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Expect to Be Absent Until About March 20, When Big Fellow Will
Return Home for Stay of Ten Days. Before Going to His Santa
Cruz Camp for Regular Training—His Quarters Will Be
Located at Rowarclennan Park, Nine Miles from Ocean
and Away Up in Mountains—Conlcy and Webster
May Meet March 29 Over Marathon Course.
Langford Lays Off — Fly'nn Continues
XEFFRIES left lait night for Cudrtebaok ranch, r^r Tehachapi. for the
Jmuoh planned hunting trip that will be his last form of recreation nnd
pleasure until after hll scrap with the big dlnße July 4. He was accom
panled by hii brother Jack and E- W. Hopperstead, and they carried enough
ammunition and suppllej to put a small army In the field for active nnd
effective iervlce. Although Jeff owni fourteen guns of different styles, he
came downtown yesterday and boupht four more, and is prepared to hunt
anything from a canary to nn elephant. Hear will lie his principal enemy
on this trip, nnd Jeff mad? several bets with friends that he would get more
than one bruin by hip lonely before he returns.
Although this Is a pleasure trip, Jeff says that the walking ftnd moun
tain climbing will do him fully as much pond as his regular road runs and
■wood-chopping stunts, and he expects to return home about March 20 In
great condition and fully rested, so that the regular training stunts that he
then Will take up will be easier and more pleasant of performance. When
he returns, he s-.ys ho will remain here until March 30, when he will leave
for Santa Cruz to begin the routine of training In the mountain camp that
he has selected. While here during the last ten days of this month, he will
begin light training and Will have Bob Armstrong with him all the time.
Armstrong Is under contract to help Langford during the present training
period, and Jeff did not want to break up this arrangement. After March
17 Armstrong wll be ready to begin steady work with Jeff and stay with
him until after July 4.
May Match Webster and Conley
Developments yesterday began to indicate the probability of a match for
March 29 between Frankio Conley and Danny Webster over the Marathon
route.. Webster has been working hard lately, and practically has agreed to
the conditions offered for the match, Conley wired McCarejr that his mother
is quite sick and it will be impossible for him to start for Los Angeles Imme
diately, but ho said he would come just as soon as the condition of his
mother would permit. Tickets were telegraphed him, and McCarey considers
the match as good as made.
•/,' Jim Barry also is expected to come back from Frisco in a day or two
and may be signed up for another local appearance, although news dis
patches from the north indicate that he and Jack Bums have been signed to
light up there this month. Barry still has that hopeless hope that he some
day will bo able to whip Langford, and he Intends to be consistent in keeping
close by Sam at ail times and fighting him at every possible opportunity
until the unexpected really happens, If that Is possible.
Langford Will Not Work Today
Langford decided yesterday that he would cut out Friday In his training
and take a day of rest, except for the morning road work. He has been
hitting up *uch a hot pace that his trainer, George Byers, advises an occa
sional rest, and today will be devoted to that pleasant pastime. Langford did
seven miles on the road yesterday morning and topped oft the day with
bouts with Armstrong, Collins, Young Kenny and Kid Cleveland. Sam as
suredly is getting into his best condition and should be at his best form
March IT. He Is training faithfully this time, and is showing the good effects
of this work.
Flynn is surprising even himself by the excellent results of his training,
and the fighting fireman cannot hold himself down to mild work when he
" begins the afternoon routine. He is so strong and full of fight lately that
he has a lot of difficulty in getting sparring partners, Dick Allen, the big
heavyweight, being the only one who would take a chance with him yes
terday. Flynn boxed easily with Al Rogers for four rounds, and as soon as
he got warmed up he took on Allen for ten more, and the fur sure did fly.
The Flynn who fought Langford last time will not fight him this time. It
will be a vastly Improved lighter that the Boston negro will tackle, and there
Is apt to be something surprising happen when the fireman and coon mix It
on St. Pat's birthday.
Jeff Camp at Rowardennan Park
H. F. Anderson, one of the owners of Rowardennan Park, the mountain
resort near Santa Cruz where Jeff will establish his training camp April 1,
came to town yesterday and had a long talk with the big fellow. This
resort is located in the mountains, nine miles east of Santa Cruz and the
same distance from the ocean. It is located on the Southern Pacific rail
road, and the San Lorenzo river runs through the park, where boating Is
among the most popular pastimes. 11 Is near the big tree country and is
regarded as an Ideal location for a training came
Jeff has taken one of the finest cottages of the many that are In the
mountain resort, and he and Mrs. Jeffries will occupy it. Corbett, Gotch
Farmer Burns and Sam Berger will have Quarters at the Rowardennan hotel,
■where they will have exclusive occupancy of the place. The hotel is about
large enough to accommodate the training corps, and all arrangements for
taking care of the Jeffries party during their three months 1 stay are emi
nently satisfactory to all concerned.
Coulon and Coriley Must Fight
Since little Johnny Coulon is raising so much racket about the claims
of Frank!'' Conley upon the bantam championship, it looks like Conley would
have to trim the youngster in order to stop the noise. Coulon, however,
assumes to call himself champion and has lowered the scab- of weight to
IIS "pounds, which Conley might make if he could saw himself in two.
Coulon says Conley MUST make that weight or not get a chance to fight
for the title.
It is difficult to figure where Coulon gets the slightest justification for
his claims. He never whipped anybody that amounted to anything, or else
he has loft it nut of his record. He has trimmed a few pork and beans boys
like Young McGovern and Jim Kendrlck, but none of these ever figured in
the championship class, and therefore could nut Increase confidence in the
Coulon championship claim. On the contrary, Conley has a clear and undis
puted title to tho championship. He can trace It back to jimmy Walsh,
former American champion, and Digger Stanley, former English champion,
and there is not a break In the chain. Conley Is the accepted champ] and
Coulon has absolutely no claim upon the title.
Rival Bantams Would Make Great Card
While the fans do not tat the bantam fighters as seriously as they
consider featherweights, lightweights and scrappers in the bigger divisions,
the Conley-Coulon scrap would be a great card. Coulon is one of the most
finished pieces of fighting machinery in the ring today, and If he had a few
more pounds on his frame would be about the one who could trim Conley
■ But be is too llfe'lit to tackle the job at the bantam scale of 116 pounds and
over the marathon distance, such as Conley would insist upon. i 'union has
a good following here, and in view of his great fighting ability would make
a good card with Conley, and they would give the fans plenty of chance to
shout their heads off.
Coulon figures to hi a tough opponent for Conley even as light as he is
at this time, While he naturally is v 110-pounder, he Is a most clever boxer
and a hard-hitting fighter, as his numerous knockout victories prove.
While the fans will not take Coulon's championship claims very seriously,
and at the same time will accept Conley as the real champion, they would
like very much to see this classy pair hook up and light and settle their
argument In that manner, rather than by talking and ridiculing each other.
Conley la willing, but Coulon does not impress one with the idea that he Is
overly anxious to meet the issue.
Track and Held athletes or Whlttler and Oc
cidental colleges are- scheduled to compete on
Baej- field ntxt Saturday afternoon, and as
Whittler Is reported to have a weak team this
year, and Occidental has shown strength
mostly in one man, Thompson, the meet may
de.velop into a closely contested affair, not
withstanding that Occidental is generally eon
cedpd the inner, i
Fred Thompson, captain of the Oiy squad,
........... - . —
and tlio greatest all around athlete In South
ern California today, will attempt to better, his
past performances Saturday, ml II Is possible
that anothur Southern Calltomla record may
bo broken. This Kreat athlete is Kraduttlly Im
provlng in condition, which is iluo to con
sistent work, with ihu expectation lat his
reward will he an eastward journey tills sum
mer tv competo In the national meet
The baseball team of South Pasa
dena high school will cross bats Satur
day with the Orange high school team
on the Crown city diamond. The last
time these teams met the South Pasa
dena nine defeated the orange pickers
j 7 to „, and, they expect to repeat Sat
Jeffries Caught by Herald Camera Man While Playing
with His Pets During Letup in an Afternoon of Work
I SEW of the photographs which have
j been made of James J. Jeffries,
undefeated heavyweight cham
pion of the world, and from which the
public has naturally formed its con
ception of the man, have furnished a
correct likeness from which to judge
the big fellow, for "Jeff" is not a good
subject for the camera, being essenti
ally not a "poser." He cares nothing
for the limelight of publicity and when
facing the camera always docs so with
ict least a mental protest. Not that the
big fellow Is surly or ungracious about
acting as a target for the photographic
lens, for Jeffries Is personally one of
the most likable fellows it could be
any one's good fortune to meet. It is
simply that he does not court notciri-
Repeats in Feature Event at Emery.
Villa After Being Backed Into
Favoritism —Taplin
OAKLAND, March 10.—Jockey Tap
lln was fined $100 for rough riding at
Emeryville today and warned that a
repetition of the offense would cost
him his license.. The jockey incurred
the punishment in the second race
when, finding himself in tight quarters
near the finish, he Struck Glass on
Waner with his whip. Taplln landed ,
Biased a winner by a narrow margin.
Well played horses were successful in
most of the events. Results:
First race, Futurity course, felling— Kid
North, 107 (Leiden), won; Silk. 110 (Glass), sec
ond; Basel, lu7 (Vospar), third. Time 1:114-5.
Directello, Ormonde Cunningham, Eleanor Rob
son, Gelico, Cameo, New Capital, Intellect and
Green Dragon also ran.
Second race, six furlongs, veiling—Bis 90
(Taplln), won; Waner, 104 (Glass), second; No
Quarter, 108 (Smith), third. Time Jilt. Bal
nade. Bucolic, Who, Amethyst, Andy Davern,
Jilett, Salvage, Sir Barry and Galene Gale
also ran.
Third race, six furlong*, selling—Lady Pan
chita, m (Taplin), won; Kcdeem, 96 (Thomas),
second; Roy Junior, 110 (Kennedy), third. Time
1:12 4-6, IStnma (-i.. Airs, El Mollno, Sink
Spring, Cymbal and Ham)>a.ss also ran.
Fourth race, one mile and seventy yards,
srliiiiK 'Duke ■>( Milan, 105 (Glaus), won; Illu
sion, 98 (Gargar), second; Mr Tllshop. 104
(Pane), third. Time 1:46, Meltondale, Cadi
chou and Servile also ran.
Fifth rare, one mile, (idling— Steel, 110 (Rice),
won; Oceanview, tw (Thomas), serond; Silver
drain, 98 (Taplln), third. Time 1:42 1-5. Palo
ChIQUCtO, Tom O'Malley, Colbert, lianrose,
I.anita, St. Alba Cuckturc, Avonteilus and
Kloiiia B. also ran.
;xih race. Futurity course, purte—Thistle
Belle, 103 H'ase), won; lui'lement, i".'i (Taplin),
second; J. F. ■ ■■ill >-. 11l (Kennedy), third.
Time 1:09 3-5. Darrington, Rapid Water, Va
lanche and Tom Adams also ran.
First race, Futurity course, y-year-olds
and up, selling—TreinaiKO, I^7; Metropoli
tan, 111; Hi da, 111; Clara Sal, in. Passen
ger, 111; Dixie liixon, 106; Oulopus, 113;
Jaun, 11": Burlcigh, 128; Father Stafford,
U4; ,0 llandi r, 124; Milplta -. 131.
3' 3 furlon i ar*oldi,
■elllng -Academlft, 101; Sir Bon, 101: Rltta,
105; \ag !•■ 105 Rol I Hui t, 107: Burbur,
:., i. i iai la, '■*'• ; Wlm er, Its; Jim
i:., , • . Heli " Hawklna, 1 ■
Third race, l 8-16 miles, 4-year-olds and
■up, sellinK —Homeless, SI; Onatassa, 99;
Miss Officious, 104; Sir John, 105; Aks Ai
Bon, lo.'; Desperado, 110.
Fourth race, 0 furlongs, 3-year-olds, Lortn
hand! ■ Chester Krum, 102; Daddy Gip.
102; Raleigh P. D. 112; Bit of Fortune, 80;
1,1 ■«•:.-!'.m 96.
Fifth race, 1 mile and 20 yards, 9 year
olds and up, selling—Contra Costa, 86; On
tehen a 103; Dr, Uownie, 105; J. R. Laugh
rey. 111: Coppers, 111; Mr. Bishop, 114;
Matchtulla, lu2; Glennaileane, -i; Creiton,
106; J. C. Clem, 109; Rubric, 109; Wicket,
Sixth race, 6 furious,-*; 3-year-olds and
un selling—Helen Carroll, 97; Balomy
lane ■„ Roberta, 97; Biskra, US; Velnia
C 113- Netting, 100; Bfellflower, 306; Annio
Wells 1 109 i Ornate, 102; Emma G., 10S;
Lena' Lech, 109; ™'TI!l Arvl, no.
SPOKANE, Wash., March 10.—Frank
Promni, national indoor pistol cham
pion established a new world's record
fast night at the armory range when
1,,. BC ori 'i 99 "Mi of a poMlblo 100 at
twenty yards with a pistol. The old
record wag 98, Last night's shooting
was done under artificial light, while :
thr. old record was mado under natural
ety, and when he is confronted by a
camera, oven in the hands of a frier/d,
his features instinctively harden into
a mask of unintentional dislike, giv
ing to his face the rather forbidding
look which has become most familiar
to those who know him only through
his published photographs. It is only
when he is caught unawares, as was
the case when the above picture was
taken that the true "Jim" Jeffries is
revealed by the resulting picture.
Who would ever dream, when looking
at the picture of the big fellow play
ing with his dogs and smiling broad
ly at a humorous sally from one of
his friends that the likeness was that
of James J. Jeffries, champion of the
world, who retired from the ring un
conquered because he had conquered
all who opposed him, and the most
Jay Davidson
ARTHUR SEYMOUR won the sec
ond and final game of his three
cushion billiard match with Wal
ter Johnston last night, scoring &0
points while Johnston was gathering
17. This makes the total score stand
]90 to 61!, and Seymour cops the JIOO
purse offered by Jeffries & Kipper. An
other big crowd was in attendance at
the game. Seymour was in fine form j
and would have made DeOro more ner
vuus than ordinarily hud he been play
ing the local man last night. Arthur
was so accurate that lie made several
excellent runs oi tour, five, six and
seven. Johnston laid after the game
that he would like to see Seymour
play In that same form against Fred
Kames or DaUro in a match game, so
that he could win a bet on the local
The management of the San Pedro
Athletic club completed its card tor
March 15 yesterday. It will be as tol
lows: Main event, Joe Casey vs. Jim
Cameron, twenty-flve rounds; Joe Liv
errnore vs. Chester Most, four rounds,
and ?OUng Pico vs. Kid Toliler, (OUT
rounds. This is a good card and M
Sun Pedro always draws well from the
local ranks of the fans a good crowd
undoubtedly will go to tl ore to
see this (aid fougbt.
Interest in the game of billiards at
both balk line and three cushion is
booming greater than ever before in
history of the gentleman'! sport in the
southwest. The recent visit of De i n i
started rebuilding Interest in the game
and now that Moiley has executed
another coup in getting Willie Hoppe,
the greatest balh line player hi the
world, and Ora Mornlngstar, ins great
est rival, for two exhibition garni
bo played March L's and at his i
Spring street parlors, everybody who
Can liandle a cue is sitting U|> and
taking notice and many new fine:- are
seen at the billiard tables about town.
when these Btars play here, it is
doubtful if there Is a hall In the city
of sufficient seating capacity to ac
commodate the crowds.
Applications tor seati at the Lang-1
ford-Flynn <5-round fight March 17 at
Vernon are pouring Into McCarey's of
t a rate that aßßurea the biggesr
house that ever greeted a pair of
fighters in this city. Not even the
Burns-O'Brien scraps could attract the
advance sale that this light lias al
ready started and if the sale holds up
for another day or two, McCarey will j
run out or pasteboards before Satur
day night. Those who are holding
back until closer to the fight date to
buy their ticki ta are du< for a dis
appointment when they finally apply.
The gallery seati will be placed on
k tin- day of the fight.
Frankle Sullivan, who is matched 1
with Kid Cleveland for the ten-round
aeml-wlndup to the Flynn-Langford
scrap, is training harder than ever i"
Core in hit life because ho has a half
promise from McCarey that if he wins ;
decisively from Cleveland, he will get
a. 111,1 in event at nn early day and that:
is his sole ambition just now. After
his four-round victory over Curley l
O'Connell, n seemed that he had earned
the right to serious consideration.
Tommy Walsh, the dandy referee'
who officiated at many Important ■
popular conception of whom is a sul
len giant, gazing at the world from
under a pair of lowered eyebrows with
»et Jaw and resentful «■
"Jeff's"' is a nature easy to under
stand, as the average person, meeting
him as a Stranger, would be likely to
I think him surly and ill-natured. In
-1 stead of this, however, he proVM OH
m..re intimate acquaintance to be like
nothing so much as a big, good
natured boy, who, rejoicing in his
great strength and perfect health, is
ever taking his friends unaware with
an unexpected prank. The big fellow
seldom refuses to put aside his own
occupation, whatever it may he, to ac
commodate the newspaper photogra
pher, whom he knows has. a* a rule,
little time to spare, and seemingly no
posture is too ridiculous and no feat
tOO arduous for him, If one of the
fights in local rings up to a few
months ago, writes that he is having
far better success with his flsht club
in New Orleans than he ever dared
hope. Frank Picato and Dave Desn
ler, who furnished the opening card,
drew a crowd of 4000 fans and now
Tommy is on Easy street, with the
shade all around him. He says that
he has organized a party of fifty ''res
cent City sportsmen to go to Frisco
to see the Jeffries-Johnson li^ht and
adds that If the big boy does not win,
the entire party will have to borrow
money to get home on. Jeff is as
popular in New Orleans as he is any
where pise, except at home, and that
city will furnish a fine delegation of
Jeffries rooters at ringside.
Vernon will take another crack at
the AVhite Sox today and the fans than
can see for themselves whether Hogan
has a real baseball club or a phony,
The bunch made a great impression
on the fans when they trimmed the
Sox so decisively Tuesday afternoon
and the fans want to see more of this
outfit. Hogan has several sure enough
players on his lineup and that Infield
is a veritable stonewall, with all of
the players hitting like Wagners. The
club will cut lots of ice this summer
when the pennant race is fairly on
The game this afternoon will be
played at the chutes and will be
.ailed promptly at 2:30 o'clock.
Tom Shaw, the biggest booking
operator on the American turf, got a
big grouch on at Jacksonville tin daf
that starter Brown left Abe Attell
half way to the post and refused to
book after that race, which wan first
on tiie card, Because the horse was
left out of the race by the starter,
the judges called off all bets, ujid as
Shaw had taken a big fall out of Abe,
!:<■ naturally was very "sore" and
when he was Ordered to pay back all
th ■ money ha had taken in on the 1111
--! lucky horse, he shut up shop for the
remainder of the day.
John H. Gray Is still out of a dia
mond position and would be pleased
to !-;ct on with some, amateur club
playing In the Sunday miscellaneous
ranks. Call Sawtrlle Sunset phone
1606, or answer through The Herald,
CHICAGO, March 10.—According to
the sixth annual report of the National
Iluseball commission, a total of $((00,983
ires handled through that body during
the year 1:111:1 Of thin mini $217,100 wan
reliant! money for drafted player*;
$83,200 for purchased players; J;8U,I3!»
for rrcfi|>lH and disbursements in the
general run of business. Including the
world's scries; $3000 which the commis
sion kept on deposit in Cincinnati, find
a balance of ¥1)307 left over at the end
of the season. 1 lie report of the secre-
-treasurer also show* that 2667
copies of the decisions of the national
commission, 135 copies of the bulletins,
and 051 letters and telegrams were sent
out by him. Aside from expenses con
nected with the world's series, and rent
and salaries, the largest single Item Is
printing and stationery.
camera men really wants that partic
ular feature. Always, however, it is
plainly more or lens of a ta.sk, and
"hurry up, boys," is an Injunction fa
miliar to all who have sought ploturea
of Jeffries for the press. In this re
gard Jeffries probably stands apart
from almost every : niKht of the
squared circle the world has ever
known, as from time immemorial pug
ilists have sought rather than avoided
the publicity afforded by the news
paper camera. It is more often the
fate of the newspaper photographer
to be compelled to dodge, rather than
to hunt the aspirant for honors pugil
istic, and it is at least refreshing to
find one man who has made his name
famous in the ring; who does not seek
to "butt In" every time a camera Is
pointed in his general direction.
Easily Furnishes Feature Event of the
Racing at Jacksonville.
Copper at Bairds
JACKSONVILLE!, Fla., March 10.—
The Ceatura of toiiay'B racing was i!k>
ret urn to form of Nealon. Under the
pilotage of Dave Nicol lie rared his
Held Into exhaustion. Summary:
First race, 4 furloiißS — OrftOlt \\"n, Old
Squaw seconii, Tallalias»ee third; time
:49 l-f,
Kecond ract, 7 furlongs—Grennde won.
riohm Grey eecond, Woolstone third; time
Third race, 5V4 furlongs—Nealon won,
Takahira second, Hoffman third; time
lift l-l.
Fourth race. 1!4 miles—CTnmpalnner won.
Old ll.mesty second, Nethermost tliinl; time
1:14 4-5.
Fifth race. 6 furlongs—Hyperion won,
H.ntie Run second, Stringency third; time
PUth rare, 1 mile—Star Over won. Allen
F.mn second. 1-otta Creed third; time
1:41 3-D.
TAMPA, Fin., March 19.—Form
playod a poor part In tlio running of
todays card, only one of the logical
tavoritM i»i"K tirst under the wire,
First rare. 3 furlongs. Mlllnt —Loull B.
won. Ortega «ecoml. Ist In Oold tliiril; time
1:38 2-5.
Second race, 5 furlongs, silling— lJonalda
won, Sir Aahtoo second. Necklet third; time
1:03 2-5.
Third race, ', >; furlongs, selling— Olymn!' 1
won. Our Nugget second, Merman third;
time 1:11.
Fourth r»o», IW furloms)—•Luoullm won,
Anna Sinitli seoond, AlvliO tli ii-tl; time
1:11 1-5.
Kiflli race, owners' liandii-ap, 7 furlon»«
Tom Dolan won, Tainar Becond, Blndl
third; time 1:81.
Sixth rucn, 1 1-4 miles, selling—l.;i I'.iy
ttta won. Alaurta second, Cobmoaa third;
lime 1 ".1 (.
LA.MA It, Oilo., March 10.—Edward
Payaon Woston stated today that on
hi* seventy-lecond birthday, next Tue§
day, he proposed to walk eighty miles
in twenty-four hours. He reached J^a
nuir at 9:60 O'clock tl"* morning, alter
a 22-mile walk from CaddOß.. He will
halt tonight at Holly, thirty milrs salt
of Lamar, a total distance for the day
of ni'ty-two miles.
AnnualJ||> Gun Sale
$!b wT 50 Rent Guns
m 0^ Yet to Go* Also
°B B<^ Camera Goods
M IL Fishing Tackle
£|\S*-■ i Hunting Jackets
X^ tz&j£l*& Mountain Boots
Greatest S|inrtiiiK <iii»ds Jlouie on the l'ai-Iflo Co»«t.
ji ■»- iooBi. 138-142 South Main
Mala 8417. ■ ■
All Schools Invited to Compete —Ex.
penses of Visiting Team*
Will Be Paid from
Athletic officials at the Los Angelea
high school are planning to hold a
track and Held meet in the early part
of April, which will bo open to all
high schools In Los Angeles county.
Under present conditions, the city high
schools, not being included in thu
present county league, which Is com
posed of six or seven iOhooll, find data
meets few and far between, and Dr.
Beach, who is planning this general
meet, hopes to bring the local and the
high schools iii the league closer to
gether and make the general meet an
annual one,
The meet probably will be held at
Bovard Held, if it can be secured on
a suitable date. In the program will
yeral new features, suoh aa a
10Q yard dash and a hiilf-mlle relay,
open to first year mem hers only. This
arrangement will allow more students
to tiiko part who are not regiirdej
a.s stars and who are just oommenclng
their school athletic career,
Traveling and other expenses in
curred while iii the city by out-of-town
■quads will be paiil from the gate re
celpts, and as the meet will draw
from iiH sections of the. comity, it Is
expected thai the Kiite money will
mole than care for the visiting teams.
Medals or ribbons, which will be do
elileil at B Inter date, will bo given
to those finishing in first, gecond and
third pi. ices.
In addition to the LOf Anßeles hiffh
■chool, Polytechnic higii sn i and
uiive street high, the oilier local hiKii
schools «iii be Intarested in the meet!
which assures a large entry list from
the <iiy, which, added to the entries
from the lettßUi 1, will make the I'vent
tho largest of H« kind ever held in
Bouthern California.
Bowles Wins Juvenile Fifty.Yard Dash
and Bassett Under.Water
Event for Dis.
With thn beat attendance nf the wcrk wit
nessing the rventM, the two cliHmi'i
races on the program at Blmlnl last evening
proved hummcra. The first, the Juvenile fifty
yard .lash In heats, «v won by (.'lilt Bowles,
with George Crary winning the first heat.
Bowles lagged behind In the first heat, letting
the other set the pace. Dunlap finished sco-
i ■ 11.1. with Bplana In third place. "
When It came time to toe the mark for the
second heat entry, Xecling that the race was
between himself and Bowie*, followed the lat
ter's plan In the former race and lagged.
Bowles (lnlshed Hint, with Force Edward* in
.■.•■■, m.l place and Hoy Sweet third.
The final heat was the race, with two for
mer winners fighting; it out. Just before the
finish, as Bowles was coming up strong, Crary
did the Jockey stunt, fouling Bowl**, who
whs given the race by the Judges because of
the foul. This action put C'rary In second
place, with Roy Bweet third.
Tin' under water distance championship event
was won by Charles Basaett of Ocean Park
with a distance of 187 feet. Evert I'eckhan
llnlHhed second with Id feet and 8 Inches, and
William rtanft third with 113 feet and 3 Inches.
Tonight la the big one of the week. Th*
Australian pursuit race, which heads the pro
gram, la a new feature in aquatic aporU of
the southland and should prove exceedingly
Interesting. The program:
Australian pursuit race.
10*i->ar«i dash—Championship of Southern Cal
ifornia; heats.
High an.l fancy diving by Prof. Cox, Andrew
Scholx, Cliff Bowles. Axis Anderson.
Ring work by Prof. Hans Vockeroh.
Klin dive by Prof. Cox.
Never $3.00^
Yes! It's the Same Fine Hat
$3.00 Everywhere Else
Always $2.50 Here
f La Touche |
I 256 S. Broadway, Near 3d J

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