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News of the Mines and Oil Fields
John Herman Starts Action Against Company Which in Glowing
Prospectus Asserted Greater Quantities of Ore Are Exposed
at the Very Door of Los Angeles Than Can Be
Mined in One Hundred Years
Petition for a writ of mandate to
compel tho directors of tiie Southern
California Bonanza Gold Mines com
pany to permit an Inspection of the
'■nrporation's books was filed In the su
perior court yesterday by John Her
man, who claims to own fifty shares
of the capital stock of the company
und says ho wantß to make tho inspec
tion In order to determine the value
of his holdings and to ascertain tho
location of tho mining property. The
defendant directors are K. C. Steele, L.
F. Jones and B. M. Cooper. A date
for the hearing on the writ will prob
ably be fixed by Presiding Judgo Wil
bur today.
Herman Is a fire aesayer at 252%
South Main street, and the mining
company has an office at 420 I. W.
Hollman building. It is Herman's be
lief that the reason his request for an
Inspectiuii of tho bokfi Im denied is be
cause there' are. no books.
The mining company announces In
a prospectus that it proposes to de
velop one of the largest sold bearing
ore deposits ever heard of In the his
tory of mining, the deposit lying right
at the doors of Los Angeles, forty-two
miles away, in the San Gabriel can
yon. To back up its assertion It ad
vertises a series of secret process as
says, or at least assays said to have
been made on rock taken from the
deposit In San Gabriel canyon, averag
ing from $12.40 to 53 a ton in gold,
whereas flre assays made on rock from
tlie San (abriel canyon have re
peatedly shown that gold In oommtj.
clal quantity does not exist in this
Harris' Name Mentioned
The filing of this complaint again
brings to public notice the name of
C. U. Harris, whom The Herald men
tioned in an article February 4 as
being connected with a promotion
scheme to sell an interest In certain
claims in Little Dalton canyon which
comprised a formation Identical with
that found in the neighboring canyon
of San Gabriel. Assay values included
in the prospectus of the Southern Cali
fornia Bonanza Gold Mining company
are the same as those used by Harris
in a letter addressed to a prospective
buyer of a part interest in the Little
Dalton claims, according to Prof. H. L.
Boyd of the Y. M. C. A., who. In a
signed statement to The Herald, makes
the assertion. Just what connection
Harris has with tho Southern Cali
fornia Bonanza Gold Mining company
lias not been definitely learned as his
name does not appear on any the llter
nture being circulated. But Judging
from the statement of Professor Boyd
it is believed that the two are work
ing together in the promotion of a
scheme discredited by all fire assay
ers and well Informed and reliaoio
mining men of the city.
To mining men the prospectus of
the Southern California Bonanza Gold
Mining company apears absurd In its
luring and exaggerated statements that
close with an urgent request for pros
pective buyers to make haste, as only
a small allotment of stock was on the
market. The prospectus says:
Big Ore Promised
"In presenting the Southern Califor
nia Bonanza Gold Mining company, lo
cated in the Ban Gabriel canyon, San
(iabrlel mining district, LO3 Angles
county, witliln forty-two miles from
tho doors of the city of Los Angeles,
lies ona of the largest gold bearing
ore bodies ever heard of in mining his
tory. No developing, such as shafts,
tunnels and undergrouud boring, is re
quired as In other prospects to prove
up the mine. Over 100 years of oro
is exposed, ready for the mill; in other
words, one of the largest gold quarry
ing gold propositions ever heard of.
"Wo are conservative. In our state
ment and we do say that the ore body
Is over 300 feet In width and GOOO feet
In length. From the above you will
soe why you should become an Inves
tor In tho Southern California Gold
Mining company.
"You will perhaps think It strange
that such a large ore body should Ho
at the very doors of the city of IjOs
■Vngcles and not have been mined be
fore The forty-niners walked right
over the Cripple Creek and came to
California to mlno gold, and In doing so
they walked over the gold fields of
Nevada, having prospected all the way,
but no gold of consequence ffU dis
covered until they arrived In California.
Why Cripple Creek gold was found in
the form of sylvanlte, O-oldfield goM
In the form of calaverite, bnth belonging
to the telluride family and requiring
a different form of treatment than was
known in the early days of mining.
No Fire Assays Shown
This company follows up the argu
ment with the declaration that "know-
Ing that our ore carried values," assays
were secured. In the several assiys
mentioned none Is by the fire process,
the only established and legitimate
process in existence, which has never
con able to find any commercial value
n the black rock of the San Gabriel
and contiguous canyons. The assays
mnixed to the statement of this com
; ,any run as high as $37 in gold a ton
Th"s assay was made by Frederick
S Theheprospectu continues: " There
fore knowing that our-oro earned
♦ho values, the new process of treat
ment was applied with the following
rmy pounds, commercial run, Prof. Watt
teMWW ana metallurgist of tho Watt
Alines Supply Company) .......*U.M>
A *ay, Profit. S. Boyd (ch.mL.t T.. *
A^VroV.'H:'B."Boyd'(cheml»rY. M. ]72()
J^fSr'ir^ne^uim.Vt Unlo^i JJ*
FUt^'pound'."" commVVolai run (Watt
Mine. Supply company) 12*>
••This ore was treated by a cyanide
oroeess under air pressure and cheml
"ln order to satisfy ourselves first,
we have had eminent experts and con
suiting engineers on the ground who
Have given, the property a thorough
"mipling, and while tho assays and
commercial runs showed hl»h yal es.
they showed still better on tho face of
?n open cut on the end of sixteen feet.
inrovlng conclusively that the vol.
are Increasing with depth. .
! Makes Comparisons
••The great Homestnke mine of South
Dakota has for twenty-six years paid
? monthly dividend of GO cents a share
?n ma million dollars' capitalization and
Its ore body averages from $3 to $5
] l ion sold tv Treadwell mines of
SkSia, Uav* t ,v over fifteen years been
Irtt/wly rllvid.nd payer, mid Lin ■>' mill
: ro tliat.floea rot average $2.50 a ton
JJia Taking Into ■ consideration the
values -.vo bavo given you, the unlm-
James wynkoop
itod quantity of oro In sight, plenty of
water for milling purposes, should be
absolute and positive proof to all in
vestors that this is tho best proposition
evw handed you before.
"Tho Southern California Bonanza
Gold Mining company is incorporated
under the laws of California for $200,
--000, par value $1 per share, with 50,000
shares of treasury stock, out of which
28,000 shares will be placed on the mar
ke tat 50 cents a share.
"Wo urge you to make an early in
vestment, as this being a close corpo
ration and only a limited amount of
this stock is to be sold—in fact Just
enough tr> got a plant in operation—
after which the balance of the stock
will bo withdrawn from the market,
so you can, see the necessity of becom
ing active at one* for this is a ground
lloor proposition and an opportunity on
a dividend paying basis such as has
never been extended to you before.
"Investigate —that is all wo ask. But
do It quickly.
"No less than 100 shares of this stock
will be sold.
"Make all checks, money orders,
drafts and telegraph orders payable
to L. F. Jones, secretary of the com
pany. Very truly yours.
Will Stand by Assays
Frederick SaJathe, when Been yester
day, said that his assistant, R. O.
Wrana, made assays for the Southern
California Bonanza Gold Mining com
pany and is willing to stand by the
values returned from the rock, but that
he has no knowledge as to where the
rock assayed came from. He also said
that he made assays on rocK tor C. 11.
Harris, and that these assays showed
high gold values. He says Harris later
made a proposition to him to have
young Salatho, his son, go with him
to the property in Little Dalton canyon
and see what the prospects would be
there for tho .erection of a mill to treat
the ores. The request was complied
with, and while on the Harris claims In
Little Dalton canyon young tfalathe
picked up several samplos of the typi
cal rock of tho claims, ana upon re
turning to Los Angeles made an assay
of them. These aamples proved abso
lutely valueless.
There is u*w In effect a law making
It a serious offense for anyone to mis
represent the uatui'u of rock found *>n
any mining claim. According to Sala
the, It would seem that the rock first
given to him by Harris for assay was
taken from mining property other than
the claims in Little Dalton canyon.
That C R. Harris, the promoter of a
group of claims in Little Dalton can
yon has or has had Rome connection
with the Southern California Bonanza
Gold Mining company would seem ap
parent from tho following signed state
ment by Prof. H. L. Boyd of tho Y.
M. C. A.
Statement Requested
Los Angeles, Cal., Feb # 9, 1910.
Editor Herald: Having read Mr.
C. R. Harris' article in your paper
of February 4, 1910, in which he
explains the mining deal referred
to in tho issue of The Herald Feb
ruary 3, 1910, and as Mr. Harris
has not only used my name but
the name of this institution in such
a manner as to lead your readers
to believe that I Indorsed the claims
of these peoplo regarding the large
returns to bo derived from the
rock in question. I would request
you to publish my statement, in
order that I may go on record as
to my position on the questions in
volved, and also explain the man
ner in which my apparent indorse
ment was sucureo.
Mr. Harris called upon me threo
times at the Y. M. C, A. in this
city to get mf opinion on samples
he had to submit for examination.
Three samples I examined; reports
on two showed no commercial
value, and such report was given
to Mr. Harris. The third sample
was reported as carrying commer
cial values and was an ore not
ordinarily found in the region from
which, I later learned, the .samples
were said to have been procured.
These assays made out and re
turned to Mr. Harris have been
used by the Southern California
Bonanza Gold Mining company of
420 I. W. Hellman building, to
promote some claims they had.
So It seems tho same certificate
did double duty and that on a
sample which, to my best knowl
edge, is rare in Southern California.
It is Impossible for one making
an assay or analysis to tell where
a sample is specifically taken
from; they are labeled A, B or C,
as the caso may be, and aside from
the general character of tho rock
the assayer knows nothing as to
their specific location. Further
more, from th,o articles referred to
above the impression goes forth
that I am a "secret process man."
Denlea Statement
I havo novel 1 claimed to show
"returns greater by far than can
bo procured by fire test." Thero
Is some unapprcciablo difference,
but I have never claimed it to bo
of commercial importance, which
tho article of Mr. Harris conveys
to thOy public. The fire and the
many other methods are substan
tially the same.
Sinco reading Mr. Harris' article
I called upon Mr. Scott. Ho In
formed mo that he had no personal
animosity against Mr. Harris, and
that ho was not Interested in the
matter for any financial gain, eith
er directly or indirectly, but re
fused to state his real Interest.
Ha did, however, say that he
knew of several deals which would
huve netted the owners several
thousand dollars, which statement
would seem to be borne out by the
fact that an assay report I made
to Mr. Harris is being used to pro
mote a company In which, so far
as known, Mr. Harris has no in
terest and whose property I un
derstand 13 twenty miles from that
mentioned In tho published article.
Irrespective of the motive of Mr.
Scott's attack it would seem to me
that the public should know tho
facts In the case and the methods
used to obtain tho apparent In
dorsement of assayers and chem
ists to enterprises, especially so In
my own case at leust, where the
name of 0110 of tho finest institu
tions in the world Is not only used
to further those plans but to pro
mote a mining .company—some
thing outaide IU endowed purpose.
Hoping you will appreciate my
position, and thanking you for
space granted should you see fit
in do R". I remain very truly yours,
(Signed) H. U ROYD, T. M. C, A.
Boyd claims that tho rock on which
ho passed Judgment was a form of tel
luvlde, and for this reason the doubt
ariaea if the rock WU actually taken
from the claims In Little Dalton can
yon, upon which no telluride rock of
any kind has ever been found. Tim
rock as assayed by Prof. Watts of the
firm of Jefferson & Watts is a horne
blendo schist, and of no commercial
value. It Is black, and for this reason
might lead to the belief that it was
In the letters sent by C. It. Harris
to a prospective buyer of nn interest
in mining claims in Dalton canyon Mr.
Harris mentioned a Dr. Watt. At a
meeting between Mr. Harris, Charles
W. Cherry, T Gardner Hcott and How
ard Picrson at the Hollenbe.ek Mr.
Scott, according to the letter's state
ment, asked if the Dr. Watt mentioned
was the ore who was so long con
nected with tho state mineralogist's
office. Mr, Harris Is said to have re
plied: "I believe so." cherry promptly
declared It was the "same Watts."
W. L. Watts of Waits & Jefferson,
chemists and afsayers, In a letter dis
claimed any knowledge of Harris and
Cherry or their transactions. Mr.
Watts wrote. "You may safely disre
gard any gold and silver values that
are not found by fire assay." Of some
of tho Dalton canyon rork Mr. Watts
wrote: "The samples nre. hornblende
schist. I have assayed them careful
ly. They contain only traces nf gold
and are of no commercial value." This
was rock from the claims in which
Harris was said to be trying to in
terest Plerson.
At the Hoilenbeck meeting C. R.
Harris Is said to have told the pros
pective buyer of an interest ■ in the
Dalton canyon claims, that he had
made a great record In building Temple
auditorium and that ho stood high
with people of Temple Bantist church.
That C. R. Harris has b^en well in
formed on the difference between the
fire and chemical assays by one In a
professional position to impirt knowl
edge is evident in a signed statement
to Tim Herald by John Herman, B.
SC, who is now bringing suit against
the Southern California Bonanza Gold
Mining company. In the statement
Herman refers to the expose of the
Comer Refining company and its mov
ing factor, ,T. A. Comer, said to bo one
of the most notorious secret process
men in the world, now operating In Los
Angeles and Santa Monica. Herman's
statement follows:
Los Angeles, Cal., Feb. 7. 1910.
C. It. Harris called on me several
times in reference to chemical as
against fire assays. He knew of my
offer of $100 and then $1000 for any
case whero the fire assay for Kold
was not substantially correct. Hi?
Interest was chiefly In regard to
what would be done with the chem
ical fakers and those who sold
stock on such assays, instead of
getting at facts.
Secret Process Denounced
Both J. T. Wllklns, who was In
my employ, and mywif were par
ticular to thoroughly prove tho
frnud of tho secret process men to
Mr. Harris, and we both became
convinced that Mr. Harris was not
sincere In his investigation. Mr.
Harris knew of my exposure of J.
A. Comer, as a marked copy of the
Mining Review of December IS was
taken to his office and Mr. Wllklns
brought up the subject with him,
I told Mr. Harris that Mr. Watt
of the Watt Mines Supply company
was a faker, had no dogree of pro
fessor and was not a chemist; also
that he was not tho Prof. Watts
of Watts & Jefferson.
Mr. French knew of all the abovo
facts, as he was told of them by
several persona.
Everything was thoroughly ex
plained to Mr. French, and when
tho explanation got too convincing
Mr. French disappeared from view.
Mr. Wilkins and I knew ho was
dealing with Mr. Harris, and we
suspected tho two were in touch in
spite of the fact that Harris denied
knowledge of the whereabouts of
We had a registered letter con
taining the Mining Review expos
ure of J. A. Comer sent to Mr.
French In care of O. R. Harris. Ac
cording to the registry return re
ceipt, Mr. French signed it on De
cember 20, 1909. I have witnesses
to prove the contents of this let
Never Made Claim
H. L. Boyd of the Y. M. C. A.
stated to mo at tho time of the
Comer exposure that he never
claimed tho fire assay for gold
was not substantially crrect.
I would recommend any one read
ing this to also read Mr. Boyd's
statement, which he Informs mo
will appear with this.
Mr. Harris claimed Dr. Salathe
gave returns much higher than lire
assays show. If this is true, tho
returns are fraudulent. If the
statements are not true, then Dr.
Salatho has been grossly misrepre
sented. Dr. Salathe htis repeatedly
told mo that such representations
are not made by him. It will be
necessary for Dr. Salathe to mako
,a written statement for his own
protection. JOHN HERMAN.
C. R. Harris appears to be willing to
bear out his assertion that thoro is
something in tho chemical or secret
process of assaying rock, by a challenge
made over his signature to have a com
mittee sit in judgment at a test by
both tho lire and chomical processes of
tho black rock of San Gabriel, Harris'
offer follows:
I decline to be drawn into an ex
tended newspaper controversy rela
tive to the valuo of the San Ga
briel black quartz and the merits of
tho new cyanide or chomical treat
ment which has boon successfully
used on this quartz, as well as other
refractory gold bearing quartz, and
In order to fully determine tho mer
its or demerits of tho entire matter
I will make tho fallowing proposi
tion, which ought to be entirely sat
isfactory to all persons Interested in
the controversy, with the exception
of those who may have selllsh mo
tives and aro using underhanded
methods to secure personal gain
from this agitation.
Makes Proposition
If the mining editors of tho three
morning papers of this city will act
as a committee In conjunction with
one reputable fire assayer and one
cyanide or chemical proiet-s assay
er, I will put at their disposal 25
pounds of the San Gabriel black
quartz, or have secured for them,
unilnr their direct supervision, H
pounds of tho rock direct from the
lcdgos themselves, they to have this
rock thoroughly mixed and ground
to a fineness of 100 mesh in tho pres
ence of the full committee; it then
being, at the same time and place,
put In 25 sealed packages of one
pound each, five of these packages
to be delivered to five fire assayers,
five delivered to five chemists, or
'chemical asaayers, In this city who
have been making tho asays re
ferred to in thlf controversy, five
packages to b '•" •<> < hemlsts or
ussayers outside 1 ■ -ty for treat
ment; the balance tv be held for
future disposition.
It being under; id that no ona
but the '■ ■ imitt' of threo news-
Bowl of Fellowship and Enlarged
Exhibit of Mineral Specimens
from Properties in South
west Are Features
The annual meeting of members of
the Los Angeles chamber of mines
will be held today between 3 and 5
p. m. All mining and oil men and
their friends have been Invited to at
tend the meeting. There will ho
cigars for the smokers and a bowl for
those appreciating the good tilings of.
life. The new mineral exhibit hall
will be thrown open for inspection on
tho date mentioned. A number of
handsome plategl.iss cabinets specially
il'^ifined and constructed to display
mineral specimens to the best advan
tage arc now being installed and
"dressed" with specimens, and it is
expected that the mineral exiiibit com
mittee will compete its labors in Urn-
to have all specimens available for
exhibition, properly class.fled and
labeled prior to the meeting.
A.) a result of the public-spirited
co-operation of the railroads operating
in the southwest and Mexico, which
are carrying all specimens consigned
to the chamber of mines by freight .
I'ree of charge, it is anticipated that
it will not be long beforo Los An
geles will have on display a thoroughly
comprehensive exhibit, representing all j
the minerals and geologic products of
commercial importance to the south
Mining men generally throughout
the southwest aro invited to communl- j
cate with the chamber of mines In re
gard to having their districts repre
sented at this permanent exhibit. No
charges whatever are made to the ex
hihitors. and the railroads will carry
specimens by freight free of charge,
N every mining district in Arizona,
Nevada, California, New Mexico and
Mexico should be represented.
paper men referred to shall know
to whom the various samples aro
submitted ih order that there may
be no comparing of values by the
various assayers before the- commit
tee is ready to, report the results of
* the assays made under their direc
Willing to Pay Expenses
Under this arrangement I will pay
all expenses of securing the ores
and the assaying of the same, as It
Is my desire to determine whether I
and my associates are being im
posed upon by either or both the
fire and chemical assayers who
nave secured workable values from
theso ores during long periods of
The above tests should determine,
to tho satisfaction of all fair-mind
ed individuals, whether there is any
workable values In the rock under
consideration and whether there is
any merit In the improved proces
ses being used on these and other
refractory ores which have shown
large values under such treatment.
In connection with the above
proposition I will state that funds
have been subscribed for equipping
a small plant or plants for treat
ins these refractory ores in ten ton
lots by one or more of the chemical
processes and it is expected that the
ores will be brought to this city at
a very early date and that the tests
will bo made in tho Quantities
nnmed, which will, for all time,
settle the question as issue; but
should tliero be any failure In tho
carrying out of this arrangement
It Is then my earnest desire to
prpceed along the lines abovo In
dicated, at my expense, as In my
twenty-five years of doing engineer
ing and similar work and financing
enterprises I have never been ac
cused of being connected with any
questionable business proposition
and cannot afford to submit to any
such inference being drawn at this
time. Very respectfully submitted.
Exclusive dispatch to The Herald by I* A.
Crlsler & Co., members Los Angeles stock ex
change, 200-201 I. W. Hellman building, Los
Angeles. .
SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 17.—Due to heavy
selling orders from the cast. Consolidated broke
1714 points and closed weak with J7.27H bid.
Florence was fairly well supported and did not
move from yesterday's figures. Jumbo Exten
sion recovered 2 points to 29 bid. Booth dropped
2 points, Atlanta 1 and Blue Bull 1.
Montana led the list In the Tonopah divi
sion and showed a gain of 4 points. West
End closed with 33 cents bid, and for Jim But
ler 11 cents was bid.
Following were the closing- quotations:
Bid. Ask. 810. Ask.
Adams 1 Oreat Bend.. 2 4
Atlanta 10 17 ft Bend An. .. 1.
Booth 14 I 5 drandma .... 1 2
B B Ex 1 Jumbo Ex .. 29 81
B null li 7 Kendall 3
B n lion 1 Lone star ..4 5
Col Mtn .... 0 ■■ IjOU Dillon... 1 3
Conqueror .. .. » Men Ex . 4
Com Frao .. 32 3:1 Nev Gold I
Crackerjack. 1 I Oro j"i 6 «
Daisy 8 0 Bed Top Ex. 1 a
Trlanglo .... .. 1 Ue<l "»<• ■•• 8 II
V B U Con. 3 3 Sandstorm ..4 5
Empire 1 St Ives 17 21
Florence ....210 21T. Sliver Pick.. 11 ■ 12
Flor Ex 1 Vernal .. .... .. S
Fr Moh .... 2 ■■ Vel Rose 4
Bold C0n.. ..727*4 732*6 Yel Tiger .... 7 8
Kewanas ... 8 '■' ,
Bid. Ask. Bid. Ask.
B.lmont ....170 KJ4N Star 1 2
Jim Butler.. 11 12 Res Con 1 1
Midway .... 85 *> Ton Mln ....M5
Montana .... 87 «0 x Ton Ex 76
MaoNamara.. 28 80 W End Con.. 33 ' 14
Bid. Ask. Bid. Ask.
Amethyst ... 1 « (Mont Mtn.... .. 3
Bull Mln 8 Mayflow Con 3 4
Bull Nt'Bw. 1 3 Or Bullfrog.. .. 1
Bon Clare .... 10 Tramp Con .. 4 ..
Gold Scept.. .. 1 Yank Girl 1
Home King.. ..1 V»l View 3
Mont Bh Ex. .. 1 I
Bid. Ask. Bid. Ask.
Little am.. 1 •■ Mustang • 1
Man C 0".." % 3 Seyl Humph. .. 2
Man Mln ... .. 1 Thanksgiving. 3
Man Dcx ...2 8
Bid. Auk. | 'Bid. Ask.
Katie' ■ Nest 3 4 Pitts 811 rk. 70 71
view Eagle 10 . ■ IS Sad KM .... 63 M
k«v Hills... 4» W Coalition 16 . ,. t
Special service to The Herald by J. C. TO-
fߣ\ Saturday L»
I^^ ■ -CftcW Children's Day at the Regal Shoe Store
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I R. A. TALBOT. I—, I XVi J-l 0)1711 I I 3 \Jj\\.
1 Vice 1-re.ldent. I |V7| Ir 1 I DMU||| lII \ \i
San Diego, California, Feb. 13, 1910
' ' '•" ".' ■ - ' >9W
Los Angeles, Cal.
Gentlemen: V
Referring to .the special San Diego editon to
your paper, we wish to say that we consider it the
best thing of '"the kind ever written on San Diego,
because first of all it is gotten out in magazine
form, which is easy to keep and convenient for reference.
Seoondly, it has the condensed records of the
growth of the city.
T*he advertisements and cuts are of a high; ":o
oharacter, and we feel well repaid for the small spaoe
whioh we took in this edition.
The weather report for the past thirty-five
years on page fifteen of the magazine is well worth
keeping. In fact we are using a number of oopieo in ..
sending to prospective oustbmers.
v Yours very truly,
son, 212 West Fifth street, Los Angele..
BOSTON, Mass., Feb. -The local cop
pers were duller than they have been for
many months.. Transactions were very small.
and there was an entire absence of specula
tion. The Bntte mines are shot rtovn. A
he present rate of consumption the^ good
judges predict 20 cents per pound by May 1.
Closing prices were as follows:
Bid. Ask. Bid. Ask.
Am Pncll m 8 Me* Con ... 44 4'»
A?o^fd .:..nV4 21% Miami .. ... "a 24
Adventure .. 8 8% Michigan .... • ' !,,
Allouez .. .. M 64 Mohawk .... Cv Wt
Atlantlo" " 9 Wit Con .... 23»i S3
Arcadian ■■" 7 7H North BBtte. 32.4 33
Ariz Com ■;: 38Vi WOld D0m1n...41 45
Aner . 4 4U Ssceola. 151 15W4
Bos Con' ... l»Vi 20 Parrot 20 81
Butte Coaln. 23r* 24 Qulncy 8S 69
Calu&ArUTO 71 Santa Fe .... 1 «4
Calu & Hec 635 640 Shannon .... 154 15%
l!lm River .. » I Tamarack ... .3J4. 74
Franklin Mil 2m'» Trinity Bfc «V 4
Crnnby 83 90 United Fruit.l 77 ITS
oSSS Can. 854 •»« Smelt.... 44 U%
Hnncnck 27Vi 2S do pfd 49^ 4J»«
SET*- S A*SSSr.:!S» 31W, ;
kmJmm 'I'a r» Victoria .... 4 4»,»
Keewenaw . v fl ., w|nona 10 wu
i „ H»ii« 11V4 16 I Wolverine ...14» 142 ■
Jfass 8 copper 7A TH Wyandot ....13 13-i
Mayflower .. IVi I*4l
Rnecial service to The Herald by J. C. Wll- i
son' 212 West Fifth street. Los Angeles.
NEW YORK. Feb. 17.-Followlng were the •
closing quotations- v
Bid. Ask.) K'd. A»K.
Am Tob Cm-« Whopper.: » %
it « Gas o*s u% Ohio Copper.. 4V» «H .
HHVS II Snfte c donco- P ::^ 2?
rrlr::: i abrs*"::? c;
tnomi 2JW 24 Cons Arlx ... S?4 2T4
mJ>. Co'of'X OH OV4 North Lake.. 18)4 18% :
if con 22% 23Vt Indiana 52 »
N«v Utah .. 1* 1» Bohemia .... UK 1314
Service to the Los Angeles Herald by L. A.
Crl»"r & Co . "embers Los Anseles stock ex
change. 200-201 1. W. Hellman bulldlns, Los
Angeles. _
SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 17.-Following were
today', quotations of the California stock and
oil exchange: _ Openlnß _ -closing-
Bid Asked. Bid. Asked.
Associated 0i1.... 47.87H .... «•■ ••••
Illinois Crude M .... --M •■•■
Mascot on ..•• ■!•"■•:•£■ -J-S
-mt. -«fA PrlstO I*9o ' ••W -*-lw *'w
Sri"..:::::: iS if
B.W and B Oil.. -41 , .... -41 .41
Special services to The Herald by J. C. Wll
.on 214 West Fifth street,. I-oe Arr-eles. mem
be?'stock and bond Kenan,-!) of fcm Francisco
and eastern exchanges. 'y
RUT LAKE) CITY, i"• •■'• 17.— ''' ■)Wln« irero
th. closing Quotation; today: i,1.1. , ■>■
v&vftitg&mr-ma BiJ. Ask-! v.**/ ' Ulu.h AUK*
AJU ......." ' 36 lM»«a V^l -l« 200,.
Will You Take This Profit on
Pyramid Oil
A limited allotment of Pyramid Oil Treasury Stock is now
offered at 33c per share. An investment in the stock at this
price is absolutely safe, and it will be selling within a few
weeks' time at $loo per share. You can make a lot of money
by investing now in Pyramid Oil.
Wire, write, or call at our office today for all the FACT'S
about this proposition, which will show you why Pyramid
stock will soon be selling at $1.00 or more per share, and why
it is today at 35c per share the best oil investment in Cali
fornia. •
The C. S. Johnson Company
Fiscal Agents.
Alice .. .... .. 800 May Day .... S SJ4
Beck Tunnel 10 13 Mineral Flat. 1 IVi
Black Jack.. 11 11H Mtn Lake .. r.'i 6
Bos C0n....1W0 .. Nev Hills .. 52 M
Carlsa 53 .. Newhouso ..750 300
Colorado' .... 81 82 New York .. UV4 »3
Colum Con.. 01 93 Ohio Cop ....406 415
Co n Mer 15 Silver Shield BVi ....
Crown Pt ... 0 IV: Seven Trghs. 7 7>,6
' Dally Judge .. 475 Sllv X Cln ..283 300
Kagle &1)B 60 .. Sioux Con ... 34 So
R Tlntlc Dv 6Vi 6 So Cols Con.. 0% 8
B Crown Pt. Oft Tintlo Centrl 7 7,4
X Tlntlc Cn I*4 2 Uncle Sam .. 38 38
I Grand Cent.l7s IS2V4 Utah Cn of T « 5
Iron WoHsora 87 «S Victoria .. .. .. 125
Iron Krng .... 20 I Victor Con .. 4«i 5*
Little Bell .. .. Westrn Utah .. 100
Lower Mam iffii 51 j Western Nov. .. 10
Majestic .... W •■ Yankee Con.. 5 ..
Inyo 6 6«Provo OH tH
Prince 75 82 |
Special service to The Herald by J. C. Wil
' »on, 21! West Fifth street, Los Angeles.
BOSTON, Feb. IT. —Following were clos
ing quotations: .
Bid. Aak. Bid. Ask.
1 Ahmcek ....21G 217 airoux B*4 »%
Amal of Nev 1014 ll'/i Helvetia .. .. 4Vs '. 5.»
j Arlzlpe .. ..20 26 Majestic ....85 87
Arnold 60 100 Raven 5 ■57
Black Mtn .. 33 40 Silver Leaf.. 10 11'
Butts * 1.-on 20 25 San Antonla. 1% Hi
U a Qas ... 31 32 I! 8 Oil 39 3914
Cactus *% 4% Zinc „ '■■ 81%
Chemung ... 1114 13 Mass Oa» ... 79% 80%
Chief Con .. i% 2V> do pfd 05 M
First Nat ... *% , B| ■
SAN FHANCISCO, Feb. 17.—While
attempting to avoid a moving street
car tonight Bernard Goldberg, a re
tired merchant, was struck by,a h;
Ing taxlcab and gustained injuries
from which he died three hours later.
Oscar AlinMol, the chauffeur, was ar
SAN FRANCISCO. Feb. 17.—A vigror
ous effort Is being made by the cham
ber of commerce to obtain a reduction
of the tariff in Japan on California
crude oil. The present duties are so
high aa to forbid all exportation from
here to Japan.
The Japanese national diet is debat
ing the tariff, and the following cable
gram was sent by the local chamber of
(.•orrfmerce to the Toklo commercial
"Tokia Chamber of Commerce:
"On account of increased duty the
trade In California crude oil is entirely
stopped. Accordinß to our understand
ing, tho diet Is discussing the tariff.
Endeavor to decrease tariff in accord
ance with the wish of this chamber and
California oil producers, in order to
promote trade between Japan and
America." _
Bacon—The corn crop of the country
for 1909, though not the largest one on
record, was the most valuable.
Egbert—Who told you that, a chlrop
dlat?—Yonkers Statesman.
North Midway, Midway, Marleopa and 5
Kern river. Sec
■'-■-• G. £. Averil!;
-ati-32* I. W. llrlliimn Bl<l«.. Lou \««ele»
rbooca 1-3113—Broadway iVi't

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