modlnl-
VVood, Mrs. Edward 1.,. Doheny, Mrs. ,].
Crampton Anderson, Mrs. Durward
DeVan, Mrs. j, w. Hendrick, Mis.
Moye Stephens, .Mrs, E. 11.I 1. Stephens,
'.Miss Bada Johnson ami their guest,
Miss Kyle, Mrs. rhar]e S Dick, Mrs,
Joseph v. Bumlller, Airs. p. !:. Fuller,
Mrs. McMillan of San Francisco, Mrs.
,i. i. chapman, Alts. a. b. McCutcheoni
Airs. Robert P. Meßsrynolds, Mrs. Chas.
The tttble decorations were violets and
enchantress carnations, in thres Indian
baskets which hail place respectively
in the center and at the ends of the
lout,' table, and tlu> place cards showed
hand-painted clusters-of violets touched
with pink i" carry out tin: general color
si berne, *
Mrs. Krvin McMillan and small
daughter, accompanied by Mrs. Mc-
Millan, her mother-in-law, will leave
Monday for San Francisco, and will
sail February i for Guam, where Pasi
Paymaster McMillan Js stationed .'"'
two years.
All the boxes at the Orph«jUm
been sold fur Monday night tor in
dividual theater parties, an.l the larg
er part of the seats in the main body
■ r the house have bean taken like
by parties. The night, whioti
promlsei t>> be one t*t the most bril
liant in the way of elaborate cistum
ii.i entertainment in the "Orphe
tory, will he tl inning of
the road show's second week, with
Alice Lloyd a Hi.- new headline]-.
Omega Kappa fraternity enter
tained thirty friends with a big box
part) at the Orpheum Friday nijjlit. an
after theater supper pal ty at I :bri to
idler's following,
One of the events of tin week will
he tbi reception with which Mrs.
,1. Blrkel will entertain at her
hi south Figueroa street.
.Mrs. Edward Bobeleln of South Main
la giving a luncheon, to be fol
lowed by cards, February 3.
Mjsa Carolyn Minns entertained
Thursday with a tea i Hotel Alex
andria, covers bi Ing laid for Miss \\ ll
liam Hutton, Mlsh Belle Curtis oi New
York. Mil Loi ■ Brli i ' Phllßdel- 1
phla Migg Qenevleve Hamlln,
jane Robinson, Miss Olive Moore and
[Catherine Wiiiin'w
Mrs i: W. Beeka of West F*lftl« th
street was ho ! afternoon
H l prosresslve whtst. Violets Rnd j
rerns won- used artistlcalls In the dec
lons. I'l-i/rs were won by Mrs. !■'.
ae and Mrs. Roy Baker.
Included Mrs. C. B. Quthrle,
It Andrews, Mra. F. sStaivwood,
Mra \, ,-. Cross, Mrs. i>. i.. Droun,
Mrs! l. Allen, Mrs. <'■ Schmerhorn,
i ■ ']. Brunhall, Mrs. Roi
M r p n *f;uzrr. Mis. It. I'.Mk.T. Mrs.
J. Dedrich, .Miss Qeraldlne BrunhalL
Mis- Verna staid and Miss Stanton.
Hi. and Mrs. Francis Earl Brown,
ihc latter before her recent marriage
Miss Ida Marion McClelland, are home
from their wedding tiip and an taj
Ing temporarily at Hotel Woodward on
\\'( it Eighth street. Mrs. .1. i>. Brown
win entertain before Lent with a re
ception at the F.boil for her son's
"—•3* —
Mrs. Oliver C Bryant of Elden ave
nue has issued Invitations for a tea with
which she will entertain Tuesday af
ternoon for her daughters. Mist Helene
and Edythe, in compliment ti> Miss
Virginia Walsh, who recently returned
From an extended trip through the
north and cast. About 100 of the
younger set will be received and Miss
Helen Tappe .\ ill be heard In 8 group
Of songs. The hours are from 3 to 5,
(Continued on fuse Seven)
■Kf' . /■Til
HP' >€ • w i immßk
£3? •' . /1 A'^^
lectured to a large audience Thursday
In Mammoth hall. No,one,doubts who
has heard her lecture that she is an
expert corset woman. •,'Her ideas of
corseting are entirely different from
any that have yet been introduced
"and are worthy of A.he ' attention of
every thinking, intelligent woman.
\' Aline. Willman lias established per
manent parlors and fxpecta to make
Crosby Corset the leader inJ.us An
geles, but will be here personally only
a .short time longer. Every customer
is carefully molded ami every detail
is given her personal attention. Lady
physicians ami invalids are especially
invited, which speaks well for her cor
set. Her perfect abdomen support and
deep breathing, capacity has no .equal.
Hours 8 a. m. to 'i p. m. Room 400,
JIT South Broadway,
■« Hill miiMi jiinlfcii 111 m tiwßFUßFwSnXwm" tiTPl
We Are Sole Agents in the Southwest for the World Famous
C. G. Conn Co.
Instruments 1
Used and indorsed by the greatest bandmasters and artists of
the world. We carry the largest stock west of Chicago, and sell
at factory prices, or on the installment plan if desired.
and many other high-grade pianos
Prices as low as ever quoted on this class of goods —and we will
make terms cf payment satisfactory. .
Columbia fpjfe^.
Holmes Music Co.
113 South Spring Street
Ladies' Tailor
WK DESIRE to call your attention to our Ladies' Tai
loring and Millinery establishment, where we are
always prepared to show a first-class line of the
latest styles, designs of cloths, materials and fashion
We also make Butts to order, Kirtififi Habits, Opera
(Mats. Skirts, Waists, either from cloth furnished i>y our
pair r materials supplied from our qwn stock, and
,an absolutely guarantee a perfect tit. latest style ami best
finish in every case.
experience In the eastern fashionable centers en
ables us to tfffer the very best system of designing that
is in use. and <mv friends may confidently expect the high
est grade 'T service with the lowest price consistent with
g l work.
suits made to order, using gooda furnished by customer,
from $30 up: from goods furnished by us. from $35 up.
We will be pleased to have you call at any time and In
sped niir new place, and we believe you >\ill flnd it to
your interest {o order your next suit or dress from us.
The millinery ilrpurlmrlil miller llr». 0, BoMi lrt urh milliner,
will make to order bat! t" ntiiU'h an> OOttuißt,
1 414 West 7th Street
Women's Sweater
— .
H Monday Tuesday
W Broken Lines
| $6.00 Sweaters $4.50
Jr' $5.00 Sweaters $3.75
$4.00 Sweaters $3.00
I $3.00 Sweaters $2.25
10% Off All
Regular Lines
The Wm. H. Hoegee Co. i™.
(;ni:.\Tr>T -rouiiM. looks HOVSO
138-142 South Main
PART 111

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