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Los Angeles Women Also Do Honor
to Newspaper That Has
Stood for Civic
J. H. Evans of Los Angeles, oldest
member of the American Woman's
league in the United States, celebrated
his ninetieth birthday February 8. In
December Mr. Evans made himself a
Christmas present of a life membership
in the league, and leads the procession
of men and women who look to the
American Woman's league not only
for social and educational privileges,
but for its financial advantages.
Pearl Adams Spaulding, western
manager of the American Woman's
league, will remain for a time In St.
I^onis. as she has been appointed head
of the organization department of the
entire I'nuited States, one of the most
responsible positions in the gift of the
league. The extraordinary success of
her work in the five western states
already under her jurisdiction justifies
Mr. Lewis' wisdom in making the ap
E. G. Lewis Chapter
Dr. Henriette K. Sweet presided at
the regular monthly meeting of the E.
O. Lewis chapter last Thursday even-
Ing in the ballroom of the Majestic
apartments. An elaborate literary and
musical program followed the usual
W. H. McDonald, the celebrated Ca
nadian violinist, gave De Berlot's
"Sixth Air Varied." Miss M. E. Neal.
accompanied by Mrs. Mier. snng "The
Garden nf Roses." Mrs. Clara Short
ridge Foltz made a stirring address on
"Co-operation," especially as expressed
in the creed of the American Woman's
league. A motion was mad° and unan
imously carried, that a vote of appre
ciation be sent to Governor Gillett for
his wisdom and courtesy in appointing
Mrs. Fnltz on the board of public char
ities. Claudia Hazen White, who has
won fame as a reader in many cities,
gave "The Pilot's Story" with rare
dramatic power.
Dr. Sweet announced the names and
addresses of members who are con
tributing to the Woman's exchange at
headquarters, where orders are taken
for their work. Hhe expressed her per
sonal appreciation of the courtesy of
The Los Angeles Herald's offer of the
column every Wednesday for the news
of the American Woman's league in
Southern California, and paid The Her
ald a fine tribute for standing stanchly
for civic purity; she briefly enumer
ated what they have accomplished In
this direction, having secured the
"owl" car service for night workers,
the school bonds, the consolidation of
Los Angeles and San Pedro and the
recall election, which resulted in the
election and re-election of Mayor
Big Meeting March 3
A federated meeting of the members
of theAmeriean Woman's league in Los
Angeles will he held Thursday evening.
March 3; the place of meeting to be
announce^ in next Wednesday morn-
Ing's Los Angeles Herald.
The regular monthly meeting of tho
Los Angeles chapter was held last Mon
day evening at the residence of Mrs.
Bashti Goodhue. 3432 Budlong avenue,
with Mrs. Ella K. Sprinkel in the
chair. A fine literary program was
Mr. and Mrs. Homer C. Wood, mem
bers of the American Woman's league,
1922 Cordova street, will spend the
summer In Chula Vista, Cal.
San Jose
Garden City chapter of the Amer
ican Woman's league held a most in
teresting meeting on February 19 at
league headquarters, 61 South First
street. Five new members were elect
ed and eleven applications received.
Much enthusiasm was expressed in the
coining celebration of E. G. Lewis'
birthday, which will be held on the
evening of March 5. Committees on
program, reception, refreshments, dec
oration and a press committee were
An interesting feature of today's
meeting was an informal talk by Mrs.
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J. H. Evans, oldest Member Ameri
can Woman's League in the United
States' Who Celebrated 90th Birth,
day, February 8
Robinson, a member of the American
Woman's league, who visited Univer
sity city last April. She gave a de
tailed description of the various build
ings, describing the architecture and
beauties of each, told of the immense
press in the Woman's Daily building,
and the beautiful grounds and sur
roundings, which will make University
City an ideal residence locality. Mrs.
Robinson closed with a most effective
sketch of E. G. Lewis, the founder of
the league, referring enthusiastically
to his peculiar personal charm, his ab
solute honesty and earnestness, and
the affection and esteem in which he
is held by his hundreds of employes,
and, in fact, the whole community.
. It is significant that the first division
of territory was made today, nine
members withdrawing to organize a
chapter at Eden Vale, one of the out
lying districts, where this chapter can
soon qualify for a $1200 chapter house.
Garden City chapter loses its secre
tary and its vice, president, and a
meeting will be called to elect new
officers. '. '
The regular meeting of Pasadena
chapter was held in the board of
trade, Pasadena, on the evening of
Washington's birthday, with the pres
ident, Miss Ellen Louise Higbey, in
the chair. The following motion was
made by Stephen Bennett and carried
That, ivherros, it lias romp to our knowl
edge tlmt tbe Los .lngeles Herald has placed
at the disposal of the western division of
the American Woman's league valuable
space in its columns for the dlscnssion or
the league's Interests in the I'licitu- coaat
states, and the opportunity for tbe manage
ment to place before the public the many
grand features conlalned in th« plan of tbe
Therefore, be It resolved, that the Pasa
dena local chapter branch of the league ex
tend to The Herald our sincere thanks with
the assuranre that 'we - will remember our
And be it further resolved, that the sec
retary be instructed to forward a copy of
tbeise resolutions to tbe Los Angeles Her
. Among the new honorary members
is Prof. George V."harton James, the
celebrated lecturer on the North
American Indian. The other honorary
members are: Messrs.' Stephen Ben
nett, B. F. Batchelder, Charles F.
Brenner, H. A. Cemery, James J.
Charbonneau, J. R. Evans, David Ev
ans, Nels E. Erickson, J. R. Giddings,
Frank W. Higbey, Jefferson D. Hun
nlcutt, Edwin K. Huribut, J. W. Hal
pin, William Lewis, George W. Mc-
Louth, G. Frank Otis, Arthur S. Otis
Virgil W. Pyatt, John Plant, Dr. A.
N. Star, J. A. Standiford, M. W.
Thayer and F. C. Thayer.
The organization of a chapter of the
American Woman's league in Ingle
wood is progressing rapidly. The mem
bers are enthusiastic, fully realizing
the importance of such a movement.
There are twenty members and they
will soon qualify for a $2500 chapter
house. A suitable building lot has been
promised, and in a few months Ingle
wood will number among its many
new and handsome buildings a chapter
house of the American Woman's league
of which any enterprising and public
spirited citizen will be proud.
Elslnore has nine pledged of the fif
teen members necessary to secure a
$1200 chapter house. A meeting has
been called this week to organize ami
elect officers and a committee is ar
ranging a series of entertainments, the
first to be given about March 15, and
the proceeds will be used to buy cer
tificates to apply on the memberships
necessary to fulfill the requirement for
a class 1 chapter house.
The work of the American Woman's
league Is progressing at Compton.
Meetings are held the second Saturday
of each month. Among the new mem
bers are: Mmes. Sarah Amlin, Daisy
Steel, Gertrude Reynolds, Mary Funk,
Lillian Harshman, W. ■ J. Whlggins,
Cassia Holman, Mary Proctor, Messrs.
William Carpenter, Charles Burden and
Miss Mabel Harble.
TJie program committee are Miss
Emma Catey, chairman; Mrs. Margaret
Elliott and Miss Mattie Davis.
' Colusa
At a meeting of the women of Colusa.
held Lincoln day in the Women's club
room of the Carnegie library building
for the purpose of organizing a local
chapter of the American Woman's
league, the following were present: I
Mmes. Kaerth, Turman, Blean, Cason,
Snow, Boggs, Robinson, Green. Poirier,
McNary, Lining. Pirkey and Fatt, the
Misses Belle Crane, Ethel Crane, Mc-
Nary, Backus, Pryor, Ernst and Boede
fleld. 'After the meeting had been
called to order Mrs. S. K. Fatt, local
representative of the American Wom
an's league, called for nominations, am'
Miss Belle Crane was unanimously
cosen president. Miss McNary secre
tary and Mrs. Fatt treasurer of local
chapters. Many women present signed
applications for membership. Rev. Mr.
Fatt, rector of the Episcopal church,
assisted Mrs. Fatt in replying to ques
tions as to the privileges and advan
tages of membership, and also the
measures requisite to secure a beauti
ful chapter house of the league for the
use of themselves, their . friends and
I families. The members signed an ap
plication for a charter for permanant
organization of a local chapter.
All present were most enthusiastic
and expected ere long to have enough
members to entitle Colusa to a class
2 chapter house worth $2500, furnished
and equipped with everything neces
sary for their comfort and convenience
without any cost to tfiem beyond mem
bership in the American Woman s
1p ft grl! p
The ' Long Beach chapter of the
American Woman's league was organ
ized February 2 with a membership o.
twenty-six. The following officers were
elected: Mrs. Francis Murphy, presi
dent; C. A. Dobson, first vice president;
Dr Ella W. Marsh, second vice presi
dent; Miss Ella P. Wilson, secretary;
Mrs. E. C. Frey, treasurer. Meetings
are held every second and fourth Tues
day in the" month at 112 East Second
street. The chapter is enthusiastic
and hopes to have a fine chapter house
soon. Among the members are Mmes.
C A. Dobson, P. L. Smith. H. Wilhelm,
Maggie T. Chittenden, K. I. Chittenden,
M. S Walton, May Sullivan H. Wil
helm. Francis Murphy and K. C. Frey,
Misses Agnes Ennice, Margaret Eddy,
Minnie Miller, Ella C. Howard. Sara D.
Mo-rison, Ella P. Wilson, Susan R.
McCluro and Dr. Ella Whipple Marsh,
Messrs. Edward Chittenden, Harry
Wilhelm. Richard Whitten and Dr. li.
H. Chittenden.
The regular meeting of the Orange
chapter of the American Woman s
c --ue was held Friday night at the
home of Miss Clara Littooy, at which
fifteen members formed a temporary
organization and elected the following
temporary officers: Mrs. A. D Paxton,
president; Mrs. L. B. Gitchell, secre
tary Miss Nora Nichols, treasurer.
With fifteen members already af
filiated and working enthusiastically,
the prospects are bright for a fine
chapter house. Enough members are
now- enrolled to insure a $1200 building
The league desires larger quarters and
will work for a $2500 chapter house. A
social hour and refreshments followed
the business meeting.
The subordinate lodges of the An
cient Order of United Workmen will
hold a reception this evening in honor
of the supreme master workman, vV ill
M Narvis of Muscatlne, la. At 6
o'clock a banquet will be served at
the Hollenbeck hotel. District Deputy
W L. Lawrence will preside as toast
master. Among the members who will
respond to toasts are: Calvert Wilson,
Judge Curtis D. " .'ilbur, Judge J. W.
Summerfield, C. F. Johnson, H. J. Le
lande, Robert Sharp, Jchn Kearney and
C T. Fenner. Mr. Narvis arrived in
this city yesterday. Grand Master
Workman W. J. Peterson of San Fran
cisco is in Los Angeles to meet Mr.
Narvis ai.d conduct him on a visit
to the lodges t'-roughout the state.
All Mothers' rongretts branchefl.
Parent -Teachers hnsiklulloiis, Child
Study circles and auxiliaries outside of
Los Anj^eleH are Informed that a de
imrtment fur their new** and use will
he published each Thursday by The
Ilerald. Send in your meetings, gen
eral news and personals each week.
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Newcomer of Marmozette Species,
One of Few Born in the
United States
There la a new born babe in the
Monk family at Eastlake park. To
Mr. and Mrs. Marmozette Monk, orig
inally of Brazil, a little eight-ounce
child has come. There is greta joy in
the Monk household. American-born
Marmozette children are rare and the
Eastlake park parents have good rea
son to be proud and joyful. Hidden in
its mother's long hair, warm and cozy,
the new one is also proud and Joyful
and glad that it is in California.
Winter has held no terrors for this
family. It is usually the fate of mon
keys when they come to the United
States to spend their days in cold ho
tels In the east or breezy little boxes in
the parks of Chicago or Milwaukee, or
some place else where snow is inches
deep. These little guests at Eastlake
have slept out of doors all winter.
Rosy monkey complexions are theirs
and the usual California smile is on
their monkey faces.
Fate of Dolph M. Greene, R. E. Ivett
and Harry G. Conner Known To
day—lvett Arrested Again
After remaining out for four hours
the jury in the case of Dolph M.
Greene, R. E. Ivett and Harry G. Con
ner, charged with criminal conspiracy
to defraud J. H. Umberger out of $300
by selling him a half interest in an
alleged garage in Lebanon street, re
turned a sealed verdict at 4 o'clock
yesterday morning and handed it to
Bailifl Hubbard of Police Judge Rose's i
court. The jurymen then were al
lowed to go to their homes and will j
appear in court at 10 o'clock this
morning when the verdict will be read.
Yesterday afternoon R. E. Ivett, one
of the defendants in the Greene-Con
ner-Ivett case, was-arrested by Patrol
man Varey and booked at the central
police station on a misdemeanor
charge of failing to have a license to
conduct the garage which was used
to bunco Umberger out of $300. The
accused furnished bail and was re
Will Follow Example of Western Deal,
ers in Usuing Odd Lengths of
SEATTLE, Feb. 22.—Eastern retail
lumbermen will use odd lengths of lum
ber and are willing to do their part to
help along the movement which they,
like the Pacific coast manufacturers,
believe is in the interest of conserva
tion, according to Victor H. Beckman,
secretary of the Pacific Coast Lumber
Manufacturers' association, who re
turned yesterday from a six weeks' trip
through the middle west, where he
went' to represent the coast manufac
turers and urge the adoption of odd
lengths in the consuming markets.
Mr. Beckman addressed 4000 retailers
scattered from Minneapolis to New Or
leans, and from Lincoln, Neb., to Cin
cinnati, O. He declares the resolutions
rejecting odd lengths, passed at several
of the conventions he attended, do not
in any measure voice the real feelings
of the average retailer. He says they
were, in most cases, put through by in
terests not particularly friendly .toward
the Pacific coast lumbermen.
There is a time in cases of cancer when the
disease can be removed without the knife.
There will also come a time in all untreated
cases when the disease has advanced beyond
hope of cure by any known treatment.
DEATH, slow, painful and certain, will
surely follow Delay In having cancer
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and one woman In eight over 35 will die of
cancer. Thousands have cancer and delay
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