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News of the Mines and Oil Fields
Successful Drilling In Section 30 Ex.
cites Field—Standard Makes No
Strike In Section 16—Nev.
Ada Man Buys Land
TAFT, Jan. 28.—The Standard's big
well on the southeast quarter of sec
tlon 30-32-24 is making an average of:
1500 barrels of 21 gravity oil a day. It i
ha« done better than that—sooo is the |
estimate for one day during the latter
part of last week—and for that reason,
together with the fact that it has a
more than ordinary disposition to act
in a spasmodic, manner, 1500 barrels
may not be its true rating.
The hole was finished with a rotary,
the first g-usher to be brought in in this
by that type of machine, and the
<>H li corning through the bottom of a
pipe three and one-quarter inches in
diiimeter. It has not been perforated.
This well is one of four grouped at
the center of the section. It was ce
mented half a doz<?» times, but in overy
instance the attempt was a failure.
The water was then shut off in the for
mation, the four-Inch string being
driven into the clay. The rotary was
put in service, and with that the hole
was sent down from 1900 to 2432, the
nt bottom.
\\ urk is to proceed at onco on the
three neighboring wells, which are all
about 1900 feet. In two of these condi
tions are such that cable tools can be
used, but In the other the rotary will be
necessary. The location of this gusher
Is half a mile from any other producer,
and its oil is of a w -a\*.ty several de
grees higher than that obtained in the
very productive locality to the rear and
up the rich hill which has become
known by the number of the section.
Out another mile and n quarter,
at ttto center of section 20-32-24, the
Hlandard has a hole down 3000 feet,
where, according to authentic reports,
the company got the best showing by
far in the Midway country. At present
this well is idle, awaiting the setting
of the cement.
In Rich Oil Sand
Tlip Pioneer-Midway well on the |
I ut invest quarter of section 30-31-23 j
has Rone through thirty-live feet of
rich oil sand and is now in shaie at |
"500 feet. This is the most Important i
event occurring in the Midway during |
tha past week and is conceded to be j
P'-oof that the territory is within tho
oil bearing districts, being demonstra
tive of the land* hold by this company
on the west half of section SO and
making almost certain the prospects
of the Mays Oil company on the south
quarter of the same section, half
B mile to the east.
An extraordinary gas pressure was
encountered and the oil wns thrown
the crown block at least 130 feet
liplf a dozen times during the drilling.
Superintendent Slroud. who drilled the
St Lawrence, lfl authority for the
statement that from this Pioneer-Mid
way well 200 barrels a day can be ex
pected it no other sands are met with.
No Strike in Section 16
Contrary to nil reports, the Standard
made no strike on section 16-31--3.
In fact it has made little progress in
drilling and has recently bee,n com
pelled to move its rig to a new location
.in account of caving sand.
-T (J Loekhnrt of Goldneld, Nev.. has
bought from J. K. O'Donnell the south ,
half of the southeast quarter of section
6-Sl-22 and the south half of the nortn
ea/rt "quarter of 1-31-21. At the time o'
the purchase there was a well down 200
reel on section 6. Drilling has been
continued under the direction of :
O'Donnell, and a depth of iOO feet has ,
been attained.
T E O'Donnell hns been appointed
field manager for tho American Oil
fleldg company and has two rigs up on
86 81-81 He will spud In two wells
Monday on the east lino of the south- I
wert quarter. A camp has been estab
lisbed on 36 and two automobiles are ,
tn service. Johnny Tait has been en-
Kfgcd by O'DonnHl as superintendent.
Six strings of tools are to be run on £,(>
mid one on section 16-32-33.
o . »
YUMA. Jan. 28.—John Riehley,
Charles Blackburn and W. A. Reid are
In from a prospecting trip In tho For
tuna mountains. They have brought
with them some rich rock found in a
lodge two and a half miles southeast
of th« old Fortuna mine. Samples
taken along the ledge horned large
values in free gold, and though the
discoverers have not beon able to ex
plore the deposits to any considerable
depth, having practically exhausted
their grub supply by the time they
made the find, surface indications
Justify the'belief that they have made
a rich nnd.
The vein was traced for a distance
of 600 feet, and though only two feet
wide the* rock was found to be rich
for the whole distance. Five claims
were located. The discoverers expect
to return to camp and begin active
development as soon as they can get
the necessary outfit together.
The newly elected officials of the
I .us Angeles chamber of mines will be
installed at an annual meeting of tho
members of that organization to be
held February 18.
Following the transaction of busi
ness there will be a smoker, a program
fnr which will be prepared by a com
mittee o/ which E. A. Montgomery is
A secretary of the chamber will be
elected at a meeting of the directors
to be held shortly after their Installa
tion. It is understood that G. M.
Swindell will be elected to succeed
himself a» secretary without opposi
BAKKRSFIELD, Jan. 28.—A meet
ing of the stockholders of the Paraffins
Oil company was held Tuesday, at
which the following officers and
directors were elected for the ensuing
I"r' ii. Miner, president; W. H. Hill,
secretary; M. J. Gilflllen, Martin Coyne
and H. S. Minor, directors.
This company now has live produc
ing wells, and the monthly production
I, 20,000 Li'■■■■■•■ It li one of the sub
stantial companies of th« West Side
Moid.. . . .
The Standard Oil company, by ' the
bringing in of Its well No. 77 on section
28, 19-15, Tuesday, elves still further cor
roboration of the fallacy of the "break"
which lias been reputed to exist between
the east and west Hide Holds according;
to Coallnga gossip. The new well Is do-
Ing about 230 barrels oft* the bottom from
the lower snnil, It Is not perforated and
lion every sign of becoming another sen
sational producer.
It has been drilled a little more than
1700 fret. There are about 250 feet of
sand above the stratum, from which It is
now producing, which has not been
The well la located about 1000 feet
from the west line of the section and
Is (lie innrt westerly location with the
exception of one, No. 18, which Is In the
southwest corner.
The well is located on what was pre
sumably the very center of the break,
and by developing into such a splendid
producer. It has entirely displaced the
"break" theory. _!!___
SANTA BARBARA, Jan. 28.—0il
sand so thick with petroleum that
every handful gives a strong odor has
been encountered by workers in the
north end of the city water tunnel, on
the far side of the Santa Ynez moun
tains and four miles from this city in
a straight Una.
Miners, muckers and other employes
at the north portal have filed mineral
oil claims on a big slice of the moun
tain, and have visions of great wealth
to be gained by sinking wells. The
mountain Is part of the Santa Bar
bara forest reserve.
The oil sand was found at a distance
of more than 5000 feet from the north
portal and 1400 feet from the surface
of the mountain.
Work on the tunnel has been made
difficult by the encountering of the oil
Band, which will not stand up with
out heavy timbering.
jl'he finding of oil sand in the tunnel
has been guarded as a secret by the
tunnel workers, and before it leaked
out they had filed location notices on
the surface and to the oil rights. News
j of their action in filing on claims was
brought to the city by Dr. Winchester,
who was summoned to care for men
I who were hurt by a small cave-In in
! the tunnel.
The finding of oil sand proves that
the oil bearing zone extends up the
I Santa Ynez valley farther than was
! generally supposed, although a few
j have always contended that there was
oil across the mountain from Santa
The city could not claim right to the
oil. It is operating under a permit
from the United States government,
and tho oil.rights can be filed upon
by any private citizen, such as the
tunnel workers aro.
BAKERSFIELD, Jan. 28.—A gather
ing will be held in this city, March
1, to discuss, for the second time, the
advisability of closing the doors of
the agencies to all producers who do
not atlilliate with the organization
within the thirty days following.
An address is being prepared by the
committee appointed at last Friday's
meeting, Which embraces a broad in
vitation to all producers, marketers,
transporters and consumers of Cali
fornia oil. Each will be urged to be
lin sent in person or by representative
and come prepared with every figure
and fact that may have a bearing upon
the situation.
All who are, In any manner what
soever interested in oil will be earnest
ly asked to attend and present their
views, it being desired that every
shred of Information possible may be
brought out to the end that the pro
ducers may know all that can be
known and thus bo in a position to
take the very widest, fairest course
for their own Interests and in behalf
oC the Interests of the Industry In
The committee eonslts of S. W.
Morfhead and L. P. St. Clalr, presi
dents, and R. W. Dallas and W. B.
Robb, secretaries, respectively, of the
Coallnga and tho Kern county agen
COALINGA, Jan. 28.—Tha Little
Jumbo Oil company Is down 500 feet
with Us 16-inch stovepipe, casing. ,It
| has just finished a fishing job of about
two hours' duration. The report that
j Its derrick blew down Is not true.
The Acorn Oil company has bailed
out the water in its well No. 1 and
limls the cement has set in tine shape
and the hole dry. It has drilled ten
feet below the shoe and is now drilling
through the hard shell which is
thought to lie just above the oil sand.
The Consolidated Oil company will
test the cement in Its well No. 1 and
then drill through the shell.
The Best Yet Oil company is down
!325 feet In Its well No. 1 with 12Va-inch
The Azores Oil company is about
feet deep in 6-inch casing with the
hole in perfect condition.
TAFT, Jan. 28.—A new townsite is to
be laid out at Fellows, the end of the
Kunset Western railroad, a few miles
from this place. The location decided
upon In section 6, south of the gusher
wells, which have made that locality
f:imou.s during recent weeks. The sur
vey Is now being made and will be
completed within the next few days.
COALINGA, Jan. 28.— E. K. Adums,
assistant consulting engineer of tho
Harriman system, Is conducting a test
of the new pump at thn local station
of the new Coalinga-Port Costa plpo
lino of the Associated.
The teat SO tar luts been of the pump
and not of the pipe line, Mr, Adams
is well sattefled with the progtoii be
ing made along thn lino. He haa been
cm tho coast several weeks.
Eat at the Angeius grill.
Exclusive dlspo'.:h to The Herald by L. A.
dialer & Co., members Los Angeles ■tock
exchange, 200-201 i. W. Ilellnmn building. Los
SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. M.—Buying orders
from tho east for Consolidated advanced this
Issue 714 points. Florence continued strong,
with $2.50 bid. The balance ot the doldfleld
list showed practically no change.
The mill report of the Tonopah Mining com
pany for the post week shows that an aver
age of 92 out of 100 stamps wore dropping
constantly, crushing 3100 tons of ore of an
average value of *20.W per ton. Th« bullion
shipment consisted of 66 bars valued at 154,460,
Fallowing were the closing quotations:
Bid. Ask. Bid. Ask.
Adams 1 at Bend 3 4
Atlanta .. .. 10 11 at Bend An.. .. 3
Booth 8 9 ,ira:»lma .... 1 2
B B Ex •; — 1 Jumbo Ex ... 26 23
Blue Bull ..3 4 Kendall 3
Blue Bell ... 1 2 Lone Star ... 3 4
Con Mtn 4 L.ou Dillon .. .. 2
Conqueror ..2 3 Mill Fraction .. 2
Com Frae .. 32 33 Moh Ex 2
"rackerjaclc.. I 2 Xcv Quid -
Daley 8 0 |Oro 3- 4
Triangle 1 Red Top Ex. 1 2
D B B Con.. 2 3 Red Hills ... 3 4
Dixie 1 Sandstorm ..2 4
Empire 1 St Ives 12
Florence ....250 1.'.". Sit Pick 7 8
Fr Moh .... 2 0 Vernal 1
Sold Con ...743 .. Tel Rose 2
Keewanas ..5 6 Yel Tiger ... 6 8
Bid. Ask. I Bid. Ask.
Belmont ....135 13714,N0rth Star ..1 3
I'm Butler.. 10 12 R.?« Con 2
Midway .... 27 28 Ton Mm ..,.650 675
Montana .... 83 .. Ton Ex 74 78
MacNamara. 27 8 W End Con.. 22 24
Bid. Ask. Bid. A?k.
Amethyst ... 1 2 , Mont Mtn ..2 3
Hull Mln 2 Mayfiow Con. 2 3
mill Nt Bk. 1 2 Or Bullfrog.. .. 1
Bon Claire.. 9 11 Tramp Con ..6 7
dold Bcept.. .. 1 rank Cllrl 3
Home King. .. 1 Val View ... 1 2
Mont Sh Ex. .. 1
Bid. Ask. Bid. Aflt.
Man Con ... 2 4 Man Dcx .... 2 2
Thanksgiving 2 .. Man Mtn 1
Little Gray.. 1 .. Seyl Hump... .. 1
Mustang .... 1 2 I
•I'.lil. Ask. I Bid. Ask.
Eagle's Nest .. 4 Pitts Sll Pit. .. 75
Nev Eagle .. 12 14 |Rnd Mtn .... 54 .. ■
Nev Hills .. .. H Coalition .... 15
> Special service to The Herald by J. C. 'Wil
son, 212 West Fifth street, Los Angeles, mem
ber stock and bond exchange of San Francisco
and eastern exchanges.
BALT LAKH CITY, Jan? Following were
the closing quotations today:
Bid. Ask. I Bid. Ask.
AJax 86 Mineral Flat .. 1
Beck Tunnel 1214 15 Mln Lake ... 6 6
Black Jack.. 10 11 Nev Hills ... 60 63
Carisa ... .. &') 61 Newhouse 400
Colorado ... 77 78 New York ... 7"i 9
Colum Con.. 86 8»., 3hlo Copper. 44714 455
Con Mer 15 ?llver Shield. 714
Crown Pt .. 5 6 Seven Trghs. 8 B> a
Daily Judge.44o 500 3llv X C1tn..350 3*;
E Tintlo Dv 6 614 Sioux Con ... 33 331S
E Crown Pt. Hi 1U So Cols Con. 7»l 9
R Tlntic Con 1% 2"4|rintlo Centrl 7 714
Grand Cent..l7s ISO jllncle Sam .. 44 45
Iron Blossom 85 87 |Utah Cn of T 1 5
Iron King .. .. 15 |Vlctorla .. ..130 160
Little Bell ..ISO ISO i Victor Con .. 4% 6 ,
Little Chief. 45 -.. Westrn Utah .. 200
Lower Mam. 4914 BO Western Nev 18 211 i
Majestic .... 90 .. Yankee Con., C 7
Internat Oil.loo .. |Yerr Cop .... 314 4
Provo 6% 61i|lnyo Gold M 6
Mason Va1..210 215 Prince Con .. 90
May Day ... 15 18 |
Special service to The Herald by J. C. Wil
son, 212 West Fifth street, Los Angeles.
BOSTON, Jan. 28.—The Boston market was
quieter today, with stocks holding steady.
Lake was again th« feature, advancing to 68
on fairly good buying. Butte Coalition was
well absorbed. *■
Quotations were as follows:
Bid. Ask. Bid. Ask.
Am Pneu .. 8 BM ifex Con 4%J
do pfd 2114 Ciaml 2414 24%
Adventure .. 8 Sli Ilchlgan .... 714 8
Allouez .... 44 45 lohawk .. .. 6S 88
Atlantic .... 0% 9% 'Jev Con .... 2»li 2314
Arcadian .... 7vi » 'orth Butte. 41 4114
Ariz Com .. 42 4-' Vi Did Domin .... 48
Apex 44 41sPsceola .. ...153 154
Boston Con.. 19% 19% Parrot 19% 3014
Butte Cltn .. 26", i 26Vi 3ulncy Soli Bii
Calumet & A 7114 72 Santa Ps ... 2'i '-".■
Calumt &H. 635 040 Shannon .. .. 16% 16',i
Centennial ..29 SO Shoe Mach .. C6li 67
Con Mer ... 10 15 do pfd 29*,
Copper Rnge 79 80 Superior Cop. M 67
Corbin .. .. 2" 1 i 2014 Superior & B 1414 15
Daly West .. »14 f",i [Superior & P 14' M? 4
East Butte..llo t lutt|3wlft 10314 103%
Elm River .. 1% l' = .ramaraclc ... 63 63
Franklin .... UK lsVi Trinity .. .»: 9 914
Granby .. .. M United Fruit.l7Sl4 179
Greene Can. !>'i WHO S Smelting 47 4714
Hancock .... 21 25 | do pfd 61 5114
Isle Roj-ale.. 23 2314 Utah Con .... S!>!3 40
Keewenaw .. 4% 6 Victoria .. .. 414 4T4
r, a ke 6J% Wit Wlnona .. .. 1014 11
La Salle ... 15! 16 I Wolverine ...139 140
Mass Copper 714 8 Wyandut .... 214 21.
Mayflower .. Hi Hi North Lake.. 1514 16%
Special service to The Herald by J. C. Wil
son, 212 West Fifth street, Los Ang«l«S.
NEW YORK. Jan. 28.—Following were the
closing quotation*-
Bid. Ask.] Bid. Ask.
Am To* cm.390 400 Nev Utah ... H4 Hi
I! B Gas ... »k Oft Niplssing — lOVi Wl4
Chicago Bub 3"i Ohio Copper. -I - 4%
Havana Tob. 5 7 Rawhide Cltn 16 17
Standard 011.640 615 Kay Central. v-, S^i
Cns Stmp Bs 20 24 Ray Con -.... 23 - 2S'.i
Boston Con.. 10% 20H United Cop... 7% - ,%
Butte' 2614 86% Yukon 4»i 4!j
Cumb Ely ..7 » Inspiration .. 6 Mi
Davis Dally. 3 . B*4 Mason Val .. SV4 -"1
Dolores .... 7 71s|Newhouse ... " 314
lioldiild Flor 715 7»4<Ely Cent .... 1% i
;,,., no Can. !i T« 10V4|Bly Con .... 0", 1
Glroux .. ..10 1014 011 a Copper.. 814 9
X ri- I-ake .. 8"4 » '"hi"o 1:1 13
1 ■ T...50 .... 4% 4"i Boston Ely.. 3;i 4
Miami -'1.. MM Ely Witch ... 22 25
Mns Co of A4B 60 Indiana .... 8014 81
Nev Con — 2;:'; 231 a
Special service to The Herald by ,T. C. Wil
«un, 212 West Fifth street, Los Angeles. <
BOSTON, Jan. 28.— Following were the clos
ing quotations: '
Bid. Ask. Bid. Ask
Ahmeek ....«M 225 First Nat .... 5 ■•'-
Amal .if Nev 7 714 Glroux 10 1014
Arizlpe .. ■■ -'• -' Helvetia .. .. 4?i 5
Arnold 60 90 IMaJestlc .... 87 90
muck Mtn .. 25 S3 Raven sit 63
liutio & Lon 22 27 Silver Leaf .. 1014 1114
B S Gas .... 30 32 San Antulila. S 9
Cactus M 4 614 U a Oil 37% 88
Cheniung ... 11 1514 Zinc 8114 »'-
Chief Con ... 2 214
4, NEW YORK. Jan. —Coiner, <s>
4, steady: standard spot and March, ■•
<S $13.20® 13.3714. <•>
2 Lead, 14.6814 0 4.7!'/,. <f
4 Silver., I
'. «-.r« •-•-• '
The Turner Oil company of Whittler
has sold Its holdings, consisting of
twenty acres and a production of 7000
barrels a month, to the Colorado (ill
company of San Diego. The oil is 20
gravity, suitable for fuel, refining and
for gas making product.
F. R. Kellogg & Co. negotiated the
sale, and the price la said to have been
$200,000. This, however, was not all
cash. l
The Densmore-Stabler refinery of Los
Angeles, which the Turner has owned
and operated for five years, is not in
cluded and continues under the same
management. .-£»«&&
Shipment of Fifteen Tons Leaves the
Diamondfield Mine for Sampler.
High Grade Vein Widens
to Three Feet
GOLDFIELD, Jan. 2S.—Developments
on the Campbell lease on tho Black
Butte at Dlamondfield show an in
creasing quantity of ore, and there
seems to be little change in values.
The work has been following the foot
wall lor a couple of days, the hanging
wall streaU being allowed to stand un
til a greater quantity of It is stripped.
The streak carries the best values, and
it is anticipated that it will hold when
shot down. The gold in the quartz that
was broken Tuesday was coarser than
it has been up to this time, which may
have a tendency to raise the general i
values. One large piece that was j
brought into town had a face that is i
almost covered with free gold, and an
assay from a picked sample ran $16,000.
A shipment of twelve or fifteen tons
was started- to the sampler Tuesday,
and this will be followed by frequent
consignments. It is said the high grade
ore has widened to nearly three feet,
and there are several feet of ore that
would be profitable with a mill, but
which will not be removed by the
The ore has been opened more than
twenty feet long and shows strong
signs of permanency. The vein is well
defined and hns been traced 200 or 300
feet on the surface. It is a ledge that
has never before been explored and may j
prove to be the main channel of en
richment In the big butte through
which it runs.
Other veins that have been developed
on this property have been erratic in
their ore bodies, the high grade bunches
giving place to milling ore, and confus
ing the operator in the search for other
lenses of ore rich enough to give a
profit when shipped. This new vein
gives Indications of great regularity.
BAKERSFIELD. Jan. 28.—-The Dillon
Oil company's well on section 30, 29-20,
in the Temblor district, which has been
drilling for some time, came in Tues
day at a shallow depth and at least re
port was flowing steadily.
D. J. Gonyer, who was there at the
time the well started to ilow, and who
is interested in the company, says that
making a very conservative estimate
thu well seems to be good for fifty bar
rels a day or more, but others who saw
the well and who are acquainted with
the district think it is a better well
than some of Its neighbors.
Drilling will be started Immediately
on the well of the Shear Petroleum
company, in which many of the direct
ors of tho Dillon OH company are inter
ested, and which is within 600 feet of
tho Dillon well.
COALINGA, Jan. 28.—The Ksperanza
Oil and Gus company, section 6-20-13,
is down about 980 feet with 10-inch
casing in well No. 1".
Following are the permits issued
lined the teat publication of the list
and classißed according to wards:
Wards — Permits. Values.
First - MM
Second 2 I'7'°
Third ■ 1 m 4.000
Fifth 1- 17.50»
Sixth 1 «0
Seventh 1 1»»
Ninth • 1 »00
Total -» »25,400
Denker avenue, 402C—Winona Wil
gon, 212 North Grand avonue, owner;
P. J. Leaver & Co., builders; one-story
five-room residence; $2000.
Denker avenue, 40-16—Same as,,abovo;
Denker avenue, 404u—Same as above;
Second street, 3325 Kast—A. E.
StNKKs, 3336 Emmet street, owner and
builder; one-story five-room residence;
Lufiip avenue, 136S—D. P. Riley, 233
North Grand avenue, owner and build*
er; one-story two-room shed; $200.
Wilmington, Tenth street—F. S. Cary,
Wilmington, owner and builder; om;-
Btory four-room residence; SISOO.
Olive street, 5847 South—Charles K.
Mason, 774 Towns avenuo, owner; H.
E. Taylor, builder; one-story five-room
residence, n2OO.
Arroyo Seco avenue, 3427—George J.
Mayer at lot, owner and builder; ul
teration of residence, $173.
Phllleo street, 512—Carl Frost, 1386
Illinois street, owner; F. Brunei-,
builder; one-story eight-room resi
dence, $1575.
Santa Monica avenue, 1364 —J. B.
Crosley, 1104 West Thirty-eighth sjtreet,
owner and builder; one-story four
room residence, $500.
Avenue 26, 406 North—O. W. Pear
son, -S3 North Avenue 25, -owner;
Eagle Rock Building company, build
er; ono-story one-room shed, $100.
Ninth avenue and Jefferson street —
Theresa B. Morftn, 2201 West Thlrlv
tirsl street, owner; W. B. Long, buiM
er: one-story six-room residence, $1800.
Fifty-seventh street, 1420 West—C.
A. Wright, 1416 West Fifty-seventh
street, owner and builder; one-story
flve-room residence, $1000.
Fiftieth street, 1833 West—Los An
geles Investment company, 335 South
Hill street, owner and builder; one
itory five-room residence, $1800.
Fifty-first street, 1808 West—Same
as above; residence, $1800.
Wilton place and Linden street—-B.
F. Taylor, Glendora street, owner;
Sneet Bungalow company, builder;
one-story eight-room residence, J4OOO.
Fifty-sixth street. 843 West-Sarah
J. Chisliiie, 5870 South FigUi COB street,
owner and builder; one-story six-room
residence, USOO.
Compton avenue, 4600—C. K. AVarren,
1926 Ellendale avenue, owner and
builder- one-story one-room shop. $400.
Main street, 262-64 South—Victor
Ponet, I4r. North spring street, owner
1 builder; alterations of building,
San Pedro Dodson street, 819 North
j. Kllpore, San I edro i wner; W.
v Miner, i ■ Hder. om »tory ruur-room
nee, $SOO.
Alfalfa, Walnut, Potato <D> C Per Acre
and Sugar Beet Lands «|])«3,J Up
In the Famous and Prosperous
San Jacinto and
Hemet Valley
Now on the market in lots to suit. This is the cream of the valley. Will raise 100 sacks of potatoes to the
acre two crops a year; ten tons of alfalfa per acre per season, that sells for $10 per ton in the field. Terms,
one-third cash, balance one, two and three years.
We are also offering for a few days only 80U acres with water, IV-j miles from San Jacinto, at $60 per acre.
This is a snap.
Between San Bernardino and Los Angeles, close to three railroads; frostlcss, magnificent view, being high
and sightly. $75 per aero. Easy terms. "None such."
1000 acres at Winchester at $30. Fine for eucalyptus, alfalfa and fruit. 18 feet to water.
1100 acres at $60 per acre; grain and alfalfa; level as a floor; three houses; vineyard; one house cost $4000.
Easy terms. •
175 acres between Hemet and San Jacinto, leveled and seeded to alfalfa, pumping plant, elegant country man
sion of 0 rooms, gas and electricity, big barn, etc. This property, according to its location, ought to sell for $350
per acre. It will pay 7 per cent interest on that investment. $225 per acre, easy terms, will handle it.
Over Santa Fe to San Jacinto, $3 round trip. Have four hours to look the valley over and return to Los Angeles
same day.
Leave your name at this office or phone before going. Why not go next Sunday?
Arthur G. Munn and W. W. Middlecoff
704-5-6 Union Trust Building, Fourth and Spring Streets. Main 2830; F2830
f\JJ Makes
V/XJ-/ Money
Do yon realise that at the present
time the California oil Industry Is prob
ably the greatest money maker In the
history of the world? Do you realise
that the government experts estimate
that nearly 8.000.000,000 barrels of oil
will be produced in California during
the next sixty years? Where will the
profits from this enormous production
go? Into the pockets of California oil
company stockholders. You can only
get your share by becoming a stock
holder In a first class oompany.
Wn are. now able to offer such stook.
This otock Is the Initial ground floor
offering In a company operating In ab
solutely proven territory In Coalinga.
The property Is owned outright. Small
capitalization, no promotion stock, Shal
low, easy drilling, but wells run from
160 to 400 barrels, owing to extremely
prolific nature of underlying sanda.
Choicest piece of undevelopod shallow
property In entire state of California.
Call or write to us at once for further
particulars before this opportunity
ifesios and If you desire we will arrange
so you can make a free trip to f'oalinga
to see the property and go over the field
In general and make up your mln.l about
this proposition after a careful personal
NOTE—To every one sending in this
coupon we will tend free of chartre for
the next six months a copy of the
•nonthly publication. ■'Securities," which
is filled with photos of the oil fields and
valuable Information about California
614 If. W. Hellman Bltlg.
I/OS Angeles,
Please send me free of cost infor
mation regarding stook referred to
above, and also free copies or "Se
curities" for six months, til this
without any obligation on my part.
Name ..•■•••••«
Address ..........-......(!>. A. H.)
Shoes Half Price and Lett
Over two hundred big display bargain
tables are displaying shoes for men. women
and children, on sale in many Instanoes
for half price and less. Convince yourself
and come to the
"ill) South Broadway.
We cure external cancer In a
few weeks without fall. Investi
gate our method. We will refer
you to many of our former pa
tients who have been absolutely
cured. (Breast cancers a spe
cialty). MRS. 11. I. SMITH.
Hours 10 to 4. Phone Main C 639. Sani
tarium, Temple 401.
>*Nt.'*V l/ftdl«el Ask y»«r DrvMlsi for /TV
£A B-'ias (U->ut«^ Bliss*** ur»«YVna
iWls «trii IMlUTollo* aid Cold meulU<\V7
»t-- Tijtm bpiM, ibhljil «Wk Dim Rlbfcos. \f
w4 it* V^3 Take ■• vtacr. Qmt »f jr»«r • -
I*7 *• ttf Vrutlrtr Aik ««Cill.Clfta.TUSj
I L Jf MaVSo.VD lI&AND I'II.Ia. hi *3
\<o> B T >nkionußal,Sil>l,tlnritti! luM
Commission Rejects Application on
Ground It Would Open Door
to Favoritism
WASHINGTON, Jan. 28.—An appli
cation' by the Armour car line to the
interstate commerce commission for
reparation against the Southern Pacific
company on shipments of ice from Los
Angeles, Cal., to Yuma, Ariz., was re
jected today, the commission holding
"that the granting of the request would
"open the door to the grossest form of
favoritism and rebating."
The testimony showed that the Arm
ous car lines contracted to furnish ice
to the Southern Pacific company at
various points on that road to be used
in the refrigeration of perishable fruit
in transit. that a rate of J1.90 a
It was agreed that a rate of J1.90 a
ton should be established for ship
ments of ice from Los Angeles to
Yuma. The published rate between
these points was $3 a ton. The rate
of $1.90 was not published until sev
eral months after the contract was
made, and not until seventy-one car
loads of ice had been shipped under the
contract. / • '■*"'"';'
The complainant lines demanded re
paration at the difference between the
?1.90 rate and the $3 rate.
The commission declared such a
transaction would be repugnant to the
l;i\\. that there was rio basis for re
paration and dismissed the. action, \
> |((*LOSAN6EIIS S V TZ" *■#•
I/-/scene\H sha P ed I
[L.I TWICE /"-I Trjirk i
|W\ seenyw pa
\ >^ No Scene Twice Seen W&
| fcMTO^^^ You sco more of the real eKI
!|1 . beauty of Southern California . I
on this trip than you would on Fig
E /^^«|WlW»\ all other trips copiblned. |||j
$' g >3lfcw \ Leave Los Angeles 8:30 a. Rja
X, ' I \ m: leave Pasadena 8:57 a. m.; t'Ji
hS I ftUEwli-Ji 1 arrive Badlands 11:05 a. m. ; Cia
nil I ~- RRm?9ii > ..l rlrlve to Smiley Heights, then WM
W Hmwwa^UJLE|tani»mA«»| i unc i,; leave Redlaiids 1:15 p. XL
w 1 .lT|3By m in. via Highland, past the fa- Kft
*"' % # nious Arrowhead mountain. P-J
V M and arrive Riverside ":15 p. I
ii.—fli,. .^r m-; drive down Magnolia byi-- i#
j ■^. ntKTOHi -^^ nue, up nubldoux mountain, X
SJ an visit Olenwood hotel. Call- E^
;\ fornla's Mission Inn; leave I
; Riverside 4:10 p. m., returning through Corona and Santa Ana L
[p I canyon, and from Orange to Los Angeles through the English fl
f I walnut groves, arriving In Los Angeles and Pasadena In time I
v I for dinner. I*1:"
§, Observation car all the way. BS^SHP^SI
f $2.05 round trip on Sundays, limited to date of X' F^a
■■(] sale. w^JLin I
vn S3 round trip, limit eißht days. Kft?l!Kal^!
I S3 round trip, limit G. A. Santa Fe., (CTnuUsi
E. W. McGee, G. A. Santa Fe., BWjiipJfUJ
|| ' 334 So. Spring St. I^JK^I
'p. jf^^V OR PAY UNTIL CURED^Igk «
'/■ I?***. -—«. Uli FROM PEOPLE WHO WILL WRITE YOU n*ii jm^ «Vl '
»J jl^^s "^uS #,THAT WE SAVED THEia LIVES Qgf^gk <
$ 8 J*r\. J THIRTY-SIX CUR. NQ CANCERS V I>-i-i / £
• \ '<££ > / Chronic dlsoasa* cur»d. OR NO PAY. JsSv,^ _S &
f. \ * / CANCER NEVER PAINS until last stage. .rfMMnFYV *
S J)^B&*i^\ YOU MUST COME before it polscns m ■J^^sJU-SN '&
%' l\~./7 •> deep or attaches to bone. We refuse hurt- «;MSJ\nl;' V
5 L££jL~*f d"5» who war too long. /ND MUST DIE. "'**•'V*ai.\.-.^ <.
6 *SX*rVr7/ Any Tumor or often also CANCEE. Head U4y <
$ oeldTh } ..cun ANY LUMP in WOMAN'S BREAST
£ Offices74s and 747 S. Main St.,ChamleyßlJg.. LOS ANGELES, CAL. /
i 8©- Kindly %v,s to Some One With CANCER i
"Imported Roquefort" Special
Absolutely the finest made Societe Bee Brand. Founded in France in
, . 1842. Regular 55c a lb.
For Friday and Saturday, lb., 40c
German Salami, lb .25c
Braunschweiger Liver Sausage 15c
Not less than one pound sold at these prices. j
224 West Fifth 517 South Spring
WHERE TO_mjNE^_________
New Turner Hall Cafe MainTtreet
Be* (.rrm.n Klu-lirn In the City. Concert every Sun.lay from t to 7 p. m.
- u *j; » „ RICHARD MATTHIAS. Proprietor. .. • . y

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