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How often It happens that
serious Illness, and sometimes
death, is directly traceable to a
common cold. After it Is too
late, what would we not give to
have checked tho cold at the
start, when it would have quick
ly yielded to simple home treat
One of the most effective rem
edies for coughs and colds Is
made by mixing two ounces of
Glycerine, a half ounce of Virgin
Oil of Pine compound pure ;iml
eight ounces of pure Whisky.
These can be bought in any good
drug store and easily mixed In
a large bottle. It ie claimed by
the Leach Chemical Company of
Cincinnati, who prepare the gen
uine Virgin Oil of Pine compound
pure, that a teaspqonful of this
mixture four times 1- a day will
break up a cold In twenty-four
hours, and euro any cough that
Is curable.
■trangers are lnvltas to visit the exhibits
ef California products at the Chamber of
Commerce building, on Broadway, between
First and Second streets, where fiee Infor
mation will be given on all subjects pertain
ing to this section.
The Herald will pay *10 In cash to any
ene furnishing evidence that will lead to the
arrest and conviction of any person caught
stealing copies of The—Herald from the
premises of our patrons.
Membership. In the Los Angel** Realty
board is a virtual guarantee of reliability
Provision Is made for arbitration of any
differences between members and their cli
ents. Accurate Information on realty mat
ters is obtainable from them. Valuations
by a competent committee. Directory or
members free at the office of Herbert Bur
den, secretary. 626 Security building
Phone Broadway 1591.
The Legal Aid society, at tit North Main
street, Is a charitable organization main
tained for the purpose, of aldlnpr In lejrM
matters those unable to employ counsel. The
society needs financial assistance and seeks
Information regarding worthy case* Phone
Home F5203: Main 838«.
The Herald, like e»«ry other newspaper. is
misrepresented at times, particularly In
eases Involving hotel*, theaters, etc. The
public will please tak» notice that every
representative of thin paper Is equipped with
the proper credentials, and mor« particu
larly eoulnned with money with which to
tuy his Mils TUB HERALD
University Men to Dine
The Alumni association of the In
diana state university will hold its an
nual dinner at Levy's cafe Friday
night, March 4, to local alumni, to
which all are Invited.
Motorist Is Fined
S. E. Lord, an autoißt, pleaded guilty
In police court yesterday morning to a
charge of driving his nutomoble In ex
cess of the limit provided by city ordi
nance and was sentenced by Police
Judge Chambers to pay a fine of $25.
Discuss Life of Miss Wlllard
"The Life and Work of Miss Frances
K. Willard" will be the subject of the
address to be given by Mrs. J. N. Dav
idson of Redlands thia afternoon at 2
o'clock, under the auspices of the Loi
Angeles W. C. T. U., at the First Meth
odist church.
His Clock Stolen
Failing to awaken in time to go to
work George D. Norton of 523 M plo
(i venue sat up in bed, rubbed his eyes,
then after glancing about his room
found that the alarm clock which he
depends on to rouse him from his slum
beri had been taken. A further search
of the room revealed that a new suit
of clothes, a pipe and J7.50 also had
been taken.
Mexican Will Be Tried
Louis Botello, a Mexican tonmster,
who was arrested Tuesday n irnlng
after he mado an alleged attempt to
:issault Miss Anna Craigh of 221 South
Johnson street, and Miss Alice Robin
son of 319 Alta street, while they were
on their way to board an electric car
near the Indian village, entered a plea
of not guilty In police court yesterday
morning, and his trial before a Jury
was set for March 4.
High Jinks Now Scheduled for Some
Midnight Hour Close to Birth.
day of Washington
The members of the Players' Coun
try club did not dedicate their new
club house at Ivanhoe last evening as
was planned, it being Impossible for
the nrm which Is doing the interior
decorating of the now house to get
their work completed In time. In all
•probability tho actors will have their
high Jinks February 21 or 22, when, be
ginning at midnight, they will cele
brate the opening until the wee small
Several members of the clut) are plan
ing to live at Ivanhoe all the time
when the house la opened. They intend
to put up tents and sleep oul of doors,
taking their meals at the club. Many
of them will provide themselves with
liorses on which to make tho trip from
the city to Ivanhoe after tho show each
evening. __
NEW YORK, Feb. 16.—Mrs. Charles
"W. Morse, who returned here yesterday
from c visit to her husband in the fed
rrfil prison at Atlanta, said that he was
iv good health and cheerful over the
outlook for favorable disposition of his
appeal for clemency.^
Station— M 1". Max.
UUmarck. N. D 0 -,18
Boston, Mas* , - « 36
lluffalo, N. 1... ♦*
(hi.rle.ton. S. 0..' «» 48
Chicago, 111 68 80
Sf:=::::: 60 84
Cleveland, Ohio SO S3
Denver.-Colo »» *
(;alv«",ton Texas JO- 68
Havre, Mont JO —
Honolulu. 8 i>. m. TO •■
jackMOvW*. Ha 08 so
Bap. M City, Mo .64 10
KiioivW''. Term .^ 68 54
little K«H«. Ark 64 88
Ix« Angola-.. «} **
UK Orleans, I* <* »8
».v York ** *0
(liuahit. Neb 3* 0
l-.irtluinl. Ore 40 J«
-B«no, Nev 88 18
SI Louis, Mo 04, 18
Si! Paul. Minn ....1.. 20 —0
halt l.Bke CUr ■••'•• ••••• 8«T- 1*
Sun Antonio, Texas ..' i... 80 BO
"an Francisco , »* 40
hunla it. X. M. ' 48 14
Seal tie, Wunh S8 *8
(Vafihtngloii, D. O «.. 08 44
News of the Courts
Jeweler Tells How Broker Brown Ob.
talned $1000 from Him By
Worthless Bit of
Harry D. Brown, now being held In
the county jail awaiting sestence on
conviction of embezzling money from
| Dr. Nettle D. Hammond, was without
\ an attorney when lie appeared in Jus
tice bummerfleld'K court yesterday tor
preliminary examination on another
serious accusation, that of passing a
flictitloua check for $1000 on Joseph
Hittigstein, a jeweler at 540 South
Broadway. Brown suid his attorney,
A. A. Sturgos, who defended him in
tho Hammond case, had withdrawn
and he wanted time in which to pro
cure another lawyer.
One continuance in the case had been
granted several days ago and Justice
Summerfield declined to permit further
dflny. Attorney Sturgea was sum
moned by telephone and on request of
the court took churgo of Brown's
case until noon, when the examination
was continued until February 18.
Rlttigstcln was on the stand more
than an hour. The check made the
basis of tha criminal proceedings
against Brown, he said, waa given to
him by Brown's clerk, Zimmer, Feb
ruary 18, 1909, in exchange for a check
for tho same amount.
"I met Brown la July or August,
1905," said the jeweler, "and had some
transactions with him afterward. He
telephoned mo the morning of February
18, that ha was 'playing the market'
and could not get to hie office; that
ho had left a number of checks signed
in blank at his office, but that his
cashier, Zimmer, had no authority to
got them cashed. On his request, I
agreed to give him one of my own
checks for $1000 In exchange for one
of his for the same amount. The check
was brought to my place of business
by Zimmer In the afternoon and I gave i
Zimmer ray check on the Bank of
Southern California."
Rittlgsteln said ha received requests
later from Brown to hold back the
chock from tho Los Angeles Trust
company, on which It was drawn, and
finally became suspicious. An investi
gation, he said, disclosed the fact that
Brown had no funda at the bank with
which to meet payment of the check.
Brown will bo In Judge Davis' court
tomorrow, when a motion for a new
trial of tho Hammond case will be
decided. If this motion is denied, It Is
probable sentence will be Imposed Im
Only Obstacle to Probate of Will of
Mrs. Cards M. Jones Is in
Contest by Hazard
By the withdrawal of Mrs. Augusta
O. Hubbard and Mary O. Hall from the
contest over the Carrto M. Jones will,
dated June 20, 1908, all opposition by
the heirs to the probate of the docu
ment was removed yesterday. Mrs.
Hubbard and Mrs. Hall join with eight
other hoira who filed notice In Judge
Rives' court two weeks ago of their
withdrawal from the contest.
A serious obstacle still remains in the
contest instituted by Henry T. Hazard,
who is named as executor in a will
dated January 6, 1904. Judge Rives has
set tho hearing of this contest for
March 7.
By the terms of the 1908 will a num
ber of bequests to charity and educa
tion were made by Mrs. Jones, includ
ing $10,000 to the Protestant Los An
geles orphans' home; $r>o,ooo for the
Southwest Museum society; $100,000 to i
the University of California, and $10,000
to the Barlow sanitarium. No bequests
of thia kind a-re contained in the earlier
Surety of $20,000 Signed by Relatives
of Woman Who Was Connected
with Death of Shiveley
George A. Stone and his wife, Clara
Stone, Jointly charged with the •nur
der of Morgan Shiveley at San Gabriel
tho night of December 31, left he
county Jail at 9:15 o'clock yesterday
and fifteen minutes later were released
from custody under bonds totaling
The bonds were signed by George K.
Winter and Frank C. Winter, father
and son, who qualified as bondsmen
before Judge Willis. Tho Wlntnra are
investment brokers, and are related to
Stone, the elder Winter's wife being
Stone's aunt. After their releaso was
ordered, the accused couple wont to
the county Jail and were given ihcir
effects. Prom the Jail, they wont to
tho homo of Georgo P. Winter, 2550
West Adams street, where, it is under
stood, they will remain until their
cases are dispbsed of In court.
The following articles of Incorpora
tion were filed in tho county clerk's
office yesterday:
Eldorado club, directors, H. X. De
Hass, L,. A. Pfelffer, J. M. McCall.
Dzemijetul Hajrijo of Los Angeles,
directors: Hasan Hurtovlch, Halll Fa-
Jic, Mujo Zilich, Halll Bijidia, Hassan
The Highland company, capital, 10,
--000: directors: F. R. Elsey, San Gabriel;
Henry Q. Pettit, N. Plant, Los Angeles.
Powers Implement company, capital,
$75,000; directors: Victor M. Powers, J.
H. Powers, Charles W. Whittock, J. J.
Petermichel, W. B. Douglas, B. U.
Brann, K. C. Heath.
Fullerton and Hichfield Railway com
pany, capital, $130,000; directors: A. G.
Wells, O. Holtorhof, Jr., W. H. Brewer,
J. L. Hibbard, C. W. Jones.
Mailman Adding Machine company,
capital, $1,200,000; directors: James
Mailman, Sheboygan, Wis.; George M.
Beach, Joseph R. Henderson, Homer L.
Ross, Ludwlg J. Mailman, Los Angeles.
I B. C. Mulvey, found guilty"* In the
United States district court several
days ago of bringing women into this
country for immoral purposes, changed
his mind after having been granted
until February 25 to fllo a bill of ex
ceptions, and asked Judge Wellborn
to be sentenced at once. He will be
sentenced tomorrow.
Daughter of Former Postmaster Groff
Given Legal Freedom from
William Jenkins for
That Mrs. Mary B. Hay, plaintiff in
, divorce action against her husband,
. : William H. Hay, was a climber on the
, social ladder and that her efforts In
this direction was one of the causes
• of dissension in the Hay home was
• Indicated In Judge Hervey'B court yes
, | terday when the trial was resumed
after an interval of four days. \
The testimony in this connection was
j given by Mrs. George E. Flinsberg,
who said she aided Mrs. Hay In her
social duties on several occasions, al
ways as a friend and never for money.
"On one occasion in their Hollywood
home he entered the house in an in
toxicated condition," said Mrs. Fllns
berg, referring to Hay. "He told Mrs.
Hay he had a poor opinion of any per
son who would borrow sliver from her
neighbors In order that she might
break Into the best society."
Referring to the language alleged to
have been used by Hay on other oc
casions, Mrs. Flinsberg said he hurled
profanity at the chickens one day,
and a few weeks later, when Mrs. Hay
asked him to bring In some coal, he
"swore for twenty minutes," adding
he was still swearing when she left
the house. •
E. A. Van Rankln, called by Hay's
attorneys, said he had never seen Hay
Intoxicated nor had he missed a day
from his Work while he was associated
with him in buslnea from 1904 to 1909.
The trial is still on.
A decree was granted by Judge
Houser to Mary E. Jenkins, who sued
her husband, William Jenkins, on the
ground of desertion. Mrs. Jenkins is
a daughter of former Postmaster Groff
and was married to Jenkins in 1896.
The desertion, she said, occurred nine
! years later, and she believed her hus-
I band to be In South America.
The case of Walter T. Aust against
S. Etta Aust was submitted to Judge
Houser after Aust testified his wife
left him and accompanied Alfred Fo
gal, a youth of 18, to Hanford, where
they remalnew two weeks. Fogal's
father brought his son back to Los
Angeles. i
The following divorce- suits were
filed: Carrie M. Brentcer against
Warren Brentner, Nellie S. Conroy
against Charles H. Conroy, Elne M.
Rouland against Raymond Rouland,
Enid Bowers against Walter L. Bow
ers, Frances P. Re««e I against An
drew D. Reese and Stella A. Bussy
against Jesse. Guy Bussy. •
< «♦
Widow of One of Discoverers of Big
Randsburg Mine Given Judg.
ment Against a For.
mer Friend
Mrs. Frances L. Mooers, widow of
one of the discoverers of the Yellow
Aster mine, was given judgment by
Judgo Hutton yesterday In hor suit
against Mrs. Margaret Hose, formerly
an intimate friend. The action was for
the recovery of $5000 worth of stock of
the Citrus Coal Ranch company, which
Mrs, Mooers claimed was held by Mrs.
Rose for her as agent.
The money to pay for the stock was
given to Mrs. Rose three year? ago.
Mrs. Mooers testified, adding her pur
pose was to leave the stock purchased
In Mrs. Rose's name in order that the
transaction might remain hidden from
her financial agent, J. C. Robinson.
Later, she said, when she demanded a
transfer of the stock to her own name,
Mrs. Rose refused, claiming it was
a portion of what was due her for
Judge Hu,tton gave judgment In favor
of Mrs. Mooers, and added if any
money was duo Mrs. Rose 'or ser
vices, recourse could ba had through
the courts. During the hearing, the
plaintiff and defendant said they were
formerly on friendly terms and had
passed several months together in
Rev. A. C. Smither Says John L. Grant
and Wite Were Given Per.
mission to Make Trans
The second day's preliminary exam
ination of Mrs. Margie V. Grant and
her husband, John L. Grant, upon a
charge of selling a lease to a. rooming
house without permission of the owner,
was concluded in Justice Summerfleld's
court yesterday, so far as testimony is
concerned. The arguments will be made
Friday. Rev. A. O. Smither, owner of
tho leased property, was the principal
witness, his testimony corroborating, in
part the story told by the Grants after
their arrest whfn they said they were
given permission by the minister to sell
the lease.
"I gave the permission to sell tho
lease with the stipulation that they get
a suitable tenant and pay to Mrs. Mary
Webster her interest in the rooming
house," said the witness.
Mrs. Webster, following tho sale of
the lease by tho Grants to Mrs. Ella
Richey, laid claim to a part of the fur
ninhings of the house, all of which were
included in tho sale. The Grants con
tended they owned all the furnishings,
and when Mrs. Webster produced re?
ceipts for money paid to them for an
interest in the place the defendants said
they were for money borrowed.
An autopsy performed at tho under
taking establishment of Breaee Uros.
over the body of W. L. Shclton, C 2
years old, executive counsol for the
Golden State Insurance company, who
was found dead In a loom at tho Van
Nuys hotel Tuesday afternoon, r^v a id
tho fact that death was duo to chronic
heart disease. The dead man is sur
vived by a widow, a daughter, Edna,
12 years old, and a son, H. K. Shelton.
Tho funeral arrangements will be made
later. >
FffCi-tho February 18, Salt Lake
route trains for Glendalo and Verdugo
Purk Will leave Los Angeles 9:30 ». in.
and 2:00 p. m. daily. Returning, leave
Yerdugo Park i::00 n*3ii, and 4:30 p. m.
Municipal Affairs
Board of Public Works Signs Contract
Which Means $39,000 Yearly
to D. J. Desmond Com.
A new contract allowing tho D. J.
Desmond company to charge the 3000
--odd laborers now working on the 240
--mile aqueduct more money for their
food, thereby giving the subsistence
company an additional yearly income
of $3»,0U0, was executed yesterday by
the board of public works. The In
creased cost of foodstuffs is given as.
the reason. The new contract provides
that instead of the former rate of $5
for twenty-one meals given the city
employes working on aqueduct con
struction, a now rate of L's cents per
meal shall be charged. This means
that each workman will pay 25 cents
more a week than under the old con
Two weeks ago the Desmond com-1
pany % petitioned the board of public
works to be allowed to charge more
for the meals it is supplying the men.
After an Investigation of the condi
tions, the board found that the con
tentions of the company—that It could
not supply food at the old price and
keep Its head above water—were well
founded. The board decided that tho
subsistence company ought to be given
a chance to make a fair profit. As the
result of this Investigation the new
contract was signed yesterday.
There are In the neighborhood of
3000 men working on tha aqueduct at
the present time. Thus the Desmond
company gains approximately $730 a
week, or $39,000 a year.
Officials In New York Have Been Notl.
fled to Build Depot or
Give Up Land
The Southern Pacific railroad officials
In New York have been given aji ulti
matum in the East Fifth street matter.
If at the time of its next meeting,
Tuesday evening, the city council has
not roceived a satisfactory reply from
tho company, City Attorney Hewitt will
at once begin legal steps to dispossess
the railroad of the land on East Fifth
street, between Central avenue and the
Arcade station.
Three years ago the city gave the
land to the railroad on tho promise that
a new station was to be built there. The
road has shown no inclination to fulfill
Its part of the agreement, and the city
wants the land back.
The "active work on the adjustment
of salaries paid to city officials," ad
vertised to begin last night at a Joint
meeting of the supply committee and
committees of representative organiza
tions petered out. The council supply
committeemen were all there, as were
tho representatives of the Central la
bor council and the Municipal league.
But the committees from the Mer
chants' and Manufacturers' associaiion
and the clearing house did not show
up, so after listening to some extem
poraneous anecdotes by Jerry Andrews
the meeting was adjourned to next
FOR $50,000
Railroad Agent Declares That His
Sons Are Motherless Because
Wife Was Snared by Free
Use of Money
Edward R. Gulrado, one of the
wealthiest ranchers In the Whtttler
district, who was sued for divorco by
his wife three months ago, was again
made defendant in an action tiled in
the superior court yesterday, the con
tents of the complaint revealing plain
ly the charge on which Mrs. Guirado's
■appeal for a legal separation is based.
Guirado, In the suit filed yesterday,
is accused of alienating the affectons
of Dolly L. Schenck, wife of D. B.
Schenck, agent for the Southern Pa
cific company at Covina. The action
was filed by Mattison B. Jones of the
law firm of Jones & Evans on behalf
of Sohenck, who demands 150,000 from
the rancher on account of the break
ing up of his home.
"Matters have come to a point where
Mr. Schenck was compelled to appeal
to the courts for relief," said Attorney
Jones last night. "He Is now living In
Covina with his two motherless sons,
while the whereabouts of Mrs. Schenck
are not known. She is believed to be
somewhere in Los Angeles."
The Schencks were married at Nor
walk August t>, IS9I. A little more than
four years ago they removed to WhH
tier. where Kehonck was employed as
agent for the railway company. A
few months after their arrival, accord-
Ing to Schenck's story, his wife met
Guirado, wealthy owner of the i'ul
rado ranch. Other meetings followed
while Schonek was absent from his
home, and ha was later told of fre
quent rides by his wife in Guirado's
"Time and again," said Schenck, "I
tried to win back her affections, and
sometimes I thought myself success
ful. Then I would return home to find
the house empty, with no word to ex
plain my wife's absence."
A j'ear ago, he says, the alienation
of her affections became complete, and
he gave up all hope of reaching any
agreement that might mean a happy
home life In the future.
Sohenck alleges misconduct on his
wife's party, who, he says, was lured
by the prodigal mnner In which Gui
rado spent his wealth. Information,
he asserts, was given him within thn
past weok or ton days that Guirado
persuaded Mrs. Schenck to accompany
him to his room at the Nadeau hotel
July 12, 1907, and that visits of a sim
ilar character were made to Guirado'g
temporary quarters In the United
States hotel In October and November,
last year.
CHICAGO-A rommlttee of thirty-one mom
bera was appointed yesterday by the Aero club
of Illinois to urge tho claim of Chicago a* a
place tor (hi International meet to b» held
next summer. ; . l^-: ..-..
OSTERMOn^ y^ E .UH..d October, I*7B. B» McCALU
% VISIT OUR FOURTH FLOOR. CAFE— from 11:30 to 5:00
-,-, -11.111. 1- ■ -1-—.
Long and Short Kimonos Plain and Fancy Stylish
Reduced Silks 50c
Plenty of wear-time-practically the year : Here's a silk sale full of interest to women
round—for such garments as these, but we who like to make their money do double j
need their room, so out they go: ■, duty without sacrifice of good taste oo r
Short blanket kimonos, made up in attractive v ' .?■?
„ styles-from figured materials in light blue, included are handsome messalines in prac
tan, dark blue, red, etc., all sizes. We're tically all shades; pongees in colors; plain
closing out those that sold pre- (PICA taffetas, light and dark, and a quantity of
- t viously for $2 and $3 at I.OU fancy silks, showing stripe and similar ef-
Long Blanket robes in fancy figured mate- - -of them broken lines an do dds
-rials? and eiderdowns, full length, in plain and ends of silks that have sold for as _
red or gray; two or more styles; <P 17 C much as $1.25 a yard We want f\ r
reg. $4.50; to be -closed out at .... $0. I 0 } to get them out of stock at once for. WUW r
Last Chance on $30 $ 1 Q. 50
Ostermoor Mattresses at • .■" ~
' . '"'■•. * ■"■
We have just put in stock the last shipment we shall be able this year to obtain of the specialj
Ostermoor Mattresses to sell at eighteen-fifty, so if you want one we advise you to make selec
tion early. Out of the first large shipment received, only half a dozen were left when these came
in, which goes to show how popular is the offer:
' These mattresses sell regularly for $30.00; they are the most luxurious style made by the .
Ostermoor factory—Frendh roll edges, extra thick, extra heavy, extra soft; full size, in
one or two parts, as you like; covered with finest French art twills in several shades.
Special February sale price for these (|M Q CA , „,'
$30 mattresses. g -• ...........^)1O.OU
■—»«—■ Coulter Dry Goods Co,« ——— *
VH&PzS? ETf I Where Values
'\V^^3/ ' ' Double
\/ /?'iVi^U^ v J^ / And wh y shouldn't values double ? ' Note
/ .mf&*\j£) _^~S j? the location— less than fifty miles from Los
f '^SwJtiSf^S' — Angeles—on Santa Fe Railroad. Right in
i #4ifß&^ m*>*.lmmm> the heart of a productive district, famous for
A * [Ml*^**^-_™_^a!^ its soil and climate. A growing demand for
fi^^L ;-'.' all "products. Improved lands in this district
5^ worth li^oo.oo to $2000.00 per acre. A 10-acre tract NOW for $500.00
/pplijlilj/ down, balance in yearly installments.
only Products C Water ■■-■-■>■
$200 Fontana Citrus Lands are perfectly adapted to fruit _
and vegetable farming. Small fruits, berries, veg- .Plenty
tO ! etables, melons. There is a ready market right at
$250 home—San Bernardino. More than- 1200 employes than bo . square miles of
in Santa Fe shops; others in pre-cooling plant. watershed In Lytie Creek
Per Payrolls amount to many thousands of dollars canyon. Rights are thor-
Acre monthly. Land properly handled should easily sup- «-£* J^tlTL^Z
port a family, and pay for itself in three to five years. deede(J wlth each acre A
With If set to oranges, will double in value within a few permanent supply is as- • ,
'.it years. Call, phone or write for maps and illustrated ' sured. , V
Watef booklet. V —_>
Fontana Development Company
Phone Los Angeles Office 602 Sou h Main St. . Riaito Office
F3388 i Ground Floor Pacific Electric Bldg. Riverside Aye.
Requisition Papers for N. A. Ingram,
In Jail Here, Are Honored by
Governor Giliett
SACRAMENTO, Feb. 16.-Governor
Giliett today honored the requisition
of the Missouri authorities for the re
turn to that state of N. A. Ingiam,
under arrest in Los Angeles for ob
taining goods and money by means of
a fraudulent check for »00.
N A Ingram, for whose return to
Missouri Governor Gillett yesterday
Signed requisition papers, _ was ar
rested In Los Angeles Tuesday after
noon. His arrest was the result of a
telegraphic dispatch to the Los An
gtngramCwas found working in a well
known Los Angeles department store
and is said to have admitted forging
checks and obtaining money under talM
pretenses. He Is held at the county
jail awaiting the arrival of officers
from Missouri. ■ - _____
Despondent because of ill health and
financial embarrassments, K. Mayeua,
21 years old, a Japanese, recently em
ployed as a Janitor at a downtown
hotel, committed suicide . yesterday
morning by shooting himself In the
throat while lying in bed in his room
at 237V4 East Fourth street. The re
nort of the shot awakened the oceu
pint of an adjoining room and he en
tered the room occupied by Mayeda
and found the latter In a dying con
PITTSBURU-Max O. Leflla. delinquent
county ta* collector, on trial for tho last two
(iuys In Hie criminal court on a charge of pel-.
Jury growing out of the councUmanlc scandals
of 1908. wn found not guilty loiay
- ■ ————^— ——^——
Bronchial Troches
Save the voice In »U kinds of weather. Sinners and
public speakers find them Invaluable for clearing the
voice. There Is nothing so effective for Sore l hroat.
Hoarseness and Coughs. Fifty years' reputation.
Price, 25 cents, 50 cents and $1.00 pet box.
Samples mailed on request.
IOHN I. BROWN & SON. Bo ? ton 3 _Mjaj J __
Jhfa "Don't Judge
Jpfe j|: a Man By .
JLL. 111I 11 the Clothes
i per. week «allli>% tiC wccsrSj
judge him by those his wife wears," said a
clever woman. So, Mr. > Man, if you are not
well dressed your business ability is ques
tioned, and if your wife looks shoddy both
your ability and character suffer.
But when for only
SI.OO Pfr Week
you both can appear well there is no excuse I
for appearing otherwise.
The very latest styles from the East are
represented in our Spring lines. The wearing
quality and thorough workmanship of our
I products are universally recognized. ,'.'';
Our immense business allows us to quote
credit prices that are lower than other dealers'
' cash. Take your time about paying.
. 623 South Broadway "——^^^
Shoes naif Price and Less
Over two hundred big display bargain
tables are displaying shoca fur men. women
and children, on salo In many instances
for half pries and 1««* Convince yourself
and corns to Uio
CIV boulU Ilraadnar. | 1
>C*^. TapeWorms
_>«P .'^^X'-^Wkatomaeb an* i! Intestinal'
&r • Vt^V (Vwormi eaillr »ai
» quickly .*' remoTe4' ;': fey
Ytliilu trittmtit'
■ ■ "■• • ; ' - • rtW^-sjnywwcßHg
I , IKB. O. *. K'SKii>T. tit S«uU> KIU m. .'
"-- ■ ** 111 ■■!! 11l lit -■--.- -*»• , j^—,. „.„ *■■**

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