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Manager Joe Woodman Assures Backers of Boston Terror That
* They Will Take No Chances at All This Time, but Will Be
Fit and Ready to Battle to the Entire Limit if Necessary,
and He Will Send His Great Fighter Into the Ring
with Instructions to End It as Quickly as Possible.
Jeff Develops New Punches That Give Him
Great Delight—Two Crack Eastern Light
weights Here to Meet Coast Scrappers
SAM IiANGFORD. in charge of Managi-r Joe "Woodman, arrived from San
Francisco last night to get an early start at training for the 45-round
fight with Jim Flynn, which is scheduled as the next Pacific Athletic club
attra.-toin, to be staged tho. afternoon of March IT at Vernon. They will
go to Arcadia this morning ;.nd arrange fop training quarters at the Hotel
Oakwood. L&ngfOrd probahly will begin training tomorrow, and surely not
later than Wednesday, as Woodman says there must he no mistake this time
about the condition of his wonderful black fighter.
Woodman is game enough to withhold any credit from Flynn on the
score or lack of condition -when this pair hooked up at Naud Junction the
first week in this month, but he says that Sam could have been in better
condition. This time he proposes to see that Ram sets ready for the fight
of his career and to overlook no detail that will contribute to his success
in overruling the decree in their last fight. He will send Langford Into the
ring with instructions to stop the fracas just as speedily as possible for
several reasons, one of which is that ho .loos not care particularly about
having Sam travel the marathon route, thinking it might affect his speed
fnd dull him for future contests.
There is a possibility that the bi ? BCTap may ho postponed tuo days,
as McCarey said last night that he is of the opinion that Saturday would
be a much better day for a big attendance than Thursday, even if the lat
ter date does happen to be a holiday. There is one obstacle to be over
come, however, and that Is Woodman. He says that he will not consent
to any postponement, as he has deposited a forfeit with Louis Blot, one of
the Frisco promoters, whereby he agrees to be back in Frisco some time
during the day of March IS, to start work for the scrap that he will put up
for Blot on March 31. However, McCarey will talk to Woodman today
and may persuade Joe to agree to the postponement of two days.
Flynn Has Good Start on Sammy
Flynn has taken a good start on L angford in the matter of training.
having started to work Friday, while Sam will not get busy until tomor
row at the earliest. Jim is improving each hour to the best of his ability,
as he realizes it is up to him to do the job all over again or lose something
in prestige. He firmly believes he lias the terror's goat rambling around
loose, and is working in order to get into the best condition of his life, so
that he will have no excuses to make. He Is confident that he will be
able to travel the marathon route at top speed, having every confidence
in his ability, and says that he will keep Sammy hopping around like a Jack
rabbit all the time.
It must be admitted that Flynn showed a degree of cleverness at boxing
and blocking and in generalship in the last fight with Langford that none
of his friends would Believe possible in him. That this big Improvement
in his milling is the result of the discovery of his knockout wallop and a
consistent course of earnest work in training quarters is agreed on all sides,
and if he uses the same sort of offensive and defensive tactics, with the
same excellent generalship, that he showed in their last fight, Flynn has
some justification for his good opinion of himself.
Jeff Discovers New Punches
Jeffries, usually modest and disinclined to talk about himself at any
time, grew confidential Suturday while talking: with a close friend and
confldi-d to him that lie was as pleased and delighted with the excellent
results of his light training as his greatest admirer. He said that he Is
now faster than he ever was In all his career and that Johnson would be
surprised when he found it impo^si ble to play hide-and-seek with the
champion in the ring. This development of his speed caused him to study
out some new punches, which he has been practicing on hia punching bag,
and he has substituted a new series of punches for the old one-two style of
boxing that is so familiar to fighter* and the fans. This new series of
punches is not one-two at nil. but is oni'-two-three-four-flve, being an im
provement upon the one-two business, and is to be used when Jeff rushes
the coon.
Jeff says that it will I>.> impossible for Johnson to avoid these blows,
and that he will drop the negro with any one of them that lands. Then
he adds that if he does not land three of the live, and win the fight right
there, he will be greatly surprised himself. So delighted is the big fellow
with this new series of blows that he has decided to make bag punching
a regular routine of his daily workouts from now until he quits training.
Moran and Murphy Battle Tonight
Considerable interest attaches locally to the result of the twenty-round
battla tonight at Frisco between Owen Moran and Harlem Tommy Murphy.
Local fans are favoring Murphy to win, but the Frisco sports have made
Moran a slight favorite, because the Englishman has fought to such good
advantage in that city, while Murphy is a newcomer. Moran and Murphy
have fought three, times, twice to no-decision results and once at twelve
rounds, when Moran grit a decision that was roundly criticised by the East
ern fight critics who attended the fight. A» the winner wants to get a
whack at Wolgast for the lightweight title, and stand a good chance of
succeeding, the boys will have considerably more at stake than the winner's
share of the purse. Jimmy Coffroth is handling tills fight at the Dreamland
rink, and it is the first bout he has handled since he returned from Europe
Woodman Has Crack Lightweights
Joo Woodman says he lms two lightweights on his stuff now who look
like tho best near-champinns in the business. Tommy (Javigan, formerly a
pupil of Tommy Ryan and w hum Jtyan predicts will whip any lightweight
in the world at first chance, is the premier of the pair. Woodman iayi that
JSOOU will be posted this morning with a Chicago sporting writer to go as a
side bet accompaniment to a challenge for Gavigan to Wolgait. If Wolgast
Ito accept the challenge, then the $. r>uoo goes for any other lightweight
in the world, Nelson preferred next. The other crack lightweight in the
Woodman string Is Young Kenny of Lawrence. .Mass. This youngster hM
whipped such boys as Toung Krnc, Dave Deshler. Matty Baldwin and
Young Donohue, a c:reditable record, and Woodman wants to get him
matched with any local lightweight McCarey may name for an early
date. Both these are white boys and come to the coast to get into the
championship elimination contests.
Heavyweight Champion Passes Quiet
Day with Luke Kelly at Harbor
City—Guest of Honor at
: SAN PEDRO. Feb. 27.—Champion
James Jeffries took a day off from his
work at splitting logs on his ranch
today and was the guest of Luke
Kelly, tho well known San Pedro
sportsman and politician. Kelly nnd
Jeffries have been close friends for
years and many is the fishing trip they
have enjoyed here together. There was
no fishing today. Jeffries rested as
any tired wood chopper might have
done on the Sabbath after a week's
hard labor. The champion arrived In
the afternoon and was met at the car
by Kelly. They walked directly to
Kelly's residence and spent the after
noon quietly at home, finally going to
the Half-way house for an Italian din
. ner, at which about a dozen San Pedro
sportsmen were Invited.
Defeat San Francisco and Win First
Place in State League Race.
Albion Rovers Are
BAN PBANCIBCO, Feb. 11.— In then
defeat of the San Francisco team the
Tniatlei today won the championship
of the California Soccer league at
Freeman's park, Oakland. At the end
of the fastest game of the season the
■core wag 2 to 0. Second place in the
tournament goes to the Albion Rovers,
and the Vampires are last
The cup games will begin next Sun
day, The Jubilee Rovers of Sacramento
and the Independents of San FranclßCo
will meet In the first game of the se
The Burnses bent the Vampirrs this
afternoon In an exhibition game at the
Prealdlo ground!, :t to 0. nil game ba
il the Olymplci and RcUaaca club
at Alameda was postponed.
FIGHT fans who cannot go more
than once _ week without seeing
some sort of ii sera]), even if
they have to start one on their own
account, will have an opportunity of
attending a Rood card at Ban Pedro
next Friday night. The San Pedro
Athletic club has announced o classy
offering for that night as follows;
joe LJvermor* vs. Jlmmte Davis, fif
teen rounds; Young Solomon vs. Hen
ry Caresse, heavyweight, six rounds;
Sail.>r llanscn vs. (Ins I.arsen. four
rounds, George Blake will referee.
AH these bouts should prove interest
ing and sufficiently exciting to at
tract a good attendance from Los An
geles and provide value received for
the trip. Special ear service over the
Pacific Electric railway has been ar
ranged for by the club management.
Kacing ended yesterday at Tcr
razaa park, Juarez, until next winter,
i.spite the knocking :>n.l unusually
adverse weather conditions, the meet
ign ran out its sohedule, paid all purses
and quit the season with some profit
for the stockholders. This is a* ex
| cellent showing for the initial season
in Mexico, considering conditions un
der which tho sport was Inaugurated,
and the success accomplished this year
means a greater success next winter.
with a better class of horses to race
there. Tho management has made a
proud record In the sport at Juarez,
and lovers of the thoroughbred sport
congratulate the Individuals who are
responsible for this success.
Ttacing begins March 2< at James
town and will continue until April 9.
This track now is the fold of organ
ized racing and is regularly recognized
and sanctioned by the Jockey club.
Ed Jasper, who officiated at Ascot
race meetings as handlcapper and
racing secretary, has boon tilling the
same position at Juttrez since Secre
tary Lyman Davis left there a fort
night ago. Jasper always has been
regarded as one of the cleverest hand-
Icappera in the country and knows the
same from A to Z without hesitation.
The committee having in charge the
anti-racing bill Introduced in the
Kentucky legislature has reported the
hill with the recommendation that it
do not pass, which is taken as an in
dlcation that any fear that may have
existed regarding a fight on the sport
in the legislature of the Blue Grass
state is not well founded.
Announcement is made that the
spring meeting at Buena. Vista park,
near Salt T.nke city, will begin May
14 and continue to July 4. Martin
Nathanson will be racing secretary
and handlcappar, which is a guaran
tee that the sport will bo run on the
level He probably also will be one of
the associate judges. Men like Na
thanson elevate the sport wherever
they officiate, and it is a pity that
there are not more like him.
Kit Chirm. onre famous as a rac
ing starter and gunflghter, attd a mem
ber of the famous Chirm temHy of
Kentucky, is a resident of California
now. having married a California girl
aid settled down on a large ranch
near Vallejo.
Phil Chirm is In earnest about going
to France for future racing, as i« In
dicated by the notice that ho will sell
Englishman Has Slight Call Over
Harlem Tommy Murphy in Scrap
at San Francisco
twenty-round fight between Owen Mo
ran of England and Harlem Tommy
Murphy Of Xew York, which Promoter
James Coffroth has arranged for the
Dreamland rink in this city tomorrow
night, has excited a great deal of In
terest among sporting men and fight
followers here. The winner of this
match is looked upon as the logical
candidate to meet Ad Wolgast, the
winner of the lightweight crown.
Iforaa has been seen on the coast in
several bouts and his work is well
thought of. He is a slight favorite in
the betting, though until yesterday
even money was wagered. Murphy is
■i newcomer on the coast, but his 'ast
ern record in short tights has forced
recognition for him. Both these crack
lightweight* hold newspaper decisions
over Wolgast in short affairs, and each
in confident he can beat the champion
in a «6-round tight.
The chancel of a fight soon betwei n
Cyi lone Johnny Thompson and Battling
Nelson appear to be glimmering, and
this fact has aided in throwing the
spotlight upon the boys who meet to
morrow night. Bach one thinks the
other is his greatest obstacle in the
path on the way to the (hampionsnip.
Defeats Selby in 106-Mile Cross-
Country Jaunt from Bur.
lingame to Del
SAN Josk, Feb. 27.—Dr, W, a. Mo-
Enery, formerly an English distance
running champion, won the 106-ralla
walk between the Burlingame Country
club and Hotel del Mnnte by arriving
at the finish at o:ir. o'clock this even
ing, with Percy Belby, Ml opponent,
nearly twenty miles behind. A party
11 known men, Including H. Clay
Bpencer and B. Courtney Ford, back
er- of Dr. MiKnery since the Inception
of the race, were with him nt the
Bntih to congratulate him on his sue-
Percy MbYi llf'ir of the bull(lPr of
the great Belby smelting enterprise, 1h
resting at the Abbott house at Salinas,
his feet and legs having- all but given
out on the steep San Juan grade. This
hill climb was eliminated by Mr-
Enery, who went over the railroad
trestle, Selby Will leave Salinas for
Monterey about midnight. The pair
oT walker!} left Buiiingame yesterday
morning at S o'cloo"
Jay Davidson
all his horses at auction at Jackson
ville on March .".. His stable Includes
such good ones as Lady irnia. John
Carroll, Jack Parker, Dixie Knight,
c irandissimo, Ouy Fisher and The
ii.il.len Butterfly. Chirm says he is
S^no.ooo loser on the American game.
Me will take Jockey V. Powers with
him to the land of frogs and wines.
it is announced that John Condron,
prcilclent of tho Utah jock«y club, has
acquired a controlling interest In the
club an.! will have the deelding vo! '
In all i.ffaln regarding the mana,-."
mtn: of the <iub. This is an excel
lent invve and it guarantees the Salt
I..ike- Ci'y patrons of the sport somo
hurl. Cliss racing, free of taint, ".
cans* Condron is known all over the
west as one of the squarest sportsr.i in
U be. found.
.T. S. Duncan, Avho formerly owa«l
My leu O'Connell, has gone to EWsco to
take a Land in the selling war. espe
cially v. here H. <i. Bed Well may be
concerned Bedwell took Mylos O'Con
nell out of a selling race the other
day anil Di.rran says he- will get even
every lima l'.edwell runs a horse in
the future.
JI»I LflW enee, one Of the owners of
the Oakwoor" stock ranch horses, -will
leave tomorrow for Frisco, where his
horses BIU being raced. He and Mrs.
Lawronce have been visiting friends
bore for two or three weeks.
Arrangement! are being made for a
thirty-day race meeting at Pensacola,
Fla.. to begin Marj-h :!0. Application
tor dates ban been made to the South
ern Jockty club, which controls racing
in the southeastern states.
Jockey Shilling is riding as a free
lance now, having been released from
hla contract with Bedwell, owing to
the fact that a brother of Shilling and
Budwetl have had horses in the siinic
]■ icq recently and there was some diffi
culty between Bedwell and his jockey
because the rider thought he should
pilot Us brother's horses rather than
the Bedwell entry.
Al Goortin has taken his stable of
boraea to Emeryville to race them into
condition tor the bush season, which
opens in May. Al has a formidable
string In Old Nick, Creston Hoy, Kins
man, Tramotor and a crackerjack 2
year-old' by Deutschland.
The Tampa racing officials have an
nounced that they will not attempt to
opon tin' winter season there again un
tU January 1, as the tourist season dons
not Bet under way until that mont%.
T.iis derision wns caused by the rocky
road the pport had to travel during
November and December of last year.
Local racegoers will recall after some
effort that a boy naraotl O. Fain rode
a few liorses for R. F. Carman at San
ta Anita last winter. This boy now is
tin- -star at Tampa, where Carman
wen< after being- Invited away from
Jacksonville recently. It is a fine
commentary on the riding colony at
Tampa, to be sure.
Stanley Page, the Loi Angles news
toy jockey, Btopped off in Los Angeles
a few days on his way to Emeryville
recently and boufiht a dandy home for
his mother. Page is a thrifty kid,
an excellent rider and Is making big
mor.ey. This Rift to his mother shows
tome of the real character in the fine
little fellow.
Rickard and Gleason Are Getting
Grouchy and Childish About
Settling This De.
SAX FRANCISCO. Feb. 27.—1t is as
uncertain tonight whether the Jeffries-
Johnson championship fight will be held
here or in Salt Lake City as it was a
week ago, when Tex Rickard, James J.
Jeffries, Sam Berger and Jack Gleason
came to this city from the east to meet
in conference and arrive at an early
decision of the mater. Gleason would
not see Rickard today. When asked if
he haiword from his partner lie said:
"No, I have not. And when lie wants
to bring word to me he knows where
he can find me. I say that the big fight
will ho held here. That is all there is
to it."
J. B. Nelson, president or the Saltalr
Beach company of .salt Lake, has been
waiting with Rickard to have a meet
ing with Gleason. He refuses to dis
cuss hi ß nlans so far us Salt Lake is
concerned, and says that Qlauon'l final
word will determine his action.
"I cannot say where the light will be
held until I have talked with Gleason
again," said Rickard tonight. "I have
had no definite understanding here with
anybody, and I do not know that we
can reach an agreement, l am anxious
to have the tiling settled one way or
DENVER, Feb. 27.—The Chicago
American league team spent two hours
in Denver today as guests of President
James McOUl of the Denver Western
league team. President B. B. Johnson,
who Is traveling with the Chicago team,
declared he was confident that the ac
tion of the Cincinnati and Plttaburg
National league clubs, in transferring
their late dates and bringing their sea
son to an early close, will be followed
by the other clubs of the National
Santa Ana. with Walter Johnson in
the box, won from the McCorniicks
yesterday on tin- Santa Ana grounds
by the score 'if 2 to 1. Johnson's pea
ball «as working in its usual form and
it was a case of too much smoke for
the Irish aggregation. Seaton, who did
the twirling for the Shamrocks, worked
in his usual good form and safe bingles
Oft his delivery were as scarce as hen's
+ KANSAS CITY. Mo., Feb. 27.— ♦
♦Ad Wolgast, lightweight cham- ♦
+ plon, has accepted the offer of ♦
♦ $1000 a week for ten weeks' vau- +
+deville engagement, made him by +
+an agent In this city last week. ♦
Terrazas Park Season Ends After
Successful Combat with Dis
couraging Conditions at
■[Associated Press}
JUAREZ, Feb. "7.—Tho successful
meeting of the Jockey club at Juarez
came to a close today with the running
of the Juarez derby, at one and a
quarter miles, and ".000 persons cheered
when the favorite, German Silver, was
iiist under the wire. Tho winner and
rider were cheered again when Jlc
i'alley returned to the scales and was
presented with the floral horseshoe.
McCahey took command in the stretch
and won by a length from The Wolf,
with Corzo two lengths back. Sum
First race, 6>.j furlongs—Old Hose. 9i
(Banweoten) won; Mob Lynoh, if|"> (Gar
ner) sK-ind; lllla, lt>s (Lowe) third; time
1:07 3-5.
Si ml race, 6 furlongs —Silver Storklnß,
lo;[ (Oamer) won; Rublola, 106 (McCarthy)
second; Vchnoine, 108 (Molesworthj third;
lime 1:13 2-S.
Third race, 3'(. furlnnsß — Frank Mulllns',
l"0 (Garner) won; Flying Wolf, 115 (Rice)
second; Uncle Ben, 112 (Smith) third; time
:41 1-5.
Fourth race, .Tuarcz Derby, value $1500;
1 i-i miles- German silver, lit (McCahey)
won; The Wolf. 117 (S. I.owe) second;
Corio, 10S (Rice) third; time 2:09 %-t.
Fifth race, 7 furlonns— Ocean Queen, ft
(Benescoten) won; Meadow, 122 (Lowe)
second; Beau Man, 100 (McCarthy) third;
time 1:26 2-5.
.Sixth race, 1 mile—Gerrymander. 104
(Km i -non; Pain^raylor, 113 (Molnwsrth)
sori.n,l; Mlnnolette, in (MoCahey) third;
Lime 1 :40 1-5.
First race. Futurity course —Biskra. 107;
Adena. 107; Duke of Milan, 10.1: Pir Barry.
103; Mane Abe, US: Reznn. 96s Balvaae,
iii 4: Burning Husli, 109; Rohorta. 91; Or
nate, yS; HnnipaßS, 10S; Woodlalulrr. ]no.
Second race, 3.. furlongs— Cr»sab«l, 107;
Emory X.. 109; Abella, 109; AcademM,
109; Ravia, 108; Halali. 10>l Bdda, 109;
Hitta. 109; Jim Basi-y. 107; Osaudene, 1"4;
Ravaliton 11. 104; Soon, 118.
Third r.icc 1 mile—Chester Knim. S-;
Raleigh, 103; Mlfs Picnic. 97: I.lkcly Dtou
donne, 9S; Meltondale, 84; Inclement. 101.
Fourth rare, 6 furious" — HlKht Ea«y, 124;
Jim (Jarrney. in; Richard Read, 11"; John
ny, Lyons, 00; Lcwlston, 90; Raleigh P, D.,
Fifth race, 1 1-lfl miles—Silver Line, !>7;
Gvctchen G., H6; Trocha, n:; Mr. lllshop,
101; Rosevale, 10J; Avontellus, 102.
Plxth race, 6 furlongs—Halronia. 101;
Plill Mohr 94: Sepulvoda, 107; Dr. Dough
erty 97; Wex. (17; Daddy Gip. 99; Silk, 92;
Coppertown, 109; Gilbert Hose. 109.
■When the Teddy Boars and the
Gateway baseball teams met on the
Dolgoville diamond yesterday after
noon there was a dash of speed in the
first few frames by both clubs, • after
which goose eggs were in order, the
final score being 5 to 3 in favor of the
Bears. Pitcher Derenia of the winners
was in excellent form and made eleven
of his opponent!! walk the strikeout
plank. This makes twenty-three wins
out of twenty-five games for the
Bears. Considering this good record, it
is to be expected that Manager Save
would consider his aggregation the
best in the southland. Any team that
wants to dispute his opinion can ar
range to play the Bears at any time,
place and for any amount of the long
green. Call Manager Save, Boyle 143.
The score:
Cowan, 2b 3 113 3 5 0
McKeen. c 1 2 0 1 12 0 1
Mack, 3b 5 110 0 0 0
* BtadeUe, if I 0 0 110 0
1,, Smith, Jb 3 0 0 17 11
Rogernon, if 4 0 10 0 0 0
Padrottl, ct 3 12 0 2 0 0
Robert*, ss-C 4 0 10 2 10
Dercnia, p 4 0 0 0 0 0 0
Vofjul, 8B 2 0 0 0 0 10
Totals 31 6 6 6 27 8 2
AB R 11 SB I'O A E
Colby, of ..i 4 111110
J. BtadeUe, lb-p 5010710
Belaude, p & 0 2 0 0 10
B. Smith, KB 3 2 10 13 0
a. Dear, it 2 0 0 13 0 0
J. Dear. 31 2 0 10 2 2 1
Taladof, <■ 4 0 10 5 11
rallnrk. rf 4 0 10 10 0
Scott, lb-p 4 0 0 0 7 0 0
Totals 33 3 8 2 27 8 2
Bears 3 0 2 110 0 0 0—
Hits 2 0 10 1110 o—6
Gateways 2 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 o—3
Hits 3 0 110 0 111-8
Two-base hits—Belaude, Taladof. Sacrifice
hit— Ij. Smith. Firat base on errors—Bears 2,
Gateways 2. Left on bases—Bears 5, Mate
ways 8. Bases on —Oft' Dereglla 4. Be
laiulr 3. Struck out—By Derenia 11. Belauds 4.
Double play—Cosby to Belaude. \ Hit by
pitched ball—Scott. Time of game— l:4o. Um
WALLA WALLA, Wash., Feb. 27,—
Opposition by members of local labor
unions to the organization of compuny
X, Second regiment, Washington Na
tional guard, whicii vu mustered In
last Friday night, threatens to dis
rupt the company.
Members of the company, who also
are members of labor unions, have, in
several instances, been told either to
resign from the company or the union.
The first intimation of trouble came
last Saturday when Joseph F. Tierney,
president of the Butahers' union, was
RSked to resign till office because he
had joined the guard, lie complied
and now the Cooks and Waiters' union,
it is said, lias given several militiamen
clinic,' uf quitting the union or the
company. Officials <>f local labor un
ions are bitter in their expressions of
disapproval at the organization of the
guard in this city, and it is said the
Trades and Labor council probably
will take I lie subject under toilHidera
j tion at its meeting.
Chicago Americans Due Tuesday from San Francisco and Engage
Villagers in Opening Contest of Spring Training Series at
Chutes Park —League Ball Will Furnish Fans with Enter
tainment Thereafter Until Late Next Fall—Both Local
Clubs Lineup Stronger Than Ever on Paper and
Prospects Favor Them for Successful Year
and a Great Chance for the Pennant
WINTER baseball becomes ancient history today and the an
nual season of summer ball will open tomorrow, when all the
players under contract to the Angels and Vernons for the 1910
Coast league pennant chase will report to Managers Dillon and
Hogan for spring practice. The summer ball season begins Thurs
day afternoon at Chutes park, when White Sox No. 2 will line up
against Happiness Hogan's aggregation of village balltossers for
the opening game of the interclub spring training schedule, lhe
Sox will arrive tomorrow from Chicago, via San Francisco, and will
limber up a bit Wednesday at the Chutes in order to be ready for
play the following day. Quite a number of Angels and Villagers
will report to Dillon and Hogan tliVs morning at the respective parks
of the clubs and will do some preliminary work, but reporting day
will be tomorrow. Even then the entire membership of the two teams
hardly will be on hand, as some of the players are coining from the
east on the White Sox special.
The practice games with the Sox will serve to give the fans a
fair line on the two local Coast league teams that seem destined to
be stern rivals for the bunting this year and will enable the cranks
to get a good look at the new players who will engage in this rag
chase. Several new faces will be seen in the lineups of the Angel
and Ycrnon clubs, especially in the lineup of the latter, and as the
race for local honors promises to be a harder fought battle this year
than ever before, the rivalry between the two clubs and their fol
lowers is growing more intense every day. Berry and Maicr and
Hogan and Dillon arc almost angry enough right now to break ott
speaking relations because of this rivalry, which was more of a kid
ding bee last year than anything else, but which lias become too
serious a rivalry this year for much kidding on either side.
Vernon Team Will Be in the Hunt
That the Vernon club will be right
in tho hunt at all stages of the 1910
pennant chase is made evident by tho
fact that Hogan has been hustling
all winter for new players and by the
excellent success which has attended
his efforts. An entirely :ew lineup on j
the infield is one of the radical changes
that will be presented to the tans next
Thursday. Beginning at first base and
going all the way around the diamond,
there will bo new laces on the job.
Fisher, lirashear, Lindsay and Bur
rill will fill the infield positions this
year and it will be the first appear
ance for all of them next Thursday
afternoon in a Coast league uniform.
All of them come to Vemon with ex
<. 11. Nt records for other seasons in fast
company and Hogan is enthusing
greatly at the material strengthening
of his infield. . .
According to Hogan and Maier, the
Vernon pitching staff also will be ma
terially stronger than last year Light
twirlers have sinned contracts for Hie
season, being rrcckenridgo, Btovall,
inn, Schafer, Wiliet, HensUng, Bald
win and Miller. All these twirlers will
line up for the opening games of the
season in first class condition and In
the best of health, unless something
unforeseen happens between now and
opening day. This will enable the vil
lagers to get away to r.n even break
ami on paper the pitching staff seems
to be as good as any that it will op
pose during the season. Walter Car
lisle will add n-ach strength to the
outfield and tho youngster Brow" who
will alternate behind the bat with
Hogan and Hasty, woiks out like a
real wonder. Altogether, tho Vernon
team appears 100 per cent stronger
than last year and "should make the
pacemakers hustle like Sari Hill to
beat it out.
Angels Will Present Classy Lineup
The old warhorses who have won
nennants galore for Los Angeles in the
Coast league chases of other seasons
are so classy that He-.-.el Berry found
it impossible to pick a weak spot and
instead of making change, to on
bought some new material to fill in
when an emergency should require and
for the purpose of developing classy
material for future use. The Angel
™and was seriously handicapped all ast
seison with an unusual hospital list,
but it will start off the 1910 season
with a line bunch of high class play
er" all in perfect health and condi
tion and anxious to redeem the pres
tige the team lost last season by its
■howta* in the final weeks. Unques
tionably Dillon will have the strongest
twirling staff in the league, with Na
',, ThorsenV To«er, Brlswalter, Delhi,
Ul°^s rpleSnrnews Judge Nagle
Elves out to the effect that for the
flirt time since he Joined the Angels
. wil be read- for duty in the spring
raining series and will be in midsum
mSTfofm when he goes in the box lor
m,^"first time after the season opens.
Nagle has Teen unfortunate in ■ustaln
£e injuries and in sicl:ness which kept
him from doing regular anleftec Ave
• airline- in any season. When reaay
he is one of "he best twirlers outside
thP leagues. Thorsen is to good
Mat Berry has Placed a big price on
Ms rele "c. SO high, in fact, that even
c Wb league magnates who are ac
work this year. __^^^_____
* AVAI.ON. Cal.. Feb. 57.-Ftoh- ♦
* ing in the launch Rival, Mrs. M. +
I v Chamberlain, Jr., of Detroit, ♦
* Mich., today caught a white sea ♦
+ baas weighing forty-three and*
* three-quarter pound*.. This is the *
* first white sea bass taken on light +
* tackle in the winter tournament. ♦
* The lucky angler receives a silver *
* button after fishing almost dally ♦
* for two months. . ...
DALLAS, Tex., Feb. 27.-The Dallas
team defeated the Colls of tha K»W
York Nationals today, 11 to 8, in M
exhibition gunn.-.
Dillon Is Fully Recovered
Cap. Dillon, who was out of the game
just about half the time last season,
playing in 119 out of the 215 games
played, Is nt and ready for his best,
season In baseball, and this means thati,
the Angel band will have the best first 1
baseman and Held captain in he 1
league, none barred. Dillon ranked 1
first among the Coast league first base-1
men last season, at that. Jud Smith
also led the third basemen and will go
back on the job this year. Ivan How
ard, one of the best second basemen !
in the league, will hold down his old
place, as will Bert Dclmas at short.
This makes a strong infield defense,
with all of them good hitters, and as
they have played together long enough
to have their team work down pat.
they should be even stronger this sea-
SOn than last. -
The decision of Curtis Bernard, tho
best eonterrlelder in the Coast league,
to It-turn to the game and play out
the entire season schedule adds great
&tre-igth to the outfield lineup of the
Angel band, although.it is probable
that Bernard will bo moved over to
right Held. Bernard is a brainy player
and a. dependable one at all times, .
while his hitting is a great help to
the tram in pinches, Curtis always be- .
ing able to land on a ball when hits
are required. The others in the out
field will be Daley and Godwin and
these names are synonymous for per
fection. Despite that all these posi
tions are well filled, Berry will bo
weaker behind the bat than ever be
fore, owing to tho loss of Orendorff.
There will be no Orendorff or Easterly
tJ coach the young pitchers or to re
reive, the shoots of the oldtlmers. But
with Smith, Callahan and Grindle to
depend upon, Berry may be able to
develop another great catcher, In which
event the Angel band will make the
pace all season and stay in front of
the procession like a bunch of stake
horses coupled in the betting.
Both Teams Loom Up Formidably
It. is a pleasing prospect that the
fans are viewing for some good sport
during the season. With continuous >
baseball of the classy kind that the
two local teams will dish up for their
edification, interest this season in the
rational game should break all records
and attendance figures probably will -
show this to be true. The Vernon
teem having strengthened so materi- >
ally that it becomes a serious factor in
the pennant chase, becomes at once a
greatly improved drawing card and at
tendance at the Friday afternoon and
Sunday morning games at Doyle park
should show much Improvement. Noth-1
ing succeeds like success, and nothing
in the cards as they are running now
for both league teams indicates any
thing short of a most successful sea
B Idle Maler, appreciating the _ fact f
that the Vernon club had to be
strengthened in order to make a finan
cial success during the season, has di
rected and co-operated with Hogan all
winter in changing the lineup of the I
team, and he expressed himself yes
terday as being greatly pleased at the >.
dandy prospect for a winning team.
"If this bunch cannot make a better ■
showing than the Angels, which is say-1
Ing a heap, then we will get out the
shotguns and kill 'em all, starting first
with Hogan," is the way Maler puts it, I
in expressing the op'nion that the Ver-r
nons are stronger in all departments
than the Angels. Maler: and Col. J. ■
W Brooks are dally visitors at Doyle
park looking after Improvements! and
seeing that no detail is overlooked •to
make everything properly in order for
tho opening of the season, _
St. Yves Drops Out in Seventh Mile
and Dorando Unable to Start
Because of 111.
SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 27.—Johnny
Hayes of New York WO4l the Mara
thon race here today over seven start
ers. His time was :!:44:55. "Con"
Connolly of San Francisco was second,
in 2:!i'-:*s. T. Fitzgerald, another local
man, was third. St. Yves, who was the
accredited favorito before the race,
dropped out In the seventh mile. Ho
Bald In' was ill. Uorundo did not start
because of. an attack of bmnchiti*

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