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News of the Mines and Oil Fields
At Meeting of Directors Mining Organ.
ization Indorses Proposed Excur.
slon to Arizona and Conven.
tlon of American Congress
Tbo first regular meeting of the new
board of directors of the Los Angelos
chamber of mines was held yesterday
afternoon, fourteen directors being
present. The board of directors for
mally indorsed the proposed excursion
of the chamber of commerce to Ari
zona which Is to leave Los Angeles
March 15, and the president was au
thorized to appoint a committee of
threo to formally represent the cham
ber of mines and co-operate with the
chamber of commerce in urging as
many members of the chamber as pos
sible to participate in the excursion.
Secretary Q. M. Swindell was desig
nated as the official representative of
the chamber of mines on the excur
sion, and all the directors were urged
to make reservations as early as prac
ticable. '
The board also authorized the min
eral and geological exhibit committee
to prepare an exhibit for the conven
tion of the National Association of-
Statlonary Engineers to be held In the
Hamburger building May 23-28.
Judge S. E. Vermllyea's committee,
which is a special committee having- in
charge the preparation of legislation
which will control the issuance of as
pay certificates based upon results ob
tained from so-called secret processes,
was authorized to take immediate
Rtpps to Investigate nnd report upon
the methods of secret process assayers
In Los Angeles, pending preparation
of legislation by this committee which
cannot bo brought to tho attention of
our state legislature until ltg next ses
Indorses Bureau of Mines
The chamber also passed resolutions
supplementing Its previous action In
dorsing the creation of a bureau of
mines, and the secretary was In
structed to send copies thereof to sen
ators from California and to all mem
bers of the senate committee on mines
and mining.
Tho following new members were
elected at yesterday's meeting: Axei
son Machine company. Raskerville
Audit company. J. B. Coffey Belting
company, rurtis-Newhall company,
"William Fltzherbert-West, J. C.
Haines, H. K. Hedges, Southern Cali
fornia Blue Print and Sunply com
pany, Trent Engineering company, H.
V. Wheeler.
The convention of the American
Mining congress, to be held in this city
September 26 to October 1, inclusive,
also had the attention of the board,
nnd the matter was deemed of such
importance as to warrant the adjourn
ment of the regular meeting of the
board to Friday, March 11, -wlien defi
nite action will be taken hy the cham
ber of mines. The chamber of mines
has been invited by the Sierra Madre
club, the local affiliate of the Ameri
can Mining congress, to name two del
egates to serve on an advisory com
mittee having In charge the general
arrangements In connection with the
coming convention.
It Is also reported that tho question
of election of a secretary for the
chamber for the coming- year will be
considered at the adjourned meeting.
It is announced that O. H. Relnholt
of Pasadena will be requested to give
his lecture on the Lake Superior Iron
regions, illustrated by stereopticon
slides, some time next month.
Property Recently Sold for Case of
Whisky—Owners Now Refuse
$50,000 for It—Nevadans
Invade the Camp
C. F. Hall, writing: The Herald from
Kofa, or Polaris, Yuma county, Ariz.;
"Mr. De Murt of Spokane has bonded
the Ironwood group owned by Charles
Sam, a wealthy Chinese.
"This is the property that was
bought for a case of whisky some
tlmo back. The North Star offered
$50,000 for it, but the offer was turned
"Nevada people are coming into this
district. There are several scouts
here, namely, Joe Black, formerly of
Itosebud; also Mr. Murray, ,who was
associated with Tex Rickard. He tied
up two very choico properties on
"A. B. Hall secured an option on the
M. and SI. croup. Total consideration
was $150,000. Railroad short line,
Yuraa to Phoenix, runs through this
district. Epes Randolph is at the
head of It.'
The Standard Oil company has just
closed a contract with the California
Midway Oil company for the purchase
from the latter of 1,000,000 barrels of
oil at 85 cents a barrel, the oil to be
delivered within three years from date.
The Standard will extend Its pipe line
to the well of the California Midway
in section 32, 31-23, North Midway, a
distance of about a mile.
The California Midway has a well of
24 gravity oil. This was the well
brought in about three weeks ago. It
has never flowed regularly, but will, In
all probability, when proper facilities
for handling the production are in
stalled. Tanks are now being placed
on the property. Well No. 2 on this
property has reached a depth of about
100U feet. _
ÜB&MSaxmam ———
.;, NUIV YORK. Feb. 25.—l*»d today *
,'., •truily; »p<>e, »[email protected] Cupper, dull; &
itandard spot and March, ( 12.87>,[email protected]
13 18V4- Silver, So%<\ > <$>
Oil Property in North Midway Field,
for Which Owners Refused $200,000
]F| ! """" "■■ ; ■ ■ ■ - .: ■■ ,
sLfflJJßfc"ylifciyiiii ill win
The property for which the offer was made is seen at the left in the cut and is controlled by the United Oil
company. Four rigs operated by this company are visible in the cut. Fve Santa Fe rigs are also seen, and
one rig belonging to the Eagle Crude. All these companies have additional rigs in Section Six, North Midway.
AN OFFER of $200,000 cash from Los
Angeles oil operators for the
northwest twenty acres of section
6, North Midway, has been refused by
the directors of the Union Oil company,
Citizens National Bank building, Los
This valuation, $10,000 an acre, is
believed to establish a new high record
for California oil lands.
The company leased the property in
November, 1909, for one year, with an
option to buy for $25,000. The option
will be executed next week.
Coalinga Production Shows
Increase Over Other Periods
THE Coalinga- field started the yoar
1910 with a January production
that Is greater than any month of
last year, the largest producing year of
tho field. In the face of transpor
tation congestion and shutdown on
the part of a number of companies
because of overflowing storage, the
field showing for tho first month In
the next year assures a remarkable
year from the standpoint of produc
tion. •
Last month 1,430,489 barrels were
produced, an Increase of 40 per cent
over January, 1909, which did 1,081,868
barrels. Tho production of the field
for ICOB was a little more than 10,700,000
barrels. The prediction was made at
the end of January ol last year that
tho field would produce 12,000,000 bar
rels in 1909. It did, and more than 3,
--000,000 barrels In excess of that amount,
an increase of practically 50 per cent
over 1908. The production for 1010 was
15,079,'J44 barrels anil by the. end of the
present year, judging from the great
amount of new development • under
way and planned, an estimate that the
production will be in the neighbor-
SANTA MARIA, Feb. 24.—The
American Oil Fields company having
failed to come to time in its optinn
on the holdings of the Bear Creek com
pany in the North Midway field, it is
now probable that the latter company
will not sell. The holders of the stock
feel that since the strike on the com
pany lands made a short time ago, the
property Is of great value. At the last
assessment on the Bear Creek stock
there was not a single delinquent
The Gem OH company, organized en
tirely by Santa Maria capital, is oper
ating on Sec. 23. T. 31, B. R. 22 E.
The well Is down about 900 feet and
everything is looking fine.
Tho Dome company, also operating
on the same section, is pushing work
right along on its well and expects re
sults soon.
The C'oblentz company's well is down
below the twenty-six hundred mark
with eight-inch casing. The hole is m
better condition than ever before ami
there is now no doubt about being able
to push right down to tho oil sands.
The formation shows favorably for
striking the oil sand in the near future.
The West company's well in Cat can
yon is down below the twenty-seven
hundred mark with some oil showing.
It waa reported the forepart of the
week that this company had" brought
In a gusher, but investigation Prove!
this report to be without foundation.
Rumors of this kind should be care
fully Investigated before publication
because they serve to mislead the pub
lic and unless absolutely true should
never be circulated, say tho conserva
tive operators here. The West well is
n a fine formation and will probably
?each the last oil *and within the next
two or three hundred feet.
Dome Nos. 2 and 3 in the Cat canyon
district are going right along, while
Nos. 1 and 4 have been cementing and
the drillers are now waiting fur the
cement to set.
News has been received in Los An
geles of a rich strike In the Rainbow
Mountain mine, near Chloride, Mohavo
county, Arizona. This ..mine, which
has beon sinking a doublo compartment
shaft to a depth of 300 feet, has been
carrying out an extensive development
scheme for the pa.st year, or so and has
already uncovered good ore. A de
scription of its workings appeared In
Tho Herald the latter part of October,
since when development has gone
steadily forward and news of a new
find has Just been received.
A streak of ore averaging 10 inches
in width has been uncovered In the
breast of the north drift, on tho 2^5
--foot level, carrying values ranging
from $40 to $80. Tho vein Is located in
the neighborhood of the Windsail ore
shoot and is located in a territory al
ready known to be rich in ore values.
The Hainbow mine is considered one
of the most promising properties in
tho Chloride district, having been de
veloped on a conservative plan by its
manager, H. L. McCarn, formerly of
Cripple deck, Colo. Some now ma
chinery was recently installed and
more is to be placed soon. It is pro
posed to sink the shaft to a depth of
800 fefit. Somn shipping has already
been done, averaging net returns of
over $500 a car, but the management
proposes Installing a complote equip
ment before active operations are
Tho American Oilfields company has
started to drill five wells In the North
Midway Held and Is said to be hauling
niuteiiu.l for several more rigs.
The United Oil company in its second
well in section 6, North Midway, en
countered sixty feet of tar sand lying
between 900 and 1000 feet in depth, a
few days ago, and has now reached a
depth of 1150 feet In the hole. This tar
■and was good for at least 100 barrels
of heavy oil, but tho company did not
stop here, being determined to drill
the well to the light sand stratum,
which will be reached at a depth of
about 1450 feet.
It Is conceded by oil men at North
Midway that the second well of the
hood of 20,000,000 barrels wll not be
far astray.
i However, the slight curtailment in
January had an effect on practically
every lino of activity. While eight
new wells were brought In during
the month, bringing the /total number
for the field to 676, 350 of which are
on the west side, 225 on the east side,
and one in the south field, seven pro
ducing wells were temporarily sus
pended, and one drilling well was sus
The storage shows an increase of
38,000 barrels for the month, while the
increase In shipments amounted to
over 90,000 barrels, due to the fact
that the pipe lines are again in work
ing order, and the Associated oil train
running dally.
The tabulated January report of the
field, compared with December, com
piled from the monthly report of It.
W. Dallas, secretary of the Coaling*
OH Producers' agency, is as follows:
Jan. Dec.
Wells suspended .... 30 29
Wells drilling HI 14»
Wells produce sump. Sj is
Wells producing ... 66 *"■
StoTag" ....'. . . 1.168,452 959.127
Storage- ..7.7." 1.221.164 1.180.067
""pnfents MM 1M 1.U0.067
Production 7 1,430,489 1,288,108
The Homestake company has stopped
pumping from its well No. 1, located
in the Coalinga field. This well Is now
flowing steadily at the rate of 350 to
400 barrels a day without pumping
agitation. This well is only 350 feet
deep and for that reason is said by
oil men familiar with the sectional sit
uation to be remarkable.
The Coalinga Crude operating nearby
expecta to go to greater depth, unless
this sand proves too valuable to pass.
The Coalinga Crude has its water well
about one-half completed. having
reached a depth of 130 feet.
The New York Coalinga company is
now deepening its well No. 5 tomato
it like No 4, which was recently drilled
to the third sand, with very favorable
results No. 6 will also be deepened
and with these three wells into the
third sand the production will probably
be doubled. .
C H Tobey, Los Angeles manager for
Burr Brothers, and one of the Burrs
are now at Coalinga inspecting the sev
eral properties controlled by that firm.
According to a stockholders' letter
Just issued by the tuning Cold Mines
syndicate, T.os Angeles, work has pro
gressed steadily on the property at
Lunlngf. Nov.. since the last report
Connections are to be made in to
Kobert shaft next week and then, tlie
report says, high-grade ore can be ex
tracted from this point. ,„,,„„,
Ore was taken out February IS from
the incline on the Nogales claim, and
WhUe the ledge is not large it is hold
inir its own. The company also took
ore from the north ledge at the same
time. By mixing the ore from tiiew
two points With the high-grade cue
from the south ledge (the Kobert: shaft)
thp company expects a profitable
average and quantities that will make
regular shipments possible
Assays on ore extracted February
18 are as follows: .
North ledge, upper tunnel, $20.50 to
$54; north ledge, lower tunnel, Ui to
$47; Nogales, new incline. $47 to $lli.
C A Cantleld, the broker and oil
magnate who was stricken.by para I
ysis while dictating a letter In his
office Thursday afternoon I"t nUfht
was reported by members of his family
To be resting easily, with condition
nractleally unchanged. While the
naralvsis which affects the left tide,
iTonly parual, the muscles are ser ous
patient to take a complete rest.
PETALITMA, Feb. 24-At a meeting
of thS director, of the Petaluma Oil and
Development company W. J. Hickey
was elected a director, vice Charles
W Gregg, who resigned, and W. D.
Thomas was chosen president of the
compnay. M. £. Mocks was elected
secretary. >
CITY OF MEXICO, Feb. 24.—Tam
plco Anglo-Mexican Fuel company has
constructed a derrick niTd begun oper
ations at a point in Caracoles adjoin
property of the Abano company. Mar
shall Brown is one of the directors of
tho company.
The annual meeting: of ths White
Star Oil company will be hold at head
quarters, Douglas building, Los An
geles, at 2 o'clock March ?.
United Oil company in section 6 will he
one of the big producers of the flekl and
much bettor than at first supposed.
No. 1 well of the United company has
been flowing steadily since last Satur
day and is gradually getting rid of the
sand. The superintendent writes that
he does not expect much more trouble
from eand in this well.
Well No. 3 reached a depth of 730
feet yesterday, and the company is al
most ready to spud in on well No. 4.
Lumber for No. 5 has been received
and lumber for No. 6 has boon shipped
Exclusive dispatch to The Herald by I* A.-
Crlsler & Co., members Lob Angeles stock ex
change, 200-201 I. W. Hellmau building, Los
SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 25.—Prominent stocks
In the Ooldfleld division opened strung with
trading light. Consolidated opened with $7.96
bid and closed at this figure. Florence was up
fit points with %i.2~V- bid. Jumbo Extension
jumped to 99 cents, 'but shaded oft before the
close to 36. a gain of 2 points for the day.
Fraction was up 2 points and Silver I'lck 1.
The remainder of tha list showed but few
Following were the closing quotations:
Bid. Ask.| Bid. Ask.
Adams 1 2 Great Bend.. 3 4
Atlanta 16 IT lot BMld An. .. 1
Booth 15 18 Grandma .... 1 -
II v Ex 1 Jumbo Ex .. 38 38
Blue Bull .. i 6 Kendall 3
B B Bon 1 Law Star >. 4 5
Col Mtn .... 6 ■• llxiu Dillon ..1 2
Conqueror .. 8 ■■ Men Ex 4
Com Frao .. 33 M Nev Hold 2
Crackerjack. 2 .■ Oro 6 7
Daisy 7 8 Ked Top Ex. 2 3
Triangle 1 Re« Hills ... 4 6
DUB Con. 2 3 Sandstorm .. 4
Empire 1 I" Ives 20
Florence ....227* 230 silver Pick.. 10 11
Flor Ex 1 | Vernal 3
l'r Moh .... 2 .. Vel Hose 4
Gold C0n....790 800 i'ul Tiger .... I
Keowanas ..7 ■
Bid. Ask. | Bid. Ask.
Belmont 1624 166 Res Con**.... 1 2
Jim Butler.. 10 12 Tunopan Mn.690
Montana .... 92 93 Tonopah Ex.. 70
MacNamara.. 27 28 |W End Con. 29 80
North Star ..1 2
Bid. Ask. | Bid. Ask.
Amethyst' ... 1 2 Mont Bh Ex. .. 1
Hull Mill S. Mont Mtn 2
Bull Nt Bk. 1 2 Mas-flow Con 8 4
Bon Clare ..8 9 Tramp Con.. .. «
Gold Scept.. .. 1 Yank Girl .. .. 1
Home King. .. 1 Val View 3
Bid. Ask. Bid. Ask.
Little Cray.. 1 .. Mustang I
Man Con ... 2 . 3 jseyl Humph. .. 2
Man Mln 1 i Thanksgiving. 2
Man Dcx ... 3 4 j
Bid. Ask. | Bid. Ask.
Eagle's Nest 2 4 Pitts fill Pk. 63 70
F'vlew Eagl 10 12 find Mtn .... hi 64
Nev Hills .. .. 50 Coalition .... 17
Special service to The Herald by J. C. Wll
fion, 213 Went Fifth street, Los Angeles.
BOSTON. Feb. -After the activity yes
terday in the local coppers the market showed
strength till through the list thin morning.
North Buttl, Huttß Coalition, Lake and Oreene
Canam:& were in good demand, advancing one
or two points. Floor traders were the princi
pal buyers yesterday,-and they took advantage
of the opportunity to take profits. After the
first buying was over the market became dull,
with no features of Interest. Very little long
stock came out. One encouraging feature was
the large sales of the metal In New York yes
terday, amounting in all to about thirty mil
lion pounds. This Is all saiJ to be for do
mestic consumption and shows a very pros
perous condition of business among the brass
manufacturers. Everything points to an early
revival of activity, and It will certainly be
on the upside.
Clewing quotations were as follows:
Bid. Ask. Hid. Ask.
Am Pneu .. 714 Mcx Con .... 414 4%
do pM .... 21* 22 I Miami 2<H 21*4
Adventure .. 7% 8!4 Michigan — ii'!i 7 ,
Allouez .. .. 66!4 Mohawk .. .. 61»4 6514
Atlantic .... 9*4 914 Nev Con — 22«« 22?,
Arcadian ... »',» North Butte.. 3714 8714
Ariz Com .. 409, 401j|Old Domln .. 44 45
Apex 4 4l4|Osceola .. „150 152
Boston Con.. 19 19% | Parrot 20 21
Hutte Coal'n 24"i 25 iQulncy .. .. ST',l 88
Calu & Ariz. 7314 74 | Santa Fe ... 2 214
Calu & 1ie. .622 632 Shannon .. .. WH 15
Centennial .. 27 2714 Shoe Macli .. 8714 (is
Con Mercur. 10 15 do pfd .... 28»i 31)
Copper lingo 7514 76 Sup Copper .. 67% ..
Corbln li*4 18K Sup & Boston IS',, 13',;
Daly West.. 8 BV«|Sup & Pitts.. 13»4 14
East Butte.. Mi 10 I Swift ..- 105V4 loG'i
Kirn River .. Hi 1% Tamarack ... 74 7414
Franklin .... 19«, 20 Trinity 8 814
liroiiby 89 90 United Fruit.l 77 17
Oreene Can. 1014 10% U S Smelh... 4514 «
Hancock .... 2814 27 do pfd 51) 50! i
Isle Royal*. i 24 U.i Utah Con ... 3314 82? i
Keewenaw .. 5 Victoria 414, *%
Lake 78Vi 7S»i Wlnona .. .. 9
La Salla ... 171 i 17%| Wolverine ..11114 142
Mass Copper 6% 7 Wyandot 214 3
Mayflower .. 114 \\:
Special service to The Herald by! J. C. Wil
son, 212 West Fifth street, Los Angeles.
NEW YORK, Feb. 25.—Following were the
closing quotations: '
Hid. Ask. | Bid. Ask.
Am Tob cm.402 405 Nlplsslng .... 1014 1014
B S C.as .... 0% l"4 Ohio Copper.. 4 414
Chicago Sub 3% 39i Rawhide Coal 19 20
Havana Tob. 6 7 Ray Central.. 3% 314
Stand Oil ..615 01S Bay Con ... 2114 22
Cns Stmp R. 18 21 United Cop.. C.i «'/4
Boston Con. 19 1914 Yukon 4% 414
Butte Coal'n 24% 2514 Inspiration .. S% 8%
Cumb Ely .. 7 8 Mason Val .. I*4 1%
Davis Daly.. 314 3H|Ely Central.. 114 1H
Dolores .. .. 614 7 Ely Con .... OT4 1
Qoldfleld Con 7% 774 South Utah.. 2»i 3
C>reeno Can. 1014 lOHOIIa Copper.. 794 814
Giroux 10 1014Chlno Hi, 1514
Kerr Lake .. 814 OHI Boston Ely .. 9% 394
La Rose .... 414 *% Ely Witch .. 20 21
Miami 2114 UH North Lake . 1714 IS
Mm Co of A4B 60 Indiana, 8514 '45%
Nov Con .... IW 28 Bohemia .... 13 13',»
Nev Utah .. 114 IX
Special services to The Herald by J. C. Wil
son, 212 West Fifth street, Los Angeles, mem
ber stock and bond exchange of San Francisco
and eastern exchanges.
SALT LAKE CITY, Feb. 25.—Following were
1 the closing quotations today:
Did. ■ Ask. ' 111.1. Auk.
neck Tunnel, a,4 11 Mtn Lake ... 6V4 7
-Black Jack.. 11 12 Nev Kill* ... 60 60
Boston Con. 1900 .. Newhouae ...270 800
Carlsit 69 70 New York .. «i» 10
rolorado .... SI 82 Ohio Copper.4oo 420 |
Colum Con.. 78 79 BUy Shield .. « - 10
Con Mer ... 10 .. Seven Trghi.. 7 8
Crown Pt .. 7 . 794 811 X, Coal ..SOS* 310
Dally Juilgo.3Bo 410 Sioux Con ... KM 36
B Tliitlc 3v 6!i 5% South Col Cn 6Vi 614
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Special service to The Herald by J. C. Wil
ton, 212 West Fifth street. Los Angeles. s^
BOSTON, Feb. 25. -Following were the clos
,ng Quotations^ ma A^
Ahmeek 218 227 Glroux 10 1014
Arlzlpe 21 2* Majestic 88 89
4rnold ..65 86 Raven 60 58
Black Mm .30 25 Silver Leaf .. 10 11
nutte&Lon2o 25 Ban Antonla. 1% 8%
BBOas .80 31 U S Oil 38V* 39
Cactus 4% 5 Zlno 30^ 31
Chemung ... " IMass Oas ... 79% 80«
Ch?3 SSn "I I?. Wll do pfd 95 XV.
First Nat ••/'■ **', t
Receiver for Cincinnati Sheet Iron
Manufacturing Coocern Says
Diamonds and Jewelry
Accused of concealing property from
a bankruptcy receiver by failing to
give an account of $10,000 worth of dia
monds and jewelry which he Is alleged
to have had In his possession when he
was adjudged a bankrupt, January 4,
Charles Rosen, a sheet iron manufac
turer was arrested by Deputy United
States Marshal Bert Franklin at one
of the beach resorts late yesterday
afternoon and locked up in the county
tall where he will be held pending the
arrival of a federal officer from Cin
cinnati, where the alleged offense was
C°T>ie warrant for the arreet of Rosen
was issued by Judge John B. Slater of
the federal court at Cincinnati on in
formation furnished by H. C. Bulsinser,
trustee for the property of Rosen, who
made an affidavit to the effect that
Rosen failed to make a proper ■'^ coun'
ine of his assets, and concealed from
the receiver in bankruptcy the dia
monds and Jewelry referred to.
Rosen was proprietor of a small
sheet iron manufacturing concern Vvlien
he was adjudged a bankrupt.
The Rotary club Held its regular
weekly luncheon in the Angelus grill
yesterday noon, eighty of the members
attending- No special speaker being
present, several of the members gave
llve-'iilnule talks on business in MB
oral The Rotary club has a member
ship of about |00. Ten new members
were voted into the organization yes
terday and three others were proposed
for membership.
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.: ■■ ■ :■ ■■;. :■ ..'■■ . '.:■ ::i/**'- (i'/*^\ '..T);-.': ■ ""^ ='"^ '"' '''''^ '''y'''''''
■: ■.■.■: " ■ ■■■■■. ■■.. :.^l»—^ .■ ..^^an^ ..■ lK^/^S^-V,^^'^^^jJ![l_ljil_lii^'i*i>'lL^^^«^'''^^^^"'ii' ''■ ■i - - •|| l --|'i|' A ,-i' 'H,-f''- '
:>;; i":": :. : . .-: ..'■'•. •'..•'"'"' .;" ";__n ■"'■' "*:'fchM " "-"• S.
H??£ssJs?ss§| 4 hours away
l^J ■L^VI Just across the bay from San Diego
H3 fishing
lKßhw_~*sft*S —golf—polo —tennis—etc.
I Perhaps nowhere else on the Pacific Coast are to be found I
more satisfying rewards for the lover of the rod and reel.
' . „ _.. $5.00 limit 10 days.
Round trip rate to ban Diego $7.00 limit so day».
Trains leave 8:55 a. m.—2:15 p. m. —12:01 a. m.
For details and descriptive booklets phone or call on
E. W. McGEE, Gen. Agt. Santa Fe, 334 South Spring St. i
[ Oil Means Money in California
.««. rsus. ixsaj SiSS-r^^^eS^r
f h%SrUo'u'}.r flryM^'. mof 1th Bo«wh yo «.ry on. .«,d.n« .» thl.
Look in CoallnM on companl-s-that coupon we will .end free of oharg. for
savings In some good oil stock. 011-
This offer Is the initial ground floor of- . , ■'
ferlng In a company operating In abeo- COUPON ■ '' ■ '
lutely proven territory In Coallnga. im »tt»» Mun-nnmo (Timi
easy drilling, hut wells run from 160 to "• *n*-eie« :
400 barrels owing to extremely prolific Please send me free of oo«t lof»r
-nature of underlying sands. matlon regarding stook referred to
Choicest piece of undeveloped property t f e ,»* or *I» x Ton^' £ S.
in entire state of California. without »ny obllraUon on mr »«rt.
Call or write to us at once for further
particulars before this opportunity passes Kama .... .1...... nn iuji <«■■(■■ HWhsi
and If you desire we will arrange so you
can make a free trip to Coallnga to see Address -..«■»...■...........TiaH
the property and go over the Held In I ».
Removal Notice!
We wish to announce that on Monday, February 28, we will
open our handsome new store at
On account of building operations, we were obliged to give
up the old location at
No. 517 South Spring Street
You will find the new store central, very attractive in appear- ;
ance, with plenty of room and every convenience to give still
better service.
We invite all our patrons to call, but if the old location is>
more convenient, just go around the corner to our No. 1
Store at
where you will receive the same courteous attention and polite -
224 West Fifth Street ;;: ■ 306 South Spring y
■ -■■ ■■■...-
WHERE TO. DINE -_.__--.
New Turner Hall Cafe M^sireet
Bert German Kltclirn In the City Concert «Tery Sunday from Ito7 p. m.
■ , UK II MID MATTHIAS. Proprietor. ;
Herald "Want Ads" Bring Largest Returns

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