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Federal Grand Jury Compiles Long
List of Papers and Data and
Demands They Be
[Associated Tress]
NEW YOKK, March 3.—Not satis
fied with the millions received In pay
ment Of duty evaded by short weight*,
Involving the indictment of Charles K.
Heike, the company secretary, ana
conviction of minor employes, the
United Btati government la still light
ing hard to convict th>' American *u
g-ar Refining company under the Sher
man anti-trust act.
Bui h action was contemplated when
tin- company put the Pennsylvania su
gar Refining company out of bui
but the settlement of that suit out of
court and the Inti I f the stat
ute of limitations necessitated another
legal tack and the matte] was laid be
the federal grand Jury In New
York early in January.
Not until today, however, did the
gcopi oi Hi' 1 Inquiry become public,
win ii the grand jury handed up a pre
sentment for contempt against the
any Cor the latter's failure ■
duce i ';i!,,i!i books and papi rs In re
fcj.iuise to .- vll■ j oenas.
Move to Test Rights
This presentment in itself is but a
n „\,- „i ti.e goi ernment i>> a* ■
its rights to the books in question, but
Incidentally disclosed t"" nature of the
nanded and afforde i a !<■•> to
„r tin government i •Q
Jt has been alleged that the Ameri
can Sugar ici'iiiiiiiL? company control*
!it of the sugar business In
tins city and a hint of Its Intricate re
lations with various subsidiary compa
is given n the subpoti uas.
■\- iw gub] "<■'' '''" produc
tion "f all agreements and all other
Instruments "made by or to the Amer
ican Sugar Refining company or any
■ thereof, with any other persons
or corporation a in and about tii- pur
chase by laid company of stock in
torty-four companli
Papers Demanded
Among the papers demanded are the
following: Agreement between the
companj and the snj-ar syndicate "t
Mexico; contracts with thi Sugar Fac
tors company, limited, of Hawaii;
ment in MO7 with John D.
gprecki Is for the purchase of an In
. in the Western Sugar Beet coin
contract with Hawaiian plant
,; contracts with the Chlno
Bee) Sugar company; contract! with
th« Unerlcan i impany; a|
incuts with the Alameda E
company; i ontraci to pun hasu
nf the '■! at Western Su^ar company;
communications concerning the con
solidation of the Utah and Idaho
Sugar :ompany and agreements with
ollowlng companies (between July.
1902, and January, U06): American
Beet Sugar company, Qn at \\ ■
r , ompan rado, Fort Col
>. Utah Sugar com
pany, Western Idaho Sugar company,
Continental Sugar company, snake
River Valley Sugar company; Mlchl
,r company, lowa Bugai
Bay City Sugar company, Sag
maw Sugar company; Saginaw Valley
Sugar company, Q Distributing
I ,ny of w i si Virginia, Sebewaing
mpany, Great Western Sugar
company of New Jersey, Amalgamated
company, (tgden E ipany,
Dregi 'V, Longmont
ny, Billings Bugar com
pany, Utah-Idaho Sugar company,
Menomlnee Bugar company, Bprc ki Is
Bugar company, Agricultural Invest
ment company, Northern Construction
I my, sau Pete Bevler Bugar i om>
panj. i lay c "it y Bugar company.
The order to show cans.- why the
"trust" should not be adjudged in con
tempt will be signed next w< ■ '...
HOQUTAM, Wash., March I—Flood
p atei I this place, and in
tome p.lit-- of the town sidewalk
afloat. Little damage has he<-n done,
A New Book Setting Forth Its Politi
cal and Industrial Development
Few persons are aware of the extreme
richness of the United States of Brazil,
the largest and most important of the
South American republics, and to sup
ply full historical and industrial infor
mation, the government of that country
has had prepared a voluminous work in
two volumes which is fhort'y to make
its appearance in English.
In 1905, the Brazilian Minister of
Means, Transportation, Industry and
Public. Works ordered the preparation of
this work, and it was accomplished after
three years' arduous labor under the di
rection of Dr. Vieira Souto, Professor
Df the Polytechnic School of Rio de
.Janiero, and at present Director of the
Mission of Economic Expansion with
offices in Paris, France. The work was
first published in Portuguese, then trans
lated into French, and has just been pre
pared afresh in English It is in two
volumes of 1,000 pages each, copiously
The work describes in detail the ex
traordinary rapidity with which the po
litical and industrial de\ :-!opment of
the country has. gone forward
in the section devoted to the conquer
of the soil, it reads like :, great ro
mance of adventure. The manner in
which Brazil has taken hold of and
lolved her question of public health
might serve as a lesson to the rations,
for she has driven out the yellow fever
scourge completely, bringing her mor
tality tables down far below those of any
European city. The Rio de Janeiro fig
ore now standing at 207, the European
iverage running to 268.
Within the space of 34 years the pop
ulation of Brazil has gone UP from some
10,000,000 to over 22,0r0,000, an increase
Df over one hundred per cent. In IQO3,
her oxports were 185 millions, and four
v-ears later had risen to 272 millions,
livery phase of industry has gone for
ward rapidly, and the great republic
with 150,000 square miles more territory
than the United States, is coming rap-
Idly to the front among the nations for
her richness of resource is almost be
rond belief. The new book *ill be ready
lor distribution within a few weeks.
Snapshot of Uncle Joe Who
Issued Dance Deft to Taft
*Hii2» i'*^
IS dermatology an art or a science?
David Steel.- and his wife, Ger
trude si' ele, who conduct the
New York Institute of Dermatology at
829 South Hope street, say it is both,
en- they argue, what is more artistic
than a'beautiful face and figure and
what more scientific than the treat
ment that produces this result? Mrs
a W DU Bois, ISM Pacific avenue,
an opposite view, She says der
logy Is a fake. As a proof of her
assertion she offered herself as an ex
hibit in Judge Mutton's department of
uperior court yesterday in UM
trial of her suit against the steeles
for damages of $1050. Her appearance
went far to assist the court In reach
ing .. and It was giv. n IB ncr
favor for the full amount demanded.
Mrs dv Bois read the advertisement
of the "beauty doctors" in September.
1907 The only flesh-bulldlng. tissue
strengthenlng substance ever discov
ered by advanced chemistry and en
lightened scienco appealed to her.
Now she says, the substance is noth
ing Irtbre nor less than a mixture of
paraffin and vaseline. Kye hollows.
| hollows, thin necks, arms, hands.
shoulders could be corrected by the use
of the formula, Mrs. Dv Bois was told,
whilo saddle-back noses could be
transformed Into the shape that is the
trade-mark «t blue blood, receding:
chins could be (hanged to protuber
ances of obstinacy, while the bloom of
Territorial Board Is Baffled as All Ex.
periments Fail—Foreigners
Throw Up Plantation
Jobs on All Pretexts
I iMtc :tat*d l'rese]
HONOLULU, March B.—Another ex
pi riment by the Hawaiian board of Im
migration m it> ■ltnii.s to nnd a solu
tlon tor tii'- labor problem in the Is
appears to !»■ a failure. After^
Importing Spaniard*, Portuguese, for-'
:am and South Bea Islanders, all
di whom proved unsatisfactory or left
tii,- plant) tlons dissatisfied with the
wages and condition*, the planter!
turned to the Philippine! and to 81
--1 for Immigrant!.
Four hundred RusslaMi nn-n, wome
n and children, who were broach;
on the 1 1.- 1 iteamer from the Orient
by the territorial !><>ard of Immigra
tion remain camped at the whari and
refuse to go to work on the BUgar
tor which purpose tiny,
Xhi y assert thai as an
Inducement for them to come to tne
ents of the- Immigration
, :it Harbin Baid that they would
1 ith, double the sum 1
■ tnat 1 offered th mh' n Also
Hi ,t thej have I" > " told by former
Russian immigrants that the piantu-1
tion work is hard, cost or jvlng high,
t ] ai th< y were rump, 111 d t,. buy
their provisions and supplies at tne
plantation stores at high prices, leav-;
Ing them in debt t<> the planters at,
the end of the month.
\,,,,th,r source of dissatisfaction
with the Russians 1- th^ complaint that
th,- houses assigned 10 them are unfit.
The children were fed today by char
itably disposed people of lion,,lulu.
There Is Borne Indication of riotous out
breaka among th.- disappointed immi
grants, and tin- authorities are very
■ null puzzled to know just what ac
tion to take. United States Attorney
r w Bei Rons stated If the Russians
nts they will bo de
immigrants employed an attor
w di s and may appeal to the
,11 consuls at San Francisco and
\nother pnrty of Russian') an- ex
pected 1" arrive on the seamer Korea
Monday, and it is feared they.
will refuse to ro to work on the
ntationa at the terms offered.
- ,
CINCINNATI, March B.— The flood
Bltuation in Bouthern Ohio again be
, mm -'■ today, with prospects
that thi I'hi,' river would p:iss the
danger rnai k of fifty feet here within
thirty-six hours, according to the of
ficial foreca -\. Reports from Zanes
,, that tl c 1< vo iilonpr the
river is crumbling and
hundreds of persons are homeless.
BOISE, Idaho, March 3.—Water in
tin- smaller streams of Idaho is re
. today and flood conditions
throughout the state are greatly im
proved except in t! streme western
portion along- the Snake river, which
continue* to rise and pour out of its
banks at many places.
youth could be restored to the sagging
Mrs. Dv Bois said she wanted sev
eral liver spot! and a number of wrin
kles removed from her face, and she
submitted to the treatment. Her de
sire to changs her appearance was
owing to a contemplated visit to her
old home, where she wanted to surprise
her girlhood friends with the beauty
acquired in California.
The effect of the treatment was all
that could be desired—at first. This
was evident from a letter written by
Mrs. Dv Bois to the facial landscape
artists, in which she said: "I am just
In love with my chin. I have to look
at it every time I pass a mirror. It
balances my fa< c beautifully."
But, she testified, the improved np
pearance was only transient, for within
a (aw weeks the filled in flesh became
linrdened and lumps formed and still
remain. She lost her eyebrows and
suffers considerable pain, she said.
The Steeles asserted Mrs. Dv Bois
was responsible for her own appear
ance, that she hid manipulated her
cheeks and chin after the treatment
had been administered for no other
reason than to extort money.
"It Is out of the question that any
woman would deliberately disfigure
herself In this permanent way for the
chance of recovering the small amount
<.f damages asked In this case," said
Judge Hutton, as he gave judgment
lor Mrs. Dv Hols.
Declares Bridge Companies Accom.
plished Results Through Senator
Platt and Had No Need to
Offer Him Money
[AsEOPlatort Press]
ALBANY, X. V.. March 3.—This was
dlitlnetly Benator Aiids day at the
bribery Investigation. The defendant
occupied the wltneai stand from the
opening of the session und his direct
examln Ltlon was unfinished when ad-
Joui inn- nt was taio n.
Senator Conger and his attorneys of
fered no Interruption while the de
fendant told a story that contradicted
at every point Conser'i assertion that
Aiids solicited and received $1000 for
bio. kins legislation hostile to the
bridge companies.
"That is absolutely false," declared
the senator, when Conger** testimony
was repeated to him. He denied hav
ing taken th. bribe and insisted there
had been no conversation about such
a transaction.
Moreover h« asserted that hp had
not met his aci user's brother, Frank
c ■nuL'.-r, the agent oi the Ann ili an
Bridge company, and that the first
! time he nav\ Hiram <;. Moe was when
he appeared on the stand at this trial.
1 All.ls tried to show that there was
no necessity for the bridge interests
ye him money in 1901, became the
be ilex- an all x< .1 to have want
*ha.d already been accomplished !>.v
■is from Thomas Platt, then United
tea Benator.
Governor Gillett Grants Requisition
for Extradition from Utah
of O. H. Scott
SACRAMENTO, March 3.—Governor
Glllett has granted an application for
a requisition for the return to this
state of O. 11. Scott, who is under ar
rest In Salt Lake on a charge of em
bezzlement preferred against him by
Miss Anna B. Marean of San Hernar
; dino.
Miss Marean says that she gave
Scott a set of diamond earrings to take
to Los Angeles and have reset. She
alleges Scott converted them into coin
and fled from the state. The earrings
are said to bo worth $2000.
salt LAKE, March ■':.- All intcr
ruptlons on the Idaho division <>f the
Oregon Short Line have been over
conn- and trains are moving on
schedule time. Southern Pacific trains
for San Francisco are be-ins detoiired
over the Short Line to Portland, Ore,
Two hundred people who left San
PranolHCO last Saturday night, arrived
here early this morning after three
days among the washouts (in the
South,in Pacific in Nevada. They
were obliged to walk three miles across
a portion of the washed-out track near
Cobre, carrying their luggage.
Uncle Joe Issues Challenge, and, Fol.
lowing White House Dinner,
Highland Fling and
Hoedown Given
[Associated Press]
WASHINGTON, March ;i- While
more than lllty guests looked on and
applauded Speaker Cannon tempted
President Tati tonight to a tesi of
terpslchoreaa agility lv the east room
Of the White House. Both slopped.
panting, when the trial was ended., but
the opinion was unanimous Hial honors
were even. Dancing followed a dinner
given by the president to "Uncle Joe,"
said to be tha tiwt formal affair ever
accorded a speaker of the house by a
The dinner ended, the company went
to the cast room, which boasts an
ample and smooth .lancing lloor. An
oivnestra played a gftntlfl wait-/, nnrl
tiie president led off with Mrs. Joseph
H. Uiuius, wile of the representative
Horn West Virginia. Che speaker,
with Mrs. Liaughlin, a sister of Mrs.
Taft, glided out on the polished iloor
In the wake of his chief.
in the intermission, however, when
the orchestra struck up a lively tune,
"Uncle Joe" stepped biiskly into the
middle Of Hi r B and brought nis
heals sharply together. There was a
patting ot gloved hands ami voices
called encouragingly to the guest of
honor. In a moment the speakers
In "Is were twinkling in a brilliant
Highland tiing.
"Excellent, eh?" he called exultingly
to Mr. Taft. "I was something of a
dancer when l was a youngster."
For an answer Mr. Taft stepped tOV
ward and those present say the two i
executed several steps of an old-fash
down. Both were puffing
i when they finished.
The truth about Yuma and the pos
sibilities of the productiveness of the
lands surrounding it are being pre
sented to large crowds daily at the
Peck-Judah company lecture room, 553
i South Spring street, by a series of
1 Illustrated lectures delivered by S. E.
Epler, secretary Yuma County Com
mercial club.
The lecture deals in full with nil
lands under the Yuma Project, includ
ing the Indian reservation lands that
were thrown open to entry March 1.
and which have been th»cause of much
adverse comment as to the manner in
which the registration and filing were
There are eighty-five colored trans
parencies of the Colorado river through
the Grand Canyon of Ariaona to the
arid lands of the new southwest.
The Commercial club of Yuma has
undertaken this work that the public
generally may become acquainted with
the real conditions existing in that ter
ritory; for while there is, plenty of
good country available for fanning
purposes, it must not be overlooked
lhat the cost of bringing much of it
into a rtate of fruition will be more
than many homeseekers with limited
capital can afford, and it Is to prevent
any adverse criticisms from those who
go there, without knowing the condi
tions, only to be disappointed and then
n turning to other sections will have
no good word for Yuma or the district.
In many cases it will be cheaper for
prospective settlors to purchase some
..l the new lands outright from repu
table realty dealers, for the most of
such lands have water on them al
ready developed.
These lectures begin each evening at
8 o'clock and will be continued daily
up to and Including March 7.
Loss Estimated More Than $75,000;
Entire Business Portion of
City Is Threatened
NOGALES. Ariz., March 3.—The
worst fire in the history of Nogales
occurred at 2:30 o'clock this morning.
The conflagration broke out in the Bos
tort, which is a total loss, and ex
•d to the two-story brick Vasquez
building, also totally destroyed.
Every business bOUBS on both sides
of Money avenue was destroyed. The
total loss amounts to between $75,000
and $100,000, with about $40,000 Insur
Splendid water pressure and the effl
ciency of the fire apparatus, toi
with hard work on the part of the lire
men, was all that saved the business
part of the city from destruction.
Revenue Cutter Service Officers at
Puget Sound Abandon Mope for
Safety of Relief Party
SEATTLE, March 3.—A1l hope for
the safety of the six men who started
out in an open boat to seek help for
thi wrecked steamer Faralloo, lias been
abandoned by the officers of the reve
iitcr service of Puget Sound.
The boat crew, consisting of Mate
Swanson and live men, three of whom
were passengers on the wrecked steam
er, left illamna bay, Alaska, February
7, two days after the wreck of the.
steamer. No word lias been received
1:,,i,i them since, and unless they took
refuge among the Indians they are
Tennessee Senator Heatedly Replies
to Speech of Idaho Solon Con.
cerning the Lee Statue
WASHINQTON, March 3.—The re
cent Crttl' i^ni of Virginia, made by
Senator Hoyburn of Idaho on the floor
„i the senate because of the stale's
action In placing the statue of Qen.
Robert E. L.»-e In Statuary hall, found
its echo at the banquet of the Vaughn
class, when Senator Kobert Taylor Of
T( nnessee made a fiery speech uphold
ing that action.
senator Taylor did not specifically
name Senator Heyburn, but no doubt
was left In the minds of his hearers
that it «as the Idaho senator toward
whom his denunciation was directed.
10571. 81MY.4944r^ COR. 4 TH. LOS ANGELES.
9xll Velvet aia Small Lots 1 / „ ....
Rugs 9>lii Curtains ±/2 PrJCe
Bargain Sensation .. . At $2.50 to $10 Pr. "■/ ~
When you realize that these'identical y^!%iii^V , • Perhaps there are 50 or; 60 pairs j
rugs are being classed by some stores M&r^ ,^?nM| nfiTi' altogether in this lot. One of this
as Jlfi.r.n values you'll appreciate the J&jL '^•jti^*' jMk number, two of that number; all
fact that we say today $10. No; they Jrifjj! /V*J^§@l line, high-grade lines that have
are not $16.50 values, but at the price jSs^&ta **£ '"'''" selling-at from $2.50 -to 10'
we quote it is a bargain sensation. W Bargain Friday Is a clearance day.
Just unpacked in time to be featured JE^JSl£^M^S»^^^^^^^K You buy them at half price,
today. Do you grasp the full sip- "k jShl^ '"Jlllllll^pl"!
nlflcance of It-a velvet rug to sell at ■ J&ysg§s**o&' Vy\An\l T As>va 111
$10, and ill the largo Hxll size? Have &S&^!±jfffi^ rldCiy J-iCCKMiTS 111
you seen it equate,| before in the city? '^^^'Slfej^ T\-^ -f\l
Better be early to share in this. " , isrop*i ? OCCCIW*
_ ■.« ' :;;- ' ; • . »2.(i0 to $850 HAMPIJC KorE * *
Smnll 25 rv/5<4 ■ uiiArKiuiM 'AT .......^ .
Velvet 1 Remnant of Curtain Swiss and JMl£*£^£?S? 1£.™...*5
r,/oV $1 Fancy Nets Less Than Half Price >-™™ «^{^b... ..15c
±\.liyO • • • t^ Come to tho drapery section today. Buy remnant, of 1S( , silk kkai'KHV *\f"
■ ' flno curtain .wins and fancy nets at leel than half , CORD, YD ***"
These arc to match the price, beoauao, In the first place, they were Kreatly „, COTTON I»KAI aF.KY <iIL~
, reduced. Now then for today wove out the Dj-lce right <-(>|{i» vakii .* 072 C ,
above velvet rugs in atralght In two again—that brings them fB you at in «v' nnvriAl O\V 250 -t ml/
colorings. Third R floor. '- than ha.f. . Third fl oor. 1 br" iR' th"m " y"u at u'ow^ sc i .l7H*
Delicious Ripe Lingerie and Tailored ■ Q'(L"^%-
Bananas JIQq Waists, Bargains at . . . J? D C
UOZen • • Here are fully 25 different styles of dainty waists In the new spring and
summer styles. Lingerie and tailored garments, from the dainty lace
noat transportation from Mexico trimmed idea li. the lingerie to the severe mannish tailored waists with
Boat transportation from Mexico ]aundered col]ar and ( . utTs slzeg may be somewhat broken-that Is, not
admits of this exceptional price. ft comp i ,. t e rnne o f sizes in every style, although there are about 50 dozen
These bananas were plucked at waists altogether. Grouped for ready selling on the Second Floor and on
just the right time for them to be the First Floor, in the rear of Aisle 6.
shipped by boat to Los Angeles and , ———————.
arrive here in the proper condition. -t PiffMn A 11m. SllJl* j>-W ****.
This method of shipping greatly 1 O-JL>UtCO/l S\II-kJIIIQ C\ Qi •>
reduces the cost In landing them T7 1 • J 1 /*"1 1 'wfif «i% m^
here, making this our first oppor- ESfnurOlGLereCL SJIOVeS ... %X V-/ :
tunity to sell such tine, ripe ba
nanas at, dozen 10c, to#lay. , They're marked $2 to $3.50. but, listen — there are only 30 pairs. Just 30'
women can take advantage of it. Choice of black, light blue. gray, plum'
n^«.v »«„,.„ ™m*i«. „ ih. ... anil brown. Just boar in mind that these are the 16-button length, that
Codfish, fancy middle.. I lb. Me they aro a]] gJlk and t]mt they &fe cmbroldered , clearance, Aisle 2, 98c.
Mackerel, choice Norway 3 25c ■
salmon Beiue., 3 for 25c Women's White Me and "i f\*% ,
Smoked Bloater., 6 for.* 25c L/OCe GioVeS, Pair ...... •* v/t
Smoked Dried Herring, lb He G , oveB thnf wj| , wash so far un(Jer prlce that they W m fairly fly . Out.
Cheese, full Cream, Oregon, lb 23c sizes 6to TH. While they last. Aisle 2, 10c pair.
Butterlne. Armour's. 1 lbs 38c —————^—^———.—^———___^^^____^_ ■
Sardines. Imported oil, 150 # value. 75C Roll 1710.11 FOO(1 50C DeCOrated
Sardine., ' Imported. Smoked "or in Chopper 39C ImpYd JugS 25C
sauce, 2 cans 25c You know the Rollman Food Chopper, that Is Very unique design.
Salmon, choice pink, 3 cans Me so easy to clean. Here's the small size, prac- This is a price to bring
Cove Oyster, or Clams. 3 can. Me J' c, al for fam">' usei 75° slze- today- Basement. you to the China Dcpt.
Kippered Herring, Maeonochle, can 200
Cauliflower, fanc/^hite head, each..So ft I —. toWkL KINUB. 273 C CMEAMKHS....". lOC
Celery, fancy bleached, stalk 5c fi^gk BR T&fl NICKKLPIAISO ■>&-. IMPORTED "<v
Boet., Carrot, or Turnips, 3 bunches 10c \\ fs»\ -_^fi| HOOKif .7^. 5c OUD «UNA 14C
Lettuce, fancy-head, 3 for 100 1/ MSSct T, h( article.'" areBB e | "° vl llre <J«-»™ted
If |3VE?2 "llKhtly ru.ted or .pot- with view* of I«. An-
Oranges, fancy »weet, 3 doz 23c If jut&f3 *¥[ ted, therefore this, re-. (*>«■: splendid for sou-*
« wiry io in ..ok SI us l\ IBwf (•»' markable reduction In venlra. Regular Price'
Flour, XXXX. 49-lb. sack »1.K5 V 3 X*vL 5c prlcc ' Today's prlc. He.
«H-lb. Rack »<* V^» gi^ C 23 Hr STEM MI NO- Q/ , BEIX FACED «'«
Com Meal, white or yellow, sack 28c ■ I.VO K.MVKS PC gsc HAMMKIt ZJC
Quaker Oats, 2 packages..... 23c „ T »♦ £» 1 /"»1 • 1 y~<t , ,
*orn, Pea. or Tomatoes, dozen can.. "As IS iDOIC ChiTKl OTICi GICLSSWOTe ;
91.10; can ..'..... 10« Here', the accumulated damaged and Imperfect pieces of china and glaa«war«
Peaches ADricot. or Plum.. 2 cans 23c that we are going to close out today. Price, .tart at lo and range up to 25c.
leagues, Apncon «r i Nothing over 25c. Better come early for belt .election.
3 cans milk, Fig brand 25c ' — —— _
Following are the permits Issued
since the last publication of the list and
classified according to wards:
l'ermlts. Values.
First ward j- J{;JJJ
Second ward ;•• i 16.70"
Third ward f J jj;, 5o
Fourth ward • 5 is 400
Fifth ward » -„.„,
Sixth ward * jjjjo
Seventh ward • ;illl ,
Ninth ward l .
Total. ......^ 31 »055
Forty-sixth street,Tl642 West-Harry
Bailey! owner; P. Hoffman. builder;
one-story seven-room residence, $1600.
Jasmine -areet, ""-Sadie Powers,
owner; William Fowler, builder; alter
ation of residence, $200. West-Wilhe.-
Kighth street, 2760 West—\\ Hhel
mina c, Hughes, at lot. owner and
builder; one-story garage, *>o.
Catallna street. 1236-K. M. Ander
son, at lot, owner; J. A. Kaiser,
builder; alteration of residence, $200.
Hubbard street, 1109—Stephens In
vestment company. Wilcox building,
owner and builder; one-story six-room
residence, $"SOO.
Hubbard street, 1119— as above,
Hubbard street, 1129—Same as above,
12200 UfvEF
Mateo street, 1001— George B. Cor
liss 8105 Sacramento street, owner
and builder; one-story one-room shop.
Forty-first place, 1122 West-R. D.
Morris 1317 West Forty-ttrst street,
owner and builder; one-story six-room
"^Pasadena aventw, 3901—D. Smart,
Venice, owner; J. Maw, bulkier; one
story two-room store building, »i-».
San Pedro street, 111 South—F. F.
Dehall 918 East Twenty-eighth street,
owner and builder; alterations of resi
dence, J2600. _
Denver avenue, 7040—Mrs. \\. Q.
Hoffman, owner and builder; one-story
tour-room residence, $ii«>o.
Harvard boulevard, IM »• A-.^ er'
■ton owner; Htnkelman * Co., builder;
H4-Btory eight-room residence, J.'iuoo.
Fifty-first street, 1620 Ka.st—A Mur
doek 1020 Ka.st Fifty-first street, owner
and 'builder; one-story live-room resi
' Korty-'serond street, 971 East—E. M.
MilUap, UTS Ba»t Forty-second street,
owner and builder; one-story six-room
residence, $1500.
Seventh avenue and Jefierson street
—Wright Taylor Jtuilding company, 3'S.)
list Thirty-third street, owner and
builder; one-.story six-room residence,
Qramercy place and B«oond ■tree!
-BM Morris, 1275 West Thirty-fifth
street, owner and builder; one-story
six-room residence, $2000.
St Louis street, 916 North—Sam Al
perti 962 Lord street, owner and builder;
one-Btory two-room residence WOO.
Fifty-seventh street, 359 West—Wm.
Kuoff ISO West Forty-third street,
owner and builder; one-story seven
room residence, $1800.
Holmes avenue. 5301—VV Illis Jackson.
1742 East Fifty-third street, owner and
builder; one-story seven-room resl-
(1,-nio, $1400.
Normandie avenue—R. C. Gibson, a->!>
Vermont avenue, own»r; H. F. Beau-
chnmp, builder; one-story five-room
reildence, $1800.
El MollnO street, 1042 South—Mary
E. McKinney, owner; one-story four
room reildence, $500.
Cahuenga avenue and I.arrow street
— R. L. Qllleiple, 415 Lake st'<et, owner;
i>. l:. Tucker, builder; one-story six
room rei Idence, $isoo.
Sixty-sixth Streei 240 West—W. P.
lli.ila, 416 South Hov)e street, owner;
I* B. Tucker, builder; one-story live
room residence, $i:ioo.
Swing street, 1260 Annie Baton, 2239
ESwlng street, owner; L. K. Tucki-r,
builder; one-story five-room residence,
Wreckage Sale at 110 W. Third St. Draws Big Crowds
Men's and boys' clothing at less than half price Is the magnet that draws tho
shrewd buyers, who are snapping up new spring apparel at less than half price.
The cause of this Bale, Mr. Brown says, is: On December Ist I leased a store on
Broadway, and went to New York to buy goods, ordering them shipped to Los
Angeles, expecting to open a first-class men's and boys' store January Ist
Owing to washouts on the railroad In Nevada, my poods just arrived In the
meantime my lease has been forfeited. My bills are due In tho East and cred
itors want their money. ] have a $28,000 brand new stock of men's and boys
suits, overcoats, cravenetten, men's hats, shoes and furnishings I must raise
10.000 at once or lose my entire stock. I have made arranjementr with th*
Continental Sales Co. for their store, and commencing this morning
I.will offer the free and unlimited choice of my entire stock of men's and boys'
; «BlnVva*ur thU" aCtUa' C ° St ' a"d IeSS than 50 -nts on *«• &
„ , MEN'S SUITS Men's $4 soft hat. In the latest styles $1.95 :
Men's $10 suits at.... $3.85 Men's $5 soft and stiff hats in nobby styles
Men's $12 suits at $4.85 and shapes ' ■ $345'
Tn-l lll^."n'd-overcoki^i:::: .2 M( , n NK""? AB, FOB MEN Atil)'BOYS'
Men's $32.60 suits and ovorcoats.at.. .$9.95 JJnn^ !. 5 B C ba* $":'.•••••': ••"••••50
Men's $37.80 suits and overcoats at.. 510.95 t n " iio and 40c <-'n-hands In fancy pat-
Men's $30 suits and overcoats at...,512.95 .-";, „ •'•• ■■■ •; • '..160
Men's $25 and $27.50 Cravenette overcoats, Men • loc and »l fancy 4-ln-liand ties 250
hand tailored and made for high class ' MEN'S PANTS . •.
trade In the latest styles and pat- Men's $2.60 Cheviot pants at ...;.... 11.40
terns $11.95 Men's $3 worsted pants at $1.65
This stock also Includes a few tailor-made Men's $3.50 worsteds, fancy, at $1.85
suits and overcoats from New York's lead- Men's $4.50 hand tailored worsted. .$2.25
ing tailors. Men's $5 and $8 pants at :....;...,«, .$2.75
StEN'B OVKIU'O\TB Men's $6 and $7 pants,, hand tailored and
Every one of the following are genuine fan°y Patterns, cut to fit...; $2.95
Priestley wool coats: ' KEN'S OVKRSHIRTS' '- : '
$12.60 Prl#Ktley Cravenettes...... $5.45 $3 pongee shirts at ..... ..SI.JS
$17.00 Priestley Cravenettes $7.50 2<>B dozen Rolf shirts, 75c and $1 values. ;190
'i^o.i>n Priestley Cravenettes $9.00 $1.50 overshlrtß, nobby patterns,.- at... .660
$25.00 Priestley Cravenettes... $11. $2 shirts In fancy patterns and coat j ■'
MEN'S rM>K.KWK.\n *„* tylc", • ••• •,•• ••'• .;.... .....»5o
Men's EOs ribbed balbriggan underwear 10c 60c work shirts at-.. "°
Men's 75c ribbed underwear at 350 MEN'S', HOSE
Men's $1 faflcy ribbed and heavy combed 20c fancy hose ...» 1-30
underwear 45c 50c-75c fancy silk lisle, hose ..250
Men's 75c lisle thread underwear at... MEN'S SUSPENDERS
Men's $1 natural wool underwear. ..... ISo Men's President style Suspender* .......190
Men's $1.76 ribbed lamb's wool under- Men's $1 fancy silk suspenders . 45c
wear ...BJo Men's 600 suspenders Jsc
Men's $2, the famous Glastonbury under- „„„,,, „ . v .... „..,,....,,-. "»
Wea,?tv n ntth9 woHd °V6r for Its 980 "« -h.te IKhanl J k^chfe?.E^"l^ B.:... X..50
MeT." 3, "he finest 'grade'oV.-o.nl-.cTg,^ "° ol^%»'d « handkerchiefs,, also fancy
wool, the famous aiastonbury kind sin- co °™* b">■*?*•■:::.■■ •;,»:;;:;;; • }.«J .
gle and double breasted $1.15 fi° handkerchief. • " ............190'
Men's $2 silk lisle undonwear In the needle 60° , handkerchiefs ;■••••••"• V ,•"■ V""° ■
stitch 1 96c ■ MEN S SIIyES : .
Men's 75c Porosknlt underwear ..35c Men's $3 shoes ............. ■..'...".■,..51.45
MEN'S HATS Men's $4 shoes .V.V.:.....' $1.95
Men's $2 soft felt "hats 950 MISCELLANEOUS )■ \£ '! ■
Men's $2.60 soft felt hats;. .$1.25 25c garters 9o
Men's $3 stiff hats $1.45 150 arm band* "..'....V.. 60
Men's $3.60 soft felt hats In black and - Men's 100 handkerchiefs , 60
fancy colors $1.75 $2.60 wool sweater coats.; $1.00
SK'feiV m . HO W. 3rd St. I MuVnreeT.. 111"1 VC. M. Brown
Forty-sixth street, 1580 East—E A
Robblns, at lot, owner and builder'
one-story three-room residence, $300.
Vermont and Melrose avenues—
Rrown 13r05., at lot, owners; E m
Sponeler, builder; two-story store and
Mat buildins, J.SOOO.
Hollywood, Majfnolla avenue, 215
North—B. L. Trout, Hollywood, owner;
E. Fossler, builder; one-story five-room
residence, $3700.
• Iriffin avenue, 4103— W. S Cooms.
owner and builder; two-story eißht
ruiwn residence, J3OOO.
Sixtieth street, SIS West- M. Roy, at
lot, owner and builder; alterations of
residence, J3OO.

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