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Oldest Oil Region in State, Barely Scratched in Past, Where Orig
inal Wells Are Still Producing Steadily, Forges
Ahead with Advent of New Cap
ital and Development
IX THK OPINION of experts Ven
tura county, Including all Its sev
eral districts, has, with the advent
of 1910, entered into the banner year
of its history as a producer of oil. The
past few weeks has been a period of
preparation among the newer com
panies and active operations will be
started before long. The older com
panies are enlarging upon their ter
ritory and scarcely a week passes
without at least one new well being
brought in. Pipe line facilities are be
ing rapidly improved to accommodate
the increase in production and it is
said that before the present year
passes every property will have satis
factory pipe line connections.
To Ventura county belongs the tltte
of "mother of oil" in the history :>I
petroleum production in California. In
this county oil was first produced in
paying quantities. It was here that
the I'nlon Oil company got its start.
For thirty-five years there has been an
uninterrupted and undepleied produc
tion of oil in Ventura county and from j
present indications the production will .
be doubled this year.
To the old-timers the reason in be- j
lieving in the existence of oil In thin
locality was they did not have to drill
to find It. Seepages were so numer
ous that many pools were found—and
are found today, for that matter.
Tunnels Driven for Oil
This oil was tunneled for and al
lowed to run out into barrels, later
being marketed at a small profit. This
oil is the best found In California,
and even in its crude state makes rt
pplendid lubricant; refined, it contains
as high as 60 per cent gasoline. Thoi
mountains about contain largo quan
tities of sulphur and It Is the general
theory that the oil in seeping through
the sulphuric formations undergoes a
refining process.
Pools of asphaltum are frequently
found in the canyons, some of which
,tes, it means a flood of golden wealth To one who is f am iiiar with California oil and has studied the fields, the industry is fascinating and crown oil co. working
HSmSSST S eVen?ntoxicati n r It is oil everywhere; it permeates the atmosphere; it moves, influences and con- i^SSS^HfSftSS
=^ n' wS^ 1 TteJo? oTTblT« trols everybody and everything surrounding it. Its streams of greasy fluids green and brown, turning T^Z^^^^^j^^
E?KL SSES bn e h^T^ into golden dollars, have a glitter that surpasses even gold itself. It is worth a trip to the oil fields of --* '»Sgg
Tr^SLISX^S; California- to see one of these great gushers flowing its streams of thousands of barrels of oil daily. pr n^ tysucLsTi, BrrelU srrd d ft
closed. Oil stocks and oil securities listed '■ ■ ' have erected two substantial buildings lor
mmmm this means money for you iiiiiii
prosperity never before witnessed In this j : -: —- to Bendl the «'^ do^wajd lOTO OUL AND
city Prices in several cases have doubled DIVIDENDS 1-'<>K (.Mi M uOKHOLDh.Rb.
and trebled. Dividends also show a large . „ , j— tr 1 CROWN OIL STOCK RECOM- p-ar^r-t produ^B «**»£•»
mCreaSe- to a great d.viden.-payer. The n p/r^. Month. Year. BIS 31 SPB CO \ „ V \ , MENDED BY A PRACTI- . , ll.lat -r". n.l furth.-.- back on the oil
Yes, oil If a great dividend-payer. The Per Day. Per Day. Month. Year. , »"» 3la" *•"• I V \ mam ,' „ MDect from 800 to 1000 barrels
investors of Sunny California appreciate this | — - %25 S 750 $~9000 \** *4 , 9 ) » . » ** AS \Z+ CAL OIL MAN .■ daHv \ weUprod>Ve?ng 100 barrels daily
fact and are investing in oil stocks. The 25 $25 $ 750 * »,uu t •. \ \ tf^ "mioitiU for one year-SU.", days-will give us 36.500
volume of business transacted on the Los 150 50 1,500 18,000 .N\. -t«*S-*^ \/^_ * \\ rll CROWN Oil" co" barrels With oil at $1 per barrel net this
Angeles Stock Exchange last year proves 10Q 100 3 000 36,000 ' _«£_ C^- \j- ' -^.J^ra^^ T * fe^ to? An«eieV OU Td give us $307500 from one well in a
this fact conclusively. Stock sales during | i"" J"" ' . OQO \\^r JJ£-^ TAR CfiBOCVOZtS 1 V ■ Centlenten-In rouar.l to " ,' B!.^; Suppose this well should pro
the year amounted to $6,340,025.03. and out 150 150 4.5UU „ '"„„ \A^ *• . . J \T I the Urn— of 320 aora* that slnS' ,nn harrpl* a d » V 7 IT WOULD BARN
of this total $5,016,728, or nearly five-sixths 200 200 6,000 72,000 \\\ a 5 30 «» - *•' a/ Zi sis Jfe<«w your «■"»"•»■",' """ ort V" 1% i-« I1I»000 WITHIN A YKAR With
;fn^h I;rth^Tgur^e:■ ama?tefon^•!3oo::::::.. 300 9,000 108,000 e6\ * *• ..;• r r SL"v r- a«crA™v^«i A|nZny
mile-post of a public highway, pointing the 500 500 is.ootLjaoooo 7TF ic,^ •I^,-, LJ— 111 U/illlillCHuSß "»«'''> »'"' '"" hl!{h"' H^iSsrsTvSS^Sb^
mile-post of a public highway, pointing the — — 7P ~3* . •!,„,_- / ffPPi'Mffi FlfW'a »"<-'"'-v =""' '"" highly co. mpany woum De« ery valuu
way to a SAFE, SOUND and highly profit- compute if you will; figure, if you dare, KCNLE y// c • • arai MUIfAL I ' HmdiWf l IPflsHB i'l-.'-''l lvlth "le "''"'. — — — f
able Investment, are you not going to take lho 'profits' from an oil well spouting 1000 KcrilfT7/ r O^,, __^i . 53«« 34 „ >r,-s£^- __ 56 |JHMBitf SlßiiSi,. In ."'! '""/"..Ive ynr, /^VM Ci. 1
s?S| rie EfHSsSS i^H/ES - the famous s '■;;: •w# "^ y -^fl -: c Z f vL iwHr "IjiS^S Cro^ n. Oil stock
investments? Below we are pleased to present two Je- //r tVERS WELLS X FOURroRK V WaMffhs^lflMEl' >our 1:""1 »"o«s. You can I'mrSfT lln
1 ters by recognized business men of standing. ill ~~! / TV*.* X R.ISW. J I WfllMl'\\«itfll!Hfflßl tr""'t' <118 outcropping. of VJUilig \J p
OIL STOCKS ADVANCING 'These gentlemen understand the oil business V • k^tuck .i , iciNrni'SWUlS .; / ■■! !'"",."" r"""'' '"" 7C Only « Few Th. .ml Share. 7 C
California 01, S tocUs are vory active. in detail and their positive statements re- A^ KEN7|UCK ..,. I. IS A-rtCELttS Vra.tS a\- 11 IIMr^IWIW/ le"«( '"f '","",■""";">• /C N,n\>-.—-M- rr..»n '),! /(^
rai«ornla oi, stocks are very active. The | "the property of the Crown OUC "^ 4 3 Z #1 1 Hi/ '^ »' ""-"■'
public is Investing eagerly and the prices of pany and its possibility as a large success- \ _js\ 1.. . _^^r7S»^ y \ MBHHf ■ lil "u(> °" <-"'"im"-v is ,— ' " '
stocks .■ — soaring upward With a greater ; ful oil company must surely supply convmc- \\.\ BROWNSTO KIEWErJL.3 \ \ \uHl 1 ' \WI pymplnic somr wells of ' \ „ ,r. ,„.„ n n <ilnrk hns
profits for stockholders. In view of these \Vi \ o*l*^i'i*»nß*» JirSl JI^H. ,0 11 >. V*. lKllf/ >><■<•» and Is now pumping 1" Ji,« Itivestlnsr oublic and the demand was
favorable conditions and realizing that we .«,, n • an J p rn f p)i " * /\' I Of^^ilS IL. <tf""» g* \. /i *•*•* ' 11/ »ell« of a ->■•■> liaht oil l^tlncl th reserve orders so numerous
have an unusual oil proposition with an Why & BUSineSS and rrOieS- | /F: ■ C3H*^i )X . WML "'"* have been armed il',t r?? * d, lof nirectorsTin^special meet
=S£S."«» sional Man Is President of . nl- 1^- rL,,M^£ JR. i^«S5 £^a?S!SaStS
a ,,.p,,e».»0,cn0w 1 .0,,5r0cK. th e Crown Oil Co. : I:§ i | | .„, »»^- „ S^||^S gggggp^
NOW IS THE TIME TO INVEST B!^.^ Ml - / .. Cg^ S^SSbSS'SsSS S^sSagffg^
make it quickly and easily, but you want / f'o^L ""■»■"• » »««•"«- >> ':■■s]& J > **/& better in '"" way of , llv<l ,'.""■" ,?„ h iX" c" I- invariably demanded of the investor that lie
your investment to be safe and earn large £;7Sm|' z' holder a.,d pre.l- ../^ ,::Mv>\ 19 jP « »* *2^ if** """ I'l'Tin '» ,n*^ ™»»S « ° Bhe 1"ve I S, tlgat<> tO, ""■"■ Ml"re It £
profits. Then invest in oil stocks of a good. ft}, W/k^* !'«"'. iv """ / ';*¥?'\ <r7 It ""' " ,ny Y,!i ','v" frlenda. ■ before making an Investment. It requires
well-managed California oil company. The '.. ■/( WEX^' cKtPiPw?^ / #^ \ >X \& ' Try ,ta«?r» j™» time to visit the property and judge the
profits from the production and marketing __/#*'iL 1 -^ .1 I L »'" /— #/:-'-\ \*#/ ~* JS I Very ..mere, you^ standing of the management. In order that
or oil are astonishing. This is a proved fact. /M ,MM p^L q T,aluVd »™b V-'>~:;;^^^A^)::::: ' § V / S^Z? 'heso investigations may be completed and
No other form of investment offers as SAFE 'j&fc^mfs^^. he '•»»»■"" /-'«/\Z^^^—T^ \ •* .—- 7>/ /, ' -T 7 s> J~Z&2^t C&& satisfactory the Board of rectors of the,
QUICK AND LARGE RETURNS. The In- ~%, ' f > ;/XiK| V" / nl)lllt >- «■"' in- /*. l5 3P53S*&^5 ! \ \ ,o . .-, afi '•' *>■ 'O' 7' J /L-^ c^" Crown Oil Company In a special meeting
dustry has just begun to expand. Today it <l£/ •fGmtm'/Ik/L " (trv of Iny / ''Fv-^o7^\."^V V--s:^^^fe=asr ' Jaa""'" "' " £fci=' - - ——— held January 19 passed a resolution extend
stands like a young eagle in the act tof »-, ft /^KI T a "!r.,,a,l f » /^OV X^^^^^lX^~-^l%ll Crown O il Company Has i in« l"r lime limlt f'"' '"" "*»"'".n *""
spreading its untried wings before flight. ' .J»^r*.f"V^lt" /:^- < V 3^ """*" """""^ •"■•■- CrOWll OU Company HaS 3at 7c cash, Sc on the payment plan.
California oil fields ; S«S^ /fe^^jFT^^ rf - %:,^ Splendid Property and ■ stock advances febs
active i«ltLUb 0 './^Orl^S^ tura count,. I «^ii^^ 'i *{&&•■.:•:.■ ■.•••. { \-^^ Management sj f you want our stock at the present sell
.■ Every day ACTIVE shown and "i'.fflS^ T"' ( ; ar<?fl1!!;, / <^L^-"--:*-Hr^'^^'^W^_ 3^ __ Management 1,, >??« you m»»t mail your order before
Kvery day sees more act.vity shown and |[ T °}B - . JXfJXX SSWAr|^ S&glJj^gW
S o^TailforX 863 ln exploitlnK the oil l^mWltimL --«"^-Vi — -ssz^f-— -—— — Ti££V^^®«^£g m isJSSir stSUSt
■"S^WSTth. few remaining avaU- <J^^BS^ Z^^ \ „ <ft^ 5 4 5 « t SS^SJ-SK^S KfewS „fore the expiration of the time .im.t-Feb
able pieces of oil lands in proved territory " .Tf^ ... 4 f „,rfa,.?. 1 also i.i.^i : - *~ 5 "♦ . 5 * . l !ndhLh prices for the oil. Here for 35 ruary 5. s „
Kv^p^thrba'rrsp^ 801"8 S <"""«» D Pff«g BAR™^l J. _^ . ________ £- ijju been^ a steady P^uctlo^of A CLOSING OPPORTUNITY^
buy and waits with hope of getting it cheap- . tand . have „„„ llin|)lnß . , I)t ht".u'V uea^Jo Sw DS r^ WELLS .^. -" ; J^ VAR IN DIVIDEND T The day we pro- companies, but you may share In the mO
er, returns again to find the land Bold at ,-,», am , W h«n ilr-t drilled produced from 100 ... II IS? £> A 9 1O 11 y^ '■ V \ the oil we can market it. Four trans- Jlons. yes, perhaps, billions yet to be pro
more than he was asked. sold for cash. ta . ;jo imrrrU .lulls. . ...,,n of ,h. .ro-nd. %& ' \ W porfafn P'Pe^-^- the properly and duced. However, you cannot expect to snare
Every day sees leases sold for cash, In- e3i£S«l«i»ii. leemUm of the ground, where s' portat on P.p.- > -'^ r^l« O •'•' <m> p « frnm of California oil
stead of for a percentage of oil. oil »h.,uld be fou.ui .1 ...a.10.v d.ptb, wlth/flowtag 1 1 | 1 I 1 1 there In an abundance of 1 l"^ y ™™ r r°£ £tl ' lnv ,, st your money in stock In
Every day sees oil stocks advanre In wat" for rmnp aml drlllin X purp«W(, nitli tran»- »^ camp and drilling purposes. MMy me iiwij .""" L^ n-sitimate oil company and allow
nrk-e or withdrawn from the m 1,,,, portallon pip. U». already oon.tructed, I«e no Se , pe oil Meld, of Ventura County. California, showing location of Crown Oil Co.'. 3*o acre, of .11 land.. hu r h appears on this page. Look at the me good legmrnate 0,1 the oil fields. Be
price or withdrawn from the manket alto- .on why the crown on, company .houid " le-ration of our ground and you will at once your money to work in tne' "'' .. , llsineßS
etner- ■"" develop into . „,i,mii,i dividend company. . 1 Lo Evinced that we are in a splendid advised by men who are In the o»_°"°™?™
■: EARNINGS OF A CALIFOENIA |g^j^2:ST=£ \"WUK. 55^—— rnWn Oil Tft «S BSS £« =
OIL WELL en»en>rl*<-. Knowing the ■nanuKemeni and having Gentlemen—lle«erv. for me \ij llVw I VJfIH. V>lvf» We have tot immediate neighbors the Is. I*'l"' vf pFORD TO TAKE FROM
Ullj W£.l,X, vi.Hed the property I recommend the purcba. e .b.re. of the CROWN OIL CO. a. 7c per Vl "" U V-T ** Brownstone, Los Angeles. Kentuck and Ivers APrOitu^
iS£€STSsi <s;S s^Zoys, % s? £L 62"-622LAUGHLIN boiidingfe«p«vj|gf.3H^'.'sss-c'ssi.aa.tnSss
swriaV.-sfa ,r«',Ji mC^^L^jC 2- • ■ •• Los Angeles .<»«<««» SSSSSSr^* 5 S2i?swrS" ° '
earnings may be safely computed as follows: I V?/^JJ^>?«S^>^Z^^yrs^^^N S!k j < Write fop Free Copy of the "California rd Book." the Big Sespe Oil Company. -. . . _ wrue. ,_,.,,,, , ...,.,. .
One of the most remarkable things
nliout the Ventura oil territory In that
with the exception of » little (rroup of
wells closed down on Tar creek, and one
or two others which have suffered dam
age of some nature, every well drilled
which struck oil la still producing today.
There have been drilled In Ventura
county about 860 wells, of which number
400 belong to the Inlon OH company.
More than three-fourths of these wells
were producers In the beginning, and "till
continue to prnduce. In only exceptional
cases were any well» exhausted after oil
was extracted therefrom.
011-bearlng sands In Ventura county
alternate with «trats> of shale. IJttle In
trusion of water is encountered. In
nnine parts of the county, notably In
Banlsdale and some parts of Santa Paula
canyon, to water whatever Is encoun
tered. Frequently no casing Is required.
The oil from Ventura county ranges
conslstestly in gravity from I* to 30 de
grees. The value of Ventura oil en
titles it to lilgh rank. It sells for $1 a
barrel and better, whereas the entire
output of California average* much l«s».
spread out for many yards, and In
stances are recorded of cattle getting
their feet stuck in the substance and
dying before relieved.
The oil bearing stratum lies in the
mountains to the north of the Santa
Clara river. It starts near the eastern
boundary of the county and runs in a
southeasterly direction to the San
Buenaventura river. It is also found
near the Congo Rancho. The wells
are chiefly situated from three to six
miles north of the edge of the Santa
I Clara valley, in canyons, namely, from
east to west, as follows:
Piru, Hopper, Sespe, Santa Paula,
Adams, Saltmarsh. Wheeler. Sulphur
and Coche. On the south side of Sul
phur mountain lies the Hardison and
Stewart holdings, where early devel
opment ih the region had its beginning.
Unbroken Ridge
- Between the Ojal valley on the
north and the Santa Clara valley on
the south there extends an unbroken
mountain ridge, Its peaks towering
2000 feet above the level of the sea.
This is Sulphur mountain. The can
yons named lie on the southern flank
of it
In 1864-1865 Tom Scott, the then fa
mous railroad king, acquired 196,000
acrei of land in this locality.
prospected for oil and drilled several
wells, but the production never ex
ceeded seven barrels to the well. Latei
developments proved that Scott's wells
were on the wrong side of the forma
tion. For twenty years; after Seott'3
experiment the oil industry there was
at a standstill, the vast acreage hav
ing been divided into ranches.
In ISS3 John Irwin '.van sent from
Titusvllle to prospect the territory. He
was followed by Wallace HardliOO
and Lyman Stewart, who financed the
outfit and eventually made a success
of the oil business in Ventura county.
They experienced all the lips and
downs known to the early settlers, but
finally won In their efforts to produce
oil commercially.
At this time the depth of wells ranged
anywhere from a few feet to about
200 feet. In Tar creek, nineteen miles
from Santa Paula northeast, two wells
were drilled, one 196 and one 220 feet,
which produced 350 barrels a day.
The Pacific Coast OH company, Hard
ison & Stewart, and the Los Angeles
Oil company in 1887 organized the Mis
sion Transfer company, which did re
fining and shipping to Santa Paula.
They did a general business at this
point until 1895. They owned a steamer
that brought supplies into Ventura, and
a large supply house at Santa Paula,
together with boiler works and ma
chine shops. All these were trans
ferred to Los Angeles in 1895. In ISB9
the daily output handled was 700 bar
rels. There were about fifty wells.
The Union Oil company was the con
solidation of several interests, among
which were those already named.
At the present time the Capital Crude
Oil company is operating a refinery
with a capacity of 150 barrels a day. It
produces its own oil. It is making dis
tillate, gasoline, lubricating and illum
inating oils and asphaltum. Its oil
comes through pipe by gravity from
the wells. It is constantly enlarging
Its equipment and increasing Its trade,
a new still having been added as late
as last fall.
This territory, aside from the Union's
Interacts, has about twenty-five pro
ducing companies, all which contribute
In a greater or less extent to the in
In the field the Union has pipe lines
running from Santa Paula to Ventura,
with laterals connecting with wells. An i
emergency station is maintained at|
Twelve Oil Springs Are Noticeable
on aiO Acres About to Be
The I>H\nnn and West lease on the
Henley property, comprising 240 acres,
located In section M, III* i»»P« district,
will be taken over Immediately by east
ern persons who. it Is said, will organize
a syndicate to develop It.
This Is believed to be one of the choic
est pieces Of oil land In the district. It
is situated on the Biz Scope creek and
adjoins the Big Seitpe property.
(hi the Dan son and West leased
(round nil springs, numbering at least
twelve, have been discovered. The
ground seems to be saturated with oil.
Experts say that a 26 gravity oil can be
produced here. ■
This property has three-fourths of a
mile of the noted Cold Water anltcllne
upon It. The old wells on the. property
were driven only eighty to 100 feet, but
tin? new management experts to go to a
depth of from 400 to 700 feet to en
counter the same oil sand stratum that
has proved the success of the Big Scspe
Oil company.
It Is said work will begin on this lease
within thirty day. ■
Santa Paula. The oil is carried by
gravity through the lines, as all pro
duction comes from high land.
There can be but little doubt as to
the future of this field. Although It is
an old one, oil men are of opinion that
it has had nothing like a test. Many
of the wells have been neglected while
still maintaining a steady production.
Thousands of acres are awaiting the
energy Of man to bring them to the
point of production. The gravity of the
oil Is conceded to be the highest in the
state, and from every indication there
is plausible reason to believe large
quantities of oil are lying in store for
future development. The production at
the present time is estimated as being
more than 25,000 barrels a month.
A dining room will be constructed
on the roof of the Columbia Trust
building by the Sierra Madre club, the
organization now occupying the fifth
floor of the structure.
The following officials have been se
lected for tile year by the club:
President. K. A. Montgomery; vice
president, Timothy Spellacy; treasur
er, Lloyd C. Haynes; secretary, Sidney
J. Norman.
Operations on Property North of Santa
Paula Disclose Indications That
Big Production Will Result
at Depth
The Pyramid Oil company, operating
in Ventura county, lias reached a depth
of about 800 feet in Us well No. 1. hav
ing passed through the very hard for
mation characteristic in that section.
The well is li.-ing driven at the rate of
from L>s to ;;. ri feet a day and rumors
from the Held are that it is apparently
in the iirst oil sand.
Q s Johnson of the Pyramid com
pany is now at the property and is
said to be making preparation tor the
second rig. The Pyraml itlng
on a lease or seventy acres, adjoining
the Capital Crude property.
The Capital Crude lias one of the
'best wells in Ventura county, it wall
put down to the deep "il Band, a depth
of 1630 feet, and now lias a production
of 3GO barrels a day, The oil ranges
from 08 to 32 in gravity and sells for
$1 a barrel. The large production Is
being made through a small casing
only 4-inch—and shown what could be
done with a larger well in the same
The Pyramid well is coming along on
the adjoining property, on a direct line
with the Capital Crude well, 600 feet
away, in a manner as to excite the oil
men who are watching developments.
The possibilities of a well like the. Pyr
amid are foreseen ill the production of
j the Capital Crude well.
The Pyramid will. Superintendent
Hauk says, land in the deep oil sand
! with 10-inch casing. This will give
them a well more than twice the size
of the Capital Crude's. Therefore the
production of the Pyramid wall should,
oil men say, reach a daily average of
1000 barrels.
The property is located six and a half
miles north of Santa Paula, but the
company has its headquarters in Los
Angeles, the G. S. Johnson company,
I. W. Hellman building, being the fis
cal agent. _ J^-
The OJal Valley Petroleum company
in Ventura county will deepen its two
holes in an attempt to get lighter oil.
These wells are down something over
600 feet, producing heavy road oil.
The annual election of oSloera and
directors for the ensuing year WttS
held at the chamber of mines yester
day, the ballot box being open from
:t a. in. to 3 p. m. The voting was
light during the day, and Secretary
Swindell said there was little or no
opposition to the slate prepared by the
nominating committee. Formal check
ing of the ballots showed that the
following officers and ' had
been elected for the ensuing ynv:
Calvert Wilson, president, Mr. wn
lias already served one term as
Judge 8. K. Vermllyea. first vice
president, and J. W. Mitchell, secon.i
vice president. Both these men arc;
well known in Los Angoles, Judge
Vermllyea having been connected with
the mining industry in California and
Nevada tor a great many years. J.
s. Mitchell is secretary of the local
Bassayampa club of loyal Arieonans,
and is vice president of the Hollen
beck hotel.
Ccn: John n. Mathews of the Cen
tral National hank has been electe.l
to succeed himself as treasurer of the
The following constitute the board
of directors for 1910:
Chairman of committee on building
and expositions—J. V. Vickers.
Chairman of committee on commer
cial and mercantile affairs—D. Brown
Chairman of committee on entertain
ment B. A. Montgomery.
Chairman of committee on finance
and nuditing—ll. 11. Kerckhoff.
Chairman of committee on griev
ances—C. M. Shannon.
Chairman of committee on hotels-
George Mitchell.
chairman of committee on laws and
statistics—Edgar W. Camp.
Chairman of committee on library
and publications —Carl Trelst.
Chairman of committee on manufac
turing— "W. C. Kennedy.
Chairman of committee on member
ship—A. D. Myers.
chairman of committee on mlnor.il
and geological exhibit—J. Nelson
Chairman of committee on mines
and mining—O. Alfred Mayland.
Chairman of committee on petroleum
products—H. B. Cuthrey.
Chairman of committee on publicity
— Rol King.
Chairman of committee on reports
and certificates—James Irving.
Chairman of committee on transpor
tation—Mark G. Jones.
I.cAVS. Completely furnished. Rent reason
Company Organized by Los Angele*
Men to Operate Lease in Proved
Territory Has One Mile
of Oil Sand
The Crown Oil company, with hcad
quartera in the Homer Lautfhlin build
ing, operating in the Scspe "District,
wil lbe ready to begin Well No. 1 with
in a very short time, and, judging from
expert opinion on the conditions of its
ground, will develop one of the best
properties in the Ventura territory.
The company la well financed and in
its personnel are found some of the
best informed and capable oil men In
the state.
The Crown Oil company, after eight
weaks 1 active aearch in the oil fields
of California, purchased a forty-year
lonsn at one-eighth royalty on tiio
Alters ranch in the Sespe district of
Ventura, county—Hie home of light oil,
top prices and ■hallow drilling. The
■ omprisrs 320 acres.
The land includes the best part of
the oil producing sands of the western
Of Oat mountain, and is situated
about three and one-half miles north
of Fillmore on the Southern Pacific.
The, property is one-half mile wide by
one mile in length. The company has
an option to buy the land outright at
any time durlnpr the life of the lease.
Adjoins the Brownstone
Immediately north of this property
is that of the Rrownstone £>il and Re
fining company, which has been pump
inpr a light gravity oil for years. The
Union Oil company, controlling the
Los Ang-.l' s, Kentuck and Ivers wells,
adjoins tl>e Crown property on tho
nortti nlso. and lias been pumping for
twenty years.
The same oil sands traverse the
Clown property anil several of these
wells are within 260 feet of the ground.
Pour transportation lines pnss this
property, and the cost of drilling, is
■aid to be less here tlum any place else
in ('alifornia.
It la said by those who have visited
the property of the Crown Oil com
pany that it has a mile of oil sand. It
is proposed to drill one well after an
other as rapidly as funds will permit
until a large and steady production is
rea< lied.
Live at Windward Hotel, Venice—Adv.

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