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If Plan Submitted Carries Way Will
Be Paved to Acquisition
of Alhambra in the
The long pending project of conserv
ing the great Arroyo Seco natural park
for recreation purposes and of trans
forming it into the most beautiful link
in the chain of the many extensive
parks for which Los Angeles is fa
mous, yesterday assumed a more
promising aspect and, incidentally, the
ever-expa".dlng City of the Angels
took another important step toward
the acquisition of a new aiid desirable
The speciali committee appointed by
citizens of Morth and "West Highland
Park, Hermon, South Pasadena, Al
hambra. Bellvidere and Rose Hill to
Investigate tlhe feasibility of annexing
a. strip of territory to the north and
west of Highland Park and Garvansa
for the purpose of embracing Balrds
town. Belvedere, Rose Hill, Hermon
and several interlying districts in the
Los Angela city limits and to extend
those limits to South Pasadena and
Alhambra ao that, if desirable, the lat
ter cities may be annexed to Los An
geles at a Hater date, yesterday ap
peared beforfe the newly elected board
of directors of the Los Angeles cham
ber of commerce and requested their
Indorsement of the project.
Park Commissioner C. H. Randall of
Highland Park aided the committee in
Its work.
J. G. Balrd of Hermon, chairman of
the committee; Alfred W. Allen of
Rose Hill, secretary; Dr. T. C. Horton
and J. Stewairt Ross of West High
land Park, Prof. L. A. Handley of
North Highland Park, A. E. Nicholls
of Bairdstown and H. L. Hopkins of
Belvidere have promoted the plans for
a special election to be held before
April 15, if possible, to enable the pop
ulation represented to be included in
the next census. They have investi
gated carefully and urge that the
project be carried.
Aside from the importance of the
plan to annex the Highland Park and
Hermon territory the project paves the
way to the future annexation of Al
hambra, which is declared by the com
mittee to be ultimately desired by Al
hambra's citizens. The people of Al
hambra nave been working diligently
to launch the present annexation
scheme, because Its success means that
the city limits of Los Angeles will ex
tend to West Alhambra, making the
two cities contiguous and later per
mitting the annexation of Alhambra
if decided upon.
In the strip of territory involved In
the present project there is a popula
tion of about 15,000 or 16.000 people.
The population of Belvidere alone is
given ai 10,000, and scattered through
out the rest of the area, including sev
eral small settlements like Hermon
and Rose Hill, there is a population of
at least 5000.
Arroyo Outside City
The law passed by the last Califor
nia legislature provides that a city
may condemn a tract of land for park
purposes if the land is, of course, in
side the city limits. This law was
urged by citizens of Los Angeles lob
bying at Sacramento for the purpose
of acquiring the Arroyo Seco region,
extending from Sycamore Grove to a
point about opposite Pollard street,
which is tha northeastern city limits;
but after the adoption of the law it
was learned that the most desirable
portion of the Arroyo Seco lies outside
the city limits, so only by annexing
this area can the city hope to acquire
it for a park.
The strip which it is proposed to an
nez begins at West Highland Park at
about Avenue Fifty and includes
North Highland Park, the line extend
ing northeasterly by a point about op
posite Meridian street, Garvanza, to
the South Pasadena city limits, thence
to and including Mineral Park and the
Arroyo Seco, westerly to and including
The proposed outer line of annexa
tion extends also from a point near the
Cawaton ostrich farm along the South
Pasadena city limits and along the
West Alhambra city limits to the Junc-
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tion with the Pacific Electric railway
tracks and thence to the Alhambra
lino, including Bairdstown and Rose
Hill, and thence along the east city
limits to Belvidere,
I'll.' south Pasadena and Alhambra
committees are heartily in favor of
making those cities contiguous to Los
i. The Alhambra board of di
rectors recently adopted resolutions
favoring the plan, so that future an
nexation to Los Angeles would be
made possible, but declined to urge
such annexation until that issue had
been more thoroughly discussed by the
people of Alhambra.
The Los Angeles county highway
commission, it is said, is to immedi
ately improve the roads in the area it
h- proposed to annex.
Except for a few residents of the
Arroyo Seco it is said the plan Ib fa
vored by every one directly concerned,
Only the question of property rights
and the problem of what valuations
will be declared in the event of con
demnation proceedings prevents prop
erty owners of the Arroyo Seco from
withholding their indorsement.
The chamber of commerce directors
referred the request for their sanction
to a committee, and a report is ex
pected at the next meeting.
Promoters of the plan say it has re
ceived the indorsement of nearly all
the prominent civic bodies.
Municipality Will Not Stand for Men
Going to Theaters and Pink
Teas at Its Expense,
Hewitt Says
City officials are acting within the
law in accepting and using free street
car transportation so long as they use
their passes in the city's business, but
they have no moral or legal right to
use these passes for their private ends
any more than a city employe has to
use a city automobile for joy rides.
This is the gist of a report made on
the subject to the council by City At
torney Hewitt yesterday.
Mr. Hewitt's report came as the re
sult of a question raised several weeks
ago by President J. D. Works, who de
clared he considered the clause in
franchises granting passes to city of
ficials and employes as invalid.
"But there is another phase of the
matter," said President Works yester
day when the city attorney made his
report, "and that is whether the public
interests are best served by using these
This matter is being considered by
the legislation committee and the at
torney's report was referred to that
committee. In pa-rt Mr. Hewitt said:
"The use of the streets of the city
for street railway purposes is a priv
ilge of great value, for which the city
Is entitled to receive compensation;
and I am of the opinion that the city
has paid and is paying the street rail
road companies to transport its officers
as a part of the rental or consideration
for the use of the city streets.
Not a Gratuity
"The reduced transportation for
school children, which is required by
these franchises, as well as the free
transportation of firemen, United States
letter carriers and the policemen and
other city officers does not come from
the street railroad companies as a gift
or gratuity, but it does come from the
city as a means of promoting the pub
lic interest. It is the result of the
city's act, as was s:iid by the supreme
court of a state in a case in which this
question was fully discussed, Just as
much so as if it had paid a moneyed
consideration to the railroad companies.
"What I have said is, however, to
be considered as applying strictly to
the use of free transportation by city
officers while actually engaged in the
performance of their public duties.
They have no legal or moral right to
use such transportation for their per
sonal benefit or convenience.
"A city officer who uses his privilege
of free transportation on a street car
for the purposes of attending a theater
or for any other non-official purpose
is just as culpable as a city officer or
employe who takes a 'joy ride' In a
city automobile. And compliance with
this limitation need not be left wholly
to the conscience of the individual of
ficers. You have already prohibited
'Joy riding* In the city's automobiles;
It is equally within the power of the
council, by ordinance, to make it a
misdemeanor to use free transportation
on street cars except when actually en
gaged in the performance of public
Officials Could Balk
"In conclusion it might be well to
state that, while the franchises require
the street car companies to carry cer
tain city officials free of charge, it is
not compulsory upon such officials to
accept such free transportation. There
may be ground for difference of opinion
as to whether the public interest re
quires, in an equal degree, that all of
the officers named in the franchises as
they are now granted should be in
cluded in the street railroad franchises
The chief element in the matter, from
the'standpoint of the city, is the free
service rendered to letter carriers, fire
men and policemen, whose duties re
quire them to travel about the city
frequently. If the city were obliged to
nay for the transportation of its police
officers alone it would result in a con
siderable drain upon its treasury.
Reference is made to this, not for the
purpose of finding in this fact any
leeal justification for free transporta
tion of city officer., but simply to show
that such free transporta.on is a valu
able privilege for the city. I think the
exaction of this concession li l war
ranted on other grounds, as indicated
' "For the reasons I have stated, I am
of the opinion that the transportation
free of charge of the city officers spec
ified in the street railroad franchises,
while on duty, is not illegal."
That certain persons are arrested
for violating the city ordinance pro
hibiting smoking on the front end of
street cars and that others who vio
late the same ordinance are not mo
lested, was the declaration of G. W.
Currier, an agpd man, who was fined
J3 by Police Judge Williams yester
day morning. A counter charge of at
tempted bribery was made by Patrol
man Clalborne, who said that Currier
offered him $2 to settle the matter.
Mrs. M. M. Row of 943 Denver street
reported to the police yesterday morn
ing that whilo she was walking at
Ninth and Hope streets shortly after
7 o'clock Tuesday night a man rushed
up to her, snatched at a handbag she
was carrying and attempted to wreat
it from her grasp. Mrs. Bow told the
detectives she held on to her purse
and fought her assailant until he bo
came frightened and ran away.
The Angel-s (trill has excellent serv
ice and better food. Fourth and Spring.
Fortified with Ten Patents, Local
Promoter Will Try to Found
Great Aviation Center
After having fortiiled his position by
applying for patents on ten claims in
the name of himself and Jack Prince,
F E. Moskovlcs left last night for
Ban Francisco to make preliminary
arrangement* to construct a motor
drome on the plan of the one being
built in LOI Angeles, and if the track
here proves a success for racing he
proposes to extend a chain of tracks
throughout the country, with Los An
geles the first link.
He also will visit all the big aviators
and aeroplane manufacturers of the
country and invite them to come to
Los Angeles for practice.
MoskoJrics will look over the ground
at S.m Francisco, select a site, if pos
sible, confer with persons already in
terested and make early plans for the
work to go ahead Just as soon as the
Los Angeles motordrome has been
completed and tried out. If private
trials over the track are satisfactory,
showing that speed can be made over
the track without difficulty, the order
lor the lumber will be issued at once
for the San Francisco track.
After passing a day or two at San
Francisco Moskovics will go east to
make arrangements for lining up the
big drivers and cars for his opening
meet here in April. Preliminary ne
gotiations have been carried on by mail
and telegraph, and most of the con
tracts are agreed upon, but one or two
cases are yet in the a<r, and Moskovics
hopes to settle these things quickly.
Oldfield is not yet in line for a race |
with De Palma and the Fiat, and it I
looks as though the big Benz driver
will be hard to bring in. He has al
ready refused a flattering offer, and
word from the east says he objects
to taking part in the race here.
Moskovics believes that a personal
interview will straighten things out,
and he goes prepared to do business.
While in the east he also expects to
explain his track to the A. A. A. of
ficials and give all the details, so that
there will be nothing lacking so far
as sanction goes. The auto racing of
flclals want to know all about it, and
Moskovics is ready to deal out the
Another mission which Moskovics
will carry out is to visit all the aero
plane manufacturers and aviators, In
the effort to interest them in Los An
geles as the greatest place on earth
in which to conduct experiments and ]
build machines and try them out. He :
goes as the authorized representative
of the Aero club of California and
will make whatever deals are possible
and convey to all the aviators and in
ventors a standing invitation from the
Aero club to come out here for their
work and be the guests of the club
at its new home at the motordrome.
Moskovics will explain to the east
ern aviators the plan to make' this a
great station for aerial research and
experiment, which Frank A. Garbutt,
as a member of the Aero club of Cali
fornia, is to carry out with the assist
ance of the club. He believes that the
project will appeal to them so forcibly
that many of them will come out here
within the next few months and help
to get this locality started as the cen
ter of aeronautics.
Invitations are to be taken to the
Wright brothers, Glenn H. Curtiss and
others associated with them or inde
pendent. All the facilities of the Aero
club at the motordrome, which includes
machine shop and housing sheds, are
to be opened to these men as guests,
and to members of the club.
The Aero club is prepared to carry
out the scheme of Frank Garbutt under
his direction, and plans are being
worked up with that end in view.
A rehearsal of the Passion Play cho
rus was held on the stag© of Temple
auditorium last night under the direc
tion of Edward Hayes, who is in
structing the singers. At the same
time William Stocrmer was rehearsing
his cast at St. Joseph's hall, assisted
by Leonard Nattkanper and J. Edward
McCurdy. The two latter young men
are ably assisting Mr. Stoermer in pre
paring for the great production which
is to be given at Temple auditorium
the week of March 14. Both have had
considerable experience in dramatic
work. Mr. NattUamper is at present
head of the department of oratory at
the Young Men's Christian "association.
Before coming here he played in stock
in Chicago. He is a graduate of the
College of Oratory, Chicago, and he
holds four medals won in oratorical
Mr. McCurdy is a graduate of St.
Vincent's, and he also is the holder
of a medal won for dramatic work in
that institution.
Quong Him, whose fondness for
games of chance led him to purchase
a quantity of lottery tickets for a
drawing in which lie was prevented
from participating because of his ar
rest by members of the Chinatown
■quad, pleaded guilty in Police Judge
Williams' court yesterday to a charge
of violating the lottery ordinance and
was sentenced to pay a fine of $25.
A complaint was issued by deputy
district attorneys yesterday against
Maria B. Rosario, accused of having
made threats against the life of Sarah
M. Hartje of 2517 Malabar street. The
Rosario woman Is alleged to have be
come angered because Mrs. Hartje In
sisted that the contract for property
which was purchased by Mrs. Rosario
called for interest.
Frank Beaf, aliis John Fage, said
by the police to be a clever burglar,
was arraigned in Police Judge Wil
liams' court yesterday a/ternoon on a
charge of robbing the home of Ed
ward Curry. This is the third charge
of burglary that has been issued
against Beal since his arrest a short
time ago.
The management of the Belaseo the
ater announced last night that George
Broadhurst's famous play, "The Man
of the Hour," is to be continued for a
fifth week commencing next Monday
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A Few
Important Points
Regarding an Investment in Stock in the
Largest Co-Operative Building
Company in the World
Company founded in 1866. Established in Los Angeles 1895, 15 years ago, under the same careful and
efficient management as when first established in Los Angeles.
Resources of Over $3,700,000.00
Capital and Surplus of Over $3,400,000.00
The business of the Company is buying large tracts of land, subdividing and improving same and
building homes and selling for cash or upon monthly payments. - Also building upon | the customer's
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partments. The Company owns eleven large subdivisions comprising over 1100 acres. Owns its lum
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